Do I ‘remember’ Memorial day? You bet your sweet buns I do! I also remember how it started and and how it is was celebrated in REAL AMERICAN LIFE, and the total hypocrisy it is today!

What a crock of SHIT! NO American soldier has defended ANY American soil or American’s homeland or protected ANY American civilians in this nation since the war of 1812! The only REAL threats to this country by foreign powers was during the communist threats of the Cuban Crisis and the Berlin Crisis. I ought to know – I served in uniform during those years.

Our insane CRIMINALLY IGNORANT/disgustingly irresponsible people have been responsible for the murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent human beings In TWO world wars – which OUR OWN TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT either started – supported – funded – encouraged – incited and or FORCED other nations into.

The good REAL Christian German people were NEVER our enemies. Even General Patton finally realized the monstrous evil he was involved with – when he wrote his wife and told her the TRUTH – “ WE FOUGHT THE WRONG PEOPLE”. Yes – the Japanese did attack our naval forces in the Pacific – but only because our treasonous Marxist Godless jew-controlled President Roosevelt planned the attack, KNEW it was eminent and PURPOSELY kept it secret to insure it would happen.

Yes Dorothy, Marxist traitor FDR sacrificed all those lives at Pearl just to get us into ANOTHER word war that NOBODY – especially the Germans–wanted, but the jews and the Soviets and the British really wanted WAR – but ONLY if they could drag us into one.

The jews and the British had committed high treason AGAINST THE ENTIRE WORLD with their secret agreement known as the Balfour Declaration – when they dragged the USA into a mindless World War I they had created themselves – but that is another story of British/jew treason against Christianity and free men.

Apparently we did NOT learn ANYTHING from our war of independence with these jew infested British scum as we fell for the same jew lies from the British that got us into WWII. Same deceit – same mentality – just different lies.

Remember kiddies – that oh-so-impassioned ‘Day Of Infamy speech’ was written a day before an attack that we FORCED and we PLANNED so as to get us on a wartime economy and end our failed Marxist economy (the depression) that caused it in the first place.

Every depression or ‘recession’ we have had in this country was planned and executed by the jews and their ‘Federal’ Reserve bank.

I live in a neighborhood of some of the most shallow, ignorant, irresponsible people I have ever known. Not ONE of them has ever defended anyone’s freedoms or homes in this country, NEVER – PERIOD! Most have never even WORN a military uniform. They ALL passionately scream and yell like demented loons during the Stupid Bowl and its drunken tailgate college frat mentality orgies – but their attitude towards the immeasurable agony and suffering we have caused tens of millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East? Ho hum. Can’t be bothered – can’t you see I’m watching a Bucs game?!

When I experience a person who knows NOTHING of the nature of my military service – and who says something irresponsibly stupid like: “Thank you for your service to our country” – I want to grasp him by the throat. For all he knows – my ‘service’ may have been like that of the racist, war criminal and COLD-BLOODED MURDERER ON A MASS SCALE Chris Kyle, an insane, cowardly, demonic piece of jew-endorsed/jew-supported filth who got his thrills by MURDERING civilian women and children whose ‘crimes’ were the DEFENSE of THEIR OWN HOMES AND FAMILIES from our marauding hordes of mercenary Godless terrorists.

I thank God I never had that kind of putrid, rancid, Godless, racist, demonic, sadistic, murderous scum in my commands.

Most people here know nothing about FACTUAL AUTHENTIC American history or the ugly fact that this nation has its past based on a foundation of never ending LIES! American history for the past century or so is based on so much deceit that it is a miracle that we still have not already met our well deserved destiny on the trash heap of history.

We ‘merkans have a legacy of taking the most sacred, hallowed, sanctified, venerable, day reserved for reflection, thanksgiving, humility, and gratitude – and predictably turning it into a yet-another shallow, jew-mentality orgy of gluttony, parties, drinking, orgies, and shopping-spree-bargain days at ‘blue-light specials’. It matters not if it is the sacred event of the birthday of our Lord – or the birthday of our NATION – it is all the same commercial trash to our shallow, selfish, petty, minds.

