After years of being puzzled as to how it is humanly possible for Americans to be so abysmally stupid as to not see before their very eyes that the jews control everything and wish only for the total destruction of the fiber of Americanism as it was intended by Godly men we call the Founding Fathers.

I believe that I have uncovered the main reason we are blind to the big picture of universal Jew evil. It will require some thinking – a process we Americans are not used to and seem to avoid at all costs. I advise you to make a small sacrifice – for family God and country and make your selves smart enough to begin connecting the dots by your selves. The effort will be well worth it as the reward will be to be a free people once again – or nearly so – as we were before our first real Jew (critically influenced) President – FDR! You will need to do a little research on your own. It will be well worth the effort and you will be freeing OUR nation- OUR children. READ! LEARN! ACT!

Different historians will maintain different dates that were watersheds for the beginning of the end of our sovereignty as we once knew it. There were many factors which were the signs of the ‘cracks in the dyke’ – mostly moral degeneracy. There was a time when we ALL unquestionably trusted the FBI – all banks – teachers – religious leaders – captains of industry – TV entertainers – police – professors – sports heroes – many movie actors – ranking military – even most Congressmen and of course our President. Today we ( those of us not totally brain dead) trust NONE of these people or organizations, and with DAMN good reason!

Today religious leaders are mostly servants of Satan – congressmen are mostly civil criminals – the president is a murderer and a traitor and our top military are sworn war criminals. The FBI is a joke – teachers and professors have become in great part- godless trash – virtually ALL of Hollywood are lowlife scum – sports leaders are drunken coked out thugs – bankers are sleazy shysters and everything seems to revolve around money. We have gone from doing what once pleased Jesus to pleasing godless Jews.

Ever notice that EVERYTHING and I MEAN EVERYTHING on TV – specials on the military or science or travel is promote with loud psychedelic heavy metal guitar music. Ever wonder why something ultra-scientific and high tech is bathed in in that disgusting low life garbage as if it were a special on Hells Angels? It is almost as if every topic must be cheapened in the eyes of the viewer. It is no coincidence tat this strange disgusting phenomenon started at the same time the Jews dominated ALL TV programming. Its all part of their big picture agenda of cheapening and sensationalizing everything that they ‘allow’ us to see, but I digress.

Before I traveled to IsraHELL and the Mid- East – I already had my fill of bad experiences with American Jewry in business, politics and personal life. From the ADL to the ACLU and from the AIPAC to the Communist Party – I was well educated as to the treasonous nature of the Jew in America. BUT – I held a poorly founded image of the Israeli Jews as being somehow different than their American ‘cousins’. I envisioned them as somehow more noble hard working – more ‘religious’ – less associated with Marxism – more honest and truthful and just better people.

BOY OH BOY – WAS I WRONG! Because of the unusual circumstances of my visit to IsraHELL I was under the aegis of a former active duty comrade who had in he ensuing years since I left the service become the ranking US Army liaison to the IDF. This unique circumstance allowed me to see and do things no normal American tourist could ever experience. There are really no civil words adequate to describe the TRUE face of the IsraHELL Jew without his ‘mask’. These people are without doubt the world’s most evil lying sadistic criminal heartless Godless bastards I have encountered in over 4o years of world travel to dozens of countries. The evil of which these demons are capable is limitless. They have NO compassion – NO ethics – NO morals and go to great length to teach their children their racist and hateful conduct. The cruelty I witnessed there against the helpless and defenseless – the sick and elderly makes anything you have ever read about NAZI concentration camps pale in comparison.

The vitriolic hatred of Jesus Christ that I saw there was by far the ugliest example of human conduct I have witnessed in my life – bar NONE! Their adoration of America’s most heinous traitors was almost fanatical. The mockery of our spirit of Americanism was open and unabashed! Their unashamed skill to cunningly twist and distort and bastardize Biblical history to suit their criminal mentalities could have been termed dazzling! The ease with which outright lies upon lies upon lies would spew forth from their mouths was unlike anything I had ever encountered.

