One again the wicked hypocrite Christ mocking BaptDUHS in our once blessed nation have decided there has not been enough cold- blooded mass murders in the Mid East all in the name of the Prince Of Peace. Of course If there has ever been a mob of ignorant brain-dead hypocrite Christ mocking gentiles totally responsible for ALL of the death destruction misery suffering of innocent people for the past dozen years of endless serial wars- it has most assuredly been these reptiles whose ignorance has been an embarrassment to every decent informed man woman and child on planet Earth.

Just as the jews have been eternally evil wicked cruel greedy lustful materialistic and reprobate – the BaptDUHS have shown unparallel stupidity – world class hypocrisy – and unrivaled cruelty to anyone who values courage character compassion and honor.

If your name is not classic Anglo or you are not a pasty faced moron who believes that Jesus was a racist bigot who was just a good ole boy and personal friend to every redneck on earth – loved the jews and hated the Arab people – you are shit out of luck.

Apparently BaptDUHS believe that HE didn’t mind every hillbilly in Merka twisting and perverting His clearly defined teachings into goody feely touchy uber cool material prosperity mixed with a generous portion of daily hypocrisy for each and every one of them – born again – always forgiven double standard fundies ONLY

For those of you who believe that black people are the epitome of stupidity and inane childish superstitious fables – consider this; When I was a child – as Catholic Christian ( the original Christians) – I was taunted by BaptDUH children who were taught the most cruel bizarre moronic nonsense imaginable. These fools – children of adult fools – actually believed that our priests had cloven hooves and performed black magic – I kid you not!

Well – not much has changed except that now these morons have joined forces with the demonic jews who have been trying for two thousand years to murder Christ all over again.

I have never met an established parish priest in America who did not speak at least three languages – had a extraordinarily high IQ – and could carry on an intelligent conversation regarding world religions – politics – history – economics – medicine – current affairs and current accurate foreign affairs situations.

By the same token – I have never experienced a fundie BaptDUH preacher/ pastor who was not a witless, pompous, arrogant, fatuous, myopic, shallow hypocrite.

These morons – these imbeciles – these putrid bigots have planned to create more ignorance more hatred more ignorance and destroy the souls of more their own young all for the greater glory of the demonic jew – who they collectively worship despite their unquestionable goal of the destruction of Christian influence world wide. ( insanity)

These putrid scum are also loyal FIRST and FOREMOST to the jewish people and their stolen shithole of terrorism hate and violence – IsraHELL! These thugs have assembled a formidable array of speakers whose sole task is NOT the saving of human life – or the preservation of age old morals and ethics at home in government and in out daily lives.

Their job is to promote the unhindered success of these sons of Satan in their quest for world financial control and hence total control of everyone’s everyday life. Keep in mind that Jesus exposed these reptiles collectively ( YES COLLECTIVELY – READ YOUR CHRISTIAN BIBLE) The Christian Bible BTW is the NT ONLY. The Old Testament is the jew Bible where these son’s of Satan created their own ‘god’ – a vicious cruel racist greedy monster – that we better know as Satan. Satan IS the ‘god’ of the jews and always has been.

I was written that God created man in His own image. That may be so – but the jews most certainly created THEIR god in THEIR IMAGE to suit THEIR needs and THEIR lifestyles. Just look at the god of the jews! No love – no compassion – just violence wars and killing of HUGE numbers innocent people -all as a result of ‘deals’ with the jews.

Read it for your self. It is the most violent remorseless viscous indiscriminate series of mass murder in all recorded history! The violent jew god murdered innocent women children babies animals every living thing for the pleasure of the jews. it is ALL there We are too cowardly to read it to one another. Now then – look at the life of Jesus. He slaughtered no entire cities of human beings – no innocent children or women out of anger – or so much as an animal. ( more insanity)

The BaptDUHS and the jews? They BOTH want more and more and more killing. This is NOT what Christ taught us. ALL of these monsters work to destroy the teachings of our Lord. Are you so blind that you WILL NOT SEE?

I will expose for the reader – many of the chosen speakers at this hate fest. As you will discover in TRUTH – virtually ALL of the selected speakers have two faults in common.

(1) They ALL love the filthy jews who murdered our Lord – who are the world leaders in pornography – who are the world leaders in the murder of the unborn child – who are the leaders in white slavery – who are world leaders in the drug trade – who are world leaders in prostitution – who are world leaders in usury – who are world leaders in promoting the homosexual lifestyle.

Their goals include the destruction of the sanctity of marriage – and whose goals are the destruction of our Constitution beginning with the right to bear arms ( a right without which ALL other rights are necessarily forfeit) whose goals are total economic domination – whose goals are the total control of our educational system to corrupt out young – whose goals ( most frighteningly) are to control our government so as to continue these endless unprovoked serial wars against innocent people so that we by default become the most hated imperialist terrorists on earth.

