Aside from rare people like Brother Nathanael who was BORN into a jewish household environment – I know jew evil better than 99% of all Americans.  I suffered their incessant whining in their rancid business practices when I headed my own company.  I made note of their CONSPICUOUS absence from participation in any military combat branches.  I lived with them and their ‘Oh Veys’ while a self sustaining university student at jew U ( U of Miami)  – had a jew roommate and later spent time at Hillel House while dating a jew princess. Watched my youngest son’s life ruined by a Heeb shrink reptile posing as a true physician and watched some otherwise good people metastasized into sick trash by poisonous jew lies. 

I Have watched in horror as my once blessed America was occupied by jew filth from the jew puppet POTUS in the White House to the control and censorship in my own hometown local newspaper. Have watched once decent long time personal friends develop a strange bizarre evil affinity for all that is evil anti-American anti- Christ and pro IsraHELL jewish.  And of course every evening when I attempt to entertain myself with some uplifting or exciting or educational respite on the Talmudvision – all I see is life as the jews like it – living in a giant collective toilet surrounded by jew turds that never flush!

There isn’t an aspect of American life that has not been polluted by jew filth in what USED to be the United States Of America.  Today we are nothing less than IsraHELL’S whore – a lapdog for Satan and an attack dog for the international jew – and a training ground for Syanims ( jew secret network society) to practice their treason in always supporting the benefit of ‘the tribe’ ahead of that of America. Its a jew dual patriotism thing where IsraHELL is always numero uno.

Now comes the good part. Years back during my ongoing education to the true nature of these putrid scum – I had a once in a lifetime experience that has forever changed my life.  I got to spend time living with Satan’s own ilk in the most demonic place on earth – for all intents and purposes as an insider – ISRAHELL!

I have done expensive travel over many decades – to over thirty nations to be exact.  I was also a Vice Consul for many years to one of those nations – fluent in their language. In all of the places good and bad – Communist and free world – poor and affluent – primitive and sophisticated – new world and old world – the one which stands out in my mind as being 100% pure evil – filthy – vile- profane – perverse – Godless – cruel – vain – materialistic – murderous – treasonous – deceitful – blasphemous and the hands down winner of the State most likely to cause the next world war – I present the worlds largest unflushed toilet – the OFFICIAL playground of Satan Himself – IsraHELL! 

I have been in ‘bad’ places and experienced ‘bad’ people – but nothing could prepare me for the in-your-face evil of these jews.  Their shameless blasphemy towards our Lord is over the top rancid putrid filth! When you see a drunk punk hook-nosed rat faced animal screaming threats at some poor Palestinian family – probably one of the 20% Christians who has lived upon that land in peace with his Muslim neighbors  for over fifteen hundred years – you will never forget – nor forgive – as you will NEVER – EVER find a ‘repentant’ jew.

Remember – I am only the messenger – repeating his especially filthy blasphemous threatening message screamed at the top of his voice: ” Fuck you and fuck your fucking Jesus.  This is OUR land – God gave it to us and it belongs to us – not you!  We crucified your fucking Jesus and we will do it again”!  you can still find examples of this on the web – but I warn you – it’s pretty raw but the whole family needs to see these ugly TRUTHS. Jew thugs do these horrid acts daily.  These vile blasphemies are wholeheartedly approved by the majority of jews – unofficially of course as it only reinforces John 8-4 .

This kind of outrageous hateful filth was rampant in that hellhole of reprobate demons – but like the equally filthy jew graffiti damning Christ and Christians and supporting treasonous filth like John Pollard – fat pasty faced BaptDUH tourists staying in the safety and comfort of TelAviv never see or hear this common fare in the less visited outlying areas – Bathsheba, Hebron, Beersheba, Bat Yam, Ramat Gan, Eilat etc etc 

This abysmal filth is the TRUE nature of the jew.  I experienced it because I was NOT there to be fooled by the local Hava – Nagila dancing whores and other such ‘Potemkin village’ deceptions fabricated for stupid fat pasty drooling rednecks in santiized Tel Aviv.

