America is great because America is good, and if Americans ever cease to be good, America will cease to be great”

Alexis DeTocqueville – famous statesman, historian and social philosopher 1805-1859

I created the following bit of ‘wishful thinking’ in an effort to lay down a series of events that would give HOPE to millions of decent Americans – ESPECIALLY those of us that are old enough to have lived in and personally experienced some of America’s most innocent and wholesome eras. I was raised in the 40s and the 50s. Those of you readers who did the same will understand my dream of taking back our country from the thieves who have turned this once fine country into a morally rotted corpse of its former nature.

Create whatever scenario you like – to accommodate the following drama. I have purposely ‘created situations’ that were based on personal experience and actual historic fact, to give the projected events an even more chilling reality. See how many you can find that are based on historic fact.

My ‘story’ begins: The time is late 2010, and our country had already suffered two terms of the war criminal George Bush –And we thought that Clinton was the ultimate evil? He was a rank amateur compared to Obama. As his 4-year term went on, the new horrors that we expected began. Double digit inflation – pervert marriages supported by tax dollars from true believing Christians – tax burdens that staggered even some liberals – so much so that the middle class – the working backbone of America were virtually completely destroyed. The results were about the same as if we had a Democrat regime.

We are now well into the 2nd year of a Democrat President – a Godless Negro Zionist/Marxist who is not surprisingly has sent thousands and thousands more American sons to bleed and die for IsraHELL. He is supportive of the criminal State of IsraHELL, and has given support for yet another preemptive war against yet another sovereign nation who had posed us no threat nor any harm. That country of course is Iran. Israel which now controls our every aspect of life in addition to our Zionist government – calls ALL the shots. The Jews blackmailed us into getting involved in yet ANOTHER war for the Jews – and with that support – had the confidence to have bombed the power plants with nuclear weapons. The loss of innocent civilian life was horrific.

Our Jew controlled puppet government used the same old lies that got us involved in the two previous wars – which we are of course still waging in Iraq and Afghanistan. The civilian death tolls now exceed two million with more than twenty million homeless and twice that may terrified refugees fleeing for their lives. Both impoverished and totally destroyed nations continue to e saturated with deadly radio-active waste from ‘DUI’ munitions. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are now confirmed victims of radiological diseases including horrible malformed human births. Ironically – poorly educated young mothers from small villages are still committing suicide in belief that their horribly malformed dead-born children were some sort of punishment from God. Many will never know that these horrors were a ‘gift’ to these innocent expectant girls from our Zionist government and the marauding rapists murderers and thieves we know as the Coalition Forces.

That justice works in strange ways is revealed in the fact that many American soldiers who were PERSONALLY responsible for using these deadly poisons against civilians – have now themselves fallen victim to the horrors of the same slow agonizing incurable radioactive death sentences they so brutally imposed on innocent civilians. Our own corrupt Jew dominated Government KNEW what was happening not only to the poor Afghans and Iraqis – but what harm would result to American servicemen as well. But of course since there was no ‘chosenite’ blood spilled in any of these wars – the suffering of we inferior goy (cattle) , as our Jew masters mock us – matters not one iota and of course even less for the Semitic Arab people – whom the Jew holds in utter arrogant contempt

The Iranians – who love their freedom as much as we do, fought back valiantly and as in Iraq – have sent the message that they would rather die on their feet than live under Zionist AmeriKan rule on their knees as slaves of the Jews and AmeriKan imperialists. American sons come back in body bags and there is a great unrest among the people as we once again realize that we have been lied to, and our children die for Jew greed and ambition. After more than a year of war hundreds of thousands of murdered civilians and a failing occupation we see a re-play of Iraq – only now there is a more organized resistance and the US has lost virtually all support worldwide with the exception of the only other country still evil enough to assist the Jew with his evil – England. Even so – that same kind of public unrest and resentment continues to increase there as well. A morally bankrupt nation with an endless supply of psychopathic killers – once more -we have become mass murdering war criminals.

As for the evil of the British inthis mess – it is hardly surprising for even a novice of history to be able to understand. The English have NEVER been our friends or ‘allies’ Just in case the reader has forgotten their history – the British are the ONLY nation to murder American in their own land (Lexington and Concord ring a bell?) . The British are the warmongers that we had to fight to gain OUR OWN INDEPENDENCE! The British – through their strong Jew influence dragged America into not only WWI but WWII as well! Remember the Balfour Declaration? Remember how the British agents tried to demonize our OWN finest sons with slander and lies? Aviator hero and US Congressman Charles Lindbergh is just one example. As an American Veteran and a patriot – I do not like the British with their pompous and opportunistic makeup – but perhaps they are finally coming to their senses and they too -have had enough of the Jew and his treacherous evil – but I digress.

Things in the States were as bad as they can get. Here is what had evolved in the prior few months – less than a year! America was in her death throes and only a heartbeat away from ending up on the inevitable ‘scrap-heap of history’. When the body count reached over twenty ten thousand – more than 3 times the ( published ) losses in Iraq alone – there were the first signs of civil disobedience. In recent months the TRUTH of American casualties began slipping under the Jew radar. ‘Little’ discrepancies like deaths after battlefield medivac – en route to field hospitals and deaths resulting from injuries at more distant hospitals – that were never counted as combat deaths kept adding up. I remember that CBS confirmed that the actual US war dead was over 15 000 and that was in fall of 2007! My guess is that it is now well over thirty thousand. The actual figures – disguised for all those years were nearly doubled. Elsewhere – open denouncements of war criminal and former President Bush and the current Democrat leadership – Zionist and IsraHELL loyal first – dominated from top to bottom, became commonplace and sometimes violent.

Meanwhile the Jews were having a field day. By this time Christmas had been totally perverted by the ‘chosen’ into a multicultural pagan secular shopping party frenzy. By Christmas 2010 – the Merry Christmas greeting had all but vanished from the public scene. Obama’s Zionist cabinet constantly persecuted churches that insisted on maintaining tradition. They were also cruelly mocked by classic Christian hating Zionist entities like HBO – Comedy Central – and all of the ‘usual suspects’.

Some brave patriot in protest of what he saw – wrote this scathing satire of his disgust with the blasphemous outrage that was the purposeful Jew orchestrated destruction of Christmas.

T’was the month before Christmas

When all through our land,

Not a Christian was praying

Nor taking a stand.

Why Politically Correctness has taken away,

The reason for Christmas – no one could say.

The children were told by their schools not to sing,

About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.

It might hurt people’s feelings, the teachers would say

December 25th is just a “Holiday”.

Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit

Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!

CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod,

Something was changing, something quite odd!

Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa

In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.

But as Target was hanging their trees upside down

At Lowe’s the word Christmas – was nowhere to be found.

At K-M art and Staples and Penny’s and Sears

You won’t hear the word Christmas; it won’t touch your ears.

At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter

To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.

And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith

Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace.

The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded

The reason for the season, stopped before it started.

So as you celebrate “Winter Break” under your “Dream Tree”

Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.

Choose your words carefully, choose what you say

Shout MERRY CHRISTMAS, not Happy Holiday,

This Country was founded, using Christianity to inspire

So, of our “guests”, we can only inquire.

If You don’t like how we handle this Holy Day,

Who will you say is making you stay?

It became popular but was soon outlawed – and to display it in public would grant the user a ‘hate crime’ prison term. Also by this time – several hate legislations had been passed to silence the last critics of the Israeli atrocities and what their ilk had done to our once Christian America and their defenseless victims in Palestine. Unrestricted – the Jew began a satanic program of eradication of every Palestinian man woman and child. They began with the children – the easiest and most defenseless of the victims. There were so many infant corpses on the streets of Gaza that they could not be buried fast enough.

The Jew squatters – home thieves, returned and murdered, raped, stole and plundered at will. It was the same conduct I had personally witnessed in Gaza years before – but with ten times the brutality. Children were murdered and even dismembered regularly often in front of their 10 year old classmates. Children were regularly kidnapped by the IDF to be used as organ ‘donors’ and then murdered. The Jews were the ultimate terrorists of the entire world!

We are in economic chaos. Home construction is at an all time low – bankruptcies are at an all time high. Real estate sales are non existent except for the rich opportunist parasite Jew banker to sell at a handsome profit to their own employees. There is serious economic trouble all thought the heartland. Remember that ALL wives – mothers or not, were COMPELLED to be in the work force just to stay economically alive in our Democrat controlled AmeriKa. Children from struggling households were now kept in Government approved day care centers where they were indoctrinated with the God less code of the Jew puppet Democrats.

After all – what better way to augment the ‘Party’ membership than to convince our naive youth of the logic of secular doctrine. That way they will become good little Zionists/Socialists for the Democrats. TV had now captured our youth completely with teachings (subtle at first) that negated God, perverted the family, promoted evolutionism as fact, and made every Biblical figure appear as either madmen or characters in a superstitious fairytale.

Christ was initially openly depicted as a “neurotic madman” with a “self destruction complex” – and when the atheist Christian hating Jew producers became confident that they would not be opposed – they went a step further. Soon – His mother was OPENLY depicted as a “whore” and HE was shown to be an illegitimate BASTARD womanizer who was “battling with his inner self over his sexual orientation” (with ‘historical proof’ – Discovery Channel style of course).

Our ‘evolution’ from primordial ooze – into amoeba-like creatures – into simple marine creatures – then into amphibians – then into higher animals which finally evolved into our “close first cousins” (as was the Science Channel’s atheist Jew narrator’s preferential description) – the apes! Every form of life was held sacred as part of the evolutionary process and the importance of our new ‘god’ == Ghaia – or ‘mother earth. Every species EXCEPT for humans of course – and ESPECIALLY infant humans – which by now were being slaughtered by tens of millions a month in the ultra efficient abortion mills around the country – ALL now receiving Government subsidies and government ‘attitude’ counseling should there be any residual guilt for murdering their own child.

TV is now overflowing with violence – heroes who use profanity like cheap cologne – young girls who show everything and DO everything. Nothing is sacred – anything is subject to ridicule and mockery – virginity – honesty – charity – kindness – modesty – sincerity and especially reverence for God/Christ. Turning on the TV today and letting your innocent 8 year old surf the channels was like letting him walk through a minefield!

It was the dark era of violence – perversion – blasphemies – gratuitous sex – and unabated vile language in our entertainment industries. These were of course – as usual – dominated by Jews. Disney World was now EVEN MORE – a Mecca for sex perverts and the employment application forms practically mandated that the prospect be a homosexual, a lesbian or a transvestite. ALL professing Christians were excluded and the new Eisner ‘Disney’ characters were all politically correct, with more than a token amount of homosexual innuendos, rough language, and to even so much as even SUGGEST a moral Christian theme was the end of your career with the atheist dominated ‘amusement park’.

