By now – there isn’t a single decent American in this ‘Judeo-Christian’ country who hasn’t been insulted, slandered, mocked, demeaned, and ridiculed by this obese Jew wanna-be piece of shit, obese, pig-faced, media prostitute. Can we possibly be so stupid that we now enjoy masochism?

When I was growing up – a bully – whether a physical one or a verbal one – was a creature to be detested by decent people. ESPECIALLY when that individual was a racist, a bigot, and a blasphemer – all rolled up into one wicked sadistic greasy fat pig.

Here is an animal who is 100% fake ( his accent is fake – his name is fake – his assumed job is fake. His given name is Daniel Whitney and he was raised on a pig farm. Perhaps that is why he now resembles one. One of the signs of inbred vegetable class stupidity is when a person is grievously – maliciously – spitefully slandered and insulted to the core of his beliefs or religious values or afflictions or ethnicity – and thinks that is funny!

OH – I should lighten up and not be so tight-assed about ‘jokes’? Oh then – next time I see your sorry ass on the street in public – how about I call your MOTHER or WIFE a WHORE ? Don’t get all riled up! Just remember – Larry the asshole guy – does this kind of Comedy Central mentality thing 24-7 and gets paid HUGE amounts of money for it by his Jew bosses – so it MUST be cool – because when HE does it – it suddenly becomes comedy for the whole family.

Any of you readers had a loved one – maybe your own mother – as I did – die as a victim of Alzheimer’s? Then you know one of the ULTIMATE emotional pains in life – a gut wrenching pain in your heart NO ONE can POSSIBLY understand this pain unless you ‘HAVE BEEN THERE’. It is the ONLY fatal disease which causes so much collateral grief that the survivors have created support groups to deal with the pain and stay out of deep depression. I still remember how my mother died. I had just gone through a divorce – had no family support for myself or to deal with my mom and was struggling to keep a small business alive so that I could pay the huge non-covered bills for her.

NOTHING will break your heart more that having to see that special person who gave you life and nurtured you and raised you with the love ONLY a mother could give and sacrificed it all to keep you safe and healthy and happy – to see her now as the living dead – conscious but for all intents a purposes brain-dead. I visited her every morning at the home and then went to work – sat at my desk for an hour without saying a word – fighting tears and anger and an indescribable pain – so that I could function well enough in an office environment to pay the bills.

This went on needlessly – week after month – till I thought I would end up on drugs or alcohol trying to cope with an impossible emotional task and function as a normal human being the rest of the day – knowing it would be the same the next day and the next and the next …… NO ONE WHO HAS NOT LIVED THROUGH THAT EXPERIENCE CAN POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND OR CONSOLE YOU. Thank you so much ‘Larry’ for your sadistic cruelty to my beloved mother. What if it was YOUR mother Mr. Whitney?

Larry – The Asshole Guy has a specialty though. Oh sure – he is notorious for mocking and ridiculing all of you ‘mud-people’ – blacks, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, etc – but his true heart’s desire is in mocking Christ and all things and traditions truly Christian. He has made an album called ‘HAVE A VERY LARRY CHRISTMAS’ that makes most hard core Jew mockery of our Lord look sophomoric. I invite the strong of heart to click on the site and see just how far we as a people have sunk so as to accept and make this rancid pig a multimillionaire ‘pop’ entertainer. Remember – this putrid filth and his cruel mockery of Christ is WHO and WHAT your kids now look up to as an urban legend of comedy.

He endlessly rails his ‘redneck’ hatred and racist mockery against Arab people who have never done him, me or ANY AMERICAN any harm. This open hate mongering which incites these REAL brainsharing pieces of subhuman detritus imbeciles like Toby Keith to even further hate mongering – causing endless murders, rapes and destruction of innocent civilians by our even more immoral Jew controlled sociopathic uniformed military criminals.

When I was a child and we were still a decent, Godly, Christian nation – free of Jewish influence – his kind of filth would have caused RIOTS anywhere it was exposed to the public and their children. That is a GOOD THING. It is called RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE and DEFENDING OUR FAITH. It pertained to that part of our oaths which specified the need to defend our nation against “DOMESTIC ENEMIES” as well.

