World War three

Caused by jews-

The BaptDuhs and thee.

Christ warned us before –

John 8 – Verse 44

of those jews that we’re told

Who boast they are chosen

But chosen by whom

His truth – be it spoken

so loud and so well

They are sons of the devil

wicked demons from hell.

The America we know –

Now TV trash – or insane NFL-

And the heroes we are given

All sell women or ‘BLOW’

All gifts of your father

The Devil from hell.

Stupidity now reigns

Where wisdom once stood.

More fun to be evil

than Try to be good.

As the bombs from above

Destroy America we loved

We heeded not –

the wise and the just

And traded our souls

For more lies and for lust.

To hell with our sons –

Men of Honor and just.

The hour is late –

we’ve run out of time

No one left for to hate

It’s Armageddon you see-

As we knew it would be

Caused by the jews –

the BaptDuhs and THEE!

I believe it will happen this year – not founded on fact but gut feel from the total evil we have become. I can tell you this much with 100% assurance. It WILL be started by the jews – most probably by another of their endless deceitful false flag operations – probably in Iran or a terrorist attack by Mossad blamed on Iran – or something similar.

It will then immediately escalate with our criminally stupid country supporting our most virulent enemy – the Mortal enemy of ALL decent peace-loving mankind to be exact ISRAHELL! . Also -Predictably the stinking British ( you remember these war mongering imperialist reptiles? – the ones who tried to make us slaves 300 years ago)

Joining them will be the nations already occupied by and loyal to the jews where Christianity has been efficiently been destroyed ( 60 million BaptDUNGS jew worshipers) or as in the case of the USA turned into something totally evil and demonic with no more resemblance to devotion to the teachings of Christ that of the Devil.

The US of ISraHELL the Jews’ most loyal allies – France England Canada Australia New Zealand and a few others. The newest in a lineage of jew loyal sellout apostate Popes will be the once Christian Roman Catholics and their new jew first Pope.

Russia – now AUTHENTICALLY Christian – will support Iran and MOST of the Arab States including Palestine and any remaining TRUE Christian nations. China Korea and Vietnam?. My guess is that they may try to remain neutral – buy eventually complex allegiances will drag every major nation into this mutual suicide pact . BILLIONS of innocent civilian human being will be vaporized or left to die lingering agonizing deaths deaths.

Once started it cannot be stopped and probably won’t last very long as there will be nobody left to hate or kill. The ONLY possible blessing of this final REAL holocaust is that IstaHELL and most all the jews on earth will probably perish. When reality kicks in to those who are left and the TRUTH of the matter becomes painfully CLEAR – surviving jews left all over the world will be shot or ripped into pieces on sight for causing the end of civilization as we knew it – with their evil greed and wicked natures.

Oh and of course ALL of the surviving Zio-Christo fundies will be ripped to pieces on sight as they are as much to blame for the horrors of nuclear world war as their jew puppet masters. NOBODY has screamed louder and longer for this war than these putrid filthy inbred red neck moron hypocrites such as the morbidly obese gluttonous pig – Hagee -NOBODY

Hospitals will only be able to treat one or two % of the injured as the rest die in the streets with no hope of ANY medical help. Infectious age old plagues like Cholera and typhus will spring up like weeds as they have in war zones for centuries and double the death tolls. Every major city of the combatants will look like Dresden only there will be NO survivors ( perhaps a blessing)

The living will pray for death – and the dead will be considered lucky by the dying living

What we hoped was that our people who through YEARS AND YEARS of IN YOUR FACE IRREFUTABLE evidence could now CLEARLY see our dying corrupt nation gasping for breath – morally bankrupt – physically bankrupt – on the verge of total insanity and on the brink of the eve of total destruction – without leadership or hope – would finally have eyes with which to see and ears with which to hear and tongues with which to speak out before we destroy ourselves by mass stupidity – self- indulgence – and insane denial.

