I recently read an interesting essay on one man’s struggle within himself as to the nature of his allegiances to his roots and his country (not the USA) – since his background was very complex. Perhaps I myself, have of recent years began to wonder just what MY country means to me TODAY. Or more importantly – what and why my feelings of MY country have so drastically changed. A country which I learned to love from the values of my family and listening to my father speak of the marvels and goodness that resided only here in America

I continued that loyalty and ‘proved’ part of it as I voluntarily served in uniform in one our most elite and hazardous units at a perilous period of our history. I kept my nation’s laws and constantly strove to see justice done as I matured. After a period of a relatively liberal but not evil lifestyle, I engaged in more and more in depth responsibility to ‘civic duty’ and stayed true to my conservative beliefs from which that time I never really strayed.

I still felt that America was great, because Americans were good – a notion that was shared by greater men than I – a hundred generations before it ever dawned on me ( Alexis DeTocqueville) . That notion never changed in my heart – but the reality of that pre-supposed contingency that MADE it a reality – began to painfully manifest itself in way I would have never dreamed in my worst nightmares.

We WERE GOOD. We are no longer a good people by ANY stretch of the imagination in the mind of ANY informed moral person.

Evil had begun to manifest itself in America like a cancer – as I watched in horror and disbelief of what I saw and heard and experienced in years to come. Like most young men – I had lost my ‘innocence’ – like most men as they mature and witness the more harsh realities of life. Even so I had not lost the notion of the goodness of America and Americans.

Years later I would also lose that notion of this innocence/goodness of the country – as knowledge wisdom and understanding became a more commonplace part of my emotional, intellectual and spiritual makeup. Like a woman with the pangs of first childbirth – I had no idea of the pain that I would endure as a result of my knowledge. It was to change the way I would look at my beloved country – forever! I had not ‘left’ the American ideals. They had LEFT ME!

Having afforded my self the luxury of international travel – a ‘value’ instilled in me by my father who was truly cosmopolitan by nature – speaking reading and writing 5 languages fluently – and having frugally traveled to dozens of countries as a young man and experiencing their cultures – – I have had the education to enhance my wisdom form the finite portals of my own city to be witness to over thirty cultures of the world – mostly European – Caribbean and Lain American. I was even a diplomat – a Vice-Consul, to one of them for 5 years.

Until as of recent years – I had not fully realized the vast abyss of ignorance in my neo-American culture – if we may be so vain as to term this shallow secular ‘ instant satisfaction’ mentality of my fellow idiots – as a ‘culture’. My experience of 74 years now – has taught me that by and far – for the most part – the ‘average’ modern/adult ‘Joe six-pack’ has all the mental acumen of a 12 year old. Note that I did not say “mature adult”. That adjective, for the average American – would be a conflict of terms – an oxymoron as it were.

If you think my conclusions are personal rantings of cynicism and you want objective reliable confirmation of our dazzling world-class stupidity – simply Google these two simple words: “STUPID AMERICANS”


We are – or more accurately – have as of more recent times of the past 2-3 generations – a nation of immature children with the outward physical features of adulthood. In the common street vernacular — we have been ‘dumbed down’ to the level of morons and imbeciles- to be polite. We were not always like this. I grew up in happier times with essentially ‘good’ educated people – wholesome role models – virtuous entertainers and far more trustworthy leaders.

Why do you think that when most people my age are asked – “what do you consider the ‘golden years’ of America?” — our young age at the time, not withstanding — had answered almost unequivocally – “Why the 50s – of course!” More precisely to my personal opinion – the mid to late 40s till the mid 50s.

Vulgar Jew created trash like the Beetles and their selfish material godless drug free love mentality were the beginning of the end of that innocent period. They only started an endless stream of trash that infested and morally destroyed most of an entire generation — ALL ultimately under the age-old aegis of greed fame and money.

Almost nobody locked his or her homes and only a paranoiac would lock his car. Americans ACTUALLY honored veterans on Memorial Day – NOT war criminals. It was not just ‘some holiday’ to stuff yourself and get drunk at parties. Hoodlums in schools – class disruptors – did not necessitate police on school grounds to keep the peace. We had well qualified teachers who had authority AND respect.

