“ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD”– except for President Ahmadinejhad

I was raised before the filth of modern TV- RAP TRAP CLAP – gang bangers – foul language on TV, throwing God our of public schools – homosexual pervert marriages – AIDS – triple digit inflation – rampant censorship of free speech – Deadly drugs forced on school children for non existent ‘diseases – R rated movies – open mockery Of Christ and the Blessed Virgin on TV – South Park filth – Crappy medical care – openly Marxist Presidents – wars on innocent people – glamorizing of violence – a failed educational system – the destruction of Christianity – acceptance of public profanity –  racial pandering – out of control taxes – road rage – police in schools – placing the welfare of foreign powers ahead of America – the homeless – welfare queens – TV ‘Shock Jocks’ – constriction of 2nd Amendment rights – Der Homeland Security Gestapo – illegal aliens – rampant crime at federal levels – a non-responsive FBI – foreign control of our media – the death of free press – neighbors 2 houses away that you have never met –  a dollar being practically worthless – A military civilians must now fear – homosexual perverts as teachers and professors – ‘sensitivity training’ for Christian employees – racism and hatred taught in churches – and a thousand more ‘changes’ for the worse that have rotted our freedoms and moral strength.

I’m a bit old fashioned – so you will have to forgive me for not being as ‘COOL’ as you would like me to be.  I was raised up to open doors for women – to call my seniors ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ so and so instead of “Hey Dude”. I would help the invalid or child to cross the street or navigate a stairway or open a heavy door. I was raised to help the helpless – defend the defenseless – feed the hungry and clothe the naked if need be. I was taught to NOT Tolerate cruelty – not to lie or listen to lies or associate with liars and to not allow any criminal act to be ignored. I was these and many other Christian manners of conduct as a child and still live by that code daily.

Truth was imbued in my character since day one and has been my lantern and my rudder my entire life. Speaking the truth was a quality I have taught my sons and I tried to be an example. I do not ‘tolerate’ all conduct –as to do so is clearly identified by all moral religions as wrong and sinful. I do not tolerate lies and liars – from preschoolers or Presidents! I do not tolerate cruelty to the helpless and innocent – especially children or even animals/pets. Simply put – I attempt to lead my life in a manner in which I would like to be treated by others.  I have adopted my own version of the ‘golden rule’. I never ask another person to do anything for me that I would not do for them. It keeps me intellectually honest.

Why have I chosen President Ahmadinejad ?  Simple – he has shown me the finest qualities in a leader – courage – wisdom – education – articulateness – a foundation in religious morality – and the character to speak the TRUTH – something that American Presidents can’t seem to do!  He is a man who also obviously loves his people and his country – unlike King George and ‘Comrade’ Obama.

You see – when I hear this man speak and THEN listen to the sock-puppet two-faced piece of human crap imposter we have ‘elected ‘ as ‘THE CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION’ – who is IN FACT an avowed Communist (high treason) and dedicated child murderer (supports infanticide in it’s most hideous barbaric form) and an atheist (with no moral code) – it is a monumental embarrassment especially in light of the fact that our ‘obamanation’ in the eyes of God – has never served his country – as have I and many others who have ‘paid the dues’ of living in a free Republic.

I read where Mr.‘Obamanation’ refused  to attend the meeting Where the Iranian President spoke as if he were too good.  Well I have a news flash for you Mr. Negro Marxist – you are not fit to “fasten the latches on his sandals” – as it is put in Scripture. And as for the hypocrite Zionist scum puppets that walked out on the President’s speech – NONE of you are worthy of even being called men!

You cowardly ass-kissing sycophant Pharisees are disgusting. Your conduct was a disgrace to ALL freedom loving people. The Iranian President spoke ONLY 100% TRUTH – PERIOD!  The scum that insulted the Iranian President don’t even know what the word means because they all live by lies. One look at our own Congress and CIC will tell you that they do too.

Based on the disgraceful conduct of these spineless moral cowards – I am sure that if Christ Himself had come back to Earth at that meeting of putrid evil Scribes & Pharisees and had repeated what He said in John 8-44 (READ IT!) – the same Zionist Christian hating scum that walked out on the TRUTHS spoken by President Ahmadinejad would have ALSO walked out on Christ for his “racist and anti-Semitic” remarks. Of that – you can have NO DOUBT.