Those few of us who placed truth above all – self-sacrificed our families our wealth our health and happiness to buy time for our neighbors and friends in hope you would listen to the TRUTH and save your way of life by ridding your nation’s of these monstrous parasites – will now also be dead – all of our selfless patriotic efforts in vain.

Perhaps we will be completely forgotten – or – perhaps recognized for the ‘time we bought you with our lives’ – to be able to live a while longer. It was all we could do – buy you time in hopes the you would eventually ‘wake up’ in time to save your selves your families your freedoms your nations and your lives.

Now it is all gone forever – simply because screaming and getting drunk at an NFL game was MORE important to you and the lives of your children than taking a few minutes to read the sound warnings that we – your own neighbors and countless famous people for centuries before us also tried to warn you.

Unlike truly complex topics such as Quantum physics – or ion impulse interstellar space travel – or modern technical miracles of medicine and science – the problem is simple basic – transparent – common sense – and painfully obvious as to WHO and WHAT is destroying us at light speed.

It requires no special talents no special education other than perhaps a basic grasp of history. It does not necessitate the intellect flair and talents of a genius. It is not necessary to be a prodigy of astonishing sensational wisdom.

ALL it takes dear friends – is the DESIRE to KNOW and LEARN the TRUTH that abounds in our midst – is to simple SEEK IT. The reason that you do NOT see it pour into your living rooms is that the evil that wishes to enslave and destroy us ALSO controls ALL of the mainstream media AND ALL the public educational system so that our children will be as dumbed down as we are.

Assuming that you are not already essentially de-facto lobotomized by Ritalin Talmud Vision and Godless Marxist dribble from a public school ( read; Re-education center). If you are not currently so irreversibly made brain dead by Heavy metal rock noise drugs and alcohol that you have been reduced to the mental capability of a retarded clam – and actually need to be watered rather then fed to sustain life – you may be able to escape to the REAL world in time to do something more useful for your fellow man and country – other than screaming and yelling like inmates at an asylum at your neighborhood Stupid Bowl orgy and moron-gate NFL party.

I know of ONE single family who has had the courage and responsibility and LOVE of their children who home educate their children so as to guarantee that they will NOT grow up as robotic imbeciles – fed on a steady diet of immorality materialism wickedness and shallow inane topics so that the in turn will ALSO ‘breed’ more children to become useless “useful idiots” for the puppet masters to use for service to themselves.

In essence there has not been one President since the disgraceful drunkard womanizer country seller Marxist war criminal jew puppet FDR ( Franklin Deranged Joosevelt) – who was not placed there by the puppet masters who own our homes bank accounts loyalties freedoms and souls.

A GOOD litmus test for where you stand TODAY in terms of REAL TIME IQ test is as follows. I will ask you 5 simple basic current events questions. If you get all five wrong then you are in the category of the afflicted clam I mentioned above. In other words – you didn’t make the ‘needle’ move AT ALL.

(1) Do you STILL believe that your vote today makes a difference in who is elected POTUS?

(2) Do you STILL believe that Arabs with box cutters and NOT Mossad -master minded the destruction of 9-11?

(3) Do you STILL believe that the act of war and massacre of the Crew of the USS Liberty was an accident?

(4) Do you STILL believe that Holohoax of the 6 million murdered in crematory ovens by the Germans?

(5) Do you STILL believe that IsraHELL is our moral loving Ally and we should do ANYTHING to defend them?

The correct answers are of course NO – across the board – for ANY REAL American of above imbecile IQ

To ANY of you who actually were so stupid as to answer All five in the affirmative – you need help. See if some friend or neighbor would be kind enough to lend you a hose for daily watering since you are at vegetable level IQ

If you got more than ONE wrong – you need serious professional mental help and should consider sterilization so as not to pass on irreversibly defective genes.