These antisocial misfit trash were despised by virtually ALL of the class in general. Good students were respected not only by teachers – but by their fellow classmates as well. WHY? – Because unlike today – KNOWLEDGE – EDUCATION and WISDOM were revered respected qualities that were desirable. There were NO backwards baseball caps to show the rest of the civilized word that the wearers ALSO had their tiny brains in backwards! Young women did NOT debase their bodies with piercings and tattoos – and the decent majority so considered any such person that did so, as a harlot and street trash. Goodness wisdom and rational thought prevailed over evil.

We had real responsible freedom then. Harsh feelings of racism were seldom encountered and ‘hate’ crimes on blacks or whites were uncommon. Today there is hardly a week goes by that some horror story of some almost always white people – totally innocent – are brutally murdered raped, burned alive, dismembered or tortured to death – even the children. Motives? ” Dey was white” !.

Communism was (as it ALWAYS HAS BEEN) an ‘evil’ – a mortal enemy of Christian doctrine and of free men and NOT to be tolerated. There WAS NO – NADA – NONE – ZILCH – crime and violence in schools – PERIOD! Out of marriage pregnancies WERE RARE – and I am NOT being naive. I WAS THERE!

There were not the millions of children FORCED to take dangerous psychotropic addicting drugs like Ritalin to ‘cure’ non-existent ‘diseases’ like ADHD. There were NO school massacres like happen here at least bi-annually – and ALL related to these psychotropic drugs – like Ritalin. ‘Columbine’ was a classic example.

There were no ‘drug cultures’ – RAP trash – demonic rock groups – or teen suicides. There WAS – school prayer – morals – TAUGHT in schools – and our ‘icons’ were decent clean cut REAL heroes and role models – not the filthy scummy reprobate rancid trash that permeates every pore of our dysfunctional society today.

That was of course thanks to the greedy jew managers who sold their souls to promote drug infested jew filth like the Beetles – and the Stones whose messages of Godlessness disrespect and drugs opened the doors to hell later for even more putrid filth like Carnivore – Malice- Blessed Death and Rotten Corpse and a hundred more jew inspired rancid scum whose purpose was to demonize the souls of our youth. Even then I knew something was terribly wrong.

ALL movies were Ok for grandma to see with her children & grandchildren. Disney world was run by CHRISTIAN family oriented people and not by the filthy porn peddling Godless money worshiping JEW! Our taxes were low and even the low economic classes could afford to have a parent at home to raise the children. THERE WERE NO CREDIT CARDS OR MASS CREDIT MENTALITY – why? Because we were all able to live within our means.

WHY? because we had been taught these and other real life useful values at the foot of our then, responsible parents. I was ‘there’ – to live and experience these truths. You young people reading this – if any of you still respect truth and knowledge as my generation did – take my word for these things – or just ask your elders.

By today’s standards – my parents were struggling poor – yet my father could still afford to have a ‘FAMILY’ Physician come to our home to heal me when I was very sick. Today you would have to be a MULTIMILLIONAIRE to afford this once simple American way of life. Yes Dorothy – ALL physicians used to do ‘house calls’ then. People CARED about other people. Today – I could die in my sleep if I lived alone, and no one would know till I turned to dust!

America was powerful but LOVED and RESPECTED – not only at home – BUT abroad as well. We were not FEARED and LOATHED as a Godless amoral lunatic nation of war mongering imperialist war criminals as we are today! We had earned something called respect, because we were still a nation of mostly decent compassionate Godly people. The truth was still a priority with most. Do not EVER confuse RESPECT with FEAR. Respect is in the family of love. Fear is closer to HATE!

We have lost our moral rudder and have become a nation not unlike ancient Sodom. Today our ‘Christian/Zionist’ segment of the population have as much innocent blood on their hands as the Marxists of Soviet ilk that we once – as TRUE Christians – feared and despised and warned our children against. We have become what we once despised.

The Ten Commandments are today nothing more – at BEST – than the ‘ten suggestions’. Our ‘entertainment’ is so rancid, evil and blasphemous that it would probably make Satan blush with embarrassment. The 100% jew dominate jew run jew financed Talmudic filth spewed into our living rooms like so much rancid vomit 24-7 is the VAST portion of our children’s non-formal education. Evolution taught as FACT – promotion of gratuitous sex – graphic violence portrayed a normal – normalization of homosexual perversions – glorification of adultery – acceptability of in your face blasphemy – reprobate scum postured as role models – racist hate presented as American as apple pie and more.

We are like ‘dead men walking’ – doomed to the ash heap of history. We have VOLUNTARILY become void of any goodness – compassion and repentance. Truth, wisdom, responsibility and understanding are ‘dirty words’ not even discussed any more. All we love and respect is money, power, comfort, sex and that which makes us ‘feel good’.

