“Americans are so stupid you can spit in their face and then convince them it is dew.” Nikita Khrushchev.

I hate to use this man’s wisdom but it is as true as any truth ever spoken. We are the dumbest creatures on the planet or certainly very close runner-ups!

After traveling to over thirty nations on three continents I am convinced that blatant stupidity is so rampant in ‘Merka that it defies all logic. We are one of the few nations on planet earth where stupidity is not just rampant – but held in high esteem!

We are told that the loathsome horrid cruel selfish barbaric hypocrite murderous nature of the jew god Yahweh is actually some sort of ultra wisdom that we are not privileged to understand.

Apparently morals are as flexible as yesterday’s stock quotes according to the pundits who feel that dual moral standards are OK and something we just need to understand better.

Lets see now – If I go inside a school and cold bloodedly murder every child I can find on the premise that possibly his or her parents are not in tight with God – that is a horrid mortal sin for which I should have a ‘millstone about my neck’ for eternity.

BUT – If I committed these exact same horrid brutal insane crimes against Gentiles at the time of jew master butcher Moses – I might be considered a hero and even have an entire chapter of the OT devoted to every bloody gory detail of my mega murders.

I am told to exercise free will in my conduct so that the almighty cannot FORCE judgment or morality on me. Yet in one scenario – should I commit these EXACT same deeds – in that one instance I am deemed a monster damned to eternal hell and rightfully so!

However – should I have committed these grizzly crimes against the helpless children of enemies of these jews – during the time of Moses – I will not ONLY – NOT be guilty of unspeakable sins against helpless infants and against God – but will be immortalized as a hero of the jewish people with my very own nitch in the OT and considered a special hero of the jewish people – like mega-murderer – Joshua or adulterer murderer David or a laundry list of other figures who constantly contradicted traditional Christian morality – yet remained OT heroes..

This has all the earmarks of the novel written by George Orwell ‘1984’ where Good is evil – compassion is cruelty – truths are lies – cruelty is kindness – knowledge is ignorance -justice is criminal – love is hate – morality is subjective and NOTHING makes ANY moral or logical sense.

The message of Christ was steady and moral and there was no contradictory illogical confusing oxymoronic rhetoric.

The OT CLEARLY depicts a god who mandates His people to commit genocide ( 1 Samuel 15 ; 3) – fratricide in ( Exodus 32; 27-28) – cannibalism ( Leviticus 26 : 29 ) – robbery and theft ( Exodus 3;22) – to practice slavery ( Leviticus 25; 44-46 – to discriminate against women and despise children (Leviticus 27:2-8 – to covet material wealth ( gold) and foster avariciousness ( Exodus 25;3 33;5) promotes the torture of dumb animals ( Exodus 29;16)

It gets WORSE! This jew god Yahweh exhibits jealousy ( Exodus 20;5 – hates all people on Earth, even His jews (Exodus 33:20) threatens his OWN people with annihilation should they turn to Aryan Gods (Deuteronomy 6:15) He even admits that Aryan Gods exist ( Genesis 3:32 & Deuteronomy 6:16 32;12)

Why is it that when the JEWS do the writing – everything is horrid grotesque violent sinful evil and cruel. I see no compassion what sever in the books of Moses – only hate murder cruelty and savagery shuffled in between inane insane laws that promote hate suffering racism and endless pagan rituals ALWAYS involving violence bloodshed elitism and bizarre senseless primitive ‘sacrifices ALWAYS devoid of kindness love compassion and humanity.

If you have never experienced total batshit insanity – Try this. Go and read the excuses so called religious pundits give to the FACT that the Yahweh – the jew god of the OT is essentially committing encouraging and even mandating what are DEADLY SINS to ALL Christians according to the NT – BUT – are for jews – godlike deeds according to the jew ‘bible’ ( the Old Testament )

Taking slaves – bashing the heads of infants – giving virgin children to jews as sex slaves – killing every living thing in an already defeated city out of hate. These are but a few examples of universally detested horrible war crimes that are in absolute favor with the jew god if committed by jews but mortal sins if committed by Christians. So – is God the Father a hypocrite? Pure insanity!

Take for example what the ancient Roman historian Tacitus said about this insanity! “What are deadly sins to Christians according to the NEW TESTAMENT , are for jews, god like deeds according to the Old Testament”.

