I prefer to use the New Testament – or the ‘Christian Bible’ as it is often referred to – for references regarding Christ and Christianity –  as many parts of the Old Testament are so riddled with jew lies and jew blasphemies that lionize and make heroes of the most putrid vicious sadistic war criminals in mankind’s records as to make a decent man sick to his stomach.  NONE of it makes sense or supports goodness and justice.

Virtually all of the jew heroes of the jew Bible are the most reprobate cheating sadistic murderous materialistic adulterous sex crazed dysfunctional hypocrite schizophrenic deceiving remorseless lascivious sadistic cruel vicious X rated personalities one could imagine. I could not even imagine having even one of these reptiles as a neighbor or role model for my children including their women.

NONE Of them acted like ideal Christians. They behaved like the jews Christ damned in John – and God in Jeremiah

There is no more vicious Godless piece of filthy crap than Moses. This Jew war criminal killer was the antithesis of EVERYTHING that Christ taught. He was a barbaric murderer that promoted stealing rape murder slavery and every putrid manner of violence and horror that the jews so very much love and revel in.  He was a pedophile who constantly raped infant girls – a war criminal who had tens of thousands of civilians slaughtered.

The jew OT is FILLED with this type of violence supposedly committed on orders from God.  Moses authored more filthy lies about God than all the rest of the jews combined. Remember folks – HE wrote these lies himself.

That’s right ‘Dorothy’ – among his MANY outrages and wicked sins – Moses the jew ‘super hero’ was the one INSTRUCTED his precious jews to borrow ( read STEAL)  all the gold and silver they could from their Egyptian neighbors. In other words – sick twisted jew morality says if your landlord didn’t treat you right – that makes it OK to covet his wealth and rob him blind.  Moses – can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y!

When the jew army had defeated a certain nation the blood thirsty Moses monster asked his general if he had killed all of the people as Moses had instructed.  He instructed them not to kill the virgin children as they would be sold as sex slaves to the sex-crazed jews.  It is ALL in the jew bible – total filth!  Today the jews are STILL the white female slave traders of the world.  I think the conduct of Moses would have embarrassed even Stalin or Lenin.

Today we call it pedophilia kidnapping and other nasty unspeakable crimes  To the war criminal Moses is was just another ‘normal’ OT jew perversion.  Remember next time you read of some terrible white slaving ring selling pre -pubescent little girls as sex slaves and some hypocrite BaptDUH preacher is raving about the issue – remind him that his jew Moses war criminal jew hero did the EXACT SAME THING.  Of course the jew bible complete with corrupt jew prophets tells us that their all knowing all loving all merciful god ordered them to do it.

Poor jews – “Oy Veh, Ve had to rape those thousand virgin children because Yahweh commanded me to” .  OH REALLY?  and who wrote all of this porn filth? Why jew scribes and jew Pharisees and Jew high priests.  Of course most people would think it a bit strange that these reptiles had to have boxes strapped on their heads  with notes to remind them to be good jews.  How about insane. Eve see a rendition of Jesus with a stupid box on his head to keep Him on the straight and narrow?

So guess what bat shit crazy monster wrote the first FIVE books of the OT? (Genesis Exodus Leviticus – Numbers & Deuteronomy)   Hint – He is one of the most barbaric animalistic sadistic war criminals of all recorded history.  You got it  — the lying jew – Mr. Moses  He is the guy who did most to make God ( THE God) into a lunatic homicidal killer.

Look at Lot – what a morally weak drunken piece of shit.  He not only offers his supposed virgin daughters to be raped by stranger in Sodom but then these same horney little whores get their weak willed father drunk and he screws them BOTH and gets BOTH pregnant. Jews= drunkenness +Incest = unspeakable immoral behavior? Na – normal for jews.

God DID finally get very pissed about being slandered by these lying reptiles as evidenced by many quotes in the book of Jeremiah – another section of jews being damned by God that is NEVER EVER read from pulpits – as if these quotes never existed.  The jew has done his job of censorship well.  Here is undeniable proof of God’s anger for being used and mocked by the jews for over two thousand years.

God to the Prophet Jeremiah from the Book Of Jeremiah :  “Each pursues his own course like a horse charging into battle…How can you say ‘We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord?’ when the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?”

Here above – it is obvious that God was addressing the endless lies about Him written by jews in the OT where God was portrayed as a vicious hateful murderer of innocent women and children and infants – the slaughter of farm animals for sacrifices approval of pedophilia promotion of human sacrifice, slavery, and sadistic cruelty to helpless human beings ( my comment)

They chose the two dumbest creatures on earth and the most naive gullible fools in America  – The BabtDUHS – 35 million brain-dead rednecks having the collective IQs of retarded oysters and the common sense of a crate of rocks.

The jews than made deals with a few greedy racist ambitious Godless scum like the Grahams – Falwell – Robertson – Parsley – Dollar – Hagee – and a laundry list more human scum that were willing to that voodoo magic they did so well on these simpleton imbecile BaphDUHS.  Made them all rich and famous with jet planes yachts mansions drugs and whores and the rest is history.