We have taught our dumbed-down, public school product children NO history – NO wisdom. – NO truths and NO MEANINGFUL VALUES WHATSOEVER.

This is how this shameful ‘party day’ got started. A Union General named John A. Logan who was the Union Vets Association leader decided to see if he could inflict even more pain and insult to still-grieving widows and crying orphans of those terrible confederate ‘rebels’. Notice the callus use of language that could ONLY be interpreted as demeaning to ALL of the CSA dead who fought in defense of THEIR land and THEIR families and THEIR freedom. Remember – all you witless brainwashed history experts – the civil war was NOT fought for freeing the slaves. IT WAS FOUGHT FOR STATES RIGHTS. Yes Dorothy – the North had slaves too.

Here is the text of what our thoughtful tactful General Logan stated that we should do to remember the fallen dead – but of course ONLY the fallen dead from the North. In his ‘Reemergence Day’ (as it was originally termed)

…’for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land…’

‘THEIR’ COUNTRY!? – as in belonging to the victors and Jew carpetbaggers, as in SPOILS OF WAR?

What malicious, lying, hate speech – REAL HATE SPEECH! It was a slap in the face of the countless men–both young and old–who gave their lives to protect THEIR countries. I guess to the Union killer Logan the life of an American Southern son was NOTHING! Rot in hell John Logan.

FACT: even Union Generals Sherman and Grant – as hard nosed as they were – tried their best to kick the wretched Jews parasites out of the defeated South.

And as for the fraud criminal Abraham Lincoln – he can rot in hell as well. Lincoln could have prevented all of the unnecessary bloodshed if he wanted to and yet did not. Certainly not MY idea of what a Godly American President should be. His Gettysburg address did nothing more than fuel the fires of hatred between brother and brother. ‘More than a million fighting men have given the last full measure of devotion. Their valor and sacrifices have made possible our freedoms our values our very existence’.

What hypocrisy! Do you have ANY idea of how many young American men from the South suffered torture, starvation and deprivation in Union prisons for their loyalties to their families and THEIR traditions? In my book – John Wilkes Booth was a REAL HERO whether he did it from patriotic motives or self recognition. Lincoln deserved to die for his horrid sins against millions. I have even heard Lincoln called a ‘saint’. Such filthy, putrid, blasphemy.

If any of you school age kids read this – be aware of this truth. Any teacher who taught you that the American Civil war was fought to ‘free the slaves’ is either an imbecile or a DAMNED LIAR! It was fought to preserve STATES RIGHTS. That slavery bullshit will NOT FLY! Slavery may be immoral and un-Christian – but it existed in the North as well as the South.

The tenth Amendment of The Bill Of Rights drafted in 1789 and ratified in 1791 reads as follows–‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution- nor prohibited to it by the States are reserved TO THE STATES, RESPECTIVELY – or TO THE PEOPLE’.

THAT – folks – is what the war was all about – so tell your liberal, lying, jew-indoctrinated teachers to STOP THE BULLSHIT AND THE LIES! Ignorance of HISTORY has caused more war, death, destruction, human misery, hatred, orphans, widows, cripples, and hopelessness than ALL other natural disasters on Earth since the beginning of recorded time. Is the TRUTH now so repulsive that we must keep our own children in endless ignorance?

What the Satanic jews did to the Christian Germans during the Weimar era is CRUCIAL to an understanding of the causes for WWII and the UNITED STATES ASSISTED spread of the horrors of communism from Europe to Asia – but I digress —

Does ANYBODY remember the pure hell that was imposed on every man woman and and child in the South? By the yardstick of WHOSE freedoms? – WHOSE values ?– Whose measure of ‘existence’? I was born in the ‘North’ but I am NOT ASHAMED to admit that I AM ashamed of what the North did to the American people. The cruelty and hardships imposed on innocent women and children was unparalleled with the exception of our treatment of aboriginal people here – certainly nothing to be proud of. We are MASTERS of war crimes and atrocities – even to our OWN people! Don’t even get me started on Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge and Waco.

