One of the basic premises of the ‘Rules Of War’ as taught at the US Special Warfare School at Ft Bragg – which also incorporated many rules of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art Of War’ – was to FIRST OF ALL know who the hell your ‘ENEMY’ was. Now – as well all know ( SHOULD know) – all nations potentially have TWO types of enemies – both FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC – as in the oath that all of us who served in uniform swore to protect our nation against.

Well folks – we ARE in the PUREST sense of the definition – an occupied nation today. AND those ‘enemies’ of our freedoms values blessings and Christian heritage ARE DOMESTIC and as deadly as those of any foreign power.

There are two types of DOMESTIC ENEMIES in America today – EXACTLY as there were in pre-Communist Russia. There they had the communists themselves – headed almost exclusively by Jews – AND – equally deadly – the ‘useful idiots’ or “poleznye idioty” as the Jew mass murderer Lenin called them. . A “useful idiot” is one who is ignorant of the facts to the extent that they end up unwittingly advancing an adverse cause that they might not otherwise support. Most of the street mobs incited by the Marxist Jew hierarchy were these useful idiots.

Today – in our new improved AmeriKa – we have the exact same scenario. There the Jews who now dominate our banks – our entertainment – our news media, from the printed news to the TV – our government from the President to the Congress to the Supreme court – AND our Christian churches from Catholic to Protestant. BUT – since there over three hundred million ‘goy’ (Gentiles) and only less than 3 million Jews – they must have a large number of domestic allies to support their treasonous agendas.

AND indeed they DO have a huge number of witless allies in their demonic quest to dominate and destroy us. These are the AmeriKan useful idiots – a combination of mostly robotic imbeciles such as the 50 million Southern Baptist – so-called Christian-Zionists (an oxymoron definition for Christian-morons) – AND – those Gentiles who are simply greedy and evil to begin with and have sold their souls to the Jew – and in return- sell their country FOR THE JEWS. Classic examples are war criminal mass murderers George Bush – Colin Powell – Cheney – Rumsfeld and Rice and more currently the puppet Obama and all of his Godless Gentile useful idiot cabinet – replete with scores of Jews of course.

Speaking of war criminals – useful idiot, George Bush – who added his rancid mockery of Christ to his national treason – genocide, and long list of other crimes – here is a PARTIAL listing of his virtually ALL Jew (domestic enemies) cabinet and advisers:

Richard Pearle – Paul Wolfowitz – Douglas Feit – Edward Lottwak – Henry Kissinger – Dov Zakheim – Lewis Libby – Ken Adleman – Robert Satloff – Elliot Abrahams – Mark Grossman -Richard Haass – Robert Zoellich – Ari Fleisscher – James Schlesinger – Daid Frum – Joshua Bolton – John Bolton – David Wormer – Eliot Cohen – Michael Chertoff and a laundy list more of other ‘Chosenite’ neocon country-selling ENEMY bastards. Oh Vey – Such a deal!

Our current traitorous Israeli-first Obamanation lying Godless imposter ( who STILL has NOT proven his own citizenship) President – also has an ALL Jew/useful idiot cabinet and advisers who are loyal ‘troops’ of the DOMESTIC ENEMY of The United States Of America!

Are you beginning to get the picture of this disgraceful treasonous TRUTH, FOLK? OUR MORTAL ENEMIES – THE JEWS – OWN THIS NATION LOCK STOCK AND BARREL – simply because we were TOO stupid to recognize what the enemy has done to us – and TOO cowardly to do anything to defend OUR OWN NATION!

More examples of the latter useful idiot criminal scum who sell us out 24-7 for BIG BIG money are Hannity – Colmes – O’-Reilly – Limbaugh – Coulter and – Beck. These are just some of the ‘whores’ who work for the greater glory of IsraHELL. Money and fame are the driving force of these ‘shabbus goy’ scumbags. For example – the ‘prince’ of the whores is Bill O-Reilly. This useful idiot’s Jew boss – ( Sumner Redstone – whose REAL name is Sumner Murray Rothstein) pays his racist sock puppet more in ONE DAY than I earned as a company commander training young Paratroopers during a REAL enemy threat to the US – FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! Why not ask Mr. O’Reilly if he ever served his country – that is – when he wasn’t SELLING IT OUT!

