One hears the word “TERRORIST” a lot today. It is in the news – We are told there is a ” WAR ON TERRORISM” – We are told WHO the terrorists are and what dastardly deeds they do and how cowardly these ‘sociopaths ‘ are and why we should murder millions of innocent people worldwide who “ARE terrorists” – or entire nations which “ARE TERRORIST” and “harbor terrorists”. Obviously all Arab people are terrorists. Just ask any Merkan beer guzzling NFL fanatic pot bellied inbred racist redneck moron you see. After all, they are experts on such matters.

However I defy almost ANYONE – particularly our own home grown dumbed down lemmings to carry on an intelligent conversation regarding terrorism for so much as 30 seconds! Just try to open a meaningful informed dialogue with the average ‘Merkan’ Joe six-pack The average comment would probably go something like this:

“Oh – you mean dem A’rab Mooselums”. And if you ask to expend and clarify their profound conclusions a bit , It would sound like this: “That would be dem ragheads in Raq and EYEran and Afaganstan -right?”. For the more sophisticated nitwit – your answer might have included: Dose A”rab terrists be do ones who flew dem airplanes into da twin towers cause dey hates our freedoms and all dat”

So much for the character and intelligence of a useful idiot mob mentality people who recently trashed a K-Mart store as they trampled to death a K-mart employee just to save a buck on an I-pod or ‘blackberry’ or T-shirt on sale. I guess one might call that an act of terrorism itself if you can imagine the terror experienced by the poor person who was stomped to death by those idiot savages!

Let me first define the difference between a ‘terrorist’ and a ‘FREEDOM FIGHTER’. Some poorly informed person will state that they believe that “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” I have heard this following opinion before and I TOTALLY reject it after much experience with BOTH authentic freedom fighters and authentic terrorists on two continents. ( please read my credentials at end)

The ideological differences are intrinsic and essential. The terrorists are criminals who attract destroy and profane mankind’s most sacred values freedoms and rights. They desecrate destroy and burn churches and Mosques schools hospitals and municipalities that provide water electricity and transportation.

The terrorist purposefully targets innocent civilians for their own sadistic agendas. They intimidate humiliate maim torture kidnap and kill defenseless men women and children. They murder Judges newspersons elected officials administrators policeman and even priests. In other words – those who defend and uphold the laws and values of a civilized society.

Conversely – true freedom fighters try to adhere to international law and stay within the civilized standards of conduct as much as humanly possible. They attack military personnel and military targets. Since the freedom fighter is ALWAYS the disadvantaged underdog, noncombatant casualties are often unavoidable and normally not the result of a deliberate policy to employ the purposeful terror of the true terrorist. Their goal is simple – to free themselves from the oppression of their occupiers or their own criminal government. They just want freedom and independence.

Americans need to understand these stark differences between these groups. Perhaps the least used and most classic example of terrorism and freedom fighters was our own Revolutionary war. Washington’s militia were very much considered terrorists by British ( King George)

However the British had conducted themselves as TOTAL TERRORISTS. Consider these facts. They murdered and imprisoned countless civilians. Fact: MORE Americans died in the bowls of British prison ships from sadistic beatings – malnutrition – starvation – and disease that ALL of the lives lost in combat. Talk about REAL terrorists! The British are among the most ruthless barbaric immoral hypocrites people on earth. They have NEVER EVER been any ally of our in any manner shape or form.

British jew treachery got us into World War one under the treasonous Wilson in 1917. Two decades later British /jew treachery with the influence of American Marxist traitor FDR and British war criminal Churchill – we found ourselves once again sending American sons to die for the jews and the British. American traitors – British criminals – jews on both sides of the Atlantic then deceived us to fight THEIR wars AGAIN Germany NEVER wanted to start a war with America despite countless provocations by our Navy to make the Germans attack us. Learn the FACTS!

