Jack and Rexella Van Impe – Zionist False prophets and Racist Christ Mockers – Fear Monger Shills for IsraHELL


It just never seems to end. Every time I turn around I find yet another slimy lying racist hate spewing war mongering red neck piece of crap BaptDuh Zio-scum. You and your ilk make life in this nation an embarrassment for ALL decent peace loving truth seeking moral REAL Christians. I WILL expose ALL of you – one by one with the most powerful weapon on earth. That which you and your jew masters fear the most – THE TRUTH!

As compared to super wicked lying sociopathic demon Zio-Scum like Hagee or Falwell – Van Impe – is just ‘impish’ but he needs to be exposed along with the rest of these BaptDUH criminals with their shameless mockery of the nature of Christ and their unabashed support for Satan and His jew Children. Unbelievably – this evil scum who is more like the jews than they are – spread thier fear and war mongering on TV – posing as Christian conservatives. The blasphemous lunacy you promote serves only to debase ‘American Christianity’ to the level of a carnival side show complete with freaks!

The Van Impe ‘freaks’ have even bought into the jew mentality of using Hitler AND the German people ( 90% Christian incidentally) for everything that is evil. They have produced a video complete with a menacing Hitler on the jacket titled ‘ANOTHER HITLER RISING’

You see, the jews hate the Germans for their effort to stamp out jew evil once and for all. Had Hitler succeeded – we would be living in a potential paradise free of ALL Communist induced wars – no Vietnam – no Korea – No cold war billions spent on armaments – no Mid East wars – no senseless inane jew created hatred of Arab people – no dead sons – no Fed reserve to cripple our economy – no destruction of our Constitution – no destruction of Christianity in America – no racial problems – no abortions – no huge porn industry – no drugged out children – no high taxes – no gas above 50 cents – no unemployment – no hyperinflation and a thousand more blessings that come with a jew free society – That is not wild speculation but logical analysis of the world today without jews – study REAL history – especially the Weimar Republic period and you will then understand – but I digress

This abomination of lies blasphemies and mockery of the words of Christ is nothing more than a tool to incite more wars for the stinking lying Godless jews and their stolen modern obscenity of IsraHELL. The wicked Van Impes want to see even more innocent bloodshed in Palestine and Iran . Like all BaptDUHS they are insane ignorant imbecile lunatics who care not a bit whom their racist lies, and fear mongering , injure or cause misery suffering destruction homelessness and death.

For a mere $60 ( gift) or so you can own a new improved revised to suit the agenda of the jews Van Impe ‘Bible’. Go to his site and see the endless array of hate propaganda that you can BUY with some of your “GIFT” dollars. These BaptDUH rednecks always use the same tactic to fleece the sheep. Can you imagine getting your next electric bill or tax bill with a message like this: ” Dear customer – please send in your ‘gift’ of two hundred and seventy eight dollars to Chicago Electric for last moth’s service – OR ELSE!” . Gift my ass!

This Islam hate message right out of Van Impe’s hate site – as he promotes yet another jew inspired hate Moslems book. Mr. hate monger liar racist – can you show me where the Lord stated that Satan’s children are ARAB PEOPLE?

“Satan’s major strategy for replacing Christianity is Islam, and the Koran which denies Jesus as the Christ, as the substitute for the Bible? This book gives you the startling truth!”

TRUTH? These inbred red neck retards wouldn’t know the ‘TRUTH’ if the Lord Himself gave it to them. The book Islam Rising – was written by a BaptDuh racist red neck named Jim Murk. Who in the name of God would even buy such filthy racist slanderous deceiving lying trash?

Can you show me ANYWHERE in the Koran where Jesus or His mother are spoken of with ANYTHING but love respect kindness blessings praise and goodness? The Koran has ALWAYS held our Lord in the highest regard – to the extent that His name is never spoken by a true Islamic except with this dignity” “Peace be unto Him”
You – your bitch wife – and the ilk you promote are nothing less than demonic blasphemous filthy lying basted!

