These were the words spoken by our Lord – the Nazarene, Jesus – as he addressed the Jews who screamed for His death by crucifixion 2 millennia ago. Sadly – the 50 million war mongering Southern Baptist robotic lemmings in this nation will never hear AND learn these words of truth from the pulpits of their Jew infiltrated IsraHELL First ‘Synagogues Of Satan’. Why Did Christ condemn them with such specific damnation? Because they had become an arrogant stiff-necked – blasphemous and evil people, vipers – whose twisted demonic souls had convinced them that THEY were in fact gods themselves and had decided to make up ‘their own rules’. They had become lascivious, arrogant, worshipers of gold, power and greed – embracing lies, violence, deceit and cruelty to ALL of their non-Hebrew neighbors. So to them – the Commandments of God were to be damned- as the self-chosen considered themselves above such laws!.

Two thousand years later – nothing has changed. The Jew is still exactly the same creature he was. He has shown not an iota of repentance or regret for his loathsome perennial conduct of lies, deceit, murder, usury, cruelty, lasciviousness, cunning, evil, greed, pride and every sin imaginable to the dark side of humanity. The Jew still hates Christ and those who have kept His laws with a venomous diabolical hostility and detestation unparalleled in history.

Today – the Jew flourishes in his stolen land of IsraHELL – a fiendish nest of vipers, which can only be accurately described as the epicenter of hell on earth. If indeed the earth is ‘the Devil’s playground’ – then the capitol of the dominion of darkness can only be IsraHELL! I have spent enough time there to witness a level of malevolence unparalleled in human history.

Like a deadly plague – the Jew destroys everything he touches. He is especially adept in converting anything good and decent and wholesome and kind and clean and beautiful and loving – into pure abysmal filth. The Jew has brought down nations into the abyss of hell with his endless evil. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was the creation of the most destructive ideology in the history of man – having caused more destruction and more human misery and more violent death of non-combatants than any and all events natural and man-made in the history of the world!

Everyone who has ever lost a loved one to the horrors of world-wide Communism – having claimed thus far- over two hundred million murdered and ten times that number maimed and crippled – can thank the Jew. The Jew will no doubt find personal pride in the fact that he alone is responsible for this greatest mass murder of innocents in recorded history.

There is no crueler ethnicity than the Jew. The examples are legion and unending. ONLY the JEWS teach their children to rejoice in the agony of innocent helpless children being burned to death and blown to pieces as their children wrote messages of hate on 155mm artillery ordnance that ripped into the human flesh of terrified fleeing refugees in Lebanon – mostly children. For those ignorant ‘lemmings’ that still doubt these routine horrors – I have the photographs – taken by the Jews themselves.

Or perhaps the latest in ‘trendy’ Jew sadism. The latest rage in IsraHELL today is a T-shirt worn by Jew IDF (that acronym stands for IsraHELL Defense Force – which is the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization). That T-shirt shows a Palestinian woman – pregnant with her child, captured in the cross hairs of a sniper’s telescopic gun sight. The caption – which is the topic for much laughter and humor among the Jews – says: “ONE SHOT – TWO KILLS!” Would you like to see this typical sick Jew ‘ humor’? I will be glad to show it to you.

This sick depraved animalistic filth is TYPICAL JEW MENTALITY – I know – been there – seen that. There is NOTHING – absolutely NOTHING that is too depraved for a Jew – too unconscionably fetid and filthy – barbaric or blasphemous. This is the way that Jews think. How about this one – a typical incident that happens on a daily basis in IsraHELL.

Picture if you will – you are a Christian Palestinian – in YOUR home – on land that has been owned by your ancestors for almost one thousand five hundred years – or over one thousand two hundred years LONGER than the Unites States has been in existence!. Suddenly – armed violent raging drunken Jew thugs – criminals who wants to steal your home and kill your family screams out the following blasphemies – IN YOUR FACE – in front of your children and your wife! AND the govt. there doesn’t give a bloody rat’s ass what happens to the poor Palestinian owners. Anyone who tells you differently is a damned liar!