(2) The BaptDuhs – especially their political leaders – ALL share a common lust for war killing terror misery suffering and destruction as long as YOUR son is in harm’s way and comes home a vegetable or cripple or dead. ( the ultimate insanity)

Get it? By then our only allies will be the Devil and his putrid filthy Godless minions

Additionally – jew goals are the total domination of the entertainment industry so as to poison the morals and minds of our children with their parents – and a hundred more evils which jews so highly cherish since Jesus first kicked the gambling tables out of the Synagogue. I have lived among the jews here and in IsraHELL. They are all the same. There are no legitimate ‘jews for Jesus’. There are no such entities as ‘Messianic Jews’ – an oxymoron. There are no ‘Judeo – Christian’ values – another blasphemous oxymoron. ( ultra insanity!)

The jews have no ‘values’ as we think of as virtues – only wicked vices. Our Lord Christ was murdered by these wicked demons simply because they considered the Christian life and values as taught by Jesus – impossibly repugnant and unacceptable to their evil natures. Jesus didn’t die for imaginary sins I had at birth – He was MURDERED for exposing mass evil conduct of horribly evil demonic creatures.

If a brave decent man in more modern times – be it Sir William Wallace fighting against abuse and corruption in the 1300s or a local DA exposing a corrupt mob of powerful influential gangsters – both knew the risks of losing their lives for exposing evil with courage truth and honor. The difference was that they were mortal men and deepened on the courage and goodness of the people to set things right.

The problem was that the church never did – even after they gained power – get rid of the evil in their midst – in this case the demonic jew. Hundreds of millions of innocent human beings butchered since then and dying daily because of these reptiles – and we still try to appease the Devil. ( THE ULTIMATE INSANITY!!)

If every sincere Christian hopeful on earth had re-read John 8-44 as the first thing when they opened their Bible – the jews would be where the belong today – under rocks – and our world would have been at peace. For CERTAIN – there would have been NO WWI or WWII nor any communist promoted war (Korea Viet name) – no jew incited communism in Central America – no cold war and so many more GOOD results.

But I digress – so here are some of the speakers at the April 15 hate fest against Arab people. Hopefully when you see the IRREFUTABLE FACTUAL EVIL backgrounds connected with these horrid frauds these deceivers for Satan – you will let all your friends know of this shameful deceptive farce designed only to incite more hatred and more wars and more murders for the jews because of their lies and hateful evil agendas

I chose at random ten of these wicked people. There were two dozen more whose backgrounds are highly questionable simply because what decent man or woman would willingly associate themselves with the putrid scum I exposed. People are known by the company they keep. That is a classic truism with rare exception. When you ‘sleep with dogs – you WILL get fleas’. Given the choice – I have never known any truly decent honorable truthful compassionate Godly people who would show mutual respect and knowingly associate with wicked evil Satanic scum.

I’ll tell you what you will NOT find here – no true patriots nor true Christians – but then I can honestly say that I have never in my life met an active BaptDUH who was either a REAL patriot ( must love and sustain his own country FIRST AND FOREMOST) or a TRUE Christian ( must love and respect Christ certainly above the people whose collective homogenous hatred for His goodness has remained virulent for over two millennia).

In other words – There is NO such being.

With rare exception – All ‘religious jews hate Christ and All religious Muslims LOVE Christ.
With rare exception ALL ‘religious BaptDUHS LOVE jews and hate Muslims.
With no exception – that mindset is classic insanity at its most disturbing manifestation.

Remember these evil wicked Godless liars and frauds who would use the goodness and love of Christ to promote more insane wars against innocent decent people – through lies hatred fear and senseless anger which can cause only more death and despair. Would Jesus attend OR approve of this putrid deceptive filth? I think not.

I would RUN – not walk away from anyone who even suggests you support the evil agenda of these evil people and the Satanic creatures who have organized a rally for Satan’s children. If you receive such a phone call from these demons – soliciting your support tell them to go back where they cane from – HELL!

Their battle cry is : FIGHTING FOR THE SOUL OF AMERICA Nothing could be further from the truth.
These Jew loving IsraHELL above America BaptDUH drones work tirelessly for our deliverance into the hands of Satan’s children – the evil wicked murderous lying jews!


Speaker #1 General William ( Jerry the jew lover) Boykin

I have reserved a special condemnation for the worst of these scumbags – that being William Jerry the jew lover Boykin. This rancid racist redneck moron was a general and a disgrace to the uniform and the honor of the Special Forces in which many good and honorable men served before and after me.

I had already been training young warriors at the USATC as the youngest company commander of record there a full decade before Boykin first donned a military uniform so no ‘respect’ lectures please. I respect the badges and accomplishments but certainly not the man. At least I did NOT betray my country to a foreign power as you did by supporting the only nation in the world who has NOT ONLY been the only nation in history to attack the United States without provocation but with intent to initiate World War Three!