That NEEDED to be said – I have paid my dues – and so I said it. Our so-called Memorial Day of parties and drunkenness is an abomination and INSULT to ALL decent, Godly men who have ever served in uniform with HONOR for the purpose of at least PREPARING to defend our homeland from ACTUAL UNPROVOKED ATTACK.

Anything else is either IMPERIALISM and or AGGRESSION and/or TERRORISM – PERIOD!

Anyway – later on it became apparent that MY simple observation today – had been shared by MILLIONS of offended Americans and rightfully so! After WWI it was renamed to the present designation of Memorial Day.

Yes – I will remember the men I knew – some well and some only slightly – like Bo Gritz and David Hackworth – who were REAL heroes who risked life and limb against REAL ENEMIES – not old men, children, and pregnant mothers like our brave sociopathic trash today whose fathers were not even born when I trained their grandfathers. I will mourn the REAL MEN – Godly men – like the ones I trained nearly 50 years ago – when we DID face a realistic unprovoked military confrontation by communist forces. not the putrid child murdering scum criminals I see today!

Few young people today even have a clue as to what was the essence of the Berlin Crisis – or the Cuban Crisis – both involving communists. And NEVER EVER forget this fact–JEWS AND COMMUNISM ARE INSEPARABLE.

Memorial Day was meant to be a day of solemn reflection of the sacrifices Americans in uniform made to preserve our most sacrosanct values and human ideals – family – God – country – through selfless sacrifice – of duty – commitment – honor, and valor. Those were lofty ideals – to be sure – but NONE of those values or traits even exists anymore in today’s mercenary army of dumbed-down hired killers–sadists, psychopaths, and human garbage–with the total approval of their brain-dead equally immoral parents. I have encountered that disgrace more times than I can recall.

Just look at the putrid leadership we have, starting with our criminal Zionist sock-puppet ‘President’ and his 100% ass-kissing ambitious war criminal military leaders with ABSOLUTELY no MORALS, NO compassion and no souls, KNOWING FULL WELL – that their heinous crimes protected NO American in ANY Way – and whose greed and lust for power are loyal ONLY to the Jews and Jew puppets to whom they so eagerly grovel.

Remember General ‘BETRAY-US’ and General ‘McWARMONGER’? Two examples of ‘Gulf-War’ criminal thugs. I would RELISH to see these ‘IsraHELL first’ – Godless hypocrites HUNG for their sadistic grizzly crimes! These criminals are the EXACT type who would command military troops to murder civilians in our own neighborhoods if commanded to. A Marine base called 29 Palms has already proven that disgraceful terrifying FACT! I have known their evil ilk my whole life! I have witnessed this type of Jew brutality in Palestine. It is a killing field more brutal and sadistic than even the mass murders of Cambodia.

Remember the Genocide in Cambodia under Pol Pot, a Marxist who learned his killing art form from the Jew Commissars of the USSR? It was considered one of the world’s most horrible mass killings – YET the genocide our brave young killers have committed in Iraq – NUMERICALLY EXCEEDS THAT OF CAMBODIA.  That is a truth you will NEVER learn form our Jew controlled MSM. Have you ever bothered to ask your local church, newspaper or TV station WHY you were never told this, or do you even give a damn any more as long as you have your fancy SUV,  your credit cards and cold beer?

And after all, YOUR son is a ‘GOOD’ boy and would NEVER do such horrid things – right? Most of those two million civilians must have slipped on camel dung and hit their heads – right?

NONE – not ONE of these killers in desert camos today are ANYTHING but cold-blooded murdering bastards. Do your own net searches and see the horrible crimes they commit 24-7 against defenseless civilians in their OWN homes in their OWN country. Next time you see one of these bastards home on leave – remember – he is a CRIMINAL, a monster, and should be treated as such.