“ This is not your land – this is my house and my land. Fuck your fucking Jesus. We killed Jesus and we are PROUD of it! We crucified him and we will do it again. We killed Jesus and we will kill you too!” Just imagine this kind of terrorism happening in YOUR Neighborhood by drunken thugs and thieves who want o kill you – rape your daughters murder your family and steal your home. It happens there 24-7! You can see and hear this Jew filth for yourself – so that you will know THE TRUTH! Remember –I am only the ‘messenger’ here – and repeating what these filthy Jews said. This particular incident happened in Hebron. I was there also and witnessed these criminals involved in this kind of terrorism and WORSE!

Jews have all but totally ruined my country by their occupation – and you better damn well believe that we ARE OCCUPIED as much as the Palestinians are. I DEFY ANYONE to identify even ONE main aspect of American life that the Jew has not soiled with his demonic filth. He has turned America into a morally rotted corpse whose stench reaches into every nook and cranny pf American life today.

Our educational system is Jew dominated – our Congress is 100% obedient to ALL mandates from Tel Aviv – another 100 billion for IsraHELL – sure – why not – after all their welfare and their endless genocides are FAR more important than taking care of our own economically devastated nation. Holly-Jew-wood is always with us to crank out endless entertainment for our youth – glorifying and glamorizing violence, sex, adultery, homoerotic-perversion, infanticide, heavy metal mentality (ever notice that virtually EVERY commercial TV add – ‘specials’ – sports issue – ‘docudrama’ – is now ALWAYS accompanied by that disgusting heavy metal guitar noise?)

Or – do you parents care one iota about the endless Jew adds describing in detail to your innocent children how much more exciting sex is and how bigger your penis will get when you use these Jew products. This prurient trash only surfaced AFTER the JEW dominate TV.

And speaking of the TV – are you aware that virtually every major broadcast station is Jew owned? This is of course the reason that ALL the teachings of our fathers and forefathers and our once Christian churches are trashed 24-7 as the Jew ‘History’ channels and the Jew Discovery Channels and the Jew ‘Nat Geo’ Channel and the Jew Military Channel and the Jew Science Channel and the Jew MTV channels and the Jew Heavy Metal Channels and the Jew Biker and Tattoo Channels.

ALL Jew controlled – All Jew agendas and ALL aimed at turning your children against your will and into materialistic leftist baby-killing irresponsible drugged out satanic dumbed down arrogant mindless insensitive Godless putty brained useful idiots for the Jew agenda.

Our Lord is cruelly slandered regularly on the ‘Jew tube’ as a “bastard” and other terrible blasphemies while His blessed mother is called “a whore” – yet I have never heard the first word of outrage from my neighbors or the local newspapers – AND especially chilling is the silence from our churches – or should I say – Synagogues of Satan.

Sex and violence are the first love of the Jew. There is hardly ANY Jew produced special – movie – docudrama or even commercial that does not glorify and glamorize sex drugs and violence. There were NO parental ‘warnings’ about graphic violence and shocking scenes and lurid sex or things that would be considered distasteful of offensive or insulting language or repulsive scenes when I was young and watching NON-JEW OWNED TV with my family – NONE – PERIOD! Grandma could watch with us without fear that she would be grossed out by filthy Jew mentality. Today it is wall to wall violence – bloody cage fighting – police brutality – biker violence – gang violence – teen violence – civil violence – military violence ( but of course never any crimes by the IDF) – shocking car crash violence bar violence – courtroom violence – sports violence – racing death and gore animal attack gore and violence, unbelievably gross people doing unbelievably gross things farting shitting pissing – violence upon violence and death and gore and blood – and of course the for youth especially – ULTRA violent electronic fantasy and war games – and did I mention – LOTS AND LOTS OF VIOLENCE?

Or if you kids like to see young girls show off their sexuality on TV tune in to Candy Girls – or Girls Next door – or Girls Gone Wild. No need for underage kids to sneak into a strip joint- just turn ion the Jew tube!