Conversely – you know full well that the filthy jew’s most holy book – the Talmud – blasphemes our Lord as a Bastard and His Holy Mother as a whore who had sex with a Roman soldier. Jesus is also mocked in the cruelest ways imaginable – one of which is that He is as far as the dirty jews are concerned boiling a caldron of shit for eternity! You filth bastards know this – yet you make more money selling dirty rancid slanderous blasphemies than the truth to your stupid brain sharing moron sheeple.

You jerk offs cannot have it both ways. You CANNOT serve two masters. You CANNOT serve God AND Satan.
You CANNOT adore and worship the filth who have murdered our Lord and have for the past TWO THOUSAND YEARS – in your face- mocked and slandered reviled and blasphemed Him cruelly 24-7

Israeli TV Mocks Christ Crucifixion

From the Van Impe site – this – idiotic comment from Rexella – regarding The Mother of Jesus as an infant.: “As Mary held him and looked into His face for the first time, I wonder if she realized that she was touching the infant God?”

I wonder if she realized? DUH! Oh of course not – how could she possibly know – I mean just because she had been personally visited by the angel Gabriel – who personally told her that God had found great favor with her – and that her Son shall be called the Son of the Highest – and Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord – be it unto me according to thy word. Are you on drugs – or just taken part in so many lies you have lost touch with truth?

Van Impe’s Hitler video supposedly describes the mistreatment of the poor jews who have RAPED my nation with their filthy habits of porn crime adultery infanticide usury graphic violence lurid nasty sex and perversions of every manner economically and morally.

I’m sure that this lover of Christ killers will not reveal the fact that the entire jewish community declared war in 1933 upon the very German people who had graciously welcomed these sinister treacherous greedy lying jews into their country as brothers. Instead of being thankful for the acceptance and trying to be good citizens – they of course were demonic parasites who bled the nation dry with their greed deceptions lies and usury. READ HISTORY!

They did the EXACT same thing to the Russians to the Poles to the British to the Australians to the Canadians and of course our own America. These parasites have continued their moral and economic rape of a dozen more hapless victims as they bleed them dry – leaving only a morally rotted corpse. Jews are eternal parasites and have done this to every nation kind enough to accept them in their ‘new home’.

They have been so putridly offensive in their larcenous conduct as a people that they have been exiled from 109 nations in the past 1500 years! It was these SAME evil jews who caused – financed – and profited the last two world wars – and WILL positively absolutely undeniably cause the NEXT WORLD WAR!

America’s most famous military field commander General George S. Patten eventually concluded that we fought the WRONG people in WWII. He swore to expose the jews and run for President. Our jew loving Christ mocking war criminal traitor ‘Kike’ Eisenhower just couldn’t allow that to happen – so he had Patten murdered. Ask any competent historian.

Well – I was also an American military commander – although an insignificant unknown nobody – I ALSO came to the same conclusions as Patton. And God knows – we have paid for the mistake and WILL probably pay for it for generations yet to be born! Unfortunately – we were both right.

Of course Blondie and Bozo – the liars and deceivers – know this truth full well – but after all – they are handsomely rewarded by their new jew masters. The EXACT SAME filth they so passionately defend are the slime who relentlessly mock Jesus on their Talmud-Vision. What a shame Mr. hypocrite with his amazing walking Bible quote knowledge seems to suffer from selective amnesia somewhere between John 8 – 37 and John 8 -47 -OR are you so ashamed of the words of the Lord that you WILL NOT say them – lest they displease your demonic jew masters? You will never EVER hear these lying frauds mention JOHN -8-44 among the thousands and thousands of quotes endlessly spewed out among the constant inane babble. HYPOCRITES!


He and his witless replicant animatronics drone wife do their very best to spread fear lies and fuel for even more wars on their predictable foreboding sermons of doom and gloom they have spewed out like yesterdays stale vomit. Same typical ‘false Prophet’ scare stuff every day of every week for months and years and now decades.


