What will it take folks? Will you need to see your child son or daughter’s brains blown out before your very eyes! What in hell is wrong with us? ALL the evidence of our inevitable destruction by the Jews is SHOVED IN YOUR FACE 24-7 and all you can talk about are NFL games and tailgate parties?

Have you become SO selfish that the future and safety and very LIVES of your children is to be sacrificed upon the altar of stupid self-indulgent nonsense and WILLFUL ignorance? Have TRUTH – WISDOM PATRIOTISM and HONOR – become ‘dirty words’ at your dinner tables?

The ‘chosenites’ occupy EVERY aspect of your daily lives and freedoms wit their Godless filth. These “sons of the Devil” – as our Lord exposed them in John 8 of the Holy book, which you obviously no longer follow – have had your collective ‘goy’ noses rubbed in Jew shit for so long now that you no longer care enough to even save yourselves!

I often wonder if my son has had to deal with my granddaughters asking him innocent questions about the Jew filth on TV. “Daddy -what does it mean when a ‘man’s member gets longer and harder’?” “Daddy – why did the man on the Learning Channel say that we were not created by God and that we descended from rats and monkeys’? “Daddy – why would the people on the History Channel call Jesus and His Mother bad names that am not even allowed to say”? “Daddy – if all those things people say and do to each other are so bad – why are they on TV every day’?

How in the NAME OF GOD can you people live with yourselves and do absolutely NOTHING about this kind of abysmal Jew filth day after day after day. You could stop it ALL in a few weeks by boycotting the products of the bastards that make it all possible – but you won’t even do that for your own family. Look in your cupboards and refrigerators and you find ALL of those things STILL THERE! Just one example is the Anhaueser Busch beer company – the biggest supporter of homosexual perversion and pedophile filth in America – AND YOU KNOW THIS – but ya gotta have them cold Buds on hand for those all important NFL games – RIGHT? And you call yourselves ‘good parents’ and ‘good Christians’ – you hypocrites!

We entertain ourselves with Godless Jew traitors like Charlie Rose – a kike apologist for IsraHELL terrorism. This Jew piece of crap uses his Jew financed show as a springboard for Zionist policies day after day mocking our Christian heritage and weakening our character as Americans. I watched last night in utter disgust as this Zionist ass kisser hosted Zionist war criminal master butcher Benjamin Netanyahu. They were obviously ‘old pals’ – and as the IsraHELL Jew gangster spewed forth his lies upon lies and justification for mass murder of civilian defenseless innocent Palestinian men women and children – the spineless Jew – Rose – did not dare embarrass his demonic idol with a single tough question. So the result is that these monstrous Jew lies go on and on unchallenged. Isn’t it so predictable – that American citizens will never see or hear mega murdering war criminal monsters like Netanyahoo have their feet put to the fire with HONEST QUESTIONS about their heinous genocidal crimes! A lying Zionist scumbag interviewing a fellow lying Zionist scumbag – give me a break! The show was a disgrace to ALL Christian Americans and as a former paratroop commander I took offense.

Here we are – our nation in economic shambles thanks to the greedy Jews and our Jew bought and paid for sock-puppet Zio-Marxist country selling Negro President is ready to further bankrupt the ALREADY decimated American taxpayer with even more HUGE military expenditures whose SOLE purpose is to murder millions more innocent people – steal more land and resources and strengthen that little shit country of Godless criminals, perverts, porn kings, apartheid racists, terrorists and war mongering Christian hating Zionist scum. He has also surrounded himself with total Zionist cabinet of ‘Tzars’ like the terrorist Emanuel Brothers – scum of the earth gangster criminals – also hosted as close buddies on the ‘Charlie (the Jew) Rose’ show..

The Republican Party has betrayed all decent Americans and is no more – and the Demoncraps are even worse and more treasonous than ever – a magnet for the lowest degenerate and criminal scum of American society. We are looking in the face of total economic collapse – triple digit hyperinflation – mass unemployment – loss of our homes and ALL of our life savings – spiraling crime and violence ( watched the news lately? – you ain’t seen nuthin yet) – eventual riots – a total moral melt down – more endless serial wars – more sons returning home in body bags or as vegetables – forced ‘inoculations’ which may kill millions – riots – confiscation of private weapons and of course the ultimate Jew wet dream for America – MARTIAL LAW ( under the pretext that it is necessary for the common good) You remember Waco – and Ruby Ridge? Those were just ‘tests’ to see how spineless the American public is when confronted with the cold-blooded murders of their innocent ‘neighbors’.