I remember when our youth would be shocked by such horrors – but today – the are beginning to LOVE VIOLENCE. It is called conditioning. “Good morning class” – can anyone tell me why the Jews want our Americans in general and ESPECIALLY our youth in particular to not only be conditioned to a ‘diet’ extreme violence – BUT – to actually LOVE IT?” If you haven’t figured it out by now folks – it is too late and you have already become transformed into mindless robotic useful idiot lemmings – or should I use the more proper Jew term – “goyim” (‘CATTLE’).

Combine the endless exposure to violence with the validation and glamorizing of unmarried sex and illegal drugs like the critically acclaimed ‘Breaking Bad (critically acclaimed by Jews of course) and an endless list of Jew episodes like Nip and Tuck and just plain Jew filth like MANsers and dozens more. Wanna see motorcycle trash portrayed as role models – tune in American Chopper. You kids will love the language of the star – a troglodyte Neanderthal ape whose vocabulary is so profane that it must be ‘bleeped out’ on every other sentence. Lots of redeeming social value here. Want authentic demonic role models – simply tune in Metallica 24-7. Into the vice of greed? – no problem there are 2 Jew shows for the kids – ‘American Greed’ and ‘I Love Money’. Into gluttony? – hey there are several shows that make heroes out of human pigs while people allover the world starve to death – but hey – it is the Jew/American way. Still not satisfied with the Jew glamorization of gluttonous American pigs – tune in to Half Ton Teen – or One Ton Mom. Oh and for you kids embarrassed with experimenting with homosexual feelings – not to worry. There are now plenty of new Jew sex series showcasing male and female perverts as stars and role models to encourage you. And, with new ones weekly kids just wonder what all the fuss over sex and violence and drugs on TV is bout. I mean – all the car companies and all the insurance companies and all those famous brand name products and popular beers and all the other brand name we all love and trust seem to give their approval – so what’s the harm?

So much Jew sponsored sex violence and drugs – and so little time for all the exciting fun Jew shows. I mean – these new Jew shows are so much more exciting that those old-fashioned shows about family and morals and character and truth and fidelity and love and courage and compassion. Do modern parents care about the filth on TV today? Well of course they do and will tell you that they “don’t watch that crap”. Too bad they didn’t bother to tell their children WHY they won’t ‘watch that crap’ and WHY their kids mustn’t be watching ‘that crap’ either. Too busy making money and keeping up appearances I guess.

The Jew teaches us almost nightly on his demonic ‘Science channels’ and ‘History Channels’ that we are descendents of apes and evolved from “primordial ooze” – and that our ancestors were some sort of one celled ocean things called “spermatocites”. If I have witnessed these outrages – then millions of our children – certainly many from Christian homes with traditional religious instruction- have as well. So – where is the outrage? I have not heard so much as a whimper from ANYONE!

About the best kind of answer I can get from supposedly responsible caring parents, is something like this: “ OH – I won’t watch that crap” – stated almost with pride, as if I shouldn’t be watching it either. When I REMIND Them that THEIR impressionable still immature children DO watch ‘that crap’ and are very impressed by it – as these specials are done very professionally and very convincingly. I see lots of credentials and mostly British accents – but NEVER EVER anybody that ‘sounds like a Jew’ – very clever.

The kid’s friends ALSO watch these dazzling glitzy high tech ‘documentaries’ and since priests NEVER challenge the content – pastors or parents (too busy) – it begins to become factual. This then is the genesis of the reasoning which metastasizes itself in time and finally becomes the rationale to murder an unborn child – because – after all – ‘it’ is not really a human being – but simply an “unwanted inconvenient pregnancy or at best, a fetus”. The Jew has done his work well. From there – it is only a short jump to murdering a child in Iraq later on – OR indifference to mass murder of hundreds and thousands of children in Palestine – BY THE SAME JEWS who convinced him or her that we are only evolved spermatocites and there really isn’t a god and morality is relative – etc etc – bla bla.

Oh and of course endless Hollowhoax stories to maintain the guilt trip that the Jew has fabricated on endless lies so as to be assured of a limitless supply of cannon fodder to die on foreign soil for the security and greater glory of IsraHELL. The endless desensitizing of our children by making Jew created entertainment violence a daily part of their lives will (according to prominent child psychologists) will create an entire generation of youth ready to abort their unwanted babies and later in the military be prepared to murder other people’s children without the slightest remorse (as proven by the now alarmingly epidemic incidents of mindless sadistic rape and murders by YOUNG American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.)

