Since this a condemnation of a madman – namely YOU – who are about to provoke WORLD WAR III with that harbinger of death and destruction warship USS Carl Vinson – and since you are there to WILLINGLY drag the entire world into the abyss of nuclear conflict – I will dispense with the formalities I would normally render a decent, honest man of honor and character of your rank.  I learned in the military to ‘SAY WHAT YOU MEAN – and ‘MEAN WHAT YOU SAY’ – a trait I have practiced my entire adult life.

What you are doing of your OWN FREE WILL (and I will NOT accept that ” I was merely following orders” bullshit )  – is the conduct of the insane!  You are PURPOSEFULLY, with FULL KNOWLEDGE and with MALICE AFORETHOUGHT following orders given by a lying, treasonous, child-murdering, bastard who has sold our nation out from under us to a foreign, hostile nation for ’30 pieces of silver’ – or whatever the CURRENT ‘hyperinflation’ rate is for selling ones nation to the Devil. 

Judging the tree by its fruit, a moral world can do no more than honestly acknowledge that Obama is a monster without morals, character or conscience who worships Satan and obeys Satan’s children. You know this to be true – AND YET, TO SATISFY YOUR OWN LUST FOR APPROVAL AND POWER you are willing to be the catalyst for the murder of countless millions of totally innocent civilians – people who have neither done YOU or I nor this country any harm whatsoever…

And the worst part is that YOU KNOW this to be the truth.

That fact alone makes you a world class criminal along the lines of any we have been taught about throughout history. Your name will be remembered by DECENT humanity as a war criminal for as long as history is TRUTHFULLY told.  Have you ever thought about how you will feel – knowing that MILLIONS of Godly, decent, freedom-loving human beings here and abroad will cry for justice against heartless mindless  monsters like your self?  They hate our guts – and with good reason. We have become IsraHELL’s vicious, remorseless attack dog – murdering, torturing, destroying, looting and desecrating any and all nations that the demonic Jews DEMAND.  People like YOU have made us the most hated and feared nation on earth, 2nd only to Israel herself. As an American patriot I find your slavish fealty to the DEMONIC Jews beyond disgusting.


No doubt, you think this is an “inappropriate” and–lest we forget– ‘anti-Semitic’–term to describe the nature of your masters – the demons who had Jesus murdered. Well since warmongers, terrorists and war criminals like you OBVIOUSLY do NOT respect or love the Lord – let me educate you “Captain”.  Find a Bible somewhere and go to the New Testament – book of John – Chap 8 vs. 44.  If you are too ashamed to read it aloud in the presence of your masters – lest you embarrass them – read it to yourself.  It CLEARLY and COMPREHENSIVELY states the EXACT identity of who you serve. You got a problem with that?   I would hate to be in your shoes come judgment day.

Make no mistake – I am one of MILLIONS of Americans who loathe what our military has become. You and your foul ilk are the worst war criminals in recirded history. Even Genghis Khan was left at the starting gate years ago. General McWarmonger and ass-kisser General BetrayUS are two glaring examples of the putrid IsraHELL-first scum who get rich from the misery of their helpless innocent civilian victims – over 2,000,000 so far and still counting.  Too bad you don’t have the moral courage of Admiral Bill Fallon – to tell war criminals like imbecile George Bush, a drunken, treasonous, drugged-out, Christ-mocking Constitution trasher – to SHOVE IT!   All YOU had to do – was to say “NO WAY!”

Or does the FACT that a then-seated US President stated the following when cautioned about his treasonous conduct — “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face – it’s just a Goddamned piece of paper”?  Of course not. As long as you get your fat blood money assassins paycheck and your plush retirement – you could give a flying rat’s ass about the corrupt Godless filth who use you as a pawn.

It may have cost Fallon his career – but at least he was a MAN – not a weakling spineless moral coward like yourself.  You are a disgrace to the uniform and to every DECENT INFORMED GODLY vet and civilian in America.  All you had to say was “HELL NO – my honor and country are NOT for sale at ANY price”. You are either a spineless wimp or a greedy Godless SOB traitor who gives not a rats ass for anybody but himself.

