I usually do not use another person’s article word for word in it’s entirety in my articles – but this was simply too powerful to be diluted in any way. I grew up with Disney and his wonderful contribution to family and children – decency and wholesomeness – American-Christian patriotism and his dedication to honor trust decency and virtually everything we ever held sacred in a more innocent time when we were still a CHRISTIAN REPUBLIC!

I will not deny – a flood of wonderful memories swept through my consciousness as I read it. I also shed more than a tear when the full realization of what the filthy Jew had done to my country and a TRUE American icon of decency who was hounded threatened mocked cheated frauded and destroyed by the most evil sadistic greedy hate filled Godless filth to ever disgrace American shores. Only those of you who are peers and were raised by decent Godly parents will remember the nostalgia that I felt when I first read this. Younger readers – I pray you still have the wisdom to ‘connect the dots’ and comprehend the tremendous evil forces at work .

Walt Disney will always be my hero. If you ever had the slightest doubt about actors like John Wayne – Ward Bond – Robert Taylor Charles Coburn – and Gary Cooper being REAL PATRIOTS – read the entire story . And if you ever made the mistake of thinking Woody Allen was just a pathetic Jew nerd type – but never a treasonous Marxist piece of crap -READ ON!

I wasted my time so many years ago thinking our mortal enemy was some wretched oriental in black pajamas with his half cooked rice in his belt hiding in a jungle. The only REAL MORTAL enemy of EVERY DECENT MAN WOMAN AND CHILD in America is a JEW!

The next time I hear ANYTHING about “good Jews” from anybody – I think I’m going to kick him in the teeth! Next time you hear some Jew apologist bullshit from an evil Christ mocking ppasty faced brain dead ‘Bapt-duh’ whose main goal in life is to destroy America – destroy Christianity and destroy EVERYTHING that was EVER good and decent here – ALL for the greater glory of the Devil – IsraHELL and the Jew scum in this story who have turned America into HIS toilet – REMEMBER WELL – WHAT YOU READ HERE TODAY!-

Unknown to most Americans is the fact that the first motion picture camera was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in East Orange, New Jersey. A lifelong inventor, Mr. Edison had over 1,000 inventions patented when he died in 1931. Inventing a motion picture camera that worked properly was the easy part for Edison. Keeping Jews from using the camera without paying him royalties for his invention was the hard part.

As soon as the German born Jew, Carl Laemmle found out about motion pictures, he started figuring ways to exploit the new invention. Efforts by Laemmle and other Jews to deprive Edison of his fees for using his cameras forced Edison and other movie makers like Dickson, Casler, Koopman, Long, Smith, Klein and Marion to form a protective association called the TRUST. As fast as these Jews could get their hands on Edison’s equipment and started using it, the Trust would file lawsuits against them to stop their illegally using his patented equipment.

Not to be outdone, Laemmle and some other New York Jews, rushed around Europe in their efforts to circumvent the long arm of the Trust. Cameras based on Edison’s invention were smuggled into the United States by Jews as well as raw film. Edison and the Trust had made arrangements with the Eastman Kodak Company to exclusively produce film for it and those who had been sanctioned to use the equipment by the Trust.

Laemmle and his Jewish co-racialists found film manufacturers in Europe to supply them with Kodak-like film which was also smuggled into the United States.

When the courts moved at a snail’s pace or refused to stop these Jews from using Edison’s invention, the Trust would send out it’s own enforcement ‘police’ which would seize and smash the illegal equipment. As one author noted, this forced them to set up an elaborate warning system. Jewish lookouts would keep watch while they were filming and when they observed the Trust ‘police’ on their way, they would quickly pack up their cameras and flee as fast as possible to another ‘filming’ location.

However, Laemmle knew that while the Trust controlled most of the movie cameras, they could not get their films into circulation without ‘movie houses.’ Edison and other non-Jewish movie makers distributed their movies through numerous non-Jewish independent ‘movie house’ owners across America. However, those owning the movie houses were completely independent and had no central distribution center or movie house chains.

Before Edison perfected his camera other individuals had developed a system of rapidly moving cards which depicted short scenes. The ‘pictograph’ system as it was called, was quickly seized upon by Jews as a means of making a fast buck by developing a series of cards depicting ‘movies’ of naked women or sex acts by couples. To exploit the ‘pictograph’ market Jews used their homes and buildings in New York to set up ‘Nickelodeons,’ which turned useless real estate into a means of making a fast buck—on this early form of pornography.

The Jewish ‘Nickelodeon’ system spread from New York and Carl Laemmle used the ‘Nickelodeons’ as a framework for organizing his own distribution system among his more than willing co-racialists nationwide. To fight the Trust they formed the Distributing and Sales Company.

To get the ‘goyim’s’ support, Laemmle allowed some non Jews to become involved and bring their movie houses and money into the venture. The non-Jews Robert Cochrane and Pat Powers merged their holdings with Laemmle. However, most of the funding for the DSC came from Jewish investors Laemmle had managed to get control over distribution facilities and over 300 theaters nationwide. In his drive for power over the Trust and his competitors, Laemmle formed Universal Movie Distributors with Cochrane and Powers.

After destroying his competitors at Mutual Film Distributors, Laemmle then proceeded to use his investors to push Cochrane and Powers out of Universal, and before long he was in total control and was nicknamed the ‘King of the Film Renters’ At this point the control of the movie industry went from the non-Jewish hands of the Trust into the hands of Laemmle, Fox and other Jews. They had won the fight for the control to the thinking of the American public.

The movie producers aligned with the Trust felt they were producing quality movies and wouldn’t distribute any ‘less than perfect’ films. Laemmle didn’t have that problem, and to keep the films flowing into his theaters and going through his distributors, he used every piece of junk film he could get his hands on. His motto was ‘the more the better.’ The Trust simply couldn’t keep up, because they could not understand the Jewish mentality.

The Trust still kept fighting back so these Jews decided to pull up roots in the East and head West to Hollywood, California where there would be over 3,000 miles distance between the Trust, the courts and the Trust’s ‘police.’

From that time on Hollywood became the motion picture capital of America. Edison and the members of the Trust felt that by producing wholesome movies they were helping to preserve the nation’s morals.

However, these Jews were not governed by moral standards. In the book Walt Disney Hollywood’s Evil Prince, Marc Eliot says: “Unlike their early East Coast counterparts, the heads of Hollywood’s studios were less interested in artistic experimentation than profit. They put on the screen what sold the most. The public was willing to pay to see films with sex and violence, and Hollywood was more than happy to make them.

“By the early twenties, all that remained of Edison’s Trust was the issue it had raised regarding the moral content of motion pictures. The federal government kept a close watch on Hollywood, the new capital of the film industry, to make sure the movies it produced remained ‘socially acceptable.’ However, Hollywood’s moguls had no idea of what was meant by ‘socially acceptable.’ They didn’t know if their movies were moral or immoral and couldn’t have cared less… The more a film made, the better it was…Whenever the industry came under attack for being morally corrupt, none of Hollywood’s owners believed the problem had anything really to do with morality.”

The members of the Trust couldn’t understand that Jews wanted control of the movies so they could promote their own social and religious agenda. In An Empire of Their Own: How Jews Invented Hollywood, the Jewish author, Neal Gabler says: “…But one major reason Edison and his cohorts lost their hegemony was that they misinterpreted what was at stake. They never seemed to understand that they were engaged in much more than an economic battle to determine who would control the profits of the nascent film industry; their battle was also generational, cultural, philosophical, even, in some ways, religious. The Trust’s members were primarily older white Anglo-Saxon Protestants who had entered the film industry in its infancy by inventing, bankrolling, or tinkering with movie hardware: cameras and projectors. For them, the movies themselves would always be novelties. The Independents, on the other hand were largely ethnics, Jews and Catholics, who had entered the industry by opening and operating its theaters.”