The rapes – cold-blooded execution murders and beatings of innocent terrified innocent human beings go on 24 hours a day. Only a VERY small percentage of the TRUE number of crimes will EVER be shown or filmed. Even so, the factual evidence of these atrocities are LEGION! Helicopter gunships murdering dozens of helpless children and elderly in the streets – young girls being raped, beaten to death and burned – an old man on HIS OWN STREET gunned down by a dozen brave armed US killers – fathers dragged out of their homes, bound & gagged, shot in the head and thrown in drainage ditches like dogs. Their terrible crimes? Trying to defend their OWN wives and children!

See these atrocities for yourself. In quantity, savage, sadistic cruelty, and frequency they are unparalleled in modern warfare. In just the 24 hours of the Memorial Day itself – these scum we are supposed to honor for ‘keeping us free’ or other cute, lying. Jew clichés to keep us dumbed-down for the furtherance of endless serial wars and genocides against people who have NEVER DONE ANYBODY HERE ANY HARM OR HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN ANY REMOTE THREAT IN ANY WAY – will murder in cold-blood a lot more innocent souls for the greater glory of the Jews.

Do you know how many more women and children must be raped, beaten to death, shot, blown to pieces by bombs and heavy artillery, incinerated by white phosphorous and other horrible deaths? Care to guess? We have already slaughtered a MINIMUM of TWO MILLION CIVILIANS. Take that figure times the months and years we have been MURDERING these poor people there will be ONE THOUSAND MORE DEAD BABIES WOMEN AND CHILDREN in that 24 hour period in the Middle East while we BRAVE ‘merikan party animals get drunk and party and stuff our fat faces as we pay our respects to the murderers who our Godless Jew- dominated society has created to protect IsraHELL!

These ‘poor souls’ do not get a 3-day ‘holiday’ – so there will be more like THREE THOUSAND MORE corpses that we can gloat over having murdered by Tuesday morning. Have a great orgy  party animals, your Jew masters will be proud. I have spoken ONLY the truth – a dirty word in 2015 AmeriKa. I can practically guarantee that by this time next year – we WILL be a police state and anyone who DARES to speak out against evil as I have – will have the Jew police terrorists at his door and will disappear – legally of course from the then totally Jew controlled Federal Judicial System.

We are only a HEART BEAT away from that EXACT scenario at this moment in time – for those of you who can tear yourselves away from your ice cold Budweisers and tailgate parties long enough to see what is raking place before your very eyes . Like it or not – what I said is the truth and you had damn-well better give it thought before the ‘thought police’ come to your home.

May God forgive you for doing nothing to save our own country from Jew greed and goy stupidity.

Now go out and party like children – or GROW UP and be REAL AMERICANS! TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THE TRUTH – Before it is too late – or they will–one day, when they finally figure it all out for themselves–curse you in your graves for the lies you kept on supporting. It is the right thing to do. TRUTH is ALWAYS favored by our Lord.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”
” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”
Matthew 23:15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.”

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”
— Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister


  1. Great article but very sad to read truth that hardly any one wants to know I perfect example the letters MER
    Meet eat retreat every Sunday after church they sin directly after church they are content in there sins no
    Church militant my last note bush sr took the Ten Commandments out replaced them with the naolhide laws
    The ones they will use to cut your head off

  2. Damn Joe its great to have you back and in great form, I missed you and your articles, so much so my heart was having a difficult time pumping and I was in the process of seeking a pace maker figuring you were not coming back. But now buddy I can save money as you have it pumping loud and strong. Great article all truth except you’r not the only one living in the neighborhood you described, we all are living in the same type, but only those that are awake realize exactly what it is. Less then one year Joe on the police state, God is passing judgment on us for being lazy, ignorant, self centered, and obnoxious. Again I am really glad you are back in true and great form. Missed you, as I go to many other sites and love and like others, yours is the one that is kick ass, heart pumping and invigorating. Keep up the fight and the great work.

  3. THANK YOU JOE! May your God bless you and may all those who pray to him spread the word of truth, trust and love like you do.