You took an oath on the Bible – presumably the same oath I took  – LONG after I did – when we became armed forces officers – to uphold and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies – BOTH foreign and DOMESTIC.  The difference between you and me is a matter of truth and honor.  I spoke the TRUTH and KEPT MY HONOR.  YOU LIED – YOU BROKE YOUR OATH – just like ALL of the traitorous scum you work for – all the way up to the ‘traitor-in-chief’. Was selling your country and fellow countrymen out to those Jesus referred to as ‘children of the devil” really worth it?  You are a hypocrite – a liar- a deceiver – a moral coward – and a war criminal.

Does the treasonous,  Draconian, anti-American NDAA 2012 bill leave ANY doubt in your sick twisted mind as to WHO the ENEMIES of our country are – you hypocrite? NO – of course not – since it was sponsored by your Jew pals.

Monsters like you do not have hearts or souls like normal decent compassionate people – so the screams and agony of hundreds of thousands of innocent mutilated children – the probable and INTENDED result of your terrorist unfounded aggressor provocation – will never reach your ears.  You see – I HAVE had that experience, one that–if you were to see that kind of suffering you would never feel the same nor ever forgive the monsters who caused it. In this case the monsters are YOU and your murderous mercenary crew of useful idiots.  I pray their screams and agony haunt your dreams for the rest of your hypocrite life.

I still remember having to step outside the hospital ward to compose myself as the tears blurred my vision and shook me to my core to realize that wicked human beings – terrorists NOT UNLIKE  you – could commit such horrid crimes against defenseless innocent human beings. But after all they were Marxists – you know – the Godless useful idiot scum created by the Jews to serve their causes.  So you see – you both have much in common – you both are terrorists – you both serve the Jews and their agendas  – and you both are Godless heartless remorseless monsters.

Many years ago – I was asked to be an advisor to a foreign nation for counterterrorist methods, a nation that had suffered horrible terrorist activities – much of it targeted towards its poor children. So no lectures from the peanut gallery about terrorists.  I know some terrorist organizations inside and out – Middle East terrorists, like the largest institutionalized terrorist organization on earth – the so called Jew IDF – and the Caribbean variety like the FMLN.

Actually there is a new ‘worst terrorist’ title holder. That ULTRA terrorist group is the collective AmeriKan military – and YOU – YOU BASTARD – are as much a REAL terrorist as any on earth. Yes, Captain – the military I once served has now been perverted and supported by ‘ambitious’, soulless, Godless, cowardly worms like you – from defenders of our nation to oppressors of other sovereign nations.

Do you know what the official motto of the Special Operations command is?  “DE OPPRESSO LIBER” – literally ‘From the oppressor we will liberate’. I still keep an insignia at my desk, that I wore – from almost 50 years ago- as a reminder of what putrid, lying, hypocrisy our Jew-occupied DOD has become.

The Green Berets in which I served long ago –  and the Navy you serve today – their ONLY purpose – TODAY?

You don’t ‘LIBERATE oppressed people’ – You OPPRESS FREE people that Jews hate – that simple!

You serve and protect – NOT AMERICA – but THE STINKING GODLESS JEWS AND THEIR STOLEN SHIT TERRORIST RACIST GARBAGE COUNTRY!  I spent time in IsraHELL as an insider some thirty years ago, and they are the most putrid, evil, wicked, treacherous, lying, 2-faced bastards I have experienced in my life. Most people SEE shit on a television screen, but I WAS THERE and smelled it first-hand.  Jesus spoke the truth about these vermin – so have I.  So if the obligatory name calling starts – I will be in good company.

Here is a little historic reminder of the sound advice and wisdom from the ‘Father of our country’ as to your loyalty FIRST to IsraHELL instead of America, and in the event that the subtleties of his message are lost on you I have provided you some training wheels to help things out.