I have not heard any real wisdom, humility, truth and understanding come from the mouths of our leaders, since I was a child. We have befriended ALL of our REAL enemies and made enemies of any friends we really had left. Yes – I served my country in uniform – but with morally different people. I trained a lot of young kids for combat duty that had morals and a conscience.

Not surprisingly, not a single one of the 1000+ men I personally had a hand in training at the USATC in Berlin Crisis 1962 were jews. They were all given deferments so we inferior Goyem ( cattle) servicemen could keep them safe and secure at home where they could continue with their posh jobs and lifestyles in Hollywood and in the media corruption our children’s hearts and minds and souls. It’s a jew thing.

The trash in today’s ‘new and improved ‘ Army are legions of murderers, rapists, looters, sadistic criminal thugs that are capable of murdering and raping an entire family of defenseless helpless innocent civilians just for “fun”. These horrendous events are now common everyday occurrences in Iraq and Afghanistan and nobody ‘at home’ gives a damn!

One day you will see these same soulless young killers murder your neighbors and family right here in our own country! Why? Because they were simply “given orders to do so”. by some war criminal madman like George Bush. These horrors have happened in every nation in history that has abandoned morality – and it will happen here! It is only a matter of time. If you think I exaggerate – then research the shameful frightening incident at ’29 Palms’ Naval base and THEN tell me you are not concerned – if of course this doesn’t interrupt really important matters – like your ‘FUN’ at NFL tailgate parties.

I thank The Lord that I was born no later than I was – as I have been a witness to a time of goodness – or at least relative innocence and goodness – the likes of which no young person has ever OR WILL ever witness in his or her lifetime. I fear for the moral well-being of my children and especially grandchildren in years to come – as the ‘poison cup’ of the jew that we have partaken – has become more and more ‘fashionable’ to more and more of our ignorant population.

We ARE today nothing more than a morally rotted corpse – like one of those low budget ‘B rated’ ‘Night of the Living Dead’ late movies. Aside from the horrors that WE have created all over the world as a result of our greed – ignorance – racism – hypocrisy and arrogance – one need but take note of what degenerate inane mindless rot the jew TV vomits into our living rooms 24-7. Half of EVERYTHING YOU WILL SEE is based on our new improved ‘Merkan’ values of sex and money – SEX AND MONEY – get it?

Oh – and have you noticed that virtually ALL of these ‘ads’ are designed to target ‘adults’ with 12 year old brains? There are now scores of in your face adds promoting drugs to make your penis larger as if God created us all with some sort of defect. OR – how to be promiscuous without worrying about horrible diseases that one might catch from EVERYONE – but our wives of course.

There are now even promotions for homosexual perverts – to be able to more easily find other perverts – ” for a good time”. Lotions and oils and garments to make us sexier – NOT JUST CLEANER – abound every hour of the day so as to insure that our children become more and more sexually aware.

Then there are the money mongers. Buy this and buy that – and not to worry – you can buy ANYTHING any luxury you desire and pay for it later (at substantial jew usury premiums of course). Oh and if you get in trouble – being a little too greedy and materialistic – not to worry – there are also dozens of new ‘companies’ specializing in patching up your stupidity – greed and irresponsible behavior – so you can ” get back on your feet” and screw your life up ALL OVER AGAIN!

There are mortgage rates and special ‘trick plans’ with fancy sounding names for every level of irresponsible excessive expenditure. BUY BUY – SPEND SPEND – not to worry – it all seems like a fantasy world where there are no ‘pipers’ to pay and everything is warm and fuzzy. And just in case you are a dead-beat moron scumbag whose irresponsible lifestyle has wrecked your credit – impoverished your family and ruined your reputation – once again – the AmeriKan way will see to it that its all OK and you can squander more of your children’s education money with those sleazy outfits that will lend you dollars no matter what kind of irresponsible loser you are. RIGHT!

Oh and then there is another thing -DRUGS!. Not as insidious and morality deficient as the money/sex thing – but a another good litmus of sick (no pun intended) society. Remember – NONE Of this garbage existed in the society that I grew up in. We didn’t have to. We didn’t ‘need’ it. Why? – Because we all, once had , wisdom knowledge and good judgment. Note the HUGE deluge of drug ads shoved in our face literally EVERY 6-10 MINUTES ON EVERY NETWORK CHANNEL on TV.