There are literally HUNDREDS of ‘cultural’ and ethnic think tanks’ in AmeriKa – all run by our mortal JEW ENEMIES

Some 90% of political councils, institutes, and centers are controlled by our mortal ENEMY – the JEWS

The internet is controlled almost exclusively by our Christian hating enemies – the Jews. Google – E bay – Facebook – Yahoo – My Space – and Wikipedia are just some of their domains. Check it out for your self.

Remember – ALL of these people are domestic enemies. I would venture to guess that there is not a Jew in one THOUSAND in the USA today who has not contributed in some way to our moral rot – our economic collapse – our religious degeneration and the massive acts of war criminal genocide by our Government – either actively or passively. Anyone who still thinks that only ‘card carrying’ Zionist Jews are evil, are, either hopelessly ignorant or deaf-dumb -and blind.

The Jew News media both printed and televised is 100% controlled by the JEW ENEMY. Here are some of the most well known : ESPN – ABC- NBC – CBS – FOX – Time – Newsweek – New York Times – Washington Post – Atlantic Monthly – Daily News – US News & World Report and hundreds more – ALL in the hands of THE ENEMY!

Entertainment. EVERYTHING that you AND your CHILDREN see hear and learn – including homosexual perversions and other unimaginable filth is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT controlled by the JEW ENEMY. Here are but a few examples: Paramount – Disney ( Dreamworks, Touchstone, Buena Vista, Miramax) – 20 th Century Fox –CNN – Blockbuster – Time Warner( Castle Rock, New Line Cinema, HBO) – NAT-GEO Channel – Science Channel – History Channel – Discovery Channel – Military Channel – LOGO Channel [homosexual perversions]

Folks – we are AT WAR with the Jews – a mortal deadly combat to the death – literally. Here is just one of COUNTLESS examples of their in-your-face filth to express their demonic hatred of ANYTHING – decent – wholesome – innocent and Godly. Although this filth is a Comedy Central type cartoon example of what the Jew wants your children to watch and consider ‘funny’ Do not watch this with young children present! One of those greedy evil variety of useful idiots is Ted Turner! Surprised? Turner Broadcasting made this hateful blasphemy possible and it may be seen by your child. The Jew has made this site one of the most popular with young America.

Every American who ever even considered themselves Christian MUST SEE THIS JEW HATRED – made possible by one of the above ‘Jew entertainment’ Channels! This one of hundreds that promote hatred of Christ, mockery of our Christian faith, graphic violence, disrespect of parents – teachers and social order, mockery of the Islamic faith, mockery of The Founding Fathers mockery of Christmas, Mockery of Easter and promotion of lurid sex and homosexual filth.

The biggest acts of treason against America have been by our DOMESTIC Jew enemies The Rosenbergs and Jonathan Pollard were just two examples of a laundry list of Jew ENEMY

The greatest thefts have been by our Domestic Jew enemies ( an example is gangster fraud Bernard Madoff who stole $ ) That is more than the entire net worth of most small nations on the planet! That is BILLION -not million. It was never really accounted for -supposedly siphoned to IsraHELL.

The lists of these categroically undeniable truths are – sadly – endless. The reason for that is our own greed – ignorance – moral cowardice and criminally irresponsible attitudes.

The IS a REAL and MORTAL enemy in our midst. That MORTAL DEADLY and REMORSELESS ENEMY is the JEW. The Jew has CREATED strife misery suffering despair violence moral degredation and DEATH whereever he is found on the planet. He is evil incarnate and the harbinger of death to all who welcome him into their midst.

Communism is but ONE of his many demonic creations which has claimed the lives of over TWO HUNDRED MILLION INNOCENT CIVILIAN HUMAN BEINGS and over a BILLION ruined lives. He is the enemy of all men of good will and has been since Christ condemned him – collectively – as being of a DEMONIC FATHERHOOD.

Greed – cruelty – malice – lies – deception – cunning – perversion and hatred are his hallmarks and codes of life. His malicious venemous hostile nature have made him a pariah to all nations for all recorded history. His ‘celebrations’ and comerations are ALWAYS involved with death destruction and the suffering of other innocent people. There is no Jew celebration that has its roots in hope – good will – kindness – charity or love – only hatred violence and hostility so emblematic of an inbred bis and predisposition of a criminal psychopath.

He perverts his young from the day they are born with hatred distrust and greed as I have witnessed by the sickeningly perverse typical acts of Jewish children in IsraHELL. The Jew is genetically wired to love anything that is by its nature – evil – perverse – vile – base – abominable – offensive – obnoxious and repulsive. Conversely – he hates all that is beautiful wholesome – noble- chaste – benevolent – wise – true – honorable – and virtuous. His consistency in these behavours is remarkebly predictable.