I have spent enough time in that stolen hellhole Of IsraHELL to testify to the fact that it is a racist a nation as has ever existed on this earth! IsraHELL is undoubtedly the most demonic place on earth.


Fact: IsraHELL is a world leader in the porn industry – a Jew specialty for all times.

FACT: IsraHELL is an apartheid nation who calls their Arab neighbors “cockroaches” and “non-humans”. Non Jews are treated WORSE than animals in IsraHELL – been there seen that!

FACT: IsraHELL murders a large percentage of their ‘unwanted’ children annually – 17-18%

FACT: IsraHELL is a world leader in white slavery – one of the vilest forms of crimes imaginable by man.

FACT: 95% of the ‘Jews’ in IsraHELL are atheists – many are Marxist – so much for their vaunted bullshit about religion and ‘the holy land’

FACT: They are religious persecutors –e.g.- give a Christian Bible to a Jew on the street and you can earn 5 years in prison – talk about hypocrites!

FACT: Their military – the IDF is in fact the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization – cold-blooded war criminals that make no bones about their war crimes.

FACT: These Jew criminals consider torture legal – Sick – don’t you think? – Something no other free nation on earth does.

FACT: most of their leadership came from undeniable ultra-violent terrorist organizations like Hagannah, Irgun or the Stern Gang:  It is a land of criminals run by criminals!

FACT: their land was stolen from the Palestinians in the first place – and they have continued to steal more and more land from its rightful owners by force and violence.

FACT: IsraHELL harbors Jew criminals, traitors and terrorist from all over the world. – US SPY traitor Jonathan Pollard is a national hero in IsraHELL – and I have the pictures to prove it.

FACT: The Israelis murder helpless children in their own homeland just for cruel sport – I have witnessed this war crime and it is common knowledge – WHAT SADISTIC BASTARDS!.

FACT: The terrorist Jew IDF is so barbaric that they actually defecate and urinate on the most holy icons of their Palestinian victims.  Remember – many of the Palestinians are also Christian.

FACT: Jew thugs there routinely terrorize Palestinians on their own land with armed death threats and blasphemies such as “ FUCK YOUR FUCKING JESUS –WE CRUCIFIED HIM BEFORE AND WE WILL DO IT AGAIN” – Remember – I did not blaspheme the Lord – the Jews did – I am merely the messenger quoting/exposing THEIR horrid conduct that I witnessed.

FACT: Their military terrorists are so barbaric that they actually BRAG on killing two Arabs with one bullet by shooting the pregnant mother in the stomach – seen that too.  SICK SICK!.

FACT: RACISM? You want to see Jew Racism? Do you know what Ashkenazi Jews commonly call Sephardic Jews in IsraHELL –  kooshim!   (NIGGERS)

FACT: Communism is not only tolerated in IsraHELL – IT IS PROMOTED – and the ONLY country in the Mid-East where Communist operate freely – big surprise since the Jew ‘invented’ COMUNISM!

FACT: IsraHELL was FOUNDED on terrorism – there have been more acts of terrorism committed by Israelis that anywhere else in the WORLD!

FACT: IsraHELL’s terrorist IDF committed the only act of war against America since December of 1941

FACT:  Israel is in violation of over seventy UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions in regards to the Middle East conflict.

FACT: Under numerous scenarios, Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and numerous other Israeli officials are guilty of multitudes of violations of the Geneva Convention and other international laws, covenants and treaties. Some punishable by death.

FACT: virtually all moral well- informed well –traveled educated people consider IsraHELL the greatest threat to world peace today

I could create a list of TRUTHS (FACTS) concerning the odious nature of IsraHELL that would take a day to read it all – but you get the point. Remember – ALL of what you read here is 100% verifiable – much of it I have personally experience while I was there with the intelligence community – and it has only gotten worse. I have traveled to over 2 dozen countries – some of them in a state of war – but I have never witnessed a more perfidious disingenuous cruel sadistic people than in IsraHELL.  My weapon against these demons is invincible. SIMPLE TRUTH!

YES- I do have new role model and hero – one who is still alive. I pray God keep and protect this good man from the likes of the scum who disgraced themselves in the eyes of ALL decent moral intelligent people at that disgraceful UN meeting of spineless ass-kissing worms. Your cowardly and disgusting conduct has brought only shame to your nations.