Sometimes I wonder how our nation can function with all of the health related problems that we suffer from – like – upset stomachs – migraine headaches – sore muscles – sleepless nights – aching joints – stressful lives – constipation – diarrhea – stinky feet – balding heads – infected toenails – ulcers – bad breath – dirty teeth – germ infested homes – smelly kitchens – need for alcohol – need for nicotine – fast food – uncomfortable beds – diet schemes by the zillions! – gym fads – an apparent epidemic of allergies – cure for Hypertension – cures for cholesterol – cure for aging – breast augmentations – butt augmentations – cold-cures – cough cures – arthritic cures – Prostate cures – faulty bladder cures – depression cures – herpes cures and on and on and on.

It is as if the Pharmaceuticals industry and the medical profession and the carnival barkers have all been in collusion with one another to produce a sideshow of snake oil cure for anything and everything that plagues an entire nation – apparently ONLY the ‘modern’ American citizen. It is amazing that Americans as a people can even function in normal everyday life as ill as we apparently are.

And have you ever listened to the voice that – apparently by law – must mention the adverse side effects from these wonder cures. They are stated in a double the normal speaking speed that is impossible to comprehend as if it were of no consequence. It goes something like this: “Ever suffer from pains in your legs or frequent urination or shortness of breath? Well – like zillions of Americans you may be suffering from Hydrocondrocardiosubclavianendometaxis syndrome. Clinical studies have found that a regular regime of the new wonder drug Proloxiline sufanidomie oxypseudofltulanticularsodium succiliate or ‘Proximax’ – a combination of untested but clinically proven toxinogen will greatly reduce the painful effects of the HCD syndrome.

Use only as directed and consult your physician first. Should not be taken if you are pregnant – have any allergies – have a cold or cough – headaches – have ever had an operation – suffer from hypertension – anxiety – high Cholesterol – ever had the flue or a cold – diabetic or are a male between the ages of 18 and 87 or a female who has ever had children or had PMS or exceptionally large breasts or exceptionally small breasts or had ‘hot flashes’ or flatulence – as any of the aforementioned conditions could increase your chances of cancer using this drug – etc etc etc”

AND – if that weren’t enough – here is a classic example of the very very small print that lists the possible negative side effects: CAUTIONS: Side effects may cause diarrhea- dizziness- fever- pain -swelling – headache – weakness – numbness– bleeding – unusual bruising – red or tarry stools- blood in urine- severe pain in legs feet toes – vaginal bleeding – rash – itching swelling – difficulty breathing – trouble sleeping – drowsiness – chest pain – irregular heart beat – coughing – bluish discoloration in hands or feet – blistered skin heart failure – stroke – chills – fainting – sore throat – hair loss – nosebleeds – bleeding from gums – reparatory distress – hallucinations – deep depression – tachycardia – or possible fatal effects.

Actually – ALL of these ‘side effects’ are real – I didn’t make these up and they were from only 2 of the more supposedly benign drugs most Americans commonly use or have used.

Of course the TV screen shows the laughing now healthy ‘patient’ leaping through a field of flowers like Alice in Wonderland. The ‘Madison Avenue’ ad man and ‘Big pharma’ have a quick fix for anything that ails us – even if it nearly kills us. As long as LOTS of money is being made that is ALL that REALLY MATTERS! Only in AmeriKa – what a country!

Point is – we are programmed to live in a make believe world – where we have NO responsibilities and there are NO moral absolutes anymore. Hey – if it feels good – DO IT! If you commit a horrendous mass murder of totally innocent people – not to worry – it is – after all – society’s fault and not yours – and if you are a homosexual pervert or violent scumbag Ebonics/rap raving ‘nigger’ (my euphemism for the typical scumbag violent oyster-brained street trash black – NOT To be confused with any decent hard working NEGRO) – not to worry either – because an ACLU lawyer will be right here to bail you out and place the blame where it obviously belongs – with the decent hard working family valued honest God fearing ( now the minority) who MADE YOU DO IT! Trayvon Martin ring a bell?

We have become so completely ‘moronacised’ ( dumbed down) by our ‘handlers’ that we continue to use divisive and improper ‘created’ erroneous terms like “PRO- CHOICE” to describe the process of murdering an unborn child – or “AFRICAN AMERICAN” to denote a black American whereas it CORRECTLY means and designates any person – black OR white that was born in one of the many African countries and THEN becomes an American citizen by naturalization.

