I don’t tag many people with the term hero because they simply don’t qualify. An act of heroism entails substantial personal risk in the performance of an act which would be considered gallant selfless and noble – such as the fireman who saves the child at this own peril – or people like Brendon Lee O-Connell.

We have NO military heroes in the past decade of Jew occupation – just sick demented twisted psychopathic killers who defend only IsraHELL and NOTHING Here at home. I trained their fathers and grandfathers – when you could still thank a man in uniform for service to his country without the hypocrisy of the words sticking in your throat like rancid vomit!

Mr. O-Connell is – as you read this – just beginning the start of a THREE YEAR prison sentence for doing something which not a handful of human beings on the planet would be willing to sacrifice themselves for.

He spoke for thousands of innocent defenseless helpless children who are tortured beaten humiliated and murdered daily in Gaza by Jew terrorists. I know these Jews well and have lived among them. They are called the IDF – and by purest technical definition are the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization.

They target helpless defenseless civilians elected officials – Doctors schools hospitals homes farms medical workers – civil servants – religious figures – humanitarians and just about anybody who can’t defend themselves.
They are sniveling cowards by nature as I inescapably concluded when I was training American sons to defend this land from Communist aggression during the very real Berlin Crisis of 1962. Of the companies that I served as executive offer and eventually commanding officer – and the months I spent on training committees as an instructor of basic combat skills – I personally encountered several thousand young warrior trainees.

I will tell you in all honesty that I encountered not ONE Jew.  OH there were PLENTY of Jews to be found at home – bedding down our wives daughters and sweethearts – or dabbling in the ‘art’ of Jew ‘social engineering’ that has turned our nation into amorally rotted corpse. These were cowards whose family connections kept them safe at home doing what Jews do best – making money and satisfying their sexual lusts.

But I MUST digress – as you the reader must understand certain FACTS about the nature of the homicidal maniacs we know as Jews. You see -Mr. O-Connell confronted a pair of Jew sayanims – professional troublemakers – whose demonic conduct – taught to them since childhood – was hate racism and how to very skillfully appear to be the victim as you victimized innocent decent godly people. In other words – TYPICAL Jews.

These two pieces of human slime were caught red handed in lies as they attempted to spy on pro-Palestinian humanitarian groups. The filthy ugly rancid objectives of these young children of Satan will be revealed in all their ugly putrid detail later in my report. You will be shocked to learn just how low Jews in Your communities DO sink in their endless hatred of Christians and Christ and Islam and Muslims.

Here is an example of the evil that is the Jew. Notice I did NOT say ZIONIST. I’m speaking of ‘everyday’ Jews who infest YOUR neighborhoods. Mr. Greenberg the pawn shop owner – Dr. Mensch the Dentist – Mr. Finklestein the banker – Ms. Lipshitz the social worker – or Mr. Ekstein the Jeweler. They are all the same. Remember Operation Cast Lead – a mass civilian murder committed by the Jews on Christmas 2008?

Thousands of defenseless civilians – including hundreds of Christians -MOSTLY CHILDREN were butchered in a three week slaughter by the terrorist Jew IDF monsters using weapons long outlawed by the Geneva Convention as inhumane and barbaric – such as white phosphorous – which burns through clothing skin – and bone and has permanently disfigured thousands of helpless children in Palestine.  Remember – I have witnessed the sadistic barbarity of the IDF terrorists.

In Boston – at a large civic center gathering of ALL Jews – just like your neighbors – the Greenbergs – these Christian hating monsters were actually having a rally in Jan of 2009 for their beloved IDF terrorists and to counter an outraged Gentile public. The auditorium was reportedly JAMMED TO OVER CAPACITY WITH ‘ORDINARY ‘ JEWS – SCREAMING IN SOLIDARITY FOR EVEN MORE BLOOD OF THE CHILDREN! I remember it WELL!  Shamefully disgusting!  So where is the outrage against mindless sadistic brutality and pain inflicted upon helpless defenseless terrified imprisoned systematically starved children?

THAT my friends – is the TRUE nature of the Jew – hateful racist – cruel – sadistic – compassionless demons! Hell will freeze over before you will see a sizable group of ‘ORDINARY” Jews convene to condemn these diabolical mass murders committed against totally defenseless starving terrified children.  The Jewish people have NEVER EVER shown the slightest sincere compassion for human suffering of non-Jews – NEVER!

I have traveled to over two dozen nations over the past fifty years as a tourist as well as a foreign diplomat executing Consular duties. Of all the ethnicities and nations I experienced – none were so totally evil rancid and demonically putrid as IsraHELL and her racist Christian hating Jews.

Our lord CLEARLY exposed them over two thousand years ago as the Sons of SATAN in the Gospel of John. Two millennia and millions of innocent murdered souls later – nothing has changed – not even the names! It was the JEWS who brought mankind COMMUNISM in all of its hideous forms and the TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS DEAD. Some of my own distant relatives by marriage were among the murdered SEVEN MILLION – yet our Jew run schools never mention that REAL holocaust of innocent Christians by Jews.

I have educated the reader on some important and universally acknowledged historic facts about the uniquely evil conduct of the Jewish people for many a good reason – one being a better understanding of the persecution and false imprisonment of Brendon Less O-Connell.

They are over 99% criminals pathogenic liars racists egomaniacs and criminals in one form or another – best known for their mass murder programs – their moral decadence – their putrid business larcenous business practices and their treasonous conduct towards their host nations. The historic proofs of their endless crimes against mankind are LEGION and IRREFUTABLY TRUE!

Because of thousands of years of predictable evil conduct – and hundreds of millions of innocent human beings caused immeasurable suffering and or their graves I would rather trust a rattlesnake not to do me harm than a Jew! Wisdom and logic dictates that ALL gentiles are potential victims and would be wise to heed this learned and prudent warning.

Jews from birth are taught every evil skill known to man – deceit – fraud – larceny – usury – lying – emotional blackmail – greed – terror – extortion – racketeering – perjury – witness intimidation – corruption – sexual depravities – intimidation – desecration – treason – war crimes – blasphemies and of course mass murder.
Perhaps their best honed skill is one they use 24-7 from childhood to old age – is the ‘advanced’ hate course they teach their children in the art of whining and and wearing a persecution complex on their sleeves as if it were a badge of honor. This is their audacity to demonize their victims and simultaneously afflict themselves ( the perpetrators of the crime) as poor victims.

The Jews are the ONLY creature on earth who practice this monstrous demonic mockery of justice. Their ‘inferior’ Gentile victim is the evil doer and the persons who commit the crime ( the Jews) magically become the persecuted ones. PRESTO-CHANGO! – like the mystery of what goes on under the magicians cloak – all realities moral values decency proprieties matters of justice are trashed in an instant in the sick twisted demonic mind of the Jews.

Here is a particularly loathsome classic example I have seen. The Jew IDF thug terrorist murders a poor pregnant Palestinian woman in cold-blood – perhaps a Christian or perhaps a Muslim. He bravely boasts to his fellow Jew terrorists – “ ONE SHOT – TWO KILLS” . He has just murdered an unborn child AND his pregnant mother with one bullet. Get the picture?  These godless demonic baby murdering Jew animals are so impressed with themselves and their Jew notion that it is a manly brave act to murder a helpless defenseless pregnant mother that they were actually issued T-shirts showing a screen-print of a pregnant woman with a snipers riflescope crosshair over her stomach with the caption: ONE SHOT- TWO KILLS. This obscene Jew outrage was in the news and never denied by the Terrorist IDF!

The Jew’s rationalization is that the woman was his enemy  – BTW – (the Jew is taught by his Rabbi that EVERYONE who is not a Jew to be a potential enemy) The innocent baby he also blew into raw meat? Well – to the Jew that was just another potential enemy. He HAD to murder them – don’t you understand? They were his enemy and potential enemy. It was SELF DEFENSE AFTER ALL!  They were causing him and his tribe worry and stress and anxiety by being alive!  Non Jews have NO right to live near Jews.   Get it?

