I believe it is high time I cleared the air on the issue of what the Bapt-duhs have done to my country. They are not the only one who mock the teachings of Jesus – but they are by far the largest and the worst. I believe that they are the most evil entity in America today – as they virtually alone have enabled our Jew occupied nation to wage unlimited serial wars of totally innocent people for the SOLE purpose of the greater glory of the greatest eternal enemy of all decent mankind – THE JEWS!

All that ANY American would need to do to understand how rancid and putrid the Bapt-duhs are is to listen to the demonic fat pig who is their leader and Satanic inspiration. He is of course hate meister John Hagee – a disgustingly obese glutton whose claim to fame is war mongering for the Jews and getting as many of the 50 million of these bovine red-necks as possible to sell their souls to Satan and cruelly mock the teachings of Jesus. In that respect – Jew hit-man – racist – bigot – demon – mass child killer Hagee has found fertile ground for hate peddling with the pasty-faced putty-brained red-neck, feeble minded, retarded, comatose, phlegmatic Bapt-duhs!

Anti-Christ wanna-be Hagee constantly harps on his ‘Stand For IsraHELL’ rallies – BUT – I have yet to hear him mandate a ‘Stand For What Christ Stands For’ rally. He not only insults our Lord but insults the people who ostensibly stand for Christ by leading them into committing murderous horrors totally offensive to what Christ would do. It has been proposed that a litmus test for human stupidity is a person or group so stupid that they do not even realize they have been mocked.

Their idiocy is, and always has been unrivaled! I can still remember from some 60 years past that as a Catholic Christian I was actually asked if Priests had cloven hooves and did we really ‘worship idols’. These abusive affronts were not done as friendly jests – but were actually believed by these witless morons! Today – that SAME insufferable evil level of doltishness – if not stopped – will foment the inevitable destruction of America by their Jew masters. Ignorance kills!

Bapt-duhs have already caused more innocent civilian human suffering destruction terror and evil by their criminal ignorance – than ALL lives lost and shattered in Vietnam and Korea COMBINED! REMEMBER – war criminal mass murderer George Bush could NOT have been able to wage wars against Afghanistan and Iraq – resulting in the cold-blooded murder of over two million innocent civilians – MOSTLY CHILDREN – and the destruction of tens of millions of homes schools hospitals and utilities – and the creation of millions of terrified civilian refugees – without THE APPROVAL OF THE DAMNED IGNORANT EVIL BAPT-DUHS!

These criminally ignorant bovine scum in at least one aspect are even more evil than the Jew. The Jew at least makes no bones about his hatred for Christ. The graphic proofs of this truth are so legion I could write a lengthy essay on the topic.

The Jew in his most ‘UN-holy books slanders our Lord as a “BASTARD” – a sorcerer and worse. The Jew cruelly mocks His blessed Mother as a common “WHORE”. I have both read and heard (on their History Channel) both these putrid Jew blasphemies. The Jew terrorists –( their so-called IDF) routinely shit and piss on Christian Bibles as well as Islam holy books in Palestine. These barbaric acts of hate are common place and can easily documented – EVEN ON VIDEO!

The Jew so hates ANYTHING Christian that he will go to ANY end to blaspheme Christ – Christmas – Christianity and all things associated. Who do you think has been behind the removal of school prayer – or Nativity scenes- or even using the word Christmas at Christmastime? This – was only an ice cube from the tip of a ‘Jew iceberg’ of blasphemies and constant attacks against Christ in our Christian nation – enthusiastically approved by JEWS and not JUST Zionists.

BUT – all that TRUTH having been revealed about the conduct of Jews – one must then fully realize that the level of HYPOCRISY of the Bapt-duhs is BIBLICAL in scope and FAR surpasses even that of the Jews.

Just spend some time as a fly on the wall in a Bapt-duh ‘church’ – if you can call this evil place a house of worship. Worship of the DEVIL perhaps – but certainly not Christ – or Jaysus! As they call him. You will hear their head demon ( pastor) pontificate on the evils of drugs and alcohol – of the evil of killing babies – or the sins of adultery – or the evils of theft – or the vileness of lying – or even the wickedness of homosexuality as “an abomination in the eyes of God”. BUT STAY TUNED as the worst is yet to come.

Then the diatribes on the evil of the Islamics will spew forth with a vitriolic hatred seldom heard in mixed society. There will shrill pleas to support the Jews in IsraHELL – and even louder rhetoric mandating the murders of millions of Arab people (who have incidentally never done us any harm) The vehemence and fury of the contemptuous screed for war and killing and destruction these hateful people have is classic demonic evil. Their capacity for hypocrisy is dazzling!

They worship the very people (Jews) who so cruelly and openly and relentlessly mock our Lord and His blessed Mother in their filthy Talmud– yet they damn the innocent people ( Arabs) whose holy book speaks in highest regard, love and praise For Christ –Mary and Christians in general. These are NOT opinions. They are verifiable truths known to ALL honest educated persons on earth! BUT – just present these truths to one of these imbecile Bapt-duhs in his ‘Synagogue Of Satan’ and you will suffer a hail of insults threats and profanities seldom heard even in a biker bar!