…A passionate attachment of one Nation (AMERICA) for another (ISRAEL) produces a variety of evils.—Sympathy for the favorite nation,(ISRAEL) facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one (ALL ISRAEL’S ENEMIES) the enmities of the other, betrays the former (AMERICA) into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter (ISRAEL), without adequate inducement or justification. It leads also to concessions to the favorite Nation (ISRAEL) of privileges denied to others, which is apt doubly to injure the Nation (AMERICA) making the concessions; by unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained; and by exciting jealousy, (TERRORISM) ill-will, (TERRORISM) and a disposition to retaliate, (TERRORISM) in the parties (ISRAEL’S ENEMIES) from whom equal privileges are withheld; and it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens, (NEOCONS, SPIES, SABATEURS, POLLARDS, JOHN HAGEE, RUSH LIMBAUGH, SEAN HANNITY, MITT ROMNEY, RICK SANTORUM, NEWT GINGRICH, AND TOO MANY OTHER ISRAEL-FIRSTERS TO LIST) who devote themselves to the favorite Nation (ISRAEL) facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country (AMERICA)  without odium, sometimes even with popularity:—gilding, with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, and the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation.

As avenues to foreign influence in innumerable ways, such attachments are particularly alarming to the truly enlightened and independent Patriot.—How many opportunities do they afford to tamper with domestic factions, to practise the arts of seduction, to mislead public opinion, to influence or awe the public councils! Such an attachment of a small or weak, towards a great and powerful nation, dooms the former to be the satellite of the latter.

Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence, I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens, the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican Government.—But that jealousy, to be useful, must be impartial; else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it.—Excessive partiality for one foreign nation, and excessive dislike of another, cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real Patriots, who may resist the intrigues of the favourite, are liable to become suspected and odious; while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.

The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign Nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little Political connection as possible.—So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith.—Here let us stop…

IF you cause a world wide nuclear conflict by your insane criminal baseless provocations – thus endangering the safety of my country and my loved ones – I PRAY that you and your crew of WILLFUL MERCENARY accomplice murderers are sent to the bottom of the sea and all 5500 of you perish in hell. THAT will be SOME true justice for your unspeakable crimes against innocents.

You and the CVN 7 you command are symbols of AmeriKan aggression and DO NOT BELONG THERE! Your SOLE evil purpose for wasting MY TAX DOLLARS is to intimidate, terrorize, and push innocent people into a state of fear and desperation so that they will do what ANY honorable patriotic people on earth will do – DEFEND THEIR HOMES AND FAMILIES FROM AGGRESSORS and give you an excuse to follow the bidding of your Jew masters.

No respectable experienced analyst – including myself believes the Iranian people are a threat to the safety and freedoms of America.  You cannot POSSIBLY be so stupid as to believe the lies of a people whose ENTIRE HERITAGE HAS BEEN BASED ON LIES FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS – so the ONLY logical explanation for your treasonous conduct is ambitiousness, greed and criminal conduct.

Listen carefully, you ass kissing SOB. The ONLY people who want you to start WWIII are the demonic Jews who would have had our Founding Fathers rounded up and thrown in jail as terrorists had they been around in large numbers during the American Revolution.  EVERYBODY ELSE ON THIS PLANET – including educated, informed, honorable veterans like me – HATE YOUR GUTS!  You were–at best–a child when I was preparing American sons to be warriors to DEFEND this nation against a REAL enemy. Unlike today’s Jew-occupied AmeriKa – we were still a decent people who were trained to DEFEND, not to rape, murder, terrorize, loot, sodomize, blaspheme, mock, and humiliate innocent defenseless civilians. Basic training today is an abomination run by criminals ,sadists, psychopaths, and other social detritus approved by our Jew masters and their mindless useful idiot robots.  I would rather see my sons in prison rather than do the bidding of the Devil.

Every day there are new war crimes committed by Jew worshipping monsters like you – MOSTLY by our Marines. Like the ones I saw today- so putridly evil and sadistic that they cannot be discussed in family groups. I saw no Marines. I saw grinning, sick, putrid punks pissing on the men they has just murdered – each of them somebody’s husband, brother, father, or friend whose ‘crimes’ were to defend their homes, families, and freedoms. These psychopathic scum are not the Marines I trained in Special Forces airborne drop techniques and LZ prep a half century ago. ALL of this sadism and cruelty and Godlessness is a gift from the Jews and YOU are as guilty as they are.

I experienced this TRUE face of the Jew from their criminal IDF – child murdering scum of the earth.  They actually shoot Palestinian children for sport.  Been there – seen that. You know, the poor people you and your racist crew slander as “rag-heads” – or “Sand -niggers” – or “Camel Jockeys” – and don’t tell me any different because I have heard it a thousand times from ‘uniforms’ all over this country from two strips to two stars.