They lose no opportunity to bash Obama as evil wicked and even the probable anti-Christ – but have only praise for Romney the faux Republican and IsraHELL puppet. To be sure – Obama is a ‘bad guy’ – but isn’t it bizarre that they bash him as the ultimate evil – BUT – support the treasonous Mossad agent monster who ABSOLUTELY PROMISED the stinking jews their NEW war ? Talk about TREASON! Romney was OPENLY treasonous! Do you know the REAL reason WHY these two carnival snake oil sales losers have spewed out their vile vitriolic hatred for Obama?

This geriatric tag team for Satan is super upset that Obama has stood against even more land theft by the stinking Christ hating Godless jews in IsraHELL. In other words these racist reptiles scream for even MORE killing and savage brutality and starvation and beatings and terror against helpless defenseless civilians – mostly women and children. If REAL Christians here saw what our Government and filth like these reprobate fear and hate peddlers do to get rich off the misery of fellow Christians – racist scum like the Van Impes would be hung from light poles! THIS then – is what the Van Impe monsters support to ‘earn’ their blood money! This violent jew filth hatred of Christ was a common every day occurrence when I was there. What you will see here is typical of what I saw there daily.

The male jew puppet – Jack – shrilly spews out his screeds of “it can happen very soon now – at any moment”. Every time he waves his clawed hands up and down declaring ‘it’ could happen at any minute – his robotic Barbie doll wife shakes her head like that bobbing bird novelty for your car dash, and says: Oh Jack! Oh Jack! Then she reaches in her bag of rhetorical almost idiotic questions – to which hubby Jack produces even more doom and gloom and always followed by a good Bible thumping quoting verse after verse after verse. To say that these greedy Christ mocking racist reptiles are disgraceful is an understatement.

As matter of fact – I have never heard him speak for more than 60 seconds at a time without the obligatory Book – chapter and verse. It is not uncommon to hear him spew out a half dozen quote locations in ten seconds. Apparently the man cannot discuss any topic intelligently for more that a minute or less before he feels compelled to dazzle his lemmings in the audience with his ability to parrot every quote – as if his listeners were all blind or illiterate morons who could not read their own Bibles.

In a presentation – to make a point, or consolidate some Biblical history – a quotation can be an effective tool or a simple reminder. But when a person does virtually nothing more than produce a hundred or so ‘quotes’ in a 10-15 minute presentation – it goes beyond ‘preaching’ – or even prothselyzing. An unspoken inference is then made by default.

“You people are simply too stupid to understand or reason or connect dots. We will not allow ANY dialogue in this class – children – so you will simply listen to my monologue” – except a few well spaced = “OH JACKs!” That is so It can have the maximum effect of scaring the crap out of you without any stupid questions – especially should you challenge the wicked murderous sadistic conduct of the demonic jews.

This wicked agent of IsraHELL and his equally evil air-headed wife have an agenda with their so called carnival mentality do-it – yourself fortune teller prophecies. All done through fear and intimidation of their moron followers.

That is to (A) posture IsraHELL as a sacred piece of stolen dirt even tough it was take by force from its rightful owners for the past thousand five hundred years.

( B) That the cold blooded murder of countless thousands innocent defenseless helpless mostly children in Palestine is the ordained sacred will of a benevolent loving caring ‘god’ of peace hope wisdom and unquestionable goodness justice and mercy – and….

(C) That we stupid goyem are here only to ‘people the events’ as they unfold and to UNQUESTIONABLY serve the safety well being comfort and wishes of our jew masters with our life savings and the blood of our sons.