One of the best descriptions of IsraHELL was offered by the genius of jew turned TRUE Christian -Brother Nathanael who today exposes ALL jew evils on his hard hitting site RJN ( REAL JEW NEWS) He terms this land of demons. He identifies IsraHELL as:  a “Jewish” state, which means nothing less than an anti-Christ entity with diplomatic credentials.  As truthful and technically correct as you can get in formal terms. 

These baby killers also have a formidable military which included their ‘then new’ 105mm Merkeva 2 battle tank – part of which I witnessed on maneuvers in the Negev. Hardware ( paid for by American sweat)  not withstanding – I can’t say much for the girly boy soldiers themselves – cocky arrogant and immature.

Do not be fooled by these god jew bad jew deceptions. In other words – these two Janus 2- faced jews to whom lying is an honorable way of life, will have you stupid goy ( non jewish cattle) now believe that sure – the Zionists are not the true Torah jews and in fact are bad guys – BUT the ordinary jews – like Mr. Goldberg who teaches your children at the local high school – or Ms Silverstein who is your local commissioner – or Mr. Lieberman who is a local bank VP – or Mr. Eckstein who is running for a State Rep seat – or the Jacobsons who have a real estate business – or even that old retired couple down the block – the Eisners – are all just good Americans and as wholesome and patriotic as apple pie.

BULLSHIT!  Do not buy into that monstrous lie! They are ALL part of the ‘tribe’ – all Sayanims’ who are like minded and work behind your back to promote all things jewish at their meetings and countless jew organizations and Synagogues Satan headed by pedophile womanizing demon worshiping rabbis – ALWAYS cloaked in a veil of mystery intrigue unintelligible gibberish and never ending deception deception deception.  Deceiving Gentile people is their national pastime. Even the OFFICIAL motto of their government betrays their true evil wicked lying nature, and I QUOTE: “BY DECEPTION WE WAGE WAR”  Check it out for your self – as I just can’t make all this stuff up. 

Jews and their leadership despise you they despise our Lord and they despise courage principle morality work ethics and everything that made America great once – before we allowed these rat faced scum to infect our land and our most sacred values.

Still not convinced? Read this horrid jew filth out loud to ALL your family and friends: “My   opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need   all the useful idiots we can get right now.”   — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a  former IsraHELL prime minister 

BTW – you 50 million imbecile brain sharing stupefied inbred redneck moron BaptDUHS – that is YOU – that this Christ hating, Christian hating Gentile hating self styled sociopathic egomaniac – is talking about!

The BaptDUH is the only creature on planet earth who is stupid enough to eagerly worship the scum who mock slander ridicule scorn taunt and insult you behind your backs.  You imbeciles are a nothing more than a joke in IsraHELL and the rest of the informed world. You drones give new meaning to the meaning of STUPID. Your treatment of Christ and perverse twisting of His words is world class perversion!  

Just think about the insanity of the crime you have committed against God.  You have rejected ALL of His warnings of the demonic nature of the jew and have freely chosen to WORSHIP the very demons who murdered Him. You sick evil bastards!

Speaking of Zionists  – to be sure – there are jews who are foaming at the mouth Zionists , but the truth is that the vast majority of these demonic jew bastards that have infected our nation into a morally rotted corpse with their greed – nastiness – organ trafficking – drug trafficking – usury – greed – profanities – shock jocks – gangbanger hip hop rap trap crap filth – Marxist support – mockery of the service of our country – porn industry – infanticide – crime syndicates – corruption – theft of America’s wealth – white slavery – countless treasons – blasphemies – hatred of Christ and His Blessed Mother 24-7 on their Talmudvision  trashing of our Constitution and every evil known to man – are just ‘ordinary’ jews like the ones who live next door and work night and day to corrupt your children seduce your wives and steal your possessions. 

I met NO Zionists while staying in IsraHELL – lots and lots of slimy sadistic reptile jew bastards but no card carrying formal Zionists.  Over 95% of the Zionists in this ZOG today are Gentiles and 95% of those Gentile Zionists are the worst most criminally purposefully ignorant evil creatures on earth – the oyster-brained BaptDUHs.  Keep those FACTS in mind next time the issue of Zionism come up.