The holy sacrament of marriage as kept by our parents and grandparents for millennia was of course totally trashed by homosexuals who were not only ENCOURAGED to commit these blasphemies – but were offered special Govt. exemptions to do so. Since fornication ( there is even a Jew TV show by the name) gratuitous sex and adultery are considered mere sporting events to the Jew – their destruction of the sanctity of marriage was a blessing for them.

Demonstrations of homosexual perversions were held all over the nation – parades – festivals, and other gala events – ALL to celebrate homosexual deviate perversions. High profile companies like Busch, Reebok, Levis, AT&T now openly and proudly competed for the attention of homosexuals by their sponsorship of any pervert event – no matter how blasphemous the themes were. Busch was the undisputed leader in high profile homosexual pervert festival sponsorship.

What was truly disgusting was the fact that ‘sports fans’ continued to fill their tailgate coolers with Busch beer. Virtually all large churches totally ignored the rampant Jew Christ bashing blasphemy and NEVER EVER spoke one word in criticism of the sadistic Godless murdering thieving Jews. Even worse – a few of these putrid worms like Joel Osteen continued to grow richer and richer preaching blasphemy to the ‘itching ears’ of his Godless idiot hypocrite mobs in his multimillion dollar Synagogues Of Satan.

The Jews became more and more powerful and influential as time went by. Israel was now being given over 100 billion dollars a year in war weapons and other instruments of war so as to be able to annihilate their helpless neighbors and continue in their Marxist quest of world Zionism with virtually no opposition. Of course the message from the White House was the same tired third world joke mantra of; “We must defend our strong ally and only stabilizing Democracy in the Mid-East – Israel”.

Palestinians were sadistically slaughtered by the thousands a week and were kept caged up like animals – by this time ALL of their homes/land had either been destroyed or given to greedy Jewish ‘settlers’. I remember my experiences there years ago, with these land thief criminals. I have never witnessed a more sadistic greedy mob of cruel criminals in my entire life! These animals would teach their children to terrorize Palestinian school children on their way to class. These armed young Jew hoodlums would humiliate insult and beat helpless children for fun. You have never heard really coarse and blasphemous profanity till you witness Jew settler children. One drunken armed Jew animal I will never forget as he terrified defenseless innocent terrified Christian Palestinians at their OWN HOME in which they had lived for 20 generations! = “FUCK you – and FUCK your fucking Jesus. Get off MY land! We crucified Him before and we will kill Him again “ I can just imagine what I would do if I came home to find some Jew scum terrorizing my wife or child in that fashion.

As mentioned above -the Jew dominated US had since declared war on Iran – and like in Iraq nearly completely destroying the entire country – along with their economic and historical infrastructure. This was a glorious opportunity to employ untested new methods of killing EVERYONE – men women and children. Horrific weapons long since declared inhumane by Geneva – such as White phosphorous – Napalm DU projectiles – ‘cookie cutter’ bombs and more war horrors. Then there was talk about the destruction of Syria as well. All this of course delighted the Jews as US sons and fathers became cold-blooded murderers as well as being sent home in increasing numbers of body bags. Not a DROP of Jew blood had been shed so far. By this time we had alienated virtually all of our former allies, and American tourists in Europe were given the same cold shoulder as had only been common in France, years before. I would have felt the same way

The death and misery we had needlessly committed would come back to haunt us later, as we gradually became the most feared and hated country in the world. By this time the Jews were so powerful militarily and financially that no one dare challenge their daily atrocities with any real organization. Obama’s Jew advisers teamed up with the ‘Jew Neo-cons’ who ‘pulled former President Bush’s strings – and literally dominated American foreign policy. America was completely controlled by Israel and we slavishly sent our sons to die in endless serial wars against Israel’s enemies. NONE of these countries that we destroyed were any threat to the US, and at one time had been friendly towards us. The Jews made sure that we would find a never-ending list of imaginary ‘created enemies’.

At home things only got worse and worse. The Democrats under Obama and his evil minions had enacted the most draconian gun laws to date. Anyone caught with anything more than a shotgun faced double-digit prison terms = AUTOMATICALLY! Well into the current regime – gun-shows had been totally outlawed and American firearms manufacture of defense and sporting guns had become nonexistent. Ruger – S&W – Colt and Remington had gone chapter 11 due to the huge flood of lawsuits against them as manufacturers every time there was a gun related death. The ACTUAL criminal/murderer was often not even prosecuted – if a hate crime was suspected or a ‘minority person was the killer or he was a high profile leftist.

Crime in the streets was rampant, as the criminals – so traditionally coddled by the Democrats were now the greatest elements of terror imaginable. More and more ‘Home Security Acts’ were legislated – and with every new needless law – a precious freedom was lost. ANY criticism of Israel or even scholarly discussion of the claims of the so-called holocaust was a hate crime and new legislation had mandated that stiff prison sentences at hard labor were handed out. Rap and hip-hop trash became the music of choice of our youth – and many began to emulate violent black behavior complete with all of its perverse ramifications. Decent mainstream blacks were ridiculed and mocked from Congress to the church. Life here was becoming unbearable. It was like a nightmare except you couldn’t wake up.

Churches, if you could call them that – had become so perverse that none of us who were raised in the reverence of conventional houses of worship, could recognize them. They were (the so-called conservative Christian evangelicals) now virtually all Hollywood media moguls with lots of gold watches and $700 suits. Even the churches avoided teaching the Ten Commandments – lest they lose their Govt. tax-exempt status. They had been reduced into secular hellholes of blasphemy and hypocrisy. Synagogues of Satan to be more exact. Public schools were re-education pulpits where no one including parents dared to criticize the Jew dominated school boards.

By now one in ten children were diagnosed by Jew Psycho-quacks who dominated the pseudo-profession. Ritalin sales soared as these youngsters were forced by law to take the deadly drug which even the DEA has long since declared “an addicting dangerous psychotropic drug preferred over crack cocaine by laboratory animals’. Teen and pre-teen violence soared – as well as teen suicide as had been predicted by concerned scientists and competent physicians. Since the Jews controlled the ‘big pharma’ and dominated the psychiatric game and controlled the media and school board – the officials lied – children died and the Jew got richer.

By now – it was – at least in the entertainment industry – a policy of Christianity being a group of losers and the bible being nothing more than children’s fairy tales – suitable only for the feeble minded. Radical Democrat Christian haters like Whoopi Goldberg routinely suggested that the best use of Holy Scripture was for toilet paper. Her Negro secular leftist Democrat audiences would howl with laughter and approval when she invoked this blasphemy as humor. Yes – blasphemy HAS become very profitable.

Refuse to rent to a sex pervert – atheist – Marxist – violent filthy looking rapper Negro – and lose your home and go to prison. Forget about any religious codes ordained by Christ. Lambda and other organized child molester advocates gradually gained prominence and were winning court battles. The legal system seemed irreversibly corrupt and any candidate for a federal judgeship was summarily slandered, libeled and destroyed by the Jew dominated secular media and the now even more powerful Christian hating Jew organizations like AIPAC and ADL and ACLU.

What the saddest irony of all – was the fact the Christians no longer felt comfortable adoring Christ and His teachings. They now reverted to the most bizarre and vile perversions of the sick minds of their self-anointed leadership. In the ultimate mockery of our Lord, the new blasphemy was called Christian-Zionism. This revolting oxymoronic contradiction in terms now dominates the majority of the evangelical ‘leadership’ Nothing could be more demonic. Their loud, screaming ranting and carnival-like lunatic raving ‘ministers’ are the quintessential images of racism, hatred, violence and blasphemy! Even the Catholic church has cowered before the powerful influence of the Jew. The Pope himself – the spiritual leader of some billion or so Christians has betrayed all of us with his pandering to Jew killers. Being raised a traditional Catholic I am painfully aware and knowledgeable of this most odious mega betrayal of principles off faith since Christ was literally sold for 30 silver shekels. I once believed that ‘my’ Church would be the last viable defense against the suffocating evil of the Jew. Certainly the Holy Father would NOT be intimidated by the “sons of Satan”. Apparently I was wrong. Can we save ourselves? Of course we COULD – But the real question now is WILL we. I had my doubts.

How could this happen in America!! Where were all the good and decent people when these critical battles were raging, and our country was morally hemorrhaging to death? It wasn’t really that hard to figure out. People had just given up hope. EVERY DECENT GODLY candidate put up for any important office had been threatened with political suicide if they opposed the wishes of the establishment and the Jew controlled media. It wasn’t rocket science. As soon as a decent Godly candidate for Congress/Senate put his ‘hat in the ring’ and stated that his platform held Christian principles inviolate – he was at first approached by powerful lobbies that ‘suggested’ that he ‘back off’.

But – then if the poor soul had the grit to fight back – the Jew would throw ANY amount of $ that it took to support THEIR godless candidate – such as endless $ 30K sound-bites on Prime Time – using lie after lie after lie. – AND OF COURSE the endless smears/lies against the character of the decent man. The Jew would simply ‘support’ the ‘best’ legislator that money could buy! His qualifications? Simple. His FIRST loyalties MUST be to Israel – NOT our (former) Christian America. Jews gained more power with more victories in the Congress and became bolder in their open hatred of Christian ideals. ANYBODY that would stand up to them or swear to defend our Christian heritage was destroyed by the power of their endless wealth, lies and corruption.

By this time the military was open to sex perverts, radical leftists, card carrying Communists and every other security liability imaginable. Seasoned vets – the experienced backbone of our military – would no longer stand the stench and so the re-up rates dropped to almost zero. Young men in their teens were taught that killing a certain race or ethnic group was not only good – but also PATRIOTIC. Women, children, the elderly, and the hospitalized – it didn’t matter. It was becoming FUN to kill people. It was like playing high-tech arcade games that they had spent their youth on. The ‘enemy’ wasn’t human – just so many target to destroy.

So – if they were ever to be asked if they would kill (read; MURDER) their OWN neighbors – other American civilians – that they were now conditioned to do so without compunction. The ominous warnings of the Marines of ’29 Palms’ that were eager to murder their neighbors without question under orders went unheeded and so the inevitable came to pass. I kept thinking about how much we were beginning to resemble the robotic mindless Godless military of the earlier Soviets or the Chi-Com military.

A year later the US Constitution had been successfully overridden several times and the word ‘REPUBLIC’ to describe our political system was discouraged. The repeal of the Second Amendment had been gaining more and more support and it’s total destruction was only a matter of time. Recently submitted Bills for the destruction of the 2nd Amendment once considered so treasonous as to be ridiculed – were now back on the table with strong support from the growing leftist Black Congressional Caucus and of course the Newly elected and invigorated Jew legislators and of course Pelosi Obama and Biden – all powerful traitors to America and ‘Israeli firsters’

Every aspect of traditional Constitutional life in America ad suffered substantially by the end of President Bush’s brutal ” you are either with us or against us” regime. But as bad as it was – the worst was yet to come! The year that followed was more of the same – consolidation of power for the Jews – total control of the President and his policies. It was obvious that Obama was to be a one term tyrant but the coup-de gras – the final death blow to the Republic would be totally and finally resolved in the next election.