You will notice that since Obama appeared to stand up to our jew masters even in the slightest has been demonized by all the jews and their little Zio-toadies including reptiles like Mr. and Mrs. cheerleaders for the jews here. I found it rather telling that Obama was literally the poster child of the jews before he apparently got tired of being their puppet

Oh and of course these two worms are raking in the cash. Blaspheming the Lord for the jews can be quite profitable. Jack and his lackluster bimbo cohort in crime rake in a $150,000 salary + royalties for their books videos their rewritten Bibles and other ‘trash of the trade’. No personal biz-jets yet – but if they keep pleasing their masters – who knows?

Here is a video that shows their treason to American and how they put IsraHELL first regardless of the fact that our nation has been all but destroyed economically and morally ALL at the hands of their precious jews. Demonize the Arab people who have had NOTHING REMOTELY to do with our moral and economic demise and whose religion places Jesus and His mother in the highest regard and respect – AND OF COURSE lionize and elevate the sinking filthy Godless Christian hating Christ murdering jews who slander Jesus as a bastard son and His blessed mother as a Roman’s whore.

Here is a video that was made as a spoof of their idiocy. It is a classic must see.

Here are just a couple of comments regarding an article in which these two racist reptiles – Jack and Rexella Van Impe left TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) over a policy/suggestion dispute when some one finally had the wisdom to suggest that Islam was NOT the cause of our moral rot in America and perhaps we as Christians should be more open minded especially in the light that Christ who has been so viciously slandered by the jews for two thousand years in their most ‘holy’ books as a bastard boiling for eternity in vat of shit!

Conversely – the Koran has ALWAYS held our Lord in the highest regard – to the extent that His name is never spoken by an Islamic except with this dignity” “Peace be unto Him”

The intelligent comments: “I for one am happy to see Van Impe leave the air. He has always been an over bloated, judgmental preacher who is more in love with himself, than the true Word. Where does he come across judging others like he does. The last I heard God is the ultimate judge and discerns the hearts of man. His twisted interpretation of some of the scripture is a sad commentary on those who believe and expound the Word of God faithful…..nothing lost….”

“Does anything at all on TBN help the cause of Christ? I refuse to watch that channel that has mostly, if not all, preachers who preach that people can become gods, that they can get rich if they send money in, that they can find diamonds on the ground, that they can raise the dead, that if people get sick or have diseases, it’s due to lack of faith, and many don’t believe in the Trinity or have a distorted view of it. And that’s just a short list. I have just read their statements, I won’t watch them, they would make me cringe. They teach false doctrine, I think they make Christians look like idiots, and they try, and succeed, at robbing people of their money. God will judge most of them harshly. I pray that people do NOT watch TBN, as God will provide true witnesses to His Word. James 3:1 “Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.”

And so you know that the rest of the DECENT world holds you in the same contempt – look upon how you are perceived by your fellow man. I used a simple litmus test on a search engine using basic words:

Jack Van Impe Zionist = 325,000 negative comments

Jack Van Impe liar = 313,000 negative comments

Jack Van Impe bigot = 150,000 negative comments

Jack Van Impe fear monger = 121,000 negative comments

Van Impe and his wife are insane = 1,140, 000 negative comments

I certainly hope these ugly truths regarding your wickedness being exposed doesn’t get your stomach bleeding.

But in retrospect after seeing what horrible suffering that scum like you have caused innocent children in Palestine – I DO hope you painfully drown in your own blood. I was THERE ASSHOLES! I saw the horrors and suffering you and your bitch wife have caused by your reprobate racist hate. I wake up at dawn and see their suffering in my mind every day of my life. Was the 30 pieces of silver you got from the jews worth the human misery you are responsible for ? – BASTARD!

