Interview between Joe Cortina and Brother Nathanael Kapner of

Q  – Joe -what is DU?

A –  Nathanael – it is an acronym  for Depleted Uranium.  DU is a by product from spent uranium rods in reactors.  It is the uranium remaining after removal of the enriched fraction contains about 99.8% 238U, 0.2% 235U and 0.001% 234U by mass; this is referred to as depleted uranium or DU.

Q – Does it have radio active properties?

A- yes , Natural Uranium consists of three Isotopes = U235 , U238 and U 234.  DU is composed of all three but is over 99% U238.  U238 has a much longer half life than the other isotopes so radiates less alfa rays than natural Uranium.  There are technical considerations involving Alpha rays Beta rays  Gamma rays and neutron rays – but in layman’s language the bottom line is that vaporized DU is DEADLY TO ALL LIFE on earth!

Q – So why is it used by the military?

A- because of its density – it has greater penetration potential against armor and other hard targets  it can be used for armor , or for kinetic energy projectiles to defeat armor – as it is about twice as dense as lead and unlike tungsten will ignite at temperatures over 600F

Q – How is it dissipated into the environment under war scenarios?

A  – used in cannons rockets and bombs – It essentially vaporizes after the heat and kinetic energy of impact and produces a lot of DU dust particles as small as  5 microns and can travel long distances when airborne

Q- how is it introduced into the human body?

A  – three ways – absorbtion through the skin  or through  open wounds or by in inillation into the lungs which is the most common AND most hazardous.

Q – Are there ‘safe’ dosages”

A –  ONLY – If you believe the biggest liars on earth – the ‘US Government’.  Our Government has lied to the public for years about all aspects of radio active isotopes – more recently regarding DU.    There is no safe dose or dose rate below which dangers disappear. No threshold-dose,'” says John Gofman, a former associate director of Livermore National Laboratory, one of the scientists who worked on the atomic bomb, and co-discoverer of uranium-233. “Serious, lethal effects from minimal radiation doses are not ‘hypothetical,’ ‘just theoretical,’ or ‘imaginary.’ They are real.”

Q –   Sounds like a situation that calls for education and direct action  – so when was this dangerous technology first employed

A –   Absolutely – education and activism is a must and not near enough emphasis has been placed on the he very real hazards. Our government has been lying about the risks since day one of the Gulf Wars in 1991  During this first  period apx 350 tons were spread in Iraq.  During the subsequent wars – the invasion of Iraq nearly 2000 Tons turned that nation into a radioactive wasteland.

Q  – is it used in Afghanistan as well?

A – Absolutely!  There has been tens of thousands of MORE tons of this deadly poison spread over Afghanistan by an irresponsible Government gone mad!  These deadly  micro particles are often carried up in the atmosphere and released with rain hundreds or perhaps thousands of miles away. The Jews have spread over 75 tons of this radioactive death  on the tiny 138 Sq mile prison we know as Gaza.  That is enough to kill 50 million people.  Gaza has 1.5 million

Q- What a horrible nightmare.  I have heard these demonic weapons called dirty bombs.  Is there any validation to that in technical means?

A – Let me tell you just  how accurate that fear is considered to be by experts.  When asked  by the American Free Press  – Marion Falk a retired Chemical physicist  who built nuclear bombs for more than 20 years at Lawrence Livermore lab, if he thought that DU weapons operate in a similar manner as a dirty bomb. “That’s exactly what they are,” Falk said. “They fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way.”

Q – so – America has become the major destroyer of the world community environment ?

A –  Absolutely!  We are as evil a polluter as any nation on earth .

Q-  But is there any evidence to show that our Government was aware of these war crimes against humanity.

A – Once again – ABSOLUTELY – proof positive.  While the Pentagon officially denies the dangers of DU weapons, since at least 1943 the military has been aware of the extreme toxicity of uranium dispersed as a gas (or dust particles -ed).