The Jews were certain that they would then dominate both Houses by either influence or sheer numbers. The American people were essentially resolved to a life of economic survival. The reality that all these new government programs to “help the poor”- and “provide universal health care.” were nothing but ‘free lunch’ shams and that the real goal was to obligate a lot of liberal/leftist voters to support the Zionist candidate of choice. It was the old Democrat strategy with a face lift – divide and conquer – and convince weak minds of the HUGE growing number of welfare blacks, illegal Mexican aliens, the elderly with no income and no health care

Apparently-and fortunate for all of us – Nostradamus and the ancient Inca elders were doing Peyote or whatever when they declared that the world would end . Of course 2012 was not over yet and it did seem like the end of the world was upon us – or at least the end of America as we once knew it.

Before we know it – it is upon us – the 2012 National Conventions. The Republican National Convention was subjected to so much violence from paid street agitators that it had to be postponed. There was considerable loss of life and fires and violent vandalism did some 50 million worth of damage. The Democrat National Convention was not much more popular and its predictable mantras were ‘Multiculturalism, Earth worship, and gay power, had put up their biggest ‘guns’ and defeated the now impotent Israeli loyal Neo-con Republican candidates with a landslide. The irony of the whole 2012 election farce was that it was a ‘Win Win’ situation for the Jew as the white voting majority had become so diluted and many poorly educated ignorant whites now pandered to the best promises of plenty of cold beer and NFL games at the Coliseums. Either way – there would be more serial wars and more dead Christian ‘goyem’ sacrificing them selves for the chosen.

Something that had NOT gone unnoticed by the Jews and their 90% supported Democrat Party was also something that caught my eye. The following facts were chilling and since I found them in 2009 – some three years ago I began to understand what the Jews had in mind and it’s logic simplicity and undeniable impact on candidate success were nothing less than frightening. So THIS is why they considered the 2012 elections a pivotal point in American history. You have to hand it to them. Evil -yes – to the core of their being – but clever devious and cunning to a fault.

You see my thinking as a patriot – well educated and not easily fooled (or so I thought) was that the American voter would finally wake up and see through all the flimsy shams and shoveled smoke and rise to the occasion to save our nation – the gleaming pearl of western civilization – founded on lofty Christian principles by principled men. We were smart enough to put petty differences aside and make our voices heard in unison. BUT even IF we did all these right decisions and stuck together forgoing partisan differences – it will probably fail anyway.

Here is what I AND Obama AND his Jew masters already know. I remember being warned and warned and warned over the years by well meaning patriots who wee passed off as “racists” and “biggets”. Well here is the situation in the 2012 election year America. I hope you are sitting down

In 1976 the white vote comprised 90% of the population.

In 2000 the white vote comprised 81% of the population 

In 2008 the white vote comprised 76% of the population

In 2012 the white vote WILL comprise ? %

You do the arithmetic. It is obvious that the number will be substantially higher proportionally- as you can see that the 24 year interval increased 9+% The second scale is 8 years apart and increased 5% I didn’t do a graph – but I’ll bet my pinks that it will be in the 60s – WITHOUT taking into account the efforts to win minority votes that we have seen. Add that factor and we could see it in the 50s. Remember – the change from 2000 to 2008 was enough to elect a dark horse unknown Negro. NOW – picture a white liberal charismatic Jew who appeals to all minorities ( a closet Zionist at the least) – and I don’t mean some obvious scumbag like LIEberman the liar. We will be lost as a nation.

More bad news for America . Mexican illegals – Marxist or not were welcome in ANY numbers – no quota – and were promised HUGE benefits to be extracted from the backs of American working citizens. All privately owned guns were to be rounded up and confiscated within a 12-month grace period. God and Christ were removed from EVERY public scene – all money – and mention of such in schools or workplaces could get you fired or fined if any Democrat atheist or Jew was ‘offended’. Public health care – Socialist style. The ‘rich’ (everyone who made over $50K a year would have his taxes doubled! If they could not pay – then their homes were to be confiscated and sold to fund ‘special welfare entitlements’ to minorities. Abortion was legal under ANY and ALL circumstances and was funded from TAXPAYER dollars – regardless of traditional religious beliefs.

More pre-election changes. Adult having sex with children and ALL child porn was legalized. ‘Hate crimes’ would now be extended to include criticism of ANYTHING Jewish – of the President – of any perversions or perverts (homosexuals) – of ANY blasphemy – no matter how vile. Christians who seemed ‘unduly religious’ (as described years earlier by Democrat sex pervert Christian hater Atty. Gen Janet ‘bloody’ Reno) were considered to be enemies of the State. More and even more radical laws to protect the ‘rights of the criminal’ the victims must pay for their legal assistance – while the criminals were provided with council at the victim’s expense. As of the inaugural formalities – the Holy Bible – the Word of God would no longer be used ANYWHERE for oaths. CPUSA was now to be government funded and speakers were routinely invited to speak to sessions of Congress. Hate monger Zionist traitor David Horowitz was appointed as special Mid-East policy adviser to the President. This was but some of the highlights of campaign promises some of which were outright treason.

Even though the ranks of the Democrat Party had no grown numerically – their power was on the rise, and with control of most of the money (Jews), all of the major media – endless barrages of anti-Christian anti-Republican films from Hollywood – an educational system geared to lionize Democrat policies – history revision – and deification of the worst imaginable most violent blacks and Latinos as historic heroes – our children, bombarded 24-7 with this hate campaign – began to turn on their own parents – Soviet and Chinese Communist style. New ‘hate crime’ ( read: ANY criticism of Jews) legislations were passed in the dark – ‘under the radar’ – with devious tricks so that citizens knew virtually nothing about them being in force until they were arrested at gunpoint at their homes by ‘Obamanista’ brown shirt thugs.

All this was particularly difficult for former Republican patriots who now realized that the goodness had gone from their party was well. We had enough from that madman war criminal Bush AND his neo-con traitors who all stuck together and continued to betray America and subvert out Constitution. Many of us felt like many of the Republicans who continued to support the traitor Bush were no better than their Democrat counterparts – people that had no morals or character at all. We were losing the country at light speed – and if any of us still believed in what America used to be – we would have to fight for it – or LOSE IT!

Religious students were mocked and humiliated, Workplaces which had previously been encouraged – were ordered under penalty of law to be taught ‘sensitivity’ classes on the re-education of their thinking, regarding child molesters – homosexual perverts – Communists – and ‘excessive and unhealthy’ religious beliefs. IF these Draconian measures were against one’s Christian beliefs – you either sold your soul or lost your job. All of these horrors – were of course done for the “common good” and were to ” protect the Constitutional rights” of others. They were very good in their craft. They had learned all of the methods used by the Red Chinese and the Soviets. Memorial Day was replaced by ‘Earth Day’ — our National day of Prayer had been replaced with ‘ National AIDS Awareness Day”. Global warming and a laundry list of other ‘junk science’ was crammed into the brains of our young, in our new improved Socialist school system. The agenda of the Protocols Of Zion were clearly all in force now.

‘SHOCK SHOW’ personalities like Jerry Springer and Howard Stern’s TV ratings grew and grew. Eventually the profane language wasn’t ‘bleeped out’ any more and raw sex of EVERY conceivable perversion was now shown graphically. These darlings of the Jew entertainment industry couldn’t care less if our innocent children were exposed to this filth or not. Protecting our children from these obscenities was no virtually impossible. They could no longer be blocked and since both parents were hard at work just to survive in the Communist Party approved Democrat regime – they were helpless to protect their own young sons and daughters. Teen porn – was of course now legal in virtually all the States and the Internet became a haven for porn peddlers and pedophiles. ‘NAMBLA’ had its own show to compete with Stern and Springer. Traditional European cultures were so disgusted with American filth that they were rarely welcomed as tourists.

It seemed hopeless – and all across the nation – the people who had been complacent and morally lazy awoke to find themselves in a real-life nightmare from which it appeared to be no hope. We had lost our nation to the vilest treacherous pernicious people in America – and IsraHELL – or so it seemed. We prayed for a miracle as 2000-year-old religious practices were forbidden – our children stolen from loving parents – our money- extracted from us by threat and intimidation – and then given to the lazy and immoral for their benefit. It was close to the time to surrender all of our firearms – estimated at over 500 million! And remember the elections are right around the corner and are stacked in favor of the Zionists. Oh – and remember – there is and has not been for years – a ‘Republican Party’. George Bush was as loyal a Zionist as the IsraHELL PM. The Jews have placed themselves in a giant chess game with the stakes -the grand prize – being the heart and soul (and of course the entire gross national product of the effort of every goy in the nation)

THEN IT HAPPENED! – the ‘miracles’ we were all waiting for. Well – some of us decided NOT to wait for the slow agonizing death of our country – to herded and led off like cattle to the slaughter. We had enough! It began with isolated acts of bravery in defiance. Mainstream citizens spitting in the face of crooked politicians in public. Bombing a porn TV station – commando style attacks on the homes of the Jew legislators that promoted and legislated this filth and other mockery of Christian tradition. Angry mobs began to appear in the streets – NOT the usual leftist pervert freaks of the past who railed against the sanctity of life or marriage – BUT straight decent Godly mainstream parents and what was encouraging – was that their ranks were now filled with the young AND the older generations who had normally never gotten ‘involved’. Our people were finally acting like AMERICANS!

As the populace became encouraged – new leaders emerged and organized ranks all over the nation. The acts became bolder and larger in scope. There were those who sacrificed themselves and met horrible fates – but that only fueled the fire. As if in a spontaneous outburst of defiance – all over this nation of ours – patriots began to stand their ground and fight back. They had EVERYTHING to lose if they failed and were emboldened by strong leadership and strengthened by the resolve of their faith and in the knowledge that we knew that we WERE IN THE RIGHT! A second American Revolution!

Countless veterans joined to share their expertise. It seemed that the majority of former military and many of the current young ‘lions’ sided with the revolt for freedom. Every where there was the battle cry ‘SAVE THE REPUBLIC’ and “GOD BE WITH US!” until it seemed that there was NO doubt whatsoever that this was a do-or die effort. Time was of the essence, as it was rumored that the Democrats had asked the Castro Cubans and the Aztlan (Marxist) Mexicans to support them in the battle. This only heightened our resolve and hatred of anything or anybody who would assist in our slavery and defeat. It was the civil war all over again – but for the right reasons this time.