Heis a master at twisting the truth – robbing his neighbor – victimizing the victimizer – cheating the honest – murdering the innocent – starving the hungry – ridiculing the faithful – attacking the defenseless – elevating hypocrisy – exhaulting opportunism – glorifying homosexual perversions – praising deception – mocking the pure of heart , and the Jew could teach a thing or two concerning the art of being a parasitic vampire – to leaches and vampire bats.

TheJew has traditionally profited from the misey and misfortune of others since the time of Christ. Jew bankers have historically funded most major wars – not for patriotic resons – but for sheer greed – as they customarily fund both adversaries. The only ‘winners’ in any major or global conflict have been JEWS! Their true god WAS – IS – and always WILL BE MONEY.

You -the reader – assuming that we as a people – will continue our ‘don’t give a rat’s ass’ attitude about our dying nation – do realize you will will witness the LAST ‘Christmas’ celebrated in America – THIS year 2009. Because of our cowardice – we WILL see the that gigantic ugly hideous demonic Hanukkah menorah on the White House lawn – PERMANENTLY replace our centuries old traditional Christian Christmas in mockery of our obviously too outdated to defend anymore Christmas

So enjoy ‘the holidays’ ( READ: Happy Hanukkah ) because the Negro/Jew Gestapo WILL come next year if you DARE to try to show hommage to our Lord Christ in any place but your backyard! The Name of Christ and using the word Christmas has ALREADY been outlawed in many places in AmeriKa. The cruel irony is the FACT that while we send tens of thousands more thugs to murder millions more Muslim Arab civilians and lift not even so much as an EYEBROW of disapproval when Jew TV curses – mocks – defiles – slander Jesus as – a BASTARD- and His Blessed Mother – a WHORE -as if they were mangy dogs in the street –


TheVERY SAME innocent civlian Arab Muslims – mostly women and children – who you CHEER for our paid assassins to murder in cold blood – ALWAYS refer to Jesus and Mary IN THE HIGHEST RESPECT AND REVERENENCE. ANY reference to them is ALWAYS made with the following veneration = “MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM ( or HER)” Been there – KNOW that.


Have a ‘Merry and peace filled Christmas’ — while you still can.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”


  1. I believe that Jew numbers are under-estimated, I believe their numbers to be vast. I know of many people that have Jewish blood in them and in no way would you know it by name or appearance, but they have Canaanite Jew tainted blood, and it is only after awhile that you find out about their jewish background, because often its hidden. When you account for all these mixed white jews you would be shocked to know just how many there are, I would not be suprised if they number in the hundreds of millions, and to add in their mixed seed in the dark races, probably more than a billion. There would be more mixed race Canaanite jews on earth than pure white Adamic race, and there their numbers are growing while ours just diminish day in, day out.

  2. Thank you for saying what needs to be said!! We have to get more American’s to read your writings and hear your voice. I emailed Stadtmiller at RBN about you and will email each individual host and tell them they need to interview your. I also mentioned your interview w/Mark Glenn on blogtalkradio w/Drew Malone Raines– he is an ex-marine and there are lots of military listening (and they need to know who the real enemy is!)

  3. And I agree w/Karl-their numbers are definitely underestimated b/c lots of them are crypto-jews (they’ve been doing this trick throughout history)- see for more on this! That website has lots of supressed books that are MUST READS!

  4. Put your ear to the internet. Listen to the coackroches (morlocks) running like scare headless chickens!
    They know that payback is round the corner! & Oh boy what a payback!!

  5. Bravo Joe Corina. Well said and every word true.

    Are we whites really a generation of tv-brainwashed fools or are the so-called jews just truly evil predators either placed in our midst or even as just a random freak evil mutation that started the hooknosed sub-human deviant, a monster if you will, to emerge genetically? The human race has had to deal with these alien devil predators called jews for thousands of years now right, and look where we are at. Holy fuckin shit.

    On the one hand, I as fairly intelligent man took ten years at a state university to get a bachelors degree, and then refused it. Yep, I told them to stick it. I got what I came for and pursued the truth in my own way and rejected their hierarchy of arrogance BUT, HOLY FUCKING SHIT I NEVER SAW THE JEW. I WAS A PHILOSOPHY MAJOR AND I KNEW EVERYTHING ELSE BUT I TOTALLY MISSED THE FUCKING JEW!!!! I am flabbergasted with myself for missing it even as I resisted their lies, faggotry, race mixing, outright marxist communism and code-word hidden agenda communism everywhere. I was repulsed by them and their lies but I still missed it.


