Since we now have our first ‘Afro- merkan’ President – lets take a look at who he is – what he believes and what kind of people support him and of course- those very ‘special contributions’ by Negro Americans for the betterment of our future – as if we would still be in the dark ages without the priceless contribution of the Negro to our heritage and rise to our (albeit former) greatness, world admiration and respect.

First lets take a look at what Obama has in store for HIS version of America. Are his loyalties first and foremost to THE US of A? Not hardly – as he has indicated VERY clearly from day one that he is the classic sock puppet bought, paid for and owned by IsraHELL – and has sworn to insure that their Zionist stranglehold on America’s economy, churches and morals continue – business as usual.

We will of course see more endless serial wars where American sons are killed for the greater glory of IsraHELL and the greed of American Jewry. As usual – not a drop of precious Jew blood will spill as the insane mindless carnage continues and the image of America degenerates into the most hated war criminals on the face of the earth – and rightfully so!

We will continue to murder innocent civilians all around the world in continuance of our previous sock-puppet war criminal – Bush. The economic chaos has been guaranteed to decimate what is left of our once thriving middle class as atheist child killer Socialist/Marxist ideologue Obama continues to drag us down into the pits of hell morally and economically.

We have elected a man who has not an ounce of integrity in his whole being. Our masters in TelAviv are pleased = Holly-Jew-wood is pleased = the perverts, child molesters. Abortionists, destroyers of the Constitution, free speech – right to bear arms and defend our families, and in general ALL the decedent leftist Christ hating detritus of societal trash are ecstatic – but most especially – the Jews!

They are the ONLY ‘winners’ in this disgraceful victory of evil – but then – that is what they do best – ruin civilizations – foment war and destruction and turn ANYTHING wholesome – decent – clean – truthful and honorable into 100% putrid sordid decadent filth – the natural environment of the Jew since time in memoriam. There is historically not a place on earth ever in recorded history where the Jew has assimilated into the culture, which has accepted him into their fold.

Obama has learned well from his Godless masters. To give you some idea of the extent of the evil that this Negro is capable of – consider this ugly fact of his typically evil personality. This monster actually FOUGHT to insure legislation that would have prevented the life of a human child – the most innocent and defenseless of all God’s creations – form being spared in the event that the child had miraculously survived being murdered by an abortionist (by definition – a PAID assassin of children). As the child laid there helpless and gasping for life – this black monster said – NO! WE MUST MURDER THE CHILD! Are you getting the picture yet? Just go to this link and see for yourself what kind of sadistic animalistic black filth we have released on our society. Go to = and read it for yourself.

Obama’s most well known sound bite is this: “All dreams are possible in America” Now isn’t that just so special. Oh REALLY Mr. Obama? How about this MUCH more honest statement:

“All dreams are possible in America – but ONLY for those to whom I – Barky Obama – deem fit to grant life. If you survive an abortion – you die anyway – in my NEW Obama-nation- as I am NOW- GOD!” What a piece of crap!

So – now is there ANY reason for ANY decent human being to support this monster Godless Zionist treasonous Marxist monster? What kind of filth would actually go out of their way to help such an evil man? One look at the blacks who fawned over him as if he were a god will give you some idea of the level of EITHER their EVIL or THER STUPIDITY! There is NO other reason. Their comments were replete with their moronic Ebonics mentality –deese- dat- dem- dose – and to ‘ax’ what ‘dey’ would get ‘dat’ ‘dey’ ‘was’ entitled to. As always – they will support the Devil if he promises an ‘entitlement’ handout.

ONLY in the US do Negroes exhibit such ignorance and illiteracy with such pride. Hold a conversation with a black man in Brussels or Paris or London – as I have – and you will almost always hear an articulate educated man speaking – YET – we spend TEN TIMES more on our failed so-called educational system. Have you figured it out yet – or are you too dumbed down to connect a few dots?

So what kind of white American would support a man – a racist black – hell bent on the destruction of our heritage? Look at the white Pinellas Park Fl. man who is mocking God with a billboard which says (ONE NATION UNDER OBAMA) in mockery of our national motto of “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” I just can’t make this stuff up – so check it out for yourself on the net.

