The St Petersburg Times can best be described as the best pro-Communist mullet wrapper money can buy. There is probably not one person in this area of 60 years of age or over, who does not remember the St. Pteresburg Times being called the St Pete Pravda because of their shameless support of all leftist agendas. They are also pro-Zionist – BIG TIME. The seedy people who are associated with them are the enemies of ALL decent American patriots – ESPECIALLY if you are Christian. Their leadership is anti-American to the degree that former management were even members of the Communist Party. You have done your part like good little Socialists to erode the spirit of America from the inside – which is what you people do best. I can’t speak for other veterans of my era – but living next to a leftist newspaper in a country which has had over a million sons Butchered and killed by ‘leftists’ in two wars of past wars – just plain pisses me off!


A perfect example of your treasonous mentality was your predictably slavish support for ‘Barky’ Obama whom you deemed our best choice to become the ‘Conscience Of the Nation’. This man cannot even prove that he is an American citizen – for God sake! His loyalties are 100% to the only nation, which – aside from Japan – has committed an ACT OF WAR against the American people (go to the USS LIBERTY massacre website) . He is a ‘devout’ atheist in charge of a Christian nation whose treason against the American people knows no bounds. He has never served in the defense of this country. He has absolutely no qualifications – ESPECIALLY moral ones – to command my destiny or that of my children or my grandchildren. His leftist mentality from parental influence and other sources is common knowledge – so do please do not claim ignorance.


Unlike Ron Paul – whose life was dedicated to saving and nurturuing human life – this man’s best known legislations were for KILLING INNOCENT HUMAN LIFE! Your choice for our President is a man whose capability for raw Godless immoral cruelty has no limits –or did you bother to inform your readers that he proudly supported legislation to kill any innocent child who might miraculously survive being murdered by an abortionist (a PAID killer of innocent helpless defenseless HUMANS)? He is a man without scruples or conscience whose political beliefs are the same as those of the people whom I risked my life in uniform many years ago – to protect us against. THEY WERE CALLED COMMUNISTS!


He is a man whose loyalties belong heart and soul (if he has one) to IsraHELL. His cabinet is comprised of almost 100% people whose loyalties to America are second – if even at all. Check out this site and see for your self the evidence of his treason – and PROOF that he is a mere puppet OWNED by foreign nationals who are our mortal enemies! Open this site and see for yourself the extent of his treason against America ===


Taxes will increase – Federal spending will soar – our Supreme Court will become a nest of Godless Zionists/Socialists – what is left of our rights will be eroded – the endless wars for IsraHELL will break the backs of what is left of the middle class – our right to defend ourselves an our families WILL be suspended – our educational system standards will sink to new depths – we will become a nation of morons who must outsource every technical service imaginable due to ‘brain drain’ (an ‘Ebonics’ mentality work force cannot sustain technical advancement) – and he WILL insure that REAL Christian tradition will be reduced to a memory in this once great nation.


We WILL become the most despised and hated people one the face of the earth – or at best – become the laughing stock of the world as our ‘cultural diversity’ (read: – gang bangers – homo perverts – rappers – useful idiots – welfare queens – soup lines – unemployment – foreclosures – out of control inflation – spiraling medical expenses – failed business – epidemic corruption in banking and government – ALL come together as we collapse like a house of cards. – into something indistinguishable from what we arrogantly termed – “third world countries” – thanks to our own ignorance apathy greed and hypocrisy


Good choice ‘Pravda’ – Lenin Marx would be proud. OH – there WILL be “change” all right – which is about all that will be left in your pocket, from your paycheck after 4 years of this spineless duplicitous imposter. The novelty of having a Jew loyal amoral atheist Socialist Negro boss will wear thin VERY soon even with Negroes who supported him.


But your insults to humanity and decency doesn’t stop there – does it comrades? You recently published one of the most disingenuous disinformative pieces of propaganda for your IsraHELL masters that I have read in some time. Remember – the Jews invented – sustained – fought for – legislated – financed and enforced the murderous legacy of the most deadly ideology in the history of mankind. These Jew inspired ‘isms’ – all of the same lineage have been responsible for more destruction – more misery – more death that ALL of the wars – plagues –and natural disasters on earth in the past century. Since Communism doesn’t seem to be as attractive as it was in the 60s – the Jew ‘leopard’ has now miraculously changed his spots and become the ‘neo-con’ – or Zionist variety of Godless communism. Are you listening, Obama – with your Zionist agenda for America?


