This will be a blog unlike my usual work- but the agenda is the same – to keep my readership informed of the ever expanding moral rot that spreads like a silent cancer into every aspect of our lives. I believe ALL responsible citizens have not only the RIGHT – but a moral mandate to expose evil anywhere and every where it exists

There are few things in life which I hold more dear than honor truth and integrity. I have live my life by a code that evolved in meaning as I grew older but never changed in essence. We in Special Forces had had a code that is not uncommon in the military of every modern nation – Death Before Dishonor. Essentially it boils down to this: All real men try to live their lives in a manner that brings no shame upon our name or our family or perhaps an elite organization of high ethical standards in which we had part.

When I am falsely accused as a fraud liar and fake – by someone who does no even know me and who uses another man’s reputation as a platform to carry out his scurrilous unfounded lying slanderous ah-hominem (personal) attack on my good name – I must – and WILL defend it at all costs. It is the only really priceless virtue I have.

He who steal my purse steals trash – but he who steals my good name makes me poor indeed. The entire quote by Shakespeare from his ‘Othello’ is as follows:

Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
Is the immediate jewel of their souls:
Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him
And makes me poor indeed.

Years ago I began what I believed to be happy relationship between a company and myself . That organization is Amazon. I have purchased thousands of dollars of various goods and felt I had found a moral ethical company with which to experience fair pricing a competent staff and fair play in all regards to me – their customer.

I have recommended their services to more family friends associates and business colleagues that I can recall. Had the offensive incident I will share with you taken place in a bar or a private home or street environment – I would have passed it off as simply a product of our morally bankrupt society.

In this case however – my name honor and personal character and service to my country has been dragged through the gutter and placed on ‘exhibit’ for all to see. This unconscionable act was allowed with the approval by the CEO of Amazon. He was advised of the lies and vicious slander against my reputation and had not the integrity to apologize or even RESPOND.

The only conclusion that ANY lucid individual could arrive at – is that these rancid verbal slanders were fully approved by the CEO of Amazon. His name is Jeff Bezos and is apparently a self made billionaire. Obviously he considers that if one is incomprehensively wealthy – one may conduct himself in any irresponsible manner they wish.

The problem arose after I had made a consumer report on a book I purchased after being requested to do so. The ‘nameless’ person who read it was obviously a racist bigot Christ hating Zionist – a coward who relishes in slandering and defaming anyone who would expose evil and defend Christ as well as innocent defenseless women and children. Only cowards and assassins work from the shadows of anonymity.

Think about it. That means that Amazon management ( ownership) can and WILL allow putrid social degenerates to attack decent people especially TRUE Christians who would stand up and be counted to defend their faith and its namesake – The Christ.

I ask those of you who know me by years of reputation as a defender of the defenseless and speaker for those who have no voice as well as an arbiter for world peace. Note that the hate monger who wrote this filth refers to me as a “Roman” – assuming that I was a Christian of Roman Catholic persuasion. This jew apparently hates all Catholics. Also note his bigot racist hatred for Arab people.

If a billionaire like Jeff Bezos is unrepentant regarding his OWN customers being slandered mocked and ridiculed like street scum – who will be his next victim once evil people realize they can use his reputation to slander Christ as well as the uniform of any US veteran – Green Beret or not – who served with honor.

Here is the exact letter ( Email as sent to Chairman Bezos) It was sent Sat. Sept. 28 2013 and neither Mr. Bezos nor any of his staff has had the common decency to respond. I even headed it ( ALL CAPS) ” PERSONAL AND URGENT – THIS IS NOT SPAM”
“Dear Mr. Bezos;

It is with substantial regret and personal pain that I feel most compelled to write this letter. My name is Joe Cortina and I have been a SATISFIED HAPPY Amazon customer for many years now – until the shocking insults I received via your company E-mail today.

I read you bio and was impressed with your close family and determination to be successful. I FULLY Understand what it takes to build a company from the ground up and the risks implied. I started my corporation under the worst conditions imaginable.

