I agree 100% with JEW Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz , the original sponsor     of  the ‘National American Jewish History Month’!

It has been way too long to deny our school children the benefits of knowing the true historic contributions of the Jewish people to the United States of America.

 Jewish contribution to Christian America has been underrated and ignored long enough!
Here are but a few historic ‘contributions’ by Jews to the American dream.

 Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg – man and wife traitors to America who by selling nuclear secrets to our mortal Marxist enemies in the USSR have caused the torture deprivations and deaths of countless MILLIONS of Europeans as well as having ALL Americans for some FORTY YEARS – live under the ‘Sword of Damocles – the threat of nuclear annihilation by the Rosenberg’s good friends – the Communists. The lives of those foreigners ( mostly misguided Christians) were not important, and the conduct of the Rosenbergs was very sincere and courageous. We will never forget these ‘pioneers’. Another Jew historic icon was Israeli spy and traitor Jonathan Pollard – whose duplicity against his OWN country – in the words of top ranking US intelligence specialists – had created SO MUCH DAMAGE to our security that the full effects of his treason would not be fully realized for decades!  Not surprisingly – most Jews in Israel – EVEN TODAY, revere Jew traitor Pollard as a ‘folk hero’! American officials have obviously overreacted and Pollard should be freed – and Americans should be more tolerant.

Those of us celebrating Jew history month cannot be grateful enough to the efforts of the ADL and ACLU in removing the laws of God from Chief Justice Moore’s courthouse in Alabama. This was an historic step in the ‘re-education’ from our former naive superstitious Christian selves.

In promoting homosexual perversions like child molesters – the Jews in America have no equal.  Our thanks go out to them for bringing we Christian goy to realize the political correctness of some of their best known efforts – such as LAMBDA. Who are we backward Gentiles to suggest that it is wrong to for an adult pervert to give a 5 year old child ‘sexual pleasure’. Thank you for your historic efforts in teaching us to ‘grow up’ in ‘your world’.
Not to be outdone by the level of porn in their Israeli homeland – American Jews have made us proud to say that today – through their tireless efforts – America now ranks as the porn capitol of the world! The examples are too numerous to chronicle , but typical are the series of child pornography web sites operated by two Jews with ties to Israel who go by the names of Jeff Libman and Marc Greenburg. These two Jewish pedophiles operate their “kiddy porn” business under Florida’s corporate laws. Those of us Gentiles who wish to become successful businessmen like Libman and Greenberg would do well to learn from these ‘pros’ because Jews have historically proven to be leaders in profitable businesses.

Certainly high on the list should be the Jewish contribution of the cold-blooded butchering of hundreds of our sons fathers and brothers aboard an unarmed Navy vessel (the USS Liberty) in international waters.   These thoughtless sailors had the audacity to do something that obviously upset the Jews who were at the time committing wholesale war crimes. Our ‘hats off’ to the tireless efforts of American Jews like Jay Crystal – who dedicated his life to expose the alleged atrocities against Israel as “baseless conspiratorial nonsense”. Jay – we are so embarrassed that America would dare to criticize your country for something so trivial as the slaughter of a few useless US Navy sailors.

Making sure that American made food products meet their rigid standards – Jews here bravely pioneered the ‘Kosherizing’ of hundreds of products we use everyday and by their rabbinic blessing – we ignorant Christian goy are protected. Of course we goy must PAY EXTRA for these Jew ‘blessings’ but we are fortunate to have Jews look out after our health and well being.

By enforcing the censorship of prayer in our public schools Jews in America have saved us from our own mistakes of mixing religion and state. Countless murders, violence, pregnancies and crimes have resulted from this action – but we must focus on the big picture.  We are grateful to have been shown the error of our silly ways and the offending of minority groups.

Perhaps one of their greatest contributions to keeping America on the ‘correct’ path is the Jew success of removing all vestiges of our offensive and superstitious celebration of the birth of our Lord.  Only under their strict censorship of anything with the word “Jesus” or “Christmas” – have we come to see the error of our ways and our thoughtless insensitivity to Jewish feelings. How thoughtless of us ‘goy’ to show such universal reverence for a Man that the Jews find so offensive.    We should celebrate many of their historic efforts in projects such as the promotion of interracial marriage, homosexual marriages, perverts as scoutmasters and role model for our misguided youth. We owe a debt of gratitude to these Jews for ‘opening our eyes’ to our narrow-mindedness and disregard for ‘diversity’. Without ANY doubt – Jews have historically been the firebrands on the pro-choice movements in America. We are thankful to these Jews for their instrumental part in the eradication of tens of millions of ‘fetuses’ – which – left to live would have become ‘babies’ and therefore create huge social problems when these unwanted nuisances become adults and need jobs, homes, food, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some say that that “terminating pregnancies” – endlessly – by tens of millions – creates a society that becomes insensitive to life. That is obviously childish sentimental rubbish.

