If there is any conduct that decent people find universally repugnant – it is the PURPOSEFUL slaughter of helpless defenseless poor terrified orphans.  Who but Satan could do such a horrible thing? I WILL TELL YOU WHO! The jews in IsraHELL commit these horrors every day of the week against children in Palestine.  They have been murdering butchering enslaving and terrorizing the innocent for thousands of years.  Read the jew so-called Bible ( the Old Testament)  and LEARN THE TRUTH about a monster we call Moses.

The first 5 books written by Moses the monster are called the Pentateuch.  They would be best titled the PentaPUKE. Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy read like a horror novel out of the sick minds of people like Clive Barker or Wes Craven.  Moses was the original prototype war criminal – as ruthless and sadistic and barbarically evil as Mao or Stalin or Pol Pot.
It is ABSOLUTELY unsuitable reading for children as the deeds of these murderous jews under the influence of the monster Moses against innocent people who did them NO harm and NO THREAT – are unspeakablely sadistic cruel and evil. Imagine sacking and destroying a complete city every man woman and child and animal – EXCEPT VIRGIN FEMALE CHILDREN.  WHY? because THEY were to be used for sex toys – rape etc – to satisfy the lusty nature of the jew men. 
Today we call it pedophilia.  Even in prison with hardened criminals – a pedophile is considered by hardened inmates to be the most vulgar putrid filth imaginable and are often killed!  But of course to jews – the rape of a terrified 8 year old virgin girl is just a jew’s idea of fun. EVEN today – you will find statistically – an inordinate percentage of child molestation committed by jews. Rabbis have been NOTORIOUS for their pedophilia for centuries all over the world.  Go ahead – check it our for yourself.
Today – the illegitimate stolen terrorist modern State of IsraHELL STILL claims its RIGHT To terror rape murder and genocide of the poor Palestinians based upon the crimes committed by the monster Moses of the Old Testament. The legitimacy and authenticity of this jew bible – their Torah – have ALWAYS been in question by the world’s best historians.
My point is – that there can NEVER EVER Be ANY valid excuse for the premeditated mass murder of innocent children.  The ONLY ethnicity on earth today which still practices these horrors are the murderous lying demonic Satanic JEWS!  These wicked creatures were damned by Christ as the sons of Satan two thousand years ago.  READ IT for yourselves if you doubt me. READ JOHN 8-44 and learn the TRUTH of these filthy monsters who occupy our country today and have destroyed everything left that was decent wholesome innocent and authentically Christian.  Notice I said AUTHENTICALLY Christian.  The Satan worshiping BaptDUHS are nothing more than Gentile jews who have sold out Christ to be endlessly crucified …
Now down to the meat of this exposé of jew monsters and their useful idiot allies. The STARBUCKS coffee company is a Zionist entity owned and operated by horrid Christ hating jews.  Their CEO is a jew reptile named Howard Schultz. He is so incredibly evil that he is honored by the demons in IsraHELL as one of their finest member of the ‘tribe’.  Schultz has received awards and accolades for his unwavering hatred of Christ and support for the murderous terrorist IDF military who murder innocent helpless defenseless children in Palestine 24-7!
How do I know this to be a fact?  Simple – I WAS THERE AND WITNESSED THESE CRIMES. And no lectures about ‘terrorists’ from you useful idiot arm chair commandos who think a desparate orphan child who has witness more violence against his people than humanly imaginable – is somehow a ‘terrorist’.  The REAL terrorists -were -are -and always WIL be these putrid filthy cowardly jews whose military are brave ONLY when confronted by children and pregnant mothers. Been there seen that – as I have truthfully stated a dozen times before.
I probably know more about REAL terrorists than any reader will EVER experience in REAL LIFE.  I had the opportunity to be with the CIA in excursions in Gaza City in 1989.  I have been in really bad places when I was an advisor to the Salvadoran Govt. in their battle against the terrorist FMLN ( Farabundo Marti Liberation Nacional) as well as in Nicaragua when the FSLN ( Frente Sandinista Liberation Nacional)  terrorists took over the government and country.
I also helped hunt down and interrogate terrorists with Salvadoran Marines and their US Special Forces trained ‘Atlacatl’ rapid deployment battalion.  All I have left from that adventure is one video and an elite unit headband when their battalion commander made me an honorary member for my assistance.
All that considered – I had never witnessed a more sadistic brutal barbaric Godless gang of cowardly thugs than the jews of IsraHELL. Since I was there – these putrid filth have murdered tens of thousands of innocent defenseless women and children in their streets and homes and schools and hospitals which were considered legitimate targets to these filthy reprobate psychopathic criminal jews Here are some examples of what was left of the children they slaughtered daily.
If these Christ hating jews get total control of our military and police – you may expect to see these horrors in your own neighborhoods after martial law is declared by a jew puppet like Obama and our JEW trained police kick down doors in YOUR HOME!. These same ilk of filthy jews murdered some 30 million Christians in the USSR and Ukraine. This below is EXACTLY what WILL happen to YOUR beloved child once they gain total control ( take away our guns) of a defenseless people and make them animal/slaves like in Palestine.  For GOD sake WAKE UP & SMELL THE JEWS!

