There is a ‘WAR’ going on, bigger than any world war, the outcome of which will decide the fate of mankind

An interesting study would be the number of people in America or the world who presently support the the most evil people on earth by country and by groups politically and religiously who are willing to sacrifice millions of lives and billions of dollars to insure the total moral and economic destruction and occupation of our Republic along with the final demise of organized true Christian ideology including of the Church of Rome and the only other monotheistic religion on earth – Islam. Those demons are the jews and their allies whose influence reach world wide.

Here is a brief synopsis of this battle. It is a combination of the kind of war that kills people and destroys cities and nations. It is also a battle for the minds and souls of men which also destroys hopes and dreams friendships and love. The jew mind is devoid of compassion kindness or empathy. The jew is intent on not only killing people but killing hope and ideals – – such is his limitless thirst for inflicting emotional pain with the physical pain.

Every freedom loving American school child should be required to read Shakespeare’s classic expose of jew sadism greed and cruelty – THE MERCHANT OF VENICE ( circa 1596). It is one of the best examples of the true disgusting nature the the jew.

Entire nations which have been totally compromised by Jewish influence and have substituted evil for good: I am familiar with most of them aside from India and South Africa. Some are worse than others and have prisoners of conscience rotting in jail because the jew controls their legal system. Germany Canada and Australia are some of the worst but all are guilty including the USA.

Germany ( the only ones I had any compassion for what they sufferd under jew influence after WWII)




New Zealand

United States



South Africa

Norway Sweden Denmark

And a few other Godless immoral small nations which have sold their collective souls for ‘Jew silver.’
Jews – like a cancer are usually ultimately fatal to the country foolish enough to invite these parasites into their country.

I will not only exclude Russia from this list – but have some hope based upon history observation studies and witnessing certain events – including the tried and true wisdom that the enemies of my enemies are my friends. I am lead to believe that – as bizarre as it seems at face value – Putin’s Russia may very well be the deciding factor in the ultimate salvation and freedom of our currently occupied nation of spineless Godless clueless morons.

The wicked stinking filthy Godless demonic lying jews in their little stolen nest of putrid rancid scum consider Russia as their enemy. I believe that Putin will stand by REAL Orthodox Christians in his nation and keep the Devil at bay for the rest of the cowardly insane spineless self absorbed weakling world. I believe that if these jew scum pull a false flag against his people as they have continued to do to us ( USS Liberty massacre act of war by the jew against America as well as – 9-11 act of war against America by the jews – the Russians would not betray their own people as Our leaders did.

I believe that Putin – a real man – unlike our cowardly puppet ‘cowards -in -Chief ‘ – would turn their shitty little den of hatred and war mongering into a glowing radioactive giant glob of molten glass – visible from the moon! I think the jews know this – and that while they consider we Merkans as spineless useful idiots – they fear the Russians. That is why I consider them as a part of our only hope as an ally to ever be free.

The day that the jew is no more with his eternal evil influence – will be a cause for world celebration unlike any in recorded time. It will be a blow to the evil agenda of Satan that is almost incomprehensible. Should such a triumph of good over evil be manifest – it will usher in an age of peace and good will – HOPE and JUSTICE the likes of which mankind has never seen. Just the concept of a world without jews conjures up possibilities for world peace a resurgence of morals ethics and goodness only imagined in the minds of truly wise and decent men of all races.

But those are dreams and fantasies. I will return to the world as it is and how the jew has been responsible for it in its present wicked state partially due to the collective Borg-like wicked parasite nature of the jew – and partially due to the frightening level of ignorance and lack of wisdom of the host Gentiles. Only universal long term knowledge and the wisdom to utilize that knowledge wisely and morally would make long term world people possible – even without the influence of the demonic jew – who depends upon ignorance and character of his victims.