I used to hear my father extol the virtues of America and the endless opportunities it offered hard working, honest, virtuous citizens. Neither he nor I ever dreamed that such a putrid tub of lard/Christ hating/foul-mouthed troglodyte pig like Dan Whitney could become famous and super wealthy from peddling his vile, hate-filled blasphemies in a nation he never served nor defended and whose Founding Fathers unquestionably founded the same upon Christian principles.

Every member of every visible Church in this nation which can honestly call itself ‘CHRISTIAN’ based upon the love of fellow man and following of the teachings of Christ – which remains silent regarding the unconscionable public conduct of this enemy of Christianity and of ALL decent men of good will – is guilty of co-sponsoring the blasphemies as is the demonic filth – Dan Whitney – himself.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

 Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil).  If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”

Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”


  1. “… there isn’t a single decent American in this ‘Judeo-Christian’ country who hasn’t been insulted, slandered, mocked, demeaned, and ridiculed by this obese Jew wanna-be piece of shit, obese, pig-faced, media prostitute.”


    They simply cannot help showing off how degenerate and evil they are! As they own/control the media, we always hear about them.


  2. hi Joe, where do these people come up from? first time i have heard of him, but just looking at him makes me think of an ass wipe. Yup its right what they say, if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it must be shit.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I sincerely ask you to share this last post with every one on your ‘list’. Having the suffering and death of my mother mocked by this hideous bloated racist pig sent me over the top. Letting people know the TRUTH of what scum there is in our midst is my only recourse for justice. He has set the bar for pure sadistic cruelty. My mother’s suffering has thank God – been out of my mind for years – till he reminded me how unconscionably cruel some people can be.

  4. He is another media prostitute they are a dime a dozen, they will do anything, anything for a bit of fame and money, just ask Madona.
    Good on you Joe, for showing him up.

  5. Hi Joe, it’s been a while……wanted to post your article discussing jews stealing homes/property….couldn’t remember the hebrew/yiddish term for it. Anyway, I wanted to post it on today’s The Ugly (February 12, 2012) There is a post/video about the Quaids ordeal with a property in Santa Barbara county. I’ll post the title of that article in a separate post. Cheers, eq.

  6. The Quaids video is on the article-post about Whitney Houston’s death: “Another Gifted Voice Destroyed by the Ghetto Known as Hollywood”.

  7. All these people have to do is answer one question. Do you want to be on National television? If the answer is “Yes” then show me what you got. “Yep, you’ve shown me what a great performing monkey you are. You are the perfect idiot. I have big short term plans for you. Just so you know.”

  8. Dear Joe, I came to visit you today and was just about to write a brief and agreeable note on Larry the shit-heap when,
    by chance, I came across your first commenter “veritas” and the link to the Corby case in Australia, i. e. the girl that`s
    got nabbed in Indonesia 10 years ago. Well, I did watch this link and I lost count of time, must have been well
    over an hour, perhaps much longer and then I remembered that some time ago you had already brought an
    article featuring a Jew victim in Australia. Joe, if you didn`t watch this Corby link I would strongly recommend that you
    do. Never once in this video was the word Jew or Zionist mentioned, but by the time I got half way through the
    presentation I realised that this case touched on some heavy Jewish interests, some wide and heavy Jewish rackets.
    The concerted actions of a whole string of Government agencies coupled with an incredible volume of media activity,
    all reminding of the mysterious dance of electrons, show that this is not a case of left over handcuff marks, but
    here one can really see a distinct picture of how the Jew is chopping up the remaining hope that my still have hung in the
    air as remnant from the epoch of European “Aufklärung” (engl. enlightenment), which touches not only on religoius
    matters but was also a blue print of how a modern state should ideally be run to the benefit of its population. In the USA
    and in Australia the Jew has demonstrated to the world that he has successfully integrated whole ministries and
    Government Departements, indeed whole complete Governments, into his crime syndicates and there can be no doubt that he is leading the world at tremendous velocity back into the darkness of the middle ages. And all the ingredients
    are there: a young pretty white girl with blue eyes and I can really imagine how these Jewish shysters get sexually
    excited imagineing all the things they have put this girl through. And I know that what is a proper predator Jew he
    will not feel sorry for a second, he would even twist the neck of this girl until the bones crack without so much as even bat an eyelid in the process – for the goijm is to him nothing more than filth that he believes shuld be removed from this world. And I know Joe, to get this world back
    to where we want to have it this will not be the work of a few weeks and this will not be the work of a few initiated
    people. To remove this pestilence from our midst we really have to hope that they will start a war that they will lose
    and that the winners of that war will properly understand who is responsible for it all and will then do the dirty work that we should have done to keep our world clean. When we had the opportunity to do so, we showed ourselves to dumb and too romantically inclined to rise up to the challenge of the moment and now that we are covered in shit from head to toe all I can say is: This es exactly what we deserve!