BUT of course, these treacherous scum did not attack us without ANY provocation and escape unavenged just once but twice. Today only an amoeba -brained moron still believes 9-11 was planned by the Arabs and not yet another false flag Mossad operation.

The difference between he and I was that I served with honor and he doesn’t even understand the word. He in public address mocked God by calling a Muslim an “Idol” worshiper – referring to the Arabic word for God – “ALLAH” . He was referring to God as the Muslims call him – Allah. Westerners call Him God – Latinos call him Dios – Germans call Him Gott – all the same God Christians and Muslims worship you imbecile racist BaptDUH moron simpleton!

Of all he world’s religions only Islam parallels Christian family values. Been here seen that experienced that. Only the jew is totally without ethics morals and Godly values. They are of the Devil – and our Lord SAID SO – General. Have you ever even read John 8-44 – or would the stark reality of your evil conduct mess up your brain.

This walnut brained idiot was even quoted as bragging in public like a 5th grader: “My god is bigger than your god” (addressing the Muslim). What’s next in your crazed twisted atrophied retarded brain – General? ” My dad is bigger than your dad” – like impotent children bragging in grade school!

I just can’t make this stuff up. That kind of insanely immature grade school racism simply cannot be tolerated in our military leaders.

Thank God that in the 7 years of my service I never had to work for anybody that stupid and racist!

How your superiors could have possibly considered you for as general officer in the first place in view of your gross immaturity is Beyond me. You are a disgrace and an embarrassment to loyal men of honor and dedication.

I will fight and expose embarrassing disgusting ignorant trash like you with my last dying breath. May you rot in hell for your senseless petty shallow bigoted bullying. God only knows how many senseless innocent deaths destruction suffering and a legacy of hatred – scumbags like you have caused.

I also consider your placement of the stinking filthy jews in IsraHELL before the security of your OWN country unconscionable! These demonic sons of Satan as Christ exposed them in John 8 -44 are the SAME ilk as the sociopathic perpetrators of the USS Liberty massacre – the Beirut massacre and of the 9-11 attacks – or are you also too stupid to understand simple IN-YOUR-FACE IRREFUTABLE evidence from history?

IsraHELL is and always has been our mortal enemy – moron! Ever heard of operation cyanide? The Sampson option ring any bells?

Yet another example of the worst of America’s sons chosen by other racists and Christ mockers and country sellers wrapped in the flag so as to look ‘good’ to stupid sheeple.

Speaker #2 Pamela Geller ( atheist jew)

Geller – the grotesque jewish botox whore has a universal reputation for being a rabid racist. No one with a right mind would consider her anything but an atheist wing nut and hate peddler. She keeps company with the slime of the earth like the rat faced jew hate peddler Robert Spencer. Thrown out of a Synagogue for her hate mongering by a peace activist jewish youth group – she defends her filth by accusing the group of not being “JEWISH ENOUGH”. What does that tell you?

Geller’s idol and role model is the slimy reptile jewess atheist racist Ayn Rand whose real name was Rosenbaum – a Russian Jewess whose evil beliefs were legendary. The demon who wrote The SATANIC BIBLE was Anton Lavey – he was inspired by his jewish mentor – Rosenbaum again!. He acknowledged that his brand of Satanism was “just Ayn Rand’s philosophy with ceremony and ritual added.” What can I say? Filthy Godless Jew scum – attracts more filthy Godless jew scum!

I could write volumes about the evil nature of this rancid jew Christ hater abortion supporter war monger but this should be enough to get the picture of the character of the speakers chosen by these wicked jew loving BaptDUHS who put this filth together.

Speaker #3 Ken Blackwell ( hypocrite and loyal first to IsraHELL)

KEN BLACKWELL ( one of the speakers) IS A JEW LOVING HYPOCRITE SCUMBAG! Remember – the common denominator for ALL of these reptiles is that they are slavishly loyal to the very people who have destroyed our economy our morals our youth and our freedoms

In an article he wrote – he bashed Obama for his weak support of the filthy jews and criticizing the Dem Party for abortion rates . WHAT A HYPOCRITE His beloved jews ARE THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND ALL ABORTION ACTIVITY but of course being an ass kissing moral coward he predictably gives the Christ hating child murdering jews a clean pass.

In the article he condemns the poor Palestinians collectively as ” TERRORISTS” and then shamelessly supports the jews in their endless genocide against the defenseless helpless starving civilians. This Negro demon is also a jew ass kisser extraordinaire. At the end of the story he is boasts as being a strong supporter of our loyalty to Israhell above our own country.