A declassified memo written by James B. Conant and two other physicists working on the U.S. nuclear project during the Second World War, and sent to Brig. Gen. L.R. Groves on October 30, 1943, provides the evidence:

“As a gas warfare instrument the [radioactive] material would be ground into particles of microscopic size to form dust and smoke and distributed by a ground-fired projectile, land vehicles, or aerial bombs,” the 1943 memo reads.  “In this form it would be inhaled by personnel. The amount necessary to cause death to a person inhaling the material is extremely small. It has been estimated that one millionth of a gram accumulation in a person is body would be fatal. There are no known methods of treatment for such a casualty.”

Point is – ALL of our leadership civilian and military knew EXACTLY what would happen if we polluted the earth with it. Incidentally we have stockpiles of  over 150 MILLION TONS!  To put it into perspective – enough to give a death sentence to every man woman and child on earth!  We have ALSO permanantly  poisoned hundreds of MILLIONS of square miles of land no longer safe for providing food for a starving world.  We are now the monsters of the universe – whose greed and lust for power has exalted all manner of evil and wickedness to obfuscate rationalality goodness and wisdom. WE – sir – have become the willful arch enemies of God and our own people its placated acomplices.

Q –  What in name of God have we done?  Have any effects of these poisons shown up since these endless serial wars started?

A – the evidence is now legion. Anybody, civilian or soldier, who breathes these particles has a permanent dose, and it is not going to decrease very much over time,” Leonard Dietz, a retired nuclear physicist with 33 years experience told the New York Daily News. “In the long run – veterans exposed to ceramic uranium oxide have a major problem.”

“Inhaled particles of radioactive uranium oxide dust will either lodge in the lungs or travel through the body, depending on their size. The smallest particles can be carried through cell walls and “affect the master code – the expression of the DNA,” Falk told American Free Press.

More than one out of every three veterans from the first Gulf War are permanently disabled. Terry Jemison of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs said that of the 592,561 discharged veterans from the 1991 war in Iraq, 179,310 are receiving disability compensation and another 24,763 cases are pending. Actually these figures are several years old now.  I think one could safely add 25-30% to the above figures – as if they were not disturbing enough!

Q – I have see photographs of children born in Iraq and Afghanistan during this period and they are heart breaking

A – I have also seen them – and expect a lot more as time passes. What is truly tragic is that so many of these young mothers mostly clean living religious Muslims naive as to what real life monsters are capable of doing to innocent people – see their precious babies born with horrible deformities beyond description – two heads – a third eye – gigantic swollen and or blackened heads – intestines outside the body and WORSE!  The increases of bizzare monstrous birth defects has increased by THOUSANDS of percentages since we have saturated our victim’s nations with these lethal poisons. The evidence is now legion and supported by the finest scientific minds on earth.

Nathanael – The problem is this: Now that these ghastly demonic horrors have been exposed – including the FACT that our ‘Government’ has LONG SINCE known about the deadly nature of these insane lethal threats to all living organisms  – rational people can only conclude that the people we have entrusted our very lives to are lying sick twisted demonic sociopathic mass murdering criminals – from our top ranking military leaders all the way to the President – and MUST be charged tried and convicted of mass murder.  To NOT do so is to doom humanity to eventual extiction and relegate the goodness of human beings to that of mindless demonic bararic demons. We MUST reagin our sanity and do what needs to be done. Reign in the greatest instistutionalized terrorist apparatus on earth – the greedy Godless murderous maniacal military industrial complex that was once America

These poor innocents in horror of what has happened to their children – many believed that they had somehow been responsible and had offended God – so in their irreconcilable grief are committing suicide because of their guilt. The REAL monsters are of course our neighbors – the “brave – free” American people – who see these horror so every day and could care less about these poor victims of American criminal imperialism as long as they have their American Idol Talmudvision – new cars – comfortable homes – cold beer and of course their obligatory Sat night NFL idiocy.