  9. You know-who would watch this moronic trash? I despise this guys act-most of the crap on Talmudvision is crap. Period.
    Unfortunately, I am in the South, and most of these bovine rednecks are totally clueless about the who’s, why’s, and how’s of how this evil World really works. They all love their Country music aural sewage-a learned blogger claims its mind control to the core-redneck Country music. No wonder-if you can mind screw the most simplistic, barbaric, ignorant band of creatures who have always been the first to rush into War because the were too dull to know they were being had by International banksters and Corporations then, you have minimal odds of the most volatile demographic of Amerika’s population acting up should that time ever arise. Frankly, my location is a redneck ant hill, and these people are proof the public schools work as they were intended. America is a loser today-pure and simple. When you take cakes, movies (mind vomit for sure), ball games, plastic toys, and cars over eternal values you reap your reward-misery, pestilence, and war because people in this Country have lost sight of God, freedom, The Church, and even each other. Like an International business consultant told me-the only thing arrogant people in this Country really know how to be is annoying and uncultured fast food slurping lemmings of materialism, ignorance, apathy, and gullibility. Author Boston T. Party says the future is bad if AmeriKa even has a future. He has a higher IQ than most of our Hollywood, MTV, Public fool system K-Ph.D. degraded, polluted population.

  10. Hey Joe, yer mother died a horrible death but not even close to the TRILLIONS of animals, tortured, and slaughtered every year for the CONsumption of the brain dead 2-legged “animals”. Can’t you understand this??? Anyone else who eats that horrible diet can expect the SAME! I am 59, and in top shape physically, mentally, and SPIRITUALLY. Mainly b/c of my over 30 year veggie, now vegan/RAW diet. I went thru REALITY THERAPY training at 21 years old. It was an outward bound course for 1st offenders, and it made a man out of me. It was much tougher than any basic military training. My point is, most veggies are NOT wussies! They just hold a ton more compassion for our animal friends. You are DEF spot on about this POS Larry Asshole tho! The JEW loves to mock the cattle, and sometimes who can blame them when we BEHAVE like cattle, and CONsume them also. One can DEF raise their consciousness by switching to a LIVING foods diet. I am living proof! Try it! BTW, I grew up in East Vancouver, and most of my friends were W0Ps and had their own back yard gardens! They were good people!

  11. Sarah Silverman is the WHORE Jewess slut he is trying to think of! I don’t see any “beauty” in this filthy C**T at all!

  12. Joe,
    I was warmed up inside by your righteous testimony regarding this pathetic slug. I can’t imagine how much this guy has lowered the collective I.Q. of the United States. Unfortunately, I am in complete dismay where his popularity is concerned. It is hard to remain hopeful when you see guys like this with such high ratings or in heavy rotation. I was so happy to see someone else feel the way I do. Thank you, Joe.

  13. I can agree with everything in your article about Mr. cable guy. But now it’s time for you to do your CHRISTIAN duty . The hardest act of obedience to your Lord any man is commanded to do. Forgive him. God and Jesus can take care of themselves. through them your are in charge of your own soul.

  14. Wow, I did not know that Larry the Cable Guy made ‘jokes’ about Alzheimer patients and minorities. Btw, my mother also suffered from that disease, and we took care of her.