In other words – to the jews – everything that is Unholy that is holy for us. Tacitus also wondered as to WHY jew hate ALL other human beings as enemies.

The best minds on earth have concluded that this exclusive jew insanity constitutes a NEW type of ‘religion’ – as a Counter Religion!

These insane lunatic jews got (stole) their demonic State of IsraHELL based on the lies of the six- million and the insane immoral myth of Moses. Without these two mendacities – the jew would have long been nothing more than a third world nuisance.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

‘Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.’

‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it’

‘That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10′

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.

St John Chrysostom

“Do you not hear what God said to Jeremiah about the Jews? ‘Do not intercede for these people, because even if Moses and Samuel shall stand before my face I will not listen to them.’ That is how far some sins go beyond forgiveness and how incapable of defense they are…”

19 thoughts on “What is the difference between The God of the NT (JESUS) and the ‘god’ of the OT (Yahweh)?

  1. A war vote for Obongo is still coming. Part of the deal Putin wants will be to stand down the US fleet and Air Force which Obongo will not do. Expect a war vote with the discretion of time to strike to the Liar in Chief. Expect an “October Surprise” and an unfortunate turn of events for the US. Inspection and destruction of Assad’s only ace in the hole will not happen.

  2. You are spot in your analyze of the OT vs NT.
    It is two different gods, the old devil of OT, and Jesus’s father, whoever he may be, in the NT.
    Maybe the Germanic Mannus, as Jesus stresses many times that he is the son of Man.

    In fact the very word devil, djevel or jævel in Norwegian, comes from Jahveh himself.
    Diabolos too, naturally. Can be pronounced djavolos/jahvolos = djevel/jævel.
    In wikipedia, diabolos is explained as oppsite, from dia-bolos, di-pol.
    That is not correct, then it would be dia-polos, like in polaris or metropolis.

    The devils of this world was the followers of Yahweh.
    Norwegian is an very old and probably well preserved language.
    And as you know, norse mythology is pretty well handed over by Snorre Sturlason.
    I find it to be very anti-judaic. The arche-enemy of the nordic gods was the Jotnar, pl.of Jotun = juden= jew.
    That’s why I find it very plausible that they hated Yahweh, like we all should, and called his people jævlar/devils.

    In Luke 10.22 Jesus says:

    All things are delivered to me of my Father: and no man knoweth who the Son is, but the Father;
    and who the Father is, but the Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal him.

    I spent some time studying this subject myself, and I am amazed by no one pointing out this before.
    Instead they just sit and try to get their head around the evil you pointed out.

    You may also want to consider Pharaoh’s dream of the 7 + 7 cows as a conspiracy orchestrated by Joseph.
    This is the proto form of driving the economy in cycles like jewish bankers did where and whenever they could everafter.
    It is also proto communism, as the people get taxed in the 7 fat years, and pumped for valuables in the next 7 years.
    Ultimately all valuables and property are on the hands of Joseph and Pharaoh

    I am glad more people than me is able to read the bible for what it is, not what it is supposed to be.
    This is kinda like the story of the emperors new cloths.

    I will look more into this myself.

    Here is a link to another comment I maybe on this subject.

  3. This level of flagrant treason being white-washed as religion in America is shocking. But it’s only a symptom of the real problem. The real problem is the fact that The USA has been infested by millions of Home Grown Fanatical Pro-Israel Rats and Brainwashed Useful Idiots whose first and only loyalty is to Israel and the Racist Supremacist Zionist Mafia occupying the land of Palestine. The agenda is to distribute their special brand of treasonous Kool Aid across the Internet while brazenly claiming to be Fundamentalist Christians. This is an unprecedented cancer eating away at the heart and soul of this country. The disease needs to be surgically removed or America is finished. I don’t support Nazism. But, having been awakened to the worldwide Zionist Scourge, every time I notice some of their seditious and sinister trash posted somewhere, I understand a little more why Hitler – the only man in modern history to stand up to the pestilent disease of Global Organized Jewry – is perhaps the most misunderstood and unfairly maligned political leader in modern history.

  4. All this is true, these stated declarations against that ancient race of Semitic Judean psycopaths and their psychotic Father. It is now been recently proven that Semetic Jews are now nothing but ancient genetic history. The Jews of Israhell today or most anywhere else in the world are presently comprised of Khazarian-Ashkenazi Jews. But what the Hell, if Jehovah was still alive in the 8th century A.D. he would gladly let these self converted psychopaths worship his ass.