SPECIFICALLY – here is the breakdown in occupied AmeriKa by group or agency. ALL of these that are listed are totally or substantially dominated by the jews and their sayanim networks. IOW – they are now agents of influence for the Government of IsraHELL. More dangerously important is the fact that these groups – from so called religious ones to Federal agencies have two major goals:

(1) to destroy every last stronghold of Christian practice and faith. This has been an ongoing war against ALL Christian sects especially the fatuous dim witted Southern BaptDUHs morons and the more informed more intellectual better educated Catholic Church. The Catholic Church the oldest and largest Christian bastion against jew evil has been the target of jew hatred and infiltration and defamatory lies for centuries. Pope Benedict ( ratsinger) and now Pope Francis ( Bergoglio) have jointly betrayed the Church of St Peter into the hands of the demonic Satanic jews. It took these evil reptiles over two thousand years of ceaseless evil influence to totally destroy the church and make it an instrument for the glory of Satan – but they finally did it. Now look for changes to the NT as it is gradually re-written by the jews who bought the Papacy

The oyster brained BaptDUHs were compromised decades ago to a point of no return to the point where their sociopathic conduct has actually become more jewish than the jews themselves – These 50 million+ invertebrates are essentially jews without brains.

(2) And of course the destruction of the only substantive religious group on earth to have the guts and character to stand up against these Satanic demons from hell – the faithful of Islam. The only substantive ally we have left on earth are these brave people who lay down their lives EVERY DAY so that truth and goodness may survive. The very same courageous lovers of Christ who we have murdered over two millions of their innocent civilians for simply trying to defend their way of life their families and their freedoms and what they hold dear in life.

I have known these good people for many years now and have yet to hear so much as one of them voice anything but praise respect and love for Christ and His blessed Holy mother Mary. Conversely – ALL I saw in IsraHELL was the cruelest most vicious hatred for our Lord and His Mother. The filthy lexicon used by virtually all jews in IsraHELL as well as MerKa is not even repeatable in civil company – such is the evil nature of the collective jew ‘Borg’.

The Catholic Church ( 1.2 billion world wide – now under total jew control since current and past Popes are jews )

The Southern BapDUH convention ( 50 million – all under influence of jew agents for IsraHELL – Hagee – Robertson Falwell and more – all BaptDuh demons made millionaires by their jewish masters)

Most main stream Protestant American churches ( show me ONE large mainstream Protestant sect which has openly stood up for Christ and condemned the filthy jew controlled Satan worshiping BaptDUHs)

Every President since 1900 except possibly JFK ( ALL influenced by jew traitors – most all supported the jew theft of IsraHELL by terrorism and fraud and deceit)

Our ENTIRE Congress ( A jew war criminal was recently given more standing ovations by Congress that it has done for America’s own sons in the past century! The ovations were rendered to war criminal mass murderer Netanyahu for boasting before Congress of the jew control of our Government)

Our military and most all Federal officers ( with the exception of the courage showed by former Cen Com Chief Admiral William Fallon as he exposed George Bush and other high-ranking sycophants as the war criminal they in fact were)

Our Supreme Court ( the jews continue to enjoy control over our highest judicial)

The NEA and our total educational system ( our school system is and has been Godless and corrupted by jews for decades)

Homeland Security ( self explaining)

FBI ( riddled with jews)

The mainstream media including ALL Television and printed media ( a no brainer)

CIA ( same as FBI)

BATF ( like FBI and CIA)

Hollywood and ALL entertainment ( they openly BRAG about controlling news and entertainment)

The Banking system including Federal Reserve ( Mega bankers – Fed officials – all jews)

So there you have it. The world and Merka have chosen sides The goodness of Christ and other good people against the evil of the Satanic jews and their wicked corrupt toadies like France England Canada Australia and all the other jew loving Christ mocking hell holes. Take a good look at the artwork I chose to visualize it. A final mano -a mano- confrontation between Satan and his allies. Disgustingly – a good part of the demonic antagonist of Christ -portrayed as Satan are the collective BaptDUH scum we know a Christian Zionists: READ; ALLIES OF SATAN AND HIS JEWS. Those putrid rancid jew loyal scum are as much an enemy of Christ and the American Republic I grew up in – as any foreign foe we have ever had. IDENTIFY THE ENEMY!

