To my readers – This will be the first in a series I will be doing a monthly basis of expose’s on the most horrible Godless scum I can find.

This month’s smegma award for the most putrid rancid demonic sub-human piece of crap in the world is Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle. This pig faced red neck will be able to look forward to eternity in Hell for his crimes against humanity.

You are such an evil reprobate wicked sadistic sick twisted sociopathic punk – it is hard to know where to begin. I have read some excerpts from your putrid disgusting book which is a chronicle of your sadistic murderous killing sprees of innocent men women and children patriots whose crime was trying to defend their OWN country family and dignity from the World’s largest institutionalized terrorist group – the jew occupied imperialist US MILITARY.

To you, new readers – I am not a mal-content leftist commie. I served my country with honor in one of our elite branches as a Special Operations Paratroop commander. I also trained basics at the USATC and was the youngest company commander on record there according to the PIO. I also trained Marines and Seals in ‘Green Beret’ unconventional airborne operations.

I was also a foreign diplomat ( Vice Consul) for 5 years – as well as a NASA project aerospace engineer who did materials certification and troubleshooting for projects ranging from early re-entry vehicles to Polaris ( submarine)missile guidance systems. I am a commercially rate pilot as well as a PADI scuba instructor.

Now back to the pig faced scumbag du-jour who this article is dedicated to. I love children – you dirt bag – and have sons and granddaughters – and love them no less than the patriot parents of the Afghan and Iraqi children you brag about murdering. Your book reveals your TRUE racist redneck mentality. What was your favorite racial epitaph against these poor people – dirt bag? Was it “dune coon or rag head or camel jockey” or a new one.

You sick psychopaths are ALL the same – and I have seen so many of you. You are bullies drunkards stupid uneducated racist violent degenerate moral cowards whose thrills are inflicting as much pain and terror and humiliation on your defenseless victims as possible. By your OWN sick twisted admission – murdering some terrified child was fair game as long as they were “rag heads” – isn’t that true – scumbag?

You ‘defended’ NOTHING – asshole! You got your license to kill innocent people – ” KILL EVERY ONE FROM 16-65″ – isn’t that what you did – you murdering filthy animal! You considered ANY human being that was not one of your precious jack-booted murdering psychopath assassins – even women -especially pregnant ones – isn’t that right – pig face?

What a big brave man! Wow – a wannabe cowboy and bronco rider from Texas no less. IF – in fact YOU are the quintessential example of what is considered a ‘man’ in Texas – then the first bomb dropped here should be reserved to ‘flush that toilet’ from this land.

YOU – Godless dickwad – are the EXACT profile of who will be murdering their own neighbors right here in the USA. you fit the profile of those scum from 29 Palms who admitted they would murder their OWN neighbors if asked to by the ‘authorities’ – just like the USSR -right buddy?

Sick degenerate twisted sadistic sociopaths like you are the greatest threat to the safety of MY people and to WORLD peace that ever existed. Your imbecile child like brain – like all moron rednecks – is suited only for violence murder and terror! As old as I am – if I could defend my country by fighting demonic retards like you – I would make the sacrifice in a heartbeat.

Criminals like you are an embarrassment to every decent man woman and child on EARTH – especially those veterans who served during my era – REAL men like Bo Gritz and David Hackworth

I served over a half century ago when we were a decent moral Godly people and our military was honorable. Our purpose was the D-E-F-E-N-S-E of my country – and N-O-T being murderous imperialistic war criminals who trained your sons to become murderers and kill innocent people who had NEVER EVER attacked me or my family or my country in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER!

You boast that the proceeds from your new redneck hate book are to go to the widows and orphans of fellow seals. You stinking filthy hypocrite! YOU personally – you sadistic prick – are responsible for HUNDREDS of innocent widows and children. NONE Of these murdered people or their families EVER did you ANY harm. They were simply defending THEIR homes and families against an aggressor force of Godless soulless scum!

You want to be a REAL man? Fall on your knees and beg our Lord forgiveness for the unspeakable crimes you have committed. THEN – announce that the profits will go to the orphans and widows of the innocent brave patriot parents you MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD – not the criminals who murdered them – you idiot!

Remember this day. I PROMISE that you WILL be haunted by the spirits of the countless innocent victims living and murdered will come back in your dreams to haunt you. You are not human. You are a MONSTER!