  4. Dear Joe, although I agree with most of what you have said, you need a little refinement to get it perfectly correct. I also agree with the selfish and shallow attitudes of Americans that have allowed the cause of all the worlds’ major problems to exist, the “jewry” of this planet. However to be specific it’s the Talmudic of this planet that are the problem and cause actually — the Talmudic Jews and their non-jew oligarch converts.

    In addition, remember it was the (bloated and empowered) South that started the Civil War by attacking the North. They became powerful due to slavery and the Norths’ majority against slavery had a major contributing factor as well as the Souths’ economic dependence on slavery that caused the Civil War. It was also the Rothschilds’ intent to divide us over Slavery as they played on the Souths’ insecurities which got them to buy their slaves and which made the North look down upon them, even though some people in the North individually engaged in having slaves too. This was proven by the simple fact that the end of that war with the South loosing resulted in the liberation of the slaves, not the preservation of the rights of states which btw we have lost, and due to civil rights in the 60s.

    I also think that President Lincoln was not perfect as he valued above all us being united, North and South and may have otherwise been able to prevent that war by letting the South succeed in their efforts to leave the Union. However to praise an assassin with John Wilks Booth is clearly a mistake. In fact President Lincoln like JFK was a thorn in the side of the Rothschilds because he refused to let them help us pay for the Civil War, that the next preaident, President Garfield (I think) did, opening the door for them into this government.

    In closing I think you should also consider that the Russians are no longer a contributing factor to the Rothschilds plans of world conquest and domination as President Putin pushed them out, put many of their suckie oligarchs in prison or in exile, and hopefully the new British Crown (Prince William and his brother Harry) who are desendants of the American Princess Dianna who wanted to put a stop to wars and also was assassinated will be sensible and reasonable and also see though these insanely selfish, greedy and warmongering monsters – the Talmudic of the world. Thanks.

  5. Welcome back Joe. I agree with you 100% and I try and do my best to spread the word about these demonic beings the Khazarian Mafia, the Judaic Babylonian Talmudic Gangsters who have ran America for long time and the ones responsible for all the wars uprisings, revolutions for centuries. The ones who destroyed the great Christian Russia, Ukraine, Germany and who are destroying Merka until they suck it up and blow it away as Satanyahu said. Despite the fact that there are many Americans, Hill Billies, Red Necks, Televangelists, Evangelical Christians, and many Christians who are not Christians any more but you can find more and more people who are opening their eyes now and its unprecedented and I am happily surprised. Thanks for your articles. I thought Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Jew. His real name was Rosenfelt.

  6. Joe Cortina,
    Thank You for your service to this once great country. (I KNOW WHAT YOU SPEAK OF IS TRUE)
    Thank You for exposing the Jews
    Thank You for exposing the Zionist Christians
    Thank You for exposing Chis Kyle for what he was and what he done
    Every thing you speak of is 100% hard fact
    I guess I could go on for ever. So I will just say simply say Thank You Joe Cortina FOR EVERYTHING you have done and stand for.

  7. Joe, let me give you a little more info in your honorable service to this once great nation, now reduced to nothing more then the big lapdog to the Talmudic. They have gotten a former enemy on their side – the Fords — that in the past with Henry worked to expose them for their crimes against humanity decades ago, but his pleas fell on too preoccupied to care deaf ears, so I guess his children decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Now the Fords have imported the Persian army into the US, mostly in Ford town, Dearborn MI. Theses people are voracious for our businesses and jobs, work like slaves (up to 20 hours a day as far as what I have seen), and are ruining our standard of living – providing cheap labor competition to our selfish and shallow here too. They took over our convenience shops too. Now in addition to having an African invasion of resentful prodigies of former slaves expecting their hand outs and make ups, we now have theses Persians too, and what a devestating combination that is in ruining our European – American culture. In fact it works so good in the Rothschilds’ white genocide, that they are now using that very same combination in Europe itself too, and are ruining countries over there with the help of our corrupt PC politicians of course and NATO which is their creation after they created and destroyed Hitler. Thank you and may God the Father of Jesus, bless America and save the white race. Jews are not white, and the Talmudic Jews hate whites, because they fear us, at least those they can’t bully, buy or fool. Thanks again.