Here are some of the countless examples of rancid putrid Godless Satanic jew filth written in the Jew bible.  If this is not proof positive of the wickedness and evil of the stinking filthy jews – what is?  It is ALL jew written and it is ALL a mockery of the Commandments and goodness.  Note that ALL of the following slanderous filth was a  jew created mockery of the goodness of God by lying greedy jews.

Ezekiel 9:5-6 “Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women.”

Isaiah 13:16 “Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.”

1 Chronicles 20:3 “And he brought out the people that were in it, and cut them with saws, and with harrows of iron, and with axes.”

Psalm 137:8-9 “O daughter of Babylon, you destroyer, happy those who pay you back the evil you have done us! Happy those who seize your children and smash them against a rock.”

NUMBERS 31: 17-18 “Now therefore KILL every male among the little ones, and KILL every woman (female) that hath known man by lying (having sex) with him. “But keep ALIVE for yourselves all the GIRLS and all the women who are VIRGINS.”

NUMBERS 31: 35 “And the Jews salvaged for themselves 32,000 virgins”

Remember this – it wasn’t the Christians or the Muslims who wrote this putrid abysmally nasty hideous blasphemous filth – It was the jews. This kind of trash Is what Christ condemned them for and what every culture on earth for the past three thousand years has reviled them for.

Today the BaptDUHS carry on with the blasphemies and lies that the jews created in most of the OT.

This ultra-evil is what your redneck moron imbecile BaptDUH neighbors worship and send our sons to die and kill for. Baptduhs are – numerically – the largest enemy of all decent man kind ON EARTH! They are the MORTAL enemies of ALL decent Americans. When you see one you should spit in his or her face as when it all comes down and the terror begins – it will be THEIR sons in uniform who murder your families for the jews.

That folks is not a wild claim – their past conduct has made it a foregone conclusion. Read the “29 Palms Naval Base” horror story if you even think I am not 100% rationally right.

There is hardly an OT jew hero figure that was NOT a raving lunatic and greedy hypocrite.  Abraham was a schizoid lunatic.  He really believed that GOD who knows the minds and hearts of ALL men would ask him to commit a heinous murder and human sacrifice to “please him” – and would not give him amoral test.

Think about the jew mind for a moment.  People today hear voices ‘in their head’ ordering them to kill their brother or parents of husbands or wives. They are hopelessly insane – they are called schizophrenics – unless of course they are jews – then these demands are from ‘god’.   Hey – Insanity is a jew thing.

Abraham KNEW murder was a terrible sin and to murder his own innocent son as a human sacrifice to ostensibly please God made NO sense and was unthinkably evil – BUT he would have done it anyway – SICK SICK SICK!

Not only was Abraham a spineless pansy who would murder his own son because he”heard voices in his head’ but tell me what kind of man would think so little of his wife that he introduces her as his sister so nobody will kill him and take her away in Pharaoh’s court. The ‘monster Pharaoh’ that Abraham fears is such a vicious mad dog barbarian  that when he finds out Sarai is Abraham’s WIFE and NOT his sister as (the spineless shit lied to him about) – he graciously returns his wife to him.

In other words – if this jew wimp had been half a man to begin with – he would have introduced her as his wife – and Pharaoh being the gentlemen that he apparently was – would not have put the moves on her anyway as proven by his obvious code of honor. What a coward.  How would you like to have this monster for a friend – OR husband  OR YOUR FATHER.  Disgusting  typical selfish cowardly jew.

Three thousand years later the same twisted insane mentality sick race we know as jews are murdering tens of thousands of innocent defenseless helpless Palestinian women and children on command from Rabbis with the same depraved OT sick twisted minds that created holy acts out of pure cold-blooded murder.

These modern day Pharisees wring their hands with delight with their Oy Vehs as they watch hundreds of Palestinian  children writhing in agony as their tiny bodies are pierced by burning white phosphorous – long since outlawed by the Geneva Convention.  These are WAR crimes to decent people = but sick OT justice to the insane sadistic jew.

Conclusion of all this OT jew created garbage?   God is either an out of control hateful vengeful lustful unforgiving sadistic monster who rewards violence with stolen riches and promises lurid sex with innocent enslaved children as sex toys and demands bizarre paganistic ritualism  including bloody gory killing and burning of animals as ” sacrifices” as portrayed by the jews in their OT insanity – OR – He is a benevolent just kind loving compassionate ‘father of us all’  whose goal for his creations – ‘mankind’ – is that they live in peace harmony love and follow His laws and the wicked jews ESPECIALLY like Moses – have fabricated these blasphemous lies to promote their hatred and violence.
He is either the God of Islam and Christianity or the God of the Satanic jew which means he is Satan.