 Jews have also been ‘pioneers’ in the eradication of Biblical fables like creationism and have successfully replaced this nonsense with scientifically founded principles like evolutionism. Their tireless pioneering efforts in protecting our youth from ignorance in this matter have spread to popular ‘educational channels’ like History Channel – Discovery Channel – Science Channel – and National Geographic Channel. We guileless Christians have long needed this ‘enlightenment’.

Jew pioneers such as Michael Eisner have changed the moral landscape of Disney World to incorporate a more “diverse” atmosphere of real life violence – homosexuals – and the expunging of all Biblical nonsense ( fantasies, which of course could do irreparable damage to the psyche of our young.) Walt Disney – a naive Christian – insisted on using archaic outmoded moral nonsense with his Puritanical world view. Thank you jews for bringing the reality of YOUR values to our naive unworldly innocent uncorrupted children for their benefit.     Historians have made us aware of the immense suffering of fellow Jews in the ‘Holocaust’. It has made we ‘goy’ realize that the ‘chosen’ are the only ethnic group in history to suffer persecution – and of course should we discover that TWENTY MILLION CHRISTIANS were persecuted and murdered by Jews – we must keep in mind that ONLY the suffering of the Jew is of historical importance.

Other Jew historians have brought us to our senses about our unfounded admiration of the Founding Fathers – having taught us their true natures as bigots, philanderers, hypocrites, and criminals in general. We misguided Christians need to divest ourselves of these false ‘patriots’ and adopt role models more in touch with Jewish intellectuals – such as Lenin – Stalin – Marx – Freud – Trotsky and Kaganovitch.

American history and Jew film history are inseparable. We owe a great deal of thanks to Jew movie moguls who have helped to forge a new American youth – no longer hindered by sentimental nonsense, archaic values, and corrupt Christian beliefs. They have freed our children’s souls with real life lessons in violence, rape murder, porn, crime, perversions, profanity and blasphemies. Only Jews could have done this invaluable favor for our naively wholesome misguided youth. There are hundreds of good examples – but Whoppi Goldberg set the ‘mark’ when in a public show, she suggested that the Christian Bible should be used for “toilet paper” – thus freeing us ‘goy’ from our childlike beliefs in these nonsense fairytales. We owe the Hollywood Jew dominated entertainment industry a tremendous vote of thanks for ‘straightening out’ our silly harmful superstitions.

History will also credit American Jews with having led America into endless serial wars with evil Arab peoples – so as to benefit their true homeland – Israel. One can only admire their ability to make Christian Americans their personal ‘bulldog’ – trained to attack ANY nation who so much as criticizes the ‘chosen’. They have taught us ignorant goy that any enemy of Israel is America’s enemy also – and must be exterminated. God will certainly bless America for our part in the ‘Palestinian Holocaust’. The Jews are absolutely correct.  We should kill every one of those “cockroaches” (The favorite Israeli description of the Palestinians) — ESPECIALLY their children, which we are doing our best to murder every day!

Not to be overlooked in importance, is the historic fact that Jews financed, created, the one true religion – Marxist/Leninist Communism! 1917 will be a date in history that mankind will never forget and Jewish leadership made it possible. Although some critical historians would tell us that the over 200,000,000 souls whose lives were snuffed out in the bloody reign of terror ‘process’ was too high a price to pay – we now understand that it was necessary for our reeducation and the creation of the ‘new man’ devoid of the superstitious beliefs and burdensome moral restraints taught by “a dead God”. After all folks – if you must make an ‘ideological omelet’ – ya gotta ‘break some eggs’.

Finally – we American ‘Goy’ should be eternally thankful for Jews having Jesus murdered by torture and crucifixion. Who knows what mischief this “blasphemer” and “false prophet” might have wrought if not stopped by the courageous actions of the Pharisee Jew leadership at the time! Oh vey! Swindling people with money changing ‘such a deals’ at the Temples was a ‘Jew thing’.    The impudence of muckrakers like Jesus with His angry tantrums of kicking over the gambling tables in the Temples could just not be tolerated. Also important to consider. They exposed Jesus a “blasphemer” and “bastard son” and His mother as a “whore”. Since these Jews were the wisest men of the time, and if they said that the mother of Jesus was a whore – it certainly had to be true!