This one of but hundreds of thousands of children brutally murdered by the terrorist jew IDF

EVERY CHRISTIAN AMERICAN MUST SEE THIS ( graphic and heartrending to ANY parent)
I SAW these horrors in IsraHELL and will address any moral civic group truly concerned that we as Americans support AND finance these horrors not only at a jew STARBUCKS coffe shop but with our tax dollars to IsraHELL.
I highly suggest the reader go to the ‘BING’ search engine and search these words : PALESTINIAN CHILDREN MURDERED BY ISRAELIS ,and the click on the word ‘images’ at uper part of the search page.  This will open up hundreds of real photographs of butchered babies and chidren.  Unlike our occupied nation of slaves to the jews – most FREE WORLD nations ( like we USED to be) show these TRUTHS to their people. 
Be SURE and let your children see this so they do not ‘live a lie’    Take a moment and see the genocide that your ISRAHELL controlled press ( CBS  MSNBC ABC and FOX )  REFUSES TO SHOW and PURPOSEFULLY covers up  365 days a year!
You people have NO CLUE – NO IDEA of the level of brutality of jews.  These are the SAME criminals who under Stalin murder MILLIONS Of Russian Christians and Ukrainian Christians – among them – members of my family by marriage.  What you sheeple need to understand about the jew – before it is too late – is that unlike some criminals who we see ‘sink to lowered and lower depths’ of depravity cruelty barbarism cruelty and sadism – the jew is DIFFERENT. 
The jew has ALREADY BEEN at that ‘lower’ depth of depravity for three thousand years!  There is no further depth of wickedness and evil for him to “SINK” to.  He has ALWAYS been at the lowest depth.  The nature of the jew was granted and hardwired by his father – Satan – and ALREADY is “as low as you can get”
Those of you who finally ‘GET IT” need to inform your CRIMINALLY ignorant neighbors that their abysmal stupidity is killing untold numbers of innocent women and childen 24-7!  All this horror in the name of  Jesus which is the ultimate blasphemy against He who is te Prince of Peace
Now I will cut to the chase.  We have seen what abysmal unspeakable horrors the jew is capable of.  We have seen that STARBUCKS is a funding organization to promote encourage and reward the genocide of innocent children.  To put it bluntly – and scumbag who purchases an overpriced yuppie latte or other such snob crap – is DIRECTLY  financing the murder of a Palestinian child – perhaps a Christian as well.  Many concerned people like myself have been  exposing Starbucks as the child murdering putrid jew sludge it is for years and years. Only a moron or imbecile would not know who they ‘are’ and WHAT it is they ‘DO’. 
Hold that thought. If you STILL support any doubt as to the abysmal evil and wickedness of  STARBICKS and its CEO  – the Zionist jew monster – Howard Schlutz  – READ THESE BOTH  – CAREFULLY and completely!