So what kind of man would openly mock the Lord and worship a demonic piece of crap like Obama? No big surprise here. They are ideological soul mates. He is an ‘in-your-face’ Christ mocking Jew who runs a porn store and uses constant public obscenity and vulgar profanity. What a great role model for our children! Is THIS they kind of filth that the Founding Fathers had in mind when they risked their fortunes and their lives to secure the blessings of God upon our fledgling nation for future generations?

So much for our ‘Conscience Of The Nation’ imperial Zionist puppet leader. Lets take a look at the contributions of ‘black people’ to the American dream. In fairness – there have been Negroes in this country who were true role models – decent Godly men and women who were givers instead of takers – BUT there numbers are so few as to really give credibility to their race. More importantly – these men – true icons of their time and deserving of accolades and praise from ALL Americans – were actually mocked by their OWN race. Other Negroes who weren’t fit to shine their shoes instead mocked them as ‘Uncle Toms’ and ‘sell outs’.

You will never see these great people heralded for their selfless courage and inner goodness – WHY? Simple – the average American Negro does NOT want to have heroes who are decent, moral, courageous, Godly, truthful, educated, articulate, modest and selfless contributors. They want VIOLENCE – tribalism – Ebonics – raunchy – treasonous – leftist – hypocrite – Godless child killers – perverts – terrorists – arrogant – racist – hypocrites who will promote their ‘entitlements’ and bizarre racism like ‘affirmative action’. Want proof?

I got a real life education during a visit to my son’s ‘middle school in Atlanta years ago. There was a long hall with a permanent panoramic mural of Negro ‘heroes’ to remind black youth there what kind of role models they should worship. Not one white in the entire bunch (mmnn – could that be racist?) There were no decent moral black models like Rosie Greer – or George Washington Carver – or Joe Lewis.

There was however a rogues gallery of some of the most putrid Negro filth on earth. Martin Lucifer King – a PROVEN – whoremonger – Communist – thief – liar – adulterer – draft dodger – traitor – just for openers. Then there was Maya Angelou – a whore – wicken and porn writer = Nelson Mandela – a Marxist – terrorist – murderer = Desmond Tutu – Marxist – terrorist – blasphemer = Rosa Parks – communist = Paul Robeson – communist = W.E.B. Dubois – Marxist = Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall – Communist and to many more evil blacks to recall. Talk about a double standard! If all of those scumbags had been whites responsible for the same putrid conduct – there would have been howls to reach the heavens!

Without doubt – filthy language – vulgarity in public – obscene behavior and a willingness to feed at the public trough on the premise of “Ah’s entitled” are the American Negro’s greatest contributions to ‘history’. The level of shock filth they will deliver in public rates the popularity of Black comedians today. No parent in their right mind would EVER allow their teen children to view ANY modern ‘black’ entertainer on the Jew owned comedy channel. Negro crime? – Are you kidding? The State and federal law enforcement agency statistics provide PLENTY of WELL documented FACTS regarding Negro crime – so before I hear the predictable racist bullshit and alligator tears from the Jews – or howls from the black peanut gallery – go tell it to the DLEs of every State.

Here is just a VERY SMALL sampling of what Obama will turn the other way in the 4 to excuse and or ignore soaring black crime rates. You people want respect of white communities? Then how about stop idolizing profanity – filthy conduct and black scum like Eddie Murphy and Whoopi Goldberg who have become super wealthy from a life of filthy conduct! BTW – Goldberg’s outrages of blasphemy include her suggestion that The Holy Bible is best used for toilet paper. Can you even imagine a white non-Jew comedian getting away with that and still get accolades for mocking Christ at the tinsel-town Academy awards?

Here are some reliable stats [“Paved with Good Intentions”- Jared Taylor

and “Right From the Beginning” – Pat Buchanan] on American Negro violence that will sends chills down your spine – regardless of what decent person reads them. Keep this in mind these stats are already dated and the newest figures are substantially more shocking!

This information is well-documented demographics and Dept. of Law Enforcement statistics from various state and nationally agencies. Read it and just let it sink in for a moment. Then you will realize that these immensely disprortionate number of violent crimes are being committed by only about 7% of our total population – young Negro males.