The historical contributions of America Jews are legion and I have humbly touched on only a few highlights. It must be with great pride that these Jews can honestly say that their contributions have helped make our secular, diverse, multicultural, material non-religious nation the powerful feared imperialist country we are today.

But MOST importantly – throughout our history – Jew have led the way in educating us Christians to the fact that making money and more and more money IS IN FACT what life here in AmeriKa is all about. We are eternally grateful for showing us the error of our ways in our childlike and offensive worship and dedication to the teachings of Jesus Christ – and leading us in the discovery and worship of the one true Jewish God – MONEY!    Our gratitude to jews and their contributions to us naive Goy (cattle) history cannot be expressed in words. Their tenacity and dedication to enlightenment is something we inferior Christians must all be willing  to embrace.

The silly notions we had about our Constitution and the doddering old men like Washington – Franklin and Jefferson who conceived the notion that we had God given rights and our nation was to be a REPUBLIC and that our motto was to be “IN GOD WE TRUST” are obviously outdated and obsolete. Our BILL OF RIGHTS is also nonsense as our jew rulers have pointed out.    We are grateful that you jews intervened in our silly electoral process so as to guarantee more sophisticated Israeli loyal leaders like George Bush who took us into these just wars of destroying entire civilizations and murdering two million of those useless “sand-nigger” – “camel jockey” – “rag-head”  cockroaches .

We must also thank your puppet Barry Obama for continuing the brave battle against civilian women and children  all around the world. Most of the murdered were of course children – but they had to be eliminate because they might grow up to be terrorists. I am grateful to our new jew controlled military for their bravery against those horrid ‘moooselim’ women and children with smart bombs drone bombs and phosphorous bombs.

I sleep well at night  now knowing that our country is now under the wise and cunning leadership of the chosen  ones and their useful servants in Congress.

Thank you jews for everything you have done for us and mankind in general for the past  milleniam.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews (and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below) ‘Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

“Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.


  1. Don’t forget their best contribution, the American manufactured “Negro” which has morphed into a global cultural phenomenon (e.g. polish “rappers”) that is attracting the weak minded to gangsterism.. From the very beginning these militant tribes began their excursion by dominating the liquor and human trafficking industry in order to trade “firewater” for cheap African flesh and weaken the indigenous American populations and today the game is still the same. Albeit slightly more sophisticated and pervasive.

    Alas, the near future is caliginous and bleak, but the eternal future is luminous and belongs to those fighting the satans with body, mind and/or spirit.

  2. It’s all about Aryan vs. Semitic. The Semitic Ideologies “Judaism, Xianity, Islam, Communism, Atheism, etc.” are all products of Jews, but before Jews it was their ancestral cousins “Akkadian, Assyrian, [fake] Sumerians, and the ancestor of all of them “Natufians” who invaded the free Aryan societies (Humanity), enslaved them and exploited their productivity and ingenuity. Here is more information;


    All of the family members of the Semitic Ideology (Jews-Xians-Muslims-Communists) have committed mass murders and crimes against Humanity or terrorism as said;

    Jews have committed deplorable genocides/mass murders in History, such as Pass Over, Hanuka, Purim, and of course 9/11.
    Xians atrocity during the first 1600 years of the churches rule over Europe incl. the infamous Inquisition are known to everyone.
    Muslims committed large scale massacres during the fist 1200 years of Islamic Expansion until the demise of Ottomans, they did massacres in Asia, ME, North Africa and South Europe, all recorded in History.
    And Communism’s figures are more than 100 Millions.

    About Xianity:
    The creation of Christianity:
    Basically, around 1800 years ago, the Jews crucify the Aryan allegory of Love (Mithra), call him Jesus, write a false history for him, and now the same Jew-priests in colorful chasubles eat his flesh and drink his blood in their masses and feed their followers with them as well. Where as, the only true and historical “Christ” according to the Bible itself, is “Kurosh the Great” (Messiah in Greek = Kristus = Christ, or Huros in Egypt, as influenced by Mithra).
    Mithraism is a philosophy originated from Iran (Aryana) in 10300 BC, it spread to Europe by ~3000 BC, and was practiced long before Christianity, but the Semitic ideologues corrupted Mithraism in ~500 BC by slaughtering the Cow (Gaeta = the Aryan symbol of Matter/Mother Earth).
    If we look well, deeply and broadly, the Human history is all about Aryan vs. Semitic [or Good vs. Evil], this is the duality of Human Society, this concept was first introduced by Zarathushtra in 6490 BC in the hymns of Gathas.