He also wants to give Jerusalem to the Christ killers – yet he admits to be a staunch Christian. His hypocrisy is unbelievable. He continues to rant and rave about the evils of infanticide and the value of human life and in he same breath rails about our need to continue to support the killing of helpless children in Gaza.

Here he states: ” A recent CNN-ORC poll shows that 59% of Americans support Israel’s position in today’s crisis in Gaza. Israel is responding with deadly force to the almost daily rocket attacks by the terrorists” In other words This Godless arrogant Negro who has never placed himself in harm’s way to defend our Constitution – says it is 100% Ok and popular for his beloved jews to murder all the unarmed civilians they can – but THEY BETTER NOT FIGHT BACK TO DEFEND THEMSELVES

What a vile reptile this creature is. He screams for the sanctity of life – but ONLY Merkan life. He is the classic black racist. Nothing could be uglier!

Please note the excesses that Blackwell goes to kiss jew asses. Here is one of his efforts to place the security of the country that has destroyed us – before that of HIS OWN NATION == Mr. Blackwell is an advisor to the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

Gee – Mr. Blackwell – does it disturb you in the least that our leaders use racist terms against the Palestinians that rivals the worst White against Negro racism such as SAND-NIGGERS. So – let see if I have this straight. In your sick twisted mind it is OK to use racist slurs against the Palestinians – as long as YOU or your Negro friend are not slandered. That is hypocrisy on steroids! Is this the kind of scum you want to expose your family to?

Speaker #4 Shawn Akers ( Akers is the DEAN of Liberty University)

Lets look and see what elaborate expensive activity he arranged as part of his hate Arabs mentality

Can you imagine this scumbag convincing young college students to spend SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to promote hatred of Arabs and ALSO support the jew economy with a trip – NOT to poor Palestine to see what suffering misery death and destruction his precious demonic jew have caused but to IsraHELL – to glorify support and aid the murderous scum who have destroyed our own nation as well as being Christ killers.

Are you beginning to see why it is IMPERATIVE that we enjoin to do a preemptive journalistic strike to the heart of these pukes – BEFORE they gather their reptiles of racist hatred under the auspices of loving and respecting Jesus and returning to traditional moral values. THESE ARE REALLY EVIL PEOPLE!

The Liberty University (JEW U.) is a hotbed for treason racism and treason against the United States by supporting our most mortal enemy and the enemy of Christianity for two thousand years. These racist reptiles spend fortunes in poisoning the minds and souls of our youth with lies hate mongering and treason. Here is just one example of the filth these BaptDUH scum employ to insure more wars and more killing ‘for Jesus’. Check this disgrace out:

“LAW 740 Israel and Middle Eastern International Law and Policy (A 3-Hour Pass/Fail course in Israel.) The course program will run from May 14-June 1. The first week of the course will be on campus and will be taught as an intensive. The course will be taught by Professor Alex Bligh from Israel, Dean Mathew Staver, Dean Joseph Wiegand, and Dean Shawn Akers. Professor Bligh will be the primary faculty instructor. After the Monday through Friday intensive from May 14 – 18, students will leave from New York on May 19 and arrive back in New York on June 1. During the two weeks in Israel, students will tour the biblical and historical sites and will receive instruction onsite and in the classroom. A final exam will be given on the last day in Israel.”

Students will see all the relevant biblical and historical sites in Israel and receive instruction from a highly qualified Israeli professor, Alex Bligh. .Students will interact with Israel political, academic, business, military, and religious leaders, as well as, Israeli students. This is truly an exciting opportunity for all those interested.”

EXCITING? Certainly not as exciting as watching the jew terrorists ( the IDF) murdering thousands of helpless unarmed women and children as I witnessed there on a daily basis. I guess these pasty faced BaptDUH students won’t have the ” EXCITING” opportunity to witness the world’s largest institutionalized TERRORIST organization – the jew military – blow up a school full of children or desecrate a Mosque or Christian church – or murder a 5 year old child or shoot a pregnant mother in the womb so as to kill both with one shot. I guess that these horrid jew bastard ‘instructors’ will not inform their BaptDUH drone morons that Palestine used to have a much larger Christian population – that lived peacefully with their Muslim brothers since the time of Jesus – but are now all but wiped our by jew genocide.

I would go to prison before I would allow my family to be subjected to this kind of carnival mentality racist hate fest.

Speaker #5 Rick Joyner ( jew)

Here is just ONE of the LEGION proofs of the reptile jew loving fundie BAptDuh scum on the speakers list.

Zionist Christ hating jew Rick Joyner owns the huge IsraHELL support machine called ‘Morning Star’ Ministries ( Talmud vision) . BTW – wasn’t Lucifer called the morning star? AND what in the name of God are Christians thinking when they ally with a filthy Christ hating jew in the first place?