Look at the jewish kings for example.  Solomon was a sex crazed animal whose personal mistresses  numbered seven hundred and had three hundred more outright whores! His lust for material wealth is well documented as was his idolatry.  This then was the typical jew leader – corrupt egocentric lacivious power crazed hypocrite whoremonger. THIS puke is what you want YOUR children to admire as a role model?  Check it out for yourself!

King David was a typical womanizer as is so typical of jews – only he carried his lustful depravities to a depth unbearably repugnant to ALL decent men.  Imagine if you will that there was once a powerful leader and his finest general loved and admired this king as a father and his loyalty was unshakeable.

He also has a really hot wife and the king – being a jew just couldn’t resist screwing his best friend’s wife – but since this king has his image as a ‘God-fearing moral man to stand in the way of his getting some new pussy – he had to use his depraved sick twisted jew mind to invent a plan to get rid of her husband.  Getting to sound like an episode of the newest ‘critically acclaimed jew filth in Talmud vision’s ‘Magic City’?  Well that is because filthy jews ‘wrote’ both ‘scripts’.

It gets better.  A war is on and the jews are ALWAYS killing people they don’t like.  SO – this king sends his loyal best friend into a place in the battle -SO DANGEROUS – that he, the king  – is POSITIVE he will be killed.  Get it now?   Can you imagine ANY act by ANY man so horrible evil and wicked that just for a new piece of ass – he has his best friend and most loyal general murdered?

That is exactly what super jew hero – King David did to his best friend Uriah – so he could screw Uriah’s wife Bathsheba.  David never felt any remorse for his unspeakable crime – and it was only AFTER he was confronted by the prophet Nathan that this greedy jew’s sins were revealed to his people.  Check it for yourself!

His wickedness included coveting theft adultery and murder. All typical jew traits.  OH- almost forgot – Mr. jew super hero had made his best friend’s wife pregnant before he sent him to be killed hoping it would all be washed under the rug. Typical jew mentality  Typical lack of remorse. Typical grandstanding and self recrimination – ONLY AFTER he was exposed!  Its a jew thing.  This slimy reprobate is a role model for  Christian kids?  I think not!

These kings were essentially moral degenerates but not war criminals. We should discuss one more ULTRA war criminal and liar and slanderer of God. That would be Joshua – the very same scum who wrote the bullshit in the Book of Joshua. This filthy depraved insane jew psychopath scumbag made Pol Pot look like a naughty boy.  He slaughtered every living thing in Jericho including men women children infants and even all the farm animals. Keep in mind that there was NEVER EVER any mention of the people there doing ANY harm to these stinking jews

He murdered tens of thousands of innocent human beings -all of course with Not only gods help but his total approval. He did what jews do best – lie and murder. One more reason I do NOT ever want my grandchildren to be exposed to this kind of demonic filth presented as the ‘will of God’.

The excuse for mass genocide? Simply that Jericho had the unfortunate fate of being on land that was ‘promised’ to these thieving murderous jews.  Almost exactly the same sick twisted insane reasoning the jews in modern IsraHELL have used for the past 60 years against religious Palestinians who have lived on the land for over 1500 years – and THEN these scummy Demonic jews stole it with violence and terror!

Given the chance these demon scum would do the same thing to every American man woman and child – make NO MISTAKE!  I have lived among these Satanic reptiles and they are no more human than  deadly rattlesnakes.
It cannot be both ways folks.  It isn’t just that modern jews turned bad like we see today with their porn adultery organized crime porn and lifestyles that would embarrass even jew scum like putrid shock jocks like Michael Savage and Howard Stern. They have been debasing decent society for three thousand years!

The jews created their own ‘god’ in their image to suit THEIR filthy materialistic hedonistic prurient lifestyles. It was written mostly by corrupt Godless greedy money grubbing.  Pharisees High priests scribes Sadducees Rabbis – all the same jew filth. If you STILL don’t’ get it’  – read some of this X ratred violence  and trash for yourself

You will find  Numbers – Deuteronomy – Psalms – Chronicles – Ezekiel – Isaiah – Leviticus and a dozen more , filled with fables lies hatred violence demonization of God and endless minutiae of barbaric pagan inane insane cult clone burnt offering racist ritualism that has absolutely NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with moral conduct – pleasing God – or keeping on the straight path or convincing men to lead good sober moral responsible compassionate lives.  Just endless stupid mindless insane jew shit that was the antithesis of the teachings and conduct of Christ and the goodness of God.   Read it for yourself!

In other words the OT was created for jews by jews and their ‘god’ was created by jews for jew consumption only.  Jews – aside from being demonic – are the ultimate egotists.

I have just scratched the surface of the lies blasphemies contradictions and pure insanity – but what I have used as examples should give you an idea of the evil and deceptions of the jews.  I honestly believe that the OT has turned off more intelligent newcomers as potential Christians than all of the modern ‘false prophets carnival mentality screaming greed filled sludge like John Hagee or Joel Osteen combined.

