As I watch my beloved country unraveling into a morally rotted corpse – spiritually hemorrhaging to death – gasping for our last breath on the collective death bed of our self-inflicted doom of the unholy trinity of ignorance hypocrisy and greed – I am struck with the reality that – to have reached this precipice of near total moral and economic destruction – we were NOT attacked bombed into submission – our cities lying in rubble with hundreds of thousands of civilian men women and children dying and dead – blown to bits and burned alive as were Dresden – Hamburg after we carpet bombed the then totally defenseless German civilian public into submission. No – we sold out without so much as one shot being fired or one precious American having to sacrifice his life, as did our Founding Fathers in our struggle to free ourselves from our brutal ruthless British occupiers.

We have not watched our families and neighbors vaporized by multiple atomic blasts, as did the ALREADY defeated Japanese people. Oh excuse me for not being PC – I MEANT to say: “ those barbarian NAZI Hun and those slant-eyed yellow devils”. I almost forgot my racial AmeriKan superiority – we are the racial epi-center of the world and of course ALL other nations and cultures are inferior to ours. OOPS – there I go again. I meant to say of course – that they are all inferior with one exception – and that one exception is IsraHELL and are to be worshipped – and ESPECIALLY their sacred land. But of course it sometimes becomes confusing – with all of their endless additions to their sacred ‘greater IsraHELL’.

So when do the Baptist Zionists begin to worship that part of IsraHELL – before – or after it was stolen from the “rag-heads” and “sand-niggers” that falsely believed that just because they had tilled the soil there and raised their families observing the Commandments for some 20 generations – it was somehow their home? What arrogance of these inferior “camel-jockeys”.

You see – I was raised in an economically poor family – but rich in every other aspect. I had a loving mom and dad who believed in education – duty to family – obedience to God – service to my country – and were willing to sacrifice whatever it took to insure I would not end up like Baptist morons whose imbecile children would ask me if my family worshipped idols – or since they knew I was educated by priests and nuns – did the priests really have cloven hooves?

These were the people who called my Christ JAYSUS! And called God GWOD! Whereas the Nuns and Priests who educated me were articulate – knowledgeable of virtually all worldly topics and conducted themselves with utmost reverence and civility – the Baptists conducted their ‘services’ with what could only be termed a carnival mentality – boisterous and essentially obnoxious – acting more like showmen rather than men of the cloth. I mention these lifelong observations for a purpose, which explains why ignorance and ESPECIALLY a type of stupidity that verges on criminal – is such a dangerous thing in ANY society – AND usually brings down that nation sooner or later.

Russia was destroyed by masses of ignorant poorly educated street mobs. A witless fool is always an easy target for a shyster and the shysters in turn of the century Russia – as well as later on – were identified by many labels. Stalinists – Socialists – Communists – Leninists – and Marxists were the most common. HOWEVER – there were common denominators is all of these political intrigue ‘equations’. One was that virtually all of the major players were JEWS! ‘Communism’ – as we tend to collectively call this demonic concept of a Godless society devoid of all human compassion – respect for life and brotherly love. Communism has been called: “Socialism in a hurry”. Socialism and Communism have the same goals and principles.

The Socialist may be satisfied with the ‘evolution’ for the purpose of change – while the Communist wants it done NOW – by revolution! There is no ‘good’ cancer – and there is no ‘good’ type of Communism. The revolution depended upon the help of what Lenin termed his sock puppets “polezynye Idioty” or useful idiots. There were the ignorant street mobs who were easily indoctrinated into believing that they were being unfairly treated by property owners or Bourgeoisie who ‘steal’ the life of the working people – the ‘proletariat’. Remember – JEWS created ALL of these horrors!

In modern times, the term is sometimes used as a pejorative against political liberals, radicals, and others among left-wing politics. A “useful idiot” is one who is ignorant of the facts to the extent that they end up unwittingly advancing an adverse cause that they might not otherwise support. This brings us to the American version of the ignorant street mobs that made revolution and war possible in other places with no strong middle class – like Cuba – Red China – Nicaragua and El Salvador. What saved America as a large fairly well educated and fairly religious middle class. We have an ABUNDANCE of useful idiots.