I had seen Israelis land thieves screaming death threats to bewildered terrified homeowners they routinely tormented that were always the same theme. If the family were Christian Palestinians – which was not uncommon- the treats were always proceeded by the damning of Christ in the most cruel and vilest profanity imaginable. Then the death threats to steal the land – since “their god gave it to them anyway”. In my 71 years of experience all over the world – and in locker rooms with hardened paratroop commandos I had never heard such filthy blasphemous language.

“Fuck your fucking Jesus! We killed Him before and we will kill him again” was a common profane blasphemy screamed in the face of terrified women and children. As matter of fact – I have never heard that horrible blasphemous profanity used ANYHWERE else in the world – ONLY in IsraHELL!! The authorities there NEVER interfered. After all – the IsraHELL government had BUILT these stolen settlements and encouraged violent encounters. I witnessed carloads of these Jew criminals racing in and out of Palestinian neighborhoods brandishing submachineguns and flying the IsraHELL flag. They would taunt the poor residents until some family member finally reacted to give them justification to murder the poor people. Keep in mind – you will never see this TRUE face of the Jew as a tourist watching Hava-Nagila dancing girls on one of Zionist deceiver Zola Levitt’s ‘tours of the holy land’. WHAT LYING JEW BULLSHIT!

These Jews are without Any doubt – FACTUALLY – the undisputed most immoral people on the face of the earth. They lead the world in white slavery and prostitution (over 400 whorehouses in TelAviv ALONE) drug trafficking – internet fraud – major porn producers – safe haven for international criminals( Jews only of course) a racist apartheid State whose godless Jew people murder some 17-18% of their unborn children annually. Their criminal conduct would fill volumes – but i believe I have made my point. Everything i have stated is verifiable.

I haven’t even TOUCHED on their daily war crimes against helpless innocent civilians. Their military – the IDF is considered by knowledgeable people to be the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization – specializing in preying upon the weak – the helpless – the defenseless – something the cowardly Jew does best. The Jew is brave when facing a 5 year old child or a pregnant mother. These Jews are so totally evil and barbaric that the IDF was issued a T- shirt promoting the murder of a pregnant mother. It showed one side showing the pregnant woman – the caption for these ‘brave’ members of the” MOST MORAL ARMY in the WORLD”? ‘One shot – 2 kills’ – pretty sick huh? But then that is the way these Jews are – depraved sick murdering sadistic animals. Oh and BTW – I have a photo of an IDF soldier proudly wearing his ‘ones shot 2 kills’ sadistic Jew T- shirt.

Back to the point of the comparison. The fact is that #1 the IsraHELL Jew is even more evil than his disgusting American counterpart. #2 and this vitally important to understanding the basis for the paper. ALL Jews – let me repeat that ALL JEWS – are ideologically joined at the hip. The number one matter of importance to the American Jew in an election in the US is NOT anything REMOTELY to do with how it affects his home in America. His FIRST priority is if the official or the issue is beneficial to ISRAHELL – NOT AMERICA – Got it? A Jew’s loyalties are ALWAYS to his fellow Jews – and ESPECIALLY fellow Jews in IsraHELL. The Jew will NEVER EVER place the well being or security of America or Americans before IsraHELL and other Jews NEVER! DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT FACT! EVERY other ethnicity in America places OUR nation and OUR people first. ONLY the treasonous parasitic Jew considers the USA as a host and not a home. I learned THAT lesson WELL over the years.

The point is that when you see the Jews in IsraHELL commit a crime against America – like the massacre of the crew of the USS LIBERTY or the twin towers be 100% assured that the Jews here at home are 100% in support of whatever the Jews in IsraHELL want. Example- we have become embroiled in two wars ONLY for the benefit of IsraHELL. The treasonous American Jews use their influence and money to get legislators to send our gentile sons to die for the Jews here and in IsraHELL, That is how it works. Any ‘Christian’ parent that would allow or encourage their own beloved child to die for the most morally putrid evil demonic Christ hating scum on earth are morons.