Think I exaggerate? Why don’t you contact Phoenix minister Chuck Carlson of operation ‘Straight Gate/We Hold These Truths’. His associates have continually been insulted threatened mocked and attacked outside these Satanic Bapt-duh false churches. Their crimes? Providing FACTUAL evidence – SPEAKING GOD’S TRUTH – and promoting peace – not war – PERIOD! To add insult to injury – a local rag newspaper – the Phoenix New Times – apparently leftist and Jewish – did an article on Chuck Carlson that was slanderous and libelous. He is one of the finest decent truthful moral educated people I have known in many years – and only scumbags would bash a man of his unquestionable character and courage.

Stupidity! I have never encountered a more abysmally and criminally ignorant – frighteningly ignorant people than the Bapt-duhs – hence their new given name. There is NOTHING ‘Christian’ about these scurrilous trash. Their association of the name our Lord next to that filthy profane term of Zionist – as in “Christian/Zionist” – is not only the ultimate oxymoron – it is pure blasphemy.

The instant they allowed the Demonic Jews to infiltrate and demonize their church with the filth of Zionism – they abandoned Christ forever! They have become soulless cruel vicious sadistic murderous hateful slanderous lying reprobate Godless hypocrite Pharisees no less damned by God than those who had Christ murdered.

The Jews they worship as ‘God’s chosen’ routinely break every Commandment in the Holy Book. You name the evil – I’ll show you where the Jews are. Jews as a race are a despicable people. They are world class liars. They are ALWAYS at the head of ALL Abortion movements. They are ALWAYS leaders in ALL homosexual/ pedophile activities. The Jew is always profane and blasphemes God at EVERY opportunity ( ALL of the filthy dialogue and ALL of the damning of God you hear in movies is created and by and approved by JEWS!) Usury and cheating are Jew traits since the time Jesus kicked over the gambling tables in the Temple and are identified as Jew stigmas even today.

Murdering people for body organs – white slavery – pornography – drug dealing – money laundering – fraud schemes- real estate swindles and a hundred more sins are ALL associated with Jews since and before the time of Christ. There is not a school child above the age of twelve world wide who does not know this fact! Good Jews? BULLSHIT! DOUBLE BULLSHIT! ALL of the truly ‘good’ Jews – truthful – compassionate – brave – selfless – moral – kind – responsible – Godly – that I have know in my LIFE – here and abroad – would comfortably fit in one SUV.

YET – the code of life for the Arab specifically prohibits ALL of the above evils and true Islamics adhere to that code, whereas Jews violate it with a VENGEANCE here in America and in IsraHELL! There are literally hundreds of whore houses in Tel Aviv alone. There are none in Gaza. I witnessed Jews especially teens CONSTANTLY drunk in public in Hebron – in Bathsheba – in Eilat –Tel Aviv – all over – screaming horrible hate blasphemies against Christ and lionizing mega-traitor Jonathon Pollard. You don’t see this disgrace in Palestine. IsraHELL has one of the highest abortion rates in the Mid East. The Palestinians don’t even have a word for abortion in their language. I can do these comparisons point by point but you get the idea. Remember – I have BEEN THERE – SEEN THAT.

Jew parents teach their children to hate – to cheat – to lie –to Gentiles or Arabs- that money is their god – that being wealthy is their goal in life – that ONLY Jew life is precious – that there are TWO moral standards – one for Jews and another for everyone else. REMEMBER – BEEN THERE – SEEN THAT – HEARD THAT – EXPERIENCED THAT.

The Bapt-duhs are the MORTAL enemies of every TRUE Christian in America and on EARTH – for that matter. These brain-dead ignorant scum are responsible for the murders of over TWO MILLION TOTALLY INNOCENT CIVILIAN HUMAN BEINGS – SO FAR! They can NOT Be reasoned with as they have no brains and no souls no integrity and no honor. They are total hypocrite moron scum and will eventually cause the destruction of our entire nation as they lead us headlong into another inane meaningless WORLD WAR! The BEST case scenario will be that we may escape total nuclear destruction by an angry world that has had enough AmeriKan aggression – but end up with an even more totally destroyed economy and martial law.

Remember this if you have Bapt-duh moron for a neighbor. Be he White or Negro – He is your MORTAL ENEMY! He is a partner of Satan and is the MORTAL ENEMY of your children. He is the Harbinger of Death and destruction. He is the dupe, shill, puppet, ally of the anti-Christ. DON’T ever forget that fact or it WILL cost you EVERYTHING!

He – the Satanic worshiping Bapt-duh fool – is an army for Satan that is 50 million strong and when he has outlived his usefulness as the useful idiot army for the Jew’s endless serial wars – and betrayed ALL of America and the rest of the free world into Jew hands – he will be liquidated along with the last remaining TRUE Christian as has been the goal of the Jew since day one. He IS your MORTAL enemy and if left to his evil agendas – he WILL be the cause of your DEATH or ENSLAVEMENT.

The ONLY winner of this next global war – unless they are exterminated – will be IsraHELL and the Jews. ANYONE not understanding that CRYSTAL CLEAR FACT by THIS LATE DATE – is your mortal enemy by default. I wish to God it were not so – but you KNOW I am right!