  6. Merry Christmas, Joe. I oppose the menorrah being dramatized on the lawn of the White House, and would like to see the Nativity scene there instead. I am still in shock that Pope Benedict Ratzinger referred to the Jews as the chosen people (maybe that prompted the woman knocking him down on Christmas Eve) and that President Jimmy Carter apologized to the Jews for their taking insult to his remarks by the violence of Israeli Jews.

  7. Joe-

    I just listened to Mark Glenn’s interview w/you and Brother Nathanael and it made my day!! You really need your own radio show or something. If not, then we need to have more radio hosts interview you and get your powerful message out there!

    Also, for those interested in who was really behind 911, please check out:


    And, for more on the evils of zionism, join the forum at: and check out:

  8. Ratzinger appears to be another Canaanite, just one of many Popes who have been, true Christians will not be decieved by their blasphemy.

    “He who does not have the Son, does not have the Father.”

  9. Well Joe, I am sure the powers that be watch this site VERY closely and the comments that are made. I went to church on Christmas eve, first time in over 20 years and it felt good. The only thing that I shy away from is the “peaceful” aspect of most Christians. To remain peaceful and take no action against this current situation is suicide. People needs to find ways to resist other than talking sh*t on a website. Do you agree Joe?

  10. Hi Joe

    I’m going to clean up the spelling and grammar and post this on if you don’t mind. There are few among us brace enough to do what myst be done. The means is the problem for those that would.

    Like the movie, The Matrix, we all face the problem that those who are still in the dream are also our enemies as they are vessels for the establishment. The average person knows only the system and believes it is tarnished but good and will do what the believe is right to maintain stability.

    In the Batman movie, the Joker pretty much says it all in his speech to Two Face. A very illuminating soliloquy. I suggest everyone watch it, in fact, I suggest everyone watch every scene the Joker is in and skip the boring stuff in between.

  11. Hi Great Joe

    Have a look at and see how sick those “people” are. They speak as if America is theirs. It is a place where their filth, hatred and deceit are on full display 24/7.

  12. Disagree with Karl. Not as many as he says. They are miniscule compared to us. They are going to hurt us soon with something drastic because they have been found out.

  13. It is missing the history of the Khazaria Empire who were phallic worshippers living in
    Southern Russia/Northern Turkey. During the 8th Century, their leaders converted to
    Babylonian Talmudism and became known as Jews. They were defeated by Genghis Khan and
    thus they moved further into Russia and Eastern Europe. These are the Elite European
    Jews who orchestrated many wars in Europe, who control banking, who are intermarried
    with European Royal families, and who have created the hoax of Zionism to colonize the
    Middle East.

    Khazaria 8th Century A.C. (Converted to Babylonian Talmudism)

    Some writers refer to them as being “New Jews”, or European Ashkenazi (title taken from
    the biblical tribe of Ashkenaz). Well, they are of a more recent origin than the older
    non-Israelite Edomites Sephardic Jews (‘Sepher’ in Hebrew means ‘book’, descendents of
    Isaac), whose ancestors were dispersed from ancient Palestine by the Romans in about 70
    A.C., and moved to Spain via North Africa. These “New Jews” or “non-Israelite non-Semite
    European Jews” comprise about 95% of people who claim to be Jewish Worldwide, however
    their ancestors did not come from Palestine as had the southern European Jews (“The
    Thirteenth Stone”, p.504). “The Jewish Encyclopedia” 1925, Vol.5, p.41 says “they are
    actually Edomites” and “Edom means Red.” These Edomites lived in ancient Byzantium near
    the Khazar Kingdom, which lay in the region between the Black Sea and the Caspian
    (Khazaria) Sea. “This Khazar empire was infiltrated by large numbers of Byzantine Jews”,
    who then began a “…process of inter-marriage…” with the locals. (“Behind Marxism” by
    Frank L. Britton, page 14).

