Here are some interesting facts regarding the TRUTH of the matter. You decide for your self.

I had the opportunity to personally witness one of the most cowardly acts attributable to ANY ethnicity – but apparently, as countless eyewitness record show – what I saw was typical for the Jew – and certainly one of the most repugnant disgusting acts of cowardice. I discovered later that what I witnessed took place on a daily basis. Remember – a coward is not necessarily the ‘Casper Milktoast’ profile. Virtually all bullies are in reality cowards – as they always pick on the weakest and most defenseless.

When with the intel community In IsraHELL several years ago I had the opportunity to be part of a group that went inside the Jew occupied concentration camp we call Gaza (Palestine). While our Embassy van escorted by a Jew IDF jeep with heavily armed paras, reached the outskirts of Gaza City – which the Jews had completely demolished into rubble – the jeep stopped abruptly in front of us and the soldier on the rear of the jeep jumped out and dropped to a kneeling firing position – arming his rifle as he did so.

The ‘enemy’ – a five or six year old Palestinian child – undoubtedly an orphan of murdered parents, stood at the edge of the road – tears rolling down his quivering cheeks – with his had held high in defiance of his tormentors – holding an egg sized pebble. Our vehicle had by then also stopped and I instinctively jumped out – ‘armed’ with my CIA issue model 35mm Canon camera.

In 3-4 long strides I was almost next to the Jew baby killer, who by this time had aimed at the head of the defenseless child and was about to murder him on the spot. Apparently my motion caught the corner of his eye and he turned his head to me for an instant. I aimed my camera at him and muttered loud enough fro him to hear; “ if you murder that child – you better kill all of us – because the world will see these pictures” At the same time I gave this cowardly Jew bastard the universal ‘middle finger gesture.

He uttered something to me and angrily stood down – retreating to his jeep. I breathed a sigh of relief and went back inside the embassy van. One of the agents inside said: “You know – you just saved that child’s life” Another passenger immediately retorted: – “ yea – but it won’t matter anyway – that kid will probably not live another week anyway – they routinely shoot these Palestinian children here for target practice”.

I never forgot that vision or the cowardly sadistic nature of the Jew. Had he murdered that child and had I been armed – there is NO doubt in my mind that I would have shot that cowardly scum on the spot. Such is the cowardly nature of the Jew. These cold-blooded murders of helpless civilian men women and children are well documented and continue to this day. There is an old saying: “a wolf never jumps on another wolf” Like the Jew – he is an opportunistic predator and parasite seeking out the helpless – aged or injured.

The criminal acts of cowardice by the Jew military (the IDF – which is IN FACT the largest institutionalized terrorist group in the world) are as numerous as they are disgusting. In the recent attack on the virtually defenseless Lebanon (a mostly Christian nation incidentally) the cowardly Jews shelled tens of thousands of fleeing terrified civilian refugees – mostly helpless children – with the most horrific weapons ever invented – heavy artillery fire utilizing NOT ONLY ‘HE’ (high explosives) but the Geneva Convention outlawed WP (white phosphorous) and the most diabolic killing tool ever conceived – Cluster Bombs – responsible for more civilian casualties than any other ‘ground delivered’ ordinance.

These cowardly Jews are so sadistic that they had their children present at the safe artillery sites – ACTUALLY WRITING HATE SLOGANS ON THESE 155 mm shells that would soon turn living children into pieces of raw meat. Some of these slogans read: “ with love – from the children of Israel to the children of Lebanon”. These cowardly Jews actually targeted terrified refuge columns. This incredible cowardly Jew outrage is ALSO WELL DOCUMENTED. Their military even allowed their soldiers to wear T-shirts depicting a pregnant Arab mother with a telescopic ‘crosshair’ over the mother’s belly (where the unborn child would be). The sadstic caption on the T-Shirt – in typical sadistic filthy jew style, says: ” ONE SHOT- TWO KILLS”. This isn’t ‘bar talk’ – I saw it. It is very popular in TelAviv. What Godless filthy animals these Jews are!

The mass butchering of thousands of defenseless civilians – mostly children inGaza this past Christmas was a hallmark in the international annals of war crimes. While the Muslim/Christian population was celebrating the birth of our lord. Yes folks – unlike the Jews who blaspheme Christ as a :”BASTARD” and His blessed Mother as a “WHORE” – Christ and His Mother are held in high reverence by religious Muslims. Then there was the act of piracy on the high seas where Jew Naval vessels fired on a mercy ship carrying medical aid to the suffering of Gaza. Their sadistic crimes are endless.