If you don’t have the courage to stop the Jews – stop their useful idiot imbecile brain-dead Bapt-duh allies – NOW – before they lead us into an insane war ONLY for the benefit of Jews that will be the spiritual economic moral and Constitutional end of our Republic forever! Let them know your disgust anger and revulsion at their insane conduct.

Short of violence – attack them any way you can – boycott them socially as the immoral pariahs they are. Treat them worse than like street filth. These rancid pukes are the one who will get your sons killed in these for Jews only wars – and eventually the whole family – when they finally cause the big one!

It is ‘in your face’ CLEAR ! Can anyone today possibly be so stupid as not to see?

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people“


  1. My stepfather is a Roman Catholic. He says the Jews are “God’s Chosen”. There is enough blame to go around than for you to constantly bash Baptists. Your One- True- Church is the Whore of Babylon and the Baptists are now just one of your slutty daughters. George W. was not a Baptist and I’m sure he did not need thier approval to attack Iraq.

  2. “There are literally hundreds of whore houses in Tel Aviv alone. There are none in Gaza.

    ” IsraHELL has one of the highest abortion rates in the Mid East. The Palestinians don’t even have a word for abortion in their language”

    thanks for the knowledge

    good stuff!!!!!

  3. Joe, Every time I start reading one of your posts I get an amazingly uncomfortable feeling. . The same kind of feeling I used to get when I was younger. . The feeling you get when you are about to about have something you considered “right and normal” dashed to pieces.. While it may be uncomfortable it’s the devil squirming, for he knows his time is short and is being exposed in ever way and form.

    When I read your posts I am reminded. “ye are in the world but not of the world” Thanks again Joe. . Ever Vigilant!!

  4. “Short of violence – attack them any way you can – boycott them socially as the immoral pariahs they are. Treat them worse than like street filth. These rancid pukes are the one who will get your sons killed in these for Jews only wars – and eventually the whole family – when they finally cause the big one!

    It is ‘in your face’ CLEAR ! Can anyone today possibly be so stupid as not to see?”

    Dear Joe

    I found nothing I disagree with in your article.

    I am not a ‘religious’ person, but I am deep in religion (both Christian and Muslim) and defend ALL virtues and values that stand for life, love, justice, morality and freedom.

    I like to call myself a non Roman non Apostolic Catholic (universal Christianity) Muslim (one who surrenders to the Will of the One and Only Almighty God). I was educated in a Roman Catholic school and I know something about Catholicism and I used to attend Church in Paris with my Catholic friends. But, I stopped going when the Church was taken over by Jews and Zionists, and because the priest was not preaching Christ anymore but only ISRAHELL!

    I studied in Russia among Jews and lived among Jews, worked with Jews in Paris for 13 years, has countless Jewish legal representatives (they have a monopoly), Jewish clients, Jewish university comrades, Jewish staff, and I would not tell a lie about them because I KNOW THEM!

    Their synagogues are dens of vipers. They collect money for the terrorist entity known as Israhell.

    One of my staff, Eric Silberman, once a Russian Jew, was recruited and paid by the local synagogue to join the TSAHAL, and trained in France in the use of weaponry. He was to go to Israhell to kill Palestinians, men, women and children, and was offered free accomodation on Palestinain land.

    Another one of my staff, a university comrade, Françoise Turnowski and her family were invited to settle on Palestinian land for free.

    The Jews run the French establishment like they do in the UK and in the US. But, without the complicity of “Christian” Zionists, Jews are powerless.

    I have known of many Baptist Devils (ardent Zionists) like Dr Martin Luther King Jr and William Jefferson Clinton who were for the extermination of Arabs in defence of ISRAHELL! Dr Kent Hovind too was telling lies about Arabs and Muslims in order to please the Jews and to make converts, but his Jewish friends of the IRS had him locked up for ten years because he did not know he had to pay them taxes (even if they were not owed!).

    We will never be able to successfully fight the Jews if we do not fight the so-called Christians (and even Muslims) who gave them that power in the first place. I agree with you totally. WE BADLY NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND MARK GLENN!

    Keep on the good work and may GOD bless you and your loved ones.

    With much love


  5. Reading your article was a real eye opener. I have always despised the babduhas, and now I know why. They really ARE of satan, and they disgust me fully. I was raised catholic, but I have no use for them either. Regardless, you sound like a well educated, informed man, and I agree with you completely, and can see much clearer now. Thanks bud, for taking the time to spell it out in simple english, what treasonous louts we are dealing with. May you and ur family be kept safe from these demons, and may we all live long enough to fight the good fight, together. I’ll see you in the future. Cuda

  6. I know thy works, and tribulations, and poverty(but thou art rich)and I know the blashphemy of those who tehy are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. The Star of David is mathematical and geometrical equivelent to 666.