Trying to stop Jews from controlling the distribution of movies had cost the Trust $300,000 in legal fees. The Hollywood Jews had been hit with 289 lawsuits. Undaunted by the action taken by Edison and the Trust, they kept using his equipment. In a last ditch effort to stop them, Edison and his friends organized the General Film Company as a film exchange. However, by now it was too late: they had gobbled up half the market and had formed a monopoly that would thumb its noses at the ‘goyim’ from the Trust.

After Jews achieved complete control over the distribution of movies, they kept lowering the standards regarding morality and sex to the point where some members of Congress felt that film censorship was necessary and they introduced legislation to create a board of film censorship.

To get around this censorship board Hollywood Jews rapidly moved to form a ‘self regulating’ organization called the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America. (MPPDA) A non-Jew was picked to head the MPPDA, and this was former Postmaster General Will Hays who had been national chairman of the Republican party. In his book Marc Eliot says: “The Jewish power faction in Hollywood hoped choosing a Christian to regulate the moral content of their films would improve the overall image of its industry.”

Some members of Congress considered Hollywood not only to be immoral but also subversive. In 1929, U. S. Senator Smith Brookhart summed up the deteriorating situation in Hollywood as a battle between competing studios led by ‘bunches of Jews.’

By the late 1920s most of the move theaters in America were Jewish controlled and the means of distributing movies. With Jewish control of the movie industry from A to Z it was almost impossible for a non-Jew to get a break. One of those who fought the system was Walt Disney.

Disney was born in the Midwest and learned cartoon animating on his own. His attempts to get his short subjects and cartoons marketed ran into constant roadblocks from the ‘chosen’ elite who ran Hollywood. Disney was able to sell a number of animated cartoons he produced for small stipends. At that time one of the most popular cartoons was ‘Felix the Cat.’ Trying to produce a cartoon that would equal ‘Felix the Cat,’ Disney came up with a character called ‘Oswald the Rabbit.’

In an effort to get his work recognized, he contacted a New York distributor by the name of Margaret Winkler. Disney also produced a series of cartoons based on Alice in Wonderland, which Ms. Winkler contracted with him to produce. At this time a Hollywood Jew who had worked for Warner Brothers, Charles Mintz, was courting Ms. Winkler and upon seeing the ‘Oswald the Rabbit’ samples, could sense that ‘Oswald the Rabbit’ was every bit as good as ‘Felix the Cat’ and could make him rich. In order to get on Walt’s good side and get to ‘Oswald the Rabbit,‘ Mintz agreed to advance Walt $1,800 and to pay him for another eighteen cartoons in the ‘Alice’ series.

Jubilant, the Disney brothers took the deal and promptly set about purchasing a studio on Hyperion Avenue in Hollywood. Mintz had set the stage. After the Disney brothers had completed the construction of their modest studio, Mintz dropped the bomb on them. He told them that due to ‘lack of interest’ the ‘Alice’ series would have to be dropped and his contact with them would have to be cancelled. All this time Mintz had been traveling between Hollywood and New York making secret deals with his fellow co-racialist, Carl Laemmle. Laemmle wanted a cartoon character based on the ‘Felix the Cat’ to compete with ‘Felix the Cat.’ Mintz knew Disney had already created such a character, a rabbit named ‘Oswald.’

Disney, not paying much attention to the contacts that Mintz had negotiated with him, had in fact, signed away all rights to ‘Oswald the Rabbit’ and to all goods sold through the promotion of the cartoon.

Keeping his side of the bargain, Disney produced Trolley Troubles featuring Oswald and faithfully gave Mintz new cartoons in the series every two weeks at $2,500 a cartoon and “part of the box office” gross. Walt learned by accident that without his knowledge, known consent or participation, Mintz had made a secret deal with Laemmle to market merchandise based on ‘Oswald.’ When Walt complained, his brother Roy calmed him down by telling him that the sales of the merchandise would help promote the ‘Oswald’ series and make him money when customers came to see the movies.

Then in 1928 he and his wife went to New York to negotiate a new contact with Mintz. When they met Mintz, in a typically arrogant fashion, told Disney that his advance per cartoon had been cut to $1,800. He went onto tell Disney that if “he didn’t like it” the cartoon production would be taken over by a Mintz front called ‘Snappy Inc.’ and Walt’s own employees would be hired to produce the cartoons, in spite of him. Walt called his brother Roy and told him what had happened and Roy told him that Mintz, according to the contract that Walt had signed, owned all the rights to ‘Oswald’ including the name! Roy then informed Walt that the animators Walt had hired in Hollywood to help produce ‘Oswald’ had suddenly quit. The Hollywood Jews went straight to work for Mintz and the non-Jews that Disney had brought with him from the Midwest stayed loyal.

In desperation Disney appealed to Laemmle about his rights and he told Disney that he couldn’t help and that he would only deal with the series distributor, who was Mintz, also Jewish. Cut out by this Jewish group, Disney returned to Hollywood and created what was later to be known as ‘Mickey Mouse.’ After Mickey Mouse proved to be successful Carl Laemmle came to Disney in an effort to distribute the film. He offered to distribute Mickey Mouse if Disney would give him the copyright to it. It was now Disney’s turn, he turned him down flat.

Laemmle and his fellow Jewish distributors of films were known as the ‘Majors,’ and after he gave the cold shoulder to Laemmle, none of them would distribute his Mickey Mouse series. Being a gentile, Disney could not penetrate what Eliot describes as the ‘old world brotherhood.’ Disney then turned to another man who had, had a falling out with Laemmle and the ‘brotherhood,’ Pat Powers. Powers made a deal to distribute the series on a ‘states rights’ basis, to as many independent theaters as possible. Irregularities in the amount of earnings and the amount the Disney’s received brought about an end to the Disney/Powers alliance. However, as much as Disney searched he could not find a gentile distributor for his productions. Finally, he made a deal with Harry Cohen the head of Columbia Pictures. Sensing the profits to be made from Disney productions, Cohen fought off the other ‘chosen’ wolves in behalf of Disney.

The next problem faced by Disney as the popularity of his productions increased was organized crime and its efforts to form and control all movie based unions. The mob infiltrated the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) in their effort to control Hollywood. Behind the effort to control the Hollywood unions were Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, both Jewish. The third man in the troika of mobsters was Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano, the ‘Sicilian’ gangster who was responsible for massacring his fellow Sicilians in the 1920s when they had to be eliminated in order for him to make an alliance with Jews.

Even when Disney had found distributors he was always in need of money to cover production costs and expansion. Disney severed his dealings with Columbia Pictures and United Artists took over distribution of Disney productions. One of Disney’s most successful cartoons was the Three Little Pigs. In the original Three Little Pigs, there was a scene where the Big Bad Wolf disguised himself as a Jewish peddler to trick one of the pigs into opening the door. As soon as word leaked out about this scene, representatives of a number of Jewish organizations beat a path to Disney to get the ‘offensive’ scene removed.

Disney removed the scene and told the Hollywood Jews that the scene was a spoof depicting Carl Laemmle’s continuous efforts to “blow down the house of Disney.” Julius Schenck of United Artists, which was distributing Disney productions, had carefully set a trap for Disney. Schenck recommended that Disney seek funding from the Bank of America, and personally contact UA’s financial advisor at the bank, Joseph Rosenberg. He gladly opened a line of credit for Disney, but never gave him enough so he could be effective and later helped bring down the Disney empire. Disney constantly found himself the victim of walkouts by Jews he had hired or by Marxist agitators who were constantly forming unions in Hollywood.