If my children or grandkids were raped or tortured or brutalized or murdered by aggressor scum like you – I would use my last breath to avenge their suffering and death. According to you – for defending MY OWN HOME – MY OWN FAMILY – MY OWN COUNTRY – I would be “SAVAGE – and DESPICABLE – and EVIL”. Isn’t that EXACTLY what you stated – your stinking Godless piece of shit hypocrite.

AND my murdered children and family would be according to YOUR morality and wisdom – nothing more than “BUGSPLAT” – isn’t that ALSO TRUE , you imbecile inbred oyster brained moron?

I took an oath on the Book of God when I became a soldier – just like you did – only I kept mine! Do you know what the motto of my branch unit is – scumbag? It says: ‘DE OPPRESSO LIBER’. Can you little tiny child’s brain tell me what that sacred Special Operations banner means? Of course not. Let me spell it out for your sick twisted racist bigot hate filed brain. It means: ‘TO LIBERATE FROM THE OPPRESSED”

Soulless Godless sub-human knuckle dragging garbage like you – ARE THE OPPRESSOR! Do you get it yet. You have disgraced my uniform – you are a disgrace to my Republic – and you are a debasement and ignominy to ALL that is good compassionate honorable brave true and Godly in this life.

I was taught that death was better than dishonor. Scum like you consider HONOR a DIRTY word. that is the difference between you and your current ilk and the decent men I served with 2 generations ago.

May you rot in hell – as you certainly WILL. When you die – thousands of decent human beings will rejoice. Don’t worry about the worms in the grave – child killer – You are so filthy nasty putrid that there are some things that even a maggot will not touch.


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”
” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”
Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people“
Jeremiah – 7 -16 God speaks to the prophet regarding the Jews: “Therefore do not pray for this people, nor lift up a cry or prayer for them, nor make intercession to Me; for I will not hear you


  1. Thanx Joe, a SCATHING, but truthful commentary! Keep in mind, the MILITARY i s one huge MIND-FUCK itself. It is designed to create mindless ROBOTS to further the SLAVERY/JEW WORLD ODOR of the human race. Kissinger quote, “Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used in foreign policy.” NASA is BIG TIME involved in TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL!
    Also, please DO NOT call this POS an “animal”, b/c it shows your insensitivity to sentient beings who we should be living in harmony with instead of SLAUGHTERING by the trillions every year! This POS reeks of MK Ultra MIND CONTROL also! Unless you familiarize yourself with this HIDDEN HOLOCAUST, you will have NO IDEA what is really going on, b/c there are MILLIONS of these “sleepers” out there! Babies are not BORN to be killers, they are CREATED!!! CREATED BY THE CIA, using the tax-robbed $$$ of the fat, and stupified American public. Look at this youtube video to start. Ventura is probably MKed himself, like many polyTICians, including Barack OBumfuk!

  2. Hi Joe, I’m Bruce, the individual you complemented on Brother Nathaniel’s site; RealZionistNews for detecting and exposing Nancy Williams as sayanim..I have been well aware of who these snakes are for some 5 years now at least. I was once on the train of ignorance thinking these demonic jews were God’s chosen. Then I was introduced to a book by Arthur Koestler titled “The Thirteenth Tribe” who has convincingly stated that the jews of today are not the hebrews of the Old Testament of the Bible, but are an asiatic group from the banks of the Black Sea. After that I read Andrew Carrington’s master piece “The Synagogue of Satan’. And also a few others. Finally in my search for the truth, I came across your site here and Bro Nat’s site also.

    Before I get too long winded here, my real purpose of this letter is say that I served in the Marines Corp for a two years, than the US Navy for another six more. There was a time when I was proud of that service; but sadly I can no longer say that because of my deep feelings and disgust of what our once stalwart and courageous military has become: mindless drones for a foreign country of Israhell. Due to the mindless and evil acts of the past presidential and congressional adminstrations; I feel a shamed and have become very anti-war and anti-military for the dark wrongs and evils that our military branches have inflicted on a blameless and innocent world, where pain and human suffering are celebrated throughout the community of this country. I remember when I first shared this with my wife, she was surprised that I would feel this way instead of being proud since I served so honorably. I explained my reasons, now she understands. When I share these feelings with other people whom I come in contact with in everyday life; they look at me as if I’ve gone mad.