If you ARE – or -at any time seriously considered yourself to be a AUTHENTIC follower of the words of Christ ( not to be confused with the 60 million blasphemous inbred criminally ignorant hopeless stupid imbeciles known as Baptists to their fellow Christ mocking imbeciles or more accurately BaptDUHS or BaptDUNGS to AUTHENTIC Christians – and you are cerebrally challenged – or simply “don’t have the time to get involved” ( inferring of course that YOUR personal clocks have somethig less than 24 hours for a calendar day) – here is a simple New Testament Bible study which will explain comprehensively clearly and irrefutably by an author of impeccable infallible – even God-like credentials.

Simply open your Bible to the Gospel of John and read ALOUD Chapt 5 – Verse 44 – VERY SLOWLY and then stand back and let the full meaning set in. The statement is so straightforward and simple that your 12 year old will understand every simple word and meaning INSTANTLY.

It WILL with MONUMENTAL IRREFUTABLE Authority – provide the complete answer to the ENTIRE problem that has destroyed our country and transformed it from greatness ( as so astutely observed by the great French philosopher writer and political scientist Alexis DeTocqueville) to garbage, as we have undeniably metastasized since his observation BEFORE the evil ones occupied us.

His exact and profound words were: “America is GREAT – BECAUSE Americans are good – and should Americans ever cease to be good – America will cease to be great” . I don’t think he realized the full profoundness and final reality of his statement.

It is not any of this one world Bullshit – It is not the Illuminati it is not the Bilderburgs it is not puppet Obama it is not corporate greed – it is not the Arab people – it is not a secret conspiracy – the PROBLEM is the SAME as what destroyed Germany and Russia and Canada and Poland and Australia and New Zealand and France and England in more recent times.

Two simple words will encompass ALL of the evils and suffering and wars and destruction and misery and hopelessness and economic depressions and skyrocketing immorality drugs infanticide serial wars and crime white slavery the destruction of virtually ALL traditional TRUE Christian Churches and every now common evil and wickedness that was virtually nonexistent during my childhood. JEWS ISRAHELL

Jew have been evil since all of recorded time – but the watershed of their influence – their guarantee of accelerated world domination was the REAL day of INFAMY. We have one evil criminal mind to thank for ALL of the suffering of mankind. That evil bastard was Harry S. Truman. He alone was the one responsible for the first official recognition/validation of Satan’s official ‘consulate’ here on Earth – ISRAHELL! May he burn in the most forlorn darkness of HELL for betraying NOT only the United States – but the civilized WORLD. The date was May 14 1948. That was the official death knell for ALL decent mankind.

JEWS – ISRAHELL As long as they continue to prosper with their immense stolen wealth – ALL mankind will suffer more and more until they control the entire world. The there will be a ‘Dark Age’ which will make Medieval times look like a golden era. There is NO simple solution – either we destroy the basis of ALL evil at the hands of the children of Satan – or become slaves as animals to serve their lusts.

I find it revolting disgusting disgraceful abominable revolting vile nauseous and down right sickening – with 230 MILLION people and thousands of billionaires and millions of millionaires in the world richest nation will simply stand by and watch it die.

It does not speak well of America and Americans – that after year and years of pleading and begging and imploring our people to support these few REAL American heroes who have sacrificed so much so selflessly for the future of our country – not ONE person has offered to help.

We poor ‘soldier in the trenches’ ask you only – to give these SUPER Worthy AUTHENTIC patriots – support for the greatest cause in American history since the Revolution – but none will so much as lend a hand to save THEIR OWN NATION!

The greed stinginess and shallowness of the American people is shameful beyond belief. A handful of heroes willing to sacrifice it all for God and country and these greedy shallow bastards will not give a cent! I have known of multimillionaires who have left HUGE VAST fortunes to a cat or dog! I have personally known very wealthy people who will not even bother to READ the truths provided by these brave patriots.

Some of the sacrifices are incredible. I know one man who grace up a prosperous six figure life on Wall Street to spend the rest of his life and energy trying to save Christianity and the freedoms of our Constitution from these horrid jews. I know another highly talented businessman educator multilingual man of extremely high IQ who sacrificed making lots of money to the dedication of trying to share the TRUTH of our coming demise. And so it goes. Some of the VERY finest people and the FINEST minds in this country are living from month to month to keep their valuable work alive.

