The nubile sexy Hebrew princess in the picture is in reality:
(A)  An IDF ‘Playmate of the month’ sex goddess
(B)  The Jewish Pillsbury ‘DOUGH-GIRL’
(C)  A centerfold for ‘Miss Piggy’ magazine
(D)  Jewish dream girl
(E)   Pig farm security cop
(F)   Poster girl for the ‘Pork Belly Futures’ brokers Inc.
(G)   Miss Tel Aviv contestant
(H)   Cheerleader for  Mt Zion High
(I)     Abe Foxman’s personal Fitness instructor
(J)    Pop art jew girl figure made of all bread dough
(K)   Popular Israeli porn sex channel porn star
(L)    Nutritionalist advisor for jew glutton TV star Adam Richman
(M)   Glutton Bowl speed eating champion
(N)   Miss Silly Putty look alike contest winner 
(O)   Unsuccessful tanning bed saleswoman
(P)   Definitive quintessential example of a butt-UGLY female!
(Q)   Failed Ab-Blaster saleswoman
(R)   A pin up girl for H.G.Wells’ pasty albino subterranean Morlocks
(S)   An ADL terrorist
(T)   A 300 pound pig, ‘photoshoped’ to look like a woman
(U)   Covergirl for ‘Piglets-n-Porkers on Parade’ magazine