I have heard it discussed for decades – and I have thought on the matter myself – but now there can be no doubt. We live in a time so as to be witnesses of the greatest betrayal in annals of history since Judas accepted 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ. I never thought that I would live to see the day that a Christian Catholic Pope would conduct himself in a manner, which can only be termed DISGUSTING!

Just to clear the air – this severe and sincere criticism is not coming from the stand point of one of those red-neck morons I so clearly remember as a young man – asking me if it was true that Catholic Priests had cloven hooves and did we really “worship idols” – I kid you not! I was Baptized in the Catholic Church – educated from grade one by the nuns – then in Jesuit high schools and finally at a prominent Jesuit University – so I know the ‘routine’.

I and hundreds of millions of people all over the world witnessed one of the most barbaric sadistic butchering of thousands of defenseless innocent civilians in the history of mankind in a remote corner of the world called Gaza. The people who have lived there almost since the time of Christ are the Palestinians and have suffered a TRUE ‘holocaust’ at the hands of the most vicious sadistic cruel creatures on earth – and I have been in a lot of BAD places and witnessed a lot of BAD people – but nothing that begins to equal the evil of the Jews.

In nature we seldom witness an animal that kills just for sport and amusement – only man is cruel enough to hold that nefarious title. And of the wickedness of men – none on earth can surpass the Jew for sheer sadistic cruelty. The Jew is the only creature on earth that joyfully murders in cold blood – a terrified helpless toddler and laughs about it. BEEN THERE SEEN THAT! The carnage committed by the Jew in Gaza during the Christmas season defies all imagination – even of the most callous and hardened of men. IF – you have the stomach to see what YOUR Tax dollars are being used for – go to this site – one of hundreds – and look into the jaws of hell created by the Jew AND billions of your hard earned tax dollars! See the truth – as I have seen,

I want you to look LONG and WELL at the shot of the Jews having an entertaining fun ‘holocaust party’ on their STOLEN land overlooking the carnage in Gaza AS IT IS HAPPENING! I have experienced the attitudes of vicious cultures from Castro’s soldiers in Cuba to those of the FMLN terrorists in El Salvador but I have NEVER EVER witnessed or even HEARD of the kind of animalistic joy of watching helpless children being burned to death and blown to bits – that these Jews exhibited in IsraHELL –but I digress.

The Zionist Pope – Joseph Ratzinger – knew of ALL of these horrors and did absolutely NOTHING! He COULD have prevented ALL of these senseless sadistic ritual murders with one simple edict from the Vatican denouncing the animalistic horrid genocide of the Jews against their helpless victims. Ratzinger KNEW what horrors were committed and horrors yet to come and did NOTHING! Ratzinger KNEW that among the daily-butchered children were a large number of Christians (not that the lives of the innocent Arab muslim children were not as precious) – yet he did NOTHING!

Actually that is not quite true. He DID ‘do something’. This Zionist loyal ‘Pope’ OPENLY sided with the vicious Godless Christian hating – Christ hating Jews! His evil conduct did not end there. His ardent support of the Jew-invented hollowhoax has become a mandatory de-facto focal point of Christian dogma, which has – MUCH to the joy of the eternally Christ hating Jew -effectively substituted the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ for the worship of the Holocaust as the focal point of Christendom.

This perverse-minded Pope has for the first time in the history of Christianity done what all the forces – wealth – cunning – lies, and influence of the evil Jew have been frustrated from attaining – the subservience and prostration of the Catholic Church at the feet of the Godless Jew.

Not satisfied with selling out a billion faithful Catholics to now bend to every whim and will of the Godless secular murdering lying Jews – what abomination will you support next? (Apparently – your ‘holiness’ – you are suffering from selective amnesia as well – as you have ignored Chapter 8 of the Gospel of John)

There is a Bishop in your ‘fold’ – who has the integrity to seek the truth and the courage to speak it – yet you cast him to the wolves. This man is Bishop Richard Williamson – and I pray that he be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to stand fast in support of the TRUTH. You should hold this honest man close to your bosom and stand by him.

What kind of mortal man are you – Joseph Ratzinger – who fears the truth – who turns his back on the ‘least of His children’ to KNOWINGLY let them suffer horrible agonies – who betrays the basic responsibility of your sacred office – who rewards doers of evil, punishes doers of good and finds favor with the ‘sons of the Devil’ who have for centuries OPENLY sought the destruction of our faith?.

What were you offered by the Pharisees to kiss the cheek of Christ once again? What does it cost today to buy Vicarius Christi – the ‘anointed’ DEFENDER OF THE FAITH? How many ‘pieces of silver’ will it take THIS TIME – more than the price of an Apostle?

Look at what you have done! I pray God open your eyes before you betray all Catholics and other Christians into the bloody hands of the Jews.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.
I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. THe JudeoFication of the Catholic church is now complete.

    half JEW POPE RAT finished off what his half Jew predecessor JPII Katz began before him.

    eXtra eXtra…
    The pharisees now run the Catholic church,
    The Pharisees now run the Catholic church

    sad sad days. the flat earth society is now in charge

  2. Mr. Joe

    You have done us a fine service and many thanks. Sad and tragic as all this is, we can’t say we weren’t warned. Our Lady of LaSalette and Fatima….
    The disguised apostacy is made plane to see for he who is open and receptive to the truth.

    Mother of Divine Grace,pray for us.