Through the unions Hollywood Jews constantly used unions to curb the growth of Disney productions. An effort to break the control of the Majors over Hollywood was made when several independent film makers formed The Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers (SIMPP). SIMPP was formed to challenge the majors domination of production, exhibition and distribution. The leading non-Jews in SIMPP were William Cagney, Walt Disney, Mary Pickford, Edward Small, Orson Wells and Walter Wagner. A few Jewish studio moguls who had found themselves cut out of the action by the insiders of the ‘old world elite’ supported SIMPP and these were: David O. Selznick, Sol Lesser and Sam Goldwyn. The dictatorial control of the Jewish ‘Majors’ is described in Walt Disney Hollywood’s Dark Prince: “For the most part, the Majors were still controlled by the same group of men who had first broken the iron grip of the old Edison Trust. Ironically, a quarter of a century later, their success had led them to create an even more anti-competitive environment than the one from which they had desperately fled. So much so that no independent film could gain national distribution unless the filmmaker or studio dealt with one of the Majors, who not only controlled all the distribution networks but owned virtually every first run theater in the country….” Disney raised the ire of the Majors when he publicly attended America First meetings and had even stood beside Charles Lindbergh at one rally.

To retaliate the red dominated unions kept strife going at the Disney studios. In the early 1930s it was a well known fact that the sympathies of the majority of Jews in Hollywood was in favor of Socialism and Communism. In An Empire of Their Own, Neal Gabler talks about communist influence in Hollywood. He says: “Jews had first forged ties to the parties of the Left, and to the Communist party specifically, back in Europe…one leading Communist estimated that 50 percent of the Party’s members were Jewish during its heyday in the thirties and forties, and a large minority—sometimes a majority—of the Party leadership was Jewish…What was true of the national Party was even truer in Hollywood, where they already formed a large part of the left leaning artistic community…One member complained that nearly 90 percent of the Party in Los Angeles was Jewish…Ring Lardner, Jr., himself a Party member had the “impression that it was well over 50 percent, somewhat like, maybe, two thirds.”

As it became apparent that the Communist movement in the United States was mainly Jewish led, congressman Samuel Dickstein of New York, who was an Eastern European born Jew, took steps to protect his co-racialists. He moved to have a special committee set up in Congress to investigate those who were pouring forth documents proving that Jewish Bolsheviks were running the Soviet Union and had killed almost thirty million Russians and Ukrainians and were the leaders of the Communist movement in Europe.

By calling all those who dared to criticize Jewish groups as ‘Nazi’ Dickstein felt that he could bully loyal Americans into silence. In January of 1934 Congress voted to establish a House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) to investigate German activities in the United States. The bias of Dickstein was so apparent that by 1937 his anti-German and anti-Gentile rantings and ravings in congress were drawing attention to other Jews. When he tried to get the HUAC mandate renewed, it measure failed.

The Hollywood Jews then backed Congressman Martin Dies, a non-Jew, in setting up a committee with the same name under his chairmanship. Dies voiced their concern in An Empire of Their Own, when he said: Many of our Jewish citizens wanted Dickstein eliminated because they felt he was furnishing ammunition to the Nazis and other anti-Semitic movements.” By 1939 Die’s investigation of subversion in America had opened his eyes to the fact that facts uncovered by the Committee substantiated the claim that Hollywood was, indeed, pro-Communist as many so-called ‘anti-Semites’ had claimed. Gabler quotes Dies as telling key figures in Hollywood: I told the producers that we had reliable information that a number of film actors and screenwriters and a few producers either were members of the Communist Party, followed the Communist line, or were used as dupes, and that there was evidence that the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League was under the control of the Communists.”

Dies retired from Congress in 1944 and a fiery Congressman named John Rankin of Mississippi used his influence to get the HUAC made a permanent committee of Congress. Rankin’s investigations further opened his eyes to the fact that Hollywood Jews were behind the anti-moral assault on America. Rankin told the press that: “…the information we get is that (Hollywood) is the greatest hotbed of subversive activities in the United States. We’re on the trail of the traantual now, and we’re going to follow through…We are not trying to hound legitimate writers, but we are out to expose those elements that are insidiously trying to spread subversive propaganda, poison the minds of your children, distort the history of our country, and discredit Christianity…alien minded communistic enemies of Christianity, and their stooges are trying to take control over the radio. Listen to their lying broadcasts in broken English and you can almost smell them…They are now trying take over the motion picture industry, and how to high heaven when our Committee on un-American Activities propose to investigate them. They want to spread their un-American propaganda, as well as their …immoral, anti-Christian…before the eyes of your children in every community in America.”

Jews founded the HUAC in an effort stifle legitimate criticism of their activities in America, and by 1945 it had gone full circle and was being used as a legitimate vehicle for patriots to go after those who were influenced by Communism and trying to change the thinking of America. This gave Walt Disney and other non-Jews who had been discriminated against by the ‘Majors’ a chance to try to bring an end to the Jewish domination of Hollywood, and the HUAC hearings went on well into the mid 1960s. Disney and his Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals tried to break the Jewish Communist stranglehold on Hollywood. As the MIAPIA and the HUAC fought the red/Jewish influence in Hollywood, the reds kept striking back by fomenting one strike after the other against Disney and others who opposed them.

Walt openly vowed to keep the commies out of his studio and told the press that the strikes at his studio were fomented by the Communist Conspiracy. Again Eliot says: “Ever since Sinclair’s gubernatorial campaign helped unify Hollywood’s left, the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) had made its presence felt by championing the rights of the film industry’s workers. The CPUSA played a vital role in the Screen Writers Guild’s long battle to exist, thus helping to make legitimate the industry’s burgeoning union movement.”

In 1941 the CPUSA backed strikers at Disney Studios who were fomenting trouble through the Screen Writer’s Guild. Most of the Disney staff walked out ‘on strike.’ Pressure was brought on Disney to settle the strike by Bank of America representative, Rosenberg, who told him that the effects of the strike would “damage his relationship with the Bank of America.” The Jewish tentacles through the Bank of America were brought to bear on Disney. A further attack was launched on Disney by King Features when Jewish groups accused Disney of being a ‘Nazi’ because they claimed that there was a swastika drawn in a Mickey Mouse cartoon in a panel in a cartoon on June 19th, 1940. The swastika was “in the form of two crossed musical notes.”

Efforts to get Disney to support Roosevelt and his ‘get us into war’ effort failed as long as Walt Disney kept tight control over his studio. In an effort to get Disney away from the studio Roosevelt instructed Nelson Rockefeller to make Disney a part of a tour to South America by actors allegedly sent to “counter Nazi propaganda in South America.” Rockefeller had been named the ‘Official Coordinator’ of the State Department’s Inter-American Affairs group. Roosevelt was particularly concerned because of Disney’s appearances at America First rallies alongside Charles Lindbergh. From all indications, Roy Disney was a part of the plot to get Walt away from the Disney studio so the “strike could be settled” and so Walt could ‘clear’ himself of the charges leveled against him of being a ‘Nazi’ sympathizer. Walt and his entourage left for South America on August 17th, and on the 9th of September, Roy Disney met with James F. Dewy and agreed to ‘arbitration’ to settle the strike. When Walt received news of the sell out by Roy, he vowed to close down the studio forever rather then have the red dominated Cartoonists Guild run his studio. It seems that Roosevelt and the Hollywood Jews had made plans well in advance to shut down Disney studios.

On December 8th, 1941 the Army seized Disney studios claiming that they had to use it as a ‘defense station’ to protect Lockheed which was nearby. Disney’s studio was the only one seized by the government. His studio and production facilities sequestered by the government, Disney was now without a job. The next step in the plot against Disney was when the Naval Bureau of Aeronautics contacted him and offered him $80,000 to make twenty animated training films. The anti-Disney move was evidently orchestrated by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau.

According to Disney he had been forced to ‘accept that Jew’ Morgenthau, and was being forced by circumstances to be used by Morgenthau “…to deliver political propaganda films that cashed in on the popularity of that all American mouse Mickey…” Disney referred to his cartoon characters as captives who were forced to perform for the Stromboli-like Morgenthau.”

The ‘crowning achievement’ of Morgenthau was to have Disney produce a cartoon featuring Donald Duck which openly mocked Hitler, with the title Der Fuhrer’s Face. According to Eliot, this move by Morgenthau produced ‘more animosity’ between Disney and Morgenthau, as Disney made the movie under protest. However, Morgenthau made it look like Disney approved of the project and had him given awards by Hollywood and moved more business his way. The studio was returned to Disney eight months after it was closed.

