You have all been made fools of – mocked – insulted – slandered – blind-sided – sucker- punched and demonized by the universal enemy of all Christian mankind – THE JEW! I have taken the time to chronicle one of the most insidious betrayals of DECENT HONORABLE AMERICANS since the un-avenged act of war against America by IsraHELL in June of 1967. That act of TRUE Infamy was the pivotal date from which the United States Of America ceased to exist as a sovereign Nation and gradually become a surrogate of the most Godless evil cabal of criminals on earth!

For ANY person who calls themselves an “AMERICAN” to not know EXACTLY what happened on that date, is proof enough that any efforts to be an effective voice in your movement was futile and meaningless. I greatly admired your efforts even though you violated the first law of battle. You people do not have a clue as to who our REAL mortal ‘enemy’ is. Well – I am going to educate you since nobody else will bother to let you know who sent you ‘back home with your tails between your legs’.

This may very well be the most important document you will ever read in your life – as failure to learn from it WILL be the reason that we -as a once free Christian nation – will shortly cease to exist. YES – I said CHRISTIAN NATION! If ANY reader is too timid – or does not accept that FACT – your cause is lost before your even start – in which case – just go home – take your purple pills and turn on your Jew-Tube and prepare for the final stages of the occupation.

BUT – If you still have any fight left in you – if you REALLY want your country back and you love your children enough to NOT betray them into a life of meaningless secular servitude in the 3rd world morally rotted corpse the Jew has in store for them – READ ON AND LEARN! You will learn EXACTLY who are the mortal enemies of ALL of your freedoms hopes and dreams and how to expel them from this once great nation.

It is NOT The Arabs – it is not the Costa Ricans – it is not the Mexicans – it is not the Blacks who control the destiny of this nation and have not only INTENT – but ABILITY to destroy it. It is the JEW – PERIOD! AND – if any reader insists on entertaining some silly deadly notion of -‘good- Jew- bad- Jew – then have your children go out and play with vipers and rattlesnakes until you finally find that ‘one snake out of a million’ that is truly harmless warm and cuddly.

YOU – all hundreds of thousands, have been effectively censured – and censorship is the prelude to tyranny and the ultimate loss of ALL freedoms – always has been – always will be. The Jews know this and are experts at it.. Your movement has been destroyed – your are now impotent and toothless as ALL of the Jew media has a feeding frenzy in making fun and mockery of your sincere efforts. Their tactics are shamelessly predictable and classically Jewish. They mock their victims with their Jew comics and actually get other Americans to laugh at their OWN DEMISE. Only very very stupid people allow themselves to be ridiculed to the point of inaction – death of outrage and ‘self- flagellation’. Nothing is more pathetic – and THAT is the state to which you have been rendered by the Jew right now! Don’t believe it? – Read on!

I watched these pathetic post-apocalyptic events myself on the Jew-Tube. Let me give you some examples. There is a Jew TV network called Comedy Central – formerly Viacom, MTV and formally this and that etc – but the genealogy really doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is who runs the show NOW and what they are doing to destroy America. Doug Herzog – another Jew, runs this den of Jews of course. Remember that filthy trash – Bevis and Butthead? Familiar with sleazy trash on South Park?
They are both brainchildren of the Jew Herzog. Herzog was recently honored by a vile Jew organization whose members’ fun activities included getting drunk at parties in IsraHELL to celebrate IN REAL TIME – on land STOLEN from the Palestinians – to witness the mass butchering of thousands of innocent children in Gaza at Christmas. I have personally witnessed this kind of unconscionable cruelty by Jews there.

Just so you have an idea of the filthy Jew mentality of South Park – a recent ‘episode’ cruelly mocked Christian filmmaker Mel Gibson and his Passion of Christ film. Gibson was depicted as a lunatic running around naked and defecating one everyone. The hatred of the Jew for Christ AND Christians is beyond any civil description. Matt Stone – the actual creator of South Park filth is a drugged out foul mouth atheist Jew whose previous credentials include animations also mocking our Lord. Getting the idea yet? Sat tuned – it gets a LOT worse!