Every decent man woman and child in the United States should fall on their knees and thank God for such a man of courage and character to speak the truth about the “CHILDREN OF SATAN” – while the rest of sheep are stumbling over each other to sell their souls to the devil.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

22 thoughts on ““ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD”– except for President Ahmadinejhad

  1. What a great post. Keep up the good work brother. He is one of my hero`s too. Dont stop expressing and may God give you the strength to keep it up. Peace.

  2. Hi Joe,

    How come I feel like I’m back visiting my Father when I read your posts? I mean that in a good way, I am glad he is no longer here to see what we have turned into. Probably the only people who read your posts are of the like mind, its a shame that much of what you talk about never “awakens” any of our countless braindead aseep brothers and sisters out there.

    I kind of always feel sad when I read your website, you would be destroyed by main street media if your words got out and the “protect the jew race” police would try and throw you in jail. Keep trying my friend, some of us agree with you. By the way, do you think Alex Jones is a fraud?

  3. Hi Joe,

    According to my uncle who served in Patton’s 15th during WWII, the rot began to show in the Zones after the war.

    It became clear there was the war of the Allied vs the Axis and then their was the covert war for objectives that only became clear during the occupation.

    One of those objectives was that Eastern and Central Europe was to go to the Soviet. American soldiers P.O.W.s taken by the Russians were not returned to the U.S. rather they were shipped East. When General Patton found out about it, he didn’t just ‘follow orders’ to let them go; he rallied as many as he could (against Eisenhower’s direct orders) and prepared to go after the trains heading East. And according to my uncle who was there, the Americans in the 15th did set out after them. But Eisenhower had their supply lines bombed. Shortly afterwards, General Patton was assassinated in the Zone.

    The 15th openly called him ‘Ike the Kike’ (as did my uncle) and said that the Jewish Money Power ran Washington; that they had won the peace with American blood for Uncle Joe. Not only did they have to hand over Central Europe but American POWs as well.

    A shameful story and the half of it has never been told.

  4. Excellent post. I agree wholeheartedly.

    God bless you Joe Cortina, for your courage and service.

  5. It is a nightmare but most of the people seem to be under a spell.

    I’m glad that there are a few sane people out there.

    Maybe I’m not insane afterall.

  6. Hi Joe,

    Great Read Again, as always!

    It is most disgusting that Marxists are allowed to openly congregate and occupy the interior of The White House.

    In Canada, “Hate Laws” have been enacted to protect Jews…and not to protect Arabs, Blacks, etc.

    It’s disgusting that the riots in Thailand that occurred two weeks ago (at that time 2 killed) received Front Page coverage!!!, while the Israeli Seige on Gaza barely occupied any space when it came to the Death Toll of Civilians!

    The Jew-owned media is a Disgrace to my nation, your nation and every nation that values true democracy and freedom.

    My ass will probably be in jail, before yours’…as the United States still has time to fight Conyers radical House Resolution…if people wake up!!!

    Keep the Word Out!

    The last Great American Generals were Patton and McArthur…if Patton had been allowed by Ike, he would have picked up the last of the German Troops and headed for Moscow…dismantling, once and for all, the Reign of Communism.

    …instead, Ike allowed those same German POW’s to die of Starvation and Malnutrition…much like Bolshevik Jew Boy Stalin did to peoples’ of the Ukraine in 1932/33…when they wanted to leave the “Godless Communist Stranglehold”…

    People worry too much about the Army turning on its people…and the Police…this is the fear perpetrated by a radicalized government…

    It will become clearer and clearer to those who serve in the military and law enforcement…as time goes on…the military and police already know it, in fact they are being undermined by the government, when the government allows agencies like “BlackWater” to operate in Theatres of Combat, as well as during crisis like New Orleans…

    It’s a disgrace…

    Democracy is only as strong as people, like you and I, who continue to spread the word about the corruption, the lying and subversive elements that hide within our government(s).

    God gave us the Right to challenge the Darkness of Evils’, before us, and sent us The Messiah and A Prophet to show us the way!

    Comrade Obama knows he’s nothing more than a stooge. And, I wouldn’t be suprised, if “dark forces” are already at work, planning on his departure…and then to have his departure blamed on “Radical Right Wing White Extremists”…

    It’s happened before…and it can happen again…but this time, the word “Marxist” will be excluded…because it’s just “Anti-Jewish”

    Communism knows no boundaries…

    especially when perpetrated by AshkeNAZI Zionists…the only form of “Master Race Communists”…

    For the US, Canadian, French, German and Israeli Diplomats who walked out of the Iranian President’s Speech, I say to them…”YOU ARE HYPOCRITICAL, IGNORANT and RACIST LUCIFERIANS!!!” and, “STOP USING MY TAX DOLLARS TO FUND ISRAEL’S WAR MACHINE TO KILL INNOCENT CIVILIANS!!! FUCK YOU!!!”