That cruel horrible piece of Zionist (the ultimate Jew version of Communism) propaganda was titled “HOPE TO MISERY”. It essentially was a story of the ‘hope’ of the IsraHELL Jews for the continued endless ‘misery’ of their victims in Palestine – mores specifically Gaza. The Jews recently sadistically and viciously murdered some 1500 helpless defenseless innocent civilians – a third of who were children as well as over fifteen thousand more horribly injured. These sadistic Jews rained death down on hospitals – mosques – ambulances – schools and shelters PURPOSEFULLY – as witnessed by countless UN and other observers. The weapons used were the most horrible type of killing tools ever created by the mind of men. Aside from huge bombs and rockets of every size – were demonic devices called cookie cutter bombs and WP (white phosphorous which burns through flesh and bone causing agony beyond description. Remember – these were all terrified civilians – mostly women children elderly and people in hospitals.


If this is not an act of terrorism – I can’t imagine what is – and I have hunted REAL terrorists internationally. NONE of these horrors were brought out in the one sided, pro- IsraHELL diatribe. It was one of the most shameless false depictions of the true plight of the defenseless Palestinians I have ever read. You see – I also happen to be one of only a handful of Americans who have been inside Gaza with the international intelligence community and witnessed some of the most disgusting barbaric conduct imaginable to man –including the cold-blooded murder of helpless children – shot for target practice like digs in the street by the ‘brave’ armed to the teeth military of the IDF – which is in reality – the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization – and I KNOW how terrorists operate – having hunted and interrogated them.


Here is a SMALL list of just some of the barbaric sadistic outrages that are committed daily by the Jews – many of which I have personally witnessed – all of which scream to heaven for exposure and justice and the St. Pete Times does NOT want the American public to know.


No mention that children are murdered by the Jew military there DAILY for sport and target practice.

No mention that The IDF treats defenseless helpless – the aged – women and children with horrible dehumanizing conduct as matter of policy

No mention that the IDF routinely desecrates churched and Mosques including defecating and urinating on holy books.

No mention that the IDF will purposely target ambulances and hospitals and murder physicians trying to aid the injured.

No mention that Jews who were living on STOLEN land in STOLEN homes were documented partying and celebrating the gruesome deaths of the children.

No mention that Jew settlers ( land thieves) routinely threaten Christian and Moslem home owners with death and destruction.

No mention that 10 -15% of the civilians murdered there on a daily basis in cold blood – are Christian.

No mention that Christian Gazans are routinely subjected to insults and blaspheming by ‘settlers’ – for example “We killed your fucking Christ and will kill Him again”

No mention that Gazan fishermen are routinely attacked by IDF gunships and have been killed and boats rammed for no cause.

No mention that Gazan farmers tending their fields are routinely shot by IDF snipers just for ‘fun’.

No mention that UN witnesses have reported IDF soldiers crushing the skulls of newborn Gazans in nurseries – JUST FOR FUN!

No mention that unarmed civilian relief boats with Red Cross and humanitarian workers with medical supplies have been attacked by the IDF NAVY

No mention that the IDF shot bereaved parents trying to retrieved the bodies of their murdered children – so dogs would not eat them ( witnessed)



I challenged the objectivity of this lopsided story directly to the ‘Pravda’ staff writer Susan Taylor Martin. Not surprisingly – neither she – nor anyone else at ‘Pravda’, has not had the courtesy or integrity to respond. Perhaps her Jew masters forbid it. Susan – if you have an ounce of integrity in your being – there is a wealth of verified documented evidence of the war crimes of the Jews that I can provide you with – so as to tell the public the TRUTH of what is REALLY happening there – but of course that will never happen – because your paper is not and never has been interested in TRUTH – just leftist and Zionist propaganda.


I challenge you to a fair debate to expose your lies anyplace where there will be unbiased coverage by REAL Americans who still honor TRUE Christian morals and scruples. What you and your associates there are doing – is serving the cause of evil – promoting more death and misery to innocent people and securing the suspension of TRUE TRADITIONAL free press and promoting the censorship of THE TRUTH. Your conduct is not only ‘un-American’ – it is ANTI-AMERICAN I will fight to my last breath to keep the spark of truth – justice and freedom alive and secure from the likes of you who would stifle and suppress it. If any reader who is subscribing to this Godless tool for evil, considers him or herself a real Christian or a decent person or true Patriot or caring loving parent – for God sake – drop it – IMMEDIATELY!