Or how about “ASSAULT RIFLE” to INCORRECTLY describe a simple plain rifle which CANNOT fire automatically as a machine-gun – which in reality is NOT in ANY Way a machine =gun or automatic rifle – or ‘TERRORIST” to describe a national patriot who is fighting an invading force in HIS country.- he is more properly and popularly termed FREEDOM FIGHTER! – Or the term ” CULTURAL DIVERSITY” to force racial intermarriage or homosexual perversions or other such unsavory conduct on a civil moral society.

We always see the improper word “GAY” to INCORRECTLY describe the homosexual pervert / pedophile child molester. There are other sinister evil intended bastardizations of our wonderful English language – but you get the idea. These things are EVIL PERIOD! They serve NO good purpose and act only for the benefit of evil people with evil agendas.

Finally the last straw. One of the things that I grew up with – was a country that whether you were Catholic or one of the diverse Protestant sects – we ALL worshiped ONE SAME GOD. We ALL fell under the belief in one main collective belief – that we are all followers of the Christ and our collective belief was called CHRISTIANITY and was based upon the teachings of our faith.

Today that has been all but completely destroyed. Now – we have the ‘new and improved’ Christian/Zionist dogma – so painstakingly managed and manipulated by the Jew over the past half century. Today we no longer follow the teachings of Jesus Of Nazareth – but our churches have been sold or traded for the synagogues of Satan so despised by our Lord. We have now become a collective living oxy-moron that which never was – and never will be — CHRISTIANS who worship SATAN. Read John 8-44 – ( Jesus to the jews) “Ye are of your father ,the DEVIL – the father of ALL LIES”

An oxymoron – a contradiction in principles – the marriage of the ultimate holiness and goodness with that which is evil and Godless. We have drunk from the cup of poison, – the same poison offered to our Lord by the Pharisees millennia ago. The pseudo-churches of hell today preach hatred of our fellow man – racism – wealth as equal to Godliness and that number one issue in importance in the obligation of the pastor is to make the flock ‘feel good’ – to satisfy the itchy ears of the hypocrite.

They ‘preach’ NOT the Gospel of Christ – but whatever inane tripe makes us feel good and fuzzy REGARDLESS of how blasphemous or distant from The Lord’s teachings it strays. Hypocrite multi-millionaire rancid scum frauds like Joel Osteen have led countless millions of clueless imbecile fools down the road to damnation with his wicked lies

It shows that we are spiritually dead! With small exception of the few truly faithful left in America – we have sold our souls to the jews (Satan’s earthly children ). We are WORSE than the inhabitants of Sodom – for at least they were not guilty of hypocrisy as part of their blasphemy.

Even the original universal Christian Church – that of Catholicism – in which I was raised, has been infiltrated by the Satanic jews. We now have a full fledged wicked Christ mocking jew masquerading as the Pope and betraying a billion followers. Most Catholics aren’t aware that ‘Bishop’ Ratsinger was the author of most of the blasphemous filth that came out of Vatican II. One look at ‘Pope’ Ratsingers face should reveal the jew wickedness in his black soul.

With the exception of the ONLY true Christian Church left – the Orthodox – and a handful of still loyal believers – ‘Christianity’ as I knew it as a young man in what was once ‘AMERICA’ – and not a colony of IsraHELL – has been totally destroyed by the jews and most of our three hundred+ million citizens – dumbed down to shallow self indulgent delusional sheep.

Since the demise of Christianity I have searched for a ‘church’ where I might feel is sharing the true message of God – where the spiritual head – by whatever name he calls himself – has the integrity and courage to speak the truth – defend the faith – and not only talk the talk – BUT also – as he should do – and as he has been mandated by God – to also walk the walk – lead by example – not hypocrisy.

I seek a sober modest frugal Christian ‘pastor’ and a TRUE Christian church that will set the example and show no fear to the face of adversity or cave in principles to secular majority or cower to the intimidation of everyday evil influence – such as our evil government and Jew controlled mass media – ergo -‘ public opinion’.