    And, if they say “Israel has a right to Self Defence”…I say, “Bullshit! Stop Stealing Land and Start Abiding by UN Resolutions!”

  7. Got here through Real Jew News. Real Jew News was via Rense. Those two along with American Free Press are the sites I trust more than any other on these issues. I am glad I found this site because things said so cleanly can only come from moral courage and truth. Godspeed, and God bless the real America!

  8. Joe,

    I will soon be 78 years old but it was only a few short years ago that I woke up much as David Duke, Jayne Gardener and I guess millions of others have. A friend of mine asked me to read “The Talmud Unmasked.” He had fought in the Hungarian army with the Germans against the Soviets who were attacking his homeland. He had described many scenes of Catholic nuns and priests hanging from limbs of trees, a story I found impossible to believe. I also found the contents of the book both horrible and
    unbelievable and I set out to prove
    that it was all a lie. To my dismay after reading the words of many highly regarded human beings throughout the world, including members of “The Chosen,” I had to conclude that I was wrong and had been “BRAINWASHED” from day one which brings me to the main reason for submitting this comment.

    I constantly read that Americans who aren’t aware of the beliefs that most of us now as the honest truth must be “stupid.” I am confident that there millions of people across this planet who could be shown to have far more intelligence than most of us who vist this and similar websites but honestly
    regard us as stupid and misinformed liars.I truly believe that most of them have been “brainwashed.”

    Joe, we do have something else in common. We seem to enjoy being honest and forthright which brings me to my next comment. I constantly read analogies between atheists and all the evils that ever existed. I must tell you and your readers that I am a very proud and devout ATHEIST. I refuse to use the terms “agnostic” or “nonbeliever” just to make others more comfortable. Although I was brought up Catholic and went to a Catholic elementary school in upstate New York, my service in the USN and the time I spent in college preparing for a career in teaching changed my thinking forever. I have often wondered how many Catholic Popes actually died as atheists.

    My point is that simply because I refuse to accept any God outside mother nature does not make me a Zionist and an evil person. I firmly believe in what you say, and I deeply admire your courage and honesty.

    RAVE(Read And Validate Everything)

  9. Alex jones is a complete fraud. 99% of JOne’s pap targets gentiles only, rarely does he go after the other zionist/marxist instigators and if he does he attacks them for the wrong reasons. This goes for historical events also. Again, Alex Jones is a complete sham.

  10. Joe:

    I wanted to add some links to videos
    which are about the Jewish Illuminati.

    The Illuminati and Freemasonry are
    Satanic organizations that are run
    and backed by Zionist Jews. They have spent centuries secretly infiltrating
    all the nations of the world and taking
    over their financial systems. Their goal is to dominate the entire world’s money supply so that any person who is not a Zionist criminal will become a slave!

    The man in this video is Leo Zagami
    a Former member of the Jewish Illuminati
    and is also related to the Queen of England ( the top echelon of Illuminati
    power). He recently walked away from the
    Jewish evil and has been publically speaking about the evil Jewish takeover of the world:

    Also here’s a video which helps reveal
    real Illuminati and Freemason evil:

    “The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between us, between Germans and Jews. All else is facade and illusion. Behind England stands Israel, and behind France, and behind the United States. Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy.” Adolf Hitler

  11. Dear Joe:

    I wanted to add a link to another video
    regarding the Jewish Illuminati.

    This video is a simple example of
    “entities” which are now owned and run
    by Satanic Jews.

  12. Israel is NO Friend to America or the World..!!

    Israel / Zionist Jews are the Blood Sucking Parasites of the World. They are nothing more then Leeches feeding on Humanity and sucking the life out of Mankind.
    The sooner this World is rid of them the better we all will be.