You Jews are masters of ‘victimizing the victim’. You take your cowardly military into a defenseless neighbor’s country – steal the land – rape the women – murder the children – shoot the physicians – steal the water deny medical aid – starve the population – destroy the crops – torture civilians – defecate and urinate on their holy places and then blame THEM for your trouble. There are no words – eloquent or street language, adequate to describe the level of your cruel barbarism or cowardly conduct against the helpless – sick and defenseless. I didn’t just see this on Al Jazzera or read it in a magazine – I WAS THERE and know what you sadistic bastards have done firsthand!

In one fell swoop – the Jew has now created an army (LITERALLY) of robotic ‘goyim’ psychopathic killers to do their killing for them – AND somehow at the same time convince these delusional brain-dead morons that they are somehow doing something heroic and patriotic by murdering innocent civilians for the security of IsraHELL. To enhance this bombastic mendacity these imbeciles are taught – even by high official of our own government, to believe the ultimate farce that IsraHELL is actually some sort of ally of the United States.

Jews – our allies? What sick depraved joke! IsraHELL is America’s most DEADLY ENEMY. Even the Father of our Country – General – the President George Washington shared that sentiment – and if you readers would place more importance on relevant consequential actual historic events of your own nation than NFL nonsense – then my country would still be free and sovereign instead of a slave colony of IsraHELL. I remember well – the hoards of Jews at Communist rallies – at homosexual support events – at pro-infanticide conventions – at anti-Constitution assemblies – at anti-Christian gatherings – at anti-freedom/censorship of speech organizations- supporting kiddy-porn and pedophilia – at psycho-quackery agendas for the destruction of the minds of our youth with deadly psychotropic drugs (my own child such a victim) and every vice and filthy evil manner of conduct imaginable to man! BUT – I rarely saw ANY Jews in combat branch training or TO&E line units – and I PERSONALLY trained a LOT of young warriors nearly half a century ago where there were NO JEWS – PERIOD! They were too busy bedding down our wives and sisters while we were in uniform and I learned that FACT from these pusillanimous civilian draft-dodging Jews bragging about it to me themselves!.

Just look at the record of their IDF and let it speak for itself. The Jew excels in terrorizing and murdering old men women and their favorite easy no-risk targets – terrified helpless, defenseless children – fishermen in old wooden boats – farmers in the fields – shepherds with goat flocks- and of course the Jew favorite – using children for target practice. It takes a lot of guts to machinegun down a 5 year old child armed with a pebble in his hand. BEEN THERE WITNESSED THAT! ANYONE – who tell you differently is a DAMNED LIAR! You damn cowardly yellow-bellied Jews may be experts at terrifying a helpless child but you don’t frighten me. You just disgust me!

IsraHELL as matter of fact has threatened to use nuclear weapons against our country should we not assist them in their murderous genocidal agendas. IsraHELL is also the ONLY country – (BY PUREST LEGAL DEFINITION PROVABLE IN ANY COURT OF LAW) to have committed an act of WAR against the United States of America – since Pearl Harbor in 1941. But then – how many of you have even bothered to educate your children about the USS Liberty massacre – in which over two hundred American sons brothers and fathers were butchered by the Jews in a PURPOSEFUL ACT OF WAR AGAINST AMERICA? If you didn’t know – look it up.

I want my country and the goodness and freedoms we once enjoyed back! I want you Jews to LEAVE my country and go screw up somebody else stupid enough to allow your ilk to live among decent people. You are a disease – a plague – a deadly pestilence. As a patriot – a veteran – a father, and a man who was raised in a Christian nation I hardly recognize today – I am disgusted, seeing my beloved country ruined by Jew greed, filth and lies.