Trying to ad insult to injury, the National Council of Christians and Jews contacted Disney in an effort to get him to make a cartoon to promote ‘unity’ in America. They told him that the move would ‘depict human prejudices.’ Disney rejected the proposal outright and said it was a disguised attempt by the National Council of Christians and Jews to promote communism in America.

This attempt to recruit him by the ‘Brotherhood’ gang confirmed Disney’s view that Hollywood was being consumed by communism. In response he set out to make ‘battle plans’ to counter their moves and to recruit ‘soldiers’ for the fight against the reds in Hollywood. One of the first moves he made was to help found the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals in 1944. He was a co-chairman of the organization and among its members were: Robert Taylor, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Ward Bond, Charles Coburn, Adolphe Menju, Hedda Hopper and sixty five other key Hollywood personalities.

As vice-president of the MPA, Disney wrote to Senator Robert R. Reynolds and called on the House Committee on Un-American Activities to investigate red influence in Hollywood. In his open letter of March 7, 1944 Disney said that Hollywood had been “coddling Communists…and those with un-American beliefs.”

Having been denied access to the power and profits of Hollywood by the Jews and Communists, Disney felt it was time to strike back. Both Disney and the Jew Samuel Goldwyn had been cut off from full market access by the ‘big five’ who controlled most of the theaters in America: Paramount, Loews, Warner’s, Twentieth Century Fox and RKO. When the Fox owned T & D theaters insulted Goldwyn when he wanted to exhibit his movie Up In Arms, Disney joined with Goldwyn in trying to break the hold of the ‘big five’ over film distribution. They rented the El Patio nightclub to review the movie and then all hell broke loose.

The power of the ‘big five’ was evident when the Reno county commissioners issued multiple violations for the El Patio and the fire department said it would prevent the showing. To appease the ‘big five’ the proceeds of the showing had to be contributed to the Red Cross. Legal action was taken to break up the ‘big five’ monopoly by SIMPP and in the case of the United States of America vs. Paramount the supreme court ruled that the ‘big five’ were prohibited from expanding their holdings and control over the production, distribution and exhibition of movies. A small victory for Disney, but a victory, nonetheless.

The actions of Disney, SIMPP and the handful of patriots in Hollywood led to the House Committee on Un-American Activities investigating hundreds of reds in Hollywood, mostly Jewish. A number of the most notorious reds were blacklisted by Hollywood movie makers because of fear that the HUAC would also investigate them. The ban on outright reds in Hollywood lasted until around 1965. After that many of those ‘blacklisted’ by the HUAC were back in Hollywood making movies ‘exposing’ their ‘persecution.’ One of the first efforts by the reds to show their rehabilitation and power over Hollywood was the movie the Front, by Woody Allen. From screenwriters to producers to actors those involved in the movie the Front, were Hollywood reds who had been investigated by the HUAC and had been fired from their jobs by Jewish studio owners and producers who were afraid not to fire them.

The Jewish owners of the major studios knew that to allow those named as Communists by the HUAC to keep working would provoke the HUAC to investigate them as well. To circumvent this, the Jewish studio owners put a number of them on the ‘blacklist’ which kept them from working. However, as depicted in The Front, most of them kept working by hiring front men to use their names on their manuscripts. It seems that Americans have short memories and by the time Walt Disney died in 1966, the Jewish reds were back in Hollywood thumbing their noses at those who had fought so hard to bring Hollywood back under American control.

Always short of funds, Disney found a temporary ally in billionaire Howard Hughes. Hughes had purchased RKO studios and distribution and was also wary of the Jewish control of not only Hollywood but America. Hughes loaned Disney millions of dollars—interest free, which Disney paid back in full. While a good businessman, Hughes was a poor movie studio manager. Perhaps, when he took RKO over from Jewish control; the Jews who stayed on found it in their interest to break Hughes by producing flop after flop for him, as they have recently done to Columbia Pictures.

In any case, Disney wanted his own means of distribution and founded Buena Vista. Hughes offered to give Disney RKO for free and also give him a $10 million credit line with no interest rate. However, Disney’s advisors soured him on the deal and he turned it down. Again, was it Rosenberg of the Bank of America who advised him to turn down the deal, fearing that in charge of RKO he would become a major challenge to the Jewish domination of Hollywood? After fighting the Jewish powers that control Hollywood, Disney became fascinated by the idea of forming theme parks. He eventually turned over control of Disney studios to his brother Roy and devoted full time to fulfilling his theme park dream. Disneyland opened in 1955 and Walt Disney died December 5, 1966 after a long bout with cancer. Then the battle for the ‘Magic Kingdom’ began.

One of the major drawbacks to Disney was the fact that his older brother Roy, was an accountant who turned manager. Roy had no vision and no courage to stand up for his convictions. When things got tough, Roy would always cave in to the opposition and even go against Walt’s wishes, as happened during WW II when he moved to settle the red strike against the Disney studios when Walt was out of the country.

Walt’s venture into the ‘new’ TV phenomena in the 1950s with the ‘Mousketeers’ was successful beyond his dreams. However, Walt spared nothing in developing, directing and producing the ‘Mousketeers’ and after the expense of production, the show lost money for Disney. He kept it going because it promoted Disney products, brought the Disney concept to national TV and he felt it would be a key vehicle for promoting his new Disneyland concept. Walt’s first choice for Disneylandia, as he first called it, was Burbank. However, the attempt to build it there ran into constant trouble from the city council, which Walt felt was being influenced against him by Universal Studios. He then built Disneyland in Anaheim.

With the Mickey Mouse Club, ABC and the Jew Leonard Goldenson made their mark as a competing network. The Disney shows on ABC made it into a real competitor with the CBS and NBC. Around 1960 Disney complained to Goldenson that there were too many commercials on the shows. As other Jews had done to Disney, Goldenson cancelled the two Disney shows. ABC had now made so much money off Disney that they could produce their own shows and, again Disney was cut out of his fair share of Hollywood profits by the Jewish ‘Brotherhood.’ To keep his shows on national TV Disney approached NBC. However, Goldenson refused to let Disney out of his contract and Disney took ABC to court. In the end ABC turned over all rights to Disney productions and products to Walt and cut all ties with him. As Disney became more absorbed in his theme park he started shifting more responsibility to his son in law Ron Miller. This caused animosity from his brother Roy who felt that his son Roy E. Disney should be the future ‘King’ of the Disney Empire.

The problem was that neither Ron, Roy or Roy E. were really able to handle the Disney conglomerate and future events would prove this out. When Walt died the bulk of his estate went to the his wife and the female members of the family. His brothers Roy and Raymond were left out of the will as Walt believed that men should make their own livings and didn’t need his help. In 1967 Ron Miller and Roy E. Disney were elected to the studio’s board of directors. Since both were antagonistic to each other, two ‘committees’ were formed to run the Disney Empire.

Roy senior died in 1971, opening Disney up to challenges from all sides. Some Walt Disney loyalists were appointed to key positions in the studio and this didn’t fit well with Roy E. Loyalist Card Walker became the president of Walt Disney Productions and Roy E. resigned from the board. However, the stock his father had given him made him the largest single stockholder. Ron Miller and his associates at Disney then proceeded to make a series of movie ‘flops’ and this prompted Roy E. to make moves he believed would keep the studio from going under. Advising Roy E. in his moves was attorney Stanley Gold, another Hollywood insider.

Gold urged Roy E. to hire his former law partner Frank Wells. Wells had been a vice-president at Warner Brothers. Roy felt he was in ‘good hands’ with what studio employees called the ‘Troika.’ As soon as he was in place, Frank Wells, who was Jewish, recommended that the studio hire Michael Eisner to replace Ron Miller. Eisner had been the president of Paramount Pictures, and had been recommended for the job by Barry Diller, Jewish, who was chairman of Warner Brothers. Seeing discontent at Disney, Saul Steinberg, also Jewish, felt that Disney was ripe for a corporate takeover. Using rumors of discontent, they drove Disney stock down almost 50% causing a near panic at the studio. Roy E’s stock fell from $80 million to $50.