    In closing, may God help us in this long, lost, dark, and evil society. My Jesus come quickly as he promised to bring about a brighter future for mankind. One last thing; thanks for the compliment.

    Yours truly in Jesus Chirst our Saviour

  3. Sir:
    I hesitate to point this out, but I think you have a typo.
    ‘TO LIBERATE FROM THE OPPRESSED” should probably be “To liberate from oppression” or “to liberate the oppressed” or something like that. I don’t speak Latin so I don’t know what the exact translation should be.
    This is not meant as a personal slam, I just don’t want a small-minded critic to use this to detract from your message. You might want to delete this comment after you fix the typo.

  4. This is an excellent article but needs more specific info on exactly what Kyle did in Iraq. Specifics are needed. Quotes from Kyle, etc. We know he’s a pig-faced redneck and sociopath but why is he these things. It’s very important to expose his war crimes as he will be starring in the new NBC show Stars Earn Stripes, airing Mon. Aug. 13, 8pm-10pm.

  5. I heard that loud and clear. My generations war was Vietnam. My father, who fought WW2 in the
    Philippine theatre, warned me to stay away from
    that one, and luck gave me 354 in the lottery.
    The reason for his advice was an incident in 1961 while working in the National Guard. He
    said one day some spooky type dirt bags came
    by the armory looking for “advisers” to go to Nam. They demeaned the locals over there and
    flat out said “we don’t give a damn what you do
    to those people” Right away he knew they were
    looking for sociopaths. Another of my Dads fellow guardsmen stood up and asked those
    spooks what this was gonna be all about, “so
    that Rockefeller could make another million
    bucks”? These dirtbags have been around
    for a long, long time.

  6. Thanks Joe, I feel the same way. It is like I tell the bwanas at work that have to go out and kill some animal every year, It’s too bad the animals cannot shoot back. You should see the bewilderment in their eyes. Keep on blogging.

  7. You said it all! I agree with every word you wrote.(although you used “scumbag” less that I would have. I cannot figure out why so many in the Unites States have become cocky, godless, stooges!! Anyway, thanks for saying what you said.

  8. hey chris bring your faggot ass to south alabama and see how long your pathetic pos ass lasts here…even the kkk hates you.

  9. I shouldn’t be surprised that WAR CRIMINAL CHRIS KYLE has an identical twin in the person of SCUMBAG PISSANT MICHAEL JOHN JANSEN. Sub-humanoids like these two are nothing more than FAT PILES OF HORSESHIT that will bed used to FEED THE FIRES OF HELL. Satan and his WORTHLESS PARASITIC NEW WORLD ODOR SHIT-JEWS AND OTHER COLLABORATORS will need lots and lots of fuel to keep the FLAMES OF HELL burning FOREVER, while those of us that are trully God/Goddess’ Children will FOREVER ENJOY PARTY PARADISE.

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  11. Oh, if only more veterans of Amerika’s wars would speak out like you do, Joe. Thousand thanks!

  12. The police are being trained by ADL sanctioned trips to Israel.
    So when you see barbarity of your local police try to find out if they got that way after coming from ISRAHELL.

    Joe Rizoli

  13. Nice piece Joe. However, i am curious as to who or what you were so honorably defending the USA from 50 years ago. Were not a bunch of stupid drugged up morons with coconut haircuts murdering women and children then too for some big lie?

  14. in reply to Russ Hook: I also find it very disturbing how so many people are willing to accept the comparison of evil scum fucks with sentient animals. I love animals and treat them with tenderness and care. It says a lot about people when they accept that it is normal to mistreat and brutalize animals. If people can’t see that then they are as bad as those evil ignorant fucks that they compare with animals – simple.

  15. Actually the war that Joe was fighting was for the same reasons, and the USA was doing the same things they are today. One has to look at the whole American mentality, not just a few scapegoats, though. When is the USA going to learn there are more and better ways of solving their problems and problems of the world than sacrificing young lives from all sides? War went out as something honorable thousands of years ago – likely after the very first war.

  16. James,
    Not all servicemen in Viet Nam were
    Murderous coconut heads. Let me
    remind you that the Mai Lai massacre
    was stopped short by soldiers who
    ordered Calley and his men to cease
    and desist, at the point of their guns.
    If only they had arrived earlier, that whole
    blot on the honor of U.S. troops could
    have been aborted. Valley was convicted
    of war crimes, and rightfully so.