    “What’s the difference between an Israeli and a Catfish”?
    One’s a Scum Sucking Bottom Feeder and the other is a Fish”

  13. Reality check, the NAZIS lost WWII remember? They lost because they were trying to exterminate God’s chosen people.

  14. Thanks for getting back to me Joe, I had a feeling you would agree with me on Alex Jones–a quote you may enjoy —

    “Society has good reason to fear the Radical. Every shaking advance of mankind toward equality and justice has come from the Radical. He hits, he hurts, he is dangerous. Conservative interests know that while Liberals are most adept at breaking their own necks with their tongues, Radicals are most adept at breaking the necks of Conservatives.” – Saul Alinsky

  15. The words of the great Adolf Hitler:


    The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew.

    He is and remains the perpetual parasite, a sponger who like a noxious bacillus keeps spreading as soon as a favorable medium invites him. And the effect of his presence is also like unto that of all spongers: wherever he appears, the host people after a shorter or longer time. I:11

    Existence impels the Jew to lie, and to lie perpetually, just as it compels the inhabitants of northern lands to wear warm clothing. I:11

    Was there any form of filth or shamelessness, particularly in cultual life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abcess, you found—like a maggot in a rotting body often dazzled by the sudden light—a little Jew. I:2

    . . . No one need be surprised if among our people the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew. I:11

    The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle of Nature and replaces the eternal privilege of power and strength with the mass of numbers and their dead weight. Thus it denies personal worth, contests the significance of folk and race, and thereby withdraws from mankind premise for its existence and culture. As a foundation of the universe, it would lead to the end of any order intellectually conceivable to man. . . .If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the jew is victorious over the peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind and this planet will—as it once did for millions of years—move through the ether devoid of men. I:2

    Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will if the Almighty Creator: by resisting the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. I:2

    There can be no making pacts with the Jew, but only the hard: either—or. I:7

    For a racially pure people which is conscious of its blood can never be enslaved by the Jew. In this world he will forever be master over bastards alone.

  16. “That it sought power because men in the mass were frail cowardly creatures who could not endure liberty or face the truth, and must be ruled over and systematically deceived by others who were stronger than themselves. That the choice for mankind lay between freedom and happiness, and that, for the great bulk of mankind, happiness was better”

    George Orwell 1984

    Face it folks, most of our country consists of three types of people. 70% sheeple – they watch American Idol, drink beer, work at there shit day job, don’t have a fucking clue as to whats going on.

    The next 20% either work for the government, or are full fledged card carrying “we love our Obama” brainwashed orthodox mainstream robots.

    We (if you are visiting this website) are part of the remaining 10%. At the top of our group is the 1% that runs the world, the rest of us watch whats going on, follow false revolutionary prophets like Alex Jones, get lots of guns and basically don’t do dick to change anything. Like 1776, I expect if things get to bad we may do something, but until then guess all we can do is talk shit on this website.(unless of course you are one of the real hard core anarchist in this country, and of course I understand you can’t write on this website and draw attention to yourself) How come nobody is looking to alter or eliminate the top 1%? They seem more than ready to cut our population.

  17. Reality check, the NAZIS lost WWII remember?

    No sh*t.

    “They lost because they were trying to exterminate God’s chosen people.”

    You are an uninformed IDIOT. What absolute NONSENSE “God’s chosen people”!

    Germany lost because they were beaten by the Allied and Communist armies. Not your Jew-created religious LIE!


  18. Phil, thanks for answering he who has the gall to call himself, oath keeper. This site is such a great service to humanity, Joe.

  19. Joe
    you are right on and I say this with sincerity.Its been such a long time since I took a modern pen in hand. I think the biggest challenge for me is to try and convey your widom to my peers . I have been challenged on every front and maybe ostricized along the way even my own relatives now challenge me. I think they just want to stick there heads in the sand and not want to admit all that is evil and who is really the rightious ones…. Keep up the good work and I will post another comment when I figure out where I want to go and who I want to reach inspite of the negative receptions.. Ill keep trying I promise to my country on my life
    Ron Yacketta a proud vet clearwater

  20. joe – ur the MAN…ha ha….i haven’t been 2 ur URL in weeks….bravo….!
    but the IDF t shirts have a arab mom holding a baby – not a prego gal….but it STILL says ” 1 shot 2 kills, save bullets” , etc….so sweet….funny , how God “chose” the rats…? !

  21. Guess ‘rapture’, judgment day’, second coming of the Lord’ are the cause of the speechless and motionless American sheeple. They grew up in comfort where things are easily obtained in the last decades.
    Those shameless and senseless high position officials are not bought but actually brought up and trained in their synagogue, they are the devils!
    Would God save spineless people for what they are?

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