If you are an educated informed Christian you will be disgusted to see how these cunning jews use amoeba brained BaptDUH drones to infiltrate and destroy Christianity. Read this speech by the jew Cohen and be sure to have an industrial grade barf bag handy as the typical jew double speak dazzles these brain dead BaptDUHs who would believe the world is flat if some slick talking hook-nose with a yarmulke and a stupid box on his head were to lecture at his church and declare -with a few assorted Hebrew words and a couple of Oy vehs – that indeed according to the holy Talmud – our planet is flat – and was of course given to the jews by their god.

Just Goggle = “Rabbi Robert Cohen & Rick Joyner Edited transcript of Audio tape from “The Opening Night” of Messiah’99 Conference Sponsored By: Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Young Messianic Jewish Alliance International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues “
After a nauseatingly long speech about how much his jews love Jesus ( but not enough to be Christian obviously) Cohen introduces Christ mocker Joyner – the hypocrite and sycophant who then does a marathon diatribe of jew ass kissing in a near 12 thousand word paean to jewish supremacy with his record non stop praise of jew evil.

So here is yet another jew reptile country seller whose goal in life is to insure that the jews succeed in their quest for world domination for their master – Satan. Still want to have your children exposed to this filth?

Is ‘Jewish’ Michele Bachmann stealing Mitt Romney’s funders?

Speaker #6 Michelle Bachmann ( self admitted jew)

If you have any doubts as to where Michelle Bachmann’s loyalties lie – read this disgraceful filth as she mocks our Lord – who was murdered by the jews – she is DISGUSTING! :
“I have been a long time supporter of Israel. The first time I went to Israel was the day I graduated from high school. I spent a summer working on Kibbutz Be’eri near Beer Sheva in 1974. I’ve been 4 times in Israel – 3 times as a Member of Congress. I loved Israel – from the moment I first landed.

As a young girl from Anoka, I was shocked at the level of security in Israel.

We worked on the kibbutz from 4 am to noon. We were always accompanied by soldiers with machine guns. While we were working, the soldiers were walking around looking for land mines. I really learned a lot in Israel.

I was delighted to go back as a Member of Congress, and see all the changes. To see how it has developed – it is nothing short of a miracle! To see a rose bloom in the desert. In 60 years, Israel has achieved first world, or nearly first world, status.

I am honored to be in a position where I can help Israel. I have a tremendous love for Israel, and great admiration for the Israeli people. I am a Christian, but I consider my heritage Jewish, because it is the foundation, the roots of my faith as a Christian.”

Want more proof of her loathsome personality? do this: Goggle ‘MICHELLE BACHMANN ISLAMOPHOBE’ You will get one million seven hundred seventy thousand responses!

Google: ‘MICHELLE BACHMANN – ISRAEL FIRSTER’ if you doubt as a US Congressperson – where her loyalties or concerns or patriotism lies – certainly not with America. You will get over TWO MILLION RESPONSES.

Also try her name associated with: NUT CASE – WACO – ALCOHOLIC- DRUG ADDICT – BATSHIT CRAZY – CRAZY QUOTES. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF RESPONSES! Enough said? A role model for your family or any moral person? HARDLY – yet her ilk is honored as a main speaker for their hate fest.

Speaker #7 Frank Gaffney ( thorough jew bastard hate filled Christ hating jew loving ZIONIST racist)

Gaffney is probably the most evil of all the speakers. A typical Soulless Godless jew bastard whose life is dedicated to hate peddling war mongering – the destruction of American goodness and support of jew evil

One of the ‘awards’ given to this most odious treasonous jew reptile was the disgraceful. Zionist Organization of America’s “Louis Brandeis Award” (2003). ANY true patriot or TRUE Christian would as soon have Satan himself present him an award from this bastard jew! Brandeis was in fact a filthy treasonous Zionist jew. This satanic filth was a tremendous in influence on then corrupt President Wilson and eventually got America to declare war on Germany to benefit the jew bankers in WWI. Behind every major war- you will find jews who profit from the killing misery and despair.

Gaffney is associate with a laundry list of pro jew organizations whose goals are the greater glory and security of IsraHELL – NOT the United States. This bed wetting POS never put himself in harm’s way for his country yet he screams for the murder of ALL innocent defenseless Palestinian civilians – men women and children – Muslim and Christian alike. For a man that has never served in his nation’s military he is always ready to send your children to kill or be killed all for IsraHELL. Iran has never attacked American or harmed one US citizen – yet this spineless bearded worm wants to destroy the entire nation of Iran.

This what you want your children to look up to as their role model – a war monger jew who believes that TRUE Christians who are ‘peacemakers’ are not blessed but fools that need to save their jew masters ?