OH and by the way – Hear what the filth jew who runs the blood for coffee STARBUCKS genocide machine has to say about the sanctity of the holy sacrament of marriage as ordained by Christ .  The Godless Christ mocking child murdering  jew Schultz wants deviate sexual perverts pedophiles etc. – to further mock the marriage of our parents and grandparents by legitimizing the act of sodomy ( a male plunging his penis into the anus of another male for sexual gratification) into a holy sacrament  –  since jews enjoy sodomy so much . 

He even went to far as to tell a Christian shareholder in his company to literally piss off and take his business elsewhere. Want proof of how filthy and evil these jews are? Still believe in that good jew bad jew nonsense? READ THIS from TomTillison’s BIZ – PAK Review!
“Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sent a clear message of his support for gay marriage at the annual shareholders meeting Wednesday in Seattle, telling aninvestor if he disagrees he should sell his shares and invest in some other company.”
AND  – as if that was not putrid enough   be aware that this filthy jew Schultz considers HOMOSEXUAL ANAL SEX AS – and I QUOTE!   “EMBRACING DIVERSITY“.  Keep that FACT in mind next time you see a line of soulless pond scum parked in a line outside one of Schultz’s death mills waiting to  buy a child’s life for a cup of jew death!
Ready for this?  ‘BING’ ( search) : “IS HOWARD SCHULTZ A HOMOSEXUAL?”   I got SEVEN MILLION TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND HITS!!!!!   What a scumbag jew!
Some time back I needed a roof job done and decided to try the service company ANGIE’S LIST to find a reputable craftsman – so I joined Angie’s List.  I got the job done by an honest contractor and was satisfied – so I kept my membership as it seemed like a good thing.
I got weekly suggestions of services that Angie’s List recommended till one day last week I received a solicitation from them promoting a free gift card for STARBUCKS – the coffee that kills innocent children – for a sign-up for an ANGIE’S LIST gift membership.  Needless to say – I was more than just a little bit upset.
I immediately wrote them back and advised of what a horrible suggestion that was – to promote an ally of Jew child murderers – ESPECIALLY at Christmas time – was UNCONSCIONABLE!  I also advised them that they should IMMEDIATELY publish a retraction for this outrage against all decency – and should they ignore me – I would inform every one I could as to what kind of putrid rancid filth they were promoting.
REMEMBER THIS: ALL Of these horrid unconscionable demonic acts of genocide and filth supported by  STARBUCKS ARE in FACT accessible to every man woman and child in America. NONE of these horrors are insider secrets accessible to only ‘insiders’.  ANGIE of ANGIE’S LIST could have easily learned this even if I had not told her so she can’t cry ignorance. MONEY is ALWAYS more important to these reptiles than decency propriety goodness morality wholesomeness and honor!
I was not ONLY ignored ( keep in mind I AM their customer) but in the following few days they sent me a half dozen MORE solicitations for my business – TOTALLY ignoring my indignation at their horrid Godless barbaric conduct.  Not only did they completely ignore my warning but further mocked my Christian faith by referring to the Holy day of Christmas as a “HOLIDAY” – in the same typical secular jew mentality shown by so many businesses today – whose REAL PC message is:  ‘Christmas is all about increased sales profits and all thing materialistic as mandated by our occupying Christ murdering jews.’
To those of you who are still decent  human beings and respect what I have been trying to do to save this country morally and economically for the past 15 years – I ask you to boycott BOTH the horrid jew genocide machine known as STARBUCKS and the Godless service company – ANGIE’S LIST.   
ANGIE’S LIST    1-888-944-LIST (5478)  
STARBUCKS     206 – 4471575
If moral outrage is still alive and well in your souls – the kind of righteous visceral outrage shown by the Lord when he kicked the jew pawnbrokers out of the Temple for their mockery of a place of worship – then phone and or write these horrid Christ mocking people – ESPECIALLY – STARBUCKS CEO, SCHULTZ – and let them know hw you feel about their demonic agendas.  It WILL make you feel good.  It WILL Make your children proud.  And it will put a smile on the face of the Lord – who made it quite clear what he thought of people who abused innocent children.
AND REMEMBER – if you do sincerely profess to follow the example of Christ –  Christmas is NOT some cheap glitzy materialistic ‘HOLIDAY” – it IS a HOLY day. Do not let the jews destroy it completely as they will continue to do until we become as morally sterile as the former jew controlled USSR.  MARK MY WORDS WELL!
A merry, joyous and meaningful Christmas celebration to ALL!  Peace be unto those who make peace.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.