Yet these false prophets ( the list is endless) who mock the teachings of Christ – promote hatred racism and wars have fleeced MILLIONS from their stupid ‘flock’ by preaching hate lies and all manner of deception and evil to enhance their pocket books so as to live like movie stars while REAL servants of Christ languish on the edge and keep the faith no matter how tough it gets. What is wrong with you people – you are a DISGRACE to the true selfless courageous spirit of Americanism.

Are ALL people who seek truth dirt poor? Are All people who care nothing about their country or futures of their children or their fellow man – filthy rich stingy and self indulgent? Look in the mirror – what kind of people would watch as their country perishes from ignorance and stand by and DO NOTHING except enjoy the freedoms that people like myself have BOUGHT AND PAID FOR in blood seat and tears?

BTW – one of those people of ‘wisdom’ who spoke the same warnings to you some two thousand years before ours – was known to ALL of you. He went by several names but best known even to the little children as Jesus. But just as the jews who murdered two thousand years before- chose an evil murderer as THEIR hero instead of Jesus – YOU TOO – 60 million and more – Have also chosen Satan and his children – 2 thousand years later – over Jesus – to be whom you pledge your devotion loyalty and worship.

You BaptDUNGS have damned yourselves no less than the screaming mobs of jews who chose evil over goodness two thousand years ago as the Roman Governor then pleaded with them to DO THE RIGHT THING.

The ONLY difference was that their (the evil jews) sin was just pure demonic evil and your sin was pure demonic hypocrisy and criminal ignorance. Same result both of you denied Christ and the TRUTH and GOODNESS of HIS words.

May God forgive you for abandoning our finest sons at a time where their uncommon incorruptible character and wealth of priceless knowledge has NEVER EVER been needed more to save this dying nation from the trashheap of history – for I WILL NOT!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.

14 thoughts on “WORLD WAR THREE

  1. excellent Joe, as usual. At the end of this miserable disaster, humanity–and especially Americans, Christians and those from the west–will have no one to blame for their predicament then themselves.

    As the old saying goes– ‘never invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy…it renders you powerless…’


    Love, peace, happines’ we are born as sovereing beings’ yes babylonians have ilegally taken ownership of humanity, planet earth and their resources’

    Babylonians must understand to back off!! we belong to ourselves, we are sovereing humans on earh, nobody can own us , except ourselves’

    What babylonians fear the most is the true’ the true of human conciussness, our connection to Mother Earth and Almighty Universe!! Both are our real rulers’ babylonians are worltess, trasy gargabe low lifes liars’ we wish them deep love, happyness, truthfulness and peace of mind on earth!!!!

  3. Thank you Joe for your work. The worse of the Jew Lovers are the Bapduhs,and Vatican 2 Conference Catholics.The FOX Rothchild News, Watchers,who nod in agreement,and repeat the the Neoconservative,ex Jew Commie Lines ,and Fake Irish Mugs ;Hannity.and O Reillys bs… I know one retired school teacher,and man who inherited old wealth,who buys their books ! He thinks Pontious Pilot killed Jesus ! O’Reilly told him so ! He loves Allied War Criminal ,and drunken glory seeking mad man Churchill,because FOX told him so ! I told him to read CHURCHILLS WAR David Irving,and CHURCHILL AND THE JEWS;Gilbert….The man does not even like Jews,but cannot connect the dots. … This is how brain dead ,the Jews have made people. The so-called ‘Patriots’,the worse.. Right ! The Jew bought ,and paid for GOP will save us ! Oh right! Rand Paul,the eye doctor,to the rescue… AlexJones,and his Jew sponsors,carried on Israeli Owned radio,tells them its the ‘Secret Nazis’. The clunks,who cant get a job, because the Jews moved their factory to a slave labor nation fall for it ! I have news for the slobs . You all are slaves,and soon cannon fodder… The Jews are preparing the show down. Putin,scares ,them and so does China. This is September 39 ,and the JEWS (NOT GERMANY,OR HITLER) started that war,and they won the war,and YOUR WORLD… They have this ,is store for you all… READ ;HELLFORE OVER GERMANY. MT Goodrich.