Speaker #8 Barrett Duke Jr.. ( another raving BaptDUH idiot spewing love for jews and hate for Arabs)

While at Denver Seminary, he participated in a 3 week study tour of Israel at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. Why in the name of God would he be even associating with the same stinking jews who crucified our Lord. I shouldn’t judge today’s jews for ‘The sins of their fathers’ – you say? For those of you living in the make believe world – I have a news flash for you.

On a regular basis on Israeli television – you will find jews mocking and cursing Christ in the cruelest ways imaginable. From spitting on the cross to crucifying Him as a monkey on a popular hate Christ comedy show – not unlike what blasphemies are committed on a routine basis by jew scum like Sarah Silverman.

He has also taught Hebrew to BaptDUHS. What in the world do ANY Christians need to know about the language of the Christ hating Christ killing jews. Jesus spoke Aramaic – but for that matter the King James translations from the Greek and other original scrolls suffice as accurate for Westerners.

Lastly Barrett speaks of ML King glowing reverent terms as if he were God like. To pay such adulation to reprobate drunkard womanizing cheating lying racist treasonous Marxist scumbag like King is BLASPHEMY as well as an insult to true soldiers for justice!

I will remind ‘Dr.’ Barrett that the FBI files on Kings’ voracious sex exploits with prostitutes and other immoral excesses were so lurid and vile that they had to be censured from public scrutiny for a period so long that it insured that ALL the parties involved would be dead! His OWN son testified in a Rolling Stone magazine interview that the reason his father was killed was mass rage at his treasonous communist activities. I could write volumes regarding the FACTS of his seedy life and evil wife. Check it out for yourself.

Another bad example of what MORAL religious leadership should NOT be – but apparently normal for BaptDUHs

Speaker #9 Carlos Campo – ( pres. Regent U. Jew lover IsraHELL Loyal)

Jew lover and sponsor for Joe the jew Kauffman who is a disgusting treasonous liar concerned ONLY with things jewish – like all jew reptiles. Campo was a sponsor and cheerleader for Congressional candidate and Friends Of IsraHELL spokesman Joe Kauffman – a rabid Israeli loyal traitor to the constitution and this country.

The typical honored guest at Regent – one of the millions of faithful Christians who has suffered persecution by the jews/communists/Zionists? Na. he prefers the scum who did the persecuting of the Christians as they suffered horrible moral and economic persecution under Godless demonic jew control during the pre-WWII Weimer period. The jews did the same thing to Germany that they have done to America.

If you are so imbecile oyster brain stupid that you still believe the Germans were responsible for WWII insted of the jews – you need to be watered instead of FED!

One of these ‘ honored’ criminals was a treasonous jew scum named David Katz. Learn your history folks! The jews had committed mass treason – an OFFICIAL FORMAL WRITTEN COLLECTIVE DECLARATION OF WAR – against their own country! A country they had turned into a morally rotted corpse and economicly bled dry and lived off the sweat of hard working Christian Germans! They should have all been shot for high treason! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Stop the ignorance and stupidity!

The disgusting element here is that while Regent University purports to be a CHRISTIAN educational facility – BUT – President Campo invites essentially only jewish and pro jewish pro- IsraHELL advocacy groups speakers and agencies to promote more jew terrorism in the Mid- East using OUR tax dollars. Here are a few examples of the Christian hating scum who are welcomed at Regent to promote destruction of Christianity in America.

The IsraHELL Foreign Ministry – Jewish Agency for IsraHELL – Christians ( read Zionist BaptDUHS) United for Israhell.

In my naivety I used to believe that I would never live to see the day that a Latino Christian would openly betray his fellow Christians to the stinking jews. Do you really want to shake hands with a reptile like Campo who stands by and worships – NOT OUR LORD – but the people who murdered Him?

Speaker #10 Matt Barber ( Associate dean of racist Liberty U [Jew U.] )

This pack of jew lies and outrageous insane battshit crazy insanity below was written by the BaptDUH scumbag Matt Barber

,” Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador to the U.S. recently told a group of Christian leaders in a special briefing convened by Liberty Counsel. “More than 5.5 million of our citizens are now under threat of missile attack, and over 1,300 missiles have been fired at us since we took action against Hamas.”

The ” missiles” are not much more than large pop bottle rockets with about the power of a quarter stick of dynamite. I was professionally trained in the use of demolitions. I have hundred of photographs on the ‘damage’ in IsraHELL. When they land in the street they leave some scorch marks and an orange size crater. Remember this in RETALIATION for the murder of tens of thousands of Palestinians.

The greatest damage I have seen from these pop bottle rockets was a bushel basket size hole in the roof of a house. I can show you craters the size of a soccer field – so deep that they filled with hundreds of thousands of gallons of water – all from a REAL modern jew missile.

More audacities: some would be laughably funny were not the issues so serious. I have worked the military of several nations in uniform as well as a hired advisor to help combat terrorism in Central America. I have had my own training company and several other minor commands including my own Special Forces A-team – so I do know something about the code of conduct of the American and a few foreign militaries.

