Most of us are aware of the latest in an endless list of soulless, Godless, sadistic, sociopathic, cold-blooded mass-murderers in the jew-occupied rotted corpse of our former moral self. These collective criminals are our military and are hopelessly evil, wicked, twisted, demonic filth which today factually rivals the most sanguine, sadistic,   brutal, barbaric thugs of the former Godless Soviet Union.   (FSU)

Former President Ronald Reagan termed them the ‘EVIL EMPIRE’ as analogous to the totally evil incarnate nature of the villains of the Star Wars episodes.  The brutality of these animals was unparalleled in modern history and their legacy of death and terror is well chronicled for any interested party to experience in history books and even pop periodicals like Reader’s Digest. I still have in my library many issues from the 70s which covered in detail – horrors committed by a Godless, dysfunctional Soviet military against the simple poor civilian populace of Afghanistan.

There – assembled like stories out of a horror movie series were the real life crimes of a sick twisted society with gory details week after week and month after month. Several films became popular during that period, one of which was Red Scorpion with super hero Swedish actor Dolf Lundgren where he plays a Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) commando who realizes he is on the wrong side.  (Some of our own soldiers are finally beginning to figure that out for themselves)

Yet another was a Rambo classic where after witnessing the horrible injustices committed by the invading Soviets   – our hero decides to help the Afghan Mujahedeen fight their evil   empire war criminal occupiers. (If ‘Rocky’   made one more ‘Rambo’ movie today fighting the REAL ‘terrorist criminals’ of the US Army – every decent vet I have ever known would be cheering for him)

But perhaps the most inspiring ‘good guys to the rescue’ film was ‘CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR’ – directed by Tom Hanks.  It was based on the true life actions of a US Congressman whose support, patronage, and legislation for the Soviet-occupied and brutally oppressed Afghans actually turned the tide against the terrorist Godless Soviets with the aid of our Stinger missiles. We Americans cheered for the freedom of these brave people not so long ago.  How quickly we forget our own actions.  “Land of the FREE” –   home of the BRAVE?”  – not anymore!

The point here is that ALL of these films were made to garner sympathy for the underdog, in this case the oppressed Afghans and their courageous battle to gain their freedom from murderous, Godless, terrorist, sadistic psychopaths – the Communist Soviets. The irony   today (to the informed only) is that their current strongman – Putin – is a dedicated Orthodox Christian and has become the sworn enemy of the Jew oligarchs who had ruined Russia in the first place  and transformed it into a Godless “Evil Empire”.  Too bad we don’t have the moral courage to free our OWN occupied country from the demonic evil of the jews as the Russians are NOW doing under Putin’s leadership.

If you bother to learn what the FSU Russians   actually did to these poor people in the 70s – you will learn the   FACT that it is EXACTLY what WE are doing to them today – only We ( the   new EVIL EMPIRE) have caused infinitely more death, destruction, and horror than   that Evil Empire ever dreamed of!

Do you get it yet? We are NOW exactly WHAT and   WHO we as Godly, decent, compassionate, freedom-loving ‘Merkans’ despised in the 70s in seeing the daily atrocities committed against these freedom loving brave people. Our hypocrisy is off the scale. WE are NOW   the terrorists who commit war  crimes 24-7 that defy imagination. WE are   NOW the destroyers of sovereign nations who have done us no harm.  WE are   NOW the rapists, murderers, thieves, looters, and barbaric, soulless, Godless criminals that we so much despised 35 years ago!  I have ‘been there/ seen that’ – and it saddens me to see the ugly truth of what we   have become.

But I digress. Let’s look at the REAL EVIL EMPIRE   of murderous hypocrite racist pukes today – the US military.

Look at the latest massacre (March 2012) by a   racist US Army killer named Robert   Bales.  This twisted demented sociopathic war criminal   murdered 17 innocent civilians in their beds as they slept.  I have known   his ilk my entire life.  Redneck, NASCAR mentality, braindead, ignorant, racist, bigotted bullies with no morals or human compassion.  Like every   other remorseless, Godless war criminal & cold-blooded animal piece of sub-human   filth – he will probably escape justice just as every military war criminal  has since the jews demanded their post 9-11 serial wars against innocent people   and innocent nations – none of which had committed an act of war against the   USA.