  17. Calley only actually served a few years house arrest for that horrendous action, and admittedly, according to the reports he was not a particularly intelligent, educated, or bright person, and supposedly was under orders of higher up people to destroy these villages and those in them, but what does this event and others say about the USA, when it attacks other countries for the same kinds of crimes that it does itself?

    I see that only one of that helicopter crew is still alive, with one being killed a few days later, and the pilot dying of cancer in recent years.

    I saw a documentary a few years ago about the people involved in My Lai, and if memory serves me, many of the soldiers were suffering various mentally illness allegedly partly as a result of that event.

    But if truth were known, these kinds of things happen wherever people fight wars, and the good guys get away with it, because they control the history reports.

  18. Thanx James, you are one of the first to acknowledge my comments about animals in a positive/supportive way. So, this means you are also a VEGETARIAN? I also questioned Joe’s participation in the military as very hypocritical. The answer to your question is, there is NO difference in his participation and Kris Kyle’s. Both are used as cannon fodder by the rich/elite/Jews, etc, to further our own slavery, and NWOdor. It was just a different era. They couldn’t do it without the MIND CONTROLLED “soldiers”. And it is ALL MIND CONTROL. I went thru very grueling outward bound training for 4 mos. when I was young, and it made a man out of me. I have a tough time relating to the “Mamas Boy” generation today, with their faggot earings and acceptance of anything satanic/narcissistic/despicable like sodomy/homosexuality, etc. Our society is a sewer today.

  19. cris kyle is one of the best snipers and he only kills by the law he dont got a choise who he kils so dont blame him blame ths u.s goverment.

  20. Joe, I’ve read some of your comments on Brother Nathanael’s site. I don’t know what to think of this Brother Nathanael. I mean sure he is telling the truth about this stuff. I’ve read it all and of course him being Jewish he knows a tad more than I do, but one thing he is Jewish by birth and it has nothing to do with the synagogue. One thing for sure. He can not walk out of a synagogue and be anything but a Jew. He is still a Jew I don’t care what religious house he attends. In fact Joe I have asked Nathanael about this. I said Brother why are you telling these people you are a Christian when you are Jewish. You are saying it’s all about your faith.
    Brother won’t answer me on this one. Also, you see how brother Nathanael is going around different cities preaching? I was the one that gave him the idea. Joe, I wish I had given you the idea. I told Nathanael why don’t you throw your hat in the ring and set about the campaign trail. I said in the warm weather hit the Northern States and in the cold months hit the South. If he was running for president he would get some benefits. One being the fact he was a candidate and would get some air play.
    Anyhow I told to do this a couple years ago and he’s just decided to do this about six months ago. But really Joe as many times as the Jews bent the white man over I’m leary to trust a Jew, because when the smoke clears what are his objectives? I mean if it came down to killing each other? I also comment on sometimes and frankly you have to watch everything you say. I think the time for talk is over with. I am also concerned about St.Jude’s hospital and how they lie to those kids. I notify many people about many different agendas.
    But like I say I don’t know how to defeat the Jew, but one way and that is to become so evil even more evil then they are. When I read how the Jews actually waded in blood when they tortured the Slavs in the KGB basements. THey loaded up 70 million people and shot them all. But these Navy Seals got it, because the three helicopters of Navy Seals all we killed by their own government maybe working with the Mossad.
    I believe a lot of that sniper fire killing our boys and Iraqis at the tailend of the Iraq fiasco was nothing more than Mossad agents. You talk and talk for years and then, when some disagrees with you you want to slap them upside the head, but you have to maintain control. But seriously ask Brother Nathanael who gave him the idea to go around the country? I told him one day you son of a gun you took my idea, but you should have done it over a year ago. Jews they aren’t always so cunning.


  21. Petty officer Kyle was just murdered by a godless heaven. Please remove this and show some respect for the family. He did what his country asked him to do. Also if you were in every special forces branch, why do you have a problem with this man.

  22. Chris Kyle was just a man doing his job, and he did it well. Did that job involve killing in a bullshit war? Yes, it did. Did he sign up just to kill people as you portray? Hell no, he was a reasonably nice guy.

    If you’ve ever heard the man talk, you’d know he’s a soft-spoken modest man. He doesn’t think of himself as anything special, he’s compassionate and was far from the sociopathic killer you paint him to be.

    P.S. there’s no God, and religion is one of the most diabolical and heinous inventions man has ever made.