60% of people killed by police are NEGROS

58% of ALL arrests for weapons violations are NEGROS

64% of all arrests for VIOLENT crimes are NEGROES

73% of all “justified self-defense” killings are committed by NEGROES

61% of ALL NEGROES are armed with some type of weapon at all times

98% of all’yuths’ arrested for gun fights in Atlanta are – YUP- NEGROES!

NEGROES commit 800% more assaults than WHITES!

NEGROES commit 900% more rapes than WHITES!!

NEGROES commit 1,400% more murders than WHITES!

NEGROES commit 1,900% more armed robberies than WHITES!

NEGRO neighborhoods are 3,500% more violent than WHITE ones!

HATE CRIMES? All we hear from the liberal press is how terrible white people are in their “hate crimes” on blacks. Then understand this. Of some 630,000 interracial attacks committed in the US in 1985 alone, OVER 566,000 were committed by NEGROES against WHITES! Where is the Negro outrage at this violent racially motivated crime! NINE out of every TEN attacks between races are committed by BLACKS against WHITES. NINETY PERCENT of these outrages are committed by ONLY 6% of the population. The upshot of this viable and undisputed statistic is the indefensible conclusion that Negroes as a race are extremely violent and extremely dangerous and extremely racially prejudiced as compared to Caucasians or anybody for that matter!

The above statistics are just that: – STATISTICS. Statistics choose no sides. Statistics have no racial preference. Statistics have no variance in skin melanin. Statistics are an intellectual aspect of the process of logic, which defines the parameters of the civilized ability to reason and the immutable aspect of truth. Whether we like or dislike these statistics matters not. As long as they are true, [valid figures, in context etc.] we have no alternative as intellectually honest persons, male or female, young or old, black or white – but to acknowledge them in their total reality. Once we defy logic and truth, we have become perverse, uncivilized and irrational.

Look for this type of moron to defend the indefensible. Sometimes this apologist for these universally detested crimes will ‘appear’ to be ‘intelligent’. These persons usually have an agenda – an evil agenda. They WANT hate between the races. Check your history books and learn if the NAACP was the creation of a black man or a white man. Ask yourself why most people [non-thinkers] would say the NAACP “is fine”, but a NAAWP [hypothetically] would be “racist”. Read why the Communist Party targeted American Negroes decades ago.

The peculiar phenomenon of American blacks practicing ‘Ebonics’, tribalism, strange dress, bizarre gestures and other strange habits of ‘modern’ American Negroes has done nothing to endear them to the rest of America. This has however, done irreparable damage to their reputation as ever being considered responsible citizens as a racial group. This negative social metamorphosis is a serious concern to all educated decent Americans, while it is a delight to America’s detractors. These are mostly white societal degenerates who wish to keep the Black man uneducated, violent, ‘victimized’ and ‘disenfranchised’ from America’s economic opportunities. The purpose is simply this; Keep Negroes from ever being educated and self-reliant and first and foremost from ever being assimilated into the melting pot of American society. Convince them that they just can’t ‘make it’ without help from ‘Big Brother’. Support Big Brother, and ‘He’ will ‘take care of all their needs from cradle to grave’. Sound familiar?

Since Blacks have been kept ignorant by these evil forces for so long now, they will have little opinion or even the brains to formulate ANY opinion about the fact that the forces that will give them medical care, jobs, welfare, food, ‘education’ and housing that they are somehow “ENTITLED” to, can also take these perks away. Most of these welfare Negroes don’t seem to mind that the money to fund their lazy non-productiveness was literally stolen from the rest of productive Americans! A tragic irony here is the fact that a small percentage of victims of government thievery, forced to pay the huge percentage of lazy, drug addicted, irresponsible, immoral, illiterate, criminally violent Negroes here, are other Negroes.

They are those that have worked hard, raised decent families, maintained their pride, valued education, served their country with honor, taken civic responsibility, kept a covenant with God, and have consequently – most probably been accepted as racial equals by their white associates, church members, fellow workers and neighbors. These good people are now objects of derision by the basest trash of both black and white societies. I have the deepest compassion for decent black Americans today.