Technically, the only nation which in fact HAS committed an act of war against the USA since Dec 1941 — by purest definition– has been by the Jews in their massacre of our USS   Liberty crew in international waters on June 8 1967. They got away with it,  thanks to the treason of then-President Johnson and every successor since and as a result the USA   has become  a puppet of IsraHELL and as the jews’  personal attack dog.  Yes Dorothy – President Kennedy was murdered by the Mossad for   threatening to expose the jews control of the Fed.  By far – the biggest   threat to our freedoms today is a massive criminal level collective stupidity   that is ALWAYS fatal.  As drunken redneck racist bigot ‘comedian’ Ron   White says – “you can’t fix stupid”  – and YOU   certainly ought to know – Ron.   Now back to my story.

BTW – according to recognized Human rights   groups – the international Red Cross – UN peace observers and other groups dedicated to observing and cataloguing  genocide and war crimes – only about 5% of ALL serious war crimes   ( Murder – rape – assaults thefts – looting – desecrations etc –   committed by American military in the Mid-East are ever formally   reported.  The ONLY time these horrors get to see the light of day is   when (IF) some lone American soldier with a conscience cannot live with   what he has witnessed – or some brave Afghan is willing to risk being a victim   himself and steps forward to testify.  In both possibilities,   however- it rarely – if ever happens. 

That means simply this:  That for every ONE   HUNDRED of these gruesome murders committed by our murderous jack-booted, thug, mercenary killers for thrills and good money (yes Dorothy – our   psychopath military makes GOOD money as hired killers for IsraHELL–many reenlistment perk bonuses are FIVE FIGURES!) – only a handful are ever   reported. In other words – in that same weekend massacre that the murder of   seventeen innocent civilians was committed – the probability was that there   were over NINETY OTHER SUCH GRUSOME MULTIPLE MURDERS committed by sadistic   racist bigot animals like Bales all over Afghanistan. HUNDREDS   MURDERED!

Today -It cost YOU the taxpayer $100,000 year to   maintain ONE G.I. The perks offered to these sociopath killers are so   outrageous that the situation has been compared to “PLOWING A FIELD WITH A   FERRARI”. We waste BILLIONS of our tax dollars training our sons   to become murderers -mad dog killers who defend NOTHING here at home!

I   have trained young warriors in the past – a LOT of them – for thirteen   straight months in fact. We produced valiant defenders – NOT child murdering criminals!  We made soldiers – NOT mindless animals! We instilled courage and honor – NOT   terrorism!  I and my ‘band of brothers’ did our jobs proudly and gladly   in a military where we had an OBLIGATION ( read: patriots) to serve.  I was paid a LOT less as an officer to train recruits than raw MERCINARY ( read:   killers for hire) recruits themselves make today!

And we wonder why the   entire nation is in an economically insolvent death spiral today.    Sadly – most of our young people are clueless – without wisdom.

We now have the most expensive and most brutal, sadistic, Godless, racist military in the world – yet we have had NO   threats from foreign powers since the USSR collapsed (except IsraHELL of   course – who frequently brags how they own America)  Yet the VA claims it   doesn’t get enough funding for proper medical care  – so vets like   myself had to decide it may be best for us to go to the private sector   and pay for it out of pocket. Our corrupt gov has plenty of fiat   currency ( counterfeit money) to bleed from the public to murder babies in   their sleep – but not enough for vet’s medical expenses.  Go figure that one   out. OH  – and BTW – I was censured from speaking about these   abuses. 

You know, ‘censured’, as in the USS Liberty massacre, where the survivors were ordered NEVER to speak the truth about the high treason committed against them by their OWN government!  Still   in the duhhh mode?  Google this; ‘USS   LIBERTY – HIGH TREASON BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT’    Get almost   fifty thousand hits!   Open at your own risk – because just like when   the elder ape  Dr. Zaius in Planet of The Apes told hero astronaut Charlton Heston as he   was about to learn the truth–“Don’t look for it,   Taylor! You may not like what you’ll  find.”

Our hired assassins have murdered well over TWO MILLION INNOCENT civilians since the jew false flag 9-11 incident – mostly   children. We have maimed over FIVE million more and made homeless refugees of at least ten million – not only in Afghanistan but as well in Iraq, Palestine, Libya and other nations we have destabilized and or waged war on directly or   by proxy. How many of your friends or neighbors or family can converse   intelligently about these crucial matters which WILL affect the future of the   entire planet – OR even CARE to take the time to tear themselves away from   their precious NFL nonsense long enough to acquire any wisdom on these crucial   matters ?   Duhhh – I thought so.