The poor innocent defenseless helpless victims – the mother AND child were INSTANTLY transformed into the ENEMY! The poor soldier had no choice but to defend himself as the victim. Too twisted – too sick – only a psychopathic lunatic rabid mad dog could ‘reason’ like that! It happens EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK OR EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAR – FOLKS.

BUT WAIT – it gets even more insane. Here is an example in the United States of the same kind of sick twisted Jew only thinking – so that you understand – ALL OF THE 99+% of JEWS think this way!  It is a wicked evil demonic Talmudic racist supremest mindset that has been taught to these evil people for millennia. It is what CLEARLY and ARGUABLY sets them apart from the human race!

A Rabbi – a Jewish ‘holy man’ was arrested for the torture rape murder of a 5 year old child in Florida some years ago. This monster hired himself a ‘good Jewish lawyer’ of course. This sick depraved filthy animal rape murdered an innocent helpless child – cuts her open in a ritualistic demonic act – disembowels her and strangles her with her own guts and threw her lifeless mutilated little body over a highway viaduct.

NOW here comes that sick Jew mentality of demonizing the victim and victimizing the poor Jew. The Jew atty actually pleaded that his client wasn’t completely responsible for what he was doing – WHY?– because ‘the little girl had taunted him sexually by lifting her little skirt’.  If the rapist had been an Arab man – he would have been lynched by an angry mob of rednecks – but if you are a JEW – I guess its OK.   Do you get it YET? This IS The way that Jews think! There is not a race or ethnicity on EARTH that could suggest such putrid rancid filth – only a JEW.  GET IT?

Hold those ugly facts in mind – because you will need to realize that the filthy little racist Marxist Godless scumbag psychopathic punks who so loyally support the mass murdering IDF terrorists in their beloved IsraHELL were the ones who brought charges against Christian patriot Brendon O-Connell recently in Perth Australia.  This ugly farce and mockery of justice was under the aegis of a Jew bought and paid for kangaroo court complete with a Jew bought and paid for Judge.

Keep in mind that these vile reprobate scum of the earth ‘youths’ – in addition to lying their Jew asses off in court – were professional trained and coached agent provocateurs. They were dedicated  – sayanims – troublemakers whose goal was to destroy the credibility of ANY and ALL who dared to expose the truth of their evil agendas of making thousands of murders of innocent defenseless children in Palestine – as acceptable.

These putrid little Jew punks were associated with organizations SO vile and So racist and So treasonous and so anti-Christian to the sensibilities of ANY decent civilized freedom loving men – that the TRUE nature of their ‘school youth groups’ would make the most jaded skinhead blush with embarrassment!

If you or I or OUR Gentile children had been involved with such abysmally filthy treason racist hate ( for Jews ONLY) organizations we would have been ostracized from the company of our neighbors – or more than likely just asked by the community to “leave town”. When you see the list of filth they supported you will understand. But of course if a JEW – conducts himself in this manner – its OK – because the Jews have designated themselves as above and superior to all of us lower Gentile animal creatures.

Australia is now totally dominate by Jews. Just like here in the USA – they dominate the entertainment – the MNM ( news) – the legal system – our Congress – our Federal Judicial – the Presidency – Churches – the military – in other words – they control you entire life!

Mr. O-Connell is a citizen of the Commonwealth of Australia who lived in Perth and a TRUE practicing Christian – not to be confused with what America has turned into with the vast majority of our hypocrite phony ‘Sunday Christians’. Australia is demographically over 60% Christian although I am led to believe that in reality, they have become as much of a decadent morally rotted corpse as we have.

Their legal system is so convoluted and complex even few citizens understand its structure with 8 separate State /territorial systems and one federal system – 9 separate systems – apparently all under Jew control today.

Mr. Brendon O-Connell is a well educated learned Australian patriot who like my self and many well informed responsible Americans – care about our freedoms and our sovereignty as we watch everyone form the Congress to our President commit high treason by endangering our nation’s security – our economy and our moral well being by placing the criminal agendas of the rogue State of IsraHELL FAR FAR Ahead of those interests of our own nation. That is by PUREST DEFINITION – HIGH TREASON!

Brendon was some few months ago filming the infiltration of a Freedom for Palestinians group at a supermarket chain where Produce ( oranges) from murderous terrorist IsraHELL has being sold. The peace activists were of course promoting a boycott of these literally ‘blood soaked’ oranges were being sold. In the crowd were two Jews who were there solely to make trouble for the humanitarians. There is nothing new about that – as Jew agents ALWAYS act as an irritant to spread lies about their murderous tribe and whitewash the countless murders and war crimes committed by the terrorist IDF – the Jew military.

It is important to FULLY be educated as to why the IDF is in the purest intellectual sense – the World’s largest Institutionalized TERRORIST organization. It is often argued that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter I have experienced the horror of terrorists up close and personal and I reject that often misused analogy TOTALLY!

The differences are clearly and intrinsically morally different.  “Terrorists deliberately target noncombatants for their own cynical purposes. They kill and maim defenseless men women and children.  They murder judges reporters newspaper men elected officials priests and other civic and religious leaders who defend the values of civilized societies.”  In other words the EXACT indisputable crimes committed endlessly by the Jew IDF. One of a lengthy list of war crimes by the IDF –  was Operation  Cast Lead which PURPOSELY targeted and slaughtered thousands of defenseless innocent men women and children – priests Drs. nurses school teachers and humanitarian workers. 

Incidentally – that description of terrorists came DIRECT – verbatim from a 1988 official US Dept of State publication booklet entitled “TERRORIST GROUP PROFILES” and the statement itself in quote above -was made by then VP George W Bush( Sr of course) ) Interesting?

I have worked with factions of democratically elected governments – both seated and in exhale as an adviser on how to handle terrorist propaganda and terrorist infiltration. For example – in 1988 – El Salvador – I have hunted and interrogated terrorists in their own language in Latin American  nations and also been an adviser to local police as well as lecturing on Caribbean Basin terrorism to local universities and civic institutes many years ago.
I have witnessed enough terrorist activities both in Central American and IsraHELL and their ‘open air concentration camp’ – to know what I am talking about. You don’t get that kind of experience solely from books or behind a desk. Been there -seen that – done that. This matter of IsraHELL’s terrorist IDF is important to understand the level of callous cruelty and inhumane cynicism exhibited by these Jew spies posing as simple benign innocent tourists on holiday ANYTHING BUT!

You see – these ‘college tourists’ – ALSO just happened to be Jews – who ALSO just happened to be ardent supporters of Jew IDF terrorism. Quite a coincidence considering that Jews in Australia consist of less than one half of one percent of the population. That their SWORN testimony also stressed that they had printed prepared propaganda leaflets to whitewash the LEGION NUMBER OF DOCUMENTED war crimes of their tribe in IsraHELL ( is estimated that only about 5-10% of the IDF war crimes are ever reported – since most witnesses are routinely murdered!) I’m sure the presence of these agent provocateurs was mere coincidence – of course.

I have a complete transcript of the trial and the complete videos taken by Brendon of the infiltrators. It is a total sham and disgrace. It was as close to the classic ‘kangaroo court trial” as I have ever seen.  A Kangaroo court of course being a trial where the verdict was predetermined by a corrupt judge and a corrupt bought system. Remember – he had to face the Jews who had already ‘fixed’ the trial by himself – a frightening experience for ANY decent citizen of ANY nation to find himself in.

The whole thing was designed to sabotage any chance Brendon might have had for any justice. His atty was a loser and obviously had  NO intention of defending him properly from the beginning. Brendon was left to defend himself from the beginning. I have seen And PERSONALLY experienced really rotten lawyers. Believe ME- It is better to trust your own abilities that be betrayed by someone who has NO intention of rendering you Any real help.