  8. Dear SIR- Joe, you have been sorely missed as all your commentators in say. I read them all and even the ones that some what disagree with you are interesting too. We are all glad to have you back in writing. I/We wish that you would be able to make videos -like Brother Hathanael- to share your thoughts. He is another Truther a lot of us enjoy. Also if you want to just Cuss a little more -for sometimes i think that you are holding back- that is also fine by me. Share this reply if you will for i am not on your comment list. I almost forgot to tell you in that i have passed along your letters to some of my contacts and some that I dont because they think that i am a conspiracy nutcase kook as it is-now we are being labeled- Terrorest Truthers- by our own gov’t. I/ We would like to hear from you your thoughts about this Jade Helm 15 up coming event?? something is up with this . even the name is suspicious. I say- there goes Posse Comitatus right out the front door. God Bless you and your family For YOUR service.. Levi.

    Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 13:54:57 +0000 To:

  9. PS. Also Google if you would “the silent war of 1954”. There you will find a manual for trainees in the NWOs’ systematic transfer of wealth from the masses to the few elite. If you have not seen this before, it may also answer a lot of questions as to why things have been so messed up that you may have noticed. It should be a must read for any and all non-jews or those who reject the teaching of the evil and oppressive talmud. Thanks.

  10. Sir,

    “The Jews and the British had committed high treason AGAINST THE ENTIRE WORLD with their secret agreement known as the Balfour Declaration – when they dragged the USA into a mindless World War I they had created themselves – but that is another story of British/Jew treason against Christianity and free men.”

  11. Sir, I apologize for my error.

    I wanted to say: I’m in total agreement regarding the Jew/British combination betraying the entire world and leading them into 2 meaningless world wars.

    I’ve been following your weblog for a few months and have read a lot of your posts. I really feel bad to see a once glorious nation go down so drastically due to the vested interests of Jews who are so greedy and heinously evil they don’t even acknowledge how much the others have done for them, but do everything to destroy them.

    The only good thing the current “sock-puppet” President of the USA is doing is keeping Satanyahu at bay regarding Iran, thus delaying a potential conflict with Russia and China. Other than that the Jews are working behind him to establish a police state, a zombie replica of the erstwhile USSR.

    Germany and Japan fought against the USSR and if they had succeeded, Communism would have been stopped with Russia or even exterminated. Unfortunately, subversive elements of the USA enabled Communists to take over China as well.

    Now the same China and Russia have teamed up in rage against the elements that dominated them in the past, while the once-great USA has become a Godless Jew-dominated nation.

    I pray that a third world war doesn’t take place and swallow all nations into itself. I also hope the Jews get their comeuppance for everything they have done against the rest of the world.

    P.S.: I’m not American, but I understand how hard it is to see a nation fall before one’s own eyes.

    Son Mars Mother Earth.

  12. Atheism, behavioral license, and the American rebellion are the direct result of the Enlightenment (the decline of philosophical thought). The Protestant rebellion against the Church was the precursor to the Enlightenment. The Renaissance’s idea – that people could interpret or engage in the study of the arts, sciences (all forms of learning and knowledge except theology), and literature – without the Church’s authoritative interpretation and restraint was the precursor to the Protestant rebellion. The impetus for the American Revolution is the “Quebec Act” also known as the “Intolerable Act.” The “Quebec Act” allowed Catholics (Christians) the right to practice their religion publicly in the province of Quebec, Canada. The American colonists did not want to allow Catholics to practice their religion. Unless the United States as a whole or all parts, were independent of England prior to the rebellion, the colonies had no legitimate right to fight a war for independence. They did have the right to resist unjust laws, restrictions, taxes, other impositions and the right to have their grievances heard by the English government.