The brutality and sadistic nature of the pre-meditated murders upon defenseless innocent civilians that Sgt. Bales   committed made most convicted serial murderers here in the States look like   naughty pranksters.  This piece of crap murdered sixteen innocent human   beings – mostly children and then burned their bodies to further show his   racist hatred for these “sand niggers”, “camel-jockeys”, “towel heads” or “hajjis as he disrespectfully refers to human beings he and his terrorist thug   comrades murdered 24-7 in their OWN HOMES.

According to Afghan accounts and some press   reports, “he’s a rogue soldier who trudged from hut to hut in two   remote Afghan villages picking out women and children to shoot, stab,   kill.”  He also has a criminal record of assault upon a   woman before he entered the military.  Perhaps she was unfortunate enough   to be one of those ‘mud people’ that the racist Bales family and their racist bigot son feel so superior to.

Bales was also guilty of more serious crimes.   This malicious, greedy, slimy, reptile had also conned an elderly couple out of   their life savings before he entered the Army.  As matter of fact – his   primary motive for entering the service was to escape the justice he would   have had to face if he stayed at  home.  Check it out for yourself.   Try this: enter – ‘Bales -frauds elderly couple’.  I guarantee ONE   HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN THOUSAND HITS on Google alone!

His friends and neighbors testified that he couldn’t wait to get re-deployed to murder more of what he and his redneck friends so hatefully and racistly referred to as animals. I guess   to these inbred, brain-sharing morons the grief of an Afghan father or   mother for their murdered child isn’t as important as that of superior, bigoted WASPS like themselves!

This animal’s family and friends are predictably   the same kind of filth he is.  Instead of the SLIGHTEST remorse or shock   – they are all busy making excuses why he was justified committing these   horrible crimes.  READ IT FOR YOUR SELF.  Is this what my country   has come to?  Entire families who rejoice in his crimes calling him a   hero and actually promoting him – the vicious soulless killer as the “victim”. I can’t just make this ugly stuff up.  It’s TRUE!

Look at the human filth that this crap family chose to get him off the hook.  The attorney they chose is an unbelievable piece of   work who has made his fortune defending America’s most vile, self-confessed serial killers like Ted Bundy. The name of this depraved Godless   egomaniac is John Henry   Browne.  If the notion of this greedy scum –   described as “a pit bull on crack” – defending   the most evil war criminal in recent American history is as offensive to you   as an American as it is to me – why not send him a love note and let   him know how much you appreciate his self-serving greedy efforts to keep the   image of our country and our people in his personal sewer so as to trash any   remaining opinion of the goodness we once held in the international   community.   Browne’s  Telephone: 206-388-0777   Fax: 206-388-0780   Office Address:  200 Delmar Building    108 South Washington   Street      Seattle, WA 98104

Personally, I intend to offer my services as a   patriot – a veteran and a father of a son who will undoubtedly have had   his life ruined by our immoral, Godless, murderous, imperialistic military – to   my Government in addition to time served in the military as a Special Forces   paratroop commander.   In the unlikely event that our corrupt    D.O.D. will have the integrity to see justice done in the no-brainer  case of this latest mass murder of mostly innocent sleeping children in   Afghanistan – I will offer my services to personally execute the bastard   myself.  I will willingly pay for my own travel and lodging and request   only that I PERSONALLY am given the opportunity to redeem America’s honor and   goodness and righteousness by carrying out the death sentence demanded by ALL THAT IS RIGHT AND HONORABLE AND JUST against the self-confessed mass murderer   Robert Bales. I would GLADLY hang this sadistic monster or whatever it takes to see justice done.

Then – and ONLY then – can I – and millions   more righteous honorable Americans begin to feel we can say something   like – “God bless America”   without the   words sticking in our throats like warm vomit  – and without the endless   disgrace to the uniform that I and millions of pre – 9-11 veterans wore   with honor before our disgraceful occupation by IsraHELL under treasonous   war criminal George Bush and his cabal of neocon apostates! 

There is not a flag large enough to cover the   innocent blood spilled by our criminal terrorist military – ALL since 9-11,   the must disgraceful treasonous false flag operation against America  –   ALL for the greater glory of the mortal enemy of all freedom loving people on   earth – that Godless demonic evil stolen moral sewer of IsraHELL.

