As once again – Dr.Martin Luther King Day is upon us – I would be remiss if I did not take time to acknowledge all the ‘achievements’ of the late ‘Dr’ King. Few Negroes have achieved so much notoriety in our lifetime. I ask you – has he not been exemplary in his deportment as an articulate well educated role model for black youth – as a model husband – a loyal American patriot above reproach – a TRUE Christian – a dedicated follower of the Ten Commandants – a paragon of Christian conduct – a model of virtuous living as an ‘ordained’ preacher- a man of truth and integrity – the antithesis of hypocrisy and a man of irreproachable righteousness – and MORE?.

I know this must be so, because King’s fame and popularity has surpassed and REPLACED even the day we once chose to honor George Washington. Since King’s posthumous rise to near sainthood – even George Washington must ‘step down’. King’s stature and contributions have so obviously eclipsed Washington’s – and we no longer honor Washington as Father Of our Country – having relegated him to stand in the shadow of our new national icon of virtue, wisdom, courage, integrity, patriotism and selfless sacrifice – M L King.

I could pontificate all day upon King’s ‘accomplishments’ – but let historic record speak for itself.


(1) FACT- King’s wife, as head of the King Center is on the advisory board to CISPES – an FBI identified subversive Marxist terrorist support group

(2) FACT – King has a huge and complete file made by several agencies, including the FBI. These records are to be kept secret from the public till the year 2027 (GEE WIZ – I WONDER WHY?)

(3) FACT – King had associated with great numbers of KNOWN communist party workers. time after time, with FULL KNOWLEDGE of who he was dealing with and after being advised by numerous people, even within his own ranks, to disassociate himself.

(4) FACT – King had Hunter Pitts (Jack) O’Dell, an identified member of the Communist Party Central Committee, on his staff.

(5) FACT – King publicly supported communist front organizations such as the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs, the Draft Resistance Union, the Communist Party USA,and the Revolutionary Action Movement.

(6) FACT – *King openly supported the draft card burners whose cowardly actions undermined and betrayed our fighting sons in Vietnam * ADMIN COMMENT: It is worthy to note that there have not been any substantial Negro leadership movements condemning the racist genocidal Jew instigated WARS (PLURAL) against defensless innocent human beings (over 1.500.000 murdered – mostly children- SO FAR) with more endless killing ordered by our Marxist Negro Jew controlled sock-puppet President. King was angry that we were killing REAL ENEMIES – his Marxist VC pals in Vietnam, back then – BUT his current admireres will not lift a finger to protest the murders we commit 24-7 against inocent decent God-fearing humans – so don’t hold your breath! WHAT TYPICAL NEGRO HYPOCRISY!

(7) FACT – King, an ordained Baptist minister, had routinely consorted with prostitutes in extended drinking bouts.

(8) FACT – The 30 million Negroes in the USA today, are the most important racial target of the Communist Party USA, and infiltration, exploitation, and control of this large group ranks as one of the _party’s_ top goals.

(9) FACT – A known close friend of King’s was James A. Dombrowski, a known Communist active as early as 1935 when he helped launch a joint Socialist-Communist united front movement in the South.

(10) FACT – King sent members of his staff to attend a dinner sponsored by the National Committee to abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee.

(11) FACT – King’s SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) did in fact support the Marxist Sandinistas in Communist Nicaragua.

(12) FACT – ALL of King’s living lieutenants now command important positions, and ALL of them support Marxist ideology in one way or another.

(13) FACT – Virtually all the racially associated rioting and bloodshed ended with King’s death. – Just a coincidence?

(14) FACT – King was a lecturer at a notorious communist training center – The Highlander Folk School- and more importantly – King KNEW THIS WAS A COMMUNIST CENTER.

(15) FACT – A leftist organization supported till this day, by the King Center has advocated unilateral disarmament by the USA – This is of course the ultimate Soviet dream.

(16) FACT – This same organization (IPS), so fervently supported by King’s current movement, have recommended that the USA end aid to the anti-communist forces in Nicaragua, end all military aid to the anti-communist forces in El Salvador, withdraw all military presence in Honduras, deny any military support to Democratic Costa Rica, and normalize relations with Communist Cuba.