  7. Bap-DUHS is almost too kind a term for these so-called Christians, Joe. In addition to John KISS-ISRA-HELL Hagee, their other ‘Messiah’ is an old reprobate named CHARLES STANLEY, whose TV ‘Bible’ teachings pollute the airwaves worldwide. Stanley’s special brand of poison is the doctrine “ONCE-SAVED-ALWAYS-SAVED”: just say that ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ one time, and your Ticket-To-Heaven is a sure thing. Oh, and STANLEY also promotes the ‘Pre-Trib Rapture’ heresy, as well as the ‘Tithe Your Gross Income Weekly’ and ‘Be In Submission To Your Pastor’s Authority/Church-Covering/Shepherding’ control scams. After 25 years in several ridiculous churches, I finally became a Roman Catholic one year ago on Holy Saturday officially, but with reservations, I admit, about the legitimacy of recent politicized and even heretical Popes. I look back to the pontificates of Pope Pius X and XI. The work of the Dimond Brothers at Most Holy Family Monastery makes a lot of sense these days, and they are also ‘clued in’ to alternative news, such as the 9-11 Truth. Also take a look at THIS:

  8. Joe,
    I understand and appreciate your anger at the “sons of satan.” I also feel solidarity with you in our Catholic faith, patriotism and the desire to tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes people feel.

    I would like to encourage you, despite the hopelessness of the bolshevik scourge on our country and the world. Christ has won the battle for us. The sons of Cain will be defeated through Him and the intersession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She told the children at Fatima: “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”
    She warned us against the errors of Russia, i.e. Bolshevism, Kazarian Masonry, Communism, Secular humanism, the slaughter of the innocents etc, etc.
    Modern cities are in muddled confusion, poisoned by the filth of the lame stream media. The natural order will never be corrupted. The humble country people of the world are aware of this. The Catholic peasants of the Americas, and all of the world will be preserved in their faith and in the truth.
    Our Lord said, “the meek shall inherit the earth”
    Preserve yourself in a state of Grace, pray for your enemies and never lose faith!

  9. what do u make of the news story about Palestinains killing 4 Israelis today

    from the article

    “…By MARK LAVIE, Associated Press Writer Mark Lavie, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 4 mins ago
    JERUSALEM – Palestinian gunmen opened fire Tuesday on an Israeli car in the West Bank and killed four passengers on the eve of a new round of Mideast peace talks in Washington. The Islamic militant group Hamas claimed responsibility.

    Assailants firing from a passing car riddled the vehicle with bullets as it traveled near Hebron — a volatile city that has been a flash point of violence in the past. Some 500 ultranationalist Jewish settlers live in heavily fortified enclaves in the city amid more than 100,000 Palestinians.”

  10. Markus, if you have a stepfather who is “Roman Catholic” which teaches that the jews are “God’s Chosen” he is not a true Roman Catholic but probably a Novus Ordo Vatican II catholic. The Book of Exodus talks about the curses that were to come upon the Hebrews if they did not follow God’s commandments. Furthermore, Jesus , God Himself, in the New Testament identified the Jews as being the children of Satan and not Abraham, for He said if they were the children of Abraham, they would know him. I agree with Joe Cortina on his conclusions he states here. These Bapduhs would have gone after Jesus at his first miracle for changing water into wine.

  11. “Revenge of the Rabbi Sanhedrin

    In 1492, Chemor, chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law threatened expulsion. 2

    This was the reply:

    ” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

    The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

    1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.

    2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.

    3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

    4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

    5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

    6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.


    2. The reply is found in the sixteenth century Spanish book, La Silva Curiosa, by Julio-Iniguez de Medrano (Paris, Orry, 1608), on pages 156 and 157, with the following explanation: “This letter following was found in the archives of Toledo by the Hermit of Salamanca, (while) searching the ancient records of the kingdoms of Spain; and, as it is expressive and remarkable, I wish to write it here.” — vide, photostat facing page 80.

    ~ The above was quoted from Waters Flowing Eastward by Paquita de Shishmareff, pp. 73-74″

    A similar letter was sent from the Rabbi of Constantinople to the Rabbi of Arles in France, in the same terms and showing French Jews how to destroy Chistianity from the inside, how to own all their real estate and achieve real power and SUPREMACY!


  12. My dear Christian Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters

    Tell those Zionists KRISTIANS that if they really love Jesus,




    Tuesday, 23 September 2008
    JESUS, THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT. (Last paragraphs)

    I remember a country
    Where a hostile crowd booed at me
    And preferred a certain Barabbas…
    Ô my Soul, remember that weird dizziness…
    To return to the Heavenly Kingdom,
    One had to go through a phase
    Where martyrdom formed part of the Plan…
    But, human suffering,
    What a horrible Test…
    I would have drunk the chalice to the sediment
    Impossible, there is no way out.
    Alone… so alone up to the end…

    But, despite the screams of hate,
    So much silence deep inside me.
    Promise of a coming peace…
    Serenity before Agony
    And the voice of my Father resounding
    “Go to the end of your Calvary… my Son…
    Show them the way…
    Open the path to them… they should understand
    That Redemption cannot be obtained
    By sacrificing animals,
    But, only by sacrificing Self…
    It is the symbol of the Cross…”

    I remember a country
    Where turmoil hung over the end of the trip…
    Of a country where pain and blood
    Were my reward…
    Alone… so alone… when they tortured me
    And yet so close to the End
    When they crucified me…
    Father… forgive them
    Because they know not what they do…

    Oh my Father… my Father…
    In the atrocious pain
    I nearly doubted your Love for me…
    Eli… Eli… Lama Sabachthani

    Eli… Eli… Lama Sabachthani
    It is your Son they are tormenting!

