Since we as Americans have become world class exponents of foot-in-mouth disease – perhaps we should try a different approach to the remembrance of an historic event which has LONG LONG since been twisted bastardized and perverted into something scarcely recognizable in its original sacred intent – an orgy of parties.

For those of you who can take your beer soaked eyes off your NASCAR Billy Bob Bad Ass redneck hero for 5 minutes – here is a revelation. If it is too profoundly deep for you to understand – by all means go back to your couch and continue guzzling your cold Bud and stuffing your pie-hole with dips and chips – hot dawgs – burgers and fries.

This may be a culture shock for many of you couch warriors – but on the fourth of July in 1776 a group of REAL patriots decided that they had suffered enough at the hands of their occupiers and FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE were worth great sacrifice suffering and even death at the hands of their tyrannical masters.

They were to be the Founding Fathers of this then fledgling nation – who were to face the world’s greatest super-power in a life an death struggle for freedom to assert their own destiny and their rightful place in the world as a sovereign nation free from foreign aggression. They would be called “rebels” – “Terrorists” and face brutal sadistic retribution from the oppressors of imperialist England

Here’s a pop quiz for the ‘fatson’ family glued to your Zionist TV entertainment. What was the only nation in history to have murdered Americans on their own soil? How about you Billy Bob? Duhh it were them Arab rag heads on 9-11 – he proudly spouts. WRONG – Billy Bob – it was the British. Next question: Who was the only nation to commit an act of war against America since 1941? How about you – ‘cable guy’ redneck father ?

Duhh – dats an easy one – it were dem A’rabs on 9-11! WRONG AGAIN my bovine brained friend! It was the Jews from IsraHELL as they attacked and butchered over two hundred unarmed Navy American sons fathers and brothers on the USS Liberty on June 8 1967. Don’t you know ANYTHING about your own country? I guess not. So go back to your party and pop-bottle rockets and your shallow meaningless affront to the memory of great freedom loving men who decided to die on their feet rather than live in servitude on their knees.

Fast forward to the year 2010 – July 4 . What are we celebrating? The murders of some TWO MILLION INNOCENT CIVILIANS – mostly children – people of sovereign nations who have never done America or Americans ANY HARM – in ANY WAY? What in God’s holy name have we come to as a people – hypocrites who rail about our love of independence out of one side of our mouths – yet – with the other – we trash and crush freedom and independence of other people – and demean and slander and dehumanize them as insurgents – detainees – terrorists – rag-heads – camel jockeys – sand- niggers – all to please our Jew masters!

During this 4 day orgy of shallow meaningless gluttony and drunkenness – we the American people will have been guilty of the murders of over three thousand MORE innocent civilian human beings – all for the greater glory of the demonic Godless Christ hating people of IsraHELL! Do the math yourself. Have we all become MADMEN – incapable of decency or rational goodness? Have we no shame?

I suggest that we – as a nation -fall to our collective knees and BEG the Lord – Christ for forgiveness for our unconscionable crimes against the helpless and innocent in the name of the children of the Devil – as HE the Lord God PLAINLY – and CLEARLY professed in the book Of John twenty centuries ago!

For Americans to celebrate the event of our independence – won by bloody sacrifice by TRUE Christian men of good will – while at the same time – wreaking – murder rape – torture – starvation – terror – and endless agony of millions of children – is a demonic Godless unconscionable crime of incomparable proportions in the annals of recorded history! It is a gigantic hypocrisy and cruel mockery of the teachings of Christ unparallelled in our history. Can you no longer understand the truth?

THIS and ONLY this – might show some genuine repentance for the monstrous evil blasphemy we have committed and perhaps ‘invite’ Christ and His blessings once again to this modern Godless Sodom Gomorrah that WE by OUR FREE WILLS have created. Otherwise we are a nation – eternally damned by our unspeakable crimes – to be relegated to the trash heap of history is inevitable. I speak the truth.