THE ENEMY = the Devil and his Children – the jews and their demonic allies – IsraHELL and the United States Of Evil. THE ALLIES = the remnant of TRUE Christianity left here – TRUE followers of Islam and what other men of good will who love freedom and are still willing to fight to defend it & RUSSIA? . That is the way I see it. I will fight with the good and just against the wicked and the evil. I have done so my entire life. I did not dessert the United States – it and it’s corrupt false gods of riches hypocrisy lies and injustices betrayed me and my beliefs of Goodness as taught by the Lord.

I suggest that ALL of you reading this – learn the wisdom of Sun Tzu in his timeless classic – THE ART OF WAR. It was required reading for all Special Forces personnel – at least it USED to be over fifty years ago when I was a young officer. Between its covers you will learn that most important of all lessons needed before a battle – a skill that virtually NO Americans have the slightest clue about as we go about like insane twisted lunatics – befriending our mortal enemies and demonizing our closest allies.


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.

14 thoughts on “There is a ‘WAR’ going on, bigger than any world war, the outcome of which will decide the fate of mankind

  1. WOW !Thank You wonderful Captain Joe Cortina. I wish I could meet you! You inspire me! I fight this fight in my heart and mind daily. I found this path as a young man,when as lover of my beloved European/German history I saw my heritage maligned ,and men like David Irving censored. I watched the Jews push for war and keep the lies of past ones alive.Just tonight I saw an old 90 year old WW2 coot,bragging on NBC NEWS about how we SAVED THE WORLD in WW2! Yes,saved it for us to live in JEW ROTHCHILD tyranny. We must organize ,like the late DR William Pearces National Alliance. As Francis Yockey wrote in IMPERIUM:Any movement is still born without action. i WILL NEVER GIVE IN TO THE JEW!

  2. Joe, I no it’s frustrating and you would love to remove these hearless bastards from power. They’ve been educated for centuries having been caught time and time again committing evil deeds. Most of the time it was Christian Ritual Murder. The goyim always wants to think for their children and work and support them. But supporting the Jews and their wars and high taxes and all the filth only destrys their future. The problem is we are governed by 535 men. Every letter wirting campain and protest by the citizens has been in vain.
    People think Putin is diifferent and will save Russia and the world, but it’s hard to believe if Jews will own the banks and the media in Russia. Is Putin a plant to keep whites hopeful. The only hope we had in America was Huey Long, Joe McCarthy, Paul Findley. Traficant and now we had Ron Paul, but all Ron Paul failed to mention who committed 9/11. We are supposed to believe Ron Paul was going to take on the IRS and the Federal Reserve, but that there is someone more powerful who committed 9/11 and he won’t mention them. There is total silence from the politicians just like there was total silence after they murdered those children in Waco and Oklahoma City.
    The 9/11 attacks have been exposed and that attack was committed by our friends the Israelis. We have examined they attacks and there is no doubt our government was involved, because they had the military stand down. We have the videos from the plane crashes and we know no plane crashed in Penn. and a missile hit the Pentagon. But the weakest link of the whole event is Barbara Olson. Her husband Ted Olson worked for George Bush and they were in on the plan so this is more evidence our government was in on the planning. They believe this new wife of Ted Olson is non other than Barbara after extensive reconstructive surgery. Someone Joe should learn where whe went to have her surgery. This women has totally changed her appearance. You would have to know she would have to be radical in her plstic surgery. Now if this is the same woman, then we need to work on this woman. She needs to be arrested and held and we could show the people these people planned this and she is the maybe the only way we can do it. I have looked at the two women side by side and I truly believe it is the same woman. We should give this woman our special attention. Her husband works. This is the info we have on Ted. Everyone should send this law firm email and call them and give them our special attention. This bastard along with his wife killed thousands on 9’11 and caused a war and they must pay. This work place of Ted’s should be bombarded with phone calls. We got to really work the weakest links.