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.



  1. wow, i found this page through is this the first time that you have been featured on i don’t agree with everything that you say, but i do agree that good writers like yourself need to be online expressing their freedom of speech.

    thank you.

  2. you write the Truth. If possible read the Book of Douglas Reed . Hoff. provided it on the real jews news.
    I know that a lot of Germans don`t like the USA any more because of all this .
    We are still under Controll of the USA.
    We still have the Occupations Clause/Act in our so called Constitution. When we got unificated with the East the US Jews forced us to pay more Money to them and to Israel.
    Keep in Mind Germanys Actions are not free. When the US Embassy reopened here at the Brandenburg Gate last Year I went there to protest against the Occupying Clause/Act and Enemy Clause(Act at the UNO for us. Met US People who were angry about me. Do you speak Hebrew or Russian they asked me. Perhaps they were from the CIA or Jews. We argued about the Wars for a while and they were really angry that a german Woman knows History , the real History.They told me you all want that we are doing the Worldpolice for you. Was able to unmask it.
    You have to fight hard to survive the communistic NWO , maybe we too in Europe.In Germany a Newspaper survived like your Pravda. it was ths the DDR Neues Deutschland, the Communistic Party Organ. The most of us knew it and all of us in Berlin. Maybe it is sponsored by the same communistic Jews.
    Went on different Peace Demonstrations here. Found myself surrounded by Communistic Flags. Had to asked the Police were are the others. Communism stands for Terror. They deny it.
    Hope you can keep up your good christian Work and patriotic for Years. We Germans are not allowed to do so.
    We get allways named Neo-Nazis if we show signs of Patriotismus

  3. I think the sheeple in this country are
    finally waking up from their long slumber. It’s patriots like yourself which make me believe there is still hope for this once great nation. Well Done Sir. A fine article.

  4. Give ’em HELL, Joe! I agree with you 100%… we are “led” to the slaughter by a “President” from Hell who slavishly bows to that “shitty little country”, ISRAHELL!!

    IsraHell MUST BE DESTROYED, or there will NEVER be peace on this planet. Our planet. Our ONLY planet.

  5. Thanks Joe for another view of the current situation in America. A majority of citizens don’t understand how grave this situation is, and just how decieved America is. I just hope that people will some how wake up, but in my opinion it is too late. The illuminati has the upper hand, and the coming train wreck will be devastating.

  6. Great post Joe. Hopefully there is resistance within the military,
    people who know the score.
    The best we can hope for now is a civil war. I’m Christ and truth.
    Israel makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. Greetings Joe,
    Have read alot of your work – Thanks!
    As I watch this country purposely being destroyed by EVIL forces and the Sheeple fast asleep, or watching American Idol,I’m curious as to what proficient, knowledgeable writers hope to achieve?
    I share your views on many fronts but am becoming bewildered at the leaps being made by EVIL forces w/NO repurcussions at all.
    With all due respect Mr. Cortina, It is going to take way more to stop this EVIL.
    I suggest we meet them on the same terms they offer the world.
    That would be the use of OVERWHELMING FORCE.
    Until then, look for them to increase their destruction of the world at their level
    All this knowledge and blogs is useless.

  8. Well said, Mr. Cortina;

    It is sad that this letter will be disputed for its truth by people in deep denial about REAL Issues that need brought out in the open in America.

    You will discover, that most People do NOT find Honesty “refreshing,” much less Truth.

    Take Care

  9. I salute you for your endeavor to bring forward truth which is a commodity in short supply. Treason seems to be the rule of law in this upside down bizzaro world. Our leadership is so corrupt that nothing can save their souls. Their lies flow so easily from their scripted diatribes they foist upon us that they all deserve an oscar for their acting abilities. They have sold their souls to Lucifer in exchange for power and money. The Zionist nation of Israhell, having their fingers in all the pies of the world have subverted their souls with campaign monies which the American people give to them for their support. Hundreds of millions of dollars are given to our leaders as political contributions right out of the monies given them by us. Our leaders make sure this merry go round of money does not stop. They have adopted the Jewish God, Yahweh aka Lucifer who has promised these missguided souls Godhood. The Masons believe this also.