Show me such a place stewarded by such a man – hopefully within my immediate community – and I will join their ranks and attempt to be worthy of their company. I have searched but found little but voices of weakness, ignorance inane hatred, racism, and MONUMENTAL HYPOCRISY. Their phony churches boast of being ” fun” = “dynamic” = “inspiring” = “uplifting” = “casual” = ” informal”= “exciting” and even “prosperous” – but never ever faithful and truthful to the teachings of Christ. They are truly the ‘quislings’ of Christianity in America. I’m not looking for a ‘blow job’ for my ego or a fashion conscious social club for tail-gate party mentality Sunday Christians. My search continues.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

Israel, America’s albatross

13 thoughts on “Requiem For a Degenerate Nation–the Final Moral Rotting and Demise of our Stupid Western Civilization

  1. “We WERE GOOD. We are no longer a good people by ANY stretch of the imagination in the mind of ANY informed moral person.”

    Yes, but good can still come out of this rotten nation. It has to or else the entire world is doomed. I pray for it and try to do my best to inform people.

    Joe, you are doing a great job. God bless you.


  2. Joe,

    According to the time stamp and date when you wrote this, it would have been exactly 39 years ago (almost to the minute) when my father passed away from leukemia. You and he are at the same age if he were still alive. As I read this, and your past articles, I often think about just what my father did not see in these last 39 years…the decline of our once proud, God fearing nation. Because of the “spiritual cancer” that has been inflicted upon us, and the rest of Western Civilization, I can take some comfort knowing that he was spared from the harm and abuse that we have suffered at the hands of these ruthless maggots that have turned this country into a nation of zombies. Although to this day I still miss him terribly, I believe that he is truly resting in peace away from these monsters who could not hurt his eternal soul any more.

    Take heart, Holy Mother Church still exists, and always will….but not in Rome. It’s no secret (except to the willfully ignorant, and you and I know who they are), that it has been hijacked by the Jews/Freemasons. Take comfort that Christ will not abandon us, no matter how much the Sons of Satan try to destroy all things related to Christ.

  3. The only problem I see with your argument was that in the past all trash was white washed. The racism was very bad, white on any minority. The TV shows you watched were due to your nation stealing vital national resources from around the world. The U.S. Economy has an always was a “WAR” Economy , it took advantage of smaller nations , started wars and hid everything from its own people. I would agree with you that Stupid Americans is known around the world now, thanks to the great equalizer – The Internet. But I would disagree that everything was better in the past. This nation was founded on traitors from the Crown, its build on Capitalism and always has been, it stole the lands from the natives and was founded on slavery. Thanks to the Jews you legitimized this nation and now its consumed your ignorance

  4. JOHN LENNON complained about the jews.thats why he was killed. please,,no more beatle bashing.some 50’s artists were not moral,either….like chuck berry.


  6. http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.ca/2012/10/requiem-for-degenerate-nationthe-final.html

    You just got reposted at the above URL Joe.

    I am a decade your junior but grew up with the same values as you did… up in Canada. Our paths were different but we are in almost the same place today. Over the years I have posted on these things that have changed our world and pointed my readers in the right direction for answers.

    Thanks for this sincere and wonderful post. I had to “steal” it and give it the treatment. I hope you are ok with this!

  7. i am only 30 yrs old and have seen things go down since i was a teenager.Prices go up,our jobs are given away and doctors push crazy shit that makes people unpredictable and crazy.Worse than criminals all for the mighty dollar,the jew maybe sold his soul but so did u and i.It used to be you helped your brothers out but now we just rush and climb on each other for jobs just to survive and its by desigh,but were not stupid just cowards,our grandparents wouldnt let this shit pass but the govt hushes you up with free money food etc.And your not stupid either i know you feel the same anger in your heart as me when the kid perv criminals are set loose on our children to keep us scared a nd glued to fox news.The govt knows this too thats why there buyin up all the ammo.A revolution is on the way either freedom or slavery even worse than now.Its up to me and you and our men getting our sacks back.

  8. While agree with many points I disagree about the reasons of what has happened to US. Firstly US was never good. Taking land form Aboriginals was ok, but kiling almost all of them in the process was a sign of Evil in your bloodstream since early age.
    You give Jews too much credit. Whatever happened is a natural development of your capitalistic system, whatever left of it.
    Also, waving Christian values around you forget that you are basically worshiping Jews as all of Apostles were Jews and Jesus as well.
    It is kind of split persona you are. How can you hate Jews and worship them simultaneously.

  9. I pledge high treason to the fag flag of the Degenerate States of America
    And to the modern-day Sodom for which it stands
    One nation under Satan
    Completely divided
    With no liberty and justice for all

  10. I pledge high treason to the fag flag of the Degenerate States of America
    And to the modern-day Sodom for which it stands
    One nation under Satan
    Completely divided
    With no liberty and justice for all

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