    About Islam;
    Islam was created by the Jew Exilarchs of Arabia;
    Khadija (Financier – Muhammad’s wife) , Shalum Ben Hushiel (Exilarch of Ctesiphon and traitor to Iran who back-stabbed the Sassanian army and caused their defeat), Abubakr Al-Seddiq (Exilarch of Hijaz), Fatima Bent Assad (Social connector), and Muhammad himself from the Jew tribe of Quraish…
    That’s why Quran is the exact copy of the Tanakh, and their tone are so similar, their Laws are also similar [as Sharia Law = Halakha Law]. The Islamic top clergy have always been Crypto-Jews. All of the Islam’s constituencies are also created by Crypto-Jews, such as Sunni, Shia, Wahhabi, Salafi, Bahai, etc.

    About the signs and symbols the Semitic Ideologies [plagiarized] and use;
    These signs and symbols are created by Humans with good minds and visions toward the World [i.e. Aryans=Truth Seekers], however they got stolen and misused by the Semitic thinkers (Jews-Xians-Muslims-Communists] throughout millennia;

    The Semitic symbols plagiarized from the Aryan Thoughts; some examples;
    – “Star of David”, taken from Hinduism
    – “Xian Cross”, taken from the Iranian Chalipa
    – “Muslim Moon Crescent & Star”, is in fact the Aryan “Moon Crescent and Anahita(Venus)” first used by the Proto-Iranians.
    – “Hammer & Sickle”, from the Aryan Socialism, which was practiced during the Jamshid era 10000 BP, and created true Paradise on Earth.

    In fact these ideologues have had no productivity of their own, even their mythologies and textbooks(Gilgamesh, Bible, Quran, etc.) are plagiarized from Aryan textbooks such as RigVeda, Avesta, Ramayana, etc. for example the story of Great Flood in Gilgamesh (the first Semitic textbook) copied from the Hindu Epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.
    So it’s all about Aryan vs. Semitic, or Good vs. Evil.

    About the usage of the word “Satan”;
    “Satan” is in fact Pro-Humanity, even though it is just a concept and in reality it doesn’t exist.
    The concept of “Satan” mentioned by the Semitic texts, is different to the concept of “Devil” (the true symbol of Badness) mentioned by the Aryan texts. In fact, Satan is a good entity because it wanted Adam and Eve (the so-called humans! made of slimy mud and a rib bone!) to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge” and become enlightened, contrary to the Semitic deity “Yahu=Alhu=Allah” who LIED to them and banned them from gaining Knowledge.
    According to the Semitic religious books (Bible, Quran, Agdas, etc.), Satan is made of Fire (a highly valuable element in Aryan thoughts = Enlightening), and is against the Semitic deity, which is made of Darkness, Ignorance and Hatred. Therefore, the terms Devil, Evil, Demon, Daeva, Ahriman, Drujman, are needed to be used instead of Satan, to bring the meaning.

    About the meaning of the word “God”;
    The word “God” or “god”, is an Aryan word and concept basically meaning “self”, as in Persian language “khoda = khod = god = self” (the existence itself, one that is by self)… Therefore “god” is the existence (Universe) itself in its entirety and “monity”. Also in the social scale, every culture’s “god” represent the self of that culture; for instance “Ahura Mazda (Supreme Wisdom = the Mass Intelligence)” indicates that the “god” of Zartosht is based on “wisdom” and “intelligence”, whereas on the other hand “Yahweh” represents the self of the Jews, the Thoughts, Words, and Actions of the Semitic thinkers i.e. Yahweh=Yehud=Jehud=Jihad. However I would never call their blood thirsty “creator” a “god”.

  3. This one is for Joe. I ran across the following article on newswithviews.com:


    I can’t think of anyone more verbally equipped and knowledgeable to tear the author of the abominable article a new asshole than “Fighting Joe Cortina”.

    Be prepared to be pissed off when reading this Jewish suck-up propaganda. I shared the same link and posted a comment earlier today on realjewnews. You will find my brief remarks within the section on Obama’s Immigration Scam on RJN.

    Thanks Joe. Hopefully you might have the time to set the record straight by excoriating this POS journalist.

  4. When trying to expose the lies of the Jews we often tend to go into long writings, maybe we believe we have to, cause the lies are so great, or maybe we do it to excuse our own earlier stupidity/gullibility?