Joe Cortina  – defender of the   defenseless – a voice for the innocent forgotten – advocate for   TRUTH!

Former Cmdr. =  USATC    E-5-2   circa 1962   Former Cmdr. = Op Det A-32 20th   Special Forces 1st SF GP ABN. 1965-67   Former aerospace scientist   for NASA and DOD projects – 1966-67    Former Vice Consul to   Costa Rica  circa 1968-73


  1. Nice post. Thanks for not siding with the enemy. One wonders if this Charles Manson type and his rats worked alone or
    as the Afghan’s state he was not alone which I intend to believe. Also, was this worm Bales massacring innocents
    on orders, as after the slaughter, he reports back to his commanding officer. Also, since the US govt has paid-off
    the victims families, will this be the end of the story? The US military invades foreign sovereign countries and has
    the nerve to show no respect for the natives in their own countries. How arrogant can one be.

  2. Dear Mr. Cortina, thank you for letting the so called American what is going on in the Mideast. I have been a
    long time reader of your info and commend you greatly.

    Since I am an old lady, Mother and Grandmother I know what has happened to my Country. I have tried to
    educate my children about this traitorous government and they simply do not want to know about it. They
    tell me I am crazy.

    My husband and I raised a grandson and home schooled him to prevent his brainwashing that is the norm
    in the public schools. I told my husband that I would take a sledge hammer and crush my beloved grandson’s
    legs while he slept to prevent the government from getting their hands on him if I thought for one minute
    they were going to draft him in the murderous militarily.

    Thank God this young man was steeped in love of Country and love of flag and so he would never fall for
    the governments filthy spell. And if parents really loved their children they would homeschool them and
    teach him the TRUTH.

    I thank you again for your emails and kindly watch your back. Too many of our Patriots have been
    assassinated when they were not looking.

    We shall pray for you and ask our Blessed Virgin and the Infant Jesus to watch over you.
    Janet Marsh Hastings, NY

  3. The jUSA military has ALWAYS destablized different countries all over the world, even BEFORE 911. See: South America, Central America, Viet Nam, etal. As a life-long vegetarian I find comparing this POS Bales to an animal offensive. An animal has much more honor than this 2-legged pice of DOG SHIT! The military has many MK Ultra mind controlled victims in it, and serial killer Ted Bundy as well as ALL the other famous serial killers, are “sleepers”/Manchurian Candidates. There are millions of them out there. Bales is most likely one.

  4. Great article Joe and Great writing.

    Thanks for telling it like it is, like it needs to be told.

    May Our Lord Keep and Bless You +

  5. Manson is an MK Ultra Mind Controlled asset. I’ll bet Bales is also There are very many in the military, esp. The “Delta Forces”. I had a roomie who was a victim. She was programmed by B’Nai Brth in Hamilton, Ont. Yes Jews are involved in this also. Most if not ALL Hollywood celebs are MKs. It’s time to wake up about this SILENT HOLOCAUST!

  6. Oh man I sure hope there are lots more like you here in the US Thankyou for your honesty 🙂

  7. “There is only one group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are the War Mongering JEWS”.
    Snowy Smith 2012.

    “Military men are Dumb Stupid animals to be used for foreign policy”.
    JEW Henry Kissinger.

  8. Yes, what we now have are highly paid assasins for the Jews, and shabbas goys. It was disgusting to see the latest country music award show on talmudvision, held in Jewish Las Vegas, constantly applaud them as heroes.

  9. I believe you may be one of our only hopes Joe Cortina. especially considering that you have military training. They are counting on us giving in without a fight, and they will never give up their reign of power willingly. Let me know when it’s time to act and i’m with you.

  10. I regretfully missed this article when you first published it over two years ago. These are words of truth that every American desperately needs to hear, otherwise they will continue to be brainwashed by the jews into being “Merkans” with absolutely no semblance of Christ living within them. I have long despaired of what most of my fellow countrymen have become. I attribute most of it to intensive brainwashing by Hollywood and the TV, which thankfully I could see at a very early age was simply “not right”, and could pretty easily dismiss.

    But for every one of me, there are at least dozens of others who cannot see through the propaganda and the lies. They are the ones being told that real patriots are “domestic terrorists” and should therefore be shot. They will almost certainly comply, given that they lost their soul a long time ago to the anti-Christ jews. God help us from these vermin.

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