I had just gone through a divorce – failed in a previous job and had a dying mother whose expenses had to be paid for by ME! That meant a tremendous pressure that if I failed to succeed in my fledgling business my mother would be left out in the street – to die. Eventually – with much hard work and personal sacrifice I did get by that crisis. I had learned to be a survivor in every aspect of life.

I was given huge responsibilities in the military as the youngest company commander in the history of the ( USATC) United States Army Basic Training center during the Berlin Crisis. All I knew was that I had a man’s job to do as we were facing another war with a REAL enemy – not a fabricated one as we have seen with the treachery of 9-11 and the insane Gulf wars against innocent people to benefit a foreign power.

You were 2 years old when I did these things for my country – but as I said I learned to survive. I indeed cheated death more than once. Once I was hopelessly lost at sea – IN THE WATER BY MYSELF – but was miraculously rescued. I had parachute malfunctions and parachuting injuries as A Green Beret paratroop commander that hospitalized me twice but survived them with only a limp.

I was the pilot of a plane that crashed at night but walked away without a scratch. I was clinically DEAD TWICE from heart failure – but had help at hand so I survived once again. Earlier in life I have survived a severe car crash in which both cars were totaled.

In the Summer of 1989 I was invited by a former Army comrade from our troop training days who was by then a full Col. and the ranking military attaché to the Israeli IDF. My introduction to jew hospitality was being needlessly detained and grilled for 6 hours by Mossad at Ben Gurion airport. I later spent time with my Army Col. host and CIA operatives from Langley inside the world’s largest outdoor prison – Palestine.

The plain ordinary man women and children of Gaza were some of the finest bravest long suffering human beings I have ever encountered. Having traveled to over thirty nations as a tourist and multilingual foreign Vice Consul – I had ample opportunity and insight to learn much of the nature of many cultures.

What I witnessed in the ensuing weeks can only be described as the most brutal barbaric conduct I had experienced in my life – and I have been places and witnessed horrors you have not seen in your worst nightmares! The IDF is quite simply the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization ON EARTH!

Oh – and lest you think that is some inane unqualified ranting – be it known that I had previously been requested by top officials of a friendly foreign nation as an advisor to their government on matters of effectively dealing with international terrorism – REAL TERRORISTS listed in our State Department’s official documents of “Terrorist Group Profiles”.

I saw defenseless helpless innocent children murdered in cold-blood like rats in the streets of Gaza – all funded by US taxpayers. I was THERE Mr.Bezos – and you were not – nor was the filthy cowardly crude profane animal who insulted my name and my honor and my integrity using YOUR COMPANY as the platform from which to launch his vicious racist ‘ad hominem’ personal attack upon me – your loyal customer of MANY years.

His filth slander and defamation of my service to my country in it’s most elite and double volunteer group and personal insults of insisting that I am a fraud and liar follows below.”
Greetings from Customer Discussions,
Because you requested to be notified when people commented on your review of “Jesus in the Talmud His Personality, His Disciples, and His Sayings (Classic Reprint)”, we are sending you this e-mail.

Sep 28, 2013 3:22:07 AM PDT Boz says:
Yes your were here you there you were everywhere. Oh and where is Palestine exactly? Maybe if I start from Aelia Capitolina the capital I will find it or should I ask a Roman. Oh and Im not stranger to the military either and your an out and out liar. You probably cheered the Fort Hood shooter. Your just another fcknn Roman like Pontius Pilate who crucified Jews and Samaritans on a whim.

“I do not deserve such filth from a cowardly Christ hating worm with ‘no name’ who knows absolutely NOTHING about my character values and code of honor and truth by which I have lived my entire life. My friends including a former mayor – my sons my neighbors my associates and my former Army comrades and acquaintances – some medal Of Honor winners ( those still living) will attest to my integrity and respect of TRUTH!

I know nothing about you as a MORAL MAN. Being a billionaire does NOT make a man decent or honorable or good – just materially rich. Perhaps you were raised a pious man with dignity respect compassion AND modesty – or perhaps you are a hypocrite and as evil as the scum who personally used your company to insult me for speaking the God’s HONEST TRUTH. Only YOU and GOD and people of your inner circle know that truth. I prefer to believe you are truly a decent man and am keeping this ugly matter confidential unless you show me that you could care less about the insults.