    The Constitution of the United States is based on Freemasonry (Enlightenment principles). The freedom of religion clause in the first amendment is clearly a clause stressing religious indifferentism. It does not inherently allow only Christian sects, but it allows any religion of any nature. To the extent this nation was ever a Christian nation or is a Christian nation, is in spite of – not because of the protection arising under the Constitution of the United States of America.

    John Wilkes Booth was not a lawful authority nor was he acting under the direction of lawful authority when he killed Abe Lincoln. I haven’t read about or heard of otherwise unavoidable evil greater than the taking of Lincoln’s life that was reasonably certain to occur if John Wilkes Booth had not killed Abe Lincoln.

  13. Thank you for such an insightful and painful to read article, Mr. Cortina.
    The true freedom and christianity is taking place in RUSSIA today !!
    No wonder why the west wants to overthrow Putin and turn Russia into
    a jew vassal state.
    The hope of humanity is in Russia NOW.
    Salvation will come from the East ! Fatima predicted this !
    Peace be with you ! God’s Peace, not the peace of this Satanic society.
    By the way we lost another true warrior in the battle this past week,
    Michael Collins Piper, R.I.P brother.

  14. Joe, if you had a one or two or three page promotional pdf flyer that we all could download,print copes of and pass out (school, work, bathrooms, hallways, post office, doctor’s offices and a hundred other places, I’ll bet we could increase traffic to your site.

    Keep up the good work

  15. It is the Jews, Masons and oligarchs who are ultimately responsible for the whole problem because they and not the people have ultimate control over the politics, media and the world of finance.
    To believe otherwise is to be delusional if not totally insane. Control the media, law and currency and you control the minds of the masses. People will believe what they are told out of fear of losing it all.

  16. Joe C
    If you don’t want to be around a bunch of her swinging Mid West dorks or Redneck Ricky Bonbys then why are you in Florida? Go somewhere full of highly literate angry guys like Chicago or Portland. I think Florida people are half ass and annoying too man-Califonria is way better but totally Jew ran (Florida is too but the Cubanos and rednecks raise more ruckus than San Mateo wine tasters do).

    You’re very angry- do you really think the people of today will resist ZOG? Shouldn’t you pray for your enemies and not let bitterness and rage rule your heart? It’s very frustrating in America now but people are sheep. If they had done this openly even 100 years ago it would’ve been a massive fight but they had lowered t levels and spray the masses with cancer causing crap-sweethearts aren’t they?

    All the rants are useless without a solid list of actual actions people can organize and implement to preserve their Constitutional Rights- all the complaining wont change things. The Jews dot sit around and bitch they just go out and do and take things and we all know that’s accurate.

  17. Great rant, Joe, and if you want mathematical proof using THEIR tables and numeric infrastructure watch my most recent documentaries on this here:

    Sorry, this is a little complicated if you don’t know their numbers/Qabala, but take heart in that they WILL be taken down HARD, in the not too distant future, and the cycle will reset! Love Ya!


    Joe, write to me as I’d LOVE to speak to you and am in Cal:

    My emails are deleted and my blog hacked, so create copy/paste any emails from a word document and post it too into the blog.

  18. Joe, I am listening to your recent interview by Pastor Dan Johns at Euro Folk Radio. I’m glad to know you are okay as your absent from the talk show circuit had me worried. I think everyone should listen to as many of the interviews you’ve given and read your website in order to understand the enemy we face from World Jewry.

  19. I thank God for men like you Joe Cortina. May the Lord Jesus bless you and your family for your work in exposing the enemy and his evil deceptions in our generation. I pray for you always, and hope you are doing well and safe.

