Just when you thought it was safe to go back to ‘church’ – here is one of the most hateful Christ mockers in Jew occupied AmeriKa. ( Yes Dorothy – we ARE an occupied nation which has lost her sovereignty many years ago)

When I first saw this carney mentality creep with his OWN TV show on the JEW/Fox channel – I smelled a rat. I asked my self: ‘Joe – how is it possible in our Jew occupied nation today – for a supposedly professing ‘Christian minister’ to have his own Mega-glitzy TV show – AND – have the blessings of his Jew master boss – the Zionist Christ hating – Rupert Murdoch?’

You will NOT see even ONE truth speaking Christian personality on ANY major network show today.

The answer of course – is that it IS impossible – just as it is impossible for for Jew gangsters like Viacom’s Summner Redstone to allow any truth or decency or Christian values to be shared from his networks. In case you the reader has forgotten – ALL major TV and radio and printed news media in occupied Amerika are owned lock stock and barrel by the Jews. These Jews allow ONLY those sock puppets like Bill O-Reilly to spew their racist hatred and pseudo-Christian hypocrisy to their racist zombie brain-dead listeners. ANYONE who DARES to speak the truth of what the Jews do – will be destroyed – PERIOD! Show me even ONE man ( or woman) who will speak out against the evil destruction of this nation’s morals and economy by the Jew on a popular network for any length of time and have a job to come to the following day. We are a near 100% Jew censured nation today.

For those of you fools who still proclaim loyalty to frauds like Huckabee – here are some facts about your ‘role model Christian’- NOT.’ Here is some of the UNDENIABLE truth about the man who you wanted to become the ‘CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION’ – role model for your children – a man of impeccable morals who would defend the Christian based Constitution of The United States Of America.

Lets learn the TRUTH about this seedy greedy Godless IsraHELL loyal war mongering fraud

HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTER – is a greedy materialist. The Holy Bible tell us that it is better to give than to receive. Apparently Mr. Huckster believes otherwise. He and his equally greedy wife have accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes n the form of jewelry – exotic vacations – luxurious wardrobes. Just for a few examples – a $3700 pair of boots -a $500 belt – $20,000 in clothing – $70,000 in furniture – $43,000 in misuse of airplane and personal uses of campaign funds . He received over $120,000 of these bribe gifts in one year alone when Gov of Arkansas. Ordained preacher – MY ASS!

HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTER – His first loyalties are NOT To THIS country- but to IsraHELL. ‘Huckster’ claims to be an ordained ( by who- SATAN?) Baptist minister yet his mockery of Christ and His holy Mother are as cruel as those of his good friends – the Talmudic Jews. To refresh your memory – the single most responsible evil entity for the cold-blooded murder of over one and a half MILLION innocent defenseless civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan – the total destruction of their nations – their economy – their schools – places of worship –sanitation facilities – hospitals – schools – cultural centers – are the fat pasty brain-dead Baptist scum of this nation.

Remember – these people have NEVER – done us any harm or ever been a threat to America’s well being in any way whatsoever! Neither one of these unfortunate sovereign nations has ever attacked America – yet ‘ evangelist Christian minister’ Huckabee – along with his demonic mentor – Hagee – SCREAM for the blood of these innocent human beings to be murdered to the last woman and child!

Here is but one of the Huckster’s arrogant displays of loyalty of his murderous Baptist scum: “ There ought to be one city. It ought to be a Jewish State and it ought to be secure. So maybe one of the hard things is to convince some of our Jewish friends that Evangelicals are the best friends they’ve got— because I think generally, that’s the case.”

Proof enough? But like the TV salesman says : BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE!

HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTER – also mocks God by cheap ‘Elmer Gantry’ mentality carnival stunts like staging a personal cell phone conversation with God – Who tells him that GOD wanted mega murderer war criminal drug addict alcoholic George Bush to be elected President. Huckabee ALSO tells people that Jesus also wants HIM to be elected. Talk about a BLASPHEMOUS piece of crap! I just can’t make this stuff up folks. Check it out for your self. Not even the POPE has ever been so audaciously brazen, impious and arrogant as the HUCKSTER! In his Presidential campaigns he does his Jesus thing to the max – as long as he is in ‘friendly territory’. BUT – once he is out of his Bible belt environment – he ‘leaves the cross at home’. Ask anyone who has followed his campaign. How brave! What a spineless hypocrite.