Every thing the Jew touches turns to evil or into money.  Every wholesome or innocent thing the Jew touches turns to shit – and THAT includes our sons! STOP corrupting their innocence with your war mongering insane maniacal madness.

I have spoken ONLY the truth of my sentiments and truth of facts.  I am one man – not influential – not wealthy – not for sale and getting old and crippled but still VERY sound of mind. I may not have had a multi million dollar warship to protect me ( just 30 lbs of silk and nylon) – but I have the power of righteousness and TRUTH on my side and I fear no one.  I will back up ANY statement I have made anytime any place  – with Capt. Lindsay – face to face – in public venue with honest non -Jew press present – THE OLD FASHIONED AMERICAN WAY.  Honor is not a dirty word in my home – but a code I live by.

If you initiate or take part in the murder of these innocent people, may you burn in HELL, as well as all those who stood with you in this wickedness.

Joe Cortina       

–Former aerospace scientist Honeywell St Pete Aero Div.for NASA contracts 1963-64

–Former Vice Consul to Costa Rica 1968-1973

–Former CO basic infantry training company E-5-2  1961-1962

–Former CO – Op det A-32 20th SF  1st SF Gp Abn  1965-1966


  1. I just posted the article on our forum with the following comment:


    While Joe Cortina’s hard-hitting and truthful article(s) are immensely courageous and so valuable coming from a man who still has a modicum of honor and having a full understanding of the ‘forces’ stacked against the majority of civilization.

    One has to wonder though as to why the Christian majority could not have foreseen the evil brewing at the time of the first World War. That would have been the time to still nip it in the butt.

  2. May Allah swt bless you and keep you, Joe Cortina! You are truly doing God’s work! This sick excuse for an officer in the U.S. military WILL POSITIVELY burn in Hell for all Eternity! And he will RICHLY DESERVE IT, as he has turned his back on everything that is meaningful in life. Him a a few thousand others WILL face the wrath of the Almighty! Mark my words. I just hope he gets to read this, and know what is heading his way. I hope it will scare him shitless.

  3. And this is why I have always loved Joe Cortina,no beating around the bush. I grieve for our once great country I’m ten thousand miles from home and live everyday in a state of heart break and despair seeing what is taking place at home,it truly makes me sick to my stomach to watch all this and see so few stand up and say “NO I WILL NOT”! At times it is so surreal I feel as though I’m in a parallel universe where right is wrong and wrong is right,up is down and left is right and it’s all so sick. And all I can say is, A criminal mindless government is just a mirror image of the people who support them. I took the oath like Joe long ago and like him I meant it and still do. God have mercy on us for what is being done in our name. God save the Republic…. PS;..Thanks Joe couldn’t have put it better myself.

  4. WOW, heavy stuff my friend, very heavy indeed, but arn’t you afraid there’ll be a knock on your one evening, and you will simply disappear ?
    Funny how after WW 2, the excuse ,”I was only following orders” was dismissed out of hand and men were sent to the gallows anyway.
    Yet, today here we have American military personel using the exact same excuse, the question must be asked, WHY ?
    Surely they can’t be that ignorant of these events and their outcomes back then, and if they’re aware of them, why do they believe that some how this time around, they’ll get away with it ?
    Early on at the arly stages of the illegal Iraqi war, the media reported various U.S. military groups reneging and refusing to follow orders, funny how those events disappeared from the history of that engagement, one wonders what ever happened to those folks and why they have kept their mouths so tightly closed.
    Taking on board all your comment regarding the Jews Joe, I could be excused for arriving at the notion that the alleged crimes of Hitler were no such thing, and at the end of the day, when all this is played out, we may even look at him as a hero ?

  5. Salam Mr Cortina..

    I have followed you from RZN, and I found your conviction is very much praised..

    To both you and bro Nathaniel Kapner, all the best..

    Although I am a Muslim from Malaysia, but I also share the same sentiment about sending our soldiers to die for IsraHell..

    Good work, Mr Cortina.. Do not worry, as there are people out there who felt the same..