Military armories were taken over by officers loyal to a free America and the Navy and Air Force reserves sided with us. Almost all of the Special Operation units joined us against the Godless Democrats and equally evil criminal Neo-con Republicans. The vast majority of blacks, and homo perverts predictably sided with the Democrats. Predictably – the evil cunning Godless cowardly Jew sided with both – as both ‘houses’ had long before sold their souls to these scum.

That came as no surprise, as the Jew has NEVER had ANY loyalty to ANY nation or ANY principles – except to what is best for HIM. Like at the Alamo – The ‘line in the sand’ had been drawn, and there was no going back. I kept thinking about an patriotic older film I had seen – Red Dawn. Only this time it was for real! We would either die on our as free men fighting – or win back our nation – as free men who won peace freedom and dignity once more.

In a matter of less than 3 months, we were not just defending ourselves well – we were on the OFFENSIVE. Washington DC with its corrupt infrastructure fell to our forces in a week! Elections had of course been postponed indefinitely. Obama’s Pelosi’s Biden’s and Fienstein’s Marxist Cuban friends decided such a move was a bad gambit and opted out. Israel – predictably remained neutral – waiting like a vulture to ‘be friends’ with the winning side – as they had demonstrated during the cold war when they stated that ” they would remain neutral in the even of a life and death struggle between the USA and the communists”. Jews are not called ” cunning” for no reason

Towards the end there witnesses to several instances of the ‘enemy’ coming over to our side. By this time we had control of most all of the nuclear delivery facilities. Israel made some threats to which we answered that if they so much as flinched – they would be wiped off the face of the map! There would NEVER EVER be another USS Liberty massacre! After several Arab nations realized what our motives for fighting for the return of our once great and moral America, was all about – freedom from the yoke of Marxist and Jew influence – most offered to fight WITH us. There were of course still deep and bitter wounds but eventually the majority of Mujaheddin from many Islamic countries realized the ancient adage that: ” the enemy of their enemy was their friend. ‘Rambo’ would have been proud.

Every Christian nation – and every nation humiliated by the Jews over the years, was cheering for our victory, which came in the late summer of the next year. The death toll was surprisingly light for such a protracted civil conflict. Far less than our Civil War ‘between the States’.

The surrender was taken on the steps of the Capitol in DC. It was an almost informal affair with very little fanfare. All Democrat and Neo-con leaders were taken into custody and processed for trial and conviction for charges ranging from treason to mass murder.

At the TOP of that list of traitors and mega-criminals was master butcher George Bush – who had has appointment with the hangman. That was a supreme act of justice that MILIONS of decent people world wide were waiting to celebrate! The Dem hierarchy got off with non- parole stiff prison sentences of hard labor. I’m sure that the fates of sadistic treasonous bitches like Pelosi and Fienstein – especially the possibility of being gang raped – would be only minimal justice for these two scum.

9-11 and USS Liberty were two top priorities for long overdue justice. A board of inquiry was to be convened ASAP. ALL of the conspirators, perps, and principle players would be hunted down, arrested, tried, and hung for two of the greatest crimes ever committed against the American people. Many of the criminals were Israeli and were offered the opportunity to surrender themselves in the next 48 hours or have their shitty little criminal terrorist country face total annihilation by the most awesome military attack and invasion the world has yet to witness. The dozen or so prime ‘enablers’ of the wars that took so many innocent lives also had their day ‘in court’. – Hagee – Graham – Robertson and other bloody criminals served long prison terms – REAL JUSTICE AT LAST!

The celebration was an event to remember and was recorded for our posterity to celebrate with a holiday every year. We had become a ‘brave new nation’ once more and after the joy of celebrating the hard won victory over the forces of evil – we got down to the hard task at hand. We had won our country back from the worst enemies imaginable. We all swore an oath to NEVER EVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. We owed it to the men who gave their life on the battlefields across America and to our children AND their children’s children. Original copies of the movie cult classic – ‘Red Dawn’ – became instant sought after collectables.

It was NOW payback time! Justice would finally be served to those who would destroy our nation. The finest minds and MOST IMPORTANTLY – the most moral of men – leaders – would be assembled to draw up a course of action. . We already had a guideline for our government – the HOLY BIBLE and the CONSTITUTION. The latter being derived from the Principles of Scripture by men who had sacrificed everything to make this country once great and Godly. We would NOT break faith with the Founding Fathers. A LOT of changes would be made – back to the way we were when we could say “GOD BLESS AMERICA” – without the stench of hypocrisy, and as a humble wish and NOT an arrogant demand!

The new laws were mostly old laws that had been perverted, mocked and ignored. The penalties for ‘ignoring’ these laws would now be MOST severe! The provisional government would meet daily – with time ONLY to eat and sleep – until the decisions had been ‘cast in stone’ and were to announced in the form of edicts to all persons. There were those who were to be handed out justice and punished for crimes against humanity and high treason. Obama, Pelosi Biden and Feinstein were in custody along with most of the Democrat Leadership. Kerry had escaped and was hiding in some hole – but we would find him and justice would be served.

The streets were littered with Heinz products thrown there by angry patriots. Clinton was arrested as he tried to escape to Red China. He had a date with the hangman that millions of patriots were anxious for him to keep. The long list of laws, changes, exiles, and warrants were broadcast on the freedom-controlled news media. Starbucks stock certificates were used for wallpaper.

During all the hearings and decisions – an oath that I took as a young officer in the United States military so many years ago came to mind. With one hand raised and the other on the Holy Bible – I repeated – as the oath was administered. ” I – do solemnly swear – that I shall uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from ALL enemies – both foreign and domestic – so help me God”.

This oath had violated by virtually EVERY Democrat and sadly – most Republicans. THIS TIME AROUND – violation of that sacred oath would be SEVERELY punished HERE ON EARTH! There would be NO exceptions.


The Declaration of changes was read and spread by the FREE news media


“As of this day – the 4th of July in the year of our Lord 2013 – the following edicts will become law and STRICTLY and IMMEDIATELY enforced.

The Democrat Party The Republican Party and the Communist Party (CPUSA) membership will be disbanded and illegal to the extent of being an act of treason – punishable by law. ALL members of the existing corrupt Congress will be dismissed – some who have openly committed treason to be tried and convicted

NO Jew may hold ANY public office without express permission of a Committee to be appointed at a later date.

ALL pornography that is used in the public sector is illegal and carries a SEVERE prison term. Private porn will be tolerated by adults only and kept in a secure place away from children. Violation of this will be severely punished.

The privileges of our Second Amendment will be afforded to ALL citizens. Any individual or authority that denies a citizen this right will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the current law. A citizen using a deadly weapon in a crime as designated by new statutes will serve an automatic lengthy prison sentence – severity to be decided

Any adult person committing an act of homosexual perversion on a minor will be sent to prison for life – NO PAROLE. VA hospitals will now be held to a higher standard. Within a few years they will be recognized in the US as rendering the best care of any clinic or hospital in America.

Lies by public servants will be punishable by the most severe of standards. ANY lie of substance will be considered grounds of impeachment or dismissal. It will be similar to a Dishonorable discharge in the military – no retirement benefits. Serious lies – such as those committed by former war criminal George Bush – and leading us into an unsubstantiated preemptive war may be punishable by death!

Homosexual perverts may NOT serve in the Armed forces of the US – nor may the serve in any judgeship. Any public display/conduct of homosexual perversion will be grounds for immediate arrest and imprisonment in accordance with the vulgarity of the offense.

No Landlord or business owner may be forced to employ or rent/lease anybody that he or she finds distasteful. Eviction or dismissal MUST be immediate if such persons are found to be a homosexual pervert and has falsified a form.

NO former Democrat OR Bush era neo-con may be allowed to run for ANY public office. Falsification will be severely punished.

No Jew may be allowed to be in ANY executive position with ANY radio or Television station or publisher to the general public.

No Jew may be allowed to be an executive in ANY movie studio – or music studio – director – producer – or be allowed to own ANY part of ANY such studio. Nor may any Jew become a ‘promoter’ for ANY public figure – singer, actor, and writer of politician

No Jew may be allowed to hold ANY teaching position in ANY school or university unless privately owned AND for purposes of religious education only.

The false so – called practice of Psychiatry is banned. Administering of psychotropic drugs to juveniles (Ritalin etc) will be a federal offense and will get you a LONG prison sentence.

Computer hackers who infect computer systems are now considered a form of terrorism and is a federal crime. Criminals will SEVERLY prosecuted – JAIL SENTENCES ONLY – parole eligible after payment to victim (s). No pay – NO parole. In the case where human life is lost (hospital unable to get info for critical emergency patient – he dies) the charge is MURDER 2 and carries an automatic life sentence!

Class 2 narcotics are banned from being administered to school age children. Any School official/employee doing so faces SEVERE prison terms

Communist = Marxist = Maoist etc agitation of ANY kind will be punishable as an act of treason and will carry sentences from exile to death!

ANY and ALL Jew/Israeli spies caught will be summarily executed by firing squad!

ALL Jews continuing to live in our Christian America – those not executed or exiled – will live here on probation, until such time that they have demonstrated that they will be model citizens. Those VERY few who have sincere religious beliefs – NOT ZIONISTS!!! – will be permitted to practice their religion with the assurance that they will not be persecuted.

Hollywood will continue to operate – BUT with true Christian supervision 24-7! The defunct ‘Legion of Decency’ WILL be resurrected and no vile film filth will be tolerated. Morality standards will not be anything new – just rolled back to a time in America when you could take your grandmother to see any movie without the fear of shocking her.

The vice of greed will be given a special treatment in the ‘new America. Citizens will be taught from the beginning of their grade schooling that greed is a horrible trait – unacceptable and un-American and has NO place in our Christian based fabric of character – ANYWHERE – for ANY reason!

The so called – holocaust memorials will be confiscated and re-established as memorials to the 20 MILLION Christians murdered by Marxist Soviet Jews — THE REAL ‘HOLOCAUST’!

ANY type of activity intimidating Christian prayer or Christian display of traditional icons on ANY property where so permitted (if private) will carry an AUTOMATIC LIFE PRISON TERM – NO PAROLE!

The followings seditious anti-Christian – anti-American Jew organizations are prohibited.

ACLU – AIPAC – ADL – AJC is a partial list. Current leadership will be arrested and sentenced to long prison terms – then deported. Every Jew agitator AND shabbus goy traitor in the nation will be turned in to the authorities for severe prison punishment.

School teachers in class or news personalities in broadcasts found guilty of base vile slander and false defamation of the Founding Fathers will wish they had reserved their venomous lies for the local bars.

Abe Foxman will be given a life sentence – HARD LABOR IN A PALESTINIAN PRISON– NO PAROLE. That should be a real experience in humility for that bloated Zionist pig.