    As a veteran I have experienced first hand the brainwashing meted out by our military leaders who are controlled by politics to further their careers. All branches have been infiltrated by these zionist scum and the only thing that can set us free is, truth. I thank you for your endeavors to awaken America to its plight. God bless you.

  10. Hear Hear.
    Sadly, our ideals are now a minority in America. Our specific knowledge and concern is part of an even smaller minority.
    As the demographics are incontrolvertably altered, and the disease of misinformation and societal dependency on the Government blossoms beyond repair, there is little left but for those of us in like minds to separate ourselves from this consuming atrocity.
    How ? Disobedience or Emigration.
    If we don’t get organized and disobey, we are slaves. If we leave, I don’t believe we are cowards.
    How can we change the “minds” of this population ? It’s time to stop trying.

  11. I UN-subscribed to the Pravda West years ago, after realizing what a propaganda rag it was.

    Now I just get the real news via shortwave radio.

  12. Thanks for sharing what you know. I’m concerned most Americans just don’t know how infested we are, but will soon.

    I’ll keep sharing the truth, and thank you for the same.

  13. Joe — a very few of us today are informed and we are called a “threat” because we will expose “the machine” for what it is. I read all the websites, I have the facts, we are informed, we are Christians and as of yet we do nothing but write to each other. Action speaks louder than words, as our world is being destroyed, it is time to halt the destruction.

    Goodness knows all the intellects want to praddle on about airey fairey – pie in the sky – equal rights horseshit, we are talking about an enemy that crushes beautiful babies skulls!!These “things” satanist, jews, zionist’s, whatever the f**k you want to call them are a parasite or a cancer which destroys all in its path. Writing about it may do a little but it does not stop what they do. Action speaks louder than words……

  14. Joe:

    Everything you have written is accurate
    and filled with undiluted truth.

    I wanted to say also that you have written
    this truth with great skill and clarity.

    I understand these things on a subconscious level but do not possess the writing facility that you have.

    Yes Obama is a member of Zionist Freemasonry- and the Jew banking pigs backed him all the way into the White House. The general populace of America might wonder why when new Presidents come into the White House nothing really changes.

    The real truth is that both the Republican and Democratic parties have long since been hijacked by the Zionist bankers- the sad truth is the each party
    fronts a platform which to the untrained public appears to be different- but in truth is actually just another version
    of Zionist Freemasonry.

    George W. Bush and Barak Obama my appear
    to be of different parties- but they
    are both card-carrying members of Illuminati-Freemasonry and therefore their
    adgenda of destruction is actually identical though in the media they pose themselves in different “clothing.”

    Obama is the “Doomsday” President -with his evil Zionist backed Corporate political machine he will usher in the “End of Days” and he will be instrumental in turning the World’s nations completely against the U.S.

    Obama will in sure that our U.S. defences
    are “worn down” such that invasion and terrorism are even far more easily accomplished that in George W. Bush’s reigh of Zionist terror.

    My personal belief is that the U.S. is
    “finished” and the Kikes have already completely infested us with their Cockroach trash culture to a degree which is most likely irreversable.

    Nowadays when you vote in America you are placing a vote for a Kike infested Government – this is also true of almost every Kike infested country in the Occidental world.

    It’s also important to remember that
    Joseph Stalin was also a Jew. In fact
    a murdering Jew bastard. The Stalinist government was actually a Jew infested
    organization which served to eliminate
    any and all Aryan people who were living in Russia.

    The Stalinist regime was the culmination
    of the Bolshevik ( Jew) revolution.
    It’s important for the world to know that
    Bolsheviks were actually Kikes who were
    criminals the revolted against a semi-Gentile Government- and Kikes can’t stand to do real work so they simply rebel and infest all the world’s nations.

    During college I studied Russian as a foreign language- and the went to Moscow University to further my studies. This was in the 1980’s. What I found was that on many levels the Russian nation had long since been hijacked by Kike scum.

    The Russian Oligarchs of the 1990’s were all Jewish scum who seized the Russian financial system so they could become filthy rich pigs- thereby they could now finance their lavish sex parties wherein young children are raped by fat disgusting
    Kikes who believe they are above the laws of God.

    I have much more invective to post later.

    Heil Heil Himmler!

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