    Father… Father… why hath thou forsaken me?
    Where are you? I am in so much pain…
    So much pain… So much pain…
    Eli…Eli…Lama Sabachthani
    Father… Father… why hath Thou forsaken me?
    What crime did I then commit?

    Eli…Eli…Lama Sabachthani
    How long will this Calvary last?
    Did I deserve such a punishment?
    Is it this then human justice?

    Forgive them, for they know not what they do…
    And my pain shall be theirs as long as they will not have understood why I have come HERE…
    I am coming Father…

    I remember a country
    Where still floats
    The shadow of a cross…

    All the photographs or nearly most are from Franco Zefirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth with the sublime Robert Powell in the role of Yeschua…

    Adriana Evangelizt

    Translated by Ghyslaine ROC

    P.S. If Christian America does not rise up against the criminal JEWS, and does not stop its Crusade against innocent nations, history will remember this CRUSADE FOR EVER, and this time THEY will not be forgiven!

  13. Joe you are a beautiful soul and I am rather distraught with the events going on today, I try to open peoples eyes to what the hell is going on but sometimes it seems that they WANT to stupid when it comes to this topic. I will keep on tyring. Keep up the good work! You are a voice of reason in a time of true insanity. One last thing, I live in Texas and know what a piecde of garbage Hagee truly is. My only consolation is that I know there is a special place in hell for him.

    Bless you and brother K,


  14. to Craig,
    What I amke of it is that is was the Mossad that killed those people so they could blame it on Hamas..after all their motto is “By way of deception thou shalt do war”….duh!!!!!

  15. Mr. Cortina,

    WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH DEEVY AND FROSTY?? Just listening to frosty on rense and on deevy(especially on this one)
    He’s saying that muslims are like a friendly virus???

  16. Dear Mr Cortina,

    you say that the warcrime of aggression against Iraq could not have proceeded without the support of the Baptist ‘Christian Zionist’ faction in U$A.

    I agree that, had they opposed it as actively as they in fact supported it, you are probably right on that point.

    But to then condemn that group as immoral from a partisan Catholic standpoint seems rather hypocritical, akin to whining about the plank in your neighbour’s eye to divert attention from a veritable tree growing in your own.

    Why not address the question of the support/opposition from the Catholic Church in U$A and its equally significant effect on the ability of the executive to prosecute the warcrime complained of?

    Roman Catholicism is the largest single religious denomination in the United States, with more than 68 million members. (i.e. about 25% of population)

    It is therefore a fair bet that the U$ Armed Forces, consisting of the same proportions, has more Catholics than Baptists.

    So, if the Catholic Church had shown any moral leadership, and opposed the Iraq Aggression as it was indeed urged to do, it could have effectively paralysed the U$ military by having the Pope declare ‘infallibly’ that any Catholic who in any fashion contributed to the proposed crime would be instantly ex-communicated – inducing practically a 25% loss of U$ military strength on the first day of hostilities.

    Would you agree that statement is true?

    The fact that it did not happen is conclusive proof that the Catholic Church supported the warcriminal enterprise, by allowing it to proceed, while having the power to very simply stop it instantly.

    This act of omission in support was as important, and morally as culpable as all the Baptist’s acts of commission.

    So we see, while the Catholic Church nowadays may not be such rabid warmongers as the Baptists, they more than make up the difference with extra helpings of hypocrisy, and are equally as reliable in supporting the warcriminal ruling class (of which their hierarchy forms an integral part) when the chips are down.

    It seems to me you are not opposed to the Iraq Aggression on moral grounds at all, but merely pragmatic, retrospective ones — as the failing wars of terror grind on in interminable cycles of invasion, victory, resistance, backfire, surge, another victory, another PATRIOT Act, etc., you can see your beloved U$-Empire being flushed headfirst down the shitter to its own inevitable economic destruction.

    So the game not being worth the candle, you seek scapegoats upon whom to pin the blame for the accumulating losses which must yet be paid.

    However, if this effort were actually paying off for U$-Empire as a whole, you would be singing a different tune.

    As it is, you seek only to make relative political capital at the expense of your collaborators/competitors in the same enterprise.

    Yours is a deeply dishonest and immoral approach to analysing the actual cause of the disaster, which you obviously lack the guts and intellect to attempt.

    As for your unhinged, foam-flecked rabia towards ‘The Jews’, this is simply a reversion to an ancient Catholic tradition when forced to run backwards to CYA.

    Sincerely, that is all.

    Pope Benny the Rat.

  17. Please do not disparage Rednecks with these comments. Some of us are proud Rednecks who work for a living. As such, we do not want our tax dollars donated to blood thirsty Jews and their American whores. So please direct your comments where they belong. It’s more America’s ignorant and undereducated metropolitan and small town house-wives that lead the charge of bovine followers you mention, not America’s good Rednecks. We are backbone of America….not Nazi Israel.

  18. Markus is another kiss ass Zionist.

    The Whore of Babylon is Jerusalem Israel, which blasphmes God and has killed all of the prophets sent to her.

    He is too stupid to know it..