(17) FACT – The Martin Luther King Center has praised those terrorists who murdered six Americans in El Salvador,(June 85), murdered two helpless and wounded American servicemen (Jan 91), and publicaly _rejoiced_ at the death of our Challenger Astronauts.

(18) FACT – King’s writings have received great praise from communist party leaders in Moscow.

(19) FACT – King supported the Viet Cong, and was a great admirer of Ho Chi Minh.

(20) FACT – King denigrated our country by calling us _the greatest purveyor of violence in the world_ – almost the exact words used against us by Cuba’s Castro, Nicaragua’s Ortega, Libya’s Khadafy, PLO’s Arafat etc,etc.

(21) FACT – The official US communist newspaper, the _DAILY WORLD_, on April 4, 1970, announced that King’s radical anti-American book would be made available for distribution in every part of the Soviet Union.

(22) FACT – The preface of this book was written by Henry Winston, a chairman of the Communist Party USA.

(23) FACT – In a speech, shortly before his death, King ACTUALLY CRITICIZED ANTI-COMMUNISM_ (Dr. Edward L. Nitoberg; Academy of Science – USSR)

(24) FACT – On the second anniversary of his death, the USSR published at least two biographies, identifying King as a dedicated and highly respected supporter of the international communist _party line_.

(25) FACT – The infamous 1983 King _march on Washington_ was comprised mostly of Communist party fronts, Moscow leaning groups, anti-defense lobbies, Marxist oriented coalitions and terrorist support groups,to numerous to list.

(26) FACT – Even liberal presidents Kennedy and Johnson distrusted King so much that Attys.Gen. Robert Kennedy, N. Katzenbach, and R. Clark ordered FBI chief Hoover to keep close tabs on him because they knew of King’s communist conspiracy activities.

(27) FACT – Former President Kennedy personally told King (regarding King’s close association with communists O’Dell and Levison) personally; _They’re Communists. You’ve got to get rid of them_. King made NO moves to sever his ties with these two known subversive agents, even at the president’s request_

(28) FACT – King’s own son stated: _..he talked about redistributing the wealth and resources of this land. That’s what he was killed about._ In other words, Soviet style Marxist/Leninism

(29) FACT – Entire VOLUMES of King’s secret files are labeled _OBSCENE__

(30) FACT – These files are so immense, that the inventory list is over 800 PAGES LONG_

(31) FACT – Andrew Young said of Communist Party Executive Committee member, Stanley Levison; _Stan Levison was on of the closest friends Martin Luther King ever had_.

(32) FACT – FBI bureau files from the extensive _SOLO_ operation quote King as telling comrade Levison; _I am a Marxist_.

(33) FACT – King’s friend, Rev. James Bevel, was quoted in the New York Times (during violence of 63) _We need an army of captains and sergeants and privates to fight the white man this summer. I want captains to march whole schools to jail after graduation._ This close King aide went on to say; _We must move to destroy Western Civilization__

(34) FACT -During the Vietnam era, King had actually compared the United States with Nazi Germany with remarks so scurlious, that Life magazine called them _a demagogic slander that sounded like a script for Radio Hanoi._

(35) FACT – A Johnson aide compared King’s files to _an erotic book_, and FBI director Hoover said _King is a `tom cat’ with obsessive degenerate sexual urges._

(36) FACT – the King biography by Stephen Oates, LET THE TRUMPET SOUND, revealed that the FBI had several editions of a monograph,_with still more stories about sex, Communism and embezzlement.._

(37) FACT – FBI files show what was called a _two day drunken sex orgy_ at the Willard Hotel, involving King, SCLC colleagues, and two women from the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

(38) FACT – There was an episode at a Los Angeles Hyatt House where King made filthy, explicitly sexual references to the then assassinated President Kennedy, to Mrs. Kennedy, and to JFK’s funeral.

(39) FACT – A Las Vegas prostitute complained in an official report about the violence to which she had been personally subjected by the Reverend Dr. King.