  1. THANK YOU’ NO WE ABSOLUTLY DO NOT WATCH TV AT ALL!!!We always search for the true and the true lead us to this web page

  2. Thanks Joe. I’ll never buy another cup of Starbucks coffee again. These Jews really are relentless in their attack on Christianity. The fact is that Jews hate anything or anyone who is decent. Christianity was and is a blueprint given to us by God to live our lives in a wholesome manner totally contrary to the decadence and filth embraced by these Jew scum.
    Feliz Navidad Y Ano Nuevo Joe.

  3. Our greatest hope is that they continue their unsafe sex practices and infect each other to death.. The Starbucks coffee is definitely hot, black (evil), and ready for the cream. And I would be very Leary of just what their Half & Half is made of, or diluted with, after hearing about this. Yukkk!!!
    Starbucks sucks, IMHO !!! Never had any of their bilge water, and now I will make sure I never do. You never know what you might catch from their diversity.

  4. Reblogged this on Direktdemokrati Halmstad and commented:
    Antisemitic rant by Joe Cortina. I don’t agree on his negative view of Jews, but I agree on the boycott and I know he is right about the evil IDF.
    The problem is not Jews but their religion.
    Jews are not evil or filthy, but the Jewish religion promotes evil behaviour. The Jews are NOT a race! They are ordinary people from all kinds of races.
    Neither am I against gay-marriage. Jews did not invent gaysex, the Greeks did.
    Greek warrior heros.
    King Leonidas and his 300 gay elite soldiers.
    /Lasse Karagiannis

  5. Never had a starbuck coffee and never will. Even if they were straight no way five dollars for a dime cup of coffee. jmo

  6. Thankyou Joe for this hard hitting account,and MERRY CHRISTMAS:HAPPY YULETIDE,both terms hated by the Jews ! Starbucks is in the book store chain called BARNES AND NOBLE. They are owned by a German Company Breitelsman,which is TERRIFIED of the Jews. The store is riddled with politically correct books about Jews and Jew Puppets,war criminals FDR,Churchill.Neoconservatives from FOX NEWS ,Limbaugh,O’Reilly,and other rubbish from the Orwellian Land of the JEW USA. Books that are fair,usually do not last long… So they need to be boycotted too. All should get their books from THE BARNES REVIEW.Com. David Irving Action Report.Com. The Old Testament,worshipped by STUPID Christains is really and instruction book on how bad the Jews are. Their strategies,and tactics are fully exposed with its stinking pages. Infiltration,deception,spying,use of sex,(Esther) influence (Joseph and his coat of many colors) and genecide. Yehweh is not Christs father ! He was a vicious tribal God,of hate. A tin pot,phoney created by demons. Don’t let any phoney fundamentalist conservative,stupid Liberal,or Vatican 2 Catholic Sap tell you otherwise.

  7. Who sees these pictures and reads these words and is not moved to rage? It is no mystery why the Jews have been dealt with throughout history as they have been, from biblical Egypt to the present day.

  8. The Jews have never had any problem getting the goyim to do their dirty work. If you figure how many organized assassinations they have carried out, but we can’t get one white person to go lone wolf and ventilate some of these scum doesn’t bode well for the white race. Maybe the Jews are scum, but we can’t defeat them, because we will not use their tactics. We’re educated by all the hindsight. The Germans knew the Jews had brought America into WWI and caused them to lose the war, but Jews still lived in Germany and during WWII they only put them in work camps after they had slaughtered the Slavs for over two decades. You can hate something all you want, but it just eats at you. They brainwash, murder and destroy and we work and make do and it’s why white countries are the most successful. But the ones that know the score know they will never change. Either we change and go to war or it’s hopeless.