Roy was advised that a corporate takeover could be fought and that junk bond king Michael Milken was the man to ‘save‘ Disney. He was hired by Roy E., Gold and Wells without the knowledge of the other board members.

Roy E. had wanted to purchase back most of the Disney stock to stop the proposed junk bond takeover. However, Jews at the Bank of America advised him that Steinberg could raise so much funny money that Disney would not be able to do so. At this point corporate raider Ivan Boesky entered the fray and made millions on the stock based on inside information he had received from Jewish insiders at Disney.

The Hollywood Jews were now in a position to completely take over Disney. The Jews at Disney convinced the board to pay what is called ‘greenmail’ to Steinberg and he was given a $31 million dollar pay off to call off his fight to take over Disney. Roy E’s Jewish advisors came out on top taking control of Disney while Roy E. was ‘paid off’ by being made Chairman of Walt Disney Feature Animation at a yearly salary of $850,000. Gold convinced Roy E. that Ron Miller was responsible for the decline at Disney and that he should be replaced. Miller was asked by the board to step down and on August 17, 1984 the board asked Miller for his resignation. He resigned and his seat was taken over by the Stanley Gold – Jewish. They had effectively eliminated Disney heir apparent Ron Miller and now they started moving more Jews into Disney.

On September 22, 1984 the board of directors appointed Michael Eisner and Frank Wells to head Disney Productions. Eisner then brought Jeffrey Katzenberg, also Jewish, over to Disney from Paramount. Katzenberg’s job was to ‘revamp’ Disney studios. Old Disney loyalists were considered by the self ‘chosen’ to be ‘dead weight’ and over 400 were fired and replaced by a hand picked Jewish team from Paramount. Former Morris Agency employee David Hoberman was put in charge of Disney subsidiary Touchstone Pictures. Richard Frank was recruited from Paramount to ‘revitalize’ Disney’s television interests.

Jews had now taken over control of Disney. They used the Touchstone and Miramax to make racy and anti-Christian movies that Walt Disney would never have allowed at his studio.

Although gays were prohibited from any activities at Disneyland while Walt was alive, after the Jewish takeover, Eisner openly invited and courted homosexual groups to hold ‘dances’ and events at the theme parks. As we go to press a number of magazines have carried news articles gloating over how “Disney would be turning in his grave” if he knew what had now happened to his theme parks and movie productions. From the very beginning Disney was considered a ‘goy’ outsider by Jews who stole from Thomas Edison. They had defied the ‘goy’ Edison and by their tenacity had beaten him. They blocked out Disney because he wasn’t one of the self ‘chosen’ and Disney had to fight his whole life to break into the closed Jewish society called Hollywood. Disney didn’t like Jews and used every means at his disposal to counter them.

According to Eliot, Disney at an early age had been informed by his father about the self ‘chosen’ and how they operated. For awhile Disney was able through the HUAC to root out those Jews and non-Jews in Hollywood who had supported Communist causes. At least for fifteen or twenty years, he had his revenge. While Disney was alive the ‘Magic Kingdom’ remained in good hands in spite of his spineless brother Roy. His self chosen heir, Ron Miller proved to be no match for Ray and the ruthless Jews who became his close advisors.

Disney who was the descendant of Crusaders who left their village of Isgny in 1066 to fight the good fight, fought the good fight all his life. While alive he manned the ramparts and like his Crusader ancestors fought off the anti-Christ Hollywood Jews. However, despite his efforts he could not defeat the forces who made up the anti-Christ kingdom called Hollywood. They may gloat while they savor their victory in storming and taking the last Christian stronghold in Hollywood. However, he who laughs last, laughs best, and the time will come when Walt Disney will have his victory over the self ‘chosen.’


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people“

32 thoughts on “Walt Disney versus The Hollywood Jews–FROM THE CDL REPORT, 1999

  1. You have to admire Walt Disney for having the back bone to do what he did. He was a special agent of the FBI for years and reported directly to Hoover on anti-American activities in Hollywood. After his death, the rumors flew around, and continue to this day. As for edison, it is no surprise that his invention was whored by a certain group. Hell, they do the same thing with our money ie; Federal reserve. Too bad the movies were twisted into sick, debasing trash, instead of works of art or education. Then again, all forms of media have been corrupted. I will close with this, showing why they degrade our world:
    Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine, said (on lukeford.com) … “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism. “Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged”.

  2. What a horrible, horrible story of how the Bolshevik maggots succeeded in their quest to take over Hollywood and media in general. It was no less than “Revolutionary” what they did.

    I salute Walt Disney for his bravery in dealing with this toxicity, sometimes at great personal expense. No wonder it is very vague where he might be buried. His final wish might have been that he did not want his grave desecrated by these demons.

    I remember hearing about “Gay Days” at Disneyland in the 70’s and being sickened by it even as a teenager.

    These “people” (and I use the term loosely) are a menace to the human race. It will take a supreme act of God to deal with them effectively. They are no match for any man (goy) on earth.

    In the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

  3. This is a very penetraing comment on how the Jews seized the Gentile technologies and used it against the Chrisitan nation of America.

    The quotation from Neal [the Jew] Gabler from “An Empire of Their Own : How Jews Invented Hollywood” should not pass unremarked.

    He is correct in his statement that Edison and his cohorts, The Trust (identified as White AngloSaxon Protestants) lost their hegemony in the profits” in the film industry because “they misinterpreted what was at stake”:…”the battle was also generational, cultural, philosophical and even in some cases religious.”

    Gabler contrasts the limitations of the The Trust with The Independents who wanted control of the cinema so they could promote their own social and religious agenda. He identifies The Independents as “largely ethnics, Jews and Catholics.”

    He never distinguishes between the Jews and the Catholics both of which did understand that control of the cinema means control of the culture. We are left to assume that the interests of The Trust and the Catholics are somehow opposed because he lumps the Catholics in with the Jews.

    This is dysinformation. The Catholics opposed the Jews in the takeover of the cinema.

    This is a fact of matter in the public record that can not be censored or spun.

    Time Magazine on June 11, 1934 went into full scale alert when it reported the formation of the Legion of Decency.

    “For many a year, the U.S. churches have deplored what they call the brazen indecency of U.S. cinema. Their clergy have lobbied for censorship bills. Their journals have crusaded. But for all the zeal the churches have accomplished very little.”

    Until the Legion of Decency was organized under the leadership of the Most Reverend John Timothy McNicholas, the Archbishop of Cincinnati.

    “Last week, led by members of the Roman CAtholic Church, they were embarked on a new crusade, brandishing a new weapon: the boycott.”

    Jews have always tried to interpret Christian collective action as pushing dogma [down the throats of the masses] in a nation where church and state were separate and freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution.

    What this has come to mean is that there is no separation between synagogue and state and everyone has freedom of religion except for the Christians.

    The Legion of Decency exposed this game in the takeover of the film industry by organising a united Christian approach to Hollywood’s assault on natural law and fundamental standards of decency and propriety and Christian morals.

    “That they [the Legion] was in earnest impressed even hard boiled Variety, which for once put aside its racy style to tell bout the Legion of Decency in a straightforward article headlined: [their caps] CATHOLICS WOULD ENLIST ALL FAITHS – need [that is Jew need] for Prompt Action to avert Drastic Penalties Upon Picture Indurstry Urged in East – Real Danger – ”

    And Jewry had reason for alarm. The US Catholic population in 1934 was 20,000,000. Significant numbers of Protestant churches joined the Legion.

    The Protestants to their credit put aside their opposition to the hated papists and joined the Legion.