Just in case the readers is now not completely convinced that this pair of lunatics are not totally bat-shit crazy and need to be Baker-acted to protect the general public – read this review of their insanity and evil sick minds. This was one of the results I got from the last “insane” search with 1,140,000 comments. These people are so over the top it is actually funny at times – like ‘Looney Tunes’ funny. If you need a good laugh – read this: no- it won’t make any sense

Jack and Rexella Van Impe – The Preterist Archive

Seriously though – these are wicked deceiving lying racist blasphemous false ‘prophets’ = evil hypocrites who get rich of off stupid sheeple by spreading fear and hatred. They are worms – vermin – maggots – demons. May you both be damned to burn in Hell for the misery death and terror you have caused innocent Godly people – AND – your apostate greed of money and support for demons which the Lord Christ so CLEARLY exposed as having a Satanic fatherhood. In light of the hate trash you promote – how DARE YOU point your bloody fingers at ANYONE – you pompous arrogant pious self-righteous BaptDUH trolls. You are not fit to breathe the same air as decent human beings.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.

21 thoughts on “Jack and Rexella Van Impe – Zionist False prophets and Racist Christ Mockers – Fear Monger Shills for IsraHELL

  1. The first half of the 1980s, with Likud governments in control, was a particularly active period for Jewish bigots. On Oct. 8, 1982, the Baptist Church in Jerusalem was burned down. Kerosene had been sprinkled on the church’s wooden chapel, constructed in 1933. Although no one was ever charged in the arson, the Baptist Center’s bookstore had been vandalized a dozen times in previous years, and Jews were suspected. When the Baptists sought to rebuild the church, Jews demonstrated against the project and the Jewish district planning commission refused to grant a building permit. In 1985, the Israeli Supreme Court advised the Baptists to leave the all-Jewish area.
    There are so many evil acts of violence and destruction committed by the Israelis against all the Christians in Palestine listed on that link-jews drove all the Christians out of Palestine, from 200,000 in 1948, to 50,000 in 1995.
    The jews also do not believe that Jesus was their jewish Messiah, or the son of God, the jews and their rabbis firmly, without question, believe that Jesus was a bastard nobody. The majority of jews are atheists, they don’t believe in God at all-they think they are God, they think jewishness is a social club for the inbred jews only, and that people who believe in Jesus as the son of God are morons. Christian Zionists are complete morons, if they think God wants anything to do with the jews who killed him with pride, reject him, and hate him, and would kill him again. jews don’t have God or Love in their vocabulary-it is a totally foreign concept to jews-one they can never understand, why? Because as Jesus said, they are not of God, they are of their own father the devil/satan/lucifer-they only know jewishness-lies, cruelty, hate, destruction fear and greed for money and power. These Christian zionists are brain dead zombies under the spell of satan. The jews hate Christians, they want all gentiles to be their zombie slaves. Why would God chose the children of satan as his favorite? A God of love has no favorite. God did not create Lucifer, he is not a fallen Angel, an Angel can’t fall, they are perfect-that is satan’s biggest lie. God is the creator of life-he is life eternal. Satan is the destroyer of life-he is death and Hell, and his children the jews are made in his exact image-of death and Hell. If satan is God’s enemy, then you can be sure, satan’s mini-me’s, the jews are the enemies of God-not his chosen. He may chose them to go back to the real jewish homeland-hell to spend eternity but thats it. God certainly does not want the spawn of satan made in their fathers image to desecrate the Holy Land. The jews are there to do just that-to make the Holy Land a Hell, as an insult to God. Anyone who helps the jews ruin the Holy Land and turn it into satan’s cesspit of evil atrocities and crimes against life and God, a place where there is no peace, is not a true Christian.

  2. from http://mauricepinay.blogspot.com/
    JERUSALEM: Attackers spray-painted anti-Christian graffiti in Hebrew on a Franciscan monastery just outside Jerusalem’s Old City, the church and Israeli police said on Tuesday, in an apparent “price-tag” hate crime.

    Photos on a church website showed blue graffiti scrawled on the monastery’s front door denigrating Jesus, the central figure in Christianity, and adding the words “price tag” — a euphemism for revenge hate crimes by Israeli extremists.

    “Jesus, son of a bitch, price tag,” the graffiti read. It had been removed by mid-morning, an AFP photographer at the scene said.
    Israeli police confirmed the incident.