  9. Hey Joe, to you and yours, am wishing all a very Merry Christmas, and the very best in the coming New Year. May the best of your past, be the worst of the new year for all. In regards to Jew business, I did a web search on major companies owned and operated by these scum, and found that as careful as I was, I was still doing business with some on the list. I have known about starsucks for many years. You will be shocked at the number we are not aware of , and am willing to bet that a good percentage of what they take in, is being used to not just kill Palestinians, but to destroy the entire world with their filth. Keep up the good work, and While I know God has already blessed you, may he continue to do so.

  10. Colombia is world’s fourth largest coffee producer. Jewish-owned Starbucks is country’s largest buyer of high-quality Colombian coffee. On August 26, 2013, Starbucks chairman and CEO announced his company and USAID would each spend $1.5 million each during the next three years to provide technical support, technology and market opportunities to small-scale Colombian farmers. Bogota and Starbucks have 42-year trade relations.

  11. If this situation was transposed to 1939 march through september the attacks against ethnic german civilians in poland by polish and jewish personel prompted a german intervention on sept 1,1939 Yes the germans had to intervene to fight genocide and human rights abuses committed by jews and poles who enjoyed the diplomatic approval of the jew dominated western powers. Now consider the modern situation. 1.7 million people in Gaza are in the same general situation as ethnic germans in poland. 58,000 ethnic germans were massacred by poles and jews before the german government put a stop to it and by doing so triggered WW2. If a great power intervenes to punish the genocidal jews and restore peace and justice the nations controlled by jews will declare war against that nation. It will go nuclear and because that is true no one will dare risk it where as before nuclear weapons a world war of liberation would have been a real possibility. The nuclear shield held by israel and its allies gives the jews license to commit crimes against humanity with impunity. That nuclear shield is an obstruction to justice. Israel is like Poland of the 1930s. Human rights abuses and attacks against palestinians today is like the Danzig and Bromberg massacres in Poland between march and late september 1939. Same basic problem ,different time and place. The Israeli nuclear shield has to go!

  12. I’ve known for a long time that Starbucks financially supported that Shitty Little Country. I’ve never paid for this coffee but received a free one when they moved into my local grocery store. Tasted bitter and way too strong. I felt guilty drinking that jew piss water but glad I didn’t pay for it. Thanks, Joe, for spreading the word about Starbucks and Angie’s List.

  13. It seems the enemy is trying to tighten the screws on those that speak out against Jewish/Israeli atrocities and abominations.
    Criticize Israel – Go to Jail!

    Since the Canadian government is in favor of Israel, Jews and Homosexuals and they are of their father the Devil I think it is clear that the Canadian government is of the Devil. If that were not the case there would be no Jews or Homosexuals in Canada and there would be no diplomatic recognition of Israel and its allies. The political, moral and religious corruption of Canada needs to be purged and expunged.

  14. “Neither am I against gay-marriage. Jews did not invent gaysex, the Greeks did.
    Greek warrior heros.
    King Leonidas and his 300 gay elite soldiers.”
    /Lasse Karagiannis

    That turns out not to be the case.
    First of all King Leonidas was married to a woman. His soldiers would have followed their kings example.
    Gay sex does not create more soldiers for Sparta. Based on that being gay would have been anti Spartan and treason.
    Second the earliest records of gay sex being in style is found in the book of Genesis in the account of the events leading up to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Circ 2100 BC +/- It would not surprise me if the semites invented that perversion and later taught it to elements of Greek society. What ever it was the God of the Bible does not approve of homosexuality or those that do.

  15. Most people accused of homophobia, like myself, are not at all afraid of gays. It is more of being REPULSED and SICKENED by their behavior. If I am to be accused of fear of them, it would only be of what I could catch from them if I got within a few feet.

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