The Jew bough Judge was as DIRTY as I have seen in my life! His animosity towards Christians was unveiled as he CONSTANTLY interrupted and harassed and mocked and intimidated and even PERSONALLY INSULTED Christian defendant O-Connell as revealed by the transcript. It was the one place that wicked Jew Judge could NOT hide from the truth !

He assisted the seedy Jews who persecuted him so many times – especially by objection to pertinent questions that I lost count!  The second that a question posed by the defendant was posed that was potentially obviously going to cause these Jew scum to perjure themselves – the Jew judge immediately jumped in to protect his Jew friends and censured him! 

The Jew bought Judge even denied him a cup of coffee as he had not been able to eat a real meal in prison the night before. What personal hatred that Jew must have had for him. I am NOT entirely ignorant of court room jurisprudence – and this was as bad as it gets.  It was the Godless amoral JUDGE who should be in prison!  WHAT A DISGRACE

These two young punk scumbags were proven to be professional agitators over and over time after time to where it was like  a Laurel and Hardy slapstick film.  They contradicted themselves time after time after time – lie after lie after lie.

Here is the ultimate travesty of justice! The Jew bought Judge also denied ALL testimony – even expert testimony which I had painstakingly provided on video – as well as  other expert testimony by Chuck Carlson – another eyewitness to Jew IDF terrorism war crimes and expert eyewitness testimony by Phil Tourney crewman of USS Liberty and witness of more war crimes mass murders of Crewmen of the USS Liberty. There was more – but you get the picture – dirty Judge bought of by Jews – who won’t allow testimony that was ORIGINALLY PROMISED TO BE ADMITTED.

The vile evil wicked treasonous character of these two professional agitators – or sayanim as they are more properly exposed in the intelligence community – were as foul as could be imagined.  Apparently these Jews spend their lives in subversive for Jew benefit only organizations.

For example – they were both members or had been members of treasonous Marxist  racist organizations such as ‘HABONIM DROR’:  from: Israel & Judaism = “Baron Cohen ( the profane blasphemous nasty filthy Jew actor who played Borat) was a member of the Jewish Socialist Zionist youth movement Habonim Dror”  ELEI WEISEL  – the most discredited Jew liar hate monger and racist hollohoax fraud  “is the honorary chair of the Habonim Dror Camp Miriam Campership and Building Fund”.  But there is more!

These Jew troublemakers were going to write their hate articles for a racist IsraHELL IDF terrorist supportive Jew newspaper ‘The Maccabean’. They both were active with the AUSTRALIAN UNION OF JEWISH STUDENTS – (AUJS) – which is affiliate with the MARXIST RACIST HABONIM DROR – AND – the ultra racist ‘AUSTRALIAN ZIONIST YOUTH COUNCIL’  Also included under the ‘AUJS’ umbrella are the following putrid filthy Godless seditious anti-Christian Jew only organizations:

‘BETAR’ – a revisionist Zionist Jew youth group

‘HINENI’ – A Zionist Talmudic Jew study group

‘HAS HOMER HATZAIR’ – a Socialist Zionist Jew youth movement

‘NETZER’ – a Zionist World Union for progressive Judaism

‘UIA Youth Leadership’ – a UNITED ISRAEL APPEAL fund raiser for Dimona ( the Jew atomic weapons site)

‘CHABAD LUBAVITCH ‘ – Even worse – these professional agitators were also HEAVILY involved with a Jew cult so foul – so putrid – that even some Jewish groups will not even acknowledge them!  That group name CHABAD LUBAVITCH is  so evil that even a Jew site has this to say: Chabad-Lubavitch is a religious cult and a criminal organization. Chabad-Lubavitch is destroying the Jewish people from within. Chabad-Lubavitch is bad for the Jews. – Cached

This is what their OWN cult says- that Christians are 1. evil, Satanic creatures from birth (making all Gentile babies”little demons”); 2. no better than worms;3. not really living beings at all, but already “dead;”

AND- too many more to list – all exclusively Jewish and all monstrously evil.

There was a laundry list of AUJS connected services promoting Jewish culture – Jewish philosophy – Jewish living – Jewish businesses – Jewish websites – Jewish rallies – Jewish support for their terrorist IDF.  In short – Jewish EVERYTHING.  No goy are important and ONLY Jew interest are stressed.

In my entire life and extensive travel I have never experienced a more RACIST people than the Jews.  They are the most egocentric arrogant hypocrites ON EARTH!  Keep in mind that both of these poor sensitive abused mistreated student PUNKS were either active with or approved of all of these racist seditious Jew campus organizations.

I attended 4 separate universities during my studies and NONE of them offered these racist exclusive Marxist “youth” and “study”movement /group/organizations for any specific ethnicity – such as Italians – or French – or Germans – or Cubans – or Russians or Greeks or Canadians etc etc.  ONLY The racist Jews offer racist educations for Jews exclusively!  Note that virtually ALL Jew student organizations were in Hebrew  – NOT ENGLISH – as if to say – Gentile cattle need not apply! JEWS ONLY!

Their played stupid ( LYING) when being questioned by Brendon, was allowed over and over again.  When Brendon finally cornered one of the little lying punks with something particularly damning- the Jew bought Judge would IMMEDIATELY  jump in with either ” DON’T ANSWER THAT!” – or ” YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY ANYTHING” These outrages are all in the transcript for the world to see!

When one of these rancid pukes slandered ALL Arab people by  identifying the ‘Friends Of Palestine protestors as all terrorists .  ” Yeah – your know those scarves – its a checkered scarf that -uh you know –  that the terrorists wear” 

Decency would have dictated that a moral Judge would severely reprimand that Jew slime ball on the spot for such slanderous speech!  The head scarf he spoke of  – the keffeyeh – has been traditional with Arab peoples of many lands for centuries.  For that little Jew racist punk to  slander hundreds of millions  of people should have been exposed as an outrage – but of course – The Christian  – Brendon – must be made an example of since the trial was so transparently fixed by the Jews anyway.

The Jew bought Judge kept referring to the “JEWISH COMMUNITY” ( .04%) – but NEVER even mentioned the truly offended ‘CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY’ Is that because he felt Christians in Australia were in actuality – such a minority – that they no longer mattered?  How sad.

One of the Jew pals of these two Jew cry babies had actually infiltrated the pro-Palestinian group  – humanitarians trying to save the lives of innocent children – but that putrid heinous act of betrayal apparently didn’t matter to the Jew bought Judge.

Speaking of crying – the putrid Jew troublemaker Hate monger named Stan Keyser – in predictable Jew fashion had to play the Jew sympathy card and state that his mother and grandmother were in tears that their little Jew demon tribe member got caught for trying to mock the HONEST compassion of the Friends of Palestine for the countless thousands of Christian and Arab children these demonic Jews had beaten tortured terrified and murdered and the endless misery caused by the Jews in Palestine for over sixty five years.  OH -VEY OH-VEY boo-hoo boo- hoo little Stanley vas poisikuted by der goyim!

The on video face of this punk coward showed his embarrassment of being caught by Brendon’s intellectual exposure of his lies, and fraud as he perjured himself.

Keep in mind. The corrupt Jew Judge KNEW of these truths regarding the character of the plaintiffs and STILL sided with them to insure that a Christian – speaking the ARGUABLE ABSOLUTE  GOD’S truth about their evil lying natures – would be the one to suffer in prison.

See the irony yet?  The Christian defendant is charged with racism – yet the plaintiff are FOAMING AT THE MOUTH racists – associated with some of the most racist treasonous communist hate organizations on earth. I would rather my own son would come home and tell me had joined the CPUSA rather than any one of these putrid rancid filthy Godless seditious racist treasonous Christ hating popular Jew ‘youth’ groups

Do you understand NOW why Jew educational youth groups turn out total 100% treasonous Christ hating Christian hating scum?