These were two absolutely preventable global wars in which we had NO legitimate cause whatsoever to initiate war against Germany – once again British lies and British treachery had cost us over a half million DEAD sons father brothers and friends in those two wars- for no good reason! We fought the wrong people. The Germans were never our ‘enemy’. Had the Germans done away with Satan’s children – I wouldn’t have to be warning my countrymen of our impending destruction. George Patton was murdered for that realization.

Had we supported the anti-Communist anti jew Germans – there would have been no Vietnam Communists – no Korean Communists – no Cuban Communists no Chinese Communists and of course no IsraHELL. Also here would have been – no tens of thousands of MORE dead American sons who died for the jews and no near half million Gulf war veterans who are now all incurably poisoned by radioactive DU and will ALL eventually die horrible systemic deaths. Additionally there would be no World War III which will happen at any time now thanks to the lies and evil influence of the stinking jews!

OH and of course – our country would be a thriving prosperous loved and respected moral decent nation – the envy of all civilized people and we be a TRUE light unto the nations of the world – instead of the war mongering divided terrorist modern day judized Sodom that we have become – destined for perdition on the trash heap of history.

Just consider what marvels we could have done our people and the world had we used the HUGE resources and lost lives to work for peace all those years we lived in fear of Nuclear war with the Communists. Probable cures for cancer diabetes and many more blights of mankind – all eradicated! General Patten was right just as I am. Had the jew war criminal Eisenhower not had him murdered – who knows what potential utopia of peace prosperity and technical advances for good might we have had today – instead of endless wars to make the jews even richer. Learn your history! What the victors ‘write’ as truth is seldom true. DEMAND the TRUTH. Seek it. Embrace it. Defend it!

The overall end result? Our collective stupidity guaranteed that the REAL evil on the planet – the jews and the Marxist monsters who then ruled Russia held the world in fear for another FORTY SIX years! During that period thanks to treasonous scum like FDR – the Soviets imprisoned half of Europe at a cost of tens of millions of lives and America lost one hundred thousand more sons killed by Communists in two more wars ( Korea and Vietnam) enabled by FDR and his Marxist jew pals and we experienced more world war crisis situations one after another Cuban Crisis – Berlin Crisis – Missiles in Turkey Crisis – U-2 Crisis and more.

Who are the terrorists today? There undeniably several REAL terrorist factions throughout the world. Here is a partial acronym list ( some are no longer active threats) ETA – LARF – AD – CCC – GRAPO- RAF – BR – ELA – AVC – MPL – FMLN- M-19 – FARC – EPL – SL – MRTA – NPA – ANC.

BTW let me clear up some misunderstandings about the ‘suicide bombers’ taking revenge on IsraHELL for their REAL terrorism against Palestine for sixty four consecutive years. IsraHELL STOLE the land from these good Christian and Muslim Arab people and has murdered tortured mutilated beaten starved and humiliated them 24-7. IsraHELL is simply a rabid mad dog that must be put down for world peace and the safety of all decent mankind.

If you have spent any time in IsraHELL traveling on your own – you will notice their terrorist IDF is ALWAYS in these two places insignificant numbers. Cafe’s and the public transportation which is free to their child murdering terrorists. Now you inbred redneck morons who might want to bash my truths with your oyster sized brains get this straight. NO Palestinian mother or father or child WANTS TO DIE!

These people live in fear 24-7 and there not ONE family in the ENTIRE country who has not lost friends relatives or children to the sadistic vicious demonic cruel jews – NOT ONE! They have no hope as they have been all but forgotten by the rest of the world. No American who was born here has EVER had that kind of horror in his or her life NOBODY – PERIOD! Like ANY parent – they would do anything to defend and protect their child – but they have no weapons – nothing to defend their families from constant rape attacks beatings humiliation.

The ONLY thing they have to fight with is their frail mortal bodies. Don’t talk to me about courage. I saw more courage there than anywhere in real life – the military – anywhere. I have been told that I have done some pretty gutsy things in my life faced death more than once survived being totally lost by myself at sea – survived a night plane crash – been clinically DEAD – twice and a bunch of other car crashed motorcycle accidents parachute mishaps and more.