Recently a former United States Congresswoman was kidnapped on the high seas by the IsraHELL Navy -(an act of piracy at the least and possibly an act of war against America.) IF it had been ANY other country on earth – especially any Arab nation – that country would have been vaporized within 24 hours. The reason that IsraHELL was not bombed into the stone age (which they most certainly morally and legally should have been) and nothing was done.- NOT EVEN NEWS COVERAGE is that the American Jews who own ALL f the news media and All of the TV and ALL of the big newspapers and the Congress and the President – made sure that our stupid brain dead people didn’t even know that act of war had been committed against them!.

Until we ALL come to realize that the Jews – ALL Jews are the treasonous mortal enemy of the United States and must be treated as such – we will continue to be nothing more than slaves of the Jews. The notion that IsraHELL is an ally of the US would be laughable if it were not such a serious matter. They are in fact our DEADLY enemy – and have Actually threatened us with nuclear retaliation. Think I’m kidding? Look up the Samson option. I trained basic combat troops destined for airborne units in the early 60s – during the Berlin Crisis – a LOT Of them- well over a thousand!

Strange – how there were always lots of Jews in organizations that promote homosexual perversion or abortion or Socialism – or gun control or censure ship or higher taxes or same sex marriage or the destruction of Christian belief – but NOT IN THE MILITARY. Know how many of these baby killing coke freak money grubbing porn kings were drafted into my basic training companies? 20% ? – 10%? – 5%? -2%? how about NONE – not ONE. Know where they were when we were in uniform – serving our country? They were at home bedding down our sisters wives and sweethearts.

After I was out of the military I went back to finish my education and at the University of Miami – or ‘Jew U’ as it was called – so I got a belly full of these bottom feeding scum – and even ended up with one for a roommate. I would hear them brag about how they evaded the draft with their rich parents’ influence and how much sex they had with veteran’s wives. Jews are virtually ALL greedy cowardly scum – and they have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to prove that to me my whole life! How do you suppose they have become the most despised creatures on the face of the earth?

Just remember – IsraHELL Jews are just as bad or WORSE than the kikes here at home. They will ALWAYS side with their beloved IsraHELL over America – ALWAYS! DON’T EVER FORGET THAT FACT! They will ‘side’ only with their own ilk and always wear two faces – one for their own people and another face for dealing with us ‘goy’ (cattle to the Jew) They are the most treacherous creatures on earth and can NEVER EVER be trusted. Where money (their one true ‘god’) is involved, they will even screw their own. Look at what Bernie Madoff did to his mostly Jew clients recently. He literally ‘jewed’ them out of BILLIONS of dollars!

Look at the all Jew cabinet of our sock puppet Jew financed President. Obama has a Jew in power for all occasions. Now we have a Godless remorseless Jew killer in charge of the new medical ‘death plan’. He is Obama’s top medical advisory and is already known as ‘Dr Death’. This treasonous dual citizenship IsraHELL loyal filthy Jew is Ezekiel Emanuel – the architect of the death plan for the elderly and ill. His whole family were cold-blooded murderers – world-class criminals involved in terrorism in IsraHELL. Check out the Emanuel ties with terrorism. Learn the whole frightening truth on Nathanial Kappner’s ‘ REAL ZIONIST NEWS’ – a MUST read for ALL Americans of ALL ages.

LEARN THE TRUTH – PEOPLE – LEARN OR PERISH AT THE HANDS OF THE JEWS. The ONLY reason the treacherous Jew has America by the throat today is our collective ignorance and criminally irresponsible attitude. We are the only major nation left on earth stupid enough to allow our own moral and economic destruction by the Jew – day after day after day. The Jew is the ONLY ethnicity to have been the boot in the ass by the governments of most European nations after they did all they could to bring ruination upon that country through their greed immorality and money.

What makes the Jew particularly dangerous in modern times was the biggest blunder in history. Ever since the British committed the greatest act of treason against ALL mankind by aiding these vagabond thieves liars and murderers to steal Palestinian land – there has been war destruction and suffering which has now been spread worldwide by the insatiable lust of the demonically evil Jew for power. The theft and creation of IsraHELL – a homeland for the “SONS OF THE DEVIL” has already cost mankind tenfold the misery destruction and cost in human lives of WWII!

