Once – I also was a ‘troop’ – but not the degenerate scum I see today – from privates to generals. Before most readers were born – I trained hundreds of young warriors to defend our nation against REAL enemies whose Godless Marxist ideologies, total lack of compassion, and imperialistic ambitions considered The United States of America as a de-facto ideological enemy. These were not today’s dimwits and psychopaths who in their twisted minds somehow equate ‘patriotism’ ( love of one’s country) to murdering and raping children for thrills – or ordering others to do so.

These were REAL men – soldiers who for the most part, had morals, ethics and a CONSCIENCE. But that was a long time ago – in a galaxy far far away called AMERICA.

These enemies hated us NOT for what we have become today – 2 faced imperialists without scruples compassion morals or wisdom – sadistic killers as Godless and as CRUEL as they were. We are as close today to what we hated the most in the Soviet or Chi Com soldier as I have ever witnessed. I have a stack of Reader’s Digest articles from that period during which the USSR committed some of the most horrible war crimes – atrocities against Afghan civilians as can be imagined. I highly recommend every American to find and read these true accounts of the dark side of humanity.

 If the reader were to simply change the names and dates – you could be reading EXACTLY what horrible crimes that were and ARE being committed daily by the US military! We finally have become what many of us (like myself) once most despised about our mortal enemies – the “Godless Communists” Read these stories and then read the well documented accounts of American atrocities in places like : Abu Girab – Haditha – Dawr – Fallujah – Al Mazaraa – Bilge Village – Geranai – Kudunz River – Balu Baluk – Basra Kabul.

 They hated us for most of the reasons that made us a great nation – our social and economic freedoms ( AND fierce LOVE of freedoms) – our unique Constitution (which I eagerly took an oath to defend – and has sadly long since been trashed by Zionist puppets like Bush and Obama) and our Christian based justice system (also cast into the trash heap of history). All of that ‘goodness- wisdom – compassion –moral courage and love of TRUTH’ of the American people I remembered from times past – has long since metastasized into the malignant cancer of materialistic greed, ignorance, cruelty, moral cowardice and just plain stupidity!

 Support our new improved Army of killers? Not me Mr.! They do not speak for me or my core values. I am not a thug looter rapist or murderer – I did not train young men to murder defenseless children – nor did my superiors train ME to murder and rape children and murder their parents for “ thrills and kicks” as that squad of Marines did in Iraq. These young scum ‘defend’ NOTHING about America and EVERYTHING about IsraHELL. If I must place myself in harm’s way again – it will DAMN SURE NOT BE for some demonic shithole of Godless gangsters, pornographers, racists, murderers, liars and thieves like IsraHELL. The fact that military suicides are on the increase to an extent that they can no longer be hidden is nothing more than a classic symptom of sick degenerate people.

 Alexis DeTocqueville – a French historian and writer – a friend and admirer of America – came to this conclusion some 180 years ago–

 “America is great because Americans are good – and if Americans should cease to be good – America will cease to be great!”.

 Our mercenary Army has now degenerated into a Godless cabal of mindless killers not unlike the Soviets that were butchering civilians in Afghanistan (exactly as sadistically as we have).

 Our military because of their gangster conduct – has now caused our nation to be the #! most hated and feared aggressors on earth. They are sadistic murderers, rapists, thieves, and looters. Because of the criminal conduct of this jack-booted gang of child killers and psychopathic gangsters and the understandable hate they have generated, foreign travel is no longer safe.

 If you are a REAL Christian ( not this blasphemous filth called Christian/Zionists) you cannot in good faith support the blatant evil conduct of our Army so plainly condemned by Christ.

 It is pure insanity for ANY family to send their son OR daughter ( a sickness in itself) to die for or to murder for – the greater glory of the evil foreign power that controls us – IsraHELL. ANY American who openly “supports our troops” – de facto supports their murderous acts and are as guilty as they are in the eyes of God and are INDISPUTABLE accessories to war crimes.

 Only a FOOL would send his beloved child to die to protect a foreign power as is the case here where IsraHELL is the ONLY country who benefits from the shedding of American blood.

 The nation of IsraHELL (the reason our own country is economically and morally bankrupt) has also committed an act of WAR Against America by the unprovoked butchering of American sons on the USS Liberty – (so don’t tell me that as an American you weren’t aware of this).

 The Afghan people and the Iraqi people whose nations we have plundered raped destroyed and impoverished for the Jews – had not attacked America in any way whatsoever.

 This ENTIRE disgraceful and UNCONSCIONABLE conduct of our insane out of control Government was unconstitutional – illegal- unfounded – immoral – and ALL based upon LIES and HIGH TREASON against the USA by a war criminal President – a gangster Cabinet , a criminally corrupt Congress and 50 million blasphemous, Christ mocking, criminally ignorant Baptists – fraudulently impersonating True Christians!!

 This STOLEN rogue nation of killers for whose security our sons are crippled or killed is also the sponsor of the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization – the IOF.