I believe I would face possible death to save one of my children or grandchildren – but to kill my self knowing that my death MIGHT possibly save my child’s life later on? I don’t have that kind of courage and believe me IT IS RAW COURAGE – GUTS to knowingly sacrifice your life with fore thought and reflection. The soldier jumping on the hand grenade to save his buddies is not ‘thinking’ – he is simply reacting – believe me.

A pilot of a doomed airplane who coolly saves everyone’s life in the plane seconds before it crashes by doing exactly what he was taught to do is not necessarily an iron nerved hero either. I know. I WAS that pilot of that plane in the night crash. And yes – all I did was to follow my commercial pilot emergency procedures I had been taught to the letter, and fortunately we all survived. I was later asked how I could keep my cool in a life and death situation.

Truth be known – I scarcely remember that last 10 seconds before the crash. 30 minutes after the crash and we were safely seated at the small airport cafe – my knees were shaking so badly I couldn’t stand up – so much for my nerves of steel. I asked one of the passengers if they remember what I said – if anything – just before we hit. He told me absolutely – I said ; “OH SHIT!” It was good for a laugh because that is what you hear the ‘John Wayne’ hero in the movies say just before he crashes. Point was – there was no courage involved – just discipline.

The young Palestinian mother who is grief stricken she can no longer stand by and see her beloved children brutalized raped and beaten half to death has called upon her last ounce of courage to sacrifice herself for her family and country. Greater love no man (or woman) has than when she gives her life for her family. I have witnessed these horrors and the desperation and hopelessness that comes with endless animal brutality and YOU HAVEN’T.

I still wake up every morning with the thoughts of the horrors I witnessed committed by the filthy Jew terrorists in Israhell twenty three years ago. Knowing they mock everything any my family have ever held sacred honorable pure and decent and that their unpunished horrid crimes have become even more brutal does not set well with me.

I swear on my word that if I ever experience anyone in my presence mock and ridicule such extraordinary bravery I will try my best to put that person in the hospital for a long time! Sometimes the tongue of such a reptile can do more hurt than a stick. I am NOT a violent person by nature – but every person has his limit of experiencing cruelty – especially against the helpless and defenseless. I despise bullies and cowards I WILL NOT tolerate that type of putrid sadistic cruelty and mockery of an innocent oppressed victim in my presence

These poor people have been raped robbed beaten brutalized starved humiliated tortured and murdered like rats for 65 YEARS! They have no army no navy no air force as they have lived in peace – Christian and Muslim for SEVENTEEN HUNDRED YEARS. Why would peaceful Godly people need an army? Abortions in Palestine are so rare that their language does not even have a WORD FOR IT. I know this for a FACT! Their Godless jew neighbors have one of the highest abortions rates in that part of the world. NOTHING in jew world is ‘holy’.

The demonic jews have destroyed or stolen their homes smashed their churches and Mosques murdered their their physicians their police and elected political officials – destroyed hundreds of thousands of modest private homes – destroyed their crops and livelihood and keep them as animals with no rights or freedoms in the worlds largest outdoor prison – the exact textbook essence of terrorism.

No other non jewish controlled people on this planet have ever treated other innocent human beings in this barbaric fashion. READ YOUR HISTORY BOOKS. The demonic Christ hating vicious sadistic lying Godless Marxist and Zionist filth who have committed these unconscionable crimes are the SAME scum who have been cast out of ONE HUNDRED AND NINE nations and city States over a period of almost EIGHTEEN HUNDRED YEARS – because of their putrid filthy criminal conduct – PERIOD!

Never EVER in the history of mankind has there been a people so evil as the jews. Never in Biblical history has there been such a people so universally damned for their horrid wicked evil demonic demonic natures. Read what Christ Himself had to say as he damns them not just TO Hell – but for the fact that these jews ARE FROM HELL! READ JOHN 8-44

But I digress – so back to terrorists and terrorism.