(40) Fact – Assistant FBI director Sullivan indicated King was under investigation for _embezzlement, employing prostitutes, alienating wives affection from their husbands, and violation of the Mann Act_. A typical memo at the Bureau spoke of exposing _King for the clerical fraud and Marxist he is, at the first opportunity_


The Martin Luther King Story

The Revolution Lobby (pp. 16-26 Brownfield/Waller)

Tampa Tribune – various commentary and feature stories

CISPES literature (a Marxist terrorist support group for the FMLN)

The Columbus Dispatch (April 88)

Let the Trumpet Sound (S.Oates)

The Manateean Newspaper (Jan 84)

Communist front literature from DC (Summer 86)

Rolling Stone Magazine (April, 88)

Spotlight newspaper (Oct. 83,July 84, Jan 88)

Prophets or Useful Idiots? (James L. Tyson)

Florida Sentinel (various Fall 88)

Congressional records (98th Congress, Oct.83)

Bradenton Herald (Jan.17.88)

Conservative Digest (Jan 87)

Inside FBI Files on the Rev. M.L. King (William P. Hoar)

Personal interviews with Rev.Ralph Abernathy and others

Research of 172 files on communist front groups that I keep current

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”


  1. Joe please go to…James Wickstroms site. He has a video called The jew and black role in communism.He has a FBI photo of Rosa Parks at a communism meeting sitting next to Martin l king and 2 Jewish agitators. Wickstrom states that the white western europeans are the Israelites not the Jews. For this reason we are the lost sheep(white skin)of the house of Israel. Jesus was very light according to the aramaic bible.

  2. Our heritage has been stolen from us by the Jews and since they are of the seed of Satan…Eves sin was sexual and caused two seedlines Cains and Abels (Adams son..the sons of adam are ruddy or are able to blush) Jews are not white..They r turko mongolian and cannot blush (Nor do they have a conscience.) Since they have stolen everything else from us… Treasury etc etc why would they not pretend to be the chosen race? It is we who should be abstaining from pork etc etc.Lost Sheep

  3. Do not forget to check out James Wickstroms site possse comitatus usa for more info on our stolen heritage. Also Mike Delaney has a site called on 911 and false flag operations which is excellent

  4. P.S Yahweh is God and Yeshua is God in a flesh body. Yeshua is not the son of God. Adam is the son of God. This is according to James Wickstrom. I also enjoy Brother Nathanial who first opened my eyes. But James P Wickstrom has taken me to the next level. He rails on the “Judeo Christian”ministers who agreed to stop talking politics in the churches in the mid 60’s when they were granted 501C3 status and sold out to the jews.Lost Sheep.

  5. the reason that we have forced mesygenation of the races is because there is an agenda to destroy the white race before they figure out that they are the chosen race.yahweh is coming back for his people and those who know there is no afterlife but hell for themselves want to ruin things for the white race and to offer us up as a blood sacrifice to lucifer. Its no coincidence that war is their main business.

  6. Joe please go to posse comitatus usa to view the video with Martin Luther King sitting in a communist meeting with Rosa Parks and 2 jewish agitators BEFORE She EVEr tOOK HER SEAT AT THE FRONT OF THE BUS…aND SHE GOT TO LIE IN STATE!! iT IS CALLED THE JEW AND BLACK ROLE IN COMMUNISM

  7. hope you dont mind i cut and pasted soem of your latest writing about jewish massacres of ukrainians on your tube holocoast videos. thank you. ukrain i understand is run by jews now as well they instigated the latest need of russia to quell them . didnt they? amelikan Gen.sheskaveli is a ukrainian jew ?

  8. OK, so he was not what we’ve been told.
    Even so, i’d rather hear a eulogy of a true black American patriot like Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass,
    like many great American Jews, e.g.,
    Richard Wurmbrand, need to be promoted and
    praised because this is not about hating
    or attacking any ethnic group but about
    exposing the evil ideology of communism
    and Talmudic-Kabbalism. That needs to
    be made very clear very often or
    innocent blood will be on our hands.
    Fact is, I’d wager that if Nazi (national socialist) tyrants were to try to round
    up innocent Jews into concentration camps,
    we’d be as angry as if it were any other
    ethnic group. There are obviously good
    and evil in all races, and when the Bible
    speaks out against Jews, it’s obvious,
    in context, that it’s not talking about
    a racial group but about an evil spirit
    that infected the Jews who rejected Jesus
    Christ and embraced instead Jewish supremicism and the satanic anti-Christ
    teachings of the Pharisees.

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