Keep the faith people.  It WILL get worse. Many of you  WILL live to see a perversion of truth honor logic and goodness that will defy all reason.  Evil will be worshiped as good.  Truth will be reviled and evil. Lies will be worshiped as wisdom. Violence will be the default solution to all disputes.  Peace will be mocked as treason.  We will be taught to betray our finest sons   and to reward and ally with our most mortal enemies.  And finally – we will all be taught that servitude is holy and freedom is wreck less. 

IF these insane BaptDUh minions of the Devil succeed in their quest for world conflict – the entire world will suffer for their evil ways.  The jew and the BaptDUH are equally evil and although the BaptDUH is a surrogate of the demonic jews – neither may accomplish the horrors of another world war by themselves. Remember that fact next time your innocent naive child asks to play with the child of some scumbag monster BaptDUH neighbor.

ALL AmeriKan military are the mortal enemy of ALL decent Godly people here – NO EXCEPTIONS!  It is a volunteer mercenary organization.  Each and every man or woman who of their own free will agrees to support and legitimize our murderous sociopathic at this late stage of the game is your mortal enemy. Our “few” or “brave” Marines are the most evil violent Godless criminals to ever disgrace the uniform I and those ‘of and before my time’ – WORE WITH HONOR. 

If you have any doubts as to the TRUE nature of the psychopathic Godless sadistic human garbage we now train in our new improved infected jew military – do the following. 

(1) compare the moral aspects of Basic training fifty years ago when I trained young man and the jew oriented Godless insane filth your sons are taught today – like not hesitating to murder civilians in cold blood in their own homes.  You NEED to see and hear the demonic sadistic barbaric Godless crap my own son was trained to do to unarmed civilians protecting their own families and lives and homes.  I KNOW the rules of the game and how we used to conduct ourselves with your sons.  I did it as a professional. I would rather go to prison than take ANY part in the filth I saw my own son being taught. If what you learn does not totally disgust you as a human being – an American – a parent or a Christian – then you are as sick as the bastards who commit these awful crimes against your children. 

(2) Go to your computer and punch in; ‘ treasonous Marines agree to murder their own neighbors – 29 Palms Naval base’.  Be patient – you will find it.  If THIS FILTH does not scare the be-Jesus out of you as a human being -parent American etc – then you are part of the problem again!  BE SURE TO READ THE PART OF THE TEST WHERE A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF OUR ‘brave’  -‘honor laden’ – patriotic Marines freely stated that they WOULD MURDER SLAUGHTER SHOOT KILL you and your children and family in your own homes if you should DARE to defy the STATE and defend your own family and home. Next time you see one of those propaganda commercials for “THE FEW – THE PROUD  -THE BRAVE – THE MARINES” crap – just remember who brave it would be and how proud they would be to blow your brains out along with your children – just as these knuckle dragging Neanderthals walking hamburgers did to so many innocent defenseless civilian: ” rag heads – camel jockeys – sandniggers” as our racist Godless jew dominated thug criminal military has taught your sons to slander other cultures.

And no lectures from the peanut gallery.  If you are young enough to be wearing desert camos – you are punks – Marines or not – who have disgraced the uniform and you can go straight to hell- scumbags!  My oldest and closest friend in life was a Marine officer – a fine and moral individual.  Fifty years ago I trained Marine Paras in unconventional Special Forces DZ re- supplying and night infiltration drops.  These were men I knew and respected. They were not the Godless judized vicious sadistic criminal scum I see today. The scum of your murderous thrill seeking ilk have NOTHING in common with the men I worked with two generations ago. 

(3) Go to a film rental place or download perhaps – a documentary called STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE  – a documentary by photojournalist Errol Morris.  It was shot at the notorious torture chambers of Abu Ghraib where our “land of the free and home of the brave” tortured and murdered countless Iraqi young men whose ‘crime’ was to defend the honor of their wives and daughters and their beloved homeland from our marauding sociopaths killers rapists sexual perverts thieves and rancid criminal trash. ALL of the rancid military filth in the film were nasty looking human pervert garbage.  The ‘women’ were whores and lesbian filth eager to show how low a human being could sink. Beyond disgusting!

Just look at the evil in their pig like faces and listen to them whine and even brag about their grizzly sadistic crimes – and tell me you would not want to send them all straight to their ‘father’ – in hell!