Remember the words of that ‘Klintonista’ bull dyke cold-blooded murdering piece of crap – ‘Johnny Reno’ ? “Why – we’re her from the Government to help you – and we are here to help the children”. That was just before our ‘Government help’ burned them all ALIVE! Those people never bothered ANYBODY. They were set up by out Jew dominated system – demonized by lying propaganda specialists (all Jew controlled of course) and finally executed as undesirables simply because they didn’t bow down to ‘der Juden Gestapo’! Only – we were in a lot better shape economically then. The Jews hadn’t quite closed the nooses around our necks – yet.

Martial law today will be the ultimate non nuclear nightmare . It will of course be orchestrated legislated and administrated under the direction of the Jews. The ‘useful idiots’ – as in Jew Cheka secret police USSR – will do the dirty work. ‘Patriots’ and the few remaining REAL Christians will be rounded up as “enemies of the State” by Obama’s half-wit Negro ‘Brownshirts’ and ‘taken away’ – never to be heard from again by family or friends – their homes and belongings confiscated. The Jews will run the entire show like they did in the USSR. Kangaroo courts and mock trials will be the fate of ANY who do not submit. You must understand – Obama is NOT the prime cause of the evil. He is just a puppet – a spineless immoral pawn – whose souls – like McCain and Palin and now virtually All of our corrupt Congress had long ago been bought by the Jews – EVEN Ron Paul – yup! – Paul is a ZIONIST!.

We had been warned over and over and over again and again since colonial times by REAL patriots like Washington and Jefferson to more modern patriots like Paul Findley, a 22 year veteran Illinois Congressman – but we – being a foolish ignorant people – incapable of absorbing wisdom – have sealed our OWN fate and betrayed our OWN country along with our ‘finest sons’.

You would do well to spend some time learning of the sea of misery WE ignorant hypocrite fools have DIRECTLY caused the innocent Palestinian people. The good times and the cold Bud tailgate parties are going to come to an abrupt end folks – and I believe soon. When you see our Jew dominated criminal Congress of ‘shabbus Jew’ shills initiate a war against Iran – and our even more foolish people support the insane notion that somehow it is OK for a rogue nation of Godless criminal psychopaths like IsraHELL to have WMDs. IsraHELL, incidentally which has already committed an act of war (BY PUREST DEFINITION) against America with the cold-blooded slaughter of over two hundred American seamen on the USS LIBERTY – is a STOLEN ‘nation’ of sadistic psychopaths who have murdered tens of thousands of their own defenseless neighbors. IsraHell – our ‘loyal ally’ – has in fact threatened to use nukes against AMERICA – but it ISN’T OK for a nation who has never done us harm – to have any protection for their people. How egotistical, arrogant and hypocritical can they get!

This war will be the beginning of the end of America, as we – of my generation of patriots have known her. All of the hardships we have now will accelerate at light speed and with or without a major incident on our own soil – we will have forfeit to the Jews – ALL we ever held sacred and dear. Even if the Devil’s personal playground of IsraHELL is destroyed – GOD WILLING – our future will be bleak if not a nightmare – not unlike that which we have created for hundreds of millions in other nations by our greed and ignorance.

BUT IF the Jew does persevere – I would suggest you take a view into the future by looking into the past – while you still can. Rent a copy of the movie – KATYN – made by Polish filmmakers. It will give you a glimpse into the past – of a horror that actually happened. You need to have the entire family present . Since it wasn’t produced by Jews, there will be no lurid sex – homosexual perversions – profane language – or mockery of Christ – only some scenes of what to expect from the Jews when martial law does come – AND IT MOST CERTAINLY WILL. It damn near happened under the rule of insane war criminal ‘king’ George Bush. Or have you forgotten how Bush criminally and arrogantly trashed our Constitution.

You MUST watch it till the very end – as your children will have many questions – after their shock wears off. Most of you will probably lie to your children – because that is what we have morally degenerated into in our hearts – common criminals – not so unlike the Soviet Jews who committed the murders. The only real difference is that we leave the actual dirty work to our thug mentality military.