Israhell’s IDF terrorists are by far the most brutal ruthless barbaric Godless sadistic civilian murdering filth in the world. They ARE the or certainly one of the most immoral military on earth today. Netanyahu is in fact a well documented war criminal – a master butcher who has purposefully murdered hundreds of thousands of defenseless elderly sick injured women children and infants without remorse. Been there seen that. Spend much time in Special Forces,Mr. Barber? Remember the JEWS – NOT the Palestinians started the aggression.

Jews are masters at distortion lies and deceit. Been there seen that. The jew is the ONLY ethnicity on the planet which will shamelessly demonize his own victims and make himself the victim. There is a joke -well known in the Middle East about the monumental hypocrisy of the jews. A jew murders both his parents – then brings suit against their estate as the victim – claiming that since he is now an orphan he is the true victim and sues for reparations. What is frightening is the fact that these jews ARE REALLY like that! They do this sick twisted crap every day in Gaza. Been there seen that – but I am censured in my OWN country from even talking about it.

Read these statement by this obese BaptDUH pig

“Whether due to naiveté, foolishness or pure dishonesty, President Obama’s bungling of the Middle East crisis – let alone his unprecedented attacks on our constitutional freedoms stateside – has disqualified him to lead the free world.
And so, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stepped forward to answer the call. He has become de facto leader of the free world – chief defender of Western civilization.

As America’s light fades under the Obama regime, Israel has become – for now at least – “the shining city on the hill.”

Thus, Israel defends herself. Israel defends the free world. “

“To Benjamin Netanyahu I pledge this: Mr. Prime Minister, Christian America thanks you for your bold leadership. We thank you for being the lone voice of freedom in the Middle East.

Sir, you, too, are in our thoughts and our prayers.

America stands with Israel.

We demand our president do the same.”

The obese BaptDUH pig – Barber then slanders the Islamic faith by cherry picking and distorting quotes from the Quran. he uses the old ‘Death to the infidels’ trick stir up hatred among his fellow BaptDUH drones. Read Surah 9-5 in its entirety yourself . First of all – the term in the Quran is Polytheists ( Idol worshipers like Baal Chemosh Moloch etc) not ‘infidels’. Read it all and judge for your self if this BaptDUH is trying to share knowledge and wisdom – OR spread hate.

Finally Barber uses TV to publicly slander the entire Muslim faith as actually being devil worship

Barber the BaptDUH obese pig here demonizes Islam which praises Jesus and His Mother while his filthy jew friends mock Jesus and Mary in the cruelest of ways.

His behavior is typical of the insane illogical hypocrite criminally ignorant hateful conduct of all BaptDUHS
Now you decide if you want to expose your family to these perverts Christ mockers jew lovers hypocrites criminals traitors racists liars hypocrites hate peddlers and war mongers.
# 11 and the bonus speaker exposure . His name is Tony Calatayud

Here is what he did:

I believe he is worth exposing because even though he is a convicted criminal – guilty of a serious crime that injured countless innocent honest people specially in this bad economy – he was STILL selected by these ‘good Christian followers of Christ’ to peddle their lies slander hate racism and war mongering.

Connected with the Miami Mafia – he is a criminal to boot. He STOLE almost a third of a million dollars from the medic aid system – cheating honest American citizens out of much needed drugs and services. What a scumbag No wonder he works for the jew criminals – the report below========
Tony is a prominent member of the exilio in Miami and a terrorist with a long record of anti-Cuba activities. A Bay of Pigs veteran and a past secretary general of the Directorio Revolucionario Cubano, a terrorist organization, he has been implicated in plots to kill Fidel Castro in Mexico and other acts. He was a major organizer of theCalle 8 march on 1/8/03 in support of the coup plotters in Venezuela. On 1/24/02 he was arrested for 1st degree felony theft (Medicaid) in Florida:

* “The audit results clearly revealed that Primera Farmacia Latina Inc., through its owner, defrauded the State of Florida’s Medicaid program of more than $290,944 between January 23, 1999, and October 20, 2000. In excess of 1,300 claims were linked to fraudulent prescriptions submitted by the pharmacy to substantiate its billings to the Medicaid program. Calatayud is the sole owner of the pharmacy and resides at 14232 S.W. 21 Terrace, Miami. He is charged with one count each of Organized Scheme to Defraud and Grand Theft, both first-degree felonies, each with maximum penalties of 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine and 10 counts of Medicaid Fraud, third-degree felonies which carry maximum penalties of 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine for each count.”

This hypocrite piece of crap is an embarrassment to DECENT LATINOS like my grandparents and all of their friends and neighbors . ANY American of Latin heritage who grew up in a Catholic household and sold his soul to these putrid evil moron BaptDUHs is a disgrace to God country and everything good and decent we ever stood for.