This documentary is exactly what our military has become today. What the Soviets did in Afghanistan makes them look like naughty pranksters compared to what monsters we have become and I am VERY familiar with what BOTH nations’ military did to civilians in the Mid-East. Of course the hands down masters of pure brutal sadistic treatment of civilians are the jews – been there, seen that. 

I PRAY for the day when this current Godless wicked evil demonic perverted military is destroyed and goodness and honor is once more the order of the day! We have becomes a garbage people in total denial! We have now become everything decent Americans despised about the Soviets and Chinese

Those in command were ALL as guilty of these horrible crimes as the lowest ranking NCO and should have ALL been shot or hung or serve life sentences in Leavenworth.  Show this to ALL of your family and be SURE that ALL of your children understand that these were not dated films of Soviet atrocities or Mao’s torture chambers.  They need to know that the sadistic animalistic sick twisted filth they saw were modern times AMERICAN servicemen and woman – much to the disgrace of what scum we have become as a people. 

And they need to additionally know that the jew worshiping BaptDUHs down the  street made this horror possible. If you do NOT level with your kids now as to what we have become – why not just blow their brains out and save them the grief of the reality of what is in store for Amerika because mom and dad were too busy with NFL and other immature irresponsible dominating inane nonsense. 

You AND your children ESPECIALLY need to know that It was individuals, not a policy, that forced Iraqi prisoners to stay in stress positions for hours on end, to masturbate in front of one another, to be led on leashes like dogs, and to strip and then form a human pyramid. And it was the individual U.S. soldiers who photographed these events and treated the pictures like prized trophies.  And then to be eaten alive by vicious attack dogs or murdered in cold blood just for amusement.

This then is what AmeriKans are really like today – vicious – sadistic – cruel – remorseless – criminally ignorant – racist – Godless – remorseless – selfish and incapable of human compassion whiney immature brats at best – sadistic serial killers at worst. 

I have read HUNDREDS of these horror stories – some MUCH worse – monstrous!  But it becomes so revolting to learn what putrid garbage I have for ‘neighbors – that it becomes depressing.

When your young son or daughter asks you for an answer  – mom, dad – why do these things happen today?  They are old enough to know the TRUTH – so tell them. 

Kids – years ago we threw morals and goodness out of our schools and churches and government. And along with that we also threw Christ in the toilet. So today we play the game of life with NO RULES – and when you do that – the people turn out to be the same garbage they admire. 

Gee Dad – so if all these terrible things are because we no longer good people – why did we through Jesus under the bus?

Well – son to be perfectly truthful – it was because the jews who run our country told us to do so! 

Yes Dorothy – there is a moral to the story. As the song says: teach your children well – teach them the TRUTH of the evil of the jews so they will live as free men and women once again.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander   and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in   Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two   sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the   threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago   when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist   influence.

 Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns   the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes   below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father   (the devil).  If God were your father. ye would love me; for I   proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent   me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil   and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the   beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When   he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and   the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be   limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John   3;8-10″

Matthew   23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees,   you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when   he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of   vipers, how can you escape the damnation of   hell?”(Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My   opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need   all the useful idiots we can get right now.”   — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a   former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to   cover the shame of killing innocent people“