The assets of ALL criminal Jews (especially ALL Hollywood types – actors, producers, directors etc who have records of anti Christian and anti-Constitutional conduct) and non Jew Democrat legislators, political leaders will be confiscated and donated to Christian foundations for the poor – orphaned and deserving needy. They will be paraded in chains – in front of crowds of the people that they humiliated and persecuted all those years. Patriots like Mel Gibson will be appointed to head this important task force.

There WILL be some restrictions on “freedom of speech”. These logical and moral exceptions are as follows: Public Flag desecration, Public profane language, Public advocacy of ANY form of Marxist regime, Public blasphemy and public display of racial hatred – IF invoking baseless epitaphs of true racism. Violators will be given choice of fine or prison.

All Democrat AND Republican Congressman will be arrested and given varying prison terms according to their voting records and number of times they have violated the Constitution. Those exonerated of any wrongdoing will be reinstated in their jobs. Thanks to the John Birch Society there are accurate voting records on every single member and every single bill going back for decades. NO ONE will escape this justice of willful treason against the Constitution and the American people..

ANY Federal or Supreme Judge found guilty of corruption will be given an automatic LIFE Sentence – NO PAROLE!

ANY Judge found to have released a dangerous criminal charged/convicted with murder in spite of substantial warning to the effect – and in a situation where the released felon has committed another murder – that Judge will face 2nd degree MURDER CHARGES!

Any law enforcement officer showing blatant favoritism towards the criminal in a situation where an innocent person has suffered damages = physical or material – will be arrested charged and punished according to the gravity of the offenses

ANY political candidate KNOWINGLY lying to the public during his campaign is subject to criminal charges and dismissed. If caught while in office – he will be charged with a felony and fined and or imprisoned depending upon the gravity of the lie.

ALL current ‘entertainers’ guilty of public profanity and or public obscenities and or incitement to commit criminal acts will be arrested on the spot and ALL will serve prison sentences according to crime. For example under the new laws. – scum like TUPAK SHAKUR will be apprehended and summarily executed for murder – NO APPEALS! Or Members of 2 LIVE CREW will ALL serve 10-year prison terms at HARD LABOR! – NO PAROLE

Capital gains tax is IMMEDIATELY rescinded – you keep what you make

Sales tax on ANY item AFTER it has been paid once – will be rescinded

NO special consideration (affirmative action etc) will be afforded to ANY citizen for ANY ‘racial norming’ reason. Medical school ESPECIALLY – will be color blind regarding skills and intelligence.

With very few exceptions (veterans, orphans disabled etc) there will be virtually no more welfare programs

Income taxes will be lowered to the extent that there will be NO MORE largess programs in Govt. ALL citizens will pay taxes in accordance with their incomes

The average middle class family will realize a 50% or more across the board reduction in their taxes.

There will be NO inheritance taxes

There will be NO intangible taxes

There will be NO taxes on USED merchandise.

Sales tax will only be for ‘luxury’ items erg. tobacco, liqueur, and boats over 30ft, cars over 30K, jewelry and many other such items.

Gasoline and other fuel will have NO TAXES ATTACHED!

Fuel so abundant within the boundaries of the USA will be EXCLUSIVELY used and we will be 100% energy independent. Alaska and the Gulf will be explored to their full extent. Gasoline prices after full production – are estimated to be under $.50 cents/gal.

Real crimes – armed robbery aggravated assault rape kidnapping etc will have consequences SO DRASTIC that no sane person would even think of such conduct in America. Extortion and witness threats or tampering will receive EXTREME penalties.

There will be no charges for fishing or hunting (licenses) Hunters or campers may carry firearms if in areas of dangerous animals such as bears or cats.

There will be no more tree-huggers interfering with a man’s right to pursuit of happiness in the outdoors. There will be however penalties for malicious purposeful destruction of environmental areas – arson of forests – fishing with poisons or chemicals or senseless killing of harmless endangered life

‘Parasite’ charges like so prevalent in real estate transactions will be illegal. Doc stamps – Surveys for already surveyed EXISTING land – title searches (the new legal system will prevent any need for this) Permit charges – for building – renting – private business etc – are ALL PARASITE charges and will no longer exist. These are Jew originated ideas and have no business in a Christian nation

All healthy young men will have a military service obligation. We promise the military to have a strict moral code. A goal is to build character – not killers

No more monopoly money. The Federal Reserve will be abolished and we will return to a gold and silver standard – never ever again to face the specter of hyperinflation.

There will be NO MORE property taxes on homes. This means you can NOW REALLY Own your home and it can NEVER be taken away from you. This does NOT protect a homeowner from legal action for nonpayment of a purchase contract or legitimate service charges.

Truth in advertising WILL be STRICTLY enforced. Any company soliciting totally bogus claims will be heavily fined. There will be watchdogs to prevent this

An appointed panel of non-paid experts will CAREFULLY scrutinize tort reform in the medical malpractice field. There will be NO MORE MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUITS for stupidity like the infamous McDonald’s hot coffee outrage! Medical expense abuse WILL BE BROUGHT TO A HALT IMMEDIATELY! If a band-aid cost 10cents in a drug store – it WILL cost ten cents in a hospital – NOT TEN DOLLARS! Blatant greed and price gouging in hospitals will be considered criminal acts lust like any other theft and severely dealt with.

ALL proven fraud cases involving legal interstate transactions will be IMMEDIATELY investigate AND prosecuted by the FBI – regardless of the amount involved in the crime.

Affordable medically necessary pharmaceuticals as well as other specifically medically necessary aides will be made available to all citizens. Guidelines will be established for price gouging and outright greed will not be tolerated.

‘Environmental’ police agencies (marine patrol – park rangers etc) will be concerned ONLY with safety violations and will no longer threaten and harass citizens trying to enjoy their vacations.

Citizens vacationing in wilderness areas where potentially dangerous animals are present – may arm themselves as they see fit as long as they respect the safety of other campers.

NO State shall pass or currently maintain ANY laws designed to harbor criminals or protect the criminal – such as placing all assets in a spousal trust to evade prosecution from crime.

SS payments WILL be increased periodically rated upon the accepted current cost of living standard.

NON-REQUESTED Homoerotic/pornographic filth solicitation to a citizen’s private Email address will be considered a crime – felony – with severe fines for 1st offenses and substantive prison terms for repeated offenses.

Non- approved solicitous phone calls to private homes will be illegal. 1st violation will be a warning . Second violation – a modest fine


Public schools WILL be accountable for their performance! The 3 Rs WILL be taught. The basic teaching books and policies will be the way it was done in the 40s and 50s. Anyone caught teaching (as a proponent) of evolution or any Marxist dogma or atheist propaganda in a public school will be arrested and SEVERELY punished!!! These people are allowed to fund their own atheist schools if they desire

ONLY persons of HIGH moral standards will be allowed to teach in public schools. NO atheists – NO perverts – NO Democrats – NO leftists – no Jews – no criminal and NO EBONICS

Public school teachers WILL be given back the authority they had in the 40s and 50s Disruptive students WLL be severely punished and ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED!

Teachers will regain a status of honor and respect in our new communities.

The TRUE history of Jews and their evil ways WILL be taught to all students – especially the comments of the Founding Fathers AND; ‘The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion’ so that we as a nation will NEVER EVER again be under their filthy influence.

Schools WILL NOW teach THE TRUTH. Politically correct attitudes from teachers will award you a pass out the door! Our children WILL know the truth about Shameful Americans in history such as FDR – a traitor and communist – NOT AN AMERICAN ICON!. The truth about the Nuremberg kangaroo court trial and other outrageous lies. Public school prayer will be re-established nation-wide – participation optional. Any objectors may send their children to private school or if qualified – home school their own children.

Being single is not a crime. If you do not have children in school – you do not have to pay education tax any more than you would be expected to pay alimony support for someone else’s child.

No foods will be taxed. Kosher tax will NO LONGER be paid by non Jews

The FBI will EARN its salaries by protecting the average citizen and not wasting valuable time with ruining the life of a person who made a copy of HIS video tape for HIS brother. Internet porn and internet fraud scams that hurt people and are not prosecuted by local police WILL be vigorously by the NEW FBI

There will NEVER be ANY MORE citizens who have been robbed by criminals who will hear from law enforcement: “Sorry: get an atty – it’s a civil matter”. A citizen shows proof of being robbed through the mail or locally WILL receive justice and see the criminal arrested and jailed and will NOT have to lose their life savings to a greedy Attorney just to get back what they lost.

Income tax forms will revert to those 1 or 2 page styles used successfully by our fathers and grandfathers for decades. The IRS will be abolished with exception of a minimal force to process forms.

The BATF will be abolished – PERIOD! Crimes proved committed with deadly weapons will be dealt with with EXTREME prejudice. REAL criminals WILL be in prisons – not on the streets stealing guns.

Welfare from public tax funds will be distributed with extreme diligence ONLY to those with the most dire of needs.

Any ‘mainstream’ major news media facility reported and found guilty of censorship of news proven true and vital to the public welfare – as was the common practice during the ‘occupation’ – will be dealt with severely by high courts and immediately exposed to public scrutiny.

ANYONE so disposed as to attempt to prohibit true religious prayer ( atheism is NOT a religion) in any public place or private place with permission or owned by said praying person will be given a one-way ticket out of the country – PERMANENTLY!!

Several moral and historic books will be REQUIRED reading in our public schools. First and foremost will be a book by William Federal, titled ‘ America’s God And Country’. A Bible – a ‘PURE’ EDITION – NOT the Jew modified one – will be available in every American public school classroom. ALL school days WILL be initiated with an appropriate Christian prayer. Those objecting can find a country to live in, more suitable for their lifestyles.

School children WILL learn the TRUTH about Israel – hotbed of spies – greatest per-capita abortion rates in hemisphere – leader is a bona-fide war criminal. Our children will learn what Israel did to slaughter our sons and brothers serving aboard the USS Liberty. They will be taught how Jews got America involved in TWO world wars and how they became the source of all Marxist horrors that have to date taken over 200,000,000 civilian lives.

Certain bastardized terms were NEVER EVER to be used to deceive our young students. Among these were words like “gay” used to describe a homosexual pervert – “pro-choice” used to describe the murder of the unborn child – “African American” used to describe a NATIVE American who happens to be a Negro. NO MORE LIES AND DECEPTIONS! No more racially divisive terms.

Any black person who is moral and willing to work is welcome to stay in our Republic. TRUE race hate crimes against Negroes or any other race in the Republic will NOT be tolerated. The remainder of arrogant violent leftist lazy black trash will be sent to Africa where they may practice their bizarre tribalism/Ebonics with their ‘bros’ to their hearts content. Ignorance and illiteracy will NO LONGER be glorified in America.

Hippies and other white trash will find they themselves looking for a new home – OR hunker down and become responsible self-sustinant people.

