In the very near future – the children of today will ask the children of ‘yesterday’ ( their fathers and grandfathers) – what was a REAL Christmas like?”  We know who Santa is and Rudolph and the chipmunks and the Grinch – BUT WHO was that person named Jesus. 

What is a Christmas Carol?  Did people really sing in the streets about this baby Jesus ?  What did he have to do with Santa Claus and the reindeer and the elves and lots of presents and lots of food and parties?  Why did the jews kill Jesus?   Why do the jews control America today?  Why do all those TV shows make fun of baby Jesus?  Was his mommy really a whore like the jews say?  Why do all those foreign people hate us ‘Christians’ ( NOT) ?  Our kids want to know.

Why don’t we hear any of those songs grandma told us about – like Silent night or O-Come All ye Faithful or The First Noel?  If Christmas is all about Baby Jesus – why don’t ALL of thus TV adds talk about HIM instead of cars and stuff? 

Why don’t those really big Christmas parades like in New York show all that fancy glittery stuff  and Rudolph and Santa but never show Baby Jesus?  How come in the home of our President – he celebrates Christmas with all those jewish pitchfork and candle looking things but never Baby Jesus and His mother any more?  If even Jesus’ name is in the word Christ-mas – how come it is all about cool expensive stuff like expensive cars and jewelry?

CAN you answer all those questions from your bright curious innocent children.  Do you even want to go there – since you obviously neglected to do so for fear of upsetting the created phony Madison Avenue ‘HOLIDAY’ atmosphere?

Folks – Christ has been thrown out with the trash – and replaced with jew filth – A LONG TIME AGO and you were too busy or too cowardly to defend it!.  Three entities( aside from YOUR continued negligence) are responsible for this disgrace. The main factor is of course the evil wicked jew. These demons from hell had Him murdered right after he exposed them as “CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL” in the Gospel of John – 8-44.  Ever bother to read this to your children ? It is, after all  – the WORD OF GOD.  

OR – Are you so ashamed to be a follower that you might embarrass the ‘Silbermans’ or ‘Goldbergs’ next door who support endless wars of genocide against  defenseless women and children as I witnessed in IsraHELL with the CIA and top ranking intelligence operative officials?

Want to REALLY see how evil the jews can be in their mockery and hatred of Christ and Christmas?  Consider this FACT about STARBUCKS – the jew coffee company.  The CEO is Zionist Christ hating jew named Howard Mark Schultz. This sleazy Christ hating jew reptile has the audacity to market – and I quote:  “STARBUCK CHRISTMAS BLEND – COFFEE FOR THE HOLIDAYS”  – all the while supporting the murder of poor Palestinians ( been there seen that)  many who are devout Christians living in peace for FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS with their Moslem neighbors.


What a putrid rancid mockery of the celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace – a stinking filthy Godless Satan worshiping Zionist terrorist war mongering supporting jew – ‘pokes his middle finger’ in the eye of Jesus as he becomes richer and richer selling coffee for blood!  He is laughing his ass off at you stupid useful idiot puppets. 

So what is in you new improved  CHRISTMAS  ‘STARJEWS’ – blend – jew boy?  Aroma of  roasted Palestinian babies? – or essence of Palestinian children’s blow out brains? – or pungent slow roasted human flesh over jew white phosphorous bombs?.  Isn’t that what your filthy jew business funds  – scumbag?  Racism hatred misery death suffering anguish destruction and despair!  I have heard hateful racist people actually state that they gladly buy this man’s overpriced coffee because it helps kill more “rag-heads and sand niggers”  – as you slander them? 

It is not enough evil that these demons fund endless misery death and suffering for innocent helpless defenseless people – BUT to use the the name of Christ at the most holy of Christian celebrations – AT CHRISTMAS  – TO help MURDER CHRISTIANS – is BEYOND evil BEYOND unconscionable.  It is a Satanic evil only a JEW could support!  Read it for yourself 

True Christians in Palestine are FORBIDDEN by the stinking filthy Christ hating demonic jew military in IsraHELL to make their pilgrimage to worship Jesus at Christmas in Bethlehem. Can you imagine anything on earth more hateful?  What’s that you say Dorothy?  YOU DIDN”T KNOW?  How about – you DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW!  Are you stinking filthy dung-brained wicked BaptDUH moron pig faced imbecile hypocrite useful idiots listening?  YOU ARE PERSECUTING YOUR FELLOW CHRISTIANS – and PRAISING SATAN.  Does even so much as ONE so called Christian from even ONE so -called  Christian church in America today care?   NA  – can’t be bothered.