So- the true Christian is thrown in the dungeon and the TRUE racist Jews who endlessly perjured themselves are free and celebrate another victory over their hated Christian adversaries.  Te Jew perpetrators whine their Oh-Veys as being persecuted – as they simultaneously victimize their VICTIM!  GET IT? 

They have had two thousand years to perfect this endless deceit and mockery of justice.

Here are 5 three things anyone can do that collectively I believe will bring national if not international attention to the level of evil to which Australia has allowed itself to sink. I will do that and MORE – I do so swear on the altar of God.  With your help – we will NOT fail him.

(1) Let the new catch phrase for Australia be ” PUT ANOTHER CHRISTIAN ON THE BARBIE MATE”Use it often – on cards letters – Emails – ESPECIALLY to your church group

(2)  Contact the Australian embassy.  THIS is the time to show RIGHTEOUS ANGER. Let the bastards know how – as a moral freedom and truth loving human being – YOU  ARE PISSED

(3)  Contact your travel agency and let them know that as a Christian- you WILL NOT Be spending your vacation dollars in their anti-Christian Godless Jew controlled shithole country. Tell them why!  NO – do NOT be POLITE

(4) Call your local OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE and tell them the story briefly and that they can take their Jew attitude of ” put another Christian on a barbie” mentality and shove it up their arse.

(5) Insist that your local church pastor or priest include this outrage against Christians by Jews, in his next sermon

Remember – what you are witnessing is a brutal modern day version of IN YOUR FACE Christian persecution.  A good man – a caring man – a BRAVE man – a righteous man – who stood up alone for the terrified little children of Palestine – whether Christian or Muslim – did THE RIGHT THING.

Brendon spoke no falsehood – he committed no sin – He sacrificed himself for these wretched poor little children who are daily tortured beaten and murdered by the Jews ( as I HAVE BEEN WITNESS TO) ; Remember : “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers; That you do unto me. When I was weary, you helped me find rest.

When I was anxious, you calmed all my fears.”


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

“Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil).  If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

“Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”

Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”


  1. Muhammad & Jihad
    We begin with Muhammad himself, and ask: Were his battles all truly motivated by self-defense, as his apologists claim, or did other factors come into play?
    The Sources
    When we try to answer such questions we immediately confront the question of what we really know about Muhammad, how much that is told of him is truly historical. This is a complex issue, on which even experts do not agree. Much information about Muhammad comes from oral tradition and legend, what some have called “sacred history,” and searching for the historical Muhammad poses problems similar to searching for the historical Jesus – a notoriously controversial undertaking. In addition, the information about Muhammad that one hears through books, the media, and other popular sources is confusing and contradictory, often colored by the biases and intentions of the one who is narrating.
    The best way to go about studying the life of Muhammad is to consult the earliest sources. The earliest is, of course, the Qur’an. The Qur’an is of great value to the scholar of religion; it is far closer to Muhammad than the Gospels are to Jesus. Its verses appeared against the background of historical events in the life of Muhammad. Nevertheless, serious problems arise when using the Qur’an to reconstruct history. The Qur’an does not usually present the historical background. Since Muhammad’s words are extracted from their historical setting, the Qur’an has the aura of a timeless statement of universal truth, and it has been treated that way by Muslims even while they insist that others should not quote its verses “out of context.” Since the context is usually missing, the Qur’an alone is not sufficient for constructing a complete life of the Prophet.
    In addition to the Qur’an we have the Hadith, a tradition that contains more explicit detail about Muhammad’s life and through which many events in his life can be reconstructed. The earliest biographies, however, were not written down until the eighth and ninth centuries, by writers who recorded what they knew of Muhammad from oral traditions that they tried as best they could to authenticate. These biographies are called sira, and together with the Hadith they constitute the Sunna (“way,” “example,” or “tradition”). The earliest and most important of the sira is the Sirat Rasul Allah by Muhammad ibn Ishaq (d. 767). We do not have this work in its original form, but in a revised and abridged version by his disciple ‘Abd al-Malik ibn Hisham (d. 833). The other early Arabic biographies of Muhammad are by Muhammad ibn Umar al-Waqidi (d. 822), Muhammad ibn Sa’d (d. 845), and Abu Jafar al-Tabari (d. 923).
    An English edition of Ibn Ishaq is available, though out of print in the U.S. (1). As for contemporary work, one must look for biographies based closely on the early sources and sound historical methodology. The most important English biographies are those by Martin Lings (2), which is based entirely on the Arabic sources and which follows them faithfully, W. Montgomery Watt (3), a critical study based on the early sources and considered a standard in the field, and Karen Armstrong (4), which in spite of its avowedly apologetic purpose contains much useful information from primary sources. Maxime Rodinson (5), while more interpretive, is also quite useful. Since the early sources represent Muhammad as the ideal example for all Muslims, we must accept their accounts and dialogue with them to the extent possible in an English discourse, while also applying what we know of the history and politics of the time.
    Concerning historicity, Watt (241) states:
    Some have taken the unduly sceptical view that nothing is to be trusted except the Qur’an…. The present study is based on the opposing view that at least the material in the early biographies is to be accepted as true, except where there are particular reasons for thinking that an anecdote has been distorted (or invented) through legal, theological or political motives.
    Whatever their reliability, the Arabic sources do report how Muhammad was and is understood by Muslims, and that may be more important even than historicity. The Arabic sources describe in detail the life of the one whom Islam takes as a model human being and spiritual leader. And that is what we really need to know.
    The First Jihad
    We have already mentioned the hijra, Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina in the year 622. It is after this event that jihad begins to become an issue.
    The new Muslim emigrants to Medina needed a way to maintain their livelihood. They pursued the most expedient course, and began raiding the caravans of the Meccans. This was clearly an aggressive action, as Watt (105) states:
    In the raids the Muslims were taking the offensive. Muhammad cannot have failed to realize that, even if the raids were only slightly successful, the Meccans were bound to attempt reprisals. In these little raids, then, he was deliberately challenging and provoking the Meccans. In our peace-conscious age it is difficult to understand how a religious leader could thus engage in offensive war and become almost an aggressor.
    Several writers have defended Muhammad’s actions for the following two reasons:
    1. Everybody did it. In the rough tribal desert culture of seventh-century Arabia, when life was hard and resources were scarce, it was usual for tribes to raid each other’s caravans.
    2. It was justified revenge. The Meccans made life very difficult for Muhammad and his followers. The Qur’an (47:13, 60:1,9) speaks of Muslims being driven from their homes. Ibn Ishaq (205) reports that some of Muhammad’s followers had been beaten. The caravan raiders were only attacking those who attacked them first.
    Both these reasons require comment. According to Islam, while Muhammad is not to be worshiped, he is certainly to be emulated. His actions represent what a good human being and spiritual leader should be. Is the behavior of such a role model to be governed merely by a standard of “everybody did it,” or should we aspire to something more? Aren’t great prophets and spiritual leaders known precisely by their willingness to go against and rise above the values of their society?
    Concerning revenge: justified or not, revenge is not self-defense. Both Judaism (Leviticus 19:18) and Christianity (Matthew 5:39) teach that revenge is an invalid motivation. Islam clearly does not. In any case, there can be no credible claim that Muhammad acted only in self-defense.
    While inter-tribal fighting was common in Arabia at that time, Muhammad’s raids began something new. The early Muslims were not a tribe in the traditional sense. They were united not by blood but by belief. Therefore, when they fought members of any neighboring tribe, the struggle was not between one tribe and another but between believers and nonbelievers. These raids thus began to take on a religious dimension.
    Watt describes how these raids became the first jihad:
    Thus, whether Muhammad incited his followers to action and then used their wrongs [wrongs committed against them] to justify it, or whether he yielded to pressure from them to allow such action, the normal Arab practice of the razzia [raid] was taken over by the islamic community. In being taken over, however, it was transformed. It became an activity of believers against unbelievers, and therefore took place within a religious context. The Emigrants were described as “striving with goods and person in the way of God [Qur’an 4:95, 9:20, 9:41, 9:44].” They were promoting one of the purposes of the Islamic community in trying to establish a region in which God was truly worshipped.
    This early jihad became the seed of greater ones to follow (Watt):
    This transformation of the nomadic razzia has wider implications than are apparent from the English translations used. The word translated “strive” is jahada, and the corresponding verbal noun is jihad or “striving” which came in the course of time to have the technical meaning of “holy war.” The change from the razzia to the jihad may seem to be no more than a change of name, the giving of an aura of religion to what was essentially the same activity. Yet this is not so. There was a change in the activity which came to be of the utmost importance as time went on. A razzia was the action of a tribe against another tribe. Even if two tribes were very friendly, their friendship might cool, and in a few years a razzia might be possible. Jihad, however, was the action of a religious community against non-members of the community, and the community was expanding. If members of the pagan tribes raided by the Muslims professed Islam, they at once became exempt from further Muslim raids. Consequently, as the Islamic community grew, the raiding propensities of the Muslims had to be directed ever further outwards. It was this “religious” character of the jihad which channelled the energies of the Arabs in such a way that in less than a century they had created an empire which stretched from the Atlantic and the Pyrenees in the West to the Oxus and the Punjab in the East. It seems certain that without the conception of the jihad that expansion would not have happened. (emphasis added)
    During these raids, which had nothing to do with self-defense, the first arrow was shot, the first blood shed, and the first man killed in the name of Islam (Ibn Ishaq, 416-425).
    It was common in those days for poets to compose songs celebrating the achievements and victories of the tribe. These poets were thought to be possessed with spiritual power, and their verse was taken quite seriously by other tribes as well as their own.
    After the early raid in which the first arrow was shot, the following verses were composed by the shooter (Ibn Ishaq, 418):
    Has the news reached the apostle of God
    That I protected my companions with my arrows?
    By them I defended their vanguard
    In rough ground and plain.
    No archer who shoots an arrow at the enemy
    Will be counted before me, O apostle of God.
    ‘Twas because thy religion is true
    Thou hast brought what is just and truthful.
    By it the believers are saved
    And unbelievers recompensed at the last.
    Clearly we have passed from the raid as an economic expedient to the raid as striking a blow for the new faith.
    The Battle of Badr
    This battle, which became a watershed in the history of Islam, began as just another caravan raid. Muhammad was once again the initiator. He received news of a very large caravan returning to Mecca, led by Abu Sufyan, one of that city’s leaders and most prominent businessmen. “Go out and attack it,” he told his followers, “perhaps God will give it as a prey” (Ibn Ishaq, 428).
    Somehow Muhammad’s plan leaked, and the Meccans detected it. They raised a large force to confront the Muslims. In the meantime Abu Sufyan took a detour and led his caravan away from the danger. The two armies met and the Muslims were badly outnumbered. Nevertheless, they were far more disciplined than the Meccans, and with the caravan safe, the Meccans lost much of their incentive to fight. The Muslims, inspired by their religious fervor, routed them.
    The victory at Badr assumed great religious significance. To the Muslims, Badr was more than just a caravan raid. It was a triumph of good over evil. It inspired an entire sura of the Qur’an:
    O ye who believe! when ye meet the Unbelievers in hostile array, never turn your backs to them. If any do turn his back to them on such a day – unless it be in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own) – he draws on himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode is Hell, – an evil refuge (indeed)! It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah: when thou threwest (a handful of dust), it was not thy act, but Allah’s: in order that He might test the Believers by a gracious trial from Himself: for Allah is He Who heareth and knoweth (all things). (8:15-17)
    In no way can the battle of Badr be rationalized as self-defense. Muhammad planned it and executed it and justified it by his faith. Allah is now on the side of caravan raiders. But no longer is this merely a raid. It is now full-scale jihad.
    (1) Alfred Guillaume, trans., The Life of Muhammad: A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah (London: Oxford University Press, 1955; reprint, Karachi, Pakistan: Oxford University Press, 1967). Much of this material is included in F.E. Peters, A Reader on Classical Islam (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1994).