Until recently I could safely and statistically state that the worlds largest institutionalized terrorist group was the jew IsraHELL ‘IDF’. There record of torture beatings starvation mutilation and murders of mostly children and other defenseless helpless victims is their cowardly style and conduct so vile it is not easily described to even hairy chested men.

I have seen their ‘brave moral’ military in action as these courageous ‘soldiers for Satan’ actually bind up children on the front of their combat vehicles so to discourage any attacks that would obviously put the child at risk. While ANY real soldier, like the men I served with would put his life on the line to stand BETWEEN danger and a child – the filthy yellow bellied filthy Godless jews openly use Palestinian children as shields as common IDF POLICY!

Been there – seen that. Just something else the American public might just be outraged about to know. And these are the putrid demonic scum that 50 million inbred redneck BaptDUH reptiles worship above the lord Jesus.?!

Today – IsraHELL can no longer lay claim to that Ignoble vile despicable title . The USA Department of Defense is now hands down ‘numero uno’ as far as formal terrorist groups on the planet. In the past ten years the US military has murdered in cold blood over TWO MILLION totally innocent civilian human beings – all Arab people and all for racist reasons of their ethnicity.

So – we are not simply terrorists by purest definition – but RACIST terrorists. the majority of that two million innocent civilian souls were children. We have left another 15-20 million badly injured and we have left twenty 25 -30 million homeless. The despicable conduct of our mercenary paid assassins ( disguised as real soldiers) is in perfect accordance with the parameters describing terrorists and terrorism.

We have looted destroyed raped pillaged plundered and poisoned their land with thousands of tons deadly radioactive waste. We have poisoned their land their air and their newborn with the same radioactive horrors we sentenced millions of Japanese civilians to needlessly suffer from to satisfy our lust for inflicting terror and misery that we just can’t seem to rise above.

I trained the grandfathers of these slimy sick sociopathic scum jackbooted bullies our jew masters send overseas to kill innocent people for. Do ANY of you parents give damn about the sadistic filth your 18 year old sons are being taught. In the name of God – please listen to me. I was a basic training infantry company commander ( E-5-2) I trained basic young warriors – over a thousand of them – personally during the early 60s ‘Berlin Crisis’ period.

The criminal scum who are running the show for the jews have changed the rules of engagement and human decency for our children to become soulless mindless remorseless terrorists whose current training has little to do with DEFENDING our nation and EVERYTHING To do with terror & murder rape brutal savagery – against innocent defenseless civilians mind you – not unlike what the Soviets were taught by their jew masters during WWII.

I know what I am talking about been there – seen that – done that. Please listen to me. MY OWN BELOVED FLESH AND BLOOD young son confirmed these criminal terrorist sadistic barbaric cruelties were taught at his basic training
but none of the jew or jew useful idiot controlled newspapers or Broadcast news will allow this shocking ugly truth.

Must of my own grown adult prosperous neighbors will expend extraordinary means to obtain good seats at an NFL ‘game’ ( n. diversion – amusement – recreation) but will not lift a finger to protect the right to freedom of speech our Founding Fathers fought suffered and died for to secure for our people. Sad.

Finally – the OBJECTIVE of organized institutionalized terrorist activities – like the jew IDF – or our current Army of murderous criminal bully thugs – is to so traumatized demoralize and make so hopeless, the civilian populace – that they will become convinced to follow the foreign (or domestic) terrorists and accept THEIR puppet government.

That sinister evil objective of terrorism has a dual effect which is always good for the terrorists ( the USA) but bad for the former sovereign nation ( the Arab nation that we have currently aggressed and terrorized into submission) Just like what the stinking British bastards did to us ( unsuccessfully thank God).

The SECOND desired result would be that the REAL – TRUE patriots who would DARE to defend their home their land their freedoms their culture their age old traditions their religious beliefs – WILL now be slandered mocked ridiculed by the puppets in charge – as “insurgents detainees traitors and or terrorists”. Merkans love to ridicule ‘different foreigners’. Sadly – for them to be respected – they need to be as shallow and immoral as we are.