  1. God Bless you for speaking the truth. I know I will see you in Heaven, where there are no jews. Those who accept the jews I pity, we have free will, and only 2 choices-Love or evil destruction. The jews can only destroy. They don’t create, they can’t, that is why they infiltrate and infest take what others have created that is good as their own, but once that happens-what was created for good and was once good-turns into an evil. They are poison-everything they touch turns into an evil and a lie. They took over the religions-all of them-and turned them to an antichrist religion-all about money and sex especially sex with children. They take over medicine and it becomes the sickness industry. Of course when they take over the military-it becomes a mercenary force to be used to destroy out nation/civilians not to protect them. They take over education-it becomes dumbing down. They lie-they turn everything into a lie. The lie is their weapon that gives them power-but-only when people believe their lies.
    Jews confuse people-change the truth-so when people base all their conclusions on jew lies-they can never find the truth. They took over all educational book publishing all media and all the arts so they could make people confused and unable to find any truth.
    Everyone is looking for the antichrist. The jews are the antichrist.
    In the Bible it states that they are many-not just one. As one they would be: The Jew World Order.
    They have changed the Bible so people see a false Christ.
    Christ was an arab-he is not of the jewish lineage. He was not from abraham. The Catholic Church has proof of this-they hide-jews control the church now as they did when the jews were the 3 Popes who brought about the Inquisition-it was headed by a jew. Lately I have seen it written for the first time-that the jews were the victims of the inquisition
    They do that-they commit crimes then they blame someones else for those crimes and then they pretend to be the victims of the crimes. They lie.
    They are the antichrist because of Eve-in the biblical story. Eve was an evil woman-she was not the first woman she was the first jewish woman. The tree of life was her womb-the forbidden fruit was her baby. Eve ate her own children. Then she got Adam the first jew to eat the babies.
    They were the first human beings to start to devolve-regress.
    The more evolved an animal is-the care and love it gives its offspring.
    When the children of God began to evolve forward-they mother gave her own life to save her babies.
    That started evolution-Mary mother of God s a descendant of that woman who is still alive.
    The baby eating eve was then impregnated by Satan.
    Satan was the end of devolution-the end product of what humans become after they devolve completely-the ideal they devolved and devolving into. Pure evil.
    Cain and Able were both Satan’s children. They are murderers and liars-like their father satan.
    Cain murdered Able and lied about it.
    The antichrist are the jews-the descendants of Cain and Able.
    The jews still had the God who demanded child killing-but then with Abraham-they settled for child sexual abuse=circumcision-and so they began to breed-into the antichrist jews of today-
    the children of satan-murderers and liars.
    The story of Jesus is the opposite he is the result of mothers who loved their children so much they would sacrifice their own life to save them. Mary was the lost loving mother that God chose to be the mother of himself-as Jesus.
    The jews want to get people to destroy their souls and be like the jews are, pure evil.
    They want you all to devolve to regress backwards into creatures like satan-like the jews.
    They hate you. They have no love in them. Eve was a sociopath-it is genetic.
    The jew’s consciousness is in the reptoid part of the brain.
    The jews do not have souls-the soul is from God it is love and creativity-and respect for truth.
    The frontal lobe on the right contains the soul-the more your soul can love-the more evolved you are.
    The more creative you are. The jews control the arts is to destroy the arts-
    they hate that you have souls and can be creative and they will never have that.
    They know they can never have what you have-they hate you-they don’t want you to continue to evolve forward as they regress backwards-
    Human beings will evolve forward into angels, while the jews will continue to devolve into ugly twisted reptilian evil neanderthals sub human monsters.
    The jews know this. They know what they are. They know what I am telling you.
    That is why jews hate and want to destroy all Christians.
    The jewish women have the sloping foreheads-it shows they have no frontal lobe consciousness-no souls.
    Everything they say in the Talmud-they know-the exact opposite is true. They lie.
    They lie because the truth is so horrible.
    They think nothing of killing eating or sexually abusing babies-it is their subhuman instinct.
    They have instincts that they can’t overcome-instincts that drive them to do evil horrible things to weak and helpless children. They know your instincts are just the opposite.
    You could not do those things. You have a conscience-it is your soul. The jews have no soul.
    The jews know their creator is satan-they are the children of satan.
    They are the exact opposite of Christ.
    To be a true Christian one must love God and love all others as they love themselves.
    The jews will never be Christians-they can’t love-they have no souls
    they can only continue to become more and more evil.
    The Bible has many lies in it-put there by the jews to trick people into accepting them.
    They are not related to Jesus-he was not a jew. The jews will never accept Jesus as their savior-they can’t, he is not their savior-he came for God’s children. He did not come for the jews.
    The Bible has lies put there by jews to confuse-so you never see the truth.
    The bible story that says he came only for the jews-and the scraps for dogs crap-is lies put there by jews.
    He was not a rabbi. He was an Arab, He was God, the son of God just as Cain was the son of Satan.
    Cain-the murderer and the liar-is the jewish messiah. Cain the son of Satan and the baby eating sociopath-jew-eve.
    Eve was evil. She ate her own babies and gave them to eat to adam.
    The children of God-who have souls are good-they love their children.
    If Christians still were good and loved their children-they would know that Hitler came as a thief in the night-he was Jesus Christ returned that is the 3rd secret of Fatima.
    They would exterminate every jew-like the evil vermin that they are.
    They would kill them like you kill invasive destructive insects.
    The reptoid brains of the jews obsess only about evil acts sexual perversion-torture and destruction.
    There is nothing good in any jew-they are cold blooded killers-baby eating sick psychopaths.
    They are devolving into the exact replicas of satan-their God,
    meanwhile human beings have the opportunity to evolve into angels and into the exact replica of God-as one.
    But only If you can rid the world of God’s enemies the jews. They are your worst enemy.
    Whatever they tell you-know the opposite is true.
    The jew world order-they are planning will be old world-medievil inquisition torture-and disorder.
    they lie and they kill and they sexually mutilate abuse and eat babies.