It sure as hell offended and confused me for years. The OT is in my opinion the greatest written stumbling block to rational educated converts reading it for the first time that I can imagine. I’m finally done with it.

If it wasn’t for Jeremiah and perhaps some snippets of interposed wisdom between the voluminous filth endless senseless irrelevant ritualism and bizarre jew cult ‘laws’ – I would rip it out and put it where it belongs – in the trash.  I see nothing there that I should know – to help me or my children be a better person morally – that I cannot find in the Christian Bible – ( NT)   You decide for yourself – my decision is made.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

‘Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.’

‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it’

‘That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10’

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.
St John Chrysostom

“Do you not hear what God said to Jeremiah about the Jews? ‘Do not intercede for these people, because even if Moses and Samuel shall stand before my face I will not listen to them.’ That is how far some sins go beyond forgiveness and how incapable of defense they are…”


  1. Joe do you consider the the scriptures that require sex criminals like homosexuals to be put to death out of line?
    Or do you consider the jews that fail to follow and enforce such laws and penalties to be out of line. Read John 5 verses 45,46,47. Read Lev. 20 verse 13 and Romans 1 verses 31,32. The greatest crimes comitted by the Israelites is to not obey the laws and failure to punish according to scriptures. The gentile leaders of north america and europe are also guilty of the same offences . These leaders are often influenced by masonic and jewish teachings which are contrary to the old and new testaments. The Caananites were polytheistic devil worshippers that had to be punished.
    Later the Israelites comitted the same offences and had to be punished. To this day they still require punishment because they do not keep gods laws and judgements and do them, they do not accept Jesus Christ as their lord and God and they continue to do evil and encourage others to also do evil. They continue to teach for doctrines the commandments and opinions of rabbis making the law of god of no effect by their tradition. The god of the old and new testament is essentially one and the same. The problem is the the criminal rebellion by israelite and gentile against God. Much of the Bible is testimony of that rebellion and criminal behavior and a little bit is the almighty laying down the law against it. Much of that law is essentially civil and criminal law. The law was made for man not man for the law.
    When you allow people to make their own laws or ignore gods laws you wind up with the world we have today. The satanic jew world order.

  2. Ever since I was a kid in Catholic school, I always wondered what the people in Jericho did to deserve their fate. And it was an unspoken rule that you weren’t supposed to ask. Thanks Joe, for clarifying this point.

  3. To RollingWriter,
    Not sure if this is true or not, but it seems I read somewhere that the Sephardic Jews got their name because they did not convert to Christianity in 1492, when Queen Isabella ordered that the Jews either had to become Christians, or leave Spain. Those Jews who refused to convert and subsequently left became the Sephardic. Many of them may have had Eastern European Ashkenazi Khazarian roots.

  4. Joe, you are too shy in expressing your opinions! Winks. According to some Christian historians, the Pharaoh cared greatly for Abe’s wife but…. after her appearance, within a short time there was disease rampant among the harem. I am sure you know just what type of disease! The Egyptians were very sophisticated in medical matters and the women of the harem were perfectly healthy, guaranteed clean since they were to serve the Pharaoh. It was then that her true relationship with Abe was discovered.

  5. To Steven: Who is the God of the Old Testament, and who is the God of the so called New?

  6. That was the funniest rendition of the OT that I have ever heard. And it makes sense. Thanks Joe.l

  7. I think the whole bible is just a Jew lie there is no j in the Hebrew devil alphabet so there for jesus is just another Jew lie I don’t see why people are so blind to this idea your reading a Jew story have they ever done one honest thing in there entire existence so why should this Jew story be any different they cooked up the whole thing to have a brain washed mass of idiots that will do Amy thing in the name of god and it’s worked beautifully we underestimate the clever mind of the Jew Plus doesn’t it say that there’s only one true god and to worship any other thing would be a false idol so all these people prey to Jesus isn’t that sort of a false idol look into the cult of Saturn and learn for your self who Jesus really is and what his purpose really is good luck

  8. Ah yes, the Old Testament
    Wasn’t that the time when Satan was unemployed for thousands of years because the Jewish “god” and his “chosen people” were out doing him?

  9. “Torah comes from the Hebrew word for “law” and refers to the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—also known as the Pentateuch. The word torah is used also to refer to the scroll of parchment on which the Pentateuch is written. The scroll is considered a sacred liturgical object in synagogues and is often richly decorated and given other marks of respect. In Orthodox Judaism, the Torah also can refer to the entirety of the law, both in written form (Scripture and other sacred writings) and in oral Tradition.

    When we as Catholics refer to the Old Testament, we are referring to all forty-six books of the Bible written before Christ, including the first five that the Jews call the Torah.”