  15. I have been on that hard road Joe. Both my parents had Alzheimers, and its been a …Well, you know the tale.
    My wife and I had a wee Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was our rock. She also started acting…strange, and confused.
    The vet told us she had Canine Cognitive Dysfunction..(dementia). My mum and dad lived long and happy lives until their minds, and memories left them, and I shall miss them till I am a wizened old codger with a copy of the “protocols” tucked into my incontinence pad.
    But Joe…watching my wee dog staring blankly into my face was almost too much.
    God bless you.

  16. dan’s mother is a jew. he stated this himself. i think it was on the 60 minute interview.

  17. Joe, this Larry guy sounds like a real loser, but your comments are so full of bigotry towards Jews, that I wonder how you can accuse him of bigotry. If you want to ‘out’ a bigot, then don’t be one yourself

  18. The above comment by Larry was from me. I didn’t realize that I was calling myself the same name as the person who is being discussed, so I have now changed my profile name. It was my first post here, so I screwed up.

  19. If speaking out against a “race” of lying PARASITES like the JEWs is “BIGOTRY”, then I will gladly wear that label myself. Anyone who has done the minimal research about the holoHOAX, and the other criminal scams that JEWS perpetrate regularly will be appalled! If they are only guilty of 10% of what I have read over the past 15 years, they ALL need to be EXTERMINATED like the RATS they are!

  20. So how should one react to your comment, russ? With my experience with similar comments from people over the years, I have to wonder if I should take you seriously, and alert the FBI, CIA, or whatever agency would be appropriate, or should I just write you off as another anti-semite idiot, and let it pass, assuming you just like to run off at the mouth online because you won’t do it anywhere else.

    Regardless of what things you personally may feel about Jews, your comment is one of those that the lowest level human beings would make. I suspect some Jews are not saints by any stretch of the imagination but a person who suggests that a whole group of people should be exterminated is both insane and a potential danger to all of mankind.

    I think one should watch what they say online, Russ, because there are people who watch sites such as this, due to the proliferation of terrorist acts worldwide, many of which are communicated via the internet. Should some misfortune happen to someone of the group that you refer to, then the experts already have an online post linking someone to having those kinds of thoughts, and who do they look at first? Well those who post hate messages online, of course.

    How do I know these sites are watched? Well one thing is I contacted a mayor of a city via email regarding hate activities that were coming out of an organization in her city probably 15 years or so ago. She had a city police officer return my call who worked full-time in her office monitoring online sites. He told me they were very much aware of the group, and that they were watching them. This was a relatively small matter in comparison to your post and the implication of it, although that group were anti-semites as well as anti several other things.

    I am not a Jew, russ, nor am I currently acquainted with any Jews that I know are Jews.

    I am just a person who is concerned about hatemongering and those who advocate that nasty things should happen to other people.

  21. If speaking out against a “race” of lying PARASITES like the JEWs is “BIGOTRY”, then I will gladly wear that label myself. Anyone who has done the minimal research about the holoHOAX, and the other criminal scams that JEWS perpetrate regularly will be appalled!

  22. Seeking you say? Certainly not seeking any information or knowledge of the Jews. That much is obvious. If you are really concerned about one group of people wanting to exterminate another you should be reading the works of Zionist scum. You could read their religious books to find out how they really feel about goys. That might give you some insight into things you obviously know nothing about and presumably prefer not to know. And finally if you really must act like an attack dog for the Jews kindly do it somewhere else.

  23. Thanx Watcher! Good username b/c being VIGILANT is what is key to our survival! Seeker REEKS of ADL! Either that, or he is just very IGNORANT of the goings on all around us. Monsanto, is JEW-OWNED, and is modifying foods to try to poison us, and exterminate healthy organic crops! Jews owned 3/4 of the slave ships coming from Africa. Whites/Goyim were slaves also, and that is where the term red-neck actually came from. Nikola Tesla, who died penniless was robbed blind by these parasites, and Edison (useful idiot?) took credit for Tesla’s inventions which were God inspired. Tesla quote, “NEVER TRUST A JEW”.