Part of the Jew run Comedy Central is a ‘show’ with a Christian hating segment called the ‘Daily Show’ hosted by ‘Jon Stewart’. Nice Scotch Christian sounding name -right? WRONG! This creep is a Zionist Christian hating Jew – real name- Jonathan Leibowitz. Jews do this kind of deception – deceit, and dishonesty a lot – deceit is in their genes – a Jew thing. Leibowitz the Jew spewed forth an endless tirade of hateful mockery against your people that was relentless.

You need to understand that ‘humor’ to a Jew – is NOT the same thing as humor to Christians or other believers. The TRUE Comedy of our fathers – such as Bob Hope or Red Skelton – was pure clean fun for the whole family- MEANING CHILDREN ALSO. With the Jew – ‘comedy’ MUST be a combination of filth and sexual innuendos and or mockery – especially of Christians or Christian values. I have never in my life experienced a Jew ‘comedian’ – male or female who did not apparent feel compelled to follow this Jew mantra – Even Mel Brooks.

For example there is another Jew TV show called the Rachael Maddow Show. Ms. Maddow is not only a Zionist Jew – she is a lesbian – a sex pervert! Read the following segment from the Jew lesbian’s hate show – courtesy of the Huffington Post – as she slandered and mocked our patriotic Christian mothers and fathers with her typical Jew filth and hatred. What a great role model for our youth!

“Tonight, on the Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow and regular guest, Air America’s Ana Marie Cox, discussed the fringetastic anti-tax Renaissance Fairies known as “tea parties.” There is only one thing in all the world worth noting about the people behind these things, and it is this: everyone involved is apparently unaware of what the term “tea-bagging” means. As you will see, this is not the case with Maddow and Cox. Tea-bagging means (to gutter-minded filthy pervert Jews) to have a man insert his scrotum into another person’s mouth in the fashion of a teabag into a mug with an up/down (in/out) motion.

Maddow then continues with her Jew toilet mentality filthy mind: “Now, no laughing off set or I will lose it!” begged Maddow, “I’m only barely making it through as it is.” She said this BEFORE Cox joined the segment. From there, it just got better: “Who wouldn’t want to tea bag John McCain?” Cox asked. “This is all part of the midterm strategy,” she added. “You know it’s going to be tea-bagging 24/7 when it comes to the midterms.” And it shall be. Of this you can be certain. I really do not have to say anything more. You all enjoy this, now. I’m just going to show myself out. Good night! ”

Please note the comment by the ‘people’ Huffington Post – ” From there it just got better” It is not surprising that they made that kind of comment – in obvious APPROVAL of Maddow’s filthy Jew mentality – as the leftist Jew dominated Post also joined in on bashing and vicious name calling of you patriots. I hope you are taking names and making notes – because these people that I have exposed for you are your – AND MY – mortal enemies

There was also a Mr. Oliver ( I did not remember his first name) – an agitator with a British accent who joined in at the protest sties to also mock you good people. I found it disgusting to watch you tolerate his insolence. I would have taken his microphone and put up his Limey arse so far that the cord would have been needed to find it.

There were also leftist agitators there from the Communist organization ‘Think Progress” (the name says it ALL!) This anti-American leftist trash is a spin-off from the parent monster of ‘Center For American Progress’ which is funded by ‘ Center For American Progress fund’. The head of this DemoCRAP Party supported treasonous organization is headed by Sir VP Morton Halperin – a Zionist Marxist traitor who has been involved in every leftist treasonous organization on record.

It’s director is Zionist George Soros – the Darth Vader of the left. Oh and did I mention? – both are treasonous JEWS! Jew Halperin’s seditious dossier make the Rosenbergs treason look like a parking meter violation! Halperin has FACTUALLY committed acts of HIGH treason so many time that he should have been hung years ago so he should do no further damage to America. His treasonous profile must be seen to be believed.