In other words: ” Become like we superior, judized Westerners – immoral – lovers of perversions – war mongers – materialists – money worshipers – have your once modest women now look like whores – corrupt – liars – cheats – hypocrites – racists – lovers of violence – homosexual perversions – infanticide – Godlessness and accept this this evil monster called Democracy ( which our Republican Founding Fathers considered dangerous to our freedoms) or we will bomb you into the stone age.

The jews who now occupy every aspect of our once sovereign nation, have taught our ‘leaders’ ( read : traitors) well.

Do I have any real credentials regarding my knowledge ( not just opinions either) of REAL terrorists of which I have made the above factual statements? I certainly do. You don’t learn this stuff in a classroom behind a CRT. I can’t compete with James Bond and my experiences never made me an urban legend but my real life experiences within the areas of my experience are probably better than any American that 99% of you will ever meet.

In the Mid-East – I was for a period of time privileged to be in the company of operatives/officials that allowed me to meet and interview jew terrorists from the IDF and other governmental agencies. At that time 1989 – the jew IDF was the technically the largest institutionalized terrorist group on earth. Been there – saw that

In the West I had certain connections – some diplomatic – some political – some military that eventually got me invited by the government of El Salvador as part of a Caribbean basin terrorist advisors committee during the height of the Sandinista occupation in Nicaragua. A modest diplomatic position as Vice Consul to Costa Rica for several years with MANY connections at the highest Government levels proved to be of great value as I had an entire country as a ‘safe house to work from.

I had also been very involved with the events at the height of the Sandinista regime and worked closely with some major ‘contra’ freedom fighters ( yes – they were REAL anti -Communist all REAL Christian freedom fighters) The soviet Marxist supported Sandinistas (FSLN) were pretty much terrorists in their own right but my exploits undercover in Nicaragua is another story. They were the official government ( the bad guys) and the Contras were the rebels( the good guys). The opposite of the situation next door in El Salvador was that the rebels – the Marxist FMLN – were TERRORIST bad guys fighting the elected Government and assisted by the Nicaraguan Marxist FSLN government. It can get confusing. Classic good guys bad guys reversal and also next door neighbors.

In El Salvador I worked with the Salvadoran military intelligence at highest levels and went on several patrols with their Atlacatl battalion ( Salvadan Special Forces) which already had active duty American Green Beret advisors in place. I still have several hours of films of those times.

The enemy was the Marxist FMLN ( Farabundo Marti Liberacion National) – at the time the largest and best organized Central American terrorist group. They were REAL terrorists at their worst – well equipped – supported by the Nicaraguan Marxist FSLN ( the Sandinistas) as well as USSR Spetsnaz – Eastern bloc Marxists ( Bulgaria etc) Cuban Communists Asian Communists and others. They were as brutal and sadistic as the jews in IsraHELL and were the largest terrorist group in Latin America. I had the opportunity to be with one of their young officer Atlacatl heroes on patrol – also very well disciplined and well trained Salvadoran Marines.

I was able to participate in patrols into remote FMLN occupied areas and I filmed some of the damage to walled farming co-ops that had been attacked because of their choice of free enterprise. The FMLN tried to massacre the entire village but the Atlacatl rangers got there in time to repel them. The huge steel reinforced doors had several large RPG holes and countless small arms AP holes – but it held throughout the night attack.

Had they breached the doors they would have massacred everyone inside. The Salvadoran military put their own people and THEIR country FIRST – unlike the United States of IsraHELL we now live in with everybody from Congress to the President seeing how far they can stick their brown noses up jew ass.

I have some photos of the dead terrorists that resulted from a firefight the night before. One of the terrorists was carrying several incendiary devices used to burn the civilian co-op housing. These scum were devout Marxists – textbook terrorists

One of our Salvadoran Rangers put a tracer round in his satchel and turned him into a crispy critter that lit up the night. I took his picture to Washington later where it was displayed at Langley – entitled ‘breakfast of buzzards’. I also still have those pictures but haven’t shown them in 25 years.