The TV filth and shock shows that traumatize our children WILL be outlawed. Social reprobates like Jerry Springer will be arrested and charged with public lewd and lascivious conduct, serve prison terms and their holdings confiscated and donated to children’s homes.

We will develop the strongest high-tech military in the world. We will train warriors BUT not the civilian murderers of the Iraq war. We will NO longer trade with ANY Marxist regime like Red China. ANY ‘saber rattling’ from China will be taken seriously – and they will be informed that ANY attack on American soil will result in their country being reduced to a burnt out mass of ashes!! PERIOD!! COMMUNISTS OF ANY STRIPE ARE NOT WELCOME. Anyone contributing to Castro’s power will be ‘invited’ to take up permanent residence in his Marxist hellhole paradise.

By this time – Arab peoples will no longer have any NEW reason to hate us. We will exchange dialogue with their leadership. There will be NO attacks upon the sovereign country of the United States. Any such future attacks will result in retaliation – the consequences of which will be swift and unforgiving. We will encourage the Muslim world to live in peace with us, and our newly won Christian based govt. means them no harm or disrespect.

We will – as originally intended by the Founding Fathers – as much as humanly possible ‘steer clear of any foreign entanglements’. Foreign aid will be reserved ONLY for our staunchest allies – if the past United States regimes have left us with any friends.

At risk of usurping some ‘State’s Rights’ – all the laws so far announced in this edict WILL apply to ALL American citizens. EG. The State of California or ANY other State WILL NOT prohibit an American Citizen his Constitutional right to bear arms.

The TRUTH about the evils of ML King WILL be taught in classrooms. His treason – alliance with Communists – mockery of our veterans – his whore mongering and other disgusting truths about this disgraceful man WILL BE BROUGHT OUT. His despicable name will be removed from ALL tax payer funded public forums – streets buildings etc Build a 10 for bronze statue of the scumbag in your home if you want – but no more lies to our school children..

Anyone still alive that was DIRECTLY connected with the treasonous conduct of President Lyndon Johnson and the traitor Robert McNamara in allowing our sons to be slaughtered by our mortal enemy – Israel – WILL be arrested – charged with grand treason and sentenced to death for high treason!

Labor unions will henceforth be illegal. (e.g. AFL CIO)There will be NO MORE intimidation from lazy illiterate unskilled persons to earn college professor’s wages. Aside from safety in the workplace – or non-payment of wages – if you don’t like it – LEAVE AND FIND A NEW JOB! – OH – and don’t forget to ” look for the union label”

No more ‘section 8’ or food stamps or other such liberal socialist handouts. GO TO WORK! BILLIONS AND BILLIONS will be cut from Federal budgets. No more $50 thousand dollar grants for ‘research on the sex life of the Rumanian earthworm”!

Drug purchases at substantial savings will permitted worldwide until American Pharmacies cease their monstrous greed. Medicare WILL incorporate ALL necessary drugs.

With the exception of the ½ of 1 percent of the truly innocent AIDS victims – NO Govt $ will be spent on such foolishness as AIDS research and Aids education. AIDS is the easiest disease to avoid – JUST DON’T!

Lawyers will be reduced to a skeleton force since new laws will be written for ANY literate person to understand. ONLY persons of the HIGHEST MORAL TERPITUDE may EVEN apply for law school. Any atty. caught defending a client that he KNOWS to be guilty will be IMMEDIATELY arrested charged and given fines and or prison terms. ALL current attys. – the ones remaining after a ‘culling out’ period – will have to pass STRICT MORALITY TESTS. Those who fail will have their licenses irrevocably canceled.

Since most modern judges do not have the wisdom of King Solomon, polygraphs – new state of art 100% reliable ones – WILL be used in ANY court proceeding where truth is at question. Lying in a court of law to escape prosecution OR to defame an innocent person will be deemed a SERIOUS crime – with serious punishments. The guilty WILL NOT be set free because of some ‘I’ not being crossed. The spirit of the law WILL prevail and NO guilty criminal will EVER AGAIN go free!

Ignorance of the law – especially a little known one – will now be taken as an extenuating circumstance in legal procedure. Witness intimidation may now carry as high a penalty as life! The guilty WILL be dealt justice! There will be NO MORE of the ‘ innocent until proven broke’ mentality in America’s legal system.

The legal system will have a NEW name. It will no longer be called the criminal justice system (which in many cases it INDEED WAS CRIMINAL!) It will be called ‘THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AGAINST CRIMINALS’ Victims of serious crimes WILL be given reparations by the CRIMINAL and not by the State. The convicted criminal WILL labor to pay ALL damages to his victim – or remain in prison the remainder of HIS LIFE!!!! The CRIMINALS are the bad guys – NOT the victims

There will be NO release of dangerous criminals because of prison overcrowding. As many new prisons will be built as needed to contain criminals.

NO Jews from ANY land for ANY reason shall henceforth be EVER allowed again to become immigrants to the USA

All current drug laws will be reviewed. Possession of marihuana will no longer be a criminal offense. Sale to minors will be.

Physical discipline by parents OR teachers will NOT be grounds for ANY offense as it is one of the basic foundations of instilling discipline dating back to Biblical times. This will of course NOT include physical harm. A welt on the butt of an insolent young student or child is NOT physical abuse – it is prudent and NECESSARY discipline.

Reports of sexual abuse – fondling, rape, sodomy etc. will be THOROUGHLY investigated. Any Judge found KNOWINGLY siding with the sex offender – for ANY reason – would be handcuffed – arrested – permanently removed from the bench and face fines and possible imprisonment.

ANY law enforcement officer knowingly protecting a pedophile will be arrested and face serious charges.

Any persons at large charged with murder of an abortionist (a serial murderer by definition) will be given amnesty for saving the system the trouble of having him hung under new laws.

ALL officers of the law – attys. – Police – judges etc will be held PERSONALLY responsible for reparations to the victim, in cases where such officer has been found guilty of obstruction of justice or any action knowingly siding with the criminal.

Any citizen initiating a frivolous lawsuit will be charged with a serious crime and punishment will be severe. There will be NO more millions awarded to larcenous people who do stupid things like put a cup of hot coffee between their legs and drive a car.

Our veterans will be given the best of hospital care, educational benefits and treated with the respect they deserve after they retire. Any facility cheating ESPECIALLY veterans will be dealt with VERY severely.

Persons who were on the opposing side against the battle for the restoration of our Republic were required to take loyalty oaths to the United States – nothing new – just the same oaths that they had mocked for so many years. THIS time – a violation of that sacred oath would result in imprisonment or exile – a PERMANENT banishment from American soil – their holdings confiscated and donated to medical research foundations, education and other philanthropic endeavors. ‘freedom’ to destroy our hard fought and regained Christian Republic (as typified by the aims of the Communist Party) was NOT an option, and seditious acts would be dealt with swiftly and severely!

Any military commander who formally advocated the murder of civilians in the Mid-East wars will be tried for war crimes and punished accordingly. ANY military who have OFFICIALLY stated that they are willing to murder their own civilian neighbors – (such as the Marines at 29 Palms) will be arrested and tried for conspiracy to commit civilian murder. That should cool the zeal for deranged animals who would willingly murder innocent women and children – simply because some scum told them to.

The Ten Commandments WILL be present in ALL govt. offices – ALL public schools and ALL military facilities. Any person or organization found obstructing or committing intimidation against display of these sacred Laws of God will find himself exiled for life!

MUCH new material WILL be required reading in ALL public schools – the works of Paul Findley – A. Solzhenitsyn – the Federalist Papers and the personal sentiments of the Founding Fathers and world famous persons throughout the ages – regarding Jews. ANY Jew held printing house such as the Oxford Press would NOT henceforth print the Holy Bible.

Blasphemous God mocking pseudo-Christian – TV so-called Judeo-Christian Zionist evangelicals who have poisoned the minds of our people with their lies will NOT be welcome in our Christian America. These are the evil antichrists that were largely responsible for the insane Jew instigated serial wars against all Arab peoples. They may remain here – BUT will be exposed in schools and on all news media. The leaders – those who KNEW they were lying – WILL answer to humanity for the enormity of their crimes in a court of law. “

YES INDEED! MORALITY – VIA THE LAWS OF GOD – WILL BE LEGISLATED in our Christian based Republic!! It has been ‘legislated’ by our former uncorrupted legal system for over 200 years in case anyone has forgotten.

These are but a few of the changes that WILL be made in our present system.

In a decade, we will be an economic paradise – with the freedoms we had been guaranteed from the beginning. Drastic tax reductions will now allow families a higher standard of living or to invest or anything they so desire – with the peace of mind knowing that ALL of their lifelong efforts WILL go to their children – INTACT!

DECENT GOD-fearing Americans who still cling to the LAWS of the Tablets – will be able to raise their children in a wholesome atmosphere – cleansed of the filth that permeated every pore of American life. Locksmiths will have to learn new trades. Most lawyers will be taking longer vacations. Teen pregnancy will ONCE MORE become a rarity – as it was in the golden years of American innocence. Heavy metal and rap recordings will become collector items in the years to come. Schools will as safe as home. Pedophiles will have been virtually eliminated.

Our children will have new types of heroes to look up to – parents, founding fathers, REAL military heroes, clean cut Christian athletes, those whose efforts in science and medicine have alleviated human suffering, honest ethical civic and political leaders, Clean living virtuous entertainers and cinema stars and all of the Americans who gave their lives to save our country from the evil filth that had tried to destroy us. Schools will once again teach civility courtesy and wholesome living.

‘Filth’ – WILL be exposed as filth, and the Founding Fathers will be examples of sacrifice, and Christian patriotism. ‘PATRIOT’ will NO longer be a ‘dirty word in our schools. Essentially – we have not really created a ‘brave new world’ – we have just re-discovered our roots – AND will FIERCLY defend them against ALL enemies – ESPECIALLY – the DOMESTIC ENEMY SCUM who almost destroyed us!

We will have the peace and wholesomeness and – at least relative innocent environment that those of us who lived in at the time – can recall. In addition – we will have the advantages of the new technologies that have given us longer and less burdensome lives. It is a rediscovered America that will re-unite us with God once more. It is up to those who remember – that what we gained could be lost again. It is the responsibility of EVERY parent and citizen to stand up to ANY evil that dares show its ugly head and defend this country against it.

We sold our souls beginning in the 50s when we made the decision that blasphemous corrupt drugged up filth like the Beetles were to be allowed into our then relatively innocent culture. That was just the beginning. From there on, we RACED down the slippery slope to self-destruction of a modern time Sodom Gomorrah. The rest was history. Those of us that were ‘there’ at the time, understand EXACTLY what and HOW it all happened. We must show ZERO tolerance for what common sense and millennia of experience has taught us IS EVIL.