    But there was one notable Christian absence frOm the Roll of honour of THe united Organisation for Decency in the American public square as a legiOn eXemplary for natural law, basic standards of decency and Christian morals in America.

    The Legion of Decency was tasked to create a code that upheld standards. Cinema that Violated the Legion’s code was printed by name of the film, principle actors and studio.

    Because the Legion of Decency had the imprimatur of the Nuncio, the films to be boycotted could be printed in every parish bulletin, as well as the publications of the lay sodalities for Catholic apostolic action such as Knights of Columbus who joined the Legion.

    They organized conventions, forums and put information in Catholic radio and media. They organized Rosary novenas before the Most Blessed Sacrament to save America from the sins of impurity, blasphemy, mammon etc. that were being unleashed upon the nation by films like:

    “The Trumpet Blows” Paramount “This absolutely unwholesome unattractive George Raft is the ‘hero’; loose in his relationships with women and a thorough no-account. It is unfit for any decent person to see or approve.” Protest to Paramount, Hollywood, Ca.

    It was the ‘papists who are not a church’ who fought the long defeat with no thanks from anyone – especially their fellow christians.

    ‘Jesus and me’ Christians do not get it that to oppose the organised forces of anti-Christ (which are organised, which have command structure and network), the Christian opposition (the Church Militant) must also be organized).

    Christian Zionists and JudeoChristians who worship Jesus the Good Jew and re-established state of Israel as the fulfillment of G_d’s word in prophecy are Jew firsters. They will never opposed Jewry.

    Christian sects united by their hatred of ‘papists and heretics who are not a church’ can not muster postive focus. They require a negative focus to unite – against Jews, Catholics.

    The reason why decent, wholesome and delightful entertainment such as that provided by Disney studios was possible at all in America after the Jew takeover of the movie industry is due to the Catholic Apostolic Action and later the efforts of Senator MacCarthy (a Roman Catholic) and his Committee investigating UnAmerican Activities – namely the Communist Party USA – which was also organised to demoralise the American people.

    And JudeoCommunist goals have been relentlessly promoted in all Jew owned media.

    The Roman Catholic boycott has never been rescinded. As Jew controll is now total in all media that would now be all films and all tv.

  4. Brother… I love you for the enlightening, informational, and documented truths that you have revealed here today. God Bless you.
    I do have to ask you, for myself, for you, and for the major part of America, who will never read your words based on the term that you use…”The Jews”, to dig a little deeper…and see whom Jesus was referring to when he spoke of the “Jews”. I ask you this because you are one who can get a message across in your means of writing, that I believe can never come across otherwise, as to who the real “Jews” are, and who the Hebrews are. Study the “Babylonian Talmud” and whom those who wrote it were…and then consider the fact that, not only was Jesus a Jew, but were also the “Multitude” who followed Him through the persecution, from Galilee…to the mount of Olives…
    The Jews, ( Zionist ) Kabbalist…etc… or… Khazars(Asheke(Nazi) Jews…are NOT the descendants of Abraham…
    Do this, and you will not only draw Massive or (Multitudinous) Following…but also explain what I could never do in a blog, nor could Mel Gibson do in a multi Million dollar movie,regardless of his drunken, Catholic communicable inability to reveal what he absolutely knows in his heart…and you will speak of more truth… than you could ever imagine.


    After reading this a second time – I am really angry. I suggest that every parent that has children of the age of reason and has had their childhood enhanced by the joys of Disney – be told the truth about the way the Godless filthy lying Jews act in REAL LIFE! Parents should also inform their children of the horrible filth that the Jews produce using the good name of Disney with their Miramar and Touchstone soft/porn studios which churn out anti-Christian Jew trash which Walt Disney would NEVER have allowed. Check it out for yourself. IF – you don’t protect and inform YOUR OWN CHILDREN of the filth these jews get rich on- who will?

    Just one of MANY ugly facts about Jew owned Disney. Did you know that Jew Disney is the ONLY theme part that has refused to cooperate with authorities to protect YOUR children against the pedophiles that dominate their organization. I personally heard the Jew scum Eisner in an interview – when challenged with an allegation that over ten% of his employees were homosexual perverts – the Jew – Eisner arogantly responded: Why – NO: its more like 35-40% I rest my case!

  6. Congratulation to Joe and Lynda on their terrific article and comments.

    If I may, I would like to make the public aware of the Jewish lies and influence not only in America but almost everywhere.
    One of such places is also Poland.

    “The 69th anniversary of the murder of Jews in polish Jedwabne”.

    On Saturday, 17 July 2010, the representatives of Podlasie and its governor, the President’s Chancellery and the Polish Council of Christians and Jews prayed in honor with wreaths and flowers for the Jews murdered sixty nine years ago, allegedly burnt alive in a barn, in the town of Jedwabne.
    It was the anniversary day of the ‘Jewish slaughter’.

    The anniversary celebration with the participation of delegates from Warsaw, the Association of Jewish Communities and the Israeli ambassador in Poland, and also representatives from the Institute of National Remembrance was held on Sunday attended by 30-40 people.

    At the monument commemorating the victims of the murder, in the place of the burnt barn, where 69 years ago the Jews have perished, the attendees sung psalms in Hebrew and Polish, and lit candles. Later, prayers for the dead were also held on the nearby Jewish cemetery.

    During the investigation into this massacre, the Institute of National Remembrance has determined that the murder of around 340 Jews, on 10 July 1941 in Jedwabne, was committed by the local Polish population on the inspiration of the Germans. At least 300 people were burned alive in the barn, and at least 40 others were killed earlier in an “unidentified” way, when the Jews gathered at the market town.
    However,the investigation was suddenly discontinued by the INR in 2003, after the exhumation of the bodies, reason being as per Rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz, Michael Schudrich saying; “Respect for the bones of our victims is more important for us than to know who died and how, and who killed them and how.”
    What a shameless statement … Not showing any interest in the truth, but immediately assuming the guilt of POLES … And what a disgrace that the INR somehow have not fully confirmed the Jewish accusation.

    Ultimately, it was decided that the sole purpose of the exhumation was to be only to establish the number of people murdered and verification of the hypothesis of the existence of other graves.

    Upon opening the graves and the visual assessment of the remains on 4 June 2001 any further investigation was discontinued “due to depletion of research evidence”.
    Hmm…an inconvenient truth?

    Therefore the lack of having any strong proof against alleged ‘Polish barbarism’, the discontinuation of exhumation, examination of the bodies and the closing down of the entire investigation raises some very serious questions.
    What was really found there:
    Burnt bodies or perhaps bullet holes?
    What about the historical truth?!
    Isn’t it similar to the manipulation of the truth in the media such as ‘Polish concentration camps’?
    Is anyone buying into the stated explanation of considerations for the Jewish ritual (“due to the respect of the dead victims”) not to examine their bodies?

    How ridiculous!
    The Jews seem to now love the German Nazis more than the Poles who helped them and were often killed for their trouble.

    Meanwhile, another tragic anniversary on the 11th July, this time for the Poles was only quickly flashed by the media so that it was hardly even noticed.
    The link below is extremely important to understand the extent of this tragedy
    Please click the English version on the left.

    Yet no one seems to want to remember THESE atrocities.
    So, in the name of good relations with Ukraine we learn that these tens of thousands of murdered Poles are insignificant.

    The Poles have been waiting 70 long years for the Russians to officially acknowledge the slaughter of 22,000 most valuable Polish officers in Katyn by the NKVD.
    But President Lech Kaczynski and the other most prominent Polish diplomats never got the chance to pay homage with wreaths or to say a prayer for the victims. They were assassinated on the way there!!!

    And what about the three million forgotten Polish citizens who have lost their lives in the II World War as well?
    The First Target: Neighboring Poland. – “All Poles will disappear from the world…. It is essential that the great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy all Poles.” Heinrich Himmler

    Hitler attacked Poland from three directions on September 1, 1939 and Soviet Union on September 17 the same year.
    Of the 11 million people killed during the Holocaust, six million were Polish citizens. Three million were Polish Jews and another three million were Polish Christians and Catholics.
    Most of the remaining mortal victims were from other countries including Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France and even Germany.
    Does anyone remember them all over the world for the sake of a better future?
    Yes, the Jews certainly make sure of this and hunt down every war criminal.