    T: +1 202.955.8668
    F: +1 202.530.9575
    Washington, D.C. Office
    1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20036-5306

    General Inquiries

    Website Feedback and Questions
    Olson is a partner in Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s Washington, D.C. office, a member of the firm’s Executive Committee, Co-Chair of the Appellate and Constitutional Law Group and the firm’s Crisis Management Team.
    Mr. Olson was Solicitor General of the United States during the period 2001-2004. From 1981-1984 he was Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel in the U.S. Department of Justice. Except for those two intervals, he has been a lawyer with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. since 1965.

  3. The soldiers keep doing the Jew’s dirty work. Sailors recently went through radiation fog near Japana and they are sick as dogs and suing the government. They are stupid military people and suing the government for being put in harm’s way. Hello! You are a soldier and you will always be in harm’s way. They just as well include in their law suit being fed radiated seafood, because that is exactly what they are eating over there. They should sue the government for lying about 9/11 and for them thinking they are defending the country and went and wasted their lives. The military feeds their soldiers bacon, sausage, scrapple, cheeseburgers, because it’s the cheapest. A soldier has to eat the slop they feed them. They are feeding them the seafood from the gulf and no doubt the ones stationed near Japan are eating that radiated seafood. The law suits will be unreal, but I think there has to be something in their contract they can’t sue the government. Should be interesting.
    I have spent decades putting out literature. I have spoken with thousands of young kids. All of the things we have probably done in vain and the ones who just took care of their family didn’t use their time to educated a bunch of sheeple. I wish I had moved out of this country after 9’11 and just took the sailboat and sailed around the world. We have to have a government where the people control the country and you do this by voting. We know these crooked politicians are only worried about their paychecks and nothing about this country. Just like Germany the politicians wanted war and Germany was destroyed. Much of Asia was destroyed. They firebombed German cities, bu tin Asia they firebombed the jungle. The depleted uranium we have left in Iraq and Afghanistan has rendered many parts of their countries too dangerous for humans to habitate.
    Nothing has changed since we’ve had the Internet to learn the truth and educate the sheeple. We have not stopped any government corruption. They are trying to poison us with GM food. Have you heard any politician saying the company executives should be prosecuted? I have contacted the representatives and only got a response from an assistant. She acted concerned and then it was just like the black hand waved and she went from conerned to not giving a damn. I really believe the politicians and the rich don’t give a hoot about common ciitzens the ones run the country.

  4. Thanks, Joe. How much more jewish insanity is it going to take before the Bapt-DUH MORONS finally wake up and realize that they’ve been sleeping with America’s greatest enemy? Are they so BLIND that they cannot recognize what is clearly anti-Christian when they see it? They obviously never knew Christ themselves, to have put up with this garbage for so long and never breathed a word in condemnation of it.