Q – Then what you are saying is that in the near future – many of these hundreds of thousands of Mid- East Veterans have inhaled this deadly contaminated dust and are walking time bombs.

A – Exactly.  It is already showing up despite all the frantic efforts to cover-up.  Perhaps this nuclear bomb builder physicist scientist’s comment says it best about the many symptoms of Golf war veterans that our lying VA puppets want to give different catchy names or ‘syndromes’ like PTSD or PTSS to explain the inevitable horrors away:  “Inhaled DU can “fool around with the keys” and do damage to “practically anything, It affects the body in so many ways and there are so many different symptoms that they want to give it different names,” 

Q – So what do we tell our Vets when they begin fathering children that look like some nightmarish ‘Alien like reptile.

A –  Simple – since they volunteered – WITHOUT ANY MORAL RESERVATION  to go to another human being’s nation – murder their people – rape their women – loot their heritage – ( to keep Merka free of all these maurading ‘Mooselim’ terrorists of course) ALL based on filthy lies promoted by the jews – then they shouldn’t have a big problem accepting that their new baby girl or boy looks like an FX Talmud vision creation.

Our ‘Judeo – Christian’ values based Government would NEVER EVER lie to its own people – especially our vets – so just accept the fact that your webbfooted or third eyed baby was because your wife became a crack head while you were gone murdering other people children and saturating their entire country with ‘safe’ uranium oxide dust. It couldn’t be the wrath of God because the jews who give us our marching orders are His chosen people – according to our self anointed Judeo-Christian value prophets like Hagee.

Q-  So what is the fate of the six hundred thousand+  – and growing daily number of returned vets who have been exposed to breathing in DU dust particles?

A –  Simple – they will all die – some sooner – some later.  Some will father babies that look like demons and suffer the same grief they have caused countless inocent Afghan and Iraqi parents by saturating their nations with radio active death. After watching their children suffer and die from poisons they themselves were responsible for – Eventually – they themselves will all experince worsening prognosis and die horrible lingering cancerous systemic deaths which will of course be diagnosed as some sort of nonexistant ‘syndromes’ which will have catchy acronym  ‘new names for old lies’.

But that is OK with many Americans  because the endless wars which we started and in which they sacraficed their lives as well as millions of other innocent lives – will have made the world a safer place.  OH – almost forgot –  safer for the jews only – the only part of the nature of these wars that is true.

So now just ignore these truths again – grab a cold Bud – take one of your purple pills – turn on theTalmud vision to your favorite jew created violence or NFL and repeat this little mantra over and over till it make things right again. “Our government would never lie to us – our government would never lie to us – our government would never lie to us”.  Or if you feel really ‘patriotic’ – you can  see your recruiter and redeploy to murder more “rag head” or “dune coon” or “sand nigger” children – as you vets AND our brave military leaders so elequently belittle them. There now – don’t you feel a lot better bout bein a brave – free ‘Merkan’?


  1. absolute genocide ….conventional weapons can kill whatever quota needs be …using DU besides being immoral and incredibly foolish is incredibly toxic …is it 315 thousand tonnes of this dust left in middle east and iraq crime scene…
    specious ,reckless ,foolish =jewish khazar edomite fake hebrews sons o bitches ,all of em pert damn near …
    satanic ,caballa,talmud ,judaeism the religious battle code book expression of talmud…communism ,genocide everywhere and starvation of globe is the political and spiritual expression of the blasphemous talmud …the rabbis are the kommisars of said jewish militias …
    when the background levels of gulf war theatre #1 was discovered to be able to be extremely high ,this was confirmed when nsa sattelites could track any random soldiers radiation footprint everywhere he was ,kinda like the tracking via infra red and you can see when someone has been there by the heat register ….people the other great jewish plan is to microwave us all with the north american smart meter program …study your microwave tech and milimeter waves ,,gauss miligauss ,micro watt environment ….microwaves are also radioactive in a sence only they are non -thermal…they travel at 186,000 miles per second in a vacuum and almost as fast thru air and contain energy at 3 billion cycles per second ….smart meters bring the radioactive apocalypse right to your front door with 2-3 meters per house …the effects of microwave r/f has been seen at .o1 microwatt p c sq. at the american embassy in russia as this ray was aimed @ the bldgn 24/7 and shit storm of radiolytic cancers arose …rare ,,multiple etc ..
    google the radiation poisoning of america ,,,makes you sick to read this shit …o&a peace of god to you joe ,,,thanx for bein strong ,,,