    Numbers in references to Ibn Ishaq use the original pagination, standard across different editions.

    (2) Martin Lings, Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources (Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions International, 1983).

    (3) W. Montgomery Watt, Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman (London: Oxford University Press, 1961). (This is a condensation of his two earlier and very influential works Muhammad at Mecca and Muhammad at Medina, now out of print.)

    (4) Karen Armstrong, Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet (San Francisco, Calif.: HarperCollins, 1992)

    (5) Maxime Rodinson, Muhammad, trans. Anne Carter (New York: New Press, 1980).

  2. I try not to complicate things re: others’ religeons. With the exception of that vile breed, Talmudic “Jews”. They are, by virtue of their foul “Holy Book”, unredeemable unless, as Benjamin Freedman, Roy Tov et al, they themselves realize the evil they are immersed in and choose to end it by converting to…., well ANYTHING would be a step up.
    I don’t give a hoot what or whom a person chooses to worship as long as they treat me with the respect I am due simply by virtue of my humanity.
    Although I’ve met only a few Muslims, I’ve found them to be polite and decent. It troubles me deeply to see how the bulk of the idiots in the U.S. of Israel are suckered in, by the T. Jews’ machinations and false-flag attacks, to hating them with out cause. Sadly, I’ve come to believe that the bulk of people in the U.S. of Israel don’t WANT to know the truth. Either due to a lack of ability to think critically or just plain cowardice. The WORST kind of cowardice. The kind that prompts one to follow the crowd to avoid being looked upon in a less-than-favorable light EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW they are wrong.

  3. It is not too shocking to hear of this, as the Jews are trying to make any criticism of Israel a crime. Since when did real estate or people become off limit to discussion? It vexes me to no end to see these duplicitous shylocks do whatever they wish, and the rest of humanity be damned. It is no wonder that Jesus, pbuh, called them exactly what they are, vipers and sons of the devil. If you read the OT, you see bits and pieces of another god in there, and if put together, you find a hidden god. I have gone round and round with Bapduhst over this, but when you have sentences describing a god who dwells in darkness, has hornlike appendeges on it’s head, associated with fire & smoke, and takes burnt human offerings, you do not need a rocket scientist to figure that out. Jesus was on to their Babylonian scam and their false god. That is why Jesus started a riot in the temple, overturning money tables and whipped the denziens of Lucifer out of the Temple. Jesus was not the limp-wristed Messiah people paint him to be. In Matthew Jesus stated “Think not that I come to bring peace but the sword.” In Luke Jesus plainly states “But those mine enemies, which would not that I rule over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” Most pastors skirt around that quote, and I remember fondly being ejected from Sunday school as a teenager for daring to bring that up. If only people today would have the backbone to stand up, but instead cower down before the might of the Beast. That is exactly what Judaism is, the Beast and Antichrist. “For who can make war against it?” as Revelations speaks. Perhaps I’m overreaching a bit on that but I know of no other antichrist force that envelopes our planet. Their menorah is parked at our White House, while Nativity displays are forbidden. Thanks to their efforts, Merry Christmas is history and Happy Holidays is the new coin of the realm. It is high time America does a good old Temple cleaning, just like Jesus did. “Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree: And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place.” (Deuteronomy 12:2-3). Maybe that’s where Mohammed got his inspiration from.:)

  4. Joe Cortina. I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now,but this one has shook me to the core.Your a good honourable man Joe,theres not many around any more.Everything I know about those cunning creature JEWS I learnt from living with the MUSLIMS.I feel guilty myself for what happened to BRENDON,as I to am AUSTRALIAN. I’m not a very articulate person but I assure you I will do my bit, but I will do it my way.