  5. A very thought-provoking spiritual thesis. I was raised a Catholic (grammar school, high school, college -yep all Catholic). As all Catholics and Christians we were raised that the God of the Old Testament is God the Father of the
    New Testament. I have been giving this thought lately and everything Joe states above is the truth. I guess I am responding to see if any other Catholics / Christians have more thoughts on this. I have gradually pulled away from the Old Testament and only use the New Testament for my spiritual / religious beliefs. My fiance has the same attitude on the Old Testament as stated in Joe’s thesis and she has brought this up to me. Also I use the King James bible-different for a Catholic. I also believe the serpent race has infiltrated the Catholic Church and has practicaly ruined it from within. Another great article.

  6. What’s in the name Mr. Cortina? Jewish G-d Yahweh preaches REVENGE – and Christian God submission to the Church, indirectly controlled by the Jewish elites.

    On March 13, Jewish groups in the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America hailed the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio 76, as the new Pope Francis I as a “friend of Jews and Israel”.


  7. joe,on brother nats latest post on rjn,he totally is at odds with your opinion on the ot god. he tells a poster that its the posters lack of understanding that has him confused and lacking real knowledge ,so whose opinion is right,you cannot both be right

  8. You are all wrong! The god of the old and new testaments is the same person and is not a jew and is not the devil.
    If you will not believe what god has to say about himself then you are all still in darkness along with the rest of the semites.
    The god who gave the 10 commandments called himself I AM. Jesus also called himself I AM. He also said that if you believed Moses you would also believe me because Moses wrote of me. If you can’t believe that what do you believe?
    It is not enough to merely oppose the jews. Any one can do that. It is also not enough to believe in God. Any one can believe in God and there are many gods to choose from and all but one are false gods. The real important questions are do you believe in the correct god and do you believe what he has to say?

  9. and yes I agree with what you say for example in deut 19.15 to21 regards an eye for an eye,that appears to me to get even with someone who accuses you of wrong . but are we not to appear in cesears courts and to forgive instead of getting even.or am I interpreting things wrongly,would like your opinion joe.

  10. Here is a simple fact: Jews don’t spell out the word GOD in their writings, instead they use G-D which designates the Great Devil.

  11. Guys wake up, this whole Christianity is a setup by the JBoys and God’s way of sending the Final Revelation thru Mohammed:

    Published in The Century Magazine January 1928 Volume 115, Number 3 pages 346-350

    OF COURSE, you do resent us. It is no good telling me you don’t. So let us not waste any time on denials and alibis. You know you do, and I know it, and we understand each other. To be sure, some of your best friends are Jews, and all that. I have heard that before once or twice, I think. And I know, too, that you do not include me personally—“me” being any particular individual Jew—when you fling out at us in your wholesale fashion, because I am, well, so different, don’t you know, almost as good as one of yourselves. That little exemption does not, somehow, move me to gratitude; but never mind that now. It is the aggressive, climbing, pushing, materialistic sort you dislike—those, in a word, who remind you so much of your own up-and-coming brethren. We understand each other perfectly. I don’t hold it against you.

    Bless my soul, I do not blame anybody for disliking anybody. The thing that intrigues me about this anti-Jewish business, as you play at it, is your total lack of grit. You are so indirect and roundabout with it, you make such transparent excuses, you seem to be suffering from self-consciousness so horribly, that if the performance were not grotesque, it would be irritating.

    It is not as if you were amateurs: you have been at it for over fifteen centuries. Yet watching you and hearing your childish pretexts, one might get the impression that you did not know yourselves what it is all about. You resent us, but you cannot clearly say why. You think up a new excuse—a “reason” is what you call it—every other day. You have been piling up justifications for yourselves these many hundreds of years and each new invention is more laughable than the last and each new excuse contradicts and annihilates the last. Not so many years ago I used to hear that we were money-grubbers and commercial materialists; now the complaint is being whispered around that no art and no profession is safe against Jewish invasion. We are, if you are to be believed, at once clannish and exclusive and unassimilable because we won’t intermarry with you, and we are also climbers and pushers and a menace to your racial integrity. Our standard of living is so low that we create your slums and sweated industries, and so high that we crowd you out of your best residential sections. We shirk our patriotic duty in wartime because we are pacifists by nature and tradition, and we are the arch-plotters of universal wars and the chief beneficiaries of those wars (see the late “Dearborn Independent,” passim, and “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”).