  10. This is the very reason why Jews as a whole. Can not be trusted! Because rather if they are Left or Right Politically. Or if they are religious or secular. Rather they consider themselves as being Jewish based on Race,Culture or Religion. It is the shear fact that a individual or group would call themselves Jewish or a Jew. That shows a delusional tenancy to view there race and or religion as principled or even noble at best! While the ones who truly believe in The Old Testament (The Torah) are Sociopaths with Delusions Of Grandeur. Who can justify any despicable action they partake in as a Divine Right! In the pursuance of establishing there perverted Kingdom on this Earth! “Of course as long as it is in accordance with the Torah that is!” At it’s very worst!
    In short. The world is dealing with a over 2 Thousand year old Cult. That owes it’s very survival through act of Subterfuge. Which the Jewish Cult have perfected to a Fine Art Form! Also through the concept of Tribalism. A secret system where no Jew will speak or act against another Jew and now the State of IsraHell! Unless the Jew is acting against the tribes best interests in these regards.
    While Subterfuge ‘Definition Here/ http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/subterfuge‘ is used to penetrate all institutions seen as a immediate threat to there cause. Or even a possible future threat to the cause!
    Examples of Jewish Subterfuge is found all over History. The creation of are Federal Reserve System to the creation of the Scofield Bible. To the creation of the IRS. To the creation of are News and Entertainment Media Industry.
    All done through the act of Subterfuge of are Government and Public Officials!
    Just so people like Joe.Mark Glenn and myself can be laughed at. Discredited or even killed! If we are perceived as those who are a threat to the Jewish imposed system that took America over! At the very least since 1913!
    No one denies there creativity or cunning in how this Cult achieved these fetes. But the main thing to remember is that we talking about a Cult who’s Soul Purpose is to wage war on this planet! In the quest of there Utopian Jewish Dream of a New World Order here! One of the ways to achieve this next quest. Is being caught up in never ending none issues and debates about “Good Jews vs. Bad Jews!” DON’T FALL FOR IT! AND DON’T TRUST A JEW!

  11. Robert Pickle
    The god of the old and new testament is Jesus Christ who is God the father in the flesh . As a clone of god the father he the flesh and blood person Jesus is the son of god. Jesus was more than just a flesh and blood man. He was dining with Abraham before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and he gave Moses the ten commandments and he looked the jews in the eye and told them that they were of their father the devil! With few exceptions they could not and would not see past the flesh and recognise God dealing with them person to person. Instead the Jews had the Romans torture and execute him. Now the the real question you should have asked is who is the preferred god of the Jews and not who is the god of the old and new testament? The answer is the devil and his demons , all the stone idols and polytheistic pagan gods of the ancient world. Anything and anyone but the Creator. That is your answer. Believe it or fall in with the Jews and the rest of the pagans on the highway to HELL.

  12. Oh yes Robert I left out the Jews themselves as the preferred gods of the Jews. Evidence for this is a quote from Prime Minister Menachem Begin in his speech to the Knesset. They do love to worship anything but the creator god.

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    – Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset.

  13. I, too, in the days when I attended church, used to wonder, vaguely, what sort of god this was, who could speak, and behave, in this monstrous fashion, it is only recently, that people such as Joe, and MG, have shown me, that the creatured referred to as “god”, was no such thing..

    After hearing of the bloody murder of peaceful supporters of the deposed president of Egypt, Morsi, one of whom was a six month old infant, and the lies told by the spokesman for the US/supremacist jewish, bought and paid for, military whores, to justify the massacre, I thought, this is the fate which awaits us all..

    Thanks Joe, for your honesty..

  14. Thank you all for your perceptions and indivual interpretations of the obvious evils of the jew written OT. Steven – it does also appear that you DO ‘get it’. Sensible intelligent comments always welcome. Jeremiah remains as the sole martyr of the period and predictable victim of lunatic sociopath criminals like Moses. I now and for the rest of my life consider the OT the ‘X’ rated unsuitable for true Christian minds and hearts section of ‘Biblical ‘ history. The early Catholic Church should have dumped it as the wicked evil demonic jew trash it was.

    Our ‘Bible’ should have been called ‘THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE’ and started with MAtt. and the Gospels of the life of Christ – PERIOD! It took me WAY TOO LONG to come to that firm conclusion. Today there are actually some 20 to 30 THOUSAND different Chrstian sects /denominations. That is absolue insanity! As Christians we should ONLY call our selves ‘CHRISTIANS’ and the teachings of JEsus as our rudder and compass. These insufferable jew bastards insist on stupid insand man made laws 99% of which have NOTHING REMOTELY to do with living a good life .

    Do you know how many of these bullshit stupid racist violent Godless crap so-called laws this war criminal sociopath invented ? Would you believe OVER SIX HUNDRED ?!! No wonder these jews are so screwed up in their heads

    When Jesus was asked by the high priests which of these insane stupid ‘laws’ that require a team of jewish lawyers to even remotely understand, were the most important – He answered – “There are only two. Love the Lord – and love thy neighbor – neither of which were EVER kept by ANY jews under Moses’ control.