  4. It should be noted that the pope does not have the authority to change the Church. The first sentence of the papal oath is to defend the teachings and traditions of the Church against change. Father Malachi Martin noted the infiltration of Freemasons into the Vatican. The book AA 1025 relates the Communist plan to infiltrate the Church by sending young communists to seminaries.
    There is a remnant of the Church which remains true to the teachings and traditions of the Church as they were before the Second Vatican Council.
    For the solution to our current situation, read the book The Mystery of Iniquity by Rev. Fr. Paul Kramer.
    Pray your Rosary daily for the specific intention of asking the Lord’s Graces for the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady along with all the bishops as she specifically requested at Fatima.
    Plug “The Three Days Darkness” into a search engine to get an idea of the coming tribulations.
    Remember the words that Jesus spoke to Simon barJonah, “Thy name is Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My Church….and the gates of hell shall not prevail against It.”

  5. Joe, thanks for this latest. Just a couple of pointers: (1) where you mention John 5:44, I know that you meant to write John 8:44; (2) you refer to the population of the United States as being 230 million. It’s really closer to something like 310 million. Maybe you intended to type 320 million but switched the first two digits.

    I feel as you do that it is definitely too late. The best way to neuter Jews is to take from them their scam money-making machinery that starts with the Bank for International Settlements, Bank of England, IMF, World Bank, and our Federal Reserve. +BN has been working on this issue lately, but sadly very few are tuning in. Doesn’t look good at all!

  6. Well Joe when 2 Canadian soldiers can be arrested for posting comments on Facebook that are against perverts in the military the end is most certainly near. Canada from the top and to varying degrees downward is rotten with political correctness and evil. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Canada? Nuclear bombardment or a combination of Fukushima radiation and a 105,000 year ice age glaciation? Nothing like hard times to bring out intolerance for evil doers, freaks and perverts and get peoples minds focused on what is good for the family, community and nation.

  7. Hi have bad news for M Glenn. Americans will not blame themselves, what passes for christians or the Jews for what will happen to them. Instead the political and religious cults will stand fast against the truth to maintain the status quo.
    So long as the system holds together the people will continue to be brainwashed and blame those that tell inconvenient truths or anything that comes close. They will believe what ever their zio masonic authorities tell them right to the very end.
    For many, faith in their satanic leaders will cost them their lives both physical and spiritual. In Canada we have the same damned problem. Near absolute thralldom to Satan and his minions. Most won’t see or admit there is a problem until it kills them.

  8. Thank-you for your bravery, honesty & faith. I pray others will see the truth in what you say and not be blinded by the devil’s lies and political correctness. There’s no doubt that our founding fathers tried to warn us of the Jews evil intent. We have allowed their controlling media into our homes and replaced common sense with political correctness. We as Americans must act now before it’s too late and all is gone. We must restore our faith in Christ and reject their lies, greed and lack of morality. Joe please keep up your wonderful words of enlightenment.

    V/r, Jon

    Sent from my iPod


  9. Also friends, here’s some more proof positive evidence. Could that darkness of been what Satan thought was his victory over the church?

    And look at the location of Washington DC. Between Virginia ( Virgo ) and Maryland ( Mary-Land ). Virgin Mary. So evil and detestable are these enemies against Christ that they, in their warped and sick minds symbolically inserted their leader’s seed within the womb of our blessed Mother Mary. Mary is also known as the second Eve and just like Jesus is a second type of Adam. Both are much better than the original man and the first woman because of divine and ultimate grace. God’s graces are evils greatest fear. Grace is the ultimate mental and physical body armor end of story!