Peter denied Jesus three times – a cowardly act – BUT he later repented and became a great leader of the Church. Apparently the HUCKSTER is STILL too busy and STILL too cowardly counting his 30 pieces of Jew silver to repent his denial of Jesus committed during his political campaigns. Doubt that as the TRUTH? Check it out for yourself.

HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTER – publicly mocks Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus as if she was a 2 bit street whore. He calls the virgin birth of Christ a “COMPLETER DISASTER”. Now isn’t that special Next time you readers who are TRUE Christians – perhaps Catholic – as I was raised, before the Pope sold out to the Pharisees – and are visited by some Hagee Baptist creep – just keep this sick rancid Jew menality attitude of theirs in mind.

I invite you to listen to the HUCKSTERS ridicule and contempt of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here are just a few of his rancid Jew mentality comments of mockery. [Huckabee in interview]: “Silent Night, Holy Night? Are you kidding me! She was probably screaming – OH MY what’s going on here. She’s gotta be saying to herself – IF THIS IS REALLY GOD’S CHILD – where are all those angels that are supposed to be around. The sanitized church version is what we imagine Mary looking up at heaven and saying oh my baby!” This is the way that the Jews like to ridicule the Mother of Jesus – NEVER ANY TRUE CHRISTIAN- OR far that matter NEVER EVER any TRUE Islamic!. Here is what the HUCKSTER obviously envisioned the virgin birth to be like, in his Jew mentality secular hypocrite mind. http://video.adultswim.com/robot-chicken/born-in-a-manger.html THERE – scumbag! Is THAT REALISTIC and UNSANITIZED enough for you?

HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTER – On knowledge of our Government and the Founding Fathers. Remember – this asshole wanted to be our PRESIDENT! Read what this uneducated arrogant moron has to say about all those poor ignorant camel jockeys and sand-niggers : “Although we cannot export democracy ( gee Mr. huckster – I always thought that we had a REPUBLIC – as the Founding Fathers warned us about the evils of [MOB RULE] Democracy) as if it were Coca-Cola or KFC, we can nurture moderate forces in places where AL- Qaeda is seeking to replace modern evil with medieval evil. Such moderation may not look or function like our system–it may be a benevolent oligarchy or more tribal than individualistic–but both for us and for the peoples of those countries, it will be better than the dictatorships they have now or the theocracy they would have under radical Islamists.” ( WOW – brilliant foreign policy idea huckster – as you can see – our “moderate forces” have MURDERED IN COLD-BLOOD over 1,500,000 innocent civilians so far and destroyed 10,000,000 homes – totally destroyed their civilian infrastructure schools government hospitals all electric power water and sanitation industry businesses – with OUR version of ‘MODERN EVIL’ – so lets see if I understand your ‘Zio/Christian’ mentality. By murdering and making homeless tens of millions of citizens in THEIR OWN sovereign nation – it will be better for them AND us? )

HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTER – on foreign policy. OH – Here is a GOOD ONE! Protect U.S. sovereignty, but earn respect abroad I don’t want to ever give up one ounce of US sovereignty. Our soldiers would never march to the orders of somebody else’s generals. ( Gee wiz Huckster – is that why you give total loyalty to IsraHELL and use your Godless Christian hating Baptist buddies to take us into endless serial wars against nations that IsraHELL doesn’t like and has not shed a drop of Jew blood there themselves?) I wouldn’t give up our territory. I wouldn’t give up our rights. I wouldn’t give up our strength.
In fact, I’d want to strengthen this country. I think the greatest way to export democracy is not to force it, but rather to build the best possible version of it right here so people are attracted to it.

There is an important role that the United States has as the most powerful nation on earth militarily and economically, to act in such a way that people respect us and that people also realize that we are a great nation, not one that wants to push ourselves on others. ( “NOT FORCE IT” – “NOT ONE THAT WANTS TO PUSH OURSELVES ON OTHERS” – I’m confused huckster. You want to help IsraHELL by destroying nation after nation after nation and murder millions of innocent women and children – and also want to send 300,000 MORE of someone elses sons to murder even more innocent people and destroy even more innocent lives?)

HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTER – on Attack Iran’s nukes even if Congress says no
Q: If you were president, would you need to go to Congress to get authorization to take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities?
: A president has to do whatever is necessary to protect the American people. If we think Iran is building nuclear capacity that could be used against us in any way, including selling some of the nuclear capacity to some other terrorist group, then yes, we have a right to do it. And I would do it in a heartbeat. (WOW – Mr. Huckster what balls you have! Just where did you get all that military experience know how – more personal cell phone calls from God? I am so impressed. Why – I was training thousands of young warriors before you had learned your ABCs – LITERALLY! – and I would shudder at such a responsibility to have to murder so many millions of innocent people since I was only a lowly Captain.

Speaking of nuclear capability – there IS – in fact – one country in that part of the world who DOES have WMDs. HUCKSTER – Did you know that this country has threatened to use these WMDs against us? Did you know that this rogue country is considered by the rest of the educated free world to be the biggest threat to world peace? Did you know that this country is the only nation on earth to have COMMITTED an ACT OF WAR – by technical definition – against the sovereignty of the United States in the past 69 years? Did you know that this war mongering country harbors the world’s largest institutionalized TERRORIST organization? Do you know ANYTHING – Mr. Huckster? as ‘foreign policy’ means OUTSIDE OF LITTLE ROCK)
Q: Without going to Congress?
A: Well, if it’s necessary to get it done because it’s actionable right now, yes. If you have the time and the luxury of going to Congress, that’s always better. ( So HUCKSTER – you WILL trash the Constitution AND the will of the people and start WWIII just to please your Jew friends -correct?)
Q: And if Congress says no, what do you do? A: You do what’s best for the American people, ( But Huckster – since when is loyalty FIRST to another foreign power “ BEST FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” – as you so often state?) and you suffer the consequences. What you never do is let the American people one day get hit with a nuclear device because you had politics going on in Washington instead of the protection of the American people first. ( SO – when are you going to protect OUR nation form this rogue lunatic cabal of gangsters that have ALREADY attacked us by ORDERS FROM THEIR LEADER – AND threatened to nuke us this time? )

HUCHABEE THE HUCKSTER – on ‘winning the war in Iraq at all costs’ Q: Why not withdraw the troops from Iraq?

A: Because we are winning. Civilians deaths are down 76% since the surge. Even the military deaths are down over 60%. And that’s not the only way we know we’re winning . ( Just what is IT that we are WINNING Mr. huckster? Is it the hearts and minds of the people by our kindness in murdering them? Is the safety we now enjoy in our homes not having the army of these invaders and occupiers in our cities and towns any more? Are we winning back for what terrible things these armies did by bombing and burning our towns and cities – raping our women – murdering our children by the hundreds of thousands – and torturing and humiliating our townsfolk?) We’re winning because we see in the spirit of our own soldiers a sense of duty and honor that they are being able to carry out a mission that they were sent there to do. ( let me see if I have this straight – you see that “our soldiers have a sense of duty and honor” – DUTY and HONOR to do exactly WHAT MR. warmonger? To murder another MILLION WOMEN AND CHILDREN? The maim and disfigure and make homeless refugees out of another TEN MILLION INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS – MR. WAR MONGER? I know where I got my notion of duty and honor huckster – but WHERE IN HELL DID YOUR GET YOURS? – from your years of military service? – OH I forgot – you were such an obese glutenous 300# pig – you could barely walk up stairs – while other young men served – sorry I asked) To take them out of it not only means we lose, but it means we totally destroy their sense of morale, and it may take a generation to get it back. But there’s more at stake than just their morale. It’s the safety and the security of the Middle East and the rest of the world. This is about every one of us being able to be free, to have a future, and to be able to know that we’re not going to allow a vacuum there, which happens if we lose–and we lose when we walk away–to create an opening so that terrorists ( By TERRORISTS – you obviously mean the every day families – mostly civilian women and children who comprised the bulk of the ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND graves we left behind as our legacy to them ) can build even greater cells of training there. That’s why we have to stay. And it’s why we have to win. ( READ: MURDER MORE INOCENT PEOPLE)
HUCKABEE THE HUCKSTRER – on his phony hypocrite pro-life bullshit. This one I personally watched. I happen to be a defender of innocent life and have been since I was old enough to know right from wrong. I love most animals – but I am speaking of HUMAN LIVES HERE. Here is the extent of what Huckabee the hypocrite views as a ‘LIFE’ worthy of protecting from murder. He had a woman who ostensible had worked FOR an abortion clinic – but apparently had this marvelous ‘epiphany’ one day as she observed an ultrasound of an infant being murdered in the mother’s womb by the assassin ( a paid killer). She made no effort to stop the murder but said she was emotionally affected by it. She referred to the infant not as a child -or a baby or infant – but “IT”. In one ten second segment of her description she referred to the doomed child – as “IT” over and over : “Then the Dr. ( the serial child murdering abortionist) inserted the probe and I could see “IT” trying to escape, then the probe was pushed into “IT” and “IT” died before my eyes.