  5. Thanks for bringing me back to the Gospels. The “Golden Rule.” Applying it to Jews and then condemning them for violating it will convince anyone that Jews are bad. They can’t weasel out of it – there’s no wiggle room. Some Christians believe or know that the Sabbath is on Saturday, other Christians believe that nothing people “do” can save them and others disagree. But, the “Golden Rule” was given to us by Jesus to allow us to know pure evil when we observe it in action and in Jews. Thanks Jesus.

  6. Great job Joe. I’ve been getting awfully angry and disappointed with our so called anti-zionist indy media lately. It’s been over 7 months now since Edgar J. Steele was framed and arrested by the FBI and HBO’s Bill Maher’s brother and cousin who planted pipe bombs on Edgar and his wife’s cars. Strange thing is, why did the FBI let the FBI informants put a real pipe bomb under the cars? And why’d they let those bombs stay on the cars for 2 weeks and have Maher’s informant relatives check on it and build another one? The whole case makes no sense and unfortunately, the only one with the balls to do any podcasts on it is Jaime Kelso. WHere are Phil, Mark, and MCP? 7 months and not 1 word about O’ Connell or Steele? You’re a guest on thier shows sometimes, you have any idea why they are ignoring both stories? Especially Steele’s who’s an obvious frame up with FBI and ADL involved. But the fact that famous TV political comedian and rabid Israel cheerleader Bill Maher of HBO being involved by proxy should be HUGE NEWS. Don’t you think? I sure as hell do. Everyone’s seen Bill Maher’s consistent Israel ass kissing. How he gave the dirty sanchez to Netanyahu. How he freaked out when CIA Bin Laden expert Michael Schuer said American lives werent worth dying for Israel.” He about had a heart attack.

  7. well written article, anyways a lot of people have so many different misconceptions they never want to blame the Jews, they feel sorry for them ect. or at times they are afraid. But Jesus did tell us who Jews were and how deceitful they were, people were also blaming Ruskies and saying Russians brought Communist but what a lot of people dont know and WHATS not taught here in AMERICAN schools is the truth…. which of-course serves its own purpose to have piety on Jews. …. Joe keep up the excellent work!

  8. Stop accepting the shit and use your brain for a minute people.
    Why isn’t anybody asking serious questions?
    Could it be Brendon is in ONLY jail for basically showing contempt of Court.
    Could it be Brendon has ONLY himself to blame for sacking his lawyer?
    Could it be Brendon WANTED to get into jail?
    Is this his big plan all along? To play self martyr? To set an example so his bald headed buddies can post “AN OPEN CHALLENGE” to everyman and and his dog to behave like a total fuckwit like Brendon did?
    I think we’re missing the point. All Brendon ever did was set out to lose. And lose spectacularly for the fan base.
    Heres a few points you probably never knew about Brendon from HIS OWN POST:

    “…..I believe in the Tanakh (O.T)…..”
    Really Brendon?

    “……I would personally be proud to be called “Jewish” ….”
    Oh REALLY Brendon??? Any more interesting exposing comments..?

    “……..My friends have lived and worked in Israel for years……..”
    Hmmmmm Now this IS getting Interesting.
    Could it be Brendon is trying to EMPOWER Jewish people or expose them?? Lets read on…

    “…..The onus is on the jewish communities around the world to speak out LOUDLY about jewish racism……”
    AHHH I see. So you people who think you know Brendon you clowns all Might want to dig a little deeper than his boneheaded buddies ramblings. Stop accepting the Shit you are fed and think for yourself.

    Heres the Screencapture…

    Heres the link…..
    Go read for yourself how Brendon wants to :

    :………wipe the floor with anyone who disagrees with him…..”
    Maybe THIS is the kinda nutbag threats and delusional behaviours like him and Kerr does all the time that got his sorry punk ass thrown in jail, not “Standing Up like a BIG DOODLE MAN” against the evil zionists…. GOOD RIDDANCE>

    Idiots like him and Cyberstalker fraudster and conman Jim Kerr deserve to thrown in jail. They dish out the disinfo with every posting they make, and the sheeple with blinkers at the feeding lots called blogs have no idea.
    Wake up and smell the lies about Brendon. Theres rather a lot of them actually he has left behind online before he took a state holiday at the Queens expense with 3 square meals and an internet connection, if you care to look yourself and stop being led.

  9. @JoeCortina

    I recently read a comment of yours at Bro Nat Kapner’s site

    you were going off on unions

    It was great

    Hillarioulsy funny at times, and equally hard hitting and powerful


  10. The little that I can find out about Joe Cortina during the late ’60s and early ’70s, through Google is that he is a former Airborne Special Operations officer, US Army Training Center commander, and risked his life for his country in Vietnam. This is a hero-page; so I wonder if Joe knew Michael Echanis.

    Michael was a Special Forces Ranger and headed and directed the Special Research Group comprised of former Special Forces/Rangers/UDT/SEAL instructors for hand-to-hand combat, that reconstructed and developed HWARANGDO, for the U.S. military, that has been utilized by Korean warriors for 2,000 years.

    Michael was also the developer and former Senior Instructor for the Special Forces/Ranger Hand-to-Hand Combat/Special Weapons School for Instructors. Michael was murdered in Nicaragua in 1978. The “hit” was an inside job.

    The Sandinistas started as a guerrilla force. Then they worked with some business owners and the fighting eventually became a civil war. As is well known, Communists were supported by London Jewish banksters. London Jewish banksters of course, are involved with business owners. That’s as far as that connection can be carried; except that Mossad is deeply involved in Latin America. After the rescue of the French national from FARC, recently, the Jewish press gave MOSSAD the credit for it and the tricking of two FARC commanders onto a helicopter that flew them to captivity in Colombia. Spec 4 Echanis (det.) was murdered by people on the inside.


    Part of that U.S. military training includes or included: “Five Rules” and “Nine Virtues.” I applied them to the Afro-American, Puerto Rican-American, Italian-American, Irish-American, Native-American, and other Americans who identified themselves as such, that I served with in the Army. By the way, way back then, most of us identified ourselves from the state of the union we were from. They all passed. Then I applied them to Jewish-Americans. Look what happens:

    Jewish-Americans, except Karaite Jews and Howard Stern, as
    well as Jesus, who was not only a Jew, but also, a Rabbi.

    Five Rules Nine Virtues
    ———- ————

    1. Loyalty to 1. Humanity. FAIL
    one’s country. FAIL
    2. Honour. FAIL
    2. Loyalty to
    one’s parents. FAIL 3. Courtesy. FAIL

    3. Trust and 4. Knowledge. FAIL
    among friends. FAIL 5. Trust and
    Friendship. FAIL
    4. Courage never
    to retreat in 6. Kindness. FAIL
    the face of
    the enemy. FAIL 7. Wisdom. FAIL

    5. Justice never 8. Loyalty. FAIL
    to take a life
    without cause. FAIL 9. Courage. FAIL

    But, the above test is Anti-Semitic because it doesn’t acknowledge the superiority of Jews over the rest of us who are little better than cattle, according the Talmud and Kabala, and were created by God, our nine year-old daughters, too, in order to serve all of Jews needs, including their most abhorrent sexual perversions.

    Five Rules Nine Virtues
    ———- ————

    1. Loyalty to 1. Jewish Humanity.
    one’s Jewish country.
    2. Jewish Honour.
    2. Loyalty to
    one’s Jewish parents. 3. Jewish Courtesy.

    3. Trust and 4. Jewish Knowledge.
    among Jewish friends. 5. Jewish Trust
    and Friendship.
    4. Courage never
    to retreat in 6. Jewish Kindness.
    the face of
    the non-Jewish 7. Jewish Wisdom.
    8. Jewish Loyalty.
    5. Justice never
    to take a Jewish 9. Jewish Courage.
    life without cause.