  5. Joseph, I know one day I can see it now. The Jews got you in a FEMA camp and you look around and see David Duke, Don Black, Robert Faurisson, Mark Weber, Torben, O’keefe, David Irving and the Jews will walk in and you are going to be one pissed mofo. They will say oh vey a room full of bigots, holocaust deniers, and Jew haters. Ve have vays of dealing vith you. Here we are in the 21st century and the politicians have their noses right up the Jewish ass. While we get screwed. They will probably cause chaos and then issue new money and give you 50 cents on the dollar and destroy your life savings. I don’t know what to do. I have said attack the politicians Go after them and let their family members know how pissed we are. They make the laws. If politicians told Israel to get screwed they would have no control. So we can dog the Jews all we want. They can waste time on the holocaust.
    Just as long as you don’t focus on the October 2000 Russian child snuff porn ring and don’t focus on the millions of mass graves in Eastern Europe, then discussing the holocaust is fine, but don’t openly discuss it. Don’t put together a panel of people and meet in Iran and discuss this, because then we get angry.
    They say Putin is going to change things, but has Putin told Israel to get their stuff together and quit making trouble in the Middle East? Has Putin mentioned Jews? Have the Jewish bankers been replaced with Russian bankers? I want to see Putin get real tough and not just make a few changes. I’m not buying it. I think Putin knows what is wrong and really doesn’t know what to do. I mean Russia lost the 1905 war with Japan just because Jewish bankers wouldn’t loan Russia money. Now does a country need money if they got all those natural resources? Germany did it by bartering. The Russians couldn’t do this? I mean a war lost because of some paper? Japan was able to defeat a country with a larger population and how many times larger is Russia and could be self sufficient. Bust lost the war.
    The Jews tried to overthrow the government then, but failed. So the Russians should have been real hard on them after having to deal with them for centuries. Germany and Russia both white countries screwed each other over. They tried to destroy each other. Russia and the rest of Europe is feeling the affects of low birth rates. Now they are paying people to have babies, but they say it is too late. Fifty years of one child has taken it’s toll.
    Joe do you really think when all the smoke clears that the white man will be on top? Do you really think we will win after having been beaten up so bad the past 100 years? I think if you would have to guess we might be better to believe we have no chance and then make different decisions. We might become more radical. We might leave the country. We might go to a deserted island and be the few that will survive after the apocalypse. I would really like to hear what your think about the whole situation? I mean let’s have it Joe.I think the situation is hopeless, because people are hopimg the police and military will take our side. That has never happened. Besides we should have already made our move after Waco and then we did nothing after the Oklahoma City bombing. I think Joe we need to look at this for what it is. It’s not looking good the government has been perfecting weapons and FEMA camps while we talk to each other. A bunch of people who already agree what is occurring.

  6. Thanks Joe for sharing your latest post.   By the way, do you know much about the Boer War? I saw a South Australian movie years ago called Breaker Morant, which I just re-watched yesterday. It’s about three Australian nationals used as scapegoats in a scam court-martial setting in which the outcome of these trumped up charges and the formal trial was pre-determined before the proceedings even got going. In short, three Australians were “sacrificed” so that an excuse for a peace conference would materialize in order to put to end the un-winnable guerrilla war throughout South Africa.   Joe, it’s an entertaining man’s movie. Great intensity in a military court coupled with frequent flashbacks to the events that led to the sham trial.   As little as I know about the Boer War, I suspect that Australians were suckered into this conflict, a war strictly for the benefit of the Jew Rothschild controlled British Empire. The Boers were painted in a very negative light in this movie, but it is my guess that the Boers were simply defending their land from a rapacious invader.   I’m sure like you, I don’t watch many films; however, I did enjoy Breaker Morant for its intensity and its depiction of the chicanery that often permeates an elite-driven (probably Jewish-driven) conflict.     Sincerely,     Taylor

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  7. The Boer wars were nothing more than they discovered gold and it was taken from them by the Jews using the white man. It was the first concentration camp. When the men were fighitng the white man The British were used once again for the Jewish gain. Who owns the gold, silver and diamond mines in Africa? The reason the South Africans are losing their country. We’ll never ever being to progress. The USA was building with leaps and bounds when the rest of the world was basically idle and what do we get but stock markets. and commodity markets. SOmething the white man should eliminate. If you sell stock when the company has been built or achieved it’s growth, then the money profits is paid to the investors and the stock dissolbed, because once the stock hits it’s zenith, then the stock market becomes a pyramid scheme after that. The Jewish insiders clean up and they have Martha Stewart arrested for insider trading. I mean if you had a stock and some guy said the company was going to lower it’s expectations and you sold the stock, then no crime committedc. THe Jews can dump 100 million shares after they met with the copany owners the day before.

  8. @ Taylor Moore: Indeed, The role the Rothschilds play in our banking system today is that since the Rothschilds secured the control of the Bank of England in 1815 and from that moment they have never looked back. A book well worth reading is the House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson. In the 19th ce the Rothschilds were very explicit about their power and everyone knew of them but after the Anglo-Boer war which they pushed the British Govt into defeating the Boers in order to get control of the goldmines they stepped back & adopted a very low profile & it suits them that way. You will never see a Rothschild listed on the Fortune 500 for that very reason. The current ownership of the US Fed is 58% Rothschild & the rest are JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and other smaller banks.