    Other twins of the bible include Cain and Able, Esau and Jacob. But these are legitimate twins or at least half twins. Cain’s father is satan. The Masonic temple is located in Washington DC. Georgetown, a Jesuit school, in Washington DC. George Washington the first Masonic President has his penis proud fully placed in DC. Aka an obelisk. So on the surface, it would appear that George Washington, the Father of our country, is a representation of one of satan’s children. After all, he’s on the one-dollar bill, which is loaded with judeo Masonic images.

    What this comes down to is this. Zionist have nurtured their “holy leader” who once was Almighty God’s Arch Angel, Lucifer, now satan. Because of satan’s supreme power and leadership abilities among all other Angels he is considered god. The unholiest of a god. Satan is the father of evil! And since his removal from Almighty God’s Holy estate he is free to destruct and corrupt souls. Like in John Milton’s “paradise lost” Being bad is more fun than being good? To help move this agenda along the Zionist invented something called democracy. For democracy is a blank check system designed to offend Almighty God. Abortion, homosexuality, libation, oblation, unchecked sexual behavior, gambling, pedophilia, slave trading, e.g. sex slaves, war, famine, economic fraud sports, entertainment. Generally, the seeds of destruction of everything offensive to Almighty God, and hence the salvation of man. The prohibition of the teachings of Jesus by the communist state schools aka public education should be the cherry on the cake. But for a majority of people, and for multiple reasons they just don’t see or feel it…yet!

    The first Eve was beguiled, that means seduced by satan. The exchange of DNA of his wicked seed to begin the evil race to combat Almighty God and His children. But keep in mind Almighty God is in full control because remember, Almighty God is the creator and that includes Lucifer. God could of wiped out satan permanently but he didn’t. Much discussion can be endless regarding that particular topic. My guess, however, is that while Almighty God can remove the physical body it’s impossible to remove the spirit! As weird as that may sound it is actually good news. It boils down to this though; What master do you want to serve? Satan, knowing what he was up against simply chose that it is better to command in hell than to be obedient in heaven.

    Now you should be able to see with the arrival of lesser man’s god satan what we the children of Almighty God, the Father and Creator, are up against. Study this fact. Learn and make the necessary changes. Cease offending God and pray not only for yourself but also for others who’ve yet to feel the crime against humanity. There will have to be a revolt and a confrontation between the spirit of what’s right and just by God versus wickedness. If you one day you find yourself in prison just make absolutely sure you’re in prison for righteous sake! An ethical, God loving, well informed jury should not condemn righteousness! A jury has the “power” to nullify! And nullify they should for the sake of what’s just by God. Problem is, people are brain washed and incapable of sound critical and rational thinking. If non-violence is possible boldly and intelligently assert it. “ In a real sense, nonviolence seeks to redeem the spiritual and moral lag as the chief dilemma of modern man. It seeks to secure moral ends through moral means. Nonviolence is a powerful weapon. Indeed, it is a weapon unique in history without wounding and ennobles the person who wields it.” MLK. These are magnificent words. The only situation with MLK is that he talked the talk but he didn’t walk the walk in many respects. But he did encourage nonviolence to his credit. “ Before you see the splinter in my eye, first take care of the log in your eye.” Jesus Christ.

    Andrew John

  10. For the First Time in History, Israel Suspiciously Closes All Embassies

    Is Israel going to execute the Sampson option due to the verdict of the warcrimes trial in Kuala Lumpur? Or is some thing else going on?

  11. Joe my brother and patriot of and for the nation and true believer of God, I hope you read the comment section, as it is the only way I know of to reach you. I am concerned for you and hoping your alright. It has been since february 20th, since we have heard from you and hope all is well.

  12. MAY GOD ALMIGHTY save the world from the evils that prevail upon this holy earth from the clutches of the seeds of satan and his helpers …may god shine light through your words by the love and concern for your fellow man ( non jews ) .. AMEN..

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