NOW – Back to the Baptists and the unforgivable crimes they have committed. If one group could be identified as to having committed the greatest crimes of the century it would have to be awarded to these witless morons. The Baptists are without doubt – the ultimate useful idiots of the Zionists. Without the 50 million or so of these disgraceful scum – we would not be involved in immoral serial wars for IsraHELL. These people MADE THE WARS possible. The Baptists are the SPECIFIC ENABLERS of these horrendous war crimes.

Without their support – war criminal George Bush would not have been able to create what is unquestionably the most horrendous war crime of this century. You have led us into ruin and eternal damnation as a nation. The evidence of your evil handiwork is all bout you – like a suffocating mist of poison. You evil people will not be satisfied until you have led the entire world to war. You are so depraved that many of your demented leaders like Falwell, actually prayed for the horrors of Armageddon.

Because of sick moral degenerates like you – we have murdered – NOT JUST KILLED – but – MURDERED over a million totally innocent civilian men women and children – mostly children. We have destroyed the homes of over ten million more civilians. We have turned entire civilizations into rubble – NOT for any idiotic semblance of ANY type of defense of MY country – but for the greater glory of the most evil amoral godless scum on the earth. We have left Afghanistan a radio-active wasteland and guaranteed generations of innocent families the horrors of deformed births and the slow agonizing deaths of countless thousands more TOTALLY innocent civilian men women and children from the hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive waste.

Every drop of innocent blood is on the hands of those pasty faced criminally ignorant blasphemous Christ mocking Baptists with their racist moronic mentalities. What their hate mongering leadership has done is to damn all of them to eternal hall for their unspeakable crimes. If there is such a thing – the most forlorn hopeless places in hell will be SPECIALLY reserved for these demons of false leadership – the ilk of the Grahams – Falwell – Robertson – Hagee – Hinn – and a dozen other demonic Godless scumbags.

The Baptists are just as responsible for the massacre of innocent children at Christmas. ANY human being who has committed the ULTIMATE mockery of Christ by committing such a vile act as to participate in one of those putrid demonic ‘Stand up For IsraHELL’ meetings – has carved a permanent place in hell for himself in hell. You Baptists have a LOT of innocent blood – ESPECIALLY the blood of innocent CHILDREN that YOU through your IGNORANCE and blind stupidity have caused to be shed.

The name of modern Baptists will be reviled by ALL of decent mankind for generations for the monstrous sadistic evils that you have committed. I will devote my life to insuring that the TRUTH of what you ARE and what you HAVE DONE is NEVER EVER Forgotten by men f good will.

You Baptist scum have made a laughing stock of my country. You have made us the most distrusted feared and hated people on earth and I despise you for what you have done of your own free will. You have sold MY country into the hands of the Devil himself with your arrogance hypocrisy and ignorance. You have done more damage to America that all of our REAL enemies combined could ever dream of doing. You hypocrites are the ultimate treasonous scum of the earth. No decent man will ever be able to call you friend. The suffering that your idiocy has caused can never be measured.

How many more millions of innocent souls will you be accessory to the murder of till your blood lust is satisfied? How much more innocent blood will it take to satiate your Satanic thirst for murder? How many more lies will you promote in the name of the children of Satan. How much more evil will you freely commit against the laws of God? How many more times will you violate and mock the prime directive of our Lord to Love your neighbor to worship Satan in his lust to murder. How many more lies – how many more lives – how many more innocents must you butcher? How much more misery will you be responsible for till you have glutted your appetite and lust for inflicting pain.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.
I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. Mr. Cortina,
    THanks for your hard work-continue tp get the word out. I thought I was alone in my opinion of the Baptists. There is so much ignorance out there, particularly in our church. It seems to be PC to proclaim that one is Eucumenical! Catholics, both Roman and Eastern Orthodox need to get back to the teaching of the Early Church Fathers who warned of the dngers of the Sons of Satin.


  2. Your words…”Whereas the Nuns and Priests who educated me were articulate”

    and we need to be fair in our reporting that priests of the RCC destroyed for their perverted sexual “pleasure” thousands of lives. Some boys they molested committed suicide.
    I wish you would be fair in your reporting of the sins of the world.