There is not enough room in one article to enumerate all of the recorded acts of cowardice by the Jew – but it should give you a good idea. Now – lets take a good hard DOCUMENTED FACTUAL look at the record of Jew ‘heorism’ in the USA military.

What better yardstick of valor than the coveted US Congressional Medal of Honor. Let me preface these statistics with some other relevant facts about the character of the Jew. Let the Jews howl all they want when they read these FACTS – as they have never been able to handle TRUTH, as lies –duplicity – treason and deception have historically – for MILLENIA – been their M.O. for business – diplomacy – ‘religion’ and everyday aspects of life. Even the official motto of their terrorist military reveals their TRUE nature: “ BY DECEPTION WE WAGE WAR”

FACT: wherever there was dissention and troublemakers ALWAYS siding with our Communist mortal enemies – the provocateurs were always JEWS!

FACT: although only some 3 % of the Soviet population – over 50% of the Communist commissars were JEWS!

FACT: Although only about 3-4% of the American population – the Jew comprised some 75% of the treasonous American Communist Party (CPUSA)

FACT: This same Jewish 3-4% low percentage comprises virtually 100% of the pornography filth in the USA

FACT: Virtually ALL infanticide (child murder) support in America is from JEWS. Not surprisingly these ‘self-chosen’ cowards murder nearly 20% of all live born infants in IsraHELL.

FACT: Virtually ALL homosexual /pedophile organization support, membership, funding in America is from the JEW.

FACT: over 80% of the world’s crime syndicates are JEWS!

FACT: over 80% of the Jews in my country are Atheist and members of the Democrat Party (which in essence is indistinguishable from the CPUSA which consistently supports Dem. Presidential candidates)

FACT: over 98% of organized worldwide prostitution is funded, organized, operated by JEWS!

But – now lets get back to the matter of documented JEW ‘bravery’ and the Medal of Honor.

Remember – we non Jews are (to the Jew, nothing but cattle – or ‘GOY’, as they refer to us – and the Jew in his superior arrogant mind – are the ‘CHOSENITES’ CHECK THIS OUT! The numbers represent the number of Medal recipients and the percentages are for the Jew recipients only. Compare these tiny percentages representing Jew valor in the face of REAL danger – not murdering helpless children – AND money making immoral enterprises and treasonous organizations listed above. Not only are they condemning facts – but DISGUSTING ONES!

WWI ————— GOY = 124 CHOSENITES = 3 2.4%




We could even include the Civil War where the ‘Self-Chosen’ are always first in line to shrilly scream their support for civil rights – Black equality – emancipation etc etc. Wanna see these facts too?


So much for the Jew who apparently is great at talking the talk – but pretty yellow when it comes to ‘walking the walk’. Mmmm ? gotta wonder what all these ‘brave’ Jews were thinking during WWII when their fellow ‘chosen’ were paying for their crimes in German prisons.

I think I know the answer. They were too busy seducing our daughters and bedding down our wives while we were in foxholes doing a MAN”S job for them. OH and BTW -= THAT is WELL documented! Of course- in fairness to the ‘chosen’ – they had better things to do than risk their precious kike butts. Like making lots of war profit – staffing communist organizations – producing porn filth – inciting hate against anti-Communism – destroying the family unit and of course waging their ceaseless battle against true Christianity. And of course – as we know today – thanks to their tireless efforts – our America is now nothing less than a morally rotted corpse – dysfunctional – rudderless – greedy – secular Godless shadow of it’s former goodness.

As a personal note: One of the assignments I had in the military was to train combat troops for Vietnam and especially for the then looming early 60s Berlin Crisis – we were getting ready for war with the Jew’s good friends – the COMMUNISTS! For thirteen straight months – 6 days a week – 12 hours a day, I and other men of that period churned out as many disciplined well trained – well motivated young warriors as possible. Close to a thousand young men that knew by sight and name at one time ( I was their company commander) Guess what? There was not one Berg – Goldstein – Silverman – Weiss – Cohen – Ruben – Hoffman or ANY other ‘chosen’ – NOT ONE. Just a coincidence, of course.

Just as an afterthought – BUT CRITICALLY IMPORTANT!. =====

America’s casualties from our Jew incited serial wars — *60,000+ and I predict over 100,000 before we wake up and figure out who the REAL enemy is and stop murdering IsraHELL’s enemies.

IsraHELL’s casualties ==== ZERO NADA NONE 0

Innocent Civilians we have murdered for the Jew – ONE MILLION + SO FAR

Innocent civilians we have made homeless for the Jew – OVER THREE MILLION – SO FAR


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

 “That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”


  1. do what you can folks —

    stop paying/using credit cards

    stop shopping at home depot (israel backed)

    stop watching poison television

    cash your paycheck – your bank could close overnight – 6 months later fdic “might” get you your money. Money orders work well. A cash debit card at walmart works well. Just load in what $$ you need to pay bills, pay your bills and when they come to steal your ID, there is only about 5 bucks left in the account (and the card does not have the scam”overdraft protection”) zero means zero.