What educated people already know of course is that those brutal mass murders were committed by the Jews of the Soviet Cheka under Stalin – and that the unarmed defenseless victims – Polish POWs – were Christians – REAL CHRISTIANS – not like the 50 million American blasphemous Christ- mocking Baptists, so called Christian-Zionists who were the catalyst – the REAL cause of the ‘aggressive’ serial wars of imperialism. These war crimes conducted by our mercenary military war thugs have resulted – SO FAR in the cold- blooded murders of over a million and half civilians – MOSTLY CHILDRN. But of course it was OK with ‘their god’ – because the Jews said so – just ask any brain-dead Jew worshiping hypocrite Baptist ‘fundie’. BTW – you morons – thanks for telling Christ to piss off and take a hike and make my beloved once Christian country a soulless nest of blood thirsty Zionist child killers!

I’m sure – as arrogant and superior as we ‘Mericans’ feel about the rest of the inferior world – we are confident that ‘it couldn’t happen here’. Well folks try telling that to the dead of Waco – or the families of those 20,000 soldiers who were shot in the head by the Jews who hated Christians and lied about their crime ( where have we seen the Jew do that before!) so as to blame an enemy in this case – the Germans. But then the treacherous cunning lying Jews have a two thousand year history of lies and deceit.

Here are but a few of the laundry list of records of Jew treachery against innocent people. AND – these were only SOME the ones EXPOSED! JEWS ARE SUPER WORLD CLASS LIARS – GET IT?

9-11 An elaborate coverup to blame the Arabs so as to have the US wage a war against them

The USS Liberty massacre in1965 was another big crime concocted to blame Egypt

The King David Hotel Massacre by the Jew Irgun terrorists dressed as Arabs

The Lavon Affair in 1956 Cairo – once again,Jew terrorists dressed as Arabs

The German disco bombing by Mossad terrorists – blamed on Libya caused innocent deaths

Mexican Congress attack by Jews dressed ( with Muslim passports) – again to blame Arabs

Lebanon barracks bombing – a lot of Americans died thanks to the Jews

And lest we forget – the treacherous Jews falsely accused Jesus of crimes to have Him killed

What in God’s name will it take for your people to stand up to these lying demonic Christian hating child murdering scum? Just take the entire family with grandma and the kids and spend a couple of evenings watching cable or satellite ‘premium’ TV. After a couple of evenings of mass sex – ULTRA BLOODY violence – homosexual glorification mockery of everything good and decent and wholesome including the cruelest blasphemies against our Lord and His Blessed Mother – endless just plain nasty sex commercials – unnecessary vulgar nudity – vulgar language – glorification of Hells Angels type bikers – constant prison violence – death death and more death graphically portrayed – Mockery of traditional Biblical teachings – endless fraudulent get rich quick schemes – Endless ‘hollohoax’ lies – a HUGE selection of triple sex porn films – vulgar offensive Christian mocking ‘comedy shows that are anything but funny – and lots more Jew filth. Keep this fact in mind. ALL of this filth and ALL of the vehicles for this filth are owned operated and financed by JEWS!

This is NOT the America of our parents and grandparents!. How much more Jew filth – Jew Abuse – Jew blasphemy – and Jew lies – dead sons dying for IsraHELL – millions of innocent people murdered for IsraHELL Jews will you take before you show some courage? How much longer will you continue to deny the existence of the Jew ‘elephant’. In our living rooms 23-7 – corrupting your children?

In the name of all decency – OPEN YOUR EYES – and OPEN YOUR EARS

SEE the TRUTHS all around you! HEAR the TRUTHS all around you!

Do something meaningful. Take a stand. Take back our country.

It isn’t the Arabs who stole it – IT WAS THE JEWS

It wasn’t the Arabs who had Christ murdered – IT WAS THE JEWS

 OH – and BTW-before ANY reader thinks that I am wrong about ANYTHING I have stated as truth – I STRONGLY suggest that you spend the time I did, with the very ‘special’ people I did – in the places I was in, while in IsraHELL. THEN we can have an intelligent informed discussion on the matter. OK?


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

 “That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”