  15. To the Disgusting blasphemy of the new age troll called Soltera3. Take your ignorant anti Christian garbage and spread someplace else. Your purposeful disruptive conduct is NOT appreciated by myself OR my readers. Don’t EVER come back – scumbag. There are plenty of hate Christ sites for you to peddle your insanity.

  16. Hello and thanks Joe.

    This article of Yours is essential. I linked it to Brother Nathanaels site and I got deleted almost immediately. I think I’m no longer a member of RJN family. If they are so dedicated to Jew Bible, just keep it. I also linked this article into VeteransToday site to a reasonable and critical black Christian Jonas E. Alexis site and most likely got deleted again. He’s a professional mathematician and I’ve spent quite a time with mathematics as well although I’ve considered myself rather of those guys of common sense rather than academic and dry. Here’s the discussion:


    And here’s my critics about nowadays Christianity:

    “But similary could we speak about Christian unlogic. If we had some average curve of morality versus time, don’t You Jonas think, that at the point Jesus Christ was born, there should be a singular point in this curve? That is before Christ morality was decreasing or maybe sinking, immediately after the born of Christ it’s tangent changed direction and morality began to increase. If so, how do You explain that, unless before the Christ there was a negative sink of morality and after the Christ there was a positive source of morality.

    In that light, how can Christians read the Old Testament as a Holy Book and how can Christians consider that mid-East region as Holy Land before the Christ? The New Testament is Christian Bible and I don’t read OT. Most likely this is quite provoking but here’s what Joe Cortina thinks abou the OT:


    Most likely the same thing could have been said more smoothly, but similary those ZioChristians could use alternative ways than depleted uranium to express that they’ve had read some OT and only OT.”

    Jesus Christ born at the time that downward edge of curved letter V of morality. I call that a singular point, that is it’s “direction tangent” is undefined. Because in the times of robbery and murder simultaneously some wise men of eastern lands wanted to follow the star and risk their lives to give a gift to a little child.

  17. hello mr JOE, really appreciate your commitment and way of dealing with these zionist psychological deception trap indoctrination ,l ‘ve realized that in the moment you accept the term of “choosen people” and their divine connection as a tribe matter automaticly the person has accepted his inferiority and lies which are served as “god’s words” , along with absurdity of the tribe going against all the morals and virtue they expect us goyims to behave especially toward them ,as they expect to be treated and viewed as semi-god creatures on all matters ,mostly counting on MSM and CORRUPT religious leaders , the best way to get rid of this insanity and degradation is by exposing the core of their power to hypnotize people which gushes mostly from TALMUD as tradition of perverted satanists, and TORAH as fixed and re write to sere their elitist agenda upon sheeps/goys.

  18. Joe I do get it from a certain point of view. The problems with the jews are not gods fault. When you consider the dynamic of free will or the problem of choice it is pretty clear that what ever laws and teachings that were established by god and were recorded by interested individuals were largely ignored or violated by the israelites in general. God even tried to distill it down to 2 basic rules.
    1. Love God.
    2. Love your neighbor as thyself.

    For his trouble he got tortured and executed on the orders of the Jews. Some people never learn and I might be rather generous in calling them people. The old and new testament testifies not only of gods teachings but more over it testifies of Israelite/ jewish misbehavior and crime and the jews don’t like that one bit. Rather than admit that they screwed up they came up with this utterly unholy scripture called the talmud which teaches for doctrines the commandments of men. Specificly wicked evil jewish rabbis. Through this they put the jews in the doctrinal driver seat and matters of good and evil become a matter of learned jewish opinion and made gods laws and teaching of no effect by their tradition. Rabbis effectively became their own gods and violated the first commandment. Politicians essentially committ the same crime everytime they legislate. They play god and make law.
    What is gods attitude about those who have power over the people or laity? The term he uses in the bible is Nicolaitans. Read Rev. chapter2 verse13 through 16. Like Satan Jews, politicians and big time religious organizations want to play god and make the rules instead of :
    1. Love God.
    2. Love your neighbor as thyself.

    I suppose if I was there when the ten commandments were written I would have given what i now know recommended an eleventh commandment. Thou shalt not legislate in any way. God hates competition.

  19. Well folks, the zio’s have really done it this time. They went and tormented the Bear with a big, sharp stick, and the Bear is real ticked off. Putin has gone and mobilized 160,000 Russian troops in response to the Israeli strike on a cache of Russian missles in Syria. My Daddy used to tell me not to go pricking any Bears with a sharp stick unless I wanted to get my balls tore off.
    Didn’t anyone teach those Khazars any manners at all ? We can all expect all hell to break loose soon.