  19. There is not one proof of a historical Jesus Christ. Not one. The only things we have were written, not by him but by anonymous gospel writters long after the time of his supposed death. Even those ‘eyewittnesses’ do not agree on many points and the church fathers admit they named the gospels and had no idea who wrote them! We have all been had and all religions were created as tools of deception and control. Christianity is the most brutal and greedy of the lot. John Hagee is christianity. I challenge any of you to provide the writtings of any historian, and there were many, during the lifetime of Jesus who bothered to even mention him at all. If you do, you will be the first in history to do so.

  20. Joe C,
    A lot of the problem with the Baptists is they are economically poor, uneducated people. It’s always easy for liars with an agenda to pray on the weak and use them as canon fodder for their subversive NWO plans. Throughout history the uneducated and poor have been tricked and used by the elites to further their various scams. I don’t excuse the Bapt-duhs idiocy regarding the NWO Zionist agenda of enslavement of the rest of humanity. All i’m saying is ignoramous people will never get street wise unless they are shown the way.

    Also, being aware of how treacherous the Globalist Khazar NWO crowd is has much to do with a matter of exposure-you are in Tampa where there are more of the Khazars to see what their about. Simple, ignorant people in Kentucky, Georigia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, etc. aren’t exposed to Khazarian treachery on an interpersonal level daily like a street smart Italian New Yorker, or a World wise Cuban in Miami.

    To consider that they haven’t been exposed to Khazar tricksters regularly if at all like a New York Italian, and remember if these backwoods suckers/Bapt-duhs could ever be properly informed and educated on how they’ve been taken for a ride by the Khazar Illuminati banksters and their sell out/compromised leadership-they could be a VALUABLE political block in getting America out of the NWO’s Global gulag system. Just like the Catholic masses who have been sold out under Vatican II for the Khazar NWO agenda. If large groups like this could ever be awakened-freedom would have a much better chance than it does now.

  21. As a former SoB (Southern Baptist) I agree 100% with your evaluation. I’m now an Orthodox Christian and every time I think of the Bapt-duhs I feel I have escaped the flames of Hell by the skin of my teeth. I am truly a brand plucked from the burning (Amos 4:11). Glory to Thee, O Lord, glory to Thee!

  22. Go back beyond Khazars to the Hyksos Shepherd Kings that were the biblical patriarchs and begin at the beginning. The OT only makes sense when you know who these people really were.

  23. * Reb
    * Posted September 12, 2010 at 3:53 pm
    “There is not one proof of a historical Jesus Christ. Not one.”

    OK, smart guy! You are 1,000,000% right! But, where does that lead YOU?

    Do you have any “historical” proof of Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, or of GOD?

    Without Jesus Christ or Muhammad, where would at least two billion people be today?

    Having sex with their mothers, sisters, daughters or prostituting them or doing like the Jews, Zionists and “Globalists” stealing other peoples’ lands and mass murdering entire nations?


  24. It’s astonishing that countless thousands of people can worship at the feet of modern-day false prophets like Hagee and Copeland, who swoon in ecstasy at the mere mention of the word “Jews”, but completely ignore warnings in Scripture of a satanic race of people who claim to be Jews but are not and whose rotten fruit, e.g. moral degradation of white society, drug-pushing, political corruption, tyrannical control of the mainstream media, which they use to brainwash the masses, and world financial markets, is staring them right in the face.

  25. response to reb. there are thousands of historical witnesses to the death crusefiction and resurection of our LORD. the KING the REDEEMER the SAVIOUR the one WHO can open your blind eyes and give you peace salvation and restoration to your mind soul and eturnal spirit go on your knees ask HIM for forgivness and you will be born spiritually and mentally and HE will be your real teacher.

  26. First of all I love this site, and this blog was well put together. I just want to share my personal experience as a member of a baptist church.
    When I was young about from the age of 13-16 I was forced to go to the local baptist church and I lived in a poor community that had buses come through and pick us up. From the start I did think it was a good church and that they were doing gods work. But as time progressed I noticed a reek everytime I went to the church it smelled like decaying flesh it was trully foul. I smelled it everytime I went regardless of where I sat.
    It got to a point where I refused to goto church but my parents made me go, so what I did was sit on the bus for 2-3 hours and wait. I had noticed the hypocrisy going on and brought it up with a ‘brother’ and he just said blah blah the preacher said blah. Also pointing out the fact in the bible when Jesus said ‘what shall we say then? shall we sin that the grace of god may abound? God Forbid’ when I brought that up they were in complete denial. They love to use the excuse that ‘whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved’ but that doesnt mean you can sin all the time afterwards and still be in grace. But I am not neccesarily saying anyone can be perfect but the strive for perfection is the true way.
    I noticed them Jokingly in church lying and making jokes which are sins, gossiping and gluttonous. They had the American flag and the Israeli Flag in the church. They talked like israel were saints. I was disgusted and I saw that these people dont even follow their own doctrines.
    Well lastly I wanted to mention a guy by the name of Fritz Springmeier if your not aware of him or anyone else for the matter in his books he notes how the First Baptist Church uses donations to funnel to an illuminati group and also other prominent religous organizations. I myself am not going to church anymore. I dont want to enter another den of vipers, im sick of it.