  24. Well Watcher, I am not particularly enamored by some of the activities of the country of Israel against its own citizens, but that does not in any way justify anyone who suggests that all Jews should be exterminated, and I think we all know how well that went over the last time a country made extermination of Jews their official policy.

    One should keep in mind the events of a week or so ago, when that ‘known’ White Supremacist killed those people in that Sikh temple. It was widely published that there are organizations in the USA. and other places, that spend all their time monitoring internet sites, watching for people just like that creep, and people like you, who make the bigoted comments you do, and even though you might never ever consider doing anything as drastic as that person did, you and others will be on a list of people who the authorities will be looking at as possible suspects every time a hate killing or attempted hate killing occurs. Also there is no anonymity on the internet, for those who need to know who posts what. I certainly have not a clue how a person can be traced, nor likely do you, but I am pretty well certain, that if you have posted a hate post online, someone who monitors those kinds of posts has noted it, and put that individual on a watch list.

    How did the USA name the 19 terrorists whose bodies were all obliterated in 911, within a very short period after the event? By the fact they had been monitoring those people for a long time, and had enough information that gave them the names of who they were, when that should have been 100% impossible.

    If it is the goal of Zionists to exterminate other groups of people, all Jews are not Zionists, and remember that of the total population of the world, Jews represent such a small fraction, that they are hardly significant. That Germany murdered 8 million of them during and before WWII is one reason that their numbers are so small today.

    There are cities in the world that have a bigger population than the total world Jew population, which was calculated in 2010 to be in the 13.5 million range, with over 5 million of those in each of the US and Israel. There are around 7 billion people in the world in total, so the Jews would have a very difficult time, taking control of the whole world even if they had that intent.

  25. Seeking, first off there are no Palestinian citizens living in “the country of Israel” mind you Palestinians are being persecuted of course. Secondly as you know so much about the population of Jews in the world you must know that 289,900 of them live in what they euphemistically call West Bank & Gaza. the Disputed Territories. (Population in 2010 taken from the Jewish Virtual Library). Your other current population figures for the current day are correct but I am not going to speculate on why they are lower than in the 1940s. That’s just in Europe of course. You say these people are not dangerous. You do know they have their own European Government now? You do know they are requesting their own country in Germany now? Just for the healing process you understand. You do know that they have been the largest group of Financiers and Banksters for Centuries don’t you? You say how can such a small group of people take over the world? How did they pull off the Russian Revolution then? You do know that all the leaders were Jews and the financing came from Rothschilds & Schiff bankers in the USA? You do know that the whole idea was to create the New World Order under FDR and the Jew banksters? All those Russian churches were not destroyed because an athiest regime was coming in,. No synagogues were destroyed, you know thjat don’t you? The Russian Jews were happy to work with their International brethren. There was never going to be a government for the people, Russia was a problem child. An even bigger problem when Stalin got rid of Lenin, Trotsky and all the Bolshevik leaders. (I’m assuming that he got rid of Lenin, poison is so Russian). Yes, Stalin wasn’t going to be a part of the NWO. But don’t worry, your Zionist friends never give up. You do know that all wars and revolutions are fought for Big Business, that US forces fought in Russia against the Tsars Army? The Revolution had to succeed.This was all about 1918 -1920 but I’m sure you know all about it. It’s about the time the Jews were crawling to Lord Balfour to give them Palestine. You do know that the Jew financiers were ready to make the UN a World Government? It was Stalin the gentile who put a stop to that. An atheist who still managed to marry a Jew though. I guess you have to keep your enemy close. See? Telling the truth is not hate. I’ve never done anything against anyone let alone a Jew but you shouldn’t fear for my safety. Yes the authorities had these “terrorists” on their radar but as you know they did nothing. Hell they even let three Mossad Agents go home to Israel even though they were the first suspects. They allow Jews to steal US military secrets yet people like Manning and Assange are targeted for releasing embarrassing emails. Mordecai Vanunu gets years in an Israeli prison, after being illegally kidnapped for having a conscience and letting the World know that Israel has nuclear weapons. I’ve had enough so I’ll just say, “You know nothing.”
    Source for most of my Russian stuff is from Dr. K.R. Bolton. Look him up yourself.

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