  20. The Jews believe in a God who is both good and evil; as above so below..The truth is which I am sure not all Jews realize is they are only worshiping the devil. God is not the author of evil and evil is not part of a God in anyway. God gave the angels as well as man free will to make their own decisions and they brought sin and death into the world. Jesus needed to be born of a virgin since only a mixture of spirit and flesh could bring forth the perfect vessel – Christ to redeem the world with His sacrifice. Again Christ was pure and sinless; a superior candidate to open up heaven for everyone to share in another life. The Jews do not even believe in hell !! They believe their status as ‘god’s chosen’ is the only grace they need to obtain favor with God! They also believe the fallen angels will be redeemed at the end of the world since they really only exist to help God test man..As far as the OT I now believe it is corrupt and as Joe states the God spoken of is not the same God which JESUS called Father..The word BAAL actually means “Lord” so alot of times it was probably this demon god which is being spoken of in regard to killing. The Jews want material wealth and earthly pleasures which coincides with alot of what is written in the OT. Another god of the jews was called GAD and this was the god of fortune; the similarities with the word GOD makes you wonder ….Jesus and the Apostles mentions Abraham and Moses so I am not sure if they are totally non existent but whatever the Truth was about them has been taken over by the lies from the father and children of lies.

  21. Let us understand once for all – the Old Testament was not written during the time of prophet Moses (as). It was authored by rabbis over 1500 year after his death, based on the oral history of the Hebrew people. In order to create a ‘divine link’, the authors of the New Testament, included four books of the Old Testament into the Christian Bible in 325 CE. None of them understood the affect of the x-rated contents of those OT books.

    Many brainwashed priests still believe that prophet Jesus’ (as) arrival is mentioned in the OT. Kenneth G. Ramey has posted an interesting article at Salem-News, entitled Conduct Based on Belief, in which he exposes the Christian religious and political extremists for distorting Biblical quotes to support their claim of Jesus being prophesized in the Old Testament.


  22. Joe;
    You have made me consider something I didn’t realize before. I was raised Catholic and even as a little boy, nobody could convince me that yahwea was God. I always considered him to be a bloodthirsty demon who could not possibly be God. Jesus taught that God is Love. I never believed that He taught that yahwea was His Father. He accused the pharases of worshiping the devil, or the old testament god. Maybe all that was just lies about God penned by the tribe. I now pretty much agree with the Gnostic view that all the abrahamic religions worship the demiurge or devil. Jesus did not; He knew that God is Love. The esoteric Gnostics tried to warn the early Catholic Church that the old testament god was the devil, but they were slaughtered as heritics. Look at the horrible, bloodthirsty history of the Catholic Church. Do you think Jesus would agree with what they have done for 1700 years? Also, the old testament is nothing more than a plagarism of Sumerian and Egyptian myths. Moses wrote nothing that was not copied from older traditions. Moses was most likely the Pharoah Akenatin. The 10 commandments came from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. All plagerised; all reflective of the worship of the devil or demiurge.

  23. Matt the preferred god of the Jews is not Jesus or his heavenly father who tried to instruct people in the old and new testaments. Jesus said to the Jews, ” you are of your father the devil.” The preferred god father of the jews is the devil who is also known as satan or lucifer. Who else is in the jewish pantheon? Well there is the jews themselves and their rabbis. These people literally think that they are the only divine gods on earth. This is expressed and confirmed by a speech given by Menachem Begin to the Knesset.

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

    – Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset.

    In this the jews gave themselves away good and proper. I seriously doubt that the Nazis or the imperial Japanese could compete with such arrogant racism and blasphemy. Next to jews they are boy scouts.

  24. It seems that I was wrong while I doubted that Jonas Alexis had not the courage to publish Joe’s article, sorry about that. But maybe I’m right while thinking, that we should simply call us Christians and our Bible the New Testament is more than enough to explore as Joe already suggested. Yet there are some almost major differences between various factions in Christianity.

    If I understood it right, if a Roman Catholic says or does something he might better had left undone, he feels bad and confesses to the Priest and the Lord. He’s been forgiven AFTER he had done something wrong. I think that’s more or less exactly as the latter and better half of the Good Book suggested.

    When a Protestant guy went to Church, there may be some Hagee looking pastor already waiting. The Pastor begins the Service aggressively shouting, that You are all sinners. The guy in question asks himself, what did I do wrong? Then he realizes, yes the potatoes, I was supposed to cook them, but I forgot to add the water and I burned them. Terrible smoke and neighbor already called Fire Department. And that is to be the “big sin”. Suddenly the Pastor changes his attitude and his looks, into one that no drugdealer would sell any more dope, and the Pastor shouts, You are all forgiven. Practically speaking, the guy in question has been forgiven BEFORE he had done anything wrong. But wrong side up in fragile box, feels like it’s all in the hands of the pastor, wheter one is forgiven or doomed.

    Then on, the Pastor throws the New Testament into wastebasket and continues backwards to the jew bible and finally to establish the “saviour”, Israel. Quite a combination, the chosens and the forgivens, one of which thought they were the smartest, the others who thought they were not the most stupid. Won’t take too long that machine guns start singing and the Moslems start dancing. And then they had the nerve to say, “oh Lord, Jesus is coming.” My practical question is, did Your ” jesus ” give any information about in which form is he about to return, a fearless forgiving and loving soldier of good, or a teraton meteor with speed comparable to the escape speed of Earth’s gravitational field?