    The problem for Jewish-Americans who join an Asian Martial Arts school is that they have to treat the non-Jewish students as equals and they have to treat their non-Jewish instructors as their superiors. They can’t do it. In the late ’50s and early ’60s Asian martial arts gained popularity in the West. You’ll notice that one of the Rules is Loyalty to one’s country. One’s country includes other people. This is against Judaism as shown by the recent statements by rabbis that all non-Jews are existential threats to Jews and can be killed just for that reason without committing a wrong. Country also includes the land, rivers, culture, etc. This is abhorrent to God’s chosen dominators-of-all. You’ll also notice that there’s no mention of God or religion in the Rules or Virtues. They are Anti-Semitic. I won’t be surprised if Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats have brow-beaten the generals into giving Jewish-American soldiers the right to opt out of military hand-to-hand combat training and instead, take it in special classes with other Jews that are led by Jewish instructors – Krav Maga.

    William Cheung, the current Grand Master of Wing Chun, gave Chinese martial arts instructions to Navy personnel during the ’60s or ’70s. Then, Michael Echanis comes along and incorporates Korean Hwarangdo into U.S. Special Forces training. William is no longer remembered in the Navy. Jews had to rub shoulders as equals with us others who are little better than cattle. Michael was an existential threat to the specialness of Jewish-American soldiers. Things have been done to rub-out the Anti-Semitism that was or still exists in U.S. military thought and training.

  11. D Costa, I would not lose any sleep over the Jews allying themselves temporarily with Moslems, as they have in the past used the Nazis. In the book “51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis,” by Lenni Brenner, documents show their deal with the devil, agreeing to help Germany against the occupying British in Palestine in return for making European Jewry flee to the mid-east. They even broke their own boycott of German goods, just to see their goal accomplished. Today, the JDL in England has allied itself with the Neo-Nazi movemnt, the EDL (English Defense League.) They are currently using the wave of Islamophobia there to strengthen their position there, using a group of hooligans led by a convicted child offender! Joe has seen a link I sent him of a Rabbi at one of their hate rallies, and ironically durig his speech, the Rabbi makes a slip, usig syagogue instead of mosque , as a place of hatred. As for Moslems beig dishonest and no back bone, just ask Joe what he saw in Israhell, as a young boy boldly stood up against the”Most moral army in the world.” That brave boy had more back bone and balls than does our beer swilling, NASCAR watching, podunk Redneck population. As for dishonesty, as a Moslem I can attest that the dishonest ones we have are the shills put in power by thye ZOG machine.

  12. D Costa, I would not lose any sleep over the Jews allying themselves temporarily with Moslems, as they have in the past used the Nazis. In the book “51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis,” by Lenni Brenner, documents show their deal with the devil, agreeing to help Germany against the occupying British in Palestine in return for making European Jewry flee to the mid-east. They even broke their own boycott of German goods, just to see their goal accomplished. Today, the JDL in England has allied itself with the Neo-Nazi movemnt, the EDL (English Defense League.) They are currently using the wave of Islamophobia there to strengthen their position there, using a group of hooligans led by a convicted child offender! Joe has seen a link I sent him of a Rabbi at one of their hate rallies, and ironically durig his speech, the Rabbi makes a slip, usig syagogue instead of mosque , as a place of hatred. As for Moslems beig dishonest and no back bone, just ask Joe what he saw in Israhell, as a young boy boldly stood up against the”Most moral army in the world.” That brave boy had more back bone and balls than does our beer swilling, NASCAR watching, podunk Redneck population. As for dishonesty, as a Moslem I can attest that the dishonest ones we have are the shills put in power by the ZOG machine.

  13. Michael D. Echanis was the former Senior Instructor for the Special Forces/Ranger Hand-to-Hand Combat/Special Weapons School for instructors and the former Senior Instructor for the UDT-21, SEAL-2 Hand-to-Hand Combat/Special Weapons School for instructors. Joe Cortina was a Special Forces instructor. Michael Echanis wrote three books about hand to hand combat that every ordinary American should read and train with. Did Joe meet or work with Michael Echanis? The reason I ask is Michael was murdered by Mossad in Nicaragua. Michael Echanis’ patrons there, were His Excellency, the Honourable President of Nicaragua, General Anastasio Somoza Debalye and his son, Major Somoza. President Somoza was murdered soon after Michael Echanis was murdered. Both murders were highly unusual.

    First, very few foreign leaders from Latin America who were supported by the U.S. have ever been assassinated. Second, almost no American Special Forces working on behalf of their country at the top of a foreign government are assassinated.

    According to the NEW ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, the communist Sandinistas were just a guerrilla force until small business owners there, joined them and expanded the conflict into a civil war. Most business owners oppose communism. But, London Jewish banksters supported communism. That’s also where small business owners there received their loans. Mossad has a very large presence in Latin America. By now, every thinking American knows that the Jewish lobby controls Congress. Let me quote Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North about the Contras:

    “And why were so many members of Congress hostile to the Nicaraguan resistance and seemingly untroubled by an aggressive Communist government in Nicaragua?” (p. 11, UNDER FIRE: AN AMERICAN STORY, 1991, Oliver L. North, Zondervan and HarperCollins Publishers: New York, New York)

    The Saudis supported the Contras.

    “He [President Reagan] met on several occasions with private donors to the resistance, and at least once, it appears, he personally solicited a foreign leader – King Fahd of Saudi Arabia – and asked him to double his contribution (p. 14).”

    “* At the time, King Fahd was already supporting the contras. After his meeting with the President, he more than doubled his commitment. In all, the Saudi contribution came to [32,000,000.00] dollars (p. 14).”

    At the time that the Saudis were working with the top leaders of the U.S., Bush Sr. was Vice President.

    “Back in the fall of 1983, McFarlane had asked me [Lt. Col. North] to draw up a list of countries that might conceivably be approached [for support of the Contras]. My nominations included the United Kingdom, West Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. But when I gave the list to Bud [McFarlane], he pointed out that we had to rule out Israel, as well as any other nation that received American aid (p. 240).”

    “* I learned later that McFarlane had asked my colleague Howard Teicher to approach the Israels to help. They declined (p. 240).”

    Michael Echanis is an unsung hero for ordinary Americans who want to know how to defend themselves from Zionists, both Jewish and Christian Zionists. Are there Americans who support Zionism (racism) whom we need to protect ourselves from? Consider this: Michael Echanis taught:

    “Affording the maximum effective power for lethal insertion, the reverse hand-hold takes priority during the deadly interval of inside knife fighting. Keep in mind knife insertion movements are different movements from knife slashing. Insertion movements are directed at vital targets, a vein or artery penetration, so as to induce unconsciousness and a fast and silent death (p. 27. Michael D. Echanis, SPECIAL FORCES/RANGER-UDT/SEAL HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT/SPECIAL WEAPONS/SPECIAL TACTICS SERIES: KNIFE FIGHTING, KNIFE THROWING FOR COMBAT, 1978, Black Belt Books).”

    “Wasting not a single motion or bit of vital energy, the knife fighter attacks with economy of motion, conserving his energy until the very last moment, making his insertion lethal as he attacks vital targets of opportunity, exploding into the enemy…(p. 31).”

    On page 191 is a chart entitled: “Vital Striking/Vital Insertion Chart for Knife-Fighting-Knife-Throwing and Silent Interdiction” On it is a direction arrow from the stomach at a 45 degree angle to the heart.

    “[Scott] Barnes was a thirty-one-year-old freelance specialist in covert warfare…I had heard rumours of “a CIA man” who spoke of finding American prisoners in Indochina. When I phoned him in California, Barnes admitted he was the the “CIA man” referred to (p. 85, Monika Jensen-Stevenson and William Stevenson, KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE: HOW THE UNITED STATES BETRAYED ITS OWN POWS IN VIETNAM, WITH MATERIAL FROM CAPTAIN EUGENE “RED” MCDANIEL (UNITED STATES NAVY, RETIRED) 1991, Plume: New York, New York).”