I Will however ask that you make a good will effort to correct the wrong. A good start would be a personal promise that you will never allow that kind of unconscionable outrage to happen under your watch again. I have lived longer than you and have witnessed more human suffering than you can possibly imagine. I wish only to help the suffering victims and expose the criminals who cause the suffering. I have endeavored to live my life by the knights code and I fear no mortal man.

Everything that I have so stated in this letter may be verified to your satisfaction.

From Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ “Who steals my purse steals trash. But he that filches from me my good name, robs me of that which not enriches him And makes me poor indeed “

So as to better understand the ‘persona’ of the man who has brought this unfortunate foul deed to your attention – I have left the ‘signature’ I use in my research papers

“My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret paratroop commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.”
Joe Cortina “
I thought it was a civil letter simply asking for a response from one businessman to another – from one American to another – from one human being to another

I have never asked for a dollar of support – as I have used my own savings for any expenses related to my site. I have only asked for moral support from those of you who are moral decent people and share my dream of a free Palestine and a free America as well. This I ask of you now. Help me defend my good name against the super wealthy untouchables.

This world is full of the foul reprobate racist Christian hating scum who slandered me. Their ilk will ALWAYS be with us. It is people like billionaire Jeff Bezos who concern me. They post a wholesome family loving atmosphere aura to hide their hatred of Christ and anyone like myself who dares show compassion for the countless thousands of orphans and widows in Palestine.

These are a people whose children are tortured humiliated kidnapped or murdered daily . Their places of worship are destroyed by the jews 24-7 be they Christian Churches or Muslim Mosques. These are people who have lived in peace together for over fifteen hundred years – until these Christ hating degenerate sadistic barbaric lying murderous demonic Satanic jews stole their land. Been there as an insider – seen it all.

Let him who plays God with our values and honor – know you will respond with boycott. Money and profit are all people like him understand. I was in hopes that he was a good and decent man but after well over two weeks of purposeful silence – there can be no doubt. I even made an employee promise she would make SURE he was made aware of this personal insult that went by as unnoticed.

Please E mail or phone or write Amazon and help justice prevail over evil..

You can write to Jeff Bezos, our CEO, via his e-mail address:
You can also send him mail to this address:

Jeff Bezos
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

customer service phone numbers:

– U.S. and Canada: 1-866-216-1072
– International: 1-206-266-2992


Joe Cortina


  1. Joe, All the stores will run ads that destroy the moral fabric of our country. I save a lot of money and don’t have to deal with them by shopping at warehouse stores. A good place to buy clothes is Sportsman’s Guide. They sell for less and their stuff is better quality. People should patronize them. Also Harbor Freight and Northern Tool are good places to get tools and all kinds of equipment. I let the UPS truck bring me the stuff. By the time you drive to the store you’ve spent half a day and $15 in gas.

  2. Yes indeed wealth doesn’t translate into being a better or honorable human being with dignity’ indeed to speak with the true can annoy or cause rage to others’ To speak with the true can cause real trouble’ since human beings love to live on lies’ The true will make enemies since usurpators can not live with their own reality but with a virtual reality like soap operas’

  3. Only determination in finding the true will set us free from the chains of lies of usurpators’
    Our own determination to be free living with the true’

  4. Er Joe, excuse me if I come across as pedantic, but isn’t the name Bezos a jewish name ?
    If so, why even ask this guy for a fair go, as you state so eloquently in your posts, a fair go from such a one is asking way too much, and will never happen anyway.

  5. Joe.
    I would like to bring to your attention a book written in early sixties.
    “The plot against the Church” by Maurice Pinay
    Available on the internet.

  6. I cannot apologize for something someone else did Joe, but I can take action on this matter, as I also am or now lets say was a good Amazon customer. upon returning home today, I promise to contact them and cancel my premium membership, and to let them know that I will never shop with them again. Keep up the great work Joe viva Palestine!!!!