Well – I CARE!    What in the name of God has happened to us?

Jews run ALL of the networks that have mandated the use of HAPPY HOLIDAYS to replace Merry Christmas. Christmas is a HOLY day for Christians and NOT some ‘holiday’. Many filthy jews take Christian names so as to fool their gullible public.  Look at SUPER Christ hating jew scum like Jon Stewart  – real name Jonathon Leibowitz.  This reptile is so demonic and putrid that  on one of his shows where he constantly mocks Christians he showed a poster of a whore with her legs spread and an icon of the Virgin Mary between her legs and mocking laughed as his jew audience also howled with delight at this unthinkable blasphemy. Its a jew thing.  We allowed these putrid filth- peddlers like Leibowitz to be here and mock our deepest religious beliefs. 

Jews in Hollywood are notorious for this trick to evade their evil true identities as filthy jews. When I was a child and this was still a Christian nation – jews were where they belonged – under rocks with the other reptiles. Scum like Leibowitz would have been beaten to death for that kind of hateful demonic conduct back then – but we were an ENTIRELY different  people – REAL people – not lemmings sheep and cattle to serve the jews. 

Jew scum like some producers and directors changed their names in shame.  Samuel Goldwyn of MGM studios was Samuel GOLDFISH. Charles Bronson was Charles Bronstein  – Joey Bishop was Joey Gotlieb – Woody Allen was Allen Konigsberg – devout talmudist Kirk Douglas was Isadore Demsky – Larry King was Zeiger – are only a few who were told to drop their Jewish names if they wanted to be accepted.  Americans were actually a LOT more aware of the TRUE filthy criminals nature of jews back then

The second group of thoroughly evil hypocrite racist Satan worshiping scum are the anti-Christ Satan worshiping BaptDUHs.  THEY are THE people responsible for these horrible genocidal serial wars against innocent people in the Mid- East.  You need to teach your children to avoid them like the demons they are. Their mass stupidity and criminal level naivety has endangered the ENTIRE WORLD as they destroy what is left of authentic Christian tradition and draw the world closer to a third world war. 

There is no more wicked criminally evil and criminally ignorant group on planet Earth.  It WILL be by their blood stained hands that American WILL be finally destroyed and cast on the  trash heap of history. Proof?  IT IS LEGION! Show me ONE  large BaptDUH jew worshiping ‘synagogue of Satan’ which has put the words of Christ before the words of Satan!

And of course a third category of scum who are neither jew nor jew worshiping Baptduhs .  They are individual but HIGHLY influential demonic scum whose ambitions serve ONLY self  – are mockers of the Lord – and live lives of pure evil and just as the coming Anti-Christ – are famously popular with millions of mindless soulless heartless creatures disguised as human beings – who worship ONLY power wealth influence greed racism avarice gluttony envy sloth lust pride ignorance crudeness vileness hatred and mockery of anything decent or tragic.

The country is filled with these trash sub-humans.  ALL are multi -millionaires.  All are atheists and all appeal to the basest instincts of man.  Since our people have turned into putrid material loving  violence loving sex loving sludge – it has created a new breed of infamous garbage.  IOW  – filth admires filth. Their job is getting richer peddling their putrid garbage and dragging society down into the abyss of hell and destroy ALL wholesomeness purity innocence and decency. Guess what – MILLIONS of Merkans LOVE them for their rancid mockery of all that is good and decent. 

The list would fill a book but here a few of the worst offenders.  The world’s worst human beings are:

Larry The Cable guy – an obese pig faced red neck whose hallmark is the mockery of truly tragic conditions.  This creature gets off by ridiculing the suffering of Alzheimer victims – a tragedy that destroys body and soul and causes untold suffering of the victim AND the victims loved ones.  As if that weren’t enough he has made millions form the sale of his ‘Christmas carols’ – all putrid mockery of Christ in the cruelest ways imaginable. One of the albums is called ” A Very Larry Xmas”  Listen to the putrid filthy lyrics this read neck sludge substitutes for ages old traditional carols created by Christians to honor Jesus.