    Good people will do good things.
    Evil people will do evil things.
    Religion gets good people to do evil things.

  23. I believe your statements claiming your military background are full of shit. Therefore as to where your argument may have been legitiment is now completely flawed and FULL of useless opinions.

  24. What a hero!!! Sorry to hear of his death!!! The reason you can spew your hatred on a site like this, is because of men like him!!!!

  25. You are a piece of shit for writing this. Those women and children you speak of were carrying guns and explosives. They needed to die. You also should die in the horrible way they did you fucken trator!

  26. Joe, I came across your site while searching on Chris Kyle upon hearing of his death. Its sad reading how much hatred you have towards a single person, someone you probably don’t even know. Kyle is just one man, doing what he was ordered to do…and he is not the one.

    You may have served your country with honor but something fills you with anger, and it has nothing to do with Kyle, he is only a convenient target.

    Perhaps, you can turn your anger on someone who has attacked our country….if you have any left.

  27. You guys are bunch of fucking idiots, this American hero was killed while helping other soldiers. He only killed dangerous insurgents, maybe you should go an worship Saddam Hussein, traitors.

  28. GOD BLESS CHRIS KYLE! What are you mad he’s 100% more man then you will ever be? You fucing cowards hide behind your laptops because your pussy asses can’t face the real world. Get out of your mommy’s basement and serve a tour of duty and become a real man You coward ass little bitch. Name the place and time and ill shove your pocket protecter down your nerdy, coward, gopd for nothing throat. Thats not a THREAT, thats a fucking PROMISE!!

  29. He is on his way to Hell right now. The Lord allows some to transgress for an allotted time, but in the end, we must all face his judgement. This disgraceful piece of human waste is going to be the fuel for the fires of Hell.

  30. I think you are very very wrong and need to re-think your attitude. This man did a difficult job and did it well. He saved American lives and your rant is nothing more than trash.

  31. man joe.. this was epic. i dont know who you are, but i am grateful for many aspects of your apparent character.

    as a person with a much, much different personal background, much of our ‘rhetoric’ is identical – and your qualifications are far different and more impressive than my own – but our different perspectives share nearly identical viewpoints – also seperated by decades. i am troubled by your reference to ‘the Jews’ – but I get the sense from your otherwise fully compelling and morally and emotionally appeaking ranting that this language is not a attack on any specific normal citizens of anywhere that just happen to be jewish – clearly right? ( i hope so)

    anyway – i am here having never heard of this…. outright louse.. this hopeless walking abomination unleashed upon us by a system that has grown self satisfied simply to sow misery…. he may even have had a good life and good intention he could ha followed through on passionately if his energy and charisma was not so fully subverted- but that is clearly a bit too much credit to just hand out.

    anyway, ive digressed.

    really, i can to read more about this guy – and also now i want to congratulate you on the above rant.. I will go read some others – I really hope it is the angry vet i have always loved in my imagination – but has been sort of obscured to our collective imagination by the shocking pageantry of the redneck political miniature pony show…. or whatever that is they have going on for the benefits of the toothless underachieving doom worshipers… the gleeful revelers in misery of friends and relatives……

  32. You people are sick. Israel is God’s Chosen land and Jesus was a Jew. You are the ones who are facing damnation.

  33. While I believe that alot of what goes on during war time is unnecessary and horrific, I am writing to address your “christianity”. Its because of people like you who use christianity as a podium to spread your hate that cause non christians to say that christians are hypocrites. No where in the bible does God give us permission to speak poorly of or judge others. Quite the contrary He says we are to love our enemies, pray for them, be not conformed to this world but be transformed (in other words if youre using derogatory & profane language to describe one of Gods children, how can the world tell you apart), and finally that God alone is our judge. Perhaps had you stuck mainly to facts with out allowing t satan to use your tongue for his purpose, your blog as well as your claim to being a follower of Christ would have been easier to digest. Perhaps if you would call other Christians to prayr these men perhaps they would give their lives to christ and repent for what they have done…and dare I say they xould be your allies in praying for the America you want for your children and grand children. Remember God doesn’t differentiate sin, so your sin is no different because we all fall short. Praying that you turn it over to God and use your blog to inform the masses but also spread Gods word the way it is written and not how you choose to twist it so He will say to you “well done good and faithful servant” rather ryan depart from me I know you not.