Oh and forget about this nonsense about only Zionist Jews bad – ‘other Jews’ good people. That would be a grave mortal mistake! Jews – virtually ALL Jews are evil by their very nature. Gertrude Stein once said; “ A rose is a rose is a rose” meaning that – it is what it is – period! So it is with Jews – they are what they are – the incarnation of evil – the sons of the devil according to our Lord Christ

In my over 70 years of life I have met only ONE man – one human being who was ethnically a Jew – but NOT ‘Jewish’. He is one of the finest true Christians in EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD – and decent human beings as one will ever know. If any person shows the slightest affinity to the demonic land of IsraHELL – he has already damned himself . If any person feels in the REMOTEST sense that ANY person has a right to steal another man’s land for his own – that is an EVIL person.

A ‘good’ Jew is one who has divested AND distanced himself from anything and everything ‘Jewish’ – especially their so-called religious traditions – AND who is living a TRULY moral life in practice . I defy you to find more than a handful of such persons in a lifetime of searching. Second in difficulty to encounter today is a TRUE gentile Christian. Many talk a good talk but few walk the walk in the narrow path of the straight gate.

I encourage anyone to study Judaism. It is a gutter ‘religion’ full of monstrous hypocrisies – mantras of hatred – the glorification of violence – racism and blasphemy against Christ and His blessed mother. It is the sick manifestation of a culture of death of an arrogant people who have de-facto proclaimed themselves as Gods – superior above all others – even God Himself. It is the most immoral hateful shameful assemblage of ego maniacal demeaning dehumanizing demonic evil imaginable.

Now go forth and connect the dots. It is really an easy task as the Jew makes little or no effort to hide his evil. There are NO moral Jews in Congress or as Governors – nor as Mayors nor in ANY high profile position. There are NO moral Jew millionaires – no moral Jew superstars – no moral Jew entertainers – no moral Jew talk show hosts. EVEN if there was – by some miracle a truly moral ethical truthful Godly Jew who aspired to be one of these people – it would NEVER be allowed by the 99.99% of evil Jews who run the show. An event like that wold be as much a classic miracle as the raising of Lazarus from the dead. ANTHING that ANY Jew lawmaker does regarding the Mid-East will put the welfare of IsraHELL first. IsraHELL Jews – American Jews – inseparable – both are evil – both have identical mindsets – both are treacherous – both are liars and deceivers – both are loyal first to IsraHELL – both are totally without morals or scruples as we gentiles understand, and both will do ANYTHING for enough money. These are universal truths without real exception. READ! LEARN!

As long as we continue to be putty brained lemmings – never questioning why Israhell was never punished for its act of war when they slaughtered the crew of the USS Liberty – or when they committed a n act of piracy international seas and kidnapped a UNITD STATES Congresswoman at gunpoint and cast her in prison – or ask what happened to BILLIONS of dollars from the US treasury which undoubtedly went to IsraHELL- or why Jews are not accountable for illegal serial wars against sovereign nations who have done us no harm – or why they are allowed to dominate ALL television and ALL news media in the US with their lies and immorality – or why they are allowed to trash our Constitutional 1st and 2nd amendment rights – and WHY they have been allowed to hijack our economic system and a hundred other crimes against the American people committed by Jew gangsters on a daily basis – –WE WILL CONTINUE ON THE FAST TRACK TO THE TRASH HEAP OF HSITORY!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10”


  1. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” – Lenin

    The alternative ‘Patriot’ news world is thoroughly penetrated and controlled by agents and operatives… from talk shows and net sites, to documentary producers and columnists. Beware

  2. All roads lead to the Jew!

    Half of the Jew population is in Israel and the other half in the USA.

    What a nightmare!

  3. My friend, i am from Romania and i want to be with you in the talks because in Romania these jews animals do too. We have suffered much in all times because of them and the Romanian people hate them.

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