    “At 3 a.m. on March 5, 1987, David Taylor got a phone call from Scott Barnes.

    “David! David! You’ve got to help! They finally got me!”

    “My God, they’re out there, David! They’ve stabbed me-” The phone went dead.”

    “Three minutes later [after calling the Kernville sheriff’s office], Barnes called again. He was screaming now. “David. I’m bleeding…There’s been a lot of shooting….”

    “He received emergency treatment for a ten-inch stab wound in his stomach. “The knife was meant to nick the bottom of my heart,” testified Barnes later. “I’d have bled internally because all you’d see would be a small external cut. It’s a technique (p. 300).”

    It’s a technique that Michael Echanis taught to U.S. Special Forces and has been used by active duty and former Special Forces working on behalf of Zionists in order to murder patriotic Americans. The above information leads me to believe that Michael Echanis and other Americans have been murdered by Zionists when these patriotic Americans oppose Jewish (money) world domination.

    Come on Joe Cortina, you must have some inside information on the above that would show a Zionist conspiracy that’s already murdered patriotic Americans. What are willing to tell us? Thanks.

  14. You cannot deny that (discriminatory/pro-Zion) policy is making America into a pariah amongst nations we were once ahead of, England, Norway, Germany and who knows parts of Eastern Europe. Time to stop talking about events (especially Idol) or personalities and start running as independents, so many minor political parties, have not run in a single by-election or the Sarawak election for all the resources it supposedly has.

    All you outspoken people in Joe Cortina’s site here (including Joe) should really run in YOUR constituencies to take the power away from bad people instead of wasting time discussing what bad people on either Democrat or Republican or even Tea Party, do or do not do.

    It won’t make any difference how you feel or how much you type unless you take concrete action by running for candidacy to end any bad or racist candidate’s hold on that seat which gives them power to ruin the nation.

    Americans especially who believe in equality/freedom/GOOD laws, should step up in YOUR OWN constituencies to ‘gentrify’ the America via policy and fair treatment of minorities.

    Stop bankrupting yourselves and creating CHAOS around the world Americans. Close down all the 1000+ bases around the world to end your deficit and pay off your debt.

    The USA is using more than all of it’s tax monies and GDP to fund military bases and build military technologies or maintain military equipment.

    In other words USA is just a Warlord nation, and an expansionary one at that. Time to dismantle the industrial-military complex and vote out the large numbers of MULTI-MILLIONAIRES who are in your political system.

    Complaining on forums like these will make no difference, YOU CITIZEN PATRIOTS OF CONSCIENCE – RUN (you must run for election) for candidacy at all political levels to give Americans better choices of representatives in the US government to vote for – it is your only duty as an American in these days of political rot – especially those who can afford it but do not will be unforgivable when USA becomes a second Fallujah or Gaza, courtesy of policies neglected and unamendable by Governors and Senators and a President YOU refused to run against. It will be YOUR fault if Dems/GOP win again – Good Cop/Bad Cop style and still beholden to the Zion/NWO/Iluminati/Masons.

    USA is in 3 or more wars as of now costing trillions that may not end even in 5 or 10 years that will bankrupt USA into the stone age. We’ll be burning old tires and rubbish for heat, and fertilizing with human waste or human remains if we are not careful.

    Run for election and REMOVE all the militarised, GMO poisoned, irradiated, Zion favouring rubbish that is America from the world today. If we do not, be sure that the WORLD looks forward to a quick and deserving invasion from EVERYONE to end America’s ‘influence’ permanently. All of us are sick of USA and USA’s indifferent and ignorant citizens and need to give a better choice of candidate. If we can afford it we are bound by duty to run for candidacy against the ‘human scum’ in power now.

    USA is HARMING the world, either change Congress entirely or suffer the world’s wrath, terrorists are just the flasheir bits, the long haul anger (not even healed in Vietnam of 30 years length) will take far much longer, perhaps even rivaling 100s of years Colonial era imperialism by European powers to heal.

    Save ourselves and boot out all BAD AMERICANS in political seats. End this militarised behaviour, end the GMO polllution, end the Fed ‘Fiat’ Reserve, end the Zionist lobby, end the influence of bad factions in the FBI and CIA or whatever acronym ‘agencies’. How about get the US army to begin a coup that will end all wars – from USA?

    Veterans and Patriots of good intent, over to you . . .

    Run for candidacy in your constituency and stop trying to sound clever here! Concrete action please! Or it will be on your heads when USA falls!

  15. The swine have made the United States of Israel so FIRMLY their “bitch” country that our cowards use DU munitions all over the middle East to insure an unlimited supply of poor little “freaks”. Bonus, they’ll make the region uninhabiable for every day people so it’s easier for the “Synagogue Of Satan” to bleed out the oil….which will in turn give them all the money they need to keep their “Renfield Class” in D.C… know, walking fecal matter like McCain, Biden Leibermann et al funneling our honor, money and very souls to the terrorist, nuclear-rogue nation of New Khazaria and blocking alternative feul research, holistic cures for about every disease the filthy marranos Rockefeller, Morgan etc have created to make a buck.

  16. Yeap,do some soul searching people, because thats the only thing thats gona save ya.But than again they couldn’t even find their fat rear ends with both hands, never mind their soul.

  17. For the love of Christ – people! would you PLEASE have the common courtesy to stay on topic. I sacrafice a LOT of my personal life – my time my time with family – to do all the work and research that it takes to do TRUTHFUL ACCURATE MEANINGFUL and INFORMATIVE articles. My ONLY purpose is education of those who still – DO NOT ‘GET IT’. The entire last half of the comments section had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC.

    I do not get my information from drunks at bars or sleazy tabloids. It take a LOT of hard work – a lot of time – and endless research.

    Please – for those of you who respect me and what I try to do – when you go off on some crazy tangent – you insult me and the concept of truth and the value of wisdom.

    Whether you are Australian or not – you should be ( IF you are a decent moral intelligent person) very concerned over the FACT that Australia’s justice system has been TOTALLY compromised by the wicked demonic evil jew.

    That ugly situation IS FACT – NOT MY IMPRESSION. America – IF – you still give a flying rat’s ass – is NEXT



  18. Dear Joe

    I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work, it’s people like you who are making a real difference, remember what it says in that evil document “Protocols of the learned elders of Zion” words to the effect that they fear intiative of individuals above all else because they cannot control that. There are many heroes in this fight many of them have gone home to be with the Lord men like
    Lt Gen Jack Mohr, Pastor Peter Peters, Eustice Mullins, Jack Otto, Brother Kapner, Ezra Pound, Benjamin Freedman, Henry Ford, your name is there also you are an old soldier and sometimes we have to put our physical weapons down and fight with our pens and our computers, because the no 1 battle is getting to overcome all the mindcontrol of the televisions stations and reaching our people with the truth, yes our most important job is education ” … my people perish for a lack of knowledge..” Bible.
    You will know full well the art of a sniper, how the smallest detail makes the difference between a enemy soldier going home to mom and pop or a shallow grave. So too we must hone the weapons of words so that they strike with great accuracy and maxsimum effect. We must not forget spiritual warefare because our enemy uses witchcraft, spellcasting, sorcery, black magic, to confuse and deceive, the skilled lying and devious plans that you mention come from the “father of all lies”
    We must use our annointing oil and spell breaking prayers daily.
    If you have not seen “DC street sorcery” on Google videos by pastor Peters you must.
    We are making a difference people are waking up, there is a growing awareness of what these creatures have done to us.
    I have marked you as a true hero in this fight.

    God bless

  19. I will continue to tell people how infiltrated Australia is by the damn Jews. Poor O’Connell (he has a place in heaven waiting for him) as does Joe Cortina. Most other gentiles need to fight the fear, and fight the Jews.

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