  2. Once again, you have hit another out of the ball park! And I must confess, I enjoy the anti-Bapduhst verbage. I grew up in that sea of chaos and left when I could legally choose my own faith. Anyway, our country seems to be led around by the nose by the vipers. And it looks like it will get much much worse. Jews are now DEMANDING that they be allowed to create a JEWISH state in Germany! Imagine that. Talk about chutzpah. It’s bad enough the wring money out of them for the holohoax, but now they want their own state in Germany. Here is the Youtube link on it :
    It galls me that Germany has been so neutered, from a once proud and independent nation, to a servile slave for the self chosen of Baal. How long before we are expected to set up a Jewish state here in Amerika? They already own Hollywood, Miami, and New York. Keep up the great work and God bless.

  3. I feel like an idiot to say how excellent and awesomely powerful this post is because Joe already knows this! We need more people like him to keep telling the sheeple with the hope that more and more will wake up from their deadly slumber.

    The sooner we will free ourselves from the State social programming and the slavery engineered by corporations, usurious financial institutions and the deadly Jewish Cult, the easier it will be to destroy Jewish supremacism.


  4. “Do not be fooled by these god jew bad jew deceptions. In other words – these two Janus 2- faced jews to whom lying is an honorable way of life, will have you stupid goy ( non jewish cattle) now believe that sure – the Zionists are not the true Torah jews and in fact are bad guys – BUT the ordinary jews – like Mr. Goldberg who teaches your children at the local high school – or Ms Silverstein who is your local commissioner – or Mr. Lieberman who is a local bank VP – or Mr. Eckstein who is running for a State Rep seat – or the Jacobsons who have a real estate business – or even that old retired couple down the block – the Eisners – are all just good Americans and as wholesome and patriotic as apple pie.”

    BULLSHIT! Do not buy into that monstrous lie! They are ALL part of the ‘tribe’ ”

    Truer words have never been written, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT that has to be understood by people before ANY change will happen.

  5. Everything you write in this open letter is true, and the advice you here give, perfect. Jesus loves you, Joe.

  6. Excellent post and I find myself drawing closer to Christ on a daily basis. May God be with you and bless you.

  7. Captain Joseph Cortina;

    In real terms you equal the worth and fighting strength of an entire regiment.
    If it were within my power, I would hang a medal around your neck as big as a frying pan.

    I don’t need to ask of the many fine men you served with over the years. Almost without exception they have slunked away in the face of the most important combat imaginable or worse yet have become servants of the beast.

    Know this;
    In ones and twos you have and continue to cleanse, convert and inspire those who are making a difference in this, the final battle of Good versus Evil.

    Your fellow soldier
    Max French

  8. Ur my blue eyed brother who speaks truth to power! Continue on Joe, we are right beside you and we will get our country back and strike ZOG back to hell!

  9. jews are real devils .they inserted lies into old testament and talmud to justify wickedness against palestinians .they will soon become forgoten history as allah told them.

  10. jews are evil and pit the white christian against the muslim arab domestically and internationally, to distract and weaken both, with the jew dominating both demanding to be worshipped as God, against the divine Creator’s wishes.

  11. The devil knows his time is short. All those Hageeites and Olsteenites and Robertsonites are the great falling away.

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