  28. @Alexander K. Where is the written reports of these witnesses? The only place you read that is the bible!!! You can’t prove the bible using only the bible. There were over 50 well known and respected historians and authors who lived at the same time as jesus is said to have lived yet not one of them botherer to scribble on word about him, even though dead people jumped up out of the ground and went visiting and all sorts of other interesting items. If you produce one word written by a contemporary of jesus you will be the first in history to do so. It cannot be done for there is no such report from anyone.

  29. @B.A. At least people made paintings and statues to Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Shiva and Muhammed. The Kunjur is the personal work of Buddha. Look it up numbskull. You can find The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi on Amazon. Any fool knows Muhammed was a real man and many contemporaries wrote of him.

    BTW…King James was a raging homosexual who also practiced beastiality. The first settlers who came here hated the man and hated his bible that he forced people to read. They brought with them the Geneva bible. No wonder you people are so messed up. Joe belongs to the RCC, the largest pedophile organization on the planet and he has the nerve to call other religions all manner of names. The guy is a hypocrite of the LOWEST order.

  30. You are very harsh on the Baptist and Jews, no group can be all bad they must have some if not many good people in their ranks…

  31. I was forced to go to a Baptist church when growing up. I hated every minute of it! What a bunch of hypocrites. Furthermore they would attack other Christian churches such as Seventh Day Adventists even the RCC.
    That zionist propaganda has been so successful here in America can be traced to the fact that so many Americans are so ignorant and dumbed down by the zionist controlled media.
    You just can’t get through to those people who still steadfastly support israhell. They will attack you and try to set you up.
    I’m done with these idiots. I’m going to ignore them. I’m not going to even respond to their lunatic ravings about poor israhell.

  32. Baptist (and for that matter Conservative) super philo-Semitism isn’t about religion, it’s about race and political correctness. It’s a way that these Southern Baptists, that is to say white Southerners, try to escape from the constant pounding they get from the politically correct elite. They’re really not that much worse than the rest of white America. It’s about race, not religion. A couple of things are interesting to note about the phenomenon: first, non-white Christians (blacks, browns, etc.) don’t feel the need to pander to Jews the way Baptists do, though presumably they are just as good of Christians as the Baptists are. That tells you that something other than religion is at work here. Secondly, it is interesting to note that the more established religions like the Roman Catholics and the Presbyterians are also politically and semitically correct for the most part, but there’s that little bit of resistance from them, they don’t totally lay down. They’ve got deeper roots and perhaps a little more intellectual savvy than the Baptists, and they’re not white Southerners, they don’t take the full brunt of what, as I say, is a racial and only secondarily a religious beating. Sucking up to Jews is a way to avoid the charge of racism from them and their Liberal cohorts.

  33. Joe has mental problems and we should give him some homework. He should be tasked with giving just one example of written proof of his jayzus existing and if not, then he should shut his ignorant ranting mouth. If he can produce such proof, he will the first in history to do so. What a sad sack vicious little man. Even the nation Founders were NOT christian. They had more sense that little joe blow.

    Joe, you need help before you have a stroke or heart attach. There is absolutely NO evidence or writing to prove your little jesus ever existed. Even if he did he wouldn’t wipe his ass on you. You have the filthiest and most hateful mouth on the net. My, my, what would your j-zus do????? LMAO

  34. MaryC, who pulled your string you imbecile! What a nasty bunch of hissing vipers. So it goes in the world of lunatic religious cultists.

  35. I was a Bapt-duh for 42 years. My father was a Baptist minister all his life. I finally left the Bapt-duhs because of the way they treated my father and I. When I put their religion into a historical context and compared it to the faith of the apostolic church–which is still around–I realized that Bapt-duhs are Satan worshippers and their religion is the religion of Antichrist.

  36. The jews are not now nor have they ever been Gods Chosen people…God’s chosen people were and are the Israelites of the Bible not that fake fig of 1948. You were a jew if you were from Judea. When the Israelites went into babylonian captivity with the people of judea (jews) the name jew was applied to all even the true Israelites. Anglo Saxon means sons of Iaasac. Israelite means soldier of God. That is why it is critical for all to read the scriptures. The jews are the enemy of Christ. Who then is an anti christ? They that sit in the house of Judah claiming to be jews and are not but do lie and are of the synagogue of satan. KJV…there you have it…all these so called “christian” ministries that justify the devil seed and and call them chosen are just as guilty as the devil seed tares. whores of babylon all of them

  37. Most of the ancient( latin,greek and jewish) mention Jesus and his miracles in the scrolls of their essays on world history.
    The horrible slanders of Christ and Christian doctrine are an example of the lies propagated by schools and Jewish owned organizations in a position to distort the minds of our youngsters,
    I can tell people something that is true… there is no proof of the demons of the Kaballah (a road to nowhere) and the so called Gods that the Orthodox Jews pray to and sacrifise to, Jews do not worship the same God we do the Jews of the old testament that worshiped the father of Jesus was a small section of the jews,these Christian God or the Judao-Christian God loving people have been overwhelmed and assimilated into the Jewish religion of today as to be non exisisting,only God knows where and who they are. The earliest Christian leaders where some of them and they tried to show the other jews the way out of their wrongdoings and false Gods

    Good site and I like you Mr.Cortina for the facts you have educated me and others ,I had no idea how horrible it really is for Gazarians,Now I know and are writing songs for them as I am a street performer.