  2. Those pictures made me realise how much more evil the government is than I ever imagined. More than 10 years ago in Portland, Oregon some alleged members of the Iranian community there gave a series of lectures at Portland State University. It was the usual propaganda about how great Iran was before the current government and wouldn’t it be nice if it was replaced. It seems that the U.S. had decided way back then to attack Iran. But, they didn’t dare lie about Iran developing a nuclear weapon at that early stage. Now, Israel and the U.S. are about to start World War III in a few months by attacking Iran before it gets the support of Russia and China that will allow it to defend itself. That’s the only reason. The C.I.A. and other experts admit that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, that it still has not decided whether to develop one, and that if it did decide to do so, it would be several years before it could make one (as reported on N.P.R.). The use of D.U. weapons in South Asia and the propaganda about Iran’s nuclear programme may be an attempt to desensitize Americans to the routine use of nuclear weapons by the U.S. military from now on.

    One more thing. The N.D.A.A. that President Obama signed on the anniversary of the Bill of Rights and gave him the legal excuse to assassinate and kidnap Americans can also be used against groups of people; not just one victim (person) at a time. Because the American government doesn’t care about human rights, all Koreans, not just North, as well as Arabs, Moslems, etc. are subject to having their human rights violated just because they belong to a group and it would be in the best interests of the U.S. to do so.

  3. “The War Mongering JEWS have contaminated the whole of the Middle East with CANCER causing Depleted Uranium for a Million Years”.
    Snowy Smith 2012.

    “What we have seen in the World is the emergence of an organized revolutionary minority of Trillionaire JEW Bankers whose real aim is the destruction of democratic parliamentary government and the installation of a One World Government communist military dictatorship”.
    Snowy Smith 2012

    “The War Mongering JEW ROBBER BARONS have their sights set on Africa”.
    Snowy Smith 2012.

    Copy onto your computer before JewTube removes them.
    Beyond Treason (2005) Documentary

  5. Well, I laid this info on my friend who has a new son-in-law that is very likely gonna be sick from this stuff. He thinks that the kid is safe because he isn’t sick yet. But he was over there twice. He just got stationed stateside. He was ignorant of all things D.U. but he says he will read it and give it to his daughter. We will see. Thanks, Joe.
    This stuff has got to go. I’m not stopping on this one. I have heard so much about the sick soldiers…and now the devastation of deformities. This is an unnecessary tragedy that nobody deserves.

  6. ADMIN COMMENT: Snowy – always a pleasure to see your commentary. The attached info sites you thoughtfully include are also a plus.

    Just wait till these Golf War horrors start to affect our so superior White Anglo-Saxon Protestant war supporters as they see their own children or grandchildren pop out looking like props from a sci-fi horror movie – and they WILL – soon
    This will be a cruel form of justice for the living hell we have so cruelly and arrogantly and ignorantly created for others.

    The PTSD bullshit the jew shrinks have created by ‘shoveling smoke’, won’t be able to coverup the lies anymore. My heart breaks every time I see what our racism greed and stupidity has done to these poor unfortunate inocent children – BUT I have NO sympathy WHATSOEVER for the parents who were the ones who screamed for these weapons to be used against these poor innocent people. Deep inside – these military scumbags will KNOW that THEY themslves caused and supported these horrors and could not give a flying rat’s ass about the misery and suffering of some poor Afghan or Iraqi “rag-head”.’.

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