  7. It may seem slanderous to some but I have no doubt that the powers that be are rotten to the core and that includes their minions in business and government. At the individual level there may be exceptions to the trend but no one gets to the top with out synchronizing their attitudes with that of the elites. People tend to follow the example of their peers hence it is a case of monkey see monkey do. For the record I do not do business with Amazon and now that Amazon is identified as a jewish problem business I will continue to avoid doing business with them.

  8. Join the club. Amazon did the same to me. A Zionist Canadian slandered and defamed me when I stood up to her insults of hate yet it was me that can’t make any comments on any more books or products bought from Amazon even when asked by other for my opinion. Amazon is a dispicable company only concerned with making money and not having a moral backbone to defend truth. They seem to back up fellow Zionist in any dispute thus proving their Jewish Talmudic viewpoint of moral degeneracy and cowardness.

  9. Readers – thanks for the response – but my SPECIFIC request to you out there was to TAKE ACTION and contact the company and voice your concern with such uncivilized slanderous treatment. I got everything else BUT a show of support. Skip – thanks buddy – as you were the ONLY one who offered to actually contact them and sound off. Not ONE of the rest of you indicated you would contact them . Certainly there must be at least ONE vet who reads my posts – who also served with honor and or appreciates the effort I have made over these years to provide information that will affect your future and that of your family and freedoms . My point was that Amazon ALSO insulted YOUR military service. I don’t appreciate being called a liar and i’m sure neither do you. Is that worth a 5 minure phone call? I don’t sacrafice all this time and effort for ME —– I do it for YOU! Question is – are you willing to take 5 minutes to defend my honor from jew slander against my Christian faith and my service record . You don’t even have to take time to look up phone numbers or addresses. Thank you. One man – trying to do the job of many for the freedom of our people..

  10. I already went through this with Amazon about myself. It got no where. If I can’t get a response that is reasonable with me I really doubt a response defending someone else. The Bible says “don’t throw your pearls before swine”, Amazon is the swine. Just feel privileged you are in good company that was screwed by Amazons Jewish thinking.

  11. Joe, letting you know buddy I am a man of my word, while I did not complete the cancelation until today it is done. I tried on Saturday but they kept giving me the run around hoping I would change my mind. I told them I might consider shopping with them again if and when they showed me an apology written and given by Jeff Bezos to you. The key word is might ,I rather doubt you will get your apology, and even if you did ,I have many other places to spend my hard earned money. You keep up the great work as it is rare to find someone that will help me keep going in this battle I have been fighting for over 40 years. Your writings help open the eyes of some I am sure. I love reading your articles, for they are straight to the point, without pulling punches. love you brother.

  12. Guess what? After another complaint by me about being censored by Amazon they got back to me saying they lifted the ban!!!!! After how many years?????

    Anyway, I put in a plug for Joe Contina about his situation.
    I haven’t yet posted anything yet but that was the latest.

    Joe Rizoli

  13. Joe, I contacted them and gave them a piece of my mind. I’ve been doing it for 30 years. But it’s like pissing on a forest fire. If there is another solution besides ventilating criminal bastard I’m all ears. Joe, would you want to right now have to report all we did to your descendants? When you say you know all the wars were lies. When you knew they were spraying chemtrails. You knew they were putting toxins in the vaccines. When you knew they had created GM food to make you sterile and sick. When you knew they were putting fluoride in your water to make you sick and dumb, but you did what? You wrote letters and posted in forums and chat rooms? They’ll ask you what did your enemies do? You’ll say they created laws in the favor. They controlled the media, banks, education and your government? They then took control of the FBI, OSI and CIA? Then they assassinate or ruin the career of politician who tried to stop them and you did what? You posted to forums and web sites and what was that supposed to do embarrass them?
    Look at Karen Hude. She exposes all the trillions the bankers are taking, but she blamed the Jesuits. Did she do that because the Jews gave her the OK? Or did she do that to get the word out and they would leave her alone? The politicians don’t care. So they inform people and maybe one will become a lone wolf and ventilate these bastards? We got guns and it’s time to use them. It’s not time to use them when they declare martial law and they can do anything anytime they want to declare martial law.

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