All major religions may be practiced without interference – all races may have freedom from fear of persecution and all American may now achieve their limits by their OWN efforts. The huge amounts of ‘freed-up’ revenue may be out to any good use from endowments – private research – local charity – personal savings – education, to financing a hereto-impossible business or dream. Excess taxes will be used for noble causes – med research – new energy sources – and to insure that our veterans, orphans, widows, disabled, indigent elderly may live full lives with dignity regardless of race color creed or religion.

The excess billions released from the clutches of Washington criminals – and available for research – will within this decade – alleviate mankind from the horrors of cancer diabetes – advanced heart research and other hereto-incurable plagues of mankind may be a thing of the past. We are told that it takes only more research – and now we have the money for the research. It has been estimated that just the ‘aid’ we gave to the criminal State of Israel over the past decade – would have long ago found the cure for cancer. We WILL have that money back.

America will for the first time in many decades – be not just ‘feared’ – but RESPECTED by decent peoples of the free world. The sentiment – “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” will now take on real meaning – without sticking in one’s throat like warm vomit, as was the case under the former regimes of Godless Jew/Socialist/Democrat/ and neo-con rule.

This is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT! THIS message is directed to ISRAEL!

Not one cent of American tax dollars will EVER again be sent to the rogue state of Israel. Additionally every dollar of our citizen’s hard earned tax dollars for the past 60 years WIL be returned WITH interest! If you are short – just ask some of your rich Jew friends to ‘help out’ .

Israel WILL return ALL stolen Palestinian land IMMEDIATELY! They will make IMMEDIATE reparations to the families of their victims. Failure to do so will result in the US supplying Palestine with a weapons arsenal of modern technology enough to destroy Israel 10 times over! We will ask the current Israeli Government ONCE ONLY – to surrender custody of the war criminals responsible for the butcher of over TWO HUNDRED of America’s finest sons brothers and fathers aboard the USS LIBERTY. They will be charged with committing an act of unprovoked war against the United States of America and the murders and maiming of over 200 sailors.

These criminals, those higher ranking ones – still living who worked in concert with former war criminals and Jew butchers such as Moshe Dayan (already in hell with his ‘master’ – Satan) – will be tried and publicly hung by the neck until dead. ALL war crimes committed by Israel against its helpless neighbors over the decades will be painstakingly investigated and severe punishment WILL be administered by a world court for crimes against humanity.

Every IDF butcher who murdered any helpless innocent Palestinian in cold-blood will have ‘his appointment with the hangman’. Don’t trouble yourself – ‘we will do the job when we are in town’. When and if these terms are honored – AND THEY ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE – and –IF- the State of Israel can reconcile to conduct itself in a peaceful manner with its neighbors BACK TO IT’S ORIGINAL DESIGNATION -only then, will we recognize and respect you as a sovereign nation.

If you do no surrender these terrorist criminals we WILL turn your stolen sorry ass criminal country into a glowing shiny glass ‘mirror’ visible from the moon. Israel will be henceforth considered a former ENEMY of the United States, its’ military dismantled, and will be treated as such for the duration of the existence of the United States of America as a sovereign Christian nation as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Every nut and bolt of every WMD in every silo or submarine or laboratory in Dimona Negev nuclear test center or any other such place will be relinquished to American inspection forces IMMEDIATELY. Failure to do so will result in the total destruction of your shitty little den of scum. When and IF you Jews ever learn to live in civility among the decent people of the earth. IF you can demonstrate at least a modicum of honor truth and compassion for others – we will consider suggesting that you be reinstated in the company of decent human beings.

If not, you will live in exile – hated and despised by the free world you have so demonically savaged for so long. If yo are lucky – some enterprising Palestinian businessman may agree to hire you as servants or hired hands in the field. If you are lucky enough to be chosen. It will be a good character builder to remind yourself that your tormented neighbor is now your landlord and treats you better than you did him.

This is a final ‘eviction’ notice to all here who wish our moral destruction and the forfeit of our freedoms – AND – a notice posted to all nations of the world — LOUD AND CLEAR – we wish you to live in peace and be the stewards of your own destinies. We here forth promise not to interfere with your governments – your traditions – your heritage – your national security, and your desires for sovereignty. Additionally we promise not to exploit your resources. These matters will henceforth be respected. Peaceful respectful non-Jewish visitors of good character will always be welcome in our country and be treated with dignity. We will try to be better ‘neighbors’.

The above mentioned changes are by no means a completer list – but it is a good start towards a moral justice driven Christian Republic nation where educated people can prosper if hard work and honesty are always kept at the forefront.- the Commandments kept AND enforced and the Golden Rule taught to our children and demonstrated by example on a daily basis. What we will now have is a moral strong nation that will be an example to the rest of the world and bound to secure the blessings of Christ.

AND never EVER again let ANY domestic enemy desecrate our beloved Constitution.

Live in peace – and share our vision in your own fashion – or threaten our freedoms as ordained by God, and die by the sword.


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”


  1. Great article, Joe… But must we wait until 2012 before we take these criminals down?

    If America has the will and the way, they should be preparing their uprising against the corrupt government NOW!

  2. This is a very decisive, powerful indictment, and I believe that this path you have been shown and your ability to express it within a Christian perspective is inspired. I would only suggest that America has been apostate for much longer than 1940’s or 50’s America, in fact I would submit that there are even now many more true Christians than in 1940’s – 50’s America, and this is evident even by such a post as yours. There is nothing post WW1 that compares to the Christian work today, you would have to go back at least a century for a comparison. Keep up the light. Blessings.

  3. OMG Joe – great article. I’ve been following your blog for a few months now.

    You’re a true American Patriot.

    Once my eyes became open to the evil of the ZOG things became obvious and right in my face.

    I’m working on bringing my country back too in my own way.

  4. I AGREEwith most of the things you say,,however you continue to bash the beatles,whom most people consider the greatest band ever,thanks to their great songwriting.if you object to them,they only went along with what was happening everywhere else,trendwise.”all you need is love”——————–what is your problem with that! stop the bashing,if you really are “christian”.do you really think elvis was a saint?

  5. I hate the Beatles, I think they are vile, pathetic and childish, spineless and completely immoral.

    I like the idea of American Jews having to rebuild Palestine.


  7. Whoa, because I think that the Beatles are vile and immoral that means i’m ignorant and need to ‘get a life’???

    The beatles are creation of Tavistock and The Stanford Research Institute, developed as cultural conditioning programme for children and adolescents, a kind of theatrical performance of crowleyian occult. But hey if that appeals to you then knock yourself out.


  9. Joe, God bless ya man. I LOVE the way you think. If only more were as patriotic as you. I think many more are becoming such each passing day. That epic diatribe was so awesome I don’t even know where to begin. I thought *I* was pissed off and disgusted, but after reading you I feel like a lightweight. Keep bringing it.

  10. Umm…Debbie…

    The Beatles have featured on the Sgt. Pepper’s album cover a picture of Aleister Crowley amongst their “favorite people.” Look at the album cover yourself. In fact it has been said that Crowley IS “Sgt. Pepper.”

    Lennon was obviously an atheist commie, evidenced by the very song, “Imagine.” He also lived in the Dakota Hotel, where they filmed “Rosemary’s Baby” and was a well-known hub of Satanic activity. I could go on and on about the Beatles, but really, if you see Crowley, that’s all you need to know. Timothy Leary was also a Crowleyite, along with Ozzy Osborne and Led Zeppelin.

    Do a little search on “Joe Schimmel” + “they sold their souls for rock and roll” and you’ll get educated. I’m not going to preach to deaf ears, so look it up yourself or not as you choose.

  11. The Beatles Pop Group, were a social engineering programme, they were not a spontaneous rebellion by youth! LOL…They were a carefully crafted programme to introduce new phrases and images, such words as “cool” and “teenager” and “pop music” were a lexicon words that arrived with the Beatles who were to be by design “discovered” by “teenagers” this was designed primarily by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. The Media played a vital role in this and the advent of mass electronic media to propagate what was essential a 12-atonal system of repetative sounds which was orginally based on the sounds from the Dionysis cult, these sounds were adapted by Adorno and given a modern flavour. Tavistock and Stanford Research Center sought to create trigger words which would come into general usage among the general youth population particularly in Britain and America. The beatles themselves who were just morally challenged and indulgent adolescents behaved like trained robots and were rewarded with sex, drugs and money, fame, etc. “Fragmentation-maladaption” was a process developed by Willis Harmon and a team of social engineers as a method of introducing certain changing fads and fashions. Following the Beatles who were manufactured by Tavistock came many more “rock groups”, with Theo Adorno applying most of the lyrics and “music”.

    This “rock music” groups cultural phenomena was a part of a larger encompassing programme.


  13. I did not say the words did not exist before, they were picked up upon then repacked then introduced to a larger audience via eletronic mass media. “Rock bands” like the Beatles are fabrications, they are not spontaneous outbreaks of genuine music or anything else, it’s been designed as social conditioning programme, the only ones experimenting are the research institutes.

    I don’t want to ruin your innocent view of the world, but there the facts.

  14. Good evening Karl.

    I read it all and maybe I missed it but I think you forgot to mention usury. No more interest, or compound interest loans for personal use, ….ever! Small 1 time interest payment for business or commercial properties. All banks are run by the federal government to provide money to loan out to its citizens for their benefit and the country’s. A debt-free citizen is a happy, productive citizen. The government should not be in the habit of making a dime off of its productive citizens. No more paying for a home 10 times more than what it is worth. Ever. Period. No more making money for borrowing money. Thats usury and it is evil. Other than that, great article.

    By the way, can I still listen to my Pink Floyd CD’s?


  15. Steve,

    I would say that any Fiat currency represents debt, it’s a promise to pay and it is not actual payment, that’s why issuing of paper money without a silver or gold backing, is not payment at all, this just leads to the need to print more money at interest which leads to infation which leads to more need for more paper money to be issued again, it’s vicious cycle of impoverishment for evrey one except those issuing the money. Basically if you do not pay in silver and gold which is real money according to the Bible and the U.S. Constitution then there is no final settlement of payment for goods or labour other than a fraudulent one. You are correct there should be no usury and there would not be usury under a strict metal standard.

    Yea, I find some rock n roll music entertaining, the problem I have with it is that it was sold as a kind of spontaneous outbreak of individual empowering music, as if it was a genuine and uncontrived music, a unique expression of youth rebellion, but it was not that at all.

  16. Like the “hippie” of the ’60s, the white nigger is a complete
    consumer package — the expensive-to-buy, cheap-to-make sweatshop
    clothes from the perennial Jewish “rag trade,” as Jews call it, the
    “music” and gang movies that pour billions of White dollars into
    outstretched Jewish hands. It’s called “disposable income” for a
    reason — money that Whites are throwing away. Let’s not forget the
    made-in-Israel, smuggled-by-Hasids “Ecstasy” pills made to dissolve
    individuals into one great big sweating touchy-feely, aracial mass,
    twitching and jumping on the floor of a Jew-owned night club as the
    silly lights flash and the cash register rings frantically. Five
    dollars for a small bottle of water! Such a business….!! Jews need
    rakes to pull in your money, White boy.