    Eat quality real food. Learn about your immune system, nutrition, exersize, stay out of the Godless jewish owned hell-hole hospitals.

    There are lots of little things you can do everyday to conquor your enemies. First thing — STOP PUTTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY IN THERE POCKETS !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have a pretty strong stomach for tolerating people who are foul- but that Whoopi Goldberg transcript is difficult for me to finish reading- it’s too foul for me to tolerate.

    Your mention of the Geneva Convention outlawing white phosphorous reminded me how Winston “Jew” Churchill used it to murder/torture innocent German civilians during WWII bombings of Germany.

    The Satanic English/Jewish Government decided that to really hinder Gemany instead of bombing their military targets- Churchill decided to bomb the civilian factory workers when they were sleeping in the middle of the night with bombs whose warheads were loaded with white phosphorous- which causes severe burning and great suffering…only a sadistic,yellow
    cowardly Jew would conceive of such a plan.

    Churchill was a spineless, jewish peasant- too fat/lazy to be of any use to the world so he made a career out of killing innocent German civilians to destroy Germany so the Zionist bankers could move in after WWII and take over manufacturing/engineering.

    what pigs!

  3. I know that all jews are sociopaths who have no conscience-no empathy-and no compassion-I know that they are sadists who can only harm and destroy other life-I know that jews are completely evil and are each in their own private Hell of mental illness and want to die. They believe that their lies of made up blame/excuses fabricated about their their victims “if believed” give them the right to do the evil things to others-make it OK to do evil-as long as others don’t perceive(deceived by lies) their evil as evil-it’s not evil. jews are the antichrist-the exact opposite of Christ who was not a jew but an Arab-Christ is also the anti-jew the opposite of a jew. jews are not human they are subhuman creatures from hell -jews are all demonically possessed dead bodies with no souls-all flesh/carnal no spirit-each jew is possessed by many demons who are engrossed in all that is destructive and carnal/material. By the time a jew dies there are thousands of demons-the opposite of angels) possessing its body. There is no love in any jew. There is no good in any jew. All the evil jews do to others causing others suffering returns to the jew as the mental Hell they must endure everyday jews are chronically depressed and suicidal,paranoid and live in total fear and emotional misery. God is all non-jews=all those who are not sociopaths-who can evolve-be Christ-like and love others. jews are so deluded-they are incapable of ever telling the truth and jews are so ugly because as they become more and more demonically possessed you can see the subhuman creatures from Hell that reside in their bodies. There is no such thing as a good jew. There are two types of beings who watch over humans-both are angelic-one knows that you would rather lower yourselves and be like jews-one gave you Christ as an opposite ideal-but one you think is too much to ask for you to aspire to-that is the war in Heaven-the war Satan is winning-because you accept jews and feel becoming Christ-like/angelic (evolving) is too much to ask of you

  4. I can see you write from a position based deeply in your heart.

    There is a thing, as you may understand, which defines good folk from bad. That intangible line that we cannot cross which harms another innocent, (as we see them).

    Fostered in ourselves it spawns all manner of ‘other’ socially supportive characteristics. Look into your nature and you will understand ‘what’ these characteristics are. Look at the evil people, see their characteristics and quantify them. Eventually you will see a pattern emerge. Socially supportive to socially destructive. The sociopath to the non-sociopath, seeing them will become as clear as day. Who you can trust to whom you cannot…. Something else, when you know what you are looking at, you’ll see that Albert Einstein was a sociopath, his wife however, was not. Creative intelligence goes hand in hand with non-sociopaths. But one massive draw card is, sociopaths cannot create ‘new things’, they must be stolen. Which is why sociopaths cannot establish a society, they need to parasite of something already built and take from it. Your writing above confirms knowledge known on my behalf and given to me by my blessed mentor, however, I will give you a great secret (but only just a partial amount to make you wonder), look at what brain secretions cause a human to do, one in particular derives all social building activities, even the most heralded (the one we love the most). One brain secretion is absent in sociopaths, or understandably diminished. When you mix one brain type with another, you end up with all manner of mental abnormalities. IE: One particular race to another. It is this absence which makes the ordinary person like you and I wonder why monster-people can actually exist. Without this chemical released into the brain, an immoral person can do whatever they wish, to any level they want.