    We are at once the founders and leading adherents of capitalism and the chief perpetrators of the rebellion against capitalism. Surely, history has nothing like us for versatility! And, oh! I almost forgot the reason of reasons. We are the stiff-necked people who never accepted Christianity, and we are the criminal people who crucified its founder. But I can tell you, you are self-deceivers. You lack either the self-knowledge or the mettle to face the facts squarely and own up to the truth. You resent the Jew not because, as some of you seem to think, he crucified Jesus but because he gave him birth. Your real quarrel with us is not that we have rejected Christianity but that we have imposed it upon you! Your loose, contradictory charges against us are not a patch on the blackness of our proved historic offense. You accuse us of stirring up revolution in Moscow. Suppose we admit the charge. What of it? Compared with what Paul the Jew of Tarsus accomplished in Rome, the Russian upheaval is a mere street brawl. You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws and your governments, and the very thoughts you think every day? A clumsy Russian forges a set of papers and publishes them in a book called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which shows that we plotted to bring on the late World War. You believe that book.

    All right. For the sake of argument we will underwrite every word of it. It is genuine and authentic. But what is that beside the unquestionable historical conspiracy which we have carried out, which we have never denied because you never had the courage to charge us with it, and of which the full record is extant for anybody to read? If you really are serious when you talk of Jewish plots, may I not direct your attention to one worth talking about? What use is it wasting words on the alleged control of your public opinion by Jewish financiers, newspaper owners and movie magnates, when you might as well justly accuse us of the proved control of your whole civilization by the Jewish Gospels? You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.

    Look back a little and see what has happened. Nineteen hundred years ago you were an innocent, care-free, pagan race. You worshiped countless gods and goddesses, the spirits of the air, of the running streams and of the woodland. You took unblushing pride in the glory of your naked bodies. You carved images of your gods and of the tantalizing human figure. You delighted in the combats of the field, the arena and the battle-ground. War and slavery were fixed institutions in your systems. Disporting yourselves on the hillsides and in the valleys of the great outdoors, you took to speculating on the wonder and mystery of life and laid the foundations of natural science and philosophy. Yours was a noble, sensual culture, unirked by the prickings of a social conscience or by any sentimental questionings about human equality.

    Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone. But we did not leave you alone. We took you in hand and pulled down the beautiful and generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We conquered you as no empire of yours ever subjugated Africa or Asia. And we did it all without armies, without bullets, without blood or turmoil, without force of any kind. We did it solely by the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas, with propaganda. We made you the willing and unconscious bearers of our mission to the whole world, to the barbarous races of the earth, to the countless unborn generations. Without fully understanding what we were doing to you, you became the agents at large of our racial tradition, carrying our gospel to the unexplored ends of the earth. Our tribal customs have become the core of your moral code. Our tribal laws have furnished the basic groundwork of all your august constitutions and legal systems. Our legends and our folk tales are the sacred lore which you croon to your infants. Our poets have filled your hymnals and your prayer books. Our national history has become an indispensable part of your pastors and priests and scholars. Our kings, our statesmen, our prophets, our warriors are your heroes. Our ancient little country is your Holy Land. Our national literature is your Holy Bible.
    What our people thought and taught has become inextricably woven into your very speech and tradition, until no one among you can be called educated who is not familiar with our racial heritage. Jewish artisans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your saints, with countless statues carved in their image and innumerable cathedrals raised to their memories. A Jewish maiden is your ideal of womanhood. A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central figure in your religious worship. We have pulled down your idols, cast aside your racial inheritance, and substituted for them our God and our traditions. No conquest in history can even remotely compare with this clean sweep of our conquest over you. How did we do it? Almost by accident.