ALL of you – are a special embarrassment to me the memory of my beloved parents and all of the good Godly decent TRUE Christians I have ever known. I pray you all burn in worst place in hell as your sins are beyond evil. You and your ilk are guilty of countless murders all of the world – of suffering and misery on an immeasurable scale. Your cruel unrepentant mockery of Jesus and all goodness will always be in our minds and hearts.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.


  1. Joe, I read on one site where they believe Ted Olson’s new wife Lady Booth is none other than Barbara Olson. They say she was not on the plane that morning and it makes sense. Her husband worked for George Bush and since George knew in advance do you think it was quite possible that she wanted to get extensive plastic surgery done and so they pretended she was on the plane and then out of nowhere this Lady Booth he is married to and nobody knows where she came from. It’s concrete stuff like this you should be working on. I would love to see someone tail this women and then find out where she goes. If she still visits her relatives. Joe this would be the weakest link of all the evidence. The other stuff we can’t do much about but this woman if she is Barbara Olson then she should be detained and placed in a basement somewhere and we get to the bottom of this. If she is Barbara Olson and I’ve looked at their photos side by side and I believe it is the same woman. So Joe of all the evidence are we going to just let them get away with this?

  2. it is interesting the fish, or pisces (sp?), is pointed downward, while below and suspended by the magan david, a satanic symbol, and a menorah. Is this one of those Freudian slips? Not likely. I am not good at recognizing symbolism, but this sure looks like an intentional downward direction for Christianity, while the symbols of judaism are above, suggesting their supremecy. Any thoughts on this?

  3. If it were possible for the bulk of humanity especially in north america to get their heads out of their butts , get cleaned up and smell the coffee on this issue I think jewry would need a place to hide or a very good disguise.
    Unfortunately I think the world will be cleaned up by a nuclear and bio war, an ice age and then by God and probably in that order.

  4. It’s crazy … could be the mass delusion thing . And it’s strange when you tell a ” Christian ” about the S.O.S , ” sons of Satan ” they get up set at you . But your like it’s not me that said this it is the one you all basically war-ship Jesus that said it … well u know how it is .

    Sam – I usually don’t ‘try’ to see things that aren’t there – but in this case your observation was EXACTLY my thought. How could it be viewed anyway else? The purpose was to demean Christiaity as inferior to all things jewish. These twisted Zio- BaptDUHS are so dense and vacuous that if you showed the supposed Christian symbol with a pile of dogshit on it with the demonic jew star imposed – these BaptDuh drones would salivate with approval. You need to have spent time living with these Christ mocking demons to fully appreciate the extent of their hatred of our Christian heritage. the main reason they so bitterly hate Arabs is because Islam has taught only reverence love and respect for Christ all throughout the ages. If the average Merkan moron lemming KNEW what jews REALLY think about us goy – they would probably be shot on sight in the streets. As long as jews hold influence on our culture – there will NEVER EVER be peace on earth for ANY moral men of honor and good will. Christ – the Prophets and famous historic figures have warned us of tha fact for thousands of years

  6. The Christian Zionists like to tell you that God will punish you for not supporting jews and that Shitty Little Country. What a brainwashed bunch. How they must laugh at SINagogue every week. No shortage of shabbas goy!

  7. To be fair, we should clarify that “BaptDUHS” maybe refers to the Southern Evangelical Baptists, and not all Baptists, since I’m sure there are many, including blacks for example, that don’t think that way.

  8. Joe, I agree with you more than 99%. One area I have a problem with and my post probably won’t go up because even among the truthers their may be censorship and prejudice. But here it goes. I have no problems with Islamic people per say. As a Christian I am NOT happy with most of Christianity, which entails the biggies, Catholicism or Protestantism or the many fringe groups. That being said and fair, I would like to briefly comment about Islam.

    Islam as viewed by me a Christian, is NO DIFFERENT than any other religion. To me it is going to be judged by the man on the White horse mentioned in the book of Revelation chapter 19. The belief system NOT COMPATIBLE with the USA Constitution or Biblical Truth. It is an IDOLATRY no different than the Jewish religion, The Mormons, The JW’s, the Catholics, not to mention hundreds of other beliefs. Don’t take this as an insult. You speak truth about the Jews that can’t be ignored, they, the Jews, are certainly the Anti-Christ, but Islam will be Judged not by you or me but by God. I have specific issues with it, but that is another story for another time. Whether this post goes up will be up to the gatekeeper.

  9. Hallo, Joe, I like your comments indeed very much, but have difficulties to get them printed for my

    archive. Why is it difficult to print them ? Or better what do I have to do, to get them printed ?

    Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.


    Hans-Christian Heydecke

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