Because of you I no longer see the goodness that used to be America. You have poisoned the souls of my countrymen as you have done to all people who have taken you in as brothers only to be betrayed by your deceit and lies. You are not fit to live among decent people and that is the EXACT reason you have no country and have had to resort to lies and deception chicanery and fraud to STEAL another people’s land from them by force. You will be despised and hated by decent men no matter where you go ONLY because you are insidiously intrinsically evil people with your black hearts.

I know you well from a lifetime of being a victim of you pernicious filth and evil. I may not witness it in my lifetime but if there is any spirit of what America and Americans used to be – left – that you have not destroyed – you will not be welcome here EVER again. You are the ONLY ethnicity on earth – at least to my knowledge whose very nature is the quintessential essence of evil. I have seen that all men have the capacity to be evil but it is not the essence of their nature – only a weakness for which vigilance and conscience reminds them of their ‘humanity’.

You Jews – on the other hand – have no conscience –no compassion – any humility – only the capacity for evil, greed, avarice, deception and hate. I predict that one day – even your great wealth will not be able to save you from the universal wrath of an informed mankind. On that ‘day’ you will know the full force of justice and truth and you will pay in full a debt to mankind, which has long been overdue. The consequences of your millennia of evil conduct and the untold misery you have caused among nations will come down upon you in a firestorm of righteousness which will insure that your ilk will NEVER ever again be able to cause the suffering to innocents and sins against God to which you have been historically linked since the time of Christ. Woe unto you evil Jews -as your time of reckoning will be soon at hand!

You have long ago damned yourselves as a people. You have had millennia to repent and become decent people in the society of men – but you never have and you never will simply because you are the essence of evil and always have been – and so – despised by all decent mankind. Look into the mirror – and witness the TRUTH which you fear and will ultimately destroy you! The day that the truth and justice triumphs over your lies and crimes – you will be no more and millions will rejoice!

ALL of our ‘non primary’ presidential candidates are dedicated Zionists whose loyalties are to IsraHELL first and foremost – the best Jew puppets money can buy – LITERALLY! McCain – Palin – Obama- and Joe the Jew Biden are ALL loyal IsraHELL ‘Firsters.’ This election was a sick joke and a win-win situation for the Jews and a lose-lose situation for we spineless lemmings, Christian/Zionists and other useful idiots who sold our country out to IsraHELL. But-the TRUTH will soon expose all of this and you will ALL pay the price of an eternity in hell – for an eternity of evil.

To my fellow countrymen I issue a grave warning. You well know that you cannot serve two masters – yet you continue to do so. You cannot serve The Lord and the Devil at the same time. The reference is not only Biblical but is a truism of human nature. You must decide NOW whether you will serve the Lord and obey His laws, OR to serve our current earthly Jew masters who dominate the land we live in. The devil’s earthly domain is IsraHELL and his sons are the Jews as Christ so stated.

Either Christ is a liar and a fraud as our Jew masters who ‘BOUGHT’ our President – past and present – have stated – OR we must elect to side with Christ and expel the devil and his disciples – the Jews and their demonic false prophets. You are pretending to serve the Lord – but eagerly serve the Jew sons of the Devil in IsraHELL.




My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

8 thoughts on ““YE ARE OF YOUR FATHER, THE DEVIL…”

  1. Joe,

    Have faith — there are some us out here that know whats going on. Our enemies have overdone it now, they have hurt the herd so bad by the economic, moral and environmental destruction they have raught that even many of the brain dead cattle amoung us are starting to see that something is wrong. Due to the fact they control all of the media, getting the truth out there is very difficult, they have made anti-semitism an illegal act now in many areas.

    Most of us reading this websit know the problem, we need to focus on awakening others, Also, why not starve of enemies? They have used famine against us many times, I suggest a famine being used against them. The famine? Stop sending the fuckers ANY money!! Stop paying interest usary credit card payments, stop supporting there companies (like Home Depot, Israel Owned), stop gambling,stop lottery tickets,stop porn,stop taking needless drugs, everything that is vile, evil and corrupt is owned by them. Its time to get a fucking grip people!!!! USE CASH!! BUY AMERICAN MADE WEAPONS!! GROW A GARDEN!!STOP WATCHING JEWTUBE!! THROW THE PIECE OF SHIT TV IN THE TRASH!!!!READ PROVERBS!!GO OUTSIDE!!HUNT, FISH, LIVE LIKE A MAN FOR GODS SAKE!!!IF you don’t change your behavior, you might as well not have children and tell your children not to breed!If things continue as they are this world will be not worth living on!!