  3. I appreciate your blogs Joe they are quite interesting reading for sure.
    Obviously being a Christian has nothing to do with belonging to any church or organization.

  4. Dear Holy,Heavenly Hellfire Joe,

    I agree with you whole-heartedly.
    It’s always been a Great Mystery to me how purported Bible-believers could be such devils.But,then again,Our Lord told us that even the devils believe and tremble.

    Can you just imagine Joe what the Mighty John the Baptist would speak to the Moral-Majority in his Powerful,Holy,Heavenly Hellfire Voice?
    The Religious-Right would fall back and wither under his scornful, baleful glare.

    I did not vote for Chuck Baldwin.
    A man that has a lifetime,wholehearted involvment with, and devotion, to the Moral-Majority’s Religious-Right and the Bush Crime Family.His devotion seems to be to the Unholy Trinity, Bush the Father,Bush the Son,and Bush the Unholy Ghost.He is endeared to Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
    Chuck’s Pensacola Baptist Church has been richly blessed by the Unholy Trinity and governor Jeb Bush.

    Can you believe that Officer Jack McLamb endorsed this judas-goat?

    Jack,haven’t you learned after all your years to look at a politicians record of action and ignore his political rhetoric.
    Jack,trust me,Chuck Baldwin knows exactly what you want to hear.

  5. Jane must’ve missed this News Story..

    How extensive is the problem of clergy Sex Abuse in the Jewish community?

    Wayward Clergy: Is it Rampant or an Aberration?
    Eugene L. Meyer & Richard Greenberg

    NY(JTA)-Some experts estimate that “between 18-39% of Jewish clergy are involved in Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation and/or Sexual Misconduct -the Same Percentage as Non-Jewish clergy,” according to the 2002 book “Sex, Lies, and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust” written by psychotherapist Charlotte Rolnick Schwab.’


    ‘The Reformation was a devastation of England which was at the time when this event took place, the Happiest country, perhaps, that the world had ever seen; but Afterwards marched on Plundering, Devastating, & inflicting torments on the people, shedding their innocent blood;”
    “Abbeys, priories, nunneries, hospitals & other religious foundations confiscated by the Reformers and Jews, who brought to England the misery of pauperism through Usury”

    -William Cobbett

  6. Joe, not all Baptist support Israel. The Primitive Baptists have never been pro-Zionists,pro-Jewish, or pro-israel. I’m catholic, but my American ancestors were PB’s. The Baptists who are pro-Zionist et al are dispensationalist. Most Baptists have never espoused dispoism. Many have opposed it as anti-Christian and contrary to Baptist traditions,

  7. I am not a Baptist nor a Zionist or a Catholic. George Bush was a leader of a nation. Who controls the nations? I mean look at Obama. Pathetic. Communism for real plus a new kind of hatred for America. Your real enemy is Satan and his ministring angels. The vehicle(reigious)for Satan is the Beast. The Beast is the Roman Catholic Church. The Baptist are simply falling back under her control. You really should read the BIBLE. The Jews perhaps as a Nation are simply showing the world what it is to be outside the sunlight of the spirit. America as the “beast” out of the “earth” that exerciseth the power of the fisrt “beast”. That should be your clue as to the condition of manyof the churches in America today. they are falling back out of Protestism and giving alleigance back to Rome. Good day.

  8. Hey Joe, how are things? I just thought I’d give a candid observation. It seems to me that supporting the jew has got to come closer to being the “mark of the beast” than any other postulation outside of willful sin itself. Of coarse no Dallas Theological Seminary man could ever contemplate unforgiven sin as the mark of the beast. That lines up too well with the original Christian conversion message. It has to be something much more illusive for those boys, and, of coarse it can’t reflect any of the principles of orthodoxy especially Catholic orthodoxy. And these bumbling idiotic self proclaimed biblical addepts, a gaggle of ‘Yalers and good old boys have the audacious gonadal pomposity to accuse the pope of being the antichrist!I had occassion to ask one of their kind a very pointed question once. I asked “if you were being totally deceived, would you know it?” He paused for a second and then answered with all the confidence he could, “I certainly would”

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