  6. Posted January 15, 2012 at 8:22 am Eddy; this is not the first time someone mentioned this:

    ”Taking on board all your comment regarding the Jews Joe, I could be excused for arriving at the notion that the alleged crimes of Hitler were no such thing, and at the end of the day, when all this is played out, we may even look at him as a hero ?”

    Always remember, the victors write the history. Most of our daily news are lies, lies, lies.

  7. Truly superb and inspiring. General Patton would be proud though his awakening was his curse but at least
    he lived by his convictions. During the attack of the USSLiberty, the navy pilots could very easily disobeyed
    orders and gone on to protect the backs of their fellow comrades under attack. The jew invasion of America
    was done covertly as is the way these mongooses do everything.
    The prerequisite for successful action is the courage and the will to be truthful. – Adolf Hitler
    Thanks, Joe Cortina. No battle has never been more momentous than this one. F.N.

  8. Dear Joe, every word you are saying is right. And I agree with it and I underwrite it. But please
    consider one thing. This is a question of winning hearts and minds. With Jews this is ok,
    they live in their own world anyway and language and speech don`t offer sufficient scope to
    describe or define them. But the hearts and minds we are trying to win are not only those of millions
    of misinformed Americans, who have been stripped of their voting power by Israeli run “election companies”.
    No, just because of that we must also win the hearts and minds of American military leaders for there
    is cause for considerable doubt that election results reflect the will of the American people. It would
    seem the results of successive American elections reflect exclusively the will of the Jewish people.
    Consider: When 20 people like this air craft carrier captain with all their soldiers loyal to them will suddenly speak
    a joint word of power, this may send the hyenas and bloodsuckers on the run and bring about the desired change to
    America without a single shot being fired. Nobody can look into the heart of a soldier. There is no half way of
    obeying orders. You have to go either this way or that way. It`s a gradual process before a group of high grade soldiers
    will take the risk of destroying their lives and those of their families by standing up against those who have
    stolen freedom from the American people. The grip on the US voting system may meanwhile be so strong
    that the change needed may only be facilitated by soldiers from within or an external war that is being lost.

  9. Joe, do you wish to know exactly how many Afghans have been murdered by America? It’s a short article but I’m afraid you might find it disturbing. Just to let you know this is only Afghanistan. Can you imagine how many Muslims America has murdered in the past 12 years in places like Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan?

    Here’s the article for you:

  10. Truly superb patriotism at its best. Everything you say here is so true. Now the fed govt is trying to debase
    the sheriff’s position and replace it with a national police force. (military). The soldiers urinating on dead
    people replicates a Godless society. The brainwashing machine must be brutal.

  11. Sue: “One has to wonder though as to why the Christian majority could not have foreseen the evil brewing at the time of the first World War.” About A.D. 300, Christianity became a state religion; Of the Roman Empire. The founders of The United States of America, recognized that when any religion becomes a state religion, the State becomes more important than the individual. Christianity is the religion for personal salvation. At the time of World War One, even protestant religions supported the state over God’s creation. “In God We Trust” on our money (the “Love of Money” becomes much easier in this case), “America is a Christian Country” (Jesus didn’t come for the U.S., He came for you and me). When the Mongols conquered Tibet, they required Buddhist priest to be approved by the government. Buddhism became the state religion. It started with the first civilization: Sumer. State religion didn’t work then, it didn’t work for the states of Judah or Israel. It never worked. The founders of America knew that. By reading Joe’s insights you get the idea if you haven’t figured it out for yourself.

    Somebody’s been trying to kill me ever since I opposed the Vietnam War while on active duty in 1973. The Special Forces knowledge that Joe has can save all of our lives. Just one example. When I camp in a National Forest, I drive to the end of a primitive road. Then I set up a Potemkin camp between the end of the road and my vehicle about 10 yards up the road (to make it harder for some idiot to drive through my camp). Then I set up a day camp on top of a mountain further from my Potemkin camp and any roads and ranches. Then I set up my fall-back (night position) on another mountain top further from roads and homes where I can sleep while my dogs run loose to chase off wolves and mountain lions. In the morning if some mother f_ck_r is in my Potemkin camp, I can just eat at my day camp and then spend the day there or go hiking on the other sides of the mountains, and hills, and stream beds – I’m out for the exersize, anyway. _ssh_l_s have actually walked through my Potemkin camp at the break of dawn with shotguns and rifles using turkey calls to lure my dogs to be shot. I’ve also watched them watching my camp looking for the best way up to it in the dark. They’ve also shot arrows at my dogs while I was in camp. The Special Forces knowledge that Joe has will enable patriotic Americans to survive right now. I hope Joe writes a book that will give me and other patriotic Americans a chance to survive right now. Right now I don’t have to buy a 30-06 and shoot armed men who come at me, because of the miniscule knowledge members of Special Forces shared with me back in 1973; thanks Sgt. Reeves and Sgt. Sitwell. And thank you Joe.