Being bi-lingual – I was also allowed to participate in some of the interrogation of captured terrorists one in particular why had just blown up some municipality. A paraffin test verified he had been involved in the murder of some elected official. He had no remorse.

I still have hundreds of captured documents and photographs of their meetings their fighters and other interesting intelligence. One of the documents that impressed me with their Godless sadistic brutality was a statement form a prominent leader that cynically stated that they would continue mining the peoples small farms so that the poor workers who at least had jobs were forced to risk their lives just to gather fire wood needed for cooking and warmth. The FSLN was out to try to starve the country by terrorizing the farmers and stealing what crops they had.

Sound familiar? To informed educated Americans it should. Just remember what the Marxist jews did to the Ukrainian small land owners in the 40s Same method of terror. Steal and starve the nation into submission. Some 7 million Ukrainians were murdered and or starved to death by Lenin’s jew ‘Cheka’ secret police. The terror and genocide of the jews against innocent defenseless Godly people just never ends. Only the name have changed.

Many of the mine victims in El Salvador were children and suffered death or worse – the loss of their legs – which is worse than a death sentence in a poor nation. I saw many of them in a hospital in San Salvador. One kid was with his mother when they tripped a mine on the farm they worked on and they both lost legs – the mother eventually died the next day.

Seeing dead bad guys didn’t bother me – but cruelly murdered helpless children send me off the scale – whether they were Salvadoran, murdered by the Marxist FMLN – or Palestinian, murdered by American supported jew IDF.

It was heart breaking. Perhaps the comment of the terrorist commander was what made convinced they were so hopelessly evil – like the jews – that they all must die for the sake of all the innocent people whose lives they would eventually ruin or take.

He said that “they would continue to mine the farms even if dozens or more or all of the children were maimed – all for the greater good of the Party” ( jew created communist Party) Change a couple of words and you have the exact same mentality of the filthy Godless bastard jews endless genocide against the Palestinians.

I could write pages on this but the point is -I didn’t learn about ‘terrorists’ in an armchair behind a keyboard. I learned it from the tears and the mud and the blood and horrors of real life as to just how low human beings can sink.




Oh – and just in case you STILL think that The IDF AND the American military being identified as authentic terrorists is only “my opinion” based on my experience and credentials – check out this man’s credentials!

“And then you have the Israeli army, which I would categorize as one of the best-armed, best-fed, best-financed terrorist organizations in the world … They are dedicated to terrorizing an entire nation … and they do this with American money, and they do this with American arms.” 10-2012 public comment by Miko Peled – Former IDF officer and son of a prominent Zionist IDF Major General – author of best seller ‘THE GENERAL’S SON’
If a former IDF Israeli of such prominence has concluded that the IDF – IS a ‘world class’ terrorist organization – shouldn’t that validate my exact same conclusion? AND he is not the only prominent former IDF that thinks so.

So please- no lectures from the ignorant or apologist peanut gallery about who the REAL terrorists are today.

Like Pogo Opossum – the comics page character used to say: “We have met the enemy – AND IT ARE US!”

GET IT? Now lets at lest TRY to take this country back before we are ALL slaves of the jews!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