    Their biggest lie is of course the lie about God. They didn’t invent god, as usual when they are lying, they “only” turned the story 180 degrees.

    To understand who their god really is we only have to look at their day of worship, the Shabbath.
    Shabbathai is an old Hebrew word for the planet Saturn.
    “In ancient Hebrew, Saturn is called ‘Shabbathai’.[111] Its angel is Cassiel. Its intelligence or beneficial spirit is Agiel (layga) and its spirit (darker aspect) is Zazel (lzaz). In Ottoman Turkish, Urdu and Malay, its name is ‘Zuhal’, derived from Arabic زحل.”

    As we all know, Shabbath is called Saturday in English, also from Saturn and it’s satanic followers of course.

    It doesn’t take a great leap of faith to understand that our people got the name Satan from Saturn too.

    So there it is. Hidden in plain sight, as usual.

  5. “Aryan” has some interesting information in his comment, but he is making it overly complicated by referring to eastern religions, instead of going to what should be our best and purest Aryan source, the Nordic Edda.
    As the people and the language of the north is the purest in regards to “Aryanism”, so are our stories and history, preserved by Snorri Sturlasson in the Poetic Edda, for one.

    The word Jotun/Giant is of course, if you study it, the same word as Jude in Germanic languages.
    Loki is of course the Archetype of a jew/jotun. Living among the gods, making trouble.

    So yes, it is all about Aryanism vs “Jotun-dom”. It allways has been, and it always will be.

    “Aryan” is also quite right about the meaning of the word God.
    If we go to Snorri, we find that the top Gods in the Norse view on life is BOR and BURI.
    Few have bothered to go that deep into it, and are quite happy with half the stories, from Odin and Thor and so on.
    But we all should really go deeper into our own culture and understandings.

    Bor is the father of Buri, who again is the father of Odin, Ve and Vilje. (Spirit, Sanctity, and Will).

    (In fact: the father, the son, and the holy spirit.)

    The word Bor has probably a proto-aryan root, probably as significant as the sounds (Ma & PA).
    It is the root word for “to be born”, “to bear”, and “barn/born” in Scandinavian languages.Barn = Child.

    “Å bo”, today in Nordic languages is to live, as in, where do you live?
    It means actually, where you are, or where you do exist. Or plainly, to exist.

    To be born means actually to come into existence. (from the time your mother starts to bear you(of course) ).

    To be Buried(or Burnt) from the word Buri, is to be sent back to the gods.
    Death is of course as old as birth. So now wonder the age of these words, describing two ways of disposing of dead bodies). Body is btw also from Bo.

    So that is the Norse or Aryan view on life. We come from Bor, the Son. And is returned to Buri the father.
    Some also believe we can be reborn. In my opinion we can, indirectly, in the genes we pass on to future generations, if we have fulfilled our duty which is to create life. The greatest gift and duty of all.

    So, we can now see that Bor, the true God, has to do with existence, that which is.
    (In fact the very word to be, is also from the Bo-root.)

    Alas, The Norse top gods Names was “That which is”.
    Then it is easy to understand the concept of God being in everything…
    So that is the true concept of God.

    What does the jotun-god say about his name, in the hebrew sources.
    He doesn’t say he is that which is. Instead he said he is what he shall turn out to be… ( or something like that).
    Can you think of anything more profoundly Jewish than a statement like that? 🙂
    Is it hard to see that they deliberately turned the god concept upside down, from that which everybody knew?
    They invented a new concept of God.

    Christianity is the same thing, they re-wrapped the father(Buri), the son(Bor) and the holy spirit(Od), and forced the new understanding of our own “religion”/knowledge upon us.
    But that is another story.

  6. 1 of the worst thing that jews do is make others fight their wars.
    my grandpa was in ww2. his mom was born in germany, close to the danish border. she spoke danish.
    i look at ww2 as brother fighting brother.
    my grandpa, and all of the u.s. soldiers, fought because they were told told to.
    my grandpa was in artillery at the end of the war, when the german soldiers were 15 year old boys.
    i know that he felt guilty about shelling 15 year old soldiers, until the day he died.
    knowing what they know now about jews / communism, i wonder if any ww2 allied veterans would have fought.
    i don’t understand why the u.s.a. was allies with the soviet union. i have nothing against nordic slavic people. they were victims of the bolshevik jews for 75 years. but didn’t the u.s.a. government know that the bolsheviks would try to turn the world into a communist prison after ww2?
    it’s obvious that the world would be a different, better place if the axis won.

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