Continue with our haughty stiff-necked arrogance and we WILL be damned!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister


  1. Amen Joe! This country needs to seriously fall down and pray to Most High for forgiveness and turn away from it’s sinful state. Our country has fallen into the pit of despair when it comes to morality. Take a close look at what we have turned into: a nation of bastards, where over half of newborns are out of marriage. A nation rife with pornography, and lewdness. A nation hell bent on entertaiment, instead of education. While Billy Bob watches his NASCAR (Non Atheletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks) race for the upteenth time, our wealth and jobs are going to other countires. We need prayer, not prostitution! This country was founded upon God fearing principles and paid for by the lives of brave men and women who risked everything so that the future would not be under the yoke of tyranny. It was created upon the principles of the 10 Commandments, which have been taken out and replaced with the satanic Noahide 7 commandments. America needs to dump the Evangelical, Scofield mind set and go back to it’s pre-Zionist roots. Unless it does, the fireworks it sees over it’s head will be like the one’s that the Gazans see: White phosphurus.

  2. Actually, Joe, Americans were also murdered on their own soil by the Hessian mercenaries. These were provided by a German prince, and outfitted with money borrowed from, Mayer Amschel Bauer. Mayer used a red “Seal of Solomon” as a trademark, from which came the name Rothschild, or Red Shield. This is the symbol of satanism and the occult that the ZioChristo dimwits worship as the Star of David. Mayer, of course, was a war profiteer in the best Jewish tradition. He stole funds from the dimwitted prince, and loaned it back at interest. The prince eventually resorted to press-gangs to augment volunteers, since profits were disappearing (into Bauers’s pocket). At one point, over a quarter of the British fighting in the colonies were actually Hessian (and other German) mercenaries. Bauer actually helped our Revolution, in that at times the Hessians mercenaries were under-equipped, courtesy of his diversion of their provisioning and outfitting funds. They fought in the snow without boots or overcoats.

    This reminds me of the fat, hook-nosed tribesman who threw a $1,000,000 bat-mitzvah for his daughter, with money stolen by providing sub-standard body armor (made in a Caribbean sweatshop) to our troops in Iraq.

    Happy 4th America. Remember that it marked the beginning of a hard fought Revolution.

  3. A more Godly way to restore America should begin with a return to the Christian faith.

    The true faith has always been Jew-wise. The Church Militant has always combated the predations of Jewry.

    “The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wander through the country everywhere hating and undermining the Christian faith” St Justin Martyr 116 A.D.

    Jesus was not a Jew. They are not our ‘elder brothers in the faith’. They are the body of anti-Christ.

    For the Roman Catholic this begins with a ceremonial burning of the Vatican II Nostrae Aetate Charter.

    “The troublemakers in Hungary are the Jews…They demoralize our country and they are the leaders of the revolutionary gang (the Bolsheviks) who are torturing Hungary”
    Cardinal Mindszenty of Hungary quoted in B’nei B’rith Messenger Jan 28, 1949.

    “The real forces behind Bolshevism in Russia are Jewish forces and Bolshevism is really an instrument in the hands of the Jews for the establishment of their future Messianic Kingdom.” aka their universal order of all nations.
    Father Denis Fahey. The Rulers of Russia p. 25

    Contra Hebreos Retinentes Libros 1554, Pope Julius III ex cathedra. Orders the universal burning of the Talmud and the strict censorship over Jewish genocidal writings.

    For those who may not be aware, a teaching ex cathedra is an infallible statement of truth from the ordinary, constant Magisterium of the Church. Its truth is binding in perpetuity and must be formally rescinded.

    Contra Hebreos Retinentes Libros 1554 has never been rescinded.

  4. Way to go Joe! It’s great to see someone with a clear idea of who America and the West’s real enemies are. Unfortunately, the far majority of Americans have become so dumb-downed and culture-stripped that they wouldn’t understand reality if it came, bit them in the ass and sucked out all the shit that’s moved up to their brains. Having moved to Europe more than 18 years ago, the social and moral decline of the once-great US is far more noticeable every time I return there or encounter Americans here on business or travel. The lies and propaganda dished up by the servile corporate-jew media gets pretty much swallowed up by the sheeple masses withou much critical thought or analysis. In turn, the populace has developed a view of reality that contrasts sharply with the opinions and ideas of those from other countries. For example, here in Italy, just about everyone from both sides of the political spectrum knows that both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars had nothing to do with ‘democracy building’, but in essence, are acts of aggression intent on imposing US hegemony throughout the globe, stealing other people’s natural resources and making more profits for the blood-lust corporate satanists. The sad problem is that the JewS of A has been succesfully proselytizing other equally corrupt Western politicians to their nefarious NWO agenda.

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