  3. Once again, you have spoken for millions of us, Joe. Appreciate this fine piece of writing, especially since it is TRUTH. I am not Catholic – but, I left a Protestant church in 1981 because of its subservience and deference to the “chosen.” I tried to find another church home in 1999, only to see that nothing was any different there. I held out hope that Catholicism, with its strong faith and following, would at least stand up to the arrogance of the Jews and their Judas goats. But it is apparent that even that fine institution has been corrupted from within as well. The only religion the eternal enemy fears today is Islam – thus with the power of their media, the Jews paint Islam with the brush of hatred. Their tactic is to play Christian against Muslim by telling the SHEEPLE that Muslims are “out to conquer the world and kill all non-Islamics.” Hmmmm…. where have we heard THAT tactic used before? We also see that anyone who dares question or oppose them in any way is immediately demonized in the media – a la Putin, Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad – the “new Hitlers.” One can only hope that the time is coming soon when the pendulum starts slowing, then stopping – before its vengeful swing back the other way – toward TRUTH and JUSTICE. I hope I am alive to see that swing!!
    Thank you again, Joe.
    Ray Goodwin

  4. I am truly surprised also that this Pope said nothing in regards to the slaughter of the Palestinians around Christmas,and now this with the Bishop. How did these devils end up with so much power? And they still complain about the inquisition that happened several hundred years ago?

  5. I can tell by his demeanor that the Bishop is a humble, honest and self-sarificing individual, such as I try to be. When I was 16 after studying under a Zen master, I decided I wanted to join a “real religion” – in my mind, that meant devotional. I thought either Catholicism or Islam. The European cathedrals were awe-inspiring but I found in that culture a sense of personal guilt and shame that was so debilitating as to make a man impotent. I cried myself to sleep for seven years. I joined Islam as it seemed to be a more virile religion and I wanted to be part of a blossoming liberation theology movement, not just a “religion.” I was utterly disappointed in the organizational structures of Islam in America. The revolution of social equality and personal responsibility started by Malcolm X fizzled out because the Muslim organizations were too busy trying to fit into American society as a mainstream institution. Since the massive detentions of innocent Muslims the mood has become almost worshipful of Jews, who have the power to get you put in prison indefinitely without charge, even if you are an American. So my friend, I know exactly where you are emotionally right now. Let me know where it leads you. I’m sure you’ll keep us posted! As for me, I became committed as a Believer after a powerful vision of Christ, and the Living Waters gushing from Paradise through me. I heard God telling me, “Thou shalt not worship any god but Me.” I was not really quite prepared for this but understandably terrified, I swore to God that I would be His slave. I decided that from then on I was going to strive to be a person of integrity. Since that day I have suffered so much grief from the world and its inhabitance. But now my aching heart feels soothed, for the small family of sincere Christ followers – whether they call themselves Christians, Muslims, Theosophists, Unitarians, Spiritual Seekers, or whatever, are waking up and trying to find the religion that Christ taught us, what the Gospel actually says; which is vastly different from what’s at church. There is even a sect of Hindus who view Jesus (peace be upon him) as a guru. The teaching of Love that conquers Death is universal, although it is so repressed in the human psyche that few stumble across it without deep soul-scraping effort.

    I am comforted by the circles of our souls overlapping finally, as ripples in a pond inevitably do.

  6. Having just re-watched the video on UTube we are convinced of Bishop Williamson’s veracity,holiness and humbleness.
    I was raised Protestant but married a Catholic man.
    Our 4 children were baptized in the Church. In the mid 70’s we became more alarmed at the
    the Protestant actions in the Mass. In due time we left the Church and wandered in the wilderness. Thankfully in the 90’s we found the True Mass and went to a SSPX chapel. Now we are grieving for the Bishop and the Society. We implore you all to offer Masses for the Church, the Bishop and the Society. Please God hear our prayer and pray the Rosary to the Blessed Mother daily.
    In Christ,

  7. Thank you for this timely essay. I agree with everything that you have said.
    I have suffered from friends when they find out that I support Bishop W.also. I admire him and hope that he sticks to his values and does not cave in to this fake pope. He cannot be pope. None since Pius X11 has been a real pope. All you have to do is research validation of orders and what they have done and taught.

    Myself, I will not believe as dogma the 6 million of jews. They tried this crap in WW1 also if you choose to research. Read the Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler and even he states that the jews foisted the largest hoax was committed against humanity. He was murdered for his actions against his fellow jews. This book is on the net, and if you cannot find it, I will forward it to you.
    I have suffered, to my friends chagrin over the terrible tragedy of Gaza. Burned babies, children, legs here, heads there. Whoever cannot be moved over this does not deserve to belong the the human community. Tears of mine cannot erase these scenes. I shall see them for the rest of my life.
    I will not and cannot called this monstrosity of a pope mine. He has much to answer for.
    Bishop Williamson for Pope!
    janet marsh

  8. Joe,

    Thanks for such a powerfull presentation. You sure have guts. As far as his holiness, Pope Joseph Ratzinger, he has demonstrated that he is no more than walking skeleton.

    Yes, I am talking about his stand on the genocide in Gaza as well as the dilemma of Bishop Williamson. His holiness has a moral obligations, but he failed on both accounts.

    One wiseman once said, “those who chose to be silent in the time of moral crisis, will have a place deep in hell reserve for them.

    Pope Ratzinger has outraged 1.2 billion Muslims few years ago, when he took a cheep shot at their faith and prophet. Then it was said, that Muslim can not tolerate freedom of speech. However, after the genocide in Gaza, and when the whole world spoke, His holiness, chose to side with the aggressor and evil doers. That is beyond me.

    We live in era, where people will listen to the strong and powerful, everyone else views is discