Our national motto used to be noble reverent and inspirational = IN GOD WE TRUST


Today we have decided that was too corny – so we changed it to = IN SATAN WE TRUST  and PROVED it with 99% of our Congress betraying their oaths of office as they paid homage and loyalty to the ‘anti Christ’ Satanyahu and his stolen terrorist  realm of evil hatred violence and death.


This was done in full sight of HUNDRED OF MILLIONS Of Americans as well as the rest of the world on My 24 2011 – when ALL of our elected and trusted representatives gave the Devil and his hellish domain – no less than TWENTY NINE STANDING WILDLY CHEERING OVATIONS for his speech. What did he say?  He boasted that we the moron American people and our moron country were more loyal to Satan and his children – than to OUR United States and it’s Constitution – and our once unshakable Christian faith.


With our rapidly degenerating morals – It is little wonder that even years ago – trash like ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ quickly became a favorite among young people; it skillfully demonstrates the adolescent experience with its spirit of rebellion. At various points in history, The Catcher in the Rye has been banned by public libraries, schools, and bookstores due to its presumed profanity (bad language), sexual subject matter, and rejection of traditional American values.

Predictably – this filth was written by a stinking jew – JD Salinger!  As usual the reprobate demonic sick twisted degenerate jew mind MUST create filth dissention profanity and destruction of traditional family values.  The Satanic jew has had the goal of destroying the last semblance of decency in our youth since our Founding fathers AND their warnings of JEW EVIL had been long erased from our school books and long forgotten.


Today the rot continues in an even more drastically dumbded down people. I had stashed this trash in my ‘documents’ archives some time ago and stumbled across it today. I read it not remembering WHY I had saved it  – and nearly vomited as I realized WHY it was saved. It was a CLASSIC example of the stupidity of who we are and have become.


Note that the ENTIRE created story – was designed to look like it was written by a patriot named Kurt Amesbury, J.D.   IF you take time to read the ENTIRE screed – you will see all kinds of evils that we now have in this JEW run and JEW occupied nation – TOTALLY submissive to our masters in IsraHELL. To the dull witted backward baseball cap and NFL worshiping ilk – it would seem on the surface – thoughtfully conceived and patriotic.


I used it because It is typical of a recent barrage of a seemingly patriotic surge of awakening and new groups formed – like the ‘Tea Party’ ‘patriots’ – or the veterans groups  with names like ‘Gulf Vets Against the War’ etc. etc.  I investigated and even joined some of these so as to be able to move more easily within their ranks. ALL of them had been either from day one or soon after – infiltrated by jews jews and more jews – who had wormed their way into leadership positions as as to INSURE that their precious demonic IsraHELL would not be really exposed for the putrid filth it was since it was stolen by terrorists.


ALSO be aware of the FACT that EVERY ONE of these horrible conditions enumerated in the ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’ farce – are creations – and or Legislations and or MANDATES – and or ages old agendas of the creatures who were damned by the Lord Christ over two thousand years ago as demons and children of Satan!


Take your pick : Too many for a complete list -I will mention only a few.


Rampant homosexual approval and endorsement as normal and good. Advocacy AND legal protection of the jew slime  who murder tens of millions of innocent unborn children annually.  The portrayal of sleazy child murdering jew pawn brokers as our children’s newest role models. The endless deluge of lurid salacious graphic sex  rammed down our children’s throats 24-7 on the Talmud- Vision.


The glorification of the lowest most criminally ignorant illiterate inbred human detritus on REGULAR  network “critically acclaimed” shows.  The condoning and sanctioning of the most putrid rancid filth ever created to poison the minds ( their new role models) of our children.


The validation of deadly poisons like the suicidal thought invoking psychotropic Ritalin and all of its clones and derivatives – create in the minds of children ( my OWN beloved youngest son – a victim – who by the grace of God escaped their mental prison.)


The now total infiltration and subsequent destruction of the original church of Christ – the Catholic Church – now more jewish that Christian.  The total trashing of over SIXTY MILLION SOULS of once normal people we know know a CHRISTIAN -ZIONISTS – with over 95% being brain dead superstitious monstrous hypocrites who now worship SATAN – instead of Christ.  Most of these vipers – we know as BaptDUHS!


The ENDLESS stream of  Satanic worshiping carnival rock band arm flailing lunatic con-artist carnival mentality get -rich -quick off their oyster brained victims.  The total capture of our Supreme Court justices into another IsraHELL lobby. The now endless pathetic near unbroken succession of treasonous POTUS – hand picked and bought off like cheap whores and sock puppets who would sell their mothers for enough jew silver.


A military today which is mostly comprised of filth – trash – garbage – losers – psychopaths – sociopaths and cold-blooded remorseless murderers like Chris Kyle to ‘leaders’ like Gen ‘Betrayus’. I trained  MANY MANY hundreds of young men to DEFEND this country two generations ago.  I KNOW what decent men are – and what is putrid filthy trash in our military today.


We have no more ‘warriors’ to defend our Constitution and people – we just have paid killers for hire – technically – since there is no more draft  obligation – these pukes are paid HIRED murderers – more accurately – ASSASSINS!


We have an educational system that hides valuable truths of history  and spews forth endless lies about “GOOD wars” and “BRAVE traitors” and turning our already dumbed down children into killer for hire for IsraHELL.  The world’s most evil criminal genocidal murderers like the obese pig Churchill – or the hypocrite mass murderer POTUS – Harry  ‘Jewman’  – the self professed traitor and Communist FDR – POTUS – and the jew POTUS and mass starvation murderer of over two million defenseless Christian German POWS – fathers sons and brothers who fought ONLY to maintain the sovereignty of THEIR COUNTRY – Dwight Eisenhower.


I was born into a NATION of LIARS and remained ignorant until I began thinking ‘outside the box’.


Look at the cinema today that your children watch. About 40% features foul-mouth Ebonics illiterate Negro black gangsters whores pimps drug dealers Christ mockers and WHITE PERSON hating racists. Most of the rest are jew produced jew starred jew directed trash glorifying fear lust adultery homosexual perversion blasphemy profanity nudity and ever vile part of man’s darker nature.  The rest is trash for morons imbeciles and other stupefied useful idiots like the NFL worshipers


I watched a narrative about a certain FAMILY FRIENDLY network that boasted of how wholesome they were for mom and dad and the kids.  The VERY NEXT FEATURE indicated that the movie contained ” ADULT LANGUAGE” –  “ADULT SITUATIONS” – “MILD VIOLENCE” – and “BRIEF NUDITY”


Allow me to translate jew talk into plain English.  That means GROSS VILE Profanity – lots of steamy sex scenes and lots of gore, cruelty and violence.  The goal of course is not mere shallow entertainment. It is aimed in desensitising your innocent children from the wholesome atmosphere  I remember as a child – into vicious deranged killers for the sacred jews.


ALWAYS  check the credits. You will virtually ALWAYS see Goldsteins – Grossmans – and such.


A clue as to how far into hell we have slid as a people? Next time you are watching some putrid jew filth on Fox or other such sludge featuring Christ haters like Whoopi Goldberg or Jon Stewart or Adam Sandler or Sarah Silverstein or a hundred other such reptiles – pay close attention just after a Christ mocking or family mocking outburst that has elicited HOWLS OF LAUGHTER from the audience.


As the cameras pans over thousands of the attendees (ALWAYS with an inordinate percentage of Negros) – watch VERY carefully.  Hint – it is not what you DO see – but what you do NOT SEE – OR HEAR – that should be disturbing to the depth of your souls.

You will NEVER EVER See – or even HEAR -is the fact that there will be not so much  as ONE decent person who boos such filth – or DECENT REAL HUMAN BEINGS rising in anger and leaving in droves at this unthinkable outrage – NOT EVEN ONE!

AmeriKans LOVE filth trash sleaze garbage and being insulted.  JUST TRY WHAT I SUGGESTED and  AND SEE for YOURSELF!  ALL of that white and black trash ARE SOMEONE’S NEIGHBORS – right here in ‘River City’.


NOW read this tripe and tell me what BASIC element is 100% missing.  Just try to Google the author’s name and see what you come up with .


Note this gushing comment of praise from the typical witless morons who dominate our doomed nation today.


Kurt Amesbury, J.D.

One of the greatest pieces of Patriotism, I have read!

Forwarded by “Wndbear”



“One of the greatest pieces of Patriotism, I have read in years!




( I am sure that this fool and millions of gullible imbeciles like him will be approved by SATANyahu and the rest of the Christ – hating filth who are laughing their asses off at the stupidity of their goyem slaves.



Independence Day !

by Kurt Amesbury, J.D.


NOW READ HIS ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’  mockery of the original Independence Day – AND SEE IF YOU CAN DETECT THE HUGE FLAW.  Once again – as in my comments above -I  will give you a clue.


It is NOT anything he said that was wrong  untrue or a real problem. It WAS cleverly written for the millions of terminally stupefied lemmings in my country who have the IQs of a retarded clam.


It WAS the FACT that he NEVER EVER mentioned the specific cause of ALL of these degenericies – as if they just mysteriously appeared from thin air. Like one day were are wonderful God fearing decent compassionate learned brave righteous people – and genuinely patriotic To;


VIOLA – suddenly – without ANY clue whatsoever  – we became degenerate criminal uncompassionate mad dog killers who SUDDENLY decided that America AND the Founding Fathers AND their WARNINGS – and the COUNTLESS warnings of Jesus – and of God – the Father ( in the Book of Jeremiah).


Also – the endless warnings of America’s TRULY finest sons and hundreds of millions of murdered human beings and two needless WORLD WARS fought for OTHER powers and DECADES of countless warnings from the world’s greatest historic figures and THOUSANDS of other IRREFUTABLE proofs of EXACTLY WHO and WHAT had destroyed us FROM WITHIN  – was just ALL BULLSHIT?


At the bottom of the story I will reveal that GLARINGLY obvious proof that this “GREAT PIECE OF PATRIOTISM”  was created by an absolute moron – OR – a cunning deceitful  jew – or a paid off useful idiot goyem who worships jews and would betray his country for less than the JEW – Judas – betrayed or Lord. 


The deceiving  worm who wrote this insufferable puff piece for IsraHELL can ‘proudly’ tell his children ( in their graves – or in Prisons – or dying of radioactive fallout) that he was instrumental in doing his part to put the final nail in the coffin of our Republic – AND be declared a HERO and PATRIOT and loyalist nationalist urban legend  instead of the LYING TREACHEROUS DECEIVING PURPOSEFULLY DISINFORMATIVE WORM HE IS.

 Independence Day !

by Kurt Amesbury, J.D.



“The six of them sat around the fire, watching the flames dance in the darkness,

fighting back the evening chill. It had been a long day of hunting – but

productive. The youngest had gotten his first deer, and two other kills ensured

a good supply of venison for the family. Talk of the hunt had dwindled and all

now stared into the dying flames without speaking. “Father”, one of the older

boys asked, “Was it like this when you were my age?”


The two adults looked at each other, then gazed back into the flames. “No son,

not exactly.” “Why not?” “Well, when I was your age, there was a war on.”


The youngsters stirred, then settled in more comfortably. That their father had

played a part in the war for liberty always made them proud. Each retelling

brought new details, and each young man imagined what role he might have played

if he had been alive in those times. “I was about your age when the shooting

started in what turned out to be the great war for independence. The government

had been pushing the people, taxing them heavily, ignoring their rights. There

were even incidents where the government troops had massacred innocent people,

and the government abuses were getting worse all the time.”He stopped and

prodded the fire, sending a shower of sparks skyward. After a thoughtful moment,

he continued. “The people took it for a long time. Longer, perhaps, than we

should have. Even when the fighting broke out, there were a lot of people who

were against it. The government was uneasy with us ‘rebels’ always agitating for

better representation and complaining about taxation. Of course, we were uneasy

about the government too, so we organized into militia groups that could respond

at a minute’s notice to any alarm. We all agreed we would have arms and

ammunition in case things got bad. And eventually, they did. “The day finally

came when the government actually tried to take our guns and ammunition. Sent

troops marching right into the city to seize them.” “And that’s when the

shooting started?”, asked the youngest.


His father nodded his head slowly and spoke in an absent voice. “Yes. That’s

when the shooting began. None of you were even born then. Some have called it

the ‘shot heard round the world’, but I wish it hadn’t come to that. A lot of

good people died on both sides. But it couldn’t be helped. The government had

passed laws saying we could not have guns within the city limits. They had a

list of places where they thought arms were stored, and they sent the government

troops to seize them.” “But you were ready, father?” “Yes son, we were. We knew

the government troops were coming. And we knew that the time had come to stop

them.” “They marched in like they thought they owned the place. We could see

their breath in the cold night air and hear the crunch of snow under their

boots. They marched right out in the open, as if they didn’t have anything to

worry about. We hid and waited until just the right moment, then opened up on

them with everything we had. We killed many of them and wounded many others,

then we melted away like spirits into the night. The government called up

reinforcements, but they didn’t know who we were. Word of our daring spread

quickly, and we soon found our ranks swelling with other citizens who believed

in the cause of liberty and wanted to fight along side of us.” “We came damned

close to losing. The government of course had professional troops – not only the

military, but foreign troops imported just to fight us. Mercenaries. We almost

missed our last chance to remove the boot of tyranny from our necks, to throw

off the heavy yoke of unconscionable taxation. We almost lost our last chance to

be free.” “But then the militia began to catch up with the politicians who were

behind the heavy taxation and the attempt to disarm the citizens. In one night,

all four senators from California and New York – all of whom had worked so hard

to disarm the people – were caught and executed – by firing squad. In rapid

succession, more than 27 congressmen, and another 13 senators were tried for

treason and executed.” “And that’s when things got really interesting. The House

was composed largely of people sympathetic to the cause of freedom, but there

were so many traitors in the senate if they’d all been killed, there wouldn’t

have been a quorum, so some of them were frog-marched into session for a series

of votes. In a period of 24 hours,Congress repealed all gun control laws, the

entire IRS code, all illicit drug laws, eliminated the entire drug interdiction

system and defunded 90% of all Federal government agencies. HUD, BATF, FBI, EPA

– all gone overnight. We withdrew from the United Nations and gave all U.N.

delegates 24 hours to get out. Then we eliminated all foreign aid.


The last item was approving the new budget – which came in at just under $100

billion. Then we took the traitors out onto the front lawn and executed them.

The next day, we dynamited the U.N. building. Brought it right down in one huge

pile of dusty rubble.” “All those blue helmets we’d been shooting at, along with

the vehicles and arms and the foreign troops who carried them were surrendered

to us. Some units decided to fight on, and they were hunted down and destroyed.

We shipped the captured U.N. soldiers home – stripped to bare skin and packed

into the hold of a cargo ship. They took nothing with them but water, oatmeal

and enough fuel to get them to Africa.” “We bought our freedom with blood. Over

300,000 men died in the fighting before it was all over.” “We thought the rest

of the world might go crazy, but it didn’t. Sure, the stock markets took a

pounding for a little while, but since we had already announced a return to the

gold standard, the market actually rebounded and stabilized in less than a

year.” “The president signed every one of the new bills into law and gave a

speech about the power of the people, freedom and the first Declaration of

Independence. As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, one of his last acts

was to impose a uniform standard of fitness on all branches of the military.

Twenty-three percent of the military was discharged within the week for lack of

fitness. He then instituted a policy providing for a confidence vote of the

officers by the men – resulting in the ouster of more than 75% of the general

staff. Those officers who had been playing politics at the expense of military

readiness were discharged without retirement benefits. A few were

court-martialed for treason and shot. Thirty days later, the president

resigned.” “Some thought other countries would see the drive for liberty and the

decline in military numbers as an opportunity to attack U.S. interests. Some

actually tried. They were punished with a fury that hasn’t been seen since the

U.S. flash-broiled Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


One particularly belligerent country lost over a hundred thousand troops in a

single afternoon – but they were warned and didn’t heed the warning. After that,

no one dared to mess with the USA. Our forces were meaner and leaner than ever,

and they weren’t under the control of a commander-in-chief who owed his

presidency to foreign interests. Military morale was at an all-time high.

Enemies and allies alike just hung onto their seats with knuckles turning white

while we cleaned house and restored freedom and everyone waited to see how it

would all turn out.” “With their pay cut by 75%, their perks and status gone,

many of the remaining members of Congress hung their heads and went home. They knew that they had failed to fulfill their oath of office and that their greedy

dreams of power were over. Some found real jobs. Others committed suicide. A

few, some of the good ones, stayed on and began the rebuilding process, but most

of the vacancies weren’t filled for a couple of years. A lot had fled for fear

that they might be called to account for past votes.” “We found out we didn’t

really need a federal government – not like we thought we did. Even the poor

were better off. Americans discovered real charity again, and communities began

to pull together. People could begin to see that their neighbor-hoods were

really theirs… not something on loan from the Federal government.


Sure, a lot of welfare bums had to get jobs. I didn’t shed any tears over that.

Some of the mothers who kicked their husbands out found life considerably

changed. There were no more government payments, and the state stopped enforcing alimony. Some ran short on food until they learned to go to the local church and ask for it. They seemed shocked at the idea that they were no longer ‘entitled’ to a living. But they adjusted.” “Americans rediscovered freedom and liberty, and vowed they would never again let their government rule them.


Eventually Congress rebuilt. In its new trimmer form, it was something of which the

Founding Fathers might have been proud. And the idea of being a career

politician? It sort of got lost along the way. These days people seem to

understand that politicians serve for the good of the country, not the good of

the politician.” “The general tension in the country subsided quickly. New laws

were passed that made the person who filed a bad faith law suit responsible for

all costs, plusdamages, and for the first time, courts started awarding those

damages. A lot of lawyers wound up standing in soup lines. Can’t say it hurt my

feelings any. Medical costs plummeted. Do you know how much doctors used to have to charge just to get insurance coverage for unfounded malpractice claims?!


When all the minorities and hyphenated Americans realized that they weren’t

going to be compensated for hurt feelings, they quit agitating and made a

greater effort to be part of society, instead of trying to tear it apart.

Jackson and Sharpton finally got on the boat and went back to Africa. Seem to

recall one of them was killed when an angry mob strung him up.” “Entire segments

of the insurance industry collapsed as people realized that they didn’t need

coverage for the imaginary ills of others. This by itself brought a measure of

freedom. People weren’t afraid to have a party and invite friends over. It seems

hard to believe now that there was once a time when someone who drank too much

could blame the person who served him for injuries sustained in an accident, but

it’s true!” “Law schools went into deep decline. To be sure, there was still a

need for lawyers. But the practice of shunning came back into vogue and nowhere

was it practiced with more ardor than when shunning a lawyer who served himself

above his clients.” “The media giants staggered. The Federal government began

charging for the use of the People’s airwaves and contributing the charges

towards the cost of running the country. With the reduced government, and the

charge for use of public resources, the need for Federal taxes disappeared.”

“There were a lot of changes. The Feds were barred from keeping records on

law-abiding Americans. Social Security paid out what was owed to the people who

contributed, and then it was shut down. We were free to plan for our own

futures.” “But that first engagement – that was the day we looked back on as the

day our freedom began anew. That frosty night, as we waited on the roof tops and

behind the trash dumpsters for the U.N. troops to come and try to take our

firearms. We declared our independence in .30 caliber lead.”


Stirring from deep thoughts, the man’s wife looked with respect and affection at

the grizzled old man who was her husband and her hero. “Of course, they rewrote

the Second Amendment”, she said, “It wasn’t the same back then. They added a

line. Before the war for independence started, the Second Amendment said, “A

well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the

right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It wasn’t

until 2011 that they added,  ~”Any person who questions this right in a

legislative body may be shot without consequences.”~


The change was enacted exactly four years after that first encounter with the

U.N. troops, on the day when ordinary citizens took their firearms into the

Nation’s capital and came back with our freedom… Independence day, September

6, 2007.” “You know,” the father said, “I was just thinking. In all of human

history, there was never before a country like ours. We were given a gift of

incalculable value by men in 1776, and in a little over 200 years, we nearly

ruined it. I wonder how long it will be before people start to let their rights

slip again? How long will it be before they forget again, the price that was

paid for their freedom?”


There was no answer but the slow crackling of the dying embers.” ( end )


THIS dear reader – was a MASTERPIECE of mind-screwing.


To the impudent moron who penned this trash – let me remind him what our Founding Father – General /President George Washington said about the jews centuries ago!


From the ‘Maxims of George Washington’ – by publishers – AA Appleton &co.

“They ( the jews)  work more effectively against us than the enemy’s ( British) armies. They are a hundred time more dangerous to our liberties and our great cause ( the battle for independence)  we are engaged in…  IT is much to be lamented that each state – long ago – has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.”


ALL – ONE HUNDRED PERCENT  – of our present sad state of affairs has been for over a hundred years – the direct result of the tireless efforts of the filthy jew to add American and Christianity to the trash heap of history.  NOT ONCE was the word JEW even written ANYWHERE!  Not once was the name of the hellhole of Satan which controls EVERY aspect of our life here from cradle to grave!


Not one was the name of that horrid place whose demons have been the cause of and or the financer and profiteer from every major war in history!  NEITHER ISRAHELL – NOR THE DAMNED JEW  was mentioned AT ALL  – PERIOD!  For those of you STILL too stupid to understand when you have been cheated insulted frauded fooled tricked fooled hoaxed and ENDLESSLY lied to – God help us!


Our freedom of speech has already been effectively marginalized by the jew – which as one of their victims – I have suffered. Use what is left to at least save YOUR OWN CHILDREN – or are they for sale too – like our Constitution and our Freedoms and our fragile heritage. You decide – OR the jew WILL decide FOR YOU!


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews (and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below) ‘Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

“Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10

″Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.


  1. Sr Cortina is so correct, however we must mention it is Babylonian the whore, the harlot children who are doing all these evil to humanity on earth’ Babylonian the harlot work tiresslly to destroy society’

    After all it is capitalist system it is good and evil’ capitalist system lives on eternal propaganda through TELEVI-ZION’ it is part of business’

    Capitalist system is natural resources + slave labor + theft of land’ and also a zion media to keep slave entertained and also to sell products’

    Because under capitalist system humanity are seen as commodity merchandise as consumers and to be consumed in sexual orgies, orgies of blood as wars Palestine it is an example of it’

    Women under capitalist system are supplier of slaves to be sacrificed in the altar of capitalism by neoliberal priests and priestesses’

    Capitalist system it is a soulless system zombie system, therefore turn society into a soulless, zombie society, unable o think by themselves’

    It is a monetary system that it is so costly, absolutely nothing is for free, we all got to pay a price’


  2. Thank you for this passionate article. The problem with the Jewish problem is the lack of a solution. Your solution, if I understand it correctly, is awareness coupled with rejection of Jewish values and a return to the Christian Church. This was the solution that Hentry Ford advocated in the International Jew but which failed to change anything. I believe a turn away from democracy and an embrace of fascism along with healthy doses of racism (actually racialism, race reality and reality in general) is the answer. You seem to hold the Judized Christian belief that racism is a sin. You state the Jewish problem passionately but like everyone else seem to be lacking in effective solutions. You don’t seem to make the connection between Jewish tyranny and the decline of the White race. Most of all, you don’t seem to understand how the Jews are simply the brains of a war on Whites but that the lower races are VERY MUCH involved too., I hope you don’t delete my post because I used racially insensitive words. I believe the Jewish problem is also a racial problem and they must be solved together.

  3. Warrant for the arrest of Zionism and accomplices aka Gov.’t

    Joe believe’s the following. And in his own words,
    “The Satanic jew has had the goal of destroying the last semblance of decency in our youth since our Founding fathers AND their warnings of JEW EVIL had been long erased from our school books and long forgotten.”

    The word Jew, is a state of mind, and consequentially, a movement, and its goal is the destruction of the true followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus, and His blessed Mother Mary, ( She’s aka our church; The Catholic Church beginning with Rome and Pope Saint Peter.) The word Jew has nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing! to do with the ancient Judeans. The Judeans that didn’t Passover into the church age were Babylonian Judeans aka Pagans and thus were no different than Gentiles who were also pagans! So, the collection of Babylonian Judeans, over the course of the centuries, particularly beginning in 70 AD, were just about wiped out ! Especially when these reprobates follied into foreign lands in Africa, the mid east, and Europe. By the 6th century, they were a collection of peoples, aka mongrels, who behaved according to oral tradition of the Ancient Babylonian Judeans under a wicked system known as the Talmud! It makes no different whether or not the Talmud was Babylonian or Jerusalem! A Talmud in general is the collection of reprobate sick twisted minds that place their system of Leadership, Laws, and Justice above the True God of the Universe. That true God is none other than the Holy Trinity.

    Jews, or better known as Zionist, understand fully well, that they cannot defeat Jesus Christ. They cannot defeat God. Now this gets very interesting. Pay attention! God gave Satan, and his sons of Perdition, the freedom to commit any and all agonies as they wish including murder, stealing, blasphemies, lying, generally abuse of any type. For wickedness, it is all fair game and a major part of their arsenal to even include porn, even child porn, homosexuality, addictions of any and all kinds, name it ! For His creation, God gave man freewill. And without any argument whatsoever the fact that these ” Crimes against humanity” exist is ABSOLUTE proof that the earth is cursed! Cursed and not blessed. There’s no country anywhere in the world that is blessed. It is all cursed and Holy God let this happen beginning with the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden aka Paradise. It was Adam’s sin and not Eve’s. Adam is a son of God. Eve is not a daughter of God she was created by God through His first creation Man. Man has two sex chromosomes X & Y. Woman has two sex chromosomes X & X . God took half the DNA of Adam, from Adam’s rib, the DNA X, and created an exact copy of the chromosome X, which is the RNA copy, to combine and form a creation of sexual chromosome DNA XX. God took half of the actual XY of Man. Made a copy of it i.e. the RNA X, and as the Creator, made a fully function woman from man. So, God permits wickedness right? And, any and all type right? God let’s this wickedness exist right? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! A thousand times WRONG…!!! God gave His creation, through His Holy Son, who, by the way, defeated wickedness and has judged and sentenced wickedness at the crucifixion thus resurrection! This is the Ark of the new and everlasting Covenant aka the Catholic’s Holy Mother Mary. The descent of the Holy Spirit, called Epiphany, places God on earth forever, and by His church, The One, Holy, Apostolic, Universal Faith/Law of Christ we the Children are rewarded with the gift to crush evil. Remember, evil has already been Convicted, Judged and Sentenced by God, the Church, and His Holy Children. And that’s why people, you are in its cross hairs! Wickedness can’t defeat God, who is Almighty and Perfect, The Creator. Remember God did Create Lucifer who later became Satan etc. But God regretfully permits wickedness to defeat you! So, He gave the Ultimate sacrifice, His Son Jesus Christ, and a guaranteed protection, The ark of the new and everlasting Covenant. Look at an uncorrupted statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her feet on the moon aka rock, 12 stars above her head, aka the crown or Princes, i.e. the holy Apostles. And above all, Blessed Mary, clothed with the sun, meaning sinless, and crushing the head of the serpent meaning wickedness! Governments of the world WARNING!!! The Universal and Holy Law and Order of God have issued a warrant in perpetuity since 33AD against you for your arrest. You have been judged and it is our duty to apprehend you for the crimes against humanity! Roman’s uncorrupted version # 13! People of the world who are lost. Find and Embrace the true Faith of Christ before you succumb to wickedness. The Apostle Paul who once persecuted Christian and later embraced the true faith of Christ warned! ” See that you walk circumspecfully not as fools but as wise.” This Barbarian later turned true Christian knew exactly what he was talking about. He wrote most of the bible!

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