    “What took place is that a church on Mount Zion was targeted. On it was written graffiti against Christianity, and ‘price tag,’ and now we’re investigating the incident,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. “It happened during the early hours of the morning,” he added.

    “Price tag” is a term given to hate crimes carried out by Israeli extremists, normally targeting Palestinians and Arabs and often involving the torching and vandalism of cars, mosques and olive trees.

    But attacks have widened in scope in recent months, and have also targeted the Israeli army, Israeli anti-settlement activists and several churches.

    In a statement, the Roman Catholic bishops of the Holy Land expressed their “deep dismay” over the incident.

    They added their “concern about the education given to young people in certain schools, where contempt and intolerance are taught” and noted that the “price-tag” language used suggested that Israeli extremists were responsible.

    Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said that such attacks were the cultural legacy of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War.

    “After 45 years of Israeli occupation, a culture of hatred and racism has become mainstream among Israelis,” he said in a statement.

    “School textbooks and official statements advocating that Jerusalem should be exclusively Jewish, with total rejection of the Palestinian Christian and Muslim identity of the city, have paved the way for gangs of terrorists to attack Christian and Muslim holy sites,” he added.

    Israeli President Shimon Peres said that such actions “go against the morals and values of Judaism and do great harm to the state of Israel.”
    “It is forbidden to harm the holy sites of religions and faiths,” he said during a traditional visit to Israel’s chief rabbis to mark the Jewish Sukkot festival, or Feast of Tabernacles.

    Last month, vandals burnt the door of a Catholic monastery west of Jerusalem, scrawling anti-Christian graffiti on its walls.

    The incident targeted the Trappist monastery in Latrun, which sits on the border between Israel and the occupied West Bank, by the 1949 armistice line, and is one of the most famous monastic sites of the Holy Land.

    The Israeli government has strongly condemned such incidents in the past, but the Palestinians and Israeli anti-settlement activists say police have taken little action to apprehend those responsible.

  3. Dr. Rexella reads at a third grade level so I checked to see where she received her doctorate, Pacific Internationl University. Hmmm, sounds impressive. Where it that university located , Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Seattle, Honolulu ? Nope, Springfield, Missouri.
    Do they have a beautiful campus with a lake and hundreds of acres complete with grassy meadows and rolling hills ? Nope, just a p.o. box.
    Does Pacific International have an impressive faculty like Harvard or Yale ? Nope, just a degree mill where you send them $3,000 and buy your degree.
    Guess where Dr. Jack obtained his degree………Same degree mill. These fake doctors are lying frauds. They are con artists. Their show is an info mercial peddling fear, wanting your $$$.

  4. It must be beyond difficult for you to contemplate the deceiving, treacherous Van Impes, who deserve eternal damnation, and many thanks beyond words, for revealing and then spitting at this horrible couple. God loves you, Joe.

  5. God is love! I don’t any love coming from you in your blog.
    Repent before you are judged by God!
    You said some very hatefull things against the Van Impe’s who have devoted their lives for the preaching of God’s word!
    Shame on you!

  6. I read all your comments and am amazed at the hate coming out of your own mouth, and that language!! If indeed you yourself are a christian and you feel these people are so wrong then why don’t you pray for them instead of bashing them. We ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We all need our Savior’s grace. Let me remind you sir the Lord payed that heavy price for all of mankind and “Who so ever would come” can come. PRAY for them! You may discover your own deliverance. Any one of us can look in the mirror and see our own short comings. If you would use your weapons of warfare against the devil with the same tenacity as you do against flesh and blood you could be a powerhouse for the Lord!! BUT, hatefilled words, degrading and demeaning attitudes won’t get it. You need to take a personal inventory, REPENT, and stand up and be the man of God you were called to be. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

  7. Linda Gonzalez


    Harry S. Truman 1947 Diary
    21 July 1947
    [The entry for this day is written on three loose pages, interleaved in the diary book.]
    6:00 P. M. Monday July 21, 1947

    Had ten minutes conversation with Henry Morgenthau about Jewish ship in Palestine [sic]. Told him I would talk to Gen[eral] Marshall about it.