  34. If you think that this war was any more immoral than Vietnam, you sir are mistaken. As a paratrooper in Vietnam you must have forgot the screams of the children you killed as you and your men invaded a foreign country only to cause terror and discord the “Zippo raids” the deep cover drops and the fact you seem to have only jumped out of a plane to get your coward ass back on US soil proves you have no idea what you or any of these kids know what the hell their talking about. And if by some chance you do manage to prove you we’re there you’ll only prove my point, my grandson died in Iraq in 2002 when one of these “innocent children” stood in the middle of the road in order to force their humvee to the side where he buried the god-damn bomb. So you commie son of a bitch you can kiss my red white and blue ass.

  35. Dick fuck he was my hero go shove your big racist ass up Hitlers ass. Imam very offened by your ignorince. If you think that shooting someone threatning to kill your friends and civs is a murderer than you should go kill your self. You are by far the biggest idot ever. Yo make George W. Bush look smart. This is not freedom of speech this is propoganda and lies. If you really think this than congrats you are the next Hitler.

  36. This guy was an assassin in a place his country invaded on a pack of lies for the benefit of bankers such as Rothschild. If he’d been using his talents on those evil bastards I may have forgiven him. To then write a book to brag about his exploits is sickening. Payback is a bitch!

  37. Joe, Everyone can argue all the want, but you need to focus on the people the Jews focus on. They go after the politicians. Politicians who are screwing us need their addresses posted. Where they go on vacation and their mountain resorts. Right now I think people should focus on getting ready to either leave this place or prepare for the jack booted thugs to come.

    If the SHTF it would be nice to go after the ones at the top. That is the question. Are we going to be able to get to them? Or will they all be in their mountain resorts and we fight it out among our own kind? Most of the police are white. If they can’t be convinced then we will be at war with them. They will have tanks, tear gas, lasers, tasers, acoustic weapons, helicopters, bombs and microwave weapons and what will we have nothing but guns? You better be finding some bazookas.

  38. As a former army MP QRST Team sniper an civilian narcotics UC operator, I absolutely agree with you. Far too many an far too often our people in uniform fail to accept personal responsibility of their actions. As a splintered culture we are subjugated by a dominate corporate government. The real peoples are rapidly running out of options.
    No real redress of of grievences exists in our society. It is true some are awakening from the sedated slumber but so little time and very few options remain. Our military and law enforcement for the most part have swallowed the pill an are reprogramed to the new social paradigm-…

  39. The Jews are not the chosen people of YAHWEH/God, period. All U have to do is follow the O.T. and the lineage from Adam to Yashua/Christ,, therefore making Christ a Hebrew not a Jew. A Jew is not an Israelite A Jew is from the lineage of Cain. Cain’s father was the Devil (1st John 3:12) the Bible revolves around Gen. 3:15.. there are two lineages there and they have been at war with each other for eons. It’s all in the K.J. Bible when you get around all of the 14K translational errors. YAHWEH/Gods truth comes through when you search for it. Steven Weiss the late rabbi of the U.S. stated in one of his books that Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity. Kind of an oxymoron when you speak of Judaeo-Christianity,, doesn’t it? Christianity came first and Judaism is a perversion of it. This is one of their greatest desceptions that has been foisted on the Christian peoples of the world.

  40. Hay man lay off Texas. I’m a Texan, my wife is a Texan and most of my family are texans. We are all Christians and have all come from a military family that believes in death before dishonor. So lay off my home state