    This inturn causes wars, where good people are led by the wicked and their propaganda. The Germans were afraid of losing their country both from external sources and internal (guess who by, on all fronts too). The Germans are good, hard working folk whom I care for deeply. Anglos are a race based on that one special brain secretion, likewise, African, Arab, Japanese and many Chinese follow that common codex of good naturedness. However, sociopathic rulers run up power ladders so fast and so methodically that they can hijack entire countries.

    I pose this to you, if you care about America, all sociopaths must be removed from government, from all corporate entities, from all businesses associated with children, the vulnerable and especially females. They in turn should obviously not be allowed to create more sociopaths. That most likely would fix entire continents with respect to employment, energy reserves, jail problems and food and water sources. Sociopaths breed like rabbits. When you brain is deficient in the master chemical it seeks others with indicate to a brain, pleasure, and thus exaggerate it. Sex, violence, cheating and so on.

    If you wish to make a difference, because from your writings, you are passionate, examine my poor writing and see my point. Extract it and you will see a solution to the entire worlds forthcoming problem.

    And thus, heaven can be achieved on Earth. Strength to you. Death to all sociopaths.

  5. I agree with this article in all its glory. The only thing these Jews know how to do is use American money and weapons to attack civilians then use all their Jew buddies in the media and Hollywood to be portrayed as victims. Despicable cowards. Chosen my ass. Jesus murderers

  6. let’s be clear about something jews are in fact coward dirty low players, but it’s their culture. they bread themselves into that. they nver play as individuals but for their race or tribe. you call them even atheist when in fact they are always jews. you must jnow that these dangerous creatures play on any side who seems to be winning. they were also christians and founded the jesuit order un the vatican, they were also satanists founding the church of satan, they were prophets and saints. why would you ever believe a jew. they always play for their tribe. for their geto. i say this because jesus was also one of them and peiple still believe he was really a god. really? stop the jews.

  7. I have had many friends, but never a Jewish friend. I find that odd since I am social, intelligent, entrepreneurial, honest, creative, ethical and extremely compassionate. I remember two incidents out of many which I find telling. One involved the purchase of four watches at an auction in Los Angeles. I saw three of them but not the fourth, but when I did I told the auctioneer I didn’t want that watch as I’d only seen a picture of it. The auction happened at the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Blvd. Payment and collecting the watches at an office on Wilshire Blvd. It was on the sixth floor and I was about to make the transaction the fourth watch, the one I hadn’t seen was shown and I said I didn’t want it but would take another. The auctioneer went into a rage and threatened to throw me out of the window. The thing is, I have had over 3500 fights, growing up wrestling everyday and never lost but one fight, and that was when I was ill from a pesticide poisoning at five years old. The 3500 figure sounds bogus but when one fights for fun two to three times a day from age 4 to age 15, an age when strength and testosterone peak someone might get hurt so I quit because two boys got hurt. I looked at this very violent Jew and said, “You aren’t going to throw me anywhere, for one thing you couldn’t do it and for the other is I make more money than you do and am not intimidated by you personally or your perception that you’re richer than I am. (I was making 81.00 per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I could buy and sell you so just get me a watch I like and we’ll do the deal. I wasn’t lying to him and I wasn’t afraid of him or his very un-athletic, out of shape staff, I would have put two out of commission in an instant. The Jew backed off, got a watch I liked for the same price, I paid for the rest and left. The other experience out of many, I pawned the same watch since I blew all my money in the stock market, a president Rolex. I wore the watch to the pawn shop and it was loose on my wrist since I hadn’t had it fitted as yet. I got a thousand dollars and two weeks later I picked it up and the watch was tight on my wrist. The Jewish pawnbroker stole two links, each worth 200.00. These things may seem insignificant, but actually they come from real experience without even the slightest exaggeration including telling the Jew auctioneer I could buy and sell him, it was 1984 and I had over half a million in the bank. Maybe I couldn’t buy and sell him but when one buys over 10,000 in watches one can never be sure, and contrary to what he wanted to think of himself, he was neither smarter or tougher than me. Head to head I outfoxed him and could have whipped his Jewish ass in a heartbeat. Regarding sociopathic behavior, it’s factually true, the percentage of Jews who follow sociopathic behavior is greater than any other race, barring none. The idea of being the chosen people is not onl silly, it’s insane. How can people so ugly, offensive, not too bright, and unethical ever call themselves the chosen people. The chosen people by nearly all standards are intelligent, compassionate, creative, healthy, often attractive, are much loved by many, and have a heart of love, caring and protective of those unable to protect themselves. That does not describe most Jews. They are arrogant, create their own hell but in the process hell for everyone around them and in my website due out next month, called it will feature the highest concentration of sociopaths in the world and I believe the highest concentration lies in the Jewish race.

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