    The Bible today, read it backwards, it is the black bible, don’t have to search any further. Rather ask some Moslem as the mainstream media suggested, if they had any box cutters to lend. Cut the jew bible off and take it to the waste incinerator and one will see tower buildings builded up, rather than demolished down.

  25. Joe, I posted this article, I got a lot of Hate Response, Keep up the good work

    Jessica Brazilian

    You are a racist anti -Semitic and you should be prosecuted for this posts.

    in reply to geri west (Show the comment)


    What happened you lost your job and can;t find someone to blame grampie? in reply to geri west (Show the comment)


    You might say youre a Grandpa but you spam like a 6 year old. Any more posts and with all the spam here your account is gone. Have fun hating Jews somewhere else.
    in reply to geri west (Show the comment)


    Sorry to inform you Joe, but the USA is not a Christian country, It never was. Its getting less. And it seems youre still in the dark ages of blame

    muhamad gadir has replied to your comment on Gaza: The Killing Zone – 52 minute documentary – trailer

    From your “intelligent” comments is crystal clear the maximum you could have been is a dogshit cleaner…
    Google -“Jewish generals and admirals in US Military”, then buy a rope and hang yourself…

  26. so in your opinion my faith as fundamental Baptist, deriving from biblical doctrines from st john I’m wrong to be a bible believer and to bring my 2 girls up in the nurture and admonition o the Lord, and when they get older they shall not depart from it. furthermore 2Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness… the mayflower pact was written by fundamental Christians of which im one since 01 there’s a lot of different form of baptist im independant fundamental God fearing man what in your opinion then is a bapDuh? I fount you through brother nathaniel whith whom I agree

  27. Joe – all your vituperation against Moses are unwarranted and without knowledge! Most knowledgeable Christians today (very few) know that the Old Testament is a product of several authors in each of the books. For anyone to say the commandments are NOT OF GOD are pure idiots since Jesus Christ clearly enumerated them but went further and declared the fulfillment of them. Thou shall not kill became if you hate your neighbor, without cause, you’ve already done the deed dude. The Law will not pass away till all things are fulfilled (if your ignorant oh well), Moses was NOT an idiot. Moses like Abraham was used by the carnal moron Jewish scribes, pharisees and hypocrites to control the idiot people. Those who KNEW Yahweh did not fall for it and were looking for the messiah. There were different writers of the Old Testament PUSHING different agendas; the Levites wanted to control with ritual and crap up the law with minutia. Others, Royalists Pharisees wanted Elohim the God of War and Conquest and foolish myths (stories ie Esther, Golden Calf) to reign; but all these morons wanted Israel to dominated the world through some carnal idiot leader who would lead them to fame and fortune and taught that in this world they were to dominate the goyim. Moses did appear in the Garden; I would be very careful what you say about Moses because the Jews of the Old Testament made him into someone he was not. So educate yourselves about what really was going on in the Old Testament writings. Remember most of what we have was produced just before and after the Babylonian Exile; a hodgepodge of different stories were thrown together and they tried to make them agree with each other…but they could not thus all the discrepancies in their bid to deceive the Israelite nation. If men have the Holy Spirit and KNOW Jesus Christ they can pick out the truth from the lies in the Old Testament. Truth like knowledge must be pursued or we remain in our ignorance and come that way before the King. Evil must come to its full perfection then the end. Joe, you put the blame on the MAN MOSES and not the writers…you should know better. These same Jewish writers today blaspheme Jesus just as they blasphemed Moses by their perverse teachings and writings.
    …A good place to start is:

  28. Reblogged this on Empire of Ancestors and commented:
    Stolen African Science perverted by the Hebrews into chains and clubs of domination and injustice.

    Another excellent post by Joe.

  29. Moses was Levite (an Egyptian priest or Pharoah Akhenaton himself of a royal priestly class). These Levites were cruel monotheists. Once in the O.T., Levites killed 3,000 in one fell swoop. Post Egypt, monotheism was a political movement for domination and ultimately broke out in civil war. Also, the account of Joseph, if one reads it carefully, is an account of trickery and the systematic impoverishment of the Egyptians by Joseph (probably Hyksos)–Genesis 41-47. Then he moves in his family; they become the elite. It’s all there right in front of our faces. So when exactly were they enslaved???? Freud and others doubt Jews were ever slaves in Egypt.

  30. Moses was Levite monotheist (some royal Egyptian priesthood or pharoah Akhenaton himself). The Levites were harsh rulers. In one instance in the O.T., they slaughtered 3000 for not obeying. Monotheism was a political movement for domination and probably one of the reasons a civil war broke out that divided the kingdom.

  31. Moses is a biblical Myth, Abraham is a biblical Myth!!! The Bible is a Book of Superstitions!

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