  41. Thank you for sharing. Jeremiah 7-16
    The truth of about the devil worshippers freemasonry came to light for me one month ago. I realize I was being deceived like so many are now. Thank you for raising your voice and exposing the lies and deceptions. It is sickening that people would sell themselves out to demonic agendas without first testing the spirits. I was deceived until Jesus opened my eyes with a demon manifestation of a chosen one. Jesus constantly warned in the bible about deception. Let no man deceive you… Be not deceived.. We have to question our hearts the bible says that our hearts are wicked and deceive us our sin nature deceives us. I had to repent because the only way you know as a Christian whether you are being deceived is to have a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ and the God of this universe. Jesus says in Psalms 91 because you have made my father in heaven your dwelling place I will manifest myself to you. By the fruit of the spirit you can know whether what you are following is the angel of light sought to deceive and lead you away from God or the Holy Spirit leading you in all truths in eternal life. Thank you and I understand your indignation I feel much the same. The sad part is Chris Kyle was deceived like so many lower level pawns in the illuminates game. Prayer is our weapon. We don’t deal with flesh and blood Ephesians we deal with spiritual powers and principalities in high places. You would be amazed the power of prayer in one believer can annihilate and tear down the dark strongholds … We are in a war and I praise Jesus that the hours are drawing down to the final moment in time when all who want evil and choose evil are going to get it.. God will hand them over to their delusions the deception so strong it would deceive the very elect. And so strong that if Jesus didn’t cut the days short there would be NO Human flesh left.. To those that may read this and think that you are a Christian and in the elect .. Or if your not sure ask the Holy Spirit to show you .. Your true heart condition and the deception. It’s God’s will that none should perish albeit there will be those turning away from the faith because the deception is that strong. God bless know that Jesus loves you more he came and died for you. He knows you intimately. To the kings of this world you are nothing more then a pawn in their game. Once they are finished with you they will step over your dead cactus and say next…

  42. Eben burped on February 3, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    “You people are sick.”

    Why? Because we don’t honor a coldblooded assassin (and useful idiot) in the ongoing wars and illegal occupation of foreign lands (for Israel) in the Middle East?

    “Israel is God’s Chosen land…”

    Let’s see the deed. LOL

    “and Jesus was a Jew.”


    “You are the ones who are facing damnation.”


    “The Jew is the great master of lies.”–Arthur Schopenhauer

  43. Phil – I wish to correct you Lucifer is the Master in the great art of deception. And while there are those that may call themselves the chosen ones and openly follow lucifer the light bearer. Make no mistake God’s word is true. God knows the true chosen and to them His word is unceasing and His grace and mercy endures because He gave us the play book in revelations and what to expect. You may think this is all make believe but it sounds to me that you recognize good and evil. It exists in this world and you can learn about it’s origins not only by the fruit produced by the actions but by studying the ancient texts written hundreds years apart. Killing innocent children is evil. And the scene that is being set in the Middle East the past three months of little children being murdered because they would not deny Christ is another flag to provoke the US into war. And before you start to blame the Muslim please take a step back and ask yourself who is the puppet master to ISIS.

    Things are not what they seem and those that continually perpetuate war in order to secure their financial $$$$ position. Will not escape God’s judgement. In one hour Babylon is brought to nothing. Rev 18:24 “.. for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. 24And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”

    There are many in secret societies worshipping lucifer they are called luciferians. And they have engaged and are engaging in sorcery / witchcraft. Revelations tells it all nothing is hidden before the eyes of an infinite God. Not even a finite fallen angel.

    I hope you come to know God and receive the love of the truth when the holy spirit of God beckons you to come to the knowledge of the truth by being in relationship with God through Christ. Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness he didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it. To any who would come he would let them come.

    God bless you and may the eyes of your heart be opened to the truth. The royal law in heaven is love. Love conquers all.

  44. Phil – I wish to correct you Lucifer is the Master in the great art of deception. And while there are those that may call themselves the chosen ones and openly follow lucifer the light bearer. Make no mistake God’s word is true. God knows the true chosen and to them His word is unceasing and His grace and mercy endures because He gave us the play book in revelations and what to expect. You may think this is all make believe but it sounds to me that you recognize good and evil. It exists in this world and you can learn about it’s origins not only by the fruit produced by the actions but by studying the ancient texts written hundreds years apart. Killing innocent children is evil. And the scene that is being set in the Middle East the past three months of little children being murdered because they would not deny Christ is another flag to provoke the US into war. And before you start to blame the Muslim please take a step back and ask yourself who is the puppet master to ISIS.

    Things are not what they seem and those that continually perpetuate war in order to secure their financial $$$$ position. Will not escape God’s judgement. In one hour Babylon is brought to nothing. Rev 18:24 “.. for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. 24And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”

    There are many in secret societies worshipping lucifer they are called luciferians. And they have engaged and are engaging in sorcery / witchcraft. Revelations tells it all nothing is hidden before the eyes of an infinite God. Not even a finite fallen angel.

    I hope you come to know God and receive the love of the truth when the holy spirit of God beckons you to come to the knowledge of the truth by being in relationship with God through Christ. Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness he didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it. To any who would come he would let them come.

    God bless you and may the eyes of your heart be opened to the truth. The royal law in heaven is love. Love conquers all.