    With the clothing and the noise and the stupid behavior come the
    stupid attitudes, the self-destructiveness and self-hatred, the
    Jewish poison spooned down us. Concidentally, I looked up from
    writing this to see a Frontline special on PBS titled The Merchants
    of Cool about precisely this subject.

    Typically, a program such as this can go on for hours showing us one
    hooked nose after another, subjecting us to one abrasive Jewish voice
    after another directing, inventing, promoting, selling, researching
    — and never once use the word “Jew.”

    The Merchants of Cool showed us how the current niggerization of
    youth, the coarsening, the dumbing-down, the filth, violence, and sex
    are all products of the same mega-Jewish “entertainment”
    corporations. One character on Murray Rothstein’s (“Sumner Redstone”)
    MTV is “The Mook,” Tom Green, who specializes in idiotic behavior,
    vomiting on cue, striking himself in the crotch with a stick, waving
    his rear end back and forth while walking on a table. In one scene,
    “Mook” goes “poo diving.” He dons flippers, face mask, and snorkel,
    and leaps into achurning brown tank of sewage at a treatment plant.

    One finds oneself cheering on the possibility of hepatitis, TB,
    meningitis, flesh-eating staph. Go, microbes!

    The show whined that the poor teens are “trying to invent their own
    culture, all to themselves,” but that the “greedy corporations” keep
    taking it from them and “commercializing” it. In the first place,
    children have never created and run their own culture. In healthy,
    racially homogeneous nation-states, there can be continuity, with
    several generations living under one roof and children learning from
    parents and grandparents. Normal human life flows as a continuum; it
    does not progress in a series of Jew-driven commercial jerks with new
    clothes, new “music,” new “causes” every ten years. Old and young are
    not each other’s enemies.

    Secondly, there is no low point beyond which Jews will not go. The
    program showed how teens have become louder and louder, more and more
    vulgar and obscene, with “rage rock,” desparately trying to swear
    loud enough and act repellent enough and paint themselves weirdly
    enough that “society will leave them alone.” It showed how the
    loudest and filthiest of teen bands one day…was appearing on MTV
    the next.

    Kids, it isn’t possible. You can’t out-dirty a Jew. No matter what
    you do, Jews will eagerly scoop up your filth, package it, and sell
    it back to you.

    While White teens watch 15 hours or more of “professional wrestling”
    every week, lumbering around wearing convict headrags, biker boots,
    and carrying baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire and injuring each
    other in after-school fights based on the contrived nonsense they see
    on TV, Jewish kids are studying like mad to ace their SATs to ensure
    that they end up hiring these Whites to mop floors in a few years.
    Get ready to serve a sharp little Jewish boss, White boy — if he’ll
    have you at all. The Mexicans and other aliens Jews are flooding our
    country with work a lot cheaper than you do.

    Hip-Hop White Boy, you’re a hip-hop sucker. While you slide down
    someone’s expensive railing on your skateboard (that you bought from
    a Jew) and then split your head open on the cement, and stagger
    around saying “Oh wow, oh wow,” Jews are banding together to take
    over entire towns, stealing money and fiddling with the census
    figures so that taxpayers will support segregated Hebrew schools
    where Jewish kids can learn WITHOUT HAVING TO SIT NEXT TO IDIOTS LIKE

    You can’t out-dirty a Jew — but you can outsmart him. If you’ll
    listen to the older White men the Jews are trying so hard to make you
    hate, we’ll tell you how to do it. We’re not like Jews — we have
    nothing to sell you. We will give you a future, though.

    Want to have your own culture? Then do so. Reject the Jew, the
    criminal nigger, the alien.

    White culture is the greatest culture the world has ever known.
    Proof? Look at that stupid TV (that Whites invented).
    LOOK at it. The whole world is wearing blue jeans and T-
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    wants a car and an air conditioner and a refrigerator and a
    computer…all White inventions of the last few centuries in the
    greatest upsurge of technological innovation ever seen. The whole
    world wants to have what we’ve built; all the blacks and Chinese and
    Mexicans put together did not do, could not do in 10,000 years what
    we’ve done in 100.

    Don’t buy expensive, silly clothes made for pennies in Jew-run
    foreign sweatshops. Don’t buy music, support causes, or watch
    programs that teach you to hate yourself, your family, and your race.
    If you want to rebel, REBEL AGAINST THE JEW WHO CONTROLS YOU, right
    down to the clothes on your back, everything you’re taught in school,
    and everything you’re allowed to see, read, hear, and buy.

    Many of your parents are also victims of what Jews have done to our
    society; they are often as confused as you are, as full of self-hate
    — as the rebel, you may have to lead the way in your family. Do
    everything that Jews don’t want you to do! Stay away from booze,
    drugs, and promiscuous sex. Dress simply, be kind and respectful.
    “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” do not mean weakness, and they
    will be repaid many times over. Did a Jew ever tell you to cultivate
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    soaked in day and night.

    You can have a life too. Start NOW to make yourself a future; if
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    bank and a house in a quiet, safe area very badly. Don’t throw it
    away on dope, on stupid clothes, at the “raves,” or in living high in
    some “hot area.” Trust me on this.

    Get a grip on your world; if you understand the past and present,
    you’ll have an easier time shaping a future. Turn off the TV — it is
    poison. Study some history — just the recent history of America.
    Start with the last 50 years or so, and work back. This country has
    changed for the worse so much in the last few decades that it’s
    almost unbelievable. Seek out and study census figures showing the
    immense racial changes that have been engineered by Jews.

    Save and cherish your family history, the old photos and scrapbooks.
    Old people are a priceless resource. Talk to them. They can tell you
    what was across the street before that ugly mall was put in, how
    people used to live, where and how they worked. You will always be
    glad that you spent time with them, and you’ll always remember the
    things they can tell you; fifty hours or fifty years of MTV contain
    no value at all and will be forgotten in no time. Look at maps and
    aerial photos on the Web, and historical pages. Try to find old
    books, magazines, and newspapers that will show you more accurately
    what American society used to be like before MTV. Many libraries have
    old magazines like Good Housekeeping and Popular Science on
    microfilm. Use these resources to challenge the crap, the Jewish-
    controlled lies you’re being taught in school these days.

    What was really wrong with The Merchants of Cool? The premise of the
    program was that we should calmly sit down with Jews and discuss
    their unparallelled destruction of White culture as the destruction
    continues. What was right about the show? It proved, yet again, why
    Jews have no place in civilized society. Thanks, PBS, for the
    pictures of underage girls gyrating in whipped-cream bikinis, the
    images of idiots vomiting on themselves and swimming in excrement,
    that leave no doubt as to what must be done for White culture to

    It’s not fair to you kids, but there’s a war on. We’re sorry it’s
    gotten this far, but we’re working against a very powerful enemy; the
    Jew makes up for his tiny numbers with his tenacity and his racial
    cohesiveness. Jews stick together like glue, and Whites must learn to
    do the same.

    Don’t be a white nigger. Just Say No — To Jews.

  17. Well Debbie and Karl, I think you both are giving to much credence to the Beatles, they started out as just another band trying to make it. Though I admit that John got a bit squirelly after Yoko got her commie mits on him. Of course money and power corrupt absolutly so Paul and his first wife Linda(Eastman Kodak Fortune) lost their roots but to say this band was programmed and purposfully put together to control teens is a bit of a stretch.

    Dear Joe, I was introduced to you through RZN and I admire your work and clarity of thought when it comes to the Zionist threat that is so real worldwide. With true patriots like you exposing the truth I know that citizens will wake up and put an end to this madness.
    Since the Liberty and 9/11 the Jews are getting more desperate to finish their conquest, but by being desperate they are pushing the envelope to the max and people are questioning more and more.
    We should prepare ourselves and pray that it happens soon.

  18. Joe
    You’re pretty well right on here as far as I can see. A nation run the way you envisiage would be a paradise indeed.
    Like Steve I believe usury is also a major threat to freedom.
    Something else which I may have missed in your blog is how the medical profession around the world is controlled by the jews. Included is the pharmeceuticals. Most modern medicine is more dangerous than healthy. The mandatory flu vaccine about to be pushed on all of us is a good example.
    But under the kind of government you promote it would be a brave jew(or anyone) indeed who would practice evil, and no doubt false medicine would dissapear anyway.

  19. Yea, that’s pretty much the way I see it playing out. Except one thing, no Chabad-Lubavitch schools or any jewish organizations what so ever. They just start playing the same game over and over. Anyone caught with a talmud will be shot on site. That would be law. Anyone that did not shoot the demon with the talmud, would be shot also for gross dereliction of duty.
    Other than that, I see UTOPIA comming.
    That was a great article Mr. Joe Cortina. I appreciate your work. Thank you.

  20. debbie,

    there’s more to rock and roll than meets the eye. watch the outstanding rockumentary by Good Fight Ministries called “They Sold Their
    Souls For Rock and Roll”, the ten hour version, then you will be able to see that history is a
    fable agreed upon, incl. the history of rock and roll. do yourself and your family a favor and get that video and watch it. you will be amazed. No industry has had a greater impact in brainwashing our entire
    culture with occult Judeo-Masonic ideas than
    the music industry, and the Beatles were pioneers. Alert Chritians fully understood
    the threat back then, which is why there were grassroots protests against the Beatles. Today Christains have been so desensitized and brainwashed that they consider the Beatles to be wholesome, which in a sense they are when juxtaposed with, say, the Rolling Stones.

    see: for some info on this.

    as for joe cortina’s recommendation of the book “America’s God and Country”, i am not
    persuaded that our Framers were by and large
    Christians — and they certainly weren’t
    Catholics, with the exception of the Carrol
    family. even so, the fact that Deists and
    Freemasons like Bengamin Franklin and Thomas Paine had to appeal to Christians and to
    Chritian principles does show that America was a deeply Christian nation in some sense,
    and it is ironic that even Franklin and Paine
    made such eloquent pleas to Christain faith and evidenced a much deeper understanding of
    Christianity than many Zio-Churchians today.

  21. Did you ever write about the facts of September 11th and who’s really behind it? i like to know your thoughts.


  23. Salam Mr Cortina..

    Regarding your view that Muslim countries will be less hateful and suspicious of the Christian-USA that you envision rings very much true..

    It’s because of the Jews-bastards and the neo-cons actions that had tainted the image of America to the Muslims worldwide..

    I myself would pray to Allah that your vision should come true..

    BTW, now is 2012! Hopefully the events you conjured up in your post will come to fruition.. Amin..

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