Think Progress (read; Think Communism) was of course in the forefront of treason against you patriots and I witnessed substantial videos of leftist agents harassing patriots at the rallies. Here again – you people should have kicked their treasonous Jew asses and sent a strong message that you would NOT be made fools of by these pernicious sub-human scum – but you blew it.

I have presented you with a far from complete – but I think typical list of the scum that betrayed you – and ALL of us who know and care. At least now you are armed with reliable information of who our mortal enemies really are – and precisely! I have given you names and organizations. What you now do will affect the future of our country. Folks – this is HARD BALL and if you do not play HARD BALL – you will be trampled – crushed – forgotten and dumped on the ask heap of history.

It is time to kick ass – literally. Many of us served in uniform and voluntarily placed ourselves in harm’s way for the defense of our freedoms ( and I am NOT Talking about the murderous thugs in Iraq and Afghanistan who are there committing horrendous war crimes 24-7 of their own free will. They did NOT have to go there and murder innocent civilians just because a madman in the White House of shame asked then to. I have ZERO respect for ANY so-called vets from this period – with the exception of those who have realized what they have done and are trying to make up for their crimes.

One of the first things in the order of business is to take back our churches. If your ‘church’ has ANYTHING to do WHATSOEVER that benefits IsraHELL in ANY Way – it is now under Zionist control and is in the fullest sense – as described by Christ – “a Synagogue of Satan”. Get the hell out as fast as you can! Those imbecile useful idiot moron scum that are worshipping the devil instead of Christ are as much a mortal enemy of your freedoms as the people I have described above – maybe WORSE! Take back the true church from the Jew or start new ones – NOW – TODAY – IMEDIATELY!

Spread these truths to friends neighbors – hunting and social friends – relatives family – co-workers – fraternal brothers – school teachers – newspapers and or radio stations (if there are any left that are not controlled by the Jew). Go on line – educate educate educate – first your self then others. Ignorance id your worst enemy. Do NOT tolerate ANY abuse from ANY Jew for ANY reason – PERIOD! They do not think like we do – and do not share ANY of the goodness or compassion we do.

The Jew fears TRUTH more than anything else He depend upon his wealth and lies to buy everything and everybody. Do not underestimate his evil influence. He has already bought most every President since Kennedy. He has bought all the media. He has bought almost all churches – yes – and that includes my own Catholic faith. Only an uninformed fool or dreamer in denial still believes that the Vatican is not run by the Jew today. Thousand and thousands of innocent people – many of them fellow Christians – in Palestine – ALL murdered by the sadistic Jew with OUR OWN TAX MONEY – AT CHRISTMAS – and the Pope says NOTHING!

DEMAND that the Jew filth on TV that is poisoning and perverting our children 24-7 – STOP! It could be done in 60 days if ONLY people would boycott ALL of the products that make the adds possible. A COMPLETE List of the offending adds could be compiled by just ONE person in a community in a few days in the evenings. Our Lord is called a “BASTARD” and His blessed Mother a “WHORE” on the JewTube. Do you care? Or are you so lazy that the Jew knows he can commit the most vile insult to our religion and our most sacred beliefs with IMPUNITY!

Just imagine a fraction of the time and energy and commitment that went into the tax/tea party project being funneled into crushing Jew filth dominating our Television content. A single nationwide boycotte for just 60 days in this economy would have these bastards begging to stop the boycott if they withdrew their adds from any Jew filth. JUST DO IT!