    He’d no business, whatever to call me. The Jews have no sense of proportion nor do they have any judgement on world affairs.

    Henry brought a thousand Jews to New York on a supposedly temporary basis and they stayed. When the country went backward-and Republican in the election of 1946, this incident loomed large on the D[isplaced] P[ersons] program.

    The Jews, I find are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as D[isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog. Put an underdog on top and it makes no difference whether his name is Russian, Jewish, Negro, Management, Labor, Mormon, Baptist he goes haywire. I’ve found very, very few who remember their past condition when prosperity comes.

    Look at the Congress[ional] attitude on D[isplaced] P[ersons]-and they all come from D[isplaced] P[erson]s.



  8. I love my family, my race and my country. I hate the evil Christ-hating Jews who are destroying America and western civilization.
    The Van Idiot frauds are helping the sons of Satan by defending them.

    The Van Idiots have deceived many good people with their false doctrine.

    May they burn in Hell with the evil ones they defend !

  9. Fundamentalist Christianity was a set up by the Jews from the beginning.Oliver Cromwell the Puritan Leader Of Britain was a paid agent of Jew bankers to overthrow Charles 1st. Since that time these Christian Jailors of humanity for the Jews have been are constant menace.From Vatican 2 which turned the Catholics over to them,to the Fundamentalist Bible Belt nuts who took over the Jew Neoconservative run GOP,Christianity is now a Jew run mental prison for the Goyem

  10. All of the television evangelists are either charlatans or brainwashed goys,who have taken the shekel to promote Zionism and the terrorist apartheid state of Israel.
    Religion has now become the crack-cocaine of the masses,a useful tool of corrupt and thoroughly immoral politicians to keep the proles in order.Watching a cretin such as ‘Dr.’ (of what,one wonders ?) Mike Murdoch forcing himself to cry whilst asking the gullible for a 1000 Dollar seed is a truly horrifying sight.Get a proper job,for God’s sake !

  11. All ya’ll say may b true…but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 🙂

  12. Your just an angry Nazi. Jack van impe speaks nothing but the truth on Jesus Christ. Just because he knows the Holy Bible and knows that Israel is Gods chosen people who he has given an everlasting name. Though God allows them to be punished for I believe not accepting Jesus Christ as they’re savior, not you Germans or Russians or Muslims will be able to get rid of Israel. When you guys try to and all the armies surround the Holy city and are in the war of armageddon, then Jesus will again step out of heaven personally to destroy every nation who comes against Israel. Don’t hate people who love Jews. They’re simply following Gods example. The Holy Bible says pray for the peace of Jerusalem. By you not agreeing with that, your not agreeing with what God our creator is desiring. Just the like all Germans aren’t crazy Nazis all Jews aren’t how you describe and claim them to be. There’s nothing wrong with talking about Hitler and mentioning him. The only way to not repeat history is to remember it. was he not a crazy nazi Jew killer and killer of many other nations? Of course he was. Don’t be mad at the facts of what is.

  13. Israel sold our top secret missle technology to the Red Chinese last month. We GAVE Israel our military knowledge worth billions and the greedy Jews sold it to the Communists. AGAIN ! Shalit resigned but the descision came from the top.
    Our ally, Israel, has been selling our military systems to the Chinese sine 1990. They previously sold our Patriot and Sidewinder missle systems to China. China shared the information with Iran and other Muslim groups which may be why our fighter jets could not rescue our embassy employees trapped in Benghazi. Our American jets would have been shot down by our own technology thanks to the ungrateful Jews in Israel.
    Wouldn’t it be fitting that Iran would send a conventional missle with an improved guidance system sold by Israel to China , that would strike the illegal Israeli nuclear base at Dimona and detonate a few hundred of Israel’s illegal nukes and turn Israel into a parking lot !
    There is a God and it is time for him to damn the sons of Satan to Hell for all of eternity.