  2. There’s nothing in this post that is in any way an exaggeration or in any way unwarranted.

    The Jews are not rational creatures, they’re demonic and seven times more so now than they were before they killed Christ!

    I think your readers should check out this video …


  3. My name is Stephen E Dalton. I’m the descendant of a Crypto-Jew family that settled in the American Midwest in the 1830’s. I only discoved my family’s true origin about a decade ago. I was always told we were Scot-Irish. I found out we were Sephardim Scot-Irish. In researching my family’s history, I discovered that the stories that Jews tell the Goyim about themselves are lies that cover up the truth about who they really are and what they are really up to. You can only discover the truth about them by reading the Bible without preconcieved bias, reading books and articles written by Jews for Jews, and by watching their behaviour over a period of time. Pay no attention to their ‘persecution’ stories as to why they’re soooo ‘mistreated’. Look at their real history, their actual behaviour, and what their traditional religious code, the Talmud, teaches to understand the real story behind their endless trails and tribulations. They brought it down on their own heads!

  4. We all talk alot about who is evil in this world — blah blah blah, but we sit on our fat asses at the computer and do NOTHING. If you are a cowardly little chickenshit and wonder what you can do, let me make a suggestion. If your on this website, you know who is destroying our planet. What can you do thats legal you say? BOYCOTT ISRAEL BUSINESSES!!! THEY HAVE THIER HANDS IN EVERYTHING!!GO TO THIS WEBSITE TO FIND SOME OF THE MANY COMPANIES THEY OWN AND STOP USING THIER GARBAGE PRODUCTS !!! http://www.inminds.co.uk/boycott-brands.html

  5. My goodness! Awakened Lone Wolf, you certainly aren’t concerned with offending the general public at large with that language. 🙂

    I can’t believe that this “Zionists rule all by our own design” is entirely without merit but, on the other hand, where were all these angered voices at BEFORE all this happened. The website to boycott brands had brands listed on there that started over 100 years ago. But, now that Jewish people have taken over our consumer based needs, we’ve got the gall to be shocked. It’s ridiculous and we look a little more than ridiculous at raging against it. They were quiet in building their American empire that they now take pride in and now, those who rage against them should be stealth in concentration of how that empire can be removed.

    Chip away at the mountain and the mountain WILL eventually fall.

    It’s not just the Jewish people that are creating this large debate. Don’t forget that the Chinese and Japanese products are created primarily for America because the “American fat cats” buy them even though the companies that create these products have their workers piled 6 to a room that’s smaller than the average bathroom in an American home.

    America has unions and a government hand on the minimum wage. The rest of the planet has a grudge but, they know we’ll toss them some of those (even minimum wage) dollars buying stuff we don’t need but want because someone convinced us we needed it. Who is that dastardly villan that convinced us we needed it? WE DID. Why? Because someone else had it before we did and Americans as a rule are a jealous people who have to have the bigger and better.

    I don’t know about you but I for one am tired of this whole Islamic-American or African-American or BFE-American nonsense. It should be American. No dots or dashes before it. If they are so proud of their country that they want to put it before America, let them go BACK!

  6. To “Mercy Mercy”

    You sound like a brain-dead Lemming!
    Joe Cortina posts an article that should wake up a Mummy; and it seems to have had no effect on you whatsoever!

    I agree with you, Mercy–let’s drop that nonsense, and keep our attention on THE ENEMY!

    I’m not a Christian, but in case you are; Jesus did not tell the Africans, Arabs or Mexicans that they were Children of the Devil; He said that to the JEWS!

    The Jews want us to keep our eyes on the “Niggers”, the “Wet backs”, the “Camel Jockeys”, the “Gooks”; Anything but the JEWS!

    The Jews are the excrement of Humanity, and Humanity is pounding on the bathroom door, ready to have a bowel movement!

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