8 thoughts on “The Propheter Principle Broadcast with special guest Joe Cortina

  1. Don’t know if you’ve seen the about 5 minute YouTube clip named “Jews Laughing In Your Goyim Face”. If you can pull it up check out the last 46 seconds. You will see Hillary Clinton and NuttyYahoo walking up to their respective podiums, with multitudes of cameramen zooming in on them and recording for posterity the NutJob telling Hillary in no uncertain terms that he knows Hillary and Obama were concerned about the collateral damage done to civilians by troops under his command. He continues to emphatically explain to her that he deliberately wants high rates of civilian casualties, schools, universities, CHILDREN….
    And he doesn’t have to explain it to her or Obama or the US Govt, or anybody. In effect, he has admitted to Hillary and on camera that he is a scum war criminal. One who would target schools full of children and he cares naught for what the world thinks.

  2. The war in Syria is escalating quickly. If there is a “No Fly Zone” activated Russian missiles will be used to shoot down US or NATO aircraft. Then it will go quickly NUKE and then go international NUKE which means Russian nukes will hit in a city near YOU. Jews did 911 and all world wars and depressions. Removal of Jews from the face of the earth is the only solution.

  3. The thing is we have to go through the police and military and we’ll never get at the Jews, because they live in gated communities and condos. Damn few live in the country. So we have to defeat a lot of people to get at them, Some will waste their time with a race war. A race war is just what they want you to do. IF there is a revolution just step aside and let it go on by and then go after the ones at the top. We should not get caught up in the revolution.

  4. Sooner or later you’re going to have to play hard ball. These guys in history have killed millions. They load you up and shoot you. You can see you are losing the battle and you will lose the war unless you wake up and use their tactics. They turned it into a dog eat dog world. So you win at any cost. You bomb a whole city and kill children. Look what they did in Waco and Oklahoma City they killed women and children. On 9/11 they killed thousands. The Boston bombing was a false flag and on the same day they hit that fertilizer plant with a missile or some kind of energy. We know the truth and can show others, because they have it on video. You can see the proof. We are supposed to be able to show this to the politicians and they are supposed to do something about it. If the politicians won’t do anything we only have to decide how much we will tolerate and how long we will tolerate it. The Waco massacre should have been the final straw. But they kill people and then on to the next crime. That one is in the past. I believe most people now see that things are very strange and the tin foil hat comments you hardly see anymore

  5. Well…here I am. Joe…one of the rare hens teeth that you mentioned in your interview.
    Although to be fair I am NOT a jew as I had a TRUE conversion to Christianity many years ago as a teenager. And I’m NOT referring to “jews for Jesus” or so-called “messianic” jews. I can see right through them like a pane of glass and don’t buy into their BS! After engaging in many years of due diligence in researching the sick and twisted history of the jews I can say without reservation that ANYBODY who simply keeps an objective and open mind combined with even a cursory study of jewish history MUST ABSOLUTELY COME TO THE CONCLUSION that even by the broadest standards the ability to label oneself as a “human being” comes into question when dealing with this evil, demonic and twisted race of so-called “people”.
    Let me set the record straight …I’ve studied the history of these jews and from their very inception, throughout history and even unto this day a wretched more evil tribe of demonic “people” one will never find.
    Also, as you have brought up many times previously anybody with even an ounce of sense should know there WAS NO HOLOCAUST OF 6 MILLION JEWS !!!!!
    It’s been scientifically PROVEN that there was not a single jew who was sent to the “gas chambers” because there were NO GAS CHAMBERS (except a very small one that was use to delouse vermin and lice which was spreading Typhoid all throughout the POW and labor camps. The vast majority of deaths were caused by disease NOT EXTERMINATION !!!)
    To those who doubt, I highly recommend that you DO SOME REAL RESEARCH ON THE SUBJECT (WITH AN OPEN MIND) AND YOU’LL FIND THIS TO BE TRUE !!!
    Our Lord Christ admonished us to be “on guard”, as it were, to these children of THEIR father, the Devil when He spoke to the Jews saying “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies and you are his children.” John 8:44
    And we should pay no less heed to this dire prediction “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2:9
    And, by the way, I am not the only person of Kazarian origins (false demonic jews) who know and understand these truths.
    I’m speaking of great Christians (ex-jews) like Brother Nathanael and the late, great Benjamin Freedman who did his best to expose the agenda that these demonic, rotten vermin have for America and the world.
    God is opening the eyes of many other former “jews” and is delivering them out of the insane, evil bondage of their birth and demonic indoctrinated upbringing into the loving arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God !!!

  6. The white man has to adopt the tricks of his adversary and that is hit squads. When a jack booted thug goes to a place and kills our children or plants bombs and we learn who did it if they are hunted down, then others will think twice and when someone tells a bunch of crap and get us into a conflict with other countries and they feel the pressure from the hit squad then they will think twice, but it would have to be total secrecy. We can bad mouth the Jews forever and expose them, but it won’t work. We have to get ruthless. Play time is over. Or you will know it’s over when you are heading to a FEMA camp and I don’t think they will be very nice to the dissidents or the preachers. So either we get ruthless to the point you don’t even want to think such thoughts or leave the country and don’t get caught up in this revolution or the roundup of citizens. Whatever you want to call it.
    We are using tactics like we are a small minority. Our enemy is at the very top. We can’t get into a race war or a war with the government. Our enemy is at the very top. You can kill underlings all you want. Also, the people that want to learn what is going on already know. There is enough Internet and info and false flags that I wouldn’t even waste my time on people who don’t know crap.

  7. Quoxite, The Jews messed up. They should have said they were shot and beaten at the camps, but they started with the shower rooms with the silly wash rag and then gas comes out instead of water, but what would the others do if they saw this or was it a common practice for all Jews to stand in front of the nozzles at the same time? Then they said with method they would gas 4,000 Jews a day and then people would state rt to question how could they do so many? I mean did they do them 24/7? Plus the shower rooms were actually used to take showers so are we to believe they killed people one hour and the next hour people came in and actually took showers where they sprayed poisonous gas and the sheer numbers. So the Jews stuck with the shower rooms I guess they couldn’t change the location now, but they said they were stacked in there like sardines.
    What they should have said was they were gassed in the delousing chambers because the delousing chambers actually were saturated with Zyklon-B. So they kept adding to their stories and changing their stories and people started to investigate like they would anything else. Many people have been to the camps and they all found conclusively that these places could not have been used for that purpose and they learned they were actually used for shower rooms.

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