    As outlined in “The Thirteenth Tribe”, by a Jewish scholar Arthur Koestler, the Khazars
    were “…people of Turkish stock… ” (p.13) a fierce tribe of wily traders, whose “…
    main source of income was foreign trade …slaves from the north” (p.47). They also
    relied on military power, tax collection (a 10% GST!), customs tariffs, arts and crafts,
    and skilled goldsmiths. In about 740 AC the King of Khazaria “…embraced the Talmudic
    Babylonian version of the Jewish faith which is not true-Torah Judaism, and Talmudic
    Judaism became the state religion” (p.15). His subjects quickly saw the benefit of this
    new religion. Around 965 AC, Khazaria was taken over by the Russians and then finally
    destroyed by Genghis Khan in the 1200s, with the remaining Khazar-Jews dispersing into
    Eastern Europe. Having been settling in Europe over the early part of the second
    millennium, the Khazar-Jews quickly set themselves up into “…Jew’s streets or
    Jewries…- (autonomous ghettos) (Valentine’s Jewish Encyclopedia, 1938, p.589). The
    natural Khazar ability in trade (both legal and illegal) gave them easy entry into every
    country’s commerce until “… every European country’s economy was … in their hands”
    (“Pawns in the Game” by William Guy Carr, 1958, p15).

    This point in time (the Middle Ages) ushered in the birth of modern banking. (“God – the
    Ultimate Paradox” Dec. 1997), by Jewish author David Ash, describes the two basic
    competing banking systems (p.lll):

    . “The first system involved the bank investing money … as a joint,
    profit-sharing enterprise or on the basis of charging fees for services rendered ….
    For example,.. Bank of Amsterdam …

    . “The second banking system involved the bank lending money at interest and
    holding the property of the borrower as collateral This system is called usury.

    . “The first system brought prosperity…The second… ruin.”

    Promissory notes (receipts), a feature of early banking, were issued by a banker
    (moneylender) to his depositors for the safekeeping of the silver or gold lodged with
    him. Over time these became banknotes promising to pay the bearer a certain amount in a
    precious metal. However, not all depositors will withdraw all their holdings at once, so
    the bankers only kept a fraction of their receipts [promissory notes] as deposits.
    Modern banking uses nothing to back the banknotes issued.

    This deposit system, when combined with usury, allowed the bankers to create loans “out
    of thin air”, enabling them to “…strip real wealth from the people, through interest
    paid on ‘phantom money,. This has been an effective way for the bankers to rob nations
    and centralise their wealth.” (“God – The Ultimate Paradox”, p. 113)

    It was this second system which gave birth to the modern banking system – adopted by the
    “Jews” – which eliminated the first system described above. Jewish bankers began to loan
    large sums to royalty for wars – which became difficult to repay – with the victor
    usually being the king to whom they loaned the most and the vanquished saddled with huge
    debts of reparation. As bankers and tax collectors, these Ashkenazi European “Jews”
    became despised by the citizenry of various countries because of the debt which burdened
    them with taxes; so much so that even the placid Sephards were persecuted, especially by
    the harsh Spanish Inquisition. England was the last country to come under Khazar-Jewish
    influence and first to expel all Jews in 1290. “The Great Eviction”, as it became known,
    occurred thus: France 1306, Saxony 1349, Hungary 1360, Belgium 1370, Slovakia 1380,
    Austria 1420, Netherlands 1444, Spain 1492, Lithuania 1495, Portugal 1498, Prussia 1510,
    Italy 1540, Bavaria 1551, Hungary 1582 (“Behind Marxism” pages 4-7).

    This period also marked the transition of Europe into the Renaissance – a rebirth of
    culture and learning which coincided with the wresting of commercial control from the
    money-lending Khazar descendants. These Jews had since retreated to a “Pale” area
    stretching from Poland to Turkey, regrouping into Kahats (or ghettos) in which they even
    had their own government and infrastructure. Such conditions put these mostly-Khazar
    Jewish people under the control of their wealthy money barons via the Rabbinic Elders
    (hence the phrase, “beyond the pale”). Looking at “God – the Ultimate Paradox”, David
    Ash tells us (p.69:) that in ancient times, Jews “had a governing body … known as the
    ‘Council of Elders'”. The Hebrew word for ‘Elder’ means “… ‘in touch with God’. In the
    19th century this council “described itself as the learned Elders of Zion”. We learn
    that there is a group within the Elders which infiltrates and creates secret societies –
    such as the Masons – known as ‘The Brotherhood of the Snake … In modern times this
    brotherhood has adopted the title of Illuminati” (p.74).BIBLE,REVELATION 2:9,3:9,JEWS ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN

  14. In reply to Joeblow’s libelous and malicious comments:

    1. I am not Jewish
    2. I note, for the record, that Joeblow does not even attempt to refute anything I have ever written. Instead, his preference is exclusively ad hominem slurs. That tells you everything you need to know about him and his mental capacity.

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