You AND ESPECIALLY ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN need to hear this filth so as to learn the TRUTH of this putrid pig faced POS.  He is worse than even most jew ‘comedians’ whose trashing of my faith is hardwired direct from Satan. 

Another monster is ( was – is now in hell with his demon father) Chris Kyle.   Mass murderer and paid assassin terrorist now hailed as a national hero for snuffing out the life of countless courageous innocent human beings tiring to defend their families homes cultures and freedoms in the Mid-East.  His mockery of goodness honesty honor  and Christian protocol defies the imagination.  His support for the people who destroyed Christmas was unquestionably loyal. He LOVED the murderous Godless Christ killing jews and HATED ANYONE who opposed them. How sick is that?

Other racist inbred redneck trash like Toby Keith made it crystal clear how much he hated Arab people in his unwavering support for our murderous terrorist military.  The two million innocent mostly women and children from Iraq and Afghanistan that we murdered in cold blood weren’t enough for this Godless reprobate criminally ignorant retard. He could not get enough killing of innocents and pure genocide of the poor Palestinians.  He made millions of off insane mindless ignorant racist hate encouraging the military to murder more “rag heads”. This puke claims to be a Christian yet predictably in his Christian Zionist redneck fashion calls Jesus “that old man upstairs” as if Christ was some sort of doddering old fool living in a guest second floor bedroom. Scum like him are the reason intelligent rational moral people eventually leave their racist war mongering false churches. 

Of course not to forget mass murdering war criminal – Zionist fundamentalist cult follower – blasphemer traitor alcoholic and drug addict – jew puppet George W Bush. The man who destroyed the Republican Party almost single handed and greatly aided the destruction of Christianity here as well as being hated by billions of normal people abroad.

Obama?  Don’t get me started  – Marxist homosexual traitor war monger moral coward jew puppet hypocrite liar fraud imposter and all around classic ‘house negro’ to IsraHELL’s Netanyahu. I defy ANY real American – of ANY race – to look his family in the eyes and describe Obummer as “THE CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION”.  This Negro anti Christ wanna be has done every thing he can to destroy the spirit of Christmas in the house of the ‘first family’. The centuries old American tradition of displaying the nativity scene has been replaced by that horrid symbol of Satan – the Devil’s pitchfork – the filthy jews call a Menorah.  This two story tall monstrosity of Satan stands tall at the White House as you read this. He has become the symbol of Merkan degeneracy corruption wickedness deceit and failure. 

So many putrid scumbags – so few industrial duty barf bags – so I will not continue a list that has no end.

I will end my pre Christmas warning to America with one suggestion that CAN  and –  WILL bring Christmas back to this lost nation without firing a shot or loss of one drop of blood.  It is a grass roots action that take NO expense – NO large loss of time and energy – NO illegality – NO violence and NO controversy ( unless you are a jew or some other type of Godless scumbag)  

It has historically ALWAYS worked in ANY nation and ANY culture where earnestly applied.  It is a social action which could ONLY please God and be a positive example to the Billion+ Christians around the world. Here is a Foolproof absolutely undeniable way to make it happen in NOT a generation or a decade or even a year .  It WOULD happen overnight! 

IF you want to beat the collective grinches and take back our tradition and Christian legacy simply do this: Contact you pastor Priest and local fraternal organization head and military organization ( if a vet)  – your neighborhood civic association ( if applicable) and any other group of MAINSTREAM citizen groups and service groups ( demonic Christ hating jews need not apply) and suggest in the strongest of terms that NO decent American should do ANY business with ANY store merchant bank professional Internet movie service that you see using the jew approved mockery and affront to your Christian beliefs by promoting their business or services in public or radio or TV or billboards or storefronts with ANY secular trash like HAPPY HOLIDAYS. 

If it doesn’t say MERRY CHRISTMAS – AT LEAST – just walk away and spend OR save your dollars elsewhere. Deal ONLY with stores etc. who still adhere to the moral policies we treasured for the past two centuries.  You will start a bloodless revolution that cannot be stopped  and WILL bring sanity back to the soul of this morally sick nation.

The spineless moral cowards at the top may not give a flying rats ass about your noble efforts – BUT when it hits them in the pocket book – THEY WILL SCREAM UNCLE and scramble to enact damage control.  But the ONLY thing that will be satisfactory is a complete ceasing of the insults and mockery of the Celebration of the birth of Christ.  If so much as ONE stinking filthy reprobate deceitful jew in your neighborhood  so much as utters ONE negative word – inform him that he and his ilk can board a plane to Tel Aviv or any other Godless jew Christ mocking hell hole TOMORROW. 