  20. bless you in Jesus Christ.
    I go out and preach to people of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But, when I talk about the main enemies of the world, they get so upset and most of the time walk away. we do need to continue to speak the Truth that has brought us to the Light of freedom. the only verse that so called Christians use to so call proof of the protection of the jews is Gen. 12:3) So, I say to all that walk in the Light of Truth in Jesus Christ need to study the Word everyday. the jews are of the synagogue of satan. There plan has been cooked up by satan that is why its so evil and elaborate and hard to conceive in the mind. You need the liberty of Jesus Christ through the Promise left us.
    One more thing, I cannot print out anything to hand out, please help.
    Have a Happy New Year in Jesus Christ.

  21. John 8:44 is the key to understanding everything you need to know about Jews and everything they and their mental clones say or do. Thanks Joe Cortina for bringing this scripture to our attention.

  22. Well written and well felt. Brilliant piece, though of course depressing as hell.

    Just a minor point. On Lincoln, I think his murder was faked, for political reasons – the Constitution had no provision for death in office. And Lincoln was terminally ill. Wilkes Booth was an actor … see miles mathis’ site

    If you haven’t heard the idea or seen the evidence, will interest you.

  23. Thank you Joe. I think Americans are so complacent because they know they are being lied to but don’t know where to go to get the truth. I have been researching for years but only came upon your website today. The internet is the key but finding content is still a crap-shoot. I got here by researching Eisenhower’s death camps.

    Gen. Douglas MacArthur said of Eisenhower, that he was the best clerk he ever had. That’s what Eisenhower was, a clerk. It was Henry Morgenthau Jr who thought up the Morgenthau Plan, I think, to help sell the Holocaust story. Get rid of the witnesses.

  24. From John 8:31 onward even Jews who believed in Jesus revealed themselves as being of their father the devil as stated in John 8:44 One other spiritual hazard has to be guarded against and that is the heresy of nicolaitanism which involves idolatry, compromise and sexual immorality.
    This has manifested itself through tolerance for Jews and homosexuals, christian Zionism, Zionism, Jew worship, blending of diverse religions and races , making ones race ones religion and practising sexual immorality itself. The deeds and doctrines of the nicolaitans are hated by the lord as stated in the book of Revelations.

  25. loxism

    LOXISM — Noun. Pronounced (lok’ sizm).

    (1) The belief that Jews are superior in human character or ability to non-Jews.

    (2) Discrimination, prejudice, and hate expressed by Jews against non-Jews.

    A word not found in any of the ‘authorized’ dictionaries. Gee I wonder why.

    Cain means “hater”.
    His descendants today remain just what they are.

  26. Hey Joe,
    I feel like I’ve stumbled into a priceless treasure of TRUTH with this blog.

    It’s been over TWO YEARS since your last blog entry. You MUST reactivate and resume it; now that Trump is in the White House. Trump the Candidate isn’t Trump the POTUS and he is surrounded by JEWS.

    The Trump Administration is in utter disarray and incapable of governing. Very likely because of all the Obama holdovers and JEWS he was forced to pick. They are preventing him from doing anything but sign Executive Orders. Just pieces of paper without a government willing to carry out those orders.

    All that said, blogs like yours are in danger of being flushed down the Memory Hole. You should come up with a way to create an archive (including the comments) that can be downloaded all at once. Or, if such a file is too big, blocks of one year each. You SHOULD ask for a donation because your work in creating this blog should be rewarded.

    Again, please create a downloadable archive because the danger of losing such priceless TRUTH is high.

  27. Fairly recently, Johns Hopkins University did a genetic study of modern-day Israel and found that 97.5% of the population had no genetic relations to the Abrahamic Hebrews from the days of the old testament. Modern day World Zionism, is a facade. The Rothschild Banking Cartel has been employed by the Khazarian “Jewish” Mafia for world domination through finance, politics and the demoralization and fear broadcast through any and all media. What we’re discussing here is people who are merely calling themselves Jews who have secured these positions in high places all over the world. The Khazars learned the concepts of usury, fraud and false flag state-terrors since, from my research the 8-9th century A.D. These imposters could have just as easily hid under Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc, but chose to secure their “impenetrable fortress” with Judaism and no one dare even speak above a whisper, less they be labeled anti-Semitic. Yours in Christ.

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