I thought silently to myself – what in name of God was this woman thinking? This was a CHILD – a HUMAN LIFE – a creation of GOD – to be a son or daughter and all she could describe was an “IT” – the same demeaning term used by abortionists to dehumanize a human life. I fully expected Huckabee to tactfully correct her crude identity or at least wince – but he only applauded and smiled with approval. Out of curiosity I looked in my Oxford Thesaurus. “IT means a “THING”. Have you ever heard a father or mother call their infant son or daughter – A THING – or- IT?

But the real hypocrisy of this Jew sock puppet is that – while – he spouts his staunch uncompromising pro-life posture like a holy grail – he has ABSOLUTELY no problem with our murderous psychopath ‘troops’ murdering HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT CHILDREN AND PREGNANT MOTHERS IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN – AND of course as he so bravely spouted – he would bypass our Congress and our nation’s laws AND the law of GOD to murder millions of more innocent human beings! I have only scratched the surface of the TRUE character of this rancid Christ mocking goy puppet – but you get the picture. ‘LIFE’ is important to him ONLY if the ‘LIFE’ is white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Zio/Christian. The Huckster’s ‘Jew-Jesus’ apparently doesn’t love “Rag-head – camel-jockey – sand nigger” children. So much for the HUCKSTER’s ‘SELECTIVE’ pro-life mentality.

For ANY American who freely voted for this piece of greedy lying hypocrite impious crap – go to your room for a ‘time out’!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUSTTHE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”


  1. ADMIN: I rarely put my own comments – but if you readers feel the same way about this arrogant greedy self-serving monumental liar hypocrite ‘false-prophet’ useful idiot God-mocking fraud – let him know!

  2. Hey Joe,
    I think it would a good idea to relocate the people of Arkansa to other places in the USA except hucklebees flock and bring the joos from isrehell and the rest of the country there.

    It would be far better for the world and much less expenses on our tax dollars.

  3. Folks-Huckabee works for Kosher Rupert-thats all you need to know!

    People who follow Fox’s Krauthammer ranting ZOG worship are total suckers.

    Like the site Joe. If most people had the spine you had Amerika could shake off the Khazar World Order oppresion.

    Questions on your view from Real Zionist News posting.

    Joe says “As for leaving the country – I have not ruled it out”.

    What Countries are worth expating to escape the USSA?

    “I have fought this battle for a LONG, LONG time and have paid dearly – in financial loss – physical pain – emotional pain – loss of lifetime friendships – damage to my health – watching my own flesh and blood childen being destroyed.
    I have nothing of REAL value left (like peace of mind – joy – pride in being an American – knowing my children will grow up in a decent place like I spent my childhood- etc etc.)”.

    Joe-is it really worth it?

    What do we gain from it-the whole thing continues to go to hell?

    At the end of the day, can individuals do much against this sick, overwhelming system?

    I know the whole-“If everybody thought like that nothing good would ever occur” but look at Ron Paul he’s got the mental (MD, economic writer), physical (hes fit and was a college record setting athlete), and spiritual (hes been a lifelong parishoner and raised a minister) but Ron’s stone-walled against ZOG in the media and with the Congress/prostitutes on the Potomac.

    Will the FED ever be audited?

    The NWO is still destroying Amerikas currency, starting wars, encroaching on our liberties daily with people like Ron Paul trying? and lets face it most arent a Ron Paul or Joe Cortina.