  9. Your collective work is outstanding Joe. Listened to your excellent delivery the other night with Mark. Very direct and straightforward. “Wot wud we do without Joe”

    Please keep going

  10. Joe, I’ve been reaidng about the Jews for a long time. You know it’s time to do something. The terrorists are right here the FBI and CIA. Now totally controllled by the Jews. They either head all our agencies or like the FBI they train them. Joe you got to read the writing on the wall. It doesn’t look good for this country at all. I mean the other countries are dumping our dollar. If we have a total economic meltdown. You know the Jews did it. I mean how can prices go through the roof? All the Jews have to do is speculate on fuel and go long and keep buying contracts and the price of fuel makes everything go up.
    If there is an economic collapse and the regulate the Internet I feel it wont be good for you dissidents and the militia. If we knew the government was going to strike at us and then declare martial law in six months we would be leaving this country unless you have a game plan.
    I keep telling people our enemy is the FBI and all these homeland security crap they created. How do we strike at them? They win if there is an economic colllapse. YOu create hard economic times and people have a hard time just making ends meet and you have them just surviving.
    If there is economic collapse and these bastards call in the U.N. troops then you know we are going to lose. We can’t beat the military and the foreign soldiers wont give a rat’s ass about us. It will be war and we wont win. I think the smart ones left after 9/11. This country will be total ruins and then let them say I will stay here and defend this country

  11. I’m not so optimistic. Jews have ruled Russia since 1917 and most if not all their leaders were Jewish. So how did they lose Russia? Did they lose Russia? I mean surely they still control the banks and the media in Russia. You know they say they don’t care who rules the army just let them print the money. So based on that you have to ask yourself what happened in Russia?

  12. Joe, The Jews have murdered hundreds of millions. It seems they will do anything and the white man is limited in just how much he will do. I have learned a lot lately. I learned that oil spill in the Gulf was no accident. It was done to destroy those people and move them out and get rid of the environmentalists so they can build a huge oil refinery there and pump oil like mad. When the owner of the BP sells off a third of his stock just weeks before the oil spill and then they buy the largest oil clean up company just 11 days before the oil spill it isn’t hard to figure out these bastards will destroy the world to get what they want. They did it so they could spray that toxic stuff they claim dissipates the oil. They could have cleaned up the oil. But they sprayed that stuff and it turned oil in globs that sank. That toxic stuff they sprayed is banned in every other country. The FDA kind of said after about a week they should quit spraying the stuff. BP basically said screw it and they are still spraying it. I can’t believe anyone would eat any of that seafood that comes out of the gulf. Who knows how many billions they have destroyed with the fish, crabs, shrimp and oysters. Louisiana did supply 40% of the oysters to the USA.
    The corporations must be stopped, because the government isn’t going to stop them. Imagine what the wild life is going through and the people not being able to make money. So they are going to destroy the gulf just to make more money> Where are the politicians? It’s a wonder they haven’t started destroying everything down there and running those people out. They steered Katrina into New Orleans and then blew up the levies in order to flood the area and they got 150,000 to leave the area. Where is the government?

  13. It’s starting to get old. We have never countered the Jews. We basically let them do what they wanted. We let them destroy Europe and murder our people for decades. Now it appears they are trying to destroy this country. If the people would ever realize we don’t need any corporations. We don’t need airplanes. The corporations need us. They make our world miserable. If we know they intentionally caused that oil spill and did it just to spray that toxin, then that is the worst environmental crime I have ever heard of. The people need to take matters into their own hands. Generations of people have lost their livelihood. These corporations I suppose would just kill the oceans and cover the planet in concrete. They only think about money and we need to take matters into our own hands and let them know this planet belongs to the people and not the corporations. How much seafood have they destroyed? How much damage have these chemtrails done? The final straw should be this GM food. Just have everyone not buy any processed foods and then these places go out of business.
    I hope everyone knows how dangerous this GM food is. It is TOXIC. If you think the government represents the people, then contact your representative and see if they care.

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