    Two thousand years ago nearly, in far-off Palestine, our religion had fallen into decay and materialism. Money-changers were in possession of the temple. Degenerate, selfish priests mulcted our people and grew fat. Then a young patriot-idealist arose and went about the land calling for a revival of faith. He had no thought of setting up a new church. Like all the prophets before him, his only aim was to purify and revitalize the old creed. He attacked the priests and drove the money-changers from the temple. This brought him into conflict with the established order and its supporting pillars. The Roman authorities, who were in occupation of the country, fearing his revolutionary agitation as a political effort to oust them, arrested him, tried him and condemned him to death by crucifixion, a common form of execution at that time. The followers of Jesus of Nazareth, mainly slaves and poor workmen, in their bereavement and disappointment, turned away from the world and formed themselves into a brotherhood of pacifist non-resisters, sharing the memory of their crucified leader and living together communistically. They were merely a new sect in Judea, without power or consequence, neither the first nor the last. Only after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans did the new creed come into prominence. Then a patriotic Jew named Paul or Saul conceived the idea of humbling the Roman power by destroying the morale or its soldiery with the doctrines of love and non-resistance preached by the little sect of Jewish Christians. He became the Apostle to the Gentiles, he who hitherto had been one of the most active persecutors of the band. And so well did Paul do his work that within four centuries the great empire which had subjugated Palestine along with half of the world, was a heap of ruins. And the law which went forth from Zion became the official religion of Rome. This was the beginning of our dominance in your world. But it was only a beginning. From this time forth your history is little more than a struggle for mastery between your own old pagan spirit and our Jewish spirit. Half your wars, great and little, are religious wars, fought over the interpretation of one thing or another in our teachings.
    You no sooner broke free from your primitive religious simplicity and attempted the practice of the pagan Roman learning than Luther armed with our gospels arose to down you and enthrone our heritage. Take the three principal revolutions in modern times—the French, the American and the Russian. What are they but the triumph of the Jewish idea of social, political and economic justice? And the end is still a long way off. We still dominate you. At this very moment your churches are torn asunder by a civil war between
    Fundamentalists and Modernists, that is to say between those who cling to our teachings and traditions literally and those who are striving by slow steps to dispossess us. In Dayton, Tennessee, a Bible-bred community forbids the teaching of your science because it conflicts with our ancient Jewish account of the origin of life; and Mr. Bryan, the leader of the anti-Jewish Ku Klux Klan in the Democratic National Convention, makes the supreme fight of his life in our behalf, without noticing the contradiction. Again and again the Puritan heritage of Judea breaks out in waves of stage censorship, Sunday blue laws and national prohibition acts. And while these things are happening you twaddle about Jewish influence in the movies! Is it any wonder you resent us?

    We have put a clog upon your progress. We have imposed upon you an alien book and an alien faith which you cannot swallow or digest, which is at cross-purposes with your native spirit, which keeps you everlastingly ill-at-ease, and which you lack the spirit either to reject or to accept in full. In full, of course, you never have accepted our Christian teachings. In your hearts you still are pagans. You still love war and graven images and strife. You still take pride in the glory of the nude human figure. Your social conscience, in spite of all democracy and all your social revolutions, is still a pitifully imperfect thing. We have merely divided your soul, confused your impulses, paralyzed your desires.

    In the midst of battle you are obliged to kneel down to him who commanded you to turn the other cheek, who said “Resist not evil” and “Blessed are the peacemakers.” In your lust for gain you are suddenly disturbed by a memory from your Sunday-school days about taking no thought for the morrow. In your industrial struggles, when you would smash a strike without compunction, you are suddenly reminded that the poor are blessed and that men are brothers in the Fatherhood of the Lord. And as you are about to yield to temptation, your Jewish training puts a deterrent hand on your shoulder and dashes the brimming cup from your lips. You Christians have never become Christianized. To that extent we have failed with you. But we have forever spoiled the fun of paganism for you. So why should you not resent us? If we were in your place we should probably dislike you more cordially than you do us. But we should make no bones about telling you why. We should not resort to subterfuges and transparent pretexts. With millions of painfully respectable Jewish shopkeepers all about us we should not insult your intelligence and our own honesty by talking about communism as a Jewish philosophy. And with millions of hard-working impecunious Jewish peddlers and laborers we should not make ourselves ridiculous by talking about international capitalism as a Jewish monopoly. No, we should go straight to the point. We should contemplate this confused, ineffectual muddle which we call civilization, this half-Christian half-pagan medley, and—were our places reversed—we should say to you point-blank: “For this mess thanks to you, to your prophets and to your Bible.”

  12. It’s a fact, Jack (Sal, actually) You yids abandoned Mosaic Law and your covenant with God almost as soon as He gave it to you and you found it inconvenient. You think that you worship yourselves but in fact you worship Baal as you have for almost your entire miserable existence.

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