I will leave you with just one more little ugly truth – so you don’t even think about backsliding. I want you to promise to positively do the following. It will cost you about 4 or 5 bucks for the rental – but you will learn a lesson about the TRUE nature of the Jew that you will remember the rest of your life – and especially- the next time you ‘go to the streets’ for God and country.
I want you to rent a copy of each of the 2 following films. #1 ‘Fontaine – Why Am I Straight’ by Whoopi Goldberg —- and #2 ‘Comedy Central’s Roast Of William Shatner’ ( make sure it is marked as the extended and uncensored version – after all – censorship just isn’t American – right?). Then I want you to invite the whole family – kids and grandkids and grandma for an evening of comedy fun – Jew style. The Whoopi Goldberg one was on sale at the children’s film section of Walgreen’s Drug Store. I mean – hey – it was in the kid’s and Goldberg has been praised by Hollywood as nothing short of an American Treasure – and after all she had her own children’s show – ‘Tales From the Whoop’ – COOL!

The One on Shatner says: ” You won’t wanna miss it when the Shat hits the fan. Watch as he’s feted by comics and co-stars alike” Hey here’s another fun ‘comedy’ thing right? After all – he is Captain Kirk of Star Trek Fame and the idol, role model and hero of countless millions of youthful fans. What could be more American and apple pie good clean fun?

Promise that you will watch ALL of it from beginning to end. I promise you will not be bored and Grandma fall asleep. My whole family and I used to watch ‘comedy’ on TV when I was a teenager. Comedy is good for the soul – it make you laugh and feel good. I used to love to watch comedians – we all did.

When all the ‘fallout’ settles – I want you to re-read my post and see if you are now sufficiently energized to do something meaningful to rid this nation of a nasty disease called JEWS!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. God bless you, brother in Christ.
    Only a handful of us can shake our heads in agreement from the words you write. It’s so good to hear a brother who knows the nature of the beast.

    Cannot understand why so many of us are asleep to the fact they’re utterly perverse, capitalizing on our sins, deceiving us in every realm and are made to be destroyed.

    “The Jew fears TRUTH more than anything else” Great words

    Thank You

  2. Joe, you may be one of the last Americans and true Italians.

    I’m proud to have read your message.

    Shame that there are so few like you.

  3. Joe:

    I know some of the things I’m posting about the Jewish take over of the world
    might be common knowledge. But perhaps even if this is so it helps the honest man to have this information in front of his own eyes.

    As you know the Zionist plot to take over the world’s money is actually almost complete- and this power began long ago but the Jewish Banking family of Rothchild played a major role in the
    take over of European banking as well as the financing of most moajor Wars including WWI, and WWII.

    Here’s a video which might help people understand the power these Jewish bankers really have – and remember the
    “Royal” families of Europe are NOT white
    CHristians- but are actually Jews that are posing as Christians while they play out their schemes to steal the entire world’s money supply.

    The Rise of the Rothchilds:

  4. Here is one last video which really
    helps explain what Adolf Hitler and Mel Gibson knew- that the Rothchilds control the world’s banking system- and control the political movements of most Occidental nations for there own power and profit- it helps if you turn the volume down and just read the text- and this is a real eye opener for those who are unaware of the real Jewish history of this world:

  5. In our United States we have heard the idea of the separation of church and state put forth as a mantra so often that many have been duped into the notion that such an idea actually was part of the founding groundwork of these United States. We have come to see that in this obtuse idea, what we are actually being asked to accept is in fact a dictate, that no witness of faith in GOD, by whatever expression, be allowed to be exhibited by either word or deed in public, and especially wherever the politic is indicated to any degree. We are all for the most part citizens. We are all to some degree involved in the politic, if only in that we place our trash out to be collected by others who are paid through our taxes to render this service. However this idea has now been expanded to demand of us that our citizenship and our faith cannot and should not co-exist. We are fed this absurdity in the phrase “separation of church and state.” What our constitution does really say is that the government can neither be used to establish a particular religion, and also that it may not be used to infringe upon the free exercise of religion. We may ask ourselves from what context of historical events was such an idea spawned? If we would do so, we would find that it came by way of the idea that one must adhere to a given expression of faith to qualify for citizenship. That is the basic premise of the clause and can be proven by the second part of the statement, i.e. where in government is forbidden to trouble the waters of free expression being put forth in the words, “exercise thereof”. We all know this. Yet we have watched as our freedom of the “free exercise thereof” has been completely infringed upon by our government, and the decision and order to so do has been decreed and upheld by the judiciary. The effort to legislate GOD out of America is a document of record found in court decisions. We can be sure that whenever the expression of religion is infringed upon, that treason is at hand. We are in fact being asked to embrace the subtle concept that Godliness and America should be diametrically opposed. We must conclude that the original intent of the constitutional phrase was meant to secure freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. We may further follow the trail of these cases and by way of investigation we will come to see that the complaintant and the judiciary share a comnonallity. We will find that a Jew sponsored organization or a Jew sponsored and backed by such an organization has registered the complaint. We will also see that it was heard by a Jew or Jew influenced judiciary who then rendered the verdict. And we will find that the verdict was given in favor of the complaintant. They have, in essence, “complained” God out of America: as they also “complained” Our Lord Jesus Christ to death before Pilot. They are best describe as a nagging sore. A noisome pestilence. This is true world wide. At this juncture we may ask what is a nation? It is different than a country. Though the words have been used interchangedly at times such as in Lincolns Getteysberg address, a nation is usually meant as a group of people who have a common genesis. A country is a region of set geographic borders. There is upon the earth today a vast nation who find their Genesis in Christ Jesus. They are the Christian of the earth. This nation exists across the borders of geography and time. They are in fact, irregardless of factions within their numbers, ” one body ” and that, of Christ. We must see also that this body ” of Christ ” is greater than the geographic placement of any of it’s members. Of this we are assured in St. Paul’s letters. This unity of the body of Christ, has been declared an enemy by a mechanism which has, largely by finacial instrument progressively commandeered the seats of power in geographic countries throughout the world. Though the ” body of Christ” holds no man as an ‘enemy’ yet itself is attacked. We may rightly ask why . Our answer may come in that we hold as a truth the existence of a mallignant adversary to all that is right and good, who we call the devil and Satan. This one and his minions are our only enemy. And not so much as that we have opened hostilaties against it, But rather that the one who we follow, Our Lord Jesus Christ has defeated this usurper in God’s world through His death in our place and His resurrection as proof that our own resurrection will one day take place in a habitat void of the mallignant presence. This evil power that stands apart from and opposed to all that is Christian, has been, because of this position, been given the name of “anti-Christ”. His status is one of denial of Christ. Accordingly, with this must of necessity come denial of all that Christ represents; life, mercy, reconcilliation to God, truth, justice, and everything wholesome and good. We know that this ‘Spirit of Antichrist’ is in the world. And just as we are Christ’s embassador’s by way of our faith in Him and our holding forth those things that are right and good, so also does the wicked one have embassadors in the world and they are proven by their denial of Christ, and their holding forth all that is wicked and foul. One interesting fact that many have been blinded to , is that those who are named Moslems do believe in Christ. They also know that He is the Messiah. And their prophecy tells of His coming reign. That the prophet Mohamed has found place in their expression is the key factor of difference between their and our confession. This is, I feel, benign in any effort to see a great wedge between these two peoples. For in truth we, as Christians, have also believed in those prophetic revelations given to us through St. John, St.Paul, St. Peter, St. James, and St. Jude. For a fact you will never hear a Moslem blaspheme Our Lord Jesus Christ , or His Blessed Mother. There is only one body on this earth, united in purpose to oppose Jesus Christ. There is only one united Antichrist front. They are the Jews! If you study the United States Constitution word for word, you will see that the phrase “separation of Church and State” are not written in it.

  6. It seems to me that, if a person, or a collective group of people, had a propensity to mock things, and exercised this exhibition over and over, ad nausiatum, toward many different things outside it’s own limited stagnant perspective, others would in time, quite naturally, call such a person a ” mockie” and such a group ” mockies”.

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