 And finally – for all you REAL Christian Americans left out there (Hagee’s demonic Christ mockers need not apply) – Don’t EVER FORGET THIS FACT! Our young killers are doing the work of the Devil. These demonic Godless criminals who through their evil cunning, have enticed and deceived our sons to die for them – ARE IN FACT – the demons whom Christ clearly – and in PLAIN language condemned as being the “SONS OF THE DEVIL”. READ FOR YOURSELVES in John 8 – vs 42-44

 My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. Molon Lobe my friends, we are heading into a greater depression, that is the bottom line. Those of us that have prepared for this mentally,physically, spiritally and fiscally may survive. Maybe some of you should check out Tom Browns Tracker school, I know I am. Joe see’s what the main stream media cannot/will not ever talk about. Turn off the TV, radio and useless websites folks, better start learning what life is like without health insurance and how to live with rampant crime. Looks like we will be repeating a financial crash like the Soviet Union did in the 90’s. Think of a grocery store with empty shelves folkes, what would you do?

  2. Joe, I posted a comment on my blog with some old photos that I love(the blog is nothing big of a deal just my own thoughts and articles of the Catholic Truth http://www.whoislikeun2god.blogspot.com/) and of what I think a real man is. I share your sentiments regarding the military today. The photo’s are wonderful to me. I am married to a wonderful man who loves God and the Catholic Faith, but unfortunately, is still in the Air Force Reserves, after serving 9 years active duty. He came from a backround of Military Generations and is looking for his “retirement.” I hate it. He served in Kirkuk, Iraq and recently returned this year. Against my wishes he continues to serve this dreaded organization. Now, the discussion comes up about how he is going to avoid the “Swine Flu” vaccination. He said to me, “If I cannot find a law that exempts me, I don’t have a choice.” This infuriates me to no end! I feel that with these statements and his continued efforts in the Air Force, he puts it before God and his family. He disagrees strongly. I cannot figure it out. Blessings.

  3. vietnam had its share of bad killings,(massacre),also.,,,,,,,,my hubbie was there 1971-’72.i read that they were/are sending some skinheads,gang members over to iraq,afgan.that could explain a lot.

  4. I don’t want to hear some sad BS about how the “stress” of war is causing these losers to commit crimes. My father was an infrantry MEDIC and saw combat. He was awarded the bronze star amongst other medals. He saw beheadings, guys carrying and throwing heads etc but somehow he remained “normal” and sane and we he came home from WWII he became a very strong contributer to society. He did his DUTY but NEVER disgraced himself by hurting the innocents like those pieces of shit in Israel do on a regular basis.

    NOTE — I am sure you braindead, zombie losers from the NSA, CIA, FBI etc read this site and the blogs. This is NOT a hate site you low IQ losers, this is a place where we come and live in reality and discuss how our world is being taken over by people like you who are monitoring this site. NSA,FBI,CIA, = Israels bitches.

  5. Joe, you are a true Freeman. The words ring true. The nation is rotting and we all know why. These young sickos who VOLUNTEER to go to the other side of the planet and kill thousands in the name of a foreign entity are not comparable to the Vietnam vet who was forced to go. If you interviewed a soldier in Vietnam, he didn’t want to be there and was merely intent on staying alive till he rotated back. But today’s “soldiers” actually brag about the “adventure”. They get bored when there’s no combat. It is because US military tech superiority has made war a video game. The leaders of today, however, can be compared. And they have only grown more evil and ambitious. The time is coming soon when we re-form this nation and many people are going to feel the rope. For a few seconds.

  6. Another stellar article Joe. I would really like you to write a letter that I can photocopy & drop off at my local police station. With the new hate laws being passed to muzzle us – it’s important that we awaken our local law enforcement before the ADL trains them how to enforce hate laws. So hopefully some will realize the seriousness of enforcing these anti-christ laws. It will soon be time for all good men to take a stand & say no. I thought you should compose it Joe because many police officers have a military background. Hopefully we can save some of them from being used like puppets to do the dirty work.

  7. Awakened Lone Wolf, I second that sentiment. The CIA helped those Ashkenazi psychopaths murder President Kennedy! A few years later they got his brother! There all whores! They recruit people so they can frame them later. Like Oswald and Timothy McVeigh. Evil Scum! They have learned well from their Israeli Pimps! Maybe one day the Israeli’s will give them the proper reward, for their loyalty!

  8. Hey Joe,

    Very insightful and intelligent article, good Christian perspective which is rare, enjoyed the read, thanks!

  9. I wish you were still training
    our soldiers Joe.
    Actually,I wish you were a
    high school principal. I would
    have more kids just so I could send them to you.

  10. To read the story of a former captain in the Israeli army who was persecuted,deported,and had an attempt made aginst his life for accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior…Plz click:www.roytov.com TYVM

  11. You knoe if you hate america so much You jerk then leeve we dont need stupid ignrt americans like you filing up the lanscape
    the only reason you have freedon is for all solders wether there sacrafice big or small
    so think about that for awile and go be the great ethic soldier you are
    a tru amrican

  12. It truly amazes me how easily the pampered, narcissistc Americans of today who know nothing of the current military or its members spew their venom so freely. Calling them thugs and losers. Do any of you know more than two members of today’s American military? Probably not. But you won’t hesitate to vilify and condemn them. Way to make me proud American Baby Boomers, Gen-X, and Gen-Y!

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