The nubile sexy Hebrew princess in the picture is in reality:
(A)  An IDF ‘Playmate of the month’ sex goddess
(B)  The Jewish Pillsbury ‘DOUGH-GIRL’
(C)  A centerfold for ‘Miss Piggy’ magazine
(D)  Jewish dream girl
(E)   Pig farm security cop
(F)   Poster girl for the ‘Pork Belly Futures’ brokers Inc.
(G)   Miss Tel Aviv contestant
(H)   Cheerleader for  Mt Zion High
(I)     Abe Foxman’s personal Fitness instructor
(J)    Pop art jew girl figure made of all bread dough
(K)   Popular Israeli porn sex channel porn star
(L)    Nutritionalist advisor for jew glutton TV star Adam Richman
(M)   Glutton Bowl speed eating champion
(N)   Miss Silly Putty look alike contest winner 
(O)   Unsuccessful tanning bed saleswoman
(P)   Definitive quintessential example of a butt-UGLY female!
(Q)   Failed Ab-Blaster saleswoman
(R)   A pin up girl for H.G.Wells’ pasty albino subterranean Morlocks
(S)   An ADL terrorist
(T)   A 300 pound pig, ‘photoshoped’ to look like a woman
(U)   Covergirl for ‘Piglets-n-Porkers on Parade’ magazine


  1. Check this JEWESS out! This bitch is pure evil, but of you are way too dumbed down to see it! FF to 14:00 and see her flash the SATANIC HAND SIGN! Now….GO BACK TO SLEEP!

  2. Answer: All of the above; or just a fearful, fat, stupid, hate-indoctrinated in-breed, who thinks it’s okay to steal land with houses on it, and kick the families out.

    Anyways.. I just came to thank you for your input at TuT, you would make an excellent addition to the team, Joe 🙂

    My only advice would be to pick your adjectives more carefully, focus, and be open to forgiveness when it is possible.

    I still haven’t learned Arabic though.. *sigh*

    Merci beaucoup,


  3. I saw this right after eating. Now I have a mess to clean up… This is another fine example of a Marxist Terrorist, raised fist picture and all. The “Never Again” phrase is probably the words spoken by someone drunk waking up next to her. The Jews are NOT the Chosen of God. Here is proof:Hosea 1:9 Then said God, Call his name Loammi: for you are not my people, and I will not be your God. Then in the book of Jerimiah God tells the prophet He would not help them (the ex-chosen) if Moses and Abraham were before Him and pleaded. These Jews hate Christ and everything the Messiah stands for. The Bible says this of their ilk:Luke 10:16 He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me. So since they hate Jesus and blaspheme Him, they by proxy hate God, who sent Jesus. As you have pointed out, the god of the Jews is completely opposite to the one that Jesus was sent by.

  4. Out of context question: Re: Jerusalem – Zionist baggage, Romney, stated Jerusalem is the capital of
    Israel. I disagree as Jerusalem is suppose to be a internationalized city/ UN. What say you? The
    entire seizure of Palestine was corrupt.

  5. Sorry Joe but you don’t get my vote for this one. As much as we know the self chosen race consider themselves above us “cattle”, it doesn’t make it cool to take the piss out of sexually unattractive people ie butt ugly.

    If you had pitched this as a warning against the new wave of deep cover Sayanim blending into the usual mall rat populace of fat people I would have understood.

    Shit happens.


    I am sure you will all agree that mere words cannot express the feelings invoked by the undeniable successes achieved by Jewish people here in the United States.

    I write to congratulate each and every Jewish person for the part they played in placing Jewish people in key positions. As we all know, it would not be possible for the Jewish people to attain monopoly positions in such a vast and diverse set of industries and in government – if it were not for the complicity and supporting role played by the overall Jewish community.

    Somehow, the magnitude of your achievements have gone unnoticed by the majority of Americans. In fact, many Americans actually deny the fact that you have performed the very feats that you have.

    We hope to remedy that situation by expressing our heartfelt congratulations to the Jewish people of the world for their spirited no-matter-what-it-takes cohesiveness.

    Let me just take a moment now to list a few of the impressive achievements that the Jewish people have made.

    Jewish people hold vast monopolies in key industries.
    Jewish people monopolize the banking industry.

    I think the Jewish banking monopoly deserves a very special congratulations because the vast system of Jewish usury has financially enabled the monopoly takeover of many other industries. Here are but a few:

    Jewish people monopolize the insurance industry,

    Jewish people monopolize the in so-called “precious” metals industries, jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds),

    Jewish people monopolize the newspapers across the country,

    Jewish people monopolize the TV networks and stations across the country,

    Jewish people monopolize the movie companies,

    Jewish people monopolize the movie distribution,

    Jewish people monopolize the movie theater chains across the country,

    Jewish people monopolize the the music industry,

    Jewish people monopolize the pornography industry,

    Jewish people monopolize the big book and textbook publishers and many others.