Israel, America’s albatross


  1. Now I understand.
    I did not know how anyone could be aware of the truth and speak the truth the way you do.
    I was in awe of you, I still am in awe of your bravery.
    No one tells the truth the way you do, so perfectly.
    Now you explained it. You died. You went to the other side, and came back.
    It was not until I had my NDE, that I found out the truth about the jews.
    I am not brave enough to speak as openly as you, I fear the evil ones.
    I also have given up on trying to save other people’s souls by giving them the truth.
    As I was instructed to do.
    I have tried only, people always return to the lies they are brainwashed with
    -Like a dog to vomit-a washed pig to the mud.
    Not everyone gets a second chance, so I feel sorry for the ones who will die and wish they had believed the truth-that you and I and everyone who has had a NDE knows and tries to explain to the stupid people.
    The stupid people may not get a second chance.
    I know that lies are what put people in Hell-as all of us who have had NDE’s, are aware.
    So many people do not want the truth and hate those who speak it.
    I am so disgusted by people who think the jews are human and have feelings like their own.
    Or jews have souls and were created by the same God of love and truth that created all people with souls.
    Jesus said to the evil, scummy, filthy, stinking, disgusting, ugly, children of Satan, the anti-christ, – AKA the jews, “Ye are not of God”. The jews were not created by God. The jewish God is Satan.
    This world is so evil, and the source of all evil is the jews.
    Jews have no feelings as we have, they have only the constant lust to torture and kill anyone weaker than themselves.
    To get other people with souls to do evil things that will destroy their souls.
    You can’t love Jesus our Savior and not hate the exact opposite of Jesus Christ,
    The evil jews who are the cause of the destruction of souls, who lead people away from God-to Hell.
    Jews can only do what Satan wants them to do, they are temporary creatures who will just die eventually they do not have eternal life as we who are of God, do-eternal life even after death.
    Jews begin degenerating and decaying as soon as they are born-growing more like Satan every day.
    They destroy life. The jews are the enemies of God.
    There is nothing that exists that is so evil and so twisted and fowl as the jews.
    I feel so sorry for those who will spend eternity in Hell because they think the jews are just pitiful nice people and that God favors the jews, or that Christ was a Jew.
    I feel sorry for them, but I refuse to sacrifice myself to help stupid people who cling to lies and care nothing about the truth. They spit on the truth and that is an offense to God-the worst offense possible. Lies put people in Hell-all lies come from the jews-from their father-Satan the father of lies, just as Jesus told us.
    We are all going to die, and that is all that matters-the jews just die and rot-they have no afterlife.
    You and I know that this world is like a womb, and the afterlife is like a birth.
    What you make of yourself while in this womb is all that is important.
    I know that to have anything to do with a jew or to believe their lies-and a jew never speaks the truth, is what puts people in Hell.
    I just don’t think that Heaven would be a nice place with people who accept the evil jews in it-they are rejecting God when they become slaves to the jews and their lies, usually for money or ego. Those who think the jews are no pure 100% evil are serving the enemy of God, Satan.
    When you believe the lies of Satan-you serve Satan.
    I think that people who will not see the truth are pitiful, it is their own choice.
    More than enough people, such as you, including Jesus Christ our lord and savior have tried to give them the truth.
    Obviously one look around at the world will tell you, the stupid people have chosen lies and think murdering peaceful people of God, the innocent Arab people including babies and children, is good. They serve the Jews of their own free will-they are putting themselves in Hell.
    Lies make people very stupid.
    The more truth you tell, the more intelligent you become.
    You get back what you give.
    Why would anyone be kind to the enemy of God who wants all of you to burn in Hell for all eternity?
    Why would anyone feel bad is they were all put in pizza ovens, including Sarah Silverman, who openly says “I would kill Christ again”? I would celebrate if every jew on earth were being eaten alive by worms.
    I know the truth.
    Why are they all slaves of the jews and worshipping the jews who are making this world a living Hell?
    Only the truth will set us free.
    The stupid people don’t want to be free, they want lies to make them feel like they’re not anti-semites, they want to forget the fact that the jews are not even a semitic people, not even human-just pure 100% evil-made in the exact image of their father Satan.
    Jews have people trained like dogs to seek ego at the expense of their own souls-they have no idea how important their soul is, because the jews do not have souls-just the gigantic fat egos of bloated delusional-lying psychopaths.
    There is no good in any jew-they are 0% good. That is the truth.
    They are 0% truth, and they want one thing alone-to torture everyone and rape and eat babies.
    That is what they do-that is what the jew lovers have allow them the jews to do.
    There is a holocaust on babies and children happening now-it is a 100% jewish satanic evil.
    This entire generation of jew-lovers will burn in Hell for allowing it to happen-for empowering the jewish people who want to torture innocent people-babies and children-more than anything else in life. http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2012_10_01_archive.html