    Will anyone ever make them accountable for the slaughter of Palestinians?

    The Jewish Remembrance Day was viewed uninterrupted, commercial free on polish Television and for the whole world to see.

    Well… of course, one must NOT Forget to mention that the polish TV and media is owned by the Jews and quite obviously favours mostly the Jewish stories.

    Now I ask; why some war crimes must be forgotten for the sake of a better future , while OTHER crimes for the sake of a better future should never be forgotten?

  7. It was inspiring to read a true account of the Hollywood treachery to control every aspect of our media. People wonder why there are no great charactors like John Wayne and others. Because the Hollywood jew, as with any jew, needs weak, loyal dupes to do their bidding. Do you hear any actors speaking out on the Palestinian genocide? No. Weak dupes all. They are looking for the next mega million dollar deal to be doled out by their jew masters. Not only will Walt Disney have the last laugh! We all will! Boycott Hollywood and any form of media that does not meet the highest standard of the Christian intrest. The real Christian intrest. To be a true Christian is to be anti-semitic. Jesus was not politically correct. You don’t have to be either. Stop being bullied!

  8. Snakes of a feather slither together, don’t they? Look at this Jew “love-fest.” Probably the most demented, vile female comedienne the USA has ever had to endure and Eisner.

  9. @ Doug; Your Anti-Semitic Comment only goes to show your personal ignorance as to what it truly takes to be a follower of Christ, as well as your misunderstanding, of what the term; jew, really means now, and even did in the book of John.

    First of all, if you are going to be anti-Semitic, you will have to hate not only the Hebrew people, but, also the Arabs, as both are Semitic. Secondly…well, I’ll let Jesus say it, the way he said it best:

    Revelation 3:9
    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    The term (Jew ) used throughout the book of John is speaking of the(Rabbinical Jews) Pharisee’s; those who wrote their own Laws by CHANGING Gods law,for no other reason than that of their personal agenda and gain. (A practice strictly prohibited by the Word of God, which is what Jesus was showing and telling them his entire ministry), and should also be as strictly opposed by the true followers of Christ today, when the American Constitution is so fragrantly stepped on and changed.

    Unfortunately,the general puppets of this country are mostly blinded by the same stumbling stone as the (Part) of Israel were as defined in Romans 9, and other places…until the “Fullness of the Gentiles”

    I reiterate something from my earlier comment on this topic, in hopes that at least someone who still doesn’t understand the looseness and inappropriate use of the word “Jew” might just have the scales to fall from their own eyes:

    Jesus was Jewish, as were almost everyone who were following him, (Multitudes) throughout the book of John. Therefore, read it a little deeper, and see who those that the (King James Gang) were referring to when they mis-transliterated the words.

    Most will readily see the difference, if they are truly seeking truth by rightly dividing the Word as we are admonished, through Timothy by Paul.

    Others with contempt and hatred towards another racial group,are being snared by the diversionary tactics of the puppet masters, and probably still think that the “Gulf Oil Leak” was an accident.

    God Bless you all,
    Especially, the general Puppets. For we the “Sheeple” will all follow a leader. Which will it be?


  10. Only a total sucker would even go to, or rent these Khazar political psyops/movies today. The freakin bad guys from the 1970s are like the good guys today. It’s unreal. If you know the truth about the reality of the motion picture industry and are a wack job because of viewing that slime-you have only yourself to blame.

    If all these impressionable, naive, and often dumb kids knew that music, movies, video games were all designed to mess them up in the longhaul-could they overcome their addiction to anti-American, pinko, subversive “entertainment”? That would be an interesting concept to watch unfold.

    People, I really don’t know what the answer is for America. If everybody continues to act like wuss bag, retards-how can you and I make these people grow a brain and some guts?

    I don’t have faith in the masses either but, until more of them get their heads on straight and appreciate the nature of the situation-why should we suffer for them?

    They’ll regret handing over the greatest Nation in history to the NWO-the question is will it be too late when they do? Looking at the morons in Amerika today (by design of course through edumacation and the media) I think so.

    If the old heads in who were adults in the 50s had the internet to wake them up-theres no way this stuff would continue unaddressed. Their would be a contest for the precious gem of liberty if the majority of Americans still loved liberty like the old heads did.

  11. Mr. Cortina, I have read your blog posts for a few months now. I greatly admire your rebellious stance, and your passion on many subjects. I have much respect for you, but would like to show you something that you might find interesting.

    No doubt, under every dirty thing you will find a Jew or someone related to such a wretched group of humans, but it seems almost a little too convenient to keep on finding them there. Here is a website where a good man dissects many topics, it might be interesting to you.


    There is also another website wherein the author uses the media’s own ammunition to fire back at them. He is like you, in that he is sick of the wave of degradation overwhelming us.


    At first it may seem like ramblings of a mad-man, but it is your choice whether or not you want to check out the websites or not.

    Peace be upon you.

  12. Joe, that was a great article and horrible to read at the same time. I’ll print this out and give it to my kids (adults now) to read. I really do not know what it will take for this country to finally say “enough!” The Church of Jesus Christ is utterly and throughly corrupted. We are warned all thru the Bible, but those who say they read it are not really understanding the truth within those pages since they go to the spin masters to tell them what it means. Can’t offend the Jews, oh no. Even when they mock Jesus. Sickening.

  13. ADMIN COMMENT: It looks like many of you are connecting the dots and seeing the Jew -NOT JUST THE ZIONIST JEWS – for what 99% of them REALLY ARE – greedy amoral selfish cowardly duplicitous treacherous parasitic soulless scum!

    UNTIL ALL DECENT AMERICANS understand the FACT – that JEWS are the problem here and world-wide – and NOT ‘just’ Zionists – we are going to lose our nation and every freedom and blessing we have ever cherished.

    THE TRUTH – IS- THAT Jews have been poisoning the WORLD with their filthy sex and pervert infused lifestyles – lies greed criminal psychopath conduct and hatred of ALL things decent and loving and compassionate and pure for nearly twenty CENTURIES BEFORE ‘Zionism’ was invented by the sick twisted mind of the Jew.

    Whenever you hear this ‘good Jew’ bad Zionist Jew ignorant bullshit – remind these ‘intellectually challenged’ lemmings and useful idiots of the FACTS!

    Oh yes – and Satan’s sons who screamed for the blood and murder of Christ – 20 centuries ago – AND the ones I heard 20 years ago in Hebron screaming the EXACT same hate mantras – terrorizing local Christian Palestinians were NOT ZIONISTS either – just nasty demonic Godless JEWS – whose father is the Devil!!


  14. I’ve known about the ‘real’ Michael Eisner since 1970. He was a young wannabe in Hollywood, a kind of ‘What Makes Sammy Run’/Sammy Glick character — hustling to make connections with all the right people. I was living in Beverly Hills myself at the time. In that society, Eisner needed a female ‘escort’ when attending the parties of the rich and famous. He was still a ‘nobody’. He started being very attentive to my nextdoor neighbour, “Catherine” – a very well-connected lady in the television industry and advertising. She was then in her early 60’s, and she appreciated the polite attentions of this younger man. They went to all the right places together as a couple.

    I worked for the National General Theatre Chain in Los Angeles during this period. This was before the power struggles at Disney Studios. It was the era of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. The Disney people were wonderful at family-oriented promotions, events, picnics, you name it. Their distribution reps came to our office, and they were both professional and ‘nice’, spreading around the entertainment industry largesse ‘with a spoonful of sugar’ for everybody.