  45. We will be judged by who we chose to follow in this life and the skull and bones and the name “The Craft” sounds sorcery to me. Even the star his casket sat on symbolizes sorcery. I am sorry that Kyle believed it was alright to kill a child. Evil is as evil does. Many hate the truth.

  46. Reblogged this on lonerloaner and commented:
    After watching this movie, I have to agree, this guy is a downright scum bag. Chris Kyle has been made a hero by Eastwood and a blatant lie of his character portrayed on the big screen. After watching this movie I felt sick to my stomach and lost respect for Eastwood as a director and for Bradley for playing the part. None of these people have spines. They’re slimy snakes and I am glad so many people are waking up to this absolute bollocks that his hoorah, hoorah America. Land of the enslaved, home of the cowards. Keep your country and your ideas within your own borders and the world would be a much better place.

  47. I am a muslim, I studied in the USA. A wonderful place I miss dearly. I used to go to church on Sundays with my mother in law. I grew up in central florida on a farm with horses. Used to go to all the horse shows. Then I came back here. All I see from this side of the fence is that life is fine. However, someone there on your soil seems to believe we are all oppressed. If we are – then send us money or better set up institutions to change otherwise. Instead all we see here are your armed forces or spy agencies working to over throw and then destabilize a country. You guys held out your hands in friendship with Libya when it finally caved in only to over throw it. The US lied about Iraq and Afghanistan and invaded over oil and gas. You all tried to desperately destroy Syria… yet thus far have failed as they have other big powers protecting it. You want to free the oppressed then why didn’t you attack Saudis… they were the ones who flew the planes into your towers – that POS Osama was a Saudi… with an Audi… lolz. What are you guys just misguided or trying to practice for the real fight with someone? As for Chris Kyle – I think he served his country as best he thought how; though I am sure if he was told that he was being sent there to kill in a war based on a lie he may have acted differently. We will never know. We can all keep the blames going to build the hate. I really don’t care about hating anyone or for that fact being in love with a race. I say this to anyone… come to my house to kill me… I will do my best to make sure you never leave should that day come – oppressed, depressed, or what ever else. You all wanna hate something.. hate your government as its the one doing all this… for the people – by the people…. Is that really so? I don’t think so.

  48. Well Chris Kyle is one of the top most evil bastards in the entire world, and I will personally go to the Academy of Arts and Sciences better known as the Oscars , and before that the Golden Globes which just had its ceromony, Screen Actors Guild, even the BAFTAs in the UK if this piece of filth and judging by the trailers it certainly looks like typical Western propaganda filth and personally tell them what I think of the that piece of garbage they just make. Another cold blooded killer got away with it, sadistic really it is .

  49. Thanks for this article Mr joe cortina, i salute you and appreciate all you’ve done. thanks for standing up for the VICTIMS of that nasty devil. some things need to be said. God bless you.

  50. I don’t believe for a minute that you were ever in the military, and most definitely not at the level you claim to have been. If you had served in any capacity, you would know that the true problem resides in the leadership responsible for waging war, not with the individual troops. If you have a problem with who has been designated as an enemy, that problem is to be brought up with Congress and the Commander-In-Chief, not those who are simply following their orders. This post is total garbage, you are a liar, and are attempting to steal valor from those who did actually serve to gain false credibility.

  51. You must be some kind of stupid. I guess people who walk around with grenades and weapons are “defenseless” your your eyes. Don’t get butthurt because some one is criticizing you, because you’re getting a taste of your own medicine.

  52. So you rail on him for being worst human being while pushing and being followed by a large number who strongly support antisemitism. I am supremely confident that your open letter has made no difference nor will it at any point in the future. You are the voice of nothing but the self satisfaction of your own whim and the whim of the degraded excuses of intellectuals with whom you align yourself.

  53. Joe, I was wondering if you were aware of the history of IBM and the Hollerith Punch Card Machines they used to assist the Nazis in killing millions? I’d not be too boastful of working with such a horrible company as this. See the work of Edwin Black to learn of the company’s sordid history and the awards given to Watson for his efforts. Shameful indeed.

  54. Just like the kids that had no choice but to go to Viet Nam.To make the war profiteers piles of tax payer money.Some B.S. different. decade.It’ll never change unless the people wake up and force it.From V.Nam to 9-11 it’s getting sad to be a american.

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