    But Jewish people do not merely monopolize key industries. The also monopolize several key professions, such as the legal profession and our political system itself.

    Sadly, many Americans seem to think that the Jewish people had something to do with Jesus. That Jewish people are merely a tiny powerless, persecuted minority – or even that Jewish people were not the aggressors of World War 2 against Germany.

    It is travesty that Americans don’t seem to know the truth about the Jewish people.

    Isn’t it?

  7. Joe the Jews are ugly not only on the outside but also and especially on the inside. They are the most evil disgusting people imaginable, if you wonder why the Jews have been pushing degeneracy so aggressively its because they are amoral creatures, its all been about normalizing there behaviour. It is now only in this environment that they can almost show there true selves, to walk around unmasked and rather then being run out of town they are thought of as a regular person. Just look at piece of trash Jewess named Sarah Silverman most recent stunt and what is accepted as “comedy”.

    There is next big push is for the normalization of both pedophilia as well as beastility.

  8. When you love smething it becomes beautiful. A mother’s love, God’s love, even your own pet’s love for you has an amazing power-it improves-it evolves forward-it makes the person or the thing loved-better-it heals-it saves, it performs miracles. Love-makes everything evolve forward into better.
    Children who are loved are better than their parents were-that is evolution-love makes everthing better.
    The greater your ability to love-the more evolved you are.
    Padre Pio had that great power to Love-he was like an angel in heaven-he made blind people see. Jesus healed with that great power Love. It is the creative power that created us-we came from God’s love. His love is our souls that can love.
    Jews worship the only power they have-to destroy life-to make everything worse, everything withers in their presence-jews can only fear and hate-in their reptoid brains-the jewish seat of consciousness-a part of satan and all his evi exists. Jews have the sloped foreheads-no frontal lobes.
    jews constantly think about killing and torturing and harming others. They are obsessed and preocupied by fantasies of torturing other poeple who they hate. It feeds their ego to know they can destroy. The reptoid part of the brain is all ego-it is the consciousness of the sociopath who is incapable of love-love is something incomprehensible to a jew. Destruction is their only power-it feeds their self-worth.
    Power to a jew is only destruction-especially the destruction their lies cause.
    Jewish mothers control-they do not love their children. They control and manipulate their children-they favour or reject and compare them and pit the children against one another in a competition to be either the favoured or rejected
    Because they get no love-Jewish children are ugly-and they get uglier and more evil as they age. Jews get sick more often-there is no love to heal them. In the jew mind-love isinterpreted as favoritism. It is always a contest to them who wins and who loses. jews have no concept of equality or unconditional love. They can’t give-they only take-if they give it is only to get more back in return such as their jew usury,
    In the Bible when it says that Christ will convert the jews and they will be saved-that is a lie put there by jews.
    The jews even added to the Bible a parable attributed to Jesus that condones usury.
    Jews can never have souls again-God does not love them-because love is waisted on a jew-who can’t love back or even recognize that it is loved-he sees love as weakness that can be exploited.
    Jews hate-they destroy. It has been scientifcally proven that if you look at a tree everyday with hate-it will wither and die. That is why their children are so ugly. The children of jews are always less intellegent and more repulsive than the parents.
    Albert Einstien had a son who was retarded. Henry Miller too.
    If you look at another tree with love it will thrive.
    That is why jews are so ugly-so sick-and they continue to become more repulsive and evil as they age.
    If you put jews together in a room, or a community-without anyone else but jews,
    the evil hate and destruction they exude would turn them to uglier-sicker and more evil lunatics than they are now.
    the enviornment they are in would turn to a desert-lifeless and dead.
    That is what you have done-you accepted the jews.
    You rescuded them-and now they are destroying you-you rescued a plauge an deadly poisonous plauge that kills and destroys and makes everything ugly.
    God will not allow a part of him-the soul he gave you-to be near the evil jews and be harmed.
    God will take his soul back from you if you associate in any way with jews-if you are near them.
    That is why people are becoming soulless and immoral in the Jewnited States of the child abuse epidemic.
    The third prophecy of Fatima stated that Hitler was Jesus Christ returned, it stated that if any nations defeated Hitler in ww2-they would be destroyed in ww3. It said that only 2 nations in Europe both surrounded by water would be spared only if they imprisoned or killed all of the jews. That is why it was never revealed.
    Had you not had the jews-you would still be in paradise-evolving forward-there would be no good and evil(knowlegde of good and evil)-only of good.
    The jews devolved-they are the source of all evil-they are death and hell.
    They are not a race or a religion. They are the children of satan-not of God.
    Just as Christ is the son of God.
    They are the evil on this earth the antichrist-they do the exact opposite to all of you that Christ does-