    Only 3 years later, I was working at the Executive Offices of ABC (they were on Sunset Boulevard then), and Michael Eisner was a top network producer there. Believe it or not, everyone was in absolute awe of him. He certainly rose quickly through the ranks. Correction: He was never IN the ranks.

    Later on, in 1987, I was working for Buena Vista/Touchstone/Disney Film Distribution in Toronto – Canada’s ‘Hollywood North’. According to my boss, who travelled frequently for meetings in California, Eisner’s entourage, the vice-presidents and top staffers, were gay. I personally could believe it, because a secretly gay film buyer I had known years before at National General was now one of Eisner’s vice-presidents also.

    At the time, my boss and I wondered how they avoided contracting AIDS.

    By the way – former governor Jerry Brown, now running for office again, ‘knows’ a lot of these people rather intimately, in a Biblical sense.

  15. The Early Works of Walt Disney
    “The Foundations of a Pedophilic Institution” Part 3

    People have a right to view this expose’ and make up their own minds. You are covering up the truth and that makes you either stupid or just as guilty. Are you too proud to admit you are WRONG? You should be ashamed. Anyone who can view this film and not put two and two is a fool or has no concern for the welfare of any child. We were all raised to believe Disney was something he was not and this world will stay in the same perverted mess it is in until some of you take a good honest look at your ‘sacred’ cows. Someway I will get this info to your faithful followers and let it be known how you decided they should not be alerted to the obvious truth.


  16. To the sick demented sadistic lyimg racist bastard known as Reb or Lenon Honor. I have seen some sick twisted sadistic perverted scum in my life but you take the cake. I was defending honor (not the crap you live your life by) withy my LIFE for this country a LONG before you were even born – you arogant insulting slanderous piece of crap! Don’t you EVER spew your God -mocking lyimg slanderous racist hate. How DARE you insult and slander me? I have children older than you are. Walt Disney died LONG before you were even born. Disney had NOTHING To do with angels in the outfield you moron. You don’t know CRAP about that wonderful man. I grew up with his clean – decent wholesome entertainmnet. Have the Jews paid you to slander this grat man’s name – as they have done with his once clean organization – or are you just geneticly stupid and evil. Get the hell of this site and stay off. You are the nastiest piece of human garbage I have encountered in some 40 years of journalism.

    You are banned forever! Go spread your racist hate and lies insults and slander somewhere else -scumbag! I will GLADLY share your slanderous lying insane hate site with decent mature educated Americans – so they can see how sick and demented you really are. I WANT them to see who and WHAT you REALLY are!

    BTW- If any of my loyal readers see this scum on this site befor I do – I would appreciate you telling him the way you feel about his kind of gargage – especially if you are old enough to remember the joy and innocent happiness that Walt Disney brought you and your family so long ago before the Jews took over.

    Yes my readers – I encourage you to go to this monster’s site and read the perverse filth that comes from his twisted mind. You will thank God he isn’t in your community.

  17. If any of you watched the video of Disney with this young girl you are stupid if you didn’t realize what was going on. Joe-blow is full of shit if he won’t acknowlege Walt was a pedophile before he was famous. Maybe Joe is one too. Joe, go F yourself. I am trying to put out the truth and you are a lying scumbag.

  18. I am a grandparent brought up on Disney but I have sense enough to look at the sickening evidence and face the facts. The Lenon Honor expose’ is solid proof of Disney as a pedophile way back in the 20’s and this evidence should be presented for all to make their own decisions. What more does anyone need? Joe, you are one hateful arrogant fool who refuses to see the truth. I guess all the victims of MKultra and Monarch mind control programs during the Senate and Congress hearings mean nothing to shits like you. You have no right to pretend you ever fought for the rights of anyone and you are obviously a shill for the powers that be. How much are you being paid to lie?

    “The truth is still the truth even in a minority of one.” Ghanddi

  19. Readers, please see the early years of Disney Part 3 and make your own decisions. Joe is a fool and a liar.

    The Early Works of Walt Disney
    “The Foundations of a Pedophilic Institution” part 3

    Even a FOOL can’t miss the implications of Disney and his sick agenda way back in the 1920’s before he was blackmailed to do the bidding of the powers that be. All perverts were the tools of the shadow government but Joe likes to lie for them. hmmmmmm

  20. BTW Joe, spoken like a true christian. Filth, hate and arrogance. Just like the mother church who forbade everyone to investigate for themselves, you tell the sheep what to think and believe. If you have nothing to hide or fear, what is your problem? You are wrong and that film made by Disney himself proves what he was and any man who views it and defends such a sick pervert is NO better and just as guilty at being a child molester. I don’t give a shit where or how long you served. The military is full of perverts who only seek to deceive and apparently you are ONE of them. Kiss my ass you sick piece of shit. Anyone who keeps following you after viewing that film deserves whatever the hell they get. LIAR!

  21. Blueshark, don’t try to educate Joe, he knows it all and will unlease the devil of hell upon your head for telling the truth. The devil hates the truth.

    Let us all sit at the feet of Joe and learn how stupid we all are. Joe knows it all and would never admit to being wrong. How sad for Joe. He is next in line to the prophets and will have a nasty reaction complete with profanity and damnations of hell for any who contradict ‘HIS WORD’. Keep following on little sheeple of the mighty ‘godly’ Joe. See where you end up.

  22. google MKUltra/Disney victims testimony before the Senate and hear the truth Joe hopes you never hear. Ask yourselves why and why he got so angry. Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver Joe Blow.

    The only others who got so out of sorts to the point of wishing death was the RCC who burnt books and people at the stake for telling the truth.

  23. Freedom of Speech as a Constitutional Right for all people???? Unless you are Joe Blow then you can decide who has this right. If you can prove Joe is an idiot who knows nothing, you will have no right to freedom of speech or anything else. My son is overseas at this very moment fighting so even Joe Blow can keep his rights. Unless you are singing the praises of your fearless leader, you have no right to read anything that he hasn’t approved and it must bow at his feet and declare him a ‘tin god’. What a small sad little man.

  24. Scripture says:

    Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. (2Jn 1:9-11)

    Yeah; we should have paid attention and been obedient. We should never have allowed evil Christ rejecting bastards to enter the nation. We are now partakers of their evil deeds.

    We need to repent; and atone for this terrible sin of our fathers. We need to kick the bastards out.


    David Letterman’s hate is as old as some ancient Hebrew prophets.
    Speaking of anti-Semitism, it’s Jerry Falwell and other fundy leaders who’ve gleefully predicted that in the future EVERY nation will be against Israel (an international first?) and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed, right?
    Wrong! It’s the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who predicted all this in the 13th and 14th chapters of his book! The last prophet, Malachi, explains the reason for this future Holocaust that’ll outdo even Hitler’s by stating that “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this” and asks “Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?”
    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the recent filthy, hate-filled, back-stabbing tirades by David Letterman (plus Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Joan Rivers, and Sarah Silverman) against Christians like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and explain why most Jewish leaders have seemingly condoned such “crucifixion”!
    While Letterman etc. are tragically turning comedy into tragedy, they are also helping to speed up and fulfill the Final Holocaust a la Zechariah and Malachi, thus helping to make the Bible even more believable!
    For even more stunning information, visit MSN, Google, Yahoo etc. and type in “Separation of Raunch and State,” “Michael the Narc-Angel,” “Obama Supports Public Depravity,” “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts” and “Obama Fulfilling the Bible.”
    PS – – – There’s nothing wrong with Hollywood that a 10-point earthquake couldn’t fix !!

  26. Jews are not Semites and tell you so in their own writings, so the term “anti-semite” is null & void of any meaning what so ever !!!

    “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

    “Edom is in Modern Jewry” ~ The Jewish Encyclopedia 1905 edition

  27. The evil Rothschild dynasty is and has been behind all the greedy pillaging of America, and has created an army of like minded to help them enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. They are three root cause of the problem, and when they are brought to justice the healing can begin, but sadly not one minute before. Thanks and may God bless America, and save this planet from their blind exploiting of it and the people on it.

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