5 thoughts on “Deanna Spingola interviews Joe Cortina

  1. Another great piece by Joe Cortina! God Bless you Joe.

    If we Christians do not stand up to the evil, illegitimate, violators of Almighty God the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, son of the Blessed Virgin Mary we deserve what we get! Ignorance of holy scripture, i.e. ” Natural law, is no excuse.” Romans 13:1-7

    Good ridance to the pasty faced obese re-neck pig who trashed the mans rights’

    Before ‘ porky pig ‘ was born – I had voluntarily risked my life as a Special Foces paratroop commander so as to hopefully guarantee that citizens of this nation would NEVER have to endure the terror imposed upon people like MR Magee by thug renegade police criminals like the pig faced Sowders.

    My congratulations to the judge jury and defense atty for keeping America safer from sick twisted socipothic killers in uniform. NOBODY FORCED treasonous psychopath Bill of Rights trasher Sowders to commit the crime he did.

    However – whoever ordered him to do so should be arrested tried convicted and sent to prison for LONG LONG time as well

    GOOD RIDDANCE! You were a disgrace to every decent cop in America

    Kick down MY door in the middle of the night and terrorize me or my childen or grandchilden and I WILL send you straight to hell if I can!

    And NO – I am NOT an anonymous spineless coward . I am a REAL PERSON

    Joe Cortina – father Husband patriot Green Beret and defender of our blessed inviolate Constitution and our REPUBLIC
    Posted: Feb 08 2014, 7:18 AM


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