  14. I would love to have a stand alone copy of the clip where the drunk Zio-punk says they killed Jesus and are proud of it, along with the rest of his rant. That way I can forward it to people who need to be broken in slowly to this info.

  15. a minister who quotes the bible how dare he. you must not go to church then because all ministers do that . And your misbelief that we would have no problems with out the jews is ludicrous. All people of race and religion causes problems .

  16. You seem to be a hater of everything that is good. Whether you and other people like you believe it or not, the Jews are and will always be God’s chosen people. The only thing that seems to emanate from your article is anger and hatred. As the Bible says ‘Blessed are those who bless the jewish people and cursed are those who curse them.’ In the end your opinion does not matter it’s what’s in God’s word that matters. I hope for your sake and others like you that you will accept the truth of God’s word and be enlightened and stop inciting hatred against the jewish people.

  17. Kath,
    I’m sorry but you are sadly mistaken. If God’s word truly mattered to you, you wouldn’t misquote it. Gen 12:3 says nothing about “jewish” people… you added that. That’s not a very Christian thing to do. BTW the true eternal seed of Abraham is Jesus Christ i.e. Christians, not a bunch of blind, lying, murderous hypocrites who call themselves jews. (Gal.3:16, Gal.3:29, Gal.6:16, I Peter 2:9-10, John 8: 44) Please read the epistles of Peter and Paul, for they explain the shadows, types and figurative language used in the Bible. If you don’t understand their writings, it’s very hard to understand the Bible. Please don’t make the same mistake that the blind and prideful jews of the Bible made, and still do. God is not a respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34, Rom. 2:11, Eph.6:9, Col.3:25, James 2:9, I Peter 1:17) You see, to be a child of God, your physical relationship to Abraham doesn’t matter, but rather, your spiritual relationship to Christ is ALL that matters.
    Please get with a local church or Bible study who doesn’t just know what the Bible says but also, what it means. Some of these dispensationalist T.V., and elsewhere preachers are pure poison. Some are truly ignorant and others are just insincere and greedy, wanting to make merchandise of you.

  18. Most Khazars have NOT the DNA some claim they have. In other words, most of the “Jews” in Israhell today, are NOT from the seed of Abraham, as they claim to be. Their entire claim to the land of Palestine is FALSE ! They have absolutely NO Semetic DNA, and to claim that they are Abrahams decendants is blasphemous. The Bible is very clear on the matter. God gave that land to the Semetic people on condition that they obeyed His laws. However, even the real “Jews” broke that covenant and were condemned to the Diaspora. Abraham had TWO (2) sets of descendants, the Hebrews and the Arabs. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  19. Lord Jesus Christ has died for all of us – for me, for you, for Jack van Impe and also for Jews and Arabs, for Indians, for bankers, for workers, for crippled, for businessmen – for all. Now the only thing to do is to decide – accept or deny.
    Please, please – accept the message and repent from all sins.
    I did. I am forgiven. I recommend to accept in repentance. I was a sinner. Even now I do mistakes.
    I need the mercy every single day.
    Please pray for me and I shall keep praying for you all – please mind: the Lord will come one day.
    Let the Lord Jesus Christ coming will find us loving each other, even our enemies…
    I love you all. Let your hearts will be filled with love. Let the Word of God dwells in your hearts.
    Lord Jesus Christ has died and was resurrected – now we represent the living and loving Lord Jesus Christ – in this world.
    Please accept peace and health – physical, mental, spiritual… Please maintain healthy relationships.
    If necessary – start by yourself and show us all how to act. I shall do my best too – bargain on my support.
    Expect support and coming of our Savior and Lord – Jesus Christ.

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