  38. you are obviously not including the baptists that had 12 churches burned down for speaking out against jewland treatment of gazans ….christians in any backslidden or lukewarm condition are not anywhere the helm of usa control mechanisms …you think ?…..blame chain goes like a whose who in the swindlers list ,,,jews jews jews ,jewish frontmen ,,,prozionist idiots that think they are protected from jew backlash by kissing ass now and knowing jews ,no one in particular will be safe as the deeper secret of core kabballah and talmud cloak shines a light on the very inner core of murder suicide cult within the zio com core …..they actually believe they have to kill everyone including themselves and the planet to usher in their self made delusional messiah of vengeance ……is all true to them and they certainly have the power to pull this agenda along as they have for centuries now …..joe cortina i know you are a good man but no one can blame a powerless group of misguided people in a flock that needs rehabilitation for the woes of the whole planet that the jews and all their secret orgs have opped

  39. ADMIN COMMENT: Jew troll filth – get the hell of MY site as you are NOT welcome here . If you want to bash our Lord – do it somewhere else like a jew site. This blog was about the evil and the wars the BaptDuhs have caused – NOT a religious blog about the validity of Jesus – please stay on topic. If you new readers will take the time to read ALL of my work – you will save yourself all that effort to ‘educate me’. As for me giving a pass to the current Catholic Church – NOT SO. PLEASE read my work and LEARN.

    Yes – the Roman Church in which I was raised is TOTALLY compromised – gone finished done!. It has been infiltrated heavily by jew influence and is essentially lost. BTW – That business about pedopliles is GREATLY exaggerated by Catholic bashers. I attended Catholic grade school – Catholic ( Jjesuit) high school and a Jesuit university and in ALL of those years I never even heard of a bona-fide pedophile offence in any parish I was associated with – but. It happens – I’m sure – but the frequency is NOT rampant as it is within the Synagogues of Satan.

    As for the vicious ignorant lying slanderous hate monger called Becky – get the HELL off this site and NEVER EVER show your filthy insolent garbage here again! What she posted about Walk Disney was pure unadulterated jew lies – not to mention NOTHING To do with the topic. Yor slander of me personally – your personal attacks – your lies upon lies opon lies about me just go to prove to HONEST DECENT MAINSTREAM readers – what sociopathic troll scum you are. You really need professional help. I feel sorry for you. Were you abused as a child?

    As for me not liking rednacks – I DESPISE THEM. I cleared the air on this MANY times in the past. I love good decent honest modest ordinary country people. What I call redneck ( can be black white rich poor ) is an ignorant racist bigot who is brain-dead stupid and is PROUD TO BE AN IMBECILE. Please folks – before you go getting all lathered up READ what I believe. Do I despise all jews? No – but just the vast majority of them. I love a good jew as myself GET IT?

    I have done geopolitical intel analysis for almost forty years. I am well informed on most Mid-East issues and have the credentials to show – so PLEASE – respect what I say is gospel truth. I don’t create these truths – I just pass them on from a lifetime of experiences – military and civilian. So PLEASE have the courtesy to NOT LECTURE ME as if I were a child on my OWN site. I do ALL of this on my own – our of MY pocket and accept no funds.

    I could be having a lot more ‘fun’ spending my savings and efforts on toys and parties and women instead of trying to save this country from itself and having to be insulted by deranged demonic hate-meister psychopaths like ‘Becky’..

    BOB 234 – pretty good analysis. No – I do not believe every Baptist church is the evil crap that IS The Southern Baptist Conference Church group – but they are the VAST VAST majority at some 50 million strong – and YES they ARE INDEED the ones who have the final say so as to who we murder overseas. These putrid bigot filthy moron scum ELECTED WAR CRIMINAL GEORGE BUSH and are as guilty of the two million murdered civilians in the Mid East Gulf-Wars as the thugs who killed them. I have not witnessed ANY serious Catholic power or media influence since the 50s.

    To the monster imbecile named Franklin I thank you for confirming what filthy hypocrite animals you Baptists are
    You know I try as hard as I can to save the lives if innocent children murdered and burned to death 24-7 by your putrid sadisic ilk. You know – the poor kids you mock as sand-niggers and rag -heads. You ilk has ALREDAY ‘WALKED IN THE ASHES OF YOUR ENEMY” ( these poor defesnless kids you brag about killing) May you burn in hell for your cruelty.

    And finally to insulting Catholic basher PBTW – who slanders me as a coward a cheat amoral opportunist. How have you served your country? Was I a cheat a coward an opportunist when I risked my life 50 years ago as a Green Beret Paratroop commander against REAL enemies ? What the hell is a “partisan Catholic” Mr? My article was about wicked Baptists who ARE FACTUALLY The enablers of ALL these insane serial wars. Why the endless Catholic Church bashing? I parted company with them DEACDES AGO when they sold out to the jews as have the witless BaptDUHS. So why do you persecute me for the actions of an an entity I no longer support? You start slandering people with inane baseless serious accusations and sooner or later someone is going to ‘ruin your day’. Try those libelous baseless vile personal attacks of my character to my FACE and see what happens

    My goal is a free America – with REAL Americans like we used to be – moral people who treasured wisdom and truth

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