    Sue- tell me about your forum. Perhaps I would like to share my sentiments and experiences with your readers

    Gary – I know EXACTLY what you are going through – like a bad dream where everything you cherised and loved and honored has turned to shit – BUT you can’t wake up! Pray that we do – in time.

    Eddy – as for my security today – I have no illusions. This is no longer America. it is jew occupied AmeriKa. A knock at the door? It does not ‘scare’ me any more – it just saddens me. I have survived parachute mishaps – motorcycle accidents – a night plane crash – being lost at sea – been clinicly dead twice – so I’m just glad to see the sunrise.
    My country is dying – a morally rotted corpse and nobody cares when we end up on the trashheap of history – as long as we have our precious cold beer and our NFL NASCAR and Stupid Bowl ‘games’. Sad.

    Once we lose our God given ability to discern right from wrong – good from evil – AND – AND – we no longer have the grit to defend the good and expose the evil – we have lost our essence of humanity -and we may s well be ‘dead’.

  13. Score another one for truth and justice! You never cease to disappoint Joe, and this blog illuminates the enemy within. Our military is being outsourced to a band of bloody demonic liars who want the world for themselves and we as their slaves. If only Amerika would awake from it’s slumber, but the sheeple are too busy with Amerikan Idiot shows, and guzzling beer. When Israhell is done with this country, it will end up on the trash heap of history.

  14. Ha’ashkee Dahszii Ya’ai Jii

    Sue: “One has to wonder though as to why the Christian majority could not have foreseen the evil brewing at the time of the first World War.”


    I think the only one who did see it, was A.H. at the time… So Germany had to be destroyed. Since then, it has been clear sailing for the enemies of humanity.

  15. Jewish treachery has been the driving force behind evil for most of recorded history. Stop watching television. Cancel cable. Cancel season tickets for pro sports. Cancel your newspaper. Withdraw money from big banks, store some in fireproof boxes, and BEST YET – convert what you can into REAL MONEY (SILVER and gold bullion) which is the Achilles Heel to the Zionist’s and monstrous plans to rape and pillage the world. Their (the central banks) diabolical scheme to steal your wealth by tricking you into holding worthless paper is the root of their power.

  16. Why do you link Obama to the war crimes done by Bush and Cheney for 8 years. Shouldnt you at least distinquish the real war criminals from those that inherited two wars. Betrayus and McChrsystal lied to obama re: the surge in Afganistan, it is Obama who ended Iraq and will end Afganistan. It is Obama the dastardarly despised Jews hate…thats why they are giving the repukes 10 times more money than Obama. It was Obama to made Israel stop the illegal stealing of more West Bank for zionist settlers. The zionist influence has dominated DC, because AIPAC has gathered all the dirt on these congressman and senators…some are pedophiles, some are so crooked and rabidly psychotic for getting millions from those multinationals that support them and give to their campaigns. NO one will critize Israel without being called anti semitic…but if we ALL speak out AT once perhaps the corporate media wont have any choice but to finally do something about the zionists. One by one they can easily take us out, but not if all the people who know the truth, speak the truth.

  17. “There is only one group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are the War Mongering JEWS”.
    Snowy Smith 2012.

    “Military men are Dumb Stupid animals to be used for foreign policy”.
    JEW Henry Kissinger.

    Copy onto your computer before JewTube removes them.
    Beyond Treason (2005) Documentary

    At the end of this video, he explains that Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea must be destroyed; otherwise there is no world order.

    Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel

    Something every American should hear, know and watch for the safety of the President.

    On the Dark Side in Al Doura – A Soldier in the Shadows

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