For those readers who have traveled extensively, you have become aware that the collective aforementioned outlandish behavior and ‘identity’ of American Negroes is virtually non-existent in civilized foreign countries [No, – Jamaica- nor ANY other country whose GNP is based mainly on the production of DOPE- is NOT a ‘civilized’ country]. All these elements of this exclusively American episode of ‘multicultural African-American tribalism’ – rap, hand gestures, dress, Ebonics, foul language, hatred of whites, drugs, mockery of religion, treating their women as ‘bitches’, avoidance of parental responsibility, refusal to work, violence, criminal mentality, love of Marxist principles, entitlements attitude, being proud of illiteracy – to name a few, are without exception, held in universal odium by decent whites as well as decent blacks.

35 years ago, in this country, there was no ‘rap’, no ‘multiculturalism taught in schools’, no daily foul language in cinema or TV commonly associated with blacks, no black support of REAL international terrorism, no mindless destruction of entire large sections of cities by black mobs. There was no black pride in being illiterate, no politically correct racially divisive terms like African-American.

Absent were black violent crime statistics of today’s proportions, Negro celebrities literally getting away with murder, or drug dealing mayors being re-elected just because they were black. We had no racial ‘norming’ [reverse discrimination for jobs or tests] and on and on it goes.

When I was training basic combat infantry troops at the USATC’s over 45 years ago – more than half of which were Negroes – racial problems were rare. I did not tolerate racism on either side in my companies. The conduct of the Negro soldier at the time – was in my estimate – very acceptable and for the most part – all I witnessed were young men trying to do their best and learning how to be a team. All I saw was ‘Charlie’ company of the 5th battalion of the 2nd training regiment performing the highest scores in the entire regiment.

You cannot accomplish that with a racially charged atmosphere. These weren’t like today’s ‘Obama’ Negroes – with their backwards hats and wearing their pants down with half of the crack of their asses for all to see and speaking Ebonics between ‘M-F’ dis’ and ‘M-F dat’. These were proud civilized young men back then and I was proud of them.

Three plus decades past, most Negro icons weren’t murderers, rappers promoting violence, terrorist leaders, drug addicts and drug dealers; hate mongers and anti-Americans in general. 35 years ago, the races were much more at ease with one another. Matters haven’t ‘healed’ – they’ve gotten geometrically worse and will continue to do so as long as the Democratic Party AND the GOP – continues to support ZIONIST and Marxist ideology and Blacks continue to willingly and proudly embrace ignorance like a personal mantra.

ARE YOU LISTENING – PRESIDENT OBAMA? For as long as evil people like you insist on promoting nonsense like Black History Month in honor of mostly reprobate profane violent apostate scum in lieu of WORTHY black contributors like G. W. Carver – decent white people will continue resent the presence of blacks – and it is NOT because of the color of your skin. It IS because of ‘the color’ of your hearts and your CONDUCT!

I have waited – watched and listened and I have heard not one sentence of sincerity and wisdom come out of your mouth. Not one of the stream of irresponsible acts you endorse will go unnoticed by the people whose backs you are so intent on breaking in your goal of making my country into a 3rd world Socialist hellhole.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. Charlie Company, 5th Battalion, 2nd Brigade?
    Was that your unit?
    What is that unit doing now in 2009?
    Where is it?

  2. You know I saw this program once upon a time on TV. It was kind of like candid camera. A couple was selling their home
    an Arab couple showed up and then the real estate agent started insulting everything about Arabs. What the couple did not know was that it was a staged event. The purpose was to see if the couple would confront the racist. 33% did confront the rapist. Seeing this article by Joe I can see why some chose not to, they no doubt thought, where on earth to I begin. Who bothers to argue with the Pope or an Ayatolla about changing their religion? It is just to big a job unless the two of you are going to be sitting together on a train trip from New York to California.

  3. The punch line of this post was for me the way the snake Jewsmedia has reversed the role of the racist in America, so that most people jump on the white man for the ‘crime’ of hate and never the gutter black that does about 90 percent of it.

    Thanks Joe. Keeping hitting them – real hard!

  4. I didn’t vote for Yo’ Mama.

    I voted for My Mama. Cynthia McKinney.

    Barack and Michelle are to America, what Nelson and Winnie are to South Africa.

    Barack Hussein Obama or
    Rahm Israel Emmanuel;

    Will the Real Chicago Kid please stand up!

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