I am willing to PERSONALLY help any civic leader left who has the guts to walk the walk and do the right thing for family community country and God.  Just state so on the comments section and I will respond.  I have already warned my bank that I EVER again receive Any filthy kosher jew approved Christmas greeting that mocks  and demeans Christmas to a level of secular trash – I WILL remove ALL of my savings to a more considerate banking institution.

If only ten% of people in this country did this – it could send a message that would save this country and put the jews and any other filth that we the American people will NOT be slaves of the jews as the Chief Rabbi of IsraHELL stated before he died -that ” all of we Gentile goyem were placed here to serve the jew”.  You think I’m KIDDING?

BUT if you fail yourselves in this simple task of discipline and PROOF of your loyalty to your faith – and sit on you butts and worship the NFL or NASCAR  between jew commercials for condoms and sex toys – as your children are corrupted before your very eyes and under YOUR responsibility  THEN you WILL prove that  nasty demonic jew was RIGHT!  You are good for nothing other than as slaves to amuse and enrich your jew masters.  


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.

5 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS, O CHRISTMAS…

  1. Brother Nathanael wished me to go to a Christian Hell for questioning anything about his religion. You can take the Jew out of the Synagogue but you can never take the Jew out of the Jew.
    Christianity has given all the clueless GIs forgiveness of sins for killing brown skinned people in their own countries for cash down. You have to believe a Jew god killed his own son and that is going to absolve you of being a murderous Jarhead.
    ALL religion is conman fraud. Millions have been burned at the stake and murdered in Crusade style wars for hundreds of years. Superstition reigns even in this present day.
    How self righteous you are Joe and Nate.
    Now censor this as the Jews have given you leave to do so you can get Brownie Points with your Blood Lust God.

  2. They have taken Christ out of Christianity just as they have taken Christ out of Christmas. They despise and curse His name, but in the end, these unbelievers will realize what a huge mistake that have made. And then, all their money won’t do them a tinkers bit of good. Merry Christmas Joe and have a safe and joyous Holyday!

  3. Thank you Joe for this. The Dirty Jews promote the lowest forms to keep the Goyem stupid. Trotzky(Bronstein) The Commander Of The Red Army who was backed by Jew Bankers to overthrow czarist Christian Russia said”We will make the Soviet Union the land of White Niggers”. That is the Jew plan: Lower,ridicule,lift up the low,ugly,and sloppy. Look how people dress? The Jews promoted blue genes. The national uniform of the last 30 years. Now stretch panst all day. They love to see that. Poor dress,makes poor thinking. Uplifting the sloppy keeps a slave mentality. Face it. We live in Jew hell. The culture wrcked by them. ALl the while STUPID CONSERVATIVES FLAG WAVERS listening to FOX,Alex Jones etc think the secret 4th Reich is causing all of this ! The idiot Tea Party Trash that the Jews bought off. I know a bunch who talk about Nazis and poor Jews all day ! All of thenm poor stupid SLOBS with a pot to pee in ! They worry about Jews LOL ! Look around you., Thre ugly cars ,unkepted houses,poverty,junk in the stores,bad dress,lkack of manners,wars! Thank you Jews.

  4. “Israeli Knesset Speaker, Yuli Edelstein, has refused Christian MK Hanna Swaid to display Christmas tree in her office in Knesset building,” reported by JTA, December 22, 2013.

    Many Christian religious and White nationalist leaders blame organized Jewry for waging a war on Christian symbols, culture and scriptures – while replacing them with Jewish symbols (Menorah). The US vice-president Joe Biden recently acknowledged that American heritage is Jewish heritage.

    “American Jews,” Sailer wrote, “those exemplars of successful assimilation now seem to be de-assimilating emotionally, becoming increasingly resentful, at this late date, of their fellow Americans for celebrating Christmas.”

    Edmond Connelly, blames organized Jewry, secularists and Hollywood for the War on Christmas.

    Muslim historians don’t believe that prophet Jesus was born on December 25 as many European Pagan communities celebrated the birth of their idol gods on the same day. Furthermore, Islamic teachings forbid commemoration of birth of a religious leader the way Christian communities celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25 or in January.

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