  2. this time I cannot read your article ,as it is 200% to 400% normal size ,spilling over both sides of screen. Bye the way,I do much appreciate your unbridled revelations and truths . i send them along to friends of disbelief-so thoroughly propagandized by the media ,that i have difficulty with convincing. but i am commited to arming with the truth from yours and many other like revealing true sources. bill25

  3. On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 10:44 PM, William Venticinque wrote:

    > this time I cannot read your article ,as it is 200% to 400% normal size > ,spilling over both sides of screen. Bye the way,I do much appreciate your > unbridled revelations and truths . i send them along to friends of > disbelief-so thoroughly propagandized by the media ,that i have difficulty > with convincing. but i am commited to arming with the truth from yours and > many other like revealing true sources. bill25 > > On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 2:25 PM, mynameisjoecortina comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >> ** >> crescentandcross posted: ” One hears the word “TERRORIST” a lot today. >> It is in the news – We are told there is a ” WAR ON TERRORISM” – We are >> told WHO the terrorists are and what dastardly deeds they do and how >> cowardly these ‘sociopaths ‘ are and why we should murder millions o” >>

  4. Joe,

    You don’t know me but I am one of your biggest fans. I post frequently on Brother Nathanael’s blog, and I admire him and you because you are both truth-tellers about the biggest scourge of humanity, the Eternal Jew.

    Dirty, filthy, stinking, smelly, rotten, putrid, disgusting, Jews are the creation of Satan, and they do what their father tells them to do.

    As I have written before in Brother Nathanael’s blog, I was a Jew once — born and raised and taught that Jews are the Chosen People, and that is their destiny to rule the world and make slaves of all the non-Jew people, just like it says in their Talmud, the filthiest, rottenest, most God-hating book ever conceived by the satanic hordes of Christ-killers who have polluted the Earth ever since they murdered the Son of God.

    Every perversion, every forbidden sexual act — like having sex with a three-year old girl — is permitted and encouraged by the Talmud.

    The Talmud is the filthy Yids’ holiest book, not the Bible that the rest of humanity believes in.

    Anyway, I finally saw the light and abandoned the criminal Jew-conspiracy against Christ and His Church. I turned my life over to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I have never regretted it.

    Naturally, my family turned against me and declared me dead. They cut me out of my inheritance and refused to have anything to do with me. But that’s OK with me, because I have Jesus as my Savior, and I know that I will have eternal life with Him when I leave this Earth and ascend to Heaven to live forever with my Lord and Savior.

    Joe, in an earlier blog you wrote about what life would be like without Jews, and just thinking about it put me in a happy frame of mind.

    Unfortunately, Satan protects his children, which is why the dirty Jews have survived every attempt to eradicate them from the face of the Earth, and do the will of their satanic father.

    So even when righteous Christians try to destroy them, the Jews always manage to weasel out of it somehow.

    But one place that I know that there will not be any Jews is in Heaven, because as Jesus said, no man can come to the Father except through the Son, in other words, Jesus Christ.

    So by the very act of murdering our Lord and rejecting Him as their Messiah, the Jews have condemned themselves to the fiery pit of Hell.

    Good riddance to filthy, stinking Jew-garbage.

  5. Hi, Cpt. Cortina. I heard you warn us on the Spingola show to be wary of John Stockwell, with his rogue past. If you don’t mind my asking, what about his book & talks?

    How much of his story is credible?

    Jeff Lewin

  6. Have you written about ‘Mossad’ Mike Harari’s association with the Noriega govt. in Panama, or other Central American governments?

  7. thank you mr JOE, its a rare thing to see bravery and sharpness of mind combined with facts of first hand as YOU SIR DO, and especially from “yankie-land” where people are to lazy to think in own head and to busy to hear the opposite side. thank you again ,GOD BLESS THE MAN OF HONOR AND TRUTH.

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