    Christ will love you-and make you evolve forward into loving angels in heaven-everything getting more beautiful every day-you becoming more beautiful every day=evolution forward-it is magical spiritual the power of love-the source of all life.
    The jews do the opposite-they make everything evil-hellish and insane-without a soul you will never be happy or beautiful-you just get more ugly like the jews-cruel and sadistic and want to destroy-because that is all you can do.
    Look at what the jews did to art, drama, music, and dance.
    Those things were once beautiful and inspireing-now they are ugly-and destructive.
    The jews killed the arts.
    They call movies and television entertainment-it is annoying-and just stupid filler inbetween the jew advertizing-it is violent, psychotic, evil boring and stupid-it is ugly-it is the exact opposite of entertainment-it annoys and sickens people-jews are soulless-they are not of God, they are not even human they can’t be creative, they are becoming the exact image of satan-the ideal that they devolve and regress into-the farthest thing frim goodness-truth love-creativity that can be.
    entertainment used to help people be better people-it would enlighten their minds and souls-fill them with higher truths-expand their minds-make them think and be more creative.
    under jew control-it destroys people’s minds and makes them sick and too dumb to think-fills them with lies.
    Jews are the exact opposite of beautiful-they are hiddeous mnsterous and ugly-and they will continue to devolve into more ugly monsters-until they resemble the monsters of horror movies-they all want to do what the monsters in horror movies do to their victims.
    all through hiustory they have done just that only worse to non-jews
    yet true to the lying blame shifting tendency of sociopaths-they pretend they were the victims-and never admit to their crimes.
    If you just put them where they could no longer breed-separated male from female-they would end up killing one another getting sick-and do to themselves what they do to you-until there was nothing left of them.
    They would starve to death because life around them dies and becomes a desert
    God wants no part of them-only love can save people from eventual death and destruction.
    Jews can’t have any love-it is completely forign concept they can not comprehend.
    love eludes the jews. Once a sociopath-always a sociopath-they just get worse as time goes on.
    It would be the greatest kindness tothe jews to just allow them to die out-and end their misery,
    it would be merceiful.
    while humans evolve forward-they become more spiritual.
    jews devolve they become more materialistic and addicted topurely physical gratification
    jews have zero spirituality-they are all 100% sensual, physical consumed about attaining lusts of the flesh.
    They have nothing but ugliness getting uglier-sickness-destruction, they just get more and more hiddious as time goes by. Have pity on them-but know that they are a destructive power-that will take your soul and seperate you from God and love forever if you associate with them or accept them.
    Just as accepting Jesus as your savior will protect your soul-and allow you to know God and his Love.
    They are the antichrist. Why do you give them power? They can only harm you and they are ugly too.
    Padre Pio-who loves us and made miracles said the jews are our enemies, the enemies of God and all that is holy.
    Jesus and Hitler knew that same truth-when you accapt the jews, believe their lies you offend God and you lose your soul.
    Forget logic-forget all the jew logic arguments-all that BS their rational-lies to convince-jews are pushy controlling dominering and they never tell the truth. Forget all their lies-know they just brainwash with repeated lies-if you-look in your heart to know the truth concerning the jews.
    otherwise you are lost.
    No one is born Gay.
    Every person who is gay-was raped or molested as a child by a same sex person.
    then they recreate that trauma, acting it out attempting to be in control.
    Gayness to men is the same as promiscuity/prostitution in women, it comes from early molestation of children.
    Jews like to rape children-they do it not as a sex act-they do it to destroy the child.
    jews destroy-there is no love in any jew-there is nothing good or of God in any jew
    they are pure evil-made in the image of satan.
    The greater your ability to hate and destroy the more backwards devolved and regressed you are.
    The jews devolve-degenerate and get uglier every day.
    The drought in the world today is because of the jews. All the evil that exists on the earth is there because the jews exist. If the jews never happened-if eve had not eaten her own babies-the world would be like heaven-a aparadise.
    It will continue to decay and get more like Hell as long as the jews exist here on earth.
    God will come eventually and rid this world of all jews-as he tried when he was Jesus, and Hiltler, this time he will do it during the 3 days of darkness-he will come from the sky and rid the world of all evil-every last jew and those who accept them and are blind to the truth of how evil they truly are-will be gone.
    Then the wolrd will not have any ugly people evr again God’s children will love one another and become more beautiful than you can even imagine.

  9. The jews are without doubt the ugliest people in the world both in a physical as well as in a moral and spiritual sense. I’m sure inbreeding has much to do with it as well as their innate propensity for evil which as we well know is boundless. To refer to them as “The Chosen Race” is an insult to God the Creator.

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