    The other side of the coin is-the masses have to realize that Solzenhysten was right when he write in “The Gulag Archipelago” that the killing of innocents by their satanic Khazar ran Leviathon despot state could have been slowed or stopped if the masses all realized at the end of the day they had NOTHING left to lose.

    “Do NOT eventhink to criticise any American for leaving a terminal dying morally rotted corpse untill you have walked a few leagues in HIS moccasins and know exactly what he has suffered emotionally and physically.”

    Agreed-look at the Worlds gratitude-especially France and England all our Nation did for them and the contempt they regularly express for the USSA. If we had any kind of leadership we wouldv’e taken over all of Europe and Asia after WW2 and made it like us and for US instead of letting the globalists bomb and rebuild then extract from our capcity for indusrty by stealing our technology and pitting all the Nations/goyim against one another.

    Like a 72 y/o Nam vet told me-the whole game is rigged, is a bunch of bull shit, and hes glad its about his time to check out. This World is sick.

    Keep up the good work Joe. Just sharing my thoughts. Huckabee SUCKS if anybody ever did-FAUX with all its patriot shill Kool-Aid drinker Zionist NWO BS advertised to the “right” every night from Jew York. All these Reagan loving neo-cons-Reagan didnt stop defecit spending, the growth of the police state, or further diminishment of the Republic into tyranny-he was an actor from Kalifornia who towed the ZOG line like the rest of the CFR puppet “leaders”.

  4. Joe, I really respect and admire what you do here and your courage. Your writings are very good. Nothing is ever in vain. If and when America is destroyed by the joo, it won’t be because you didn’t fight back. You will be rewarded by higher vibrations in the afterlife by the good you have done here on the earth plane. The Laws of Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect which are part of the cosmic laws of the universe will prevent the joo from ever prevailing in the long run.

  5. Gee wiz Huckster – is that
    why you give total loyalty to IsraHELL and us…e your Godless Christian
    hating Baptist buddies to take us into endless serial wars against
    nations that IsraHELL doesn’t like and has not shed a drop of Jew blood

  6. brother….1st 0ff – im send nat kapner a few sheckles , ahem – it’s ALL sheckles, mr c…ha ha….

    however – i sorta like huck – altho he’s ANTI white – i thought he had Christ on his agenda….i saw his gagfest show on Faux news…the 1st nyte i made the error 2 view it – circa early ’09

    ….yup – he mentioned – cough , poor “isreal. dealing w/ terror, rockets, etc – they must defend themselves (killing 400 kids & such)….” cough

    blah, friggin , blah – u know the drill….

    i grew up in brookyln, long island – before moving to the bronx…lemme add – the black/ latinos and yes – even asian ameriican now listen to OUR side….joe, they used to listen & nod their heads….alas now they laugh out loud – cut me off and + the own street level observations – and crap they see on MSM , etc….

    music to my white christian ears @ the gas station pumps, deli counters and such….

    the 7-11s are great for that small talk — about the HUGE zog gorilla – b/c the controlled papers are ALL there : dead goy soldiers, bomb iran, wall st/heeb ponzi $ scam updates, dead arab baby pix and worse… how can we NOT use such vile cue cardsas coversational fodder , guys….? !

    i have YET – in lo, several years of doing the “7-11 rants” to EVER hear a yid or traitor defend their BS….not once…!

    and they have been their as well – not a damn peep out of them…esp. when their where arabs, blacks , etc that agreed with ME…laughs, back slaps, high fives for all – honest – but NOT for the baby killer who runs to his/her Lexus in the parking lot….!

  7. It is so refreshing to hear an Officer and Christian man stand up against the Global bankers–Time is running out and freedom is being trashed. Many of us know the problem is the global zionists greed but how do we stand in the gap? Bring the forces of God together to atop this insanity?? The global bankers run hollywood and are destroying our kids values. need help and a plan–while we still have a media to reach the world ty

  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly Joe, Hukabee is a huckster and just another fat ass shill and mouthpiece for the slimy demonic jew.An old fashioned snake oil salesman,you would think the Amerikan people would see through this shit by now but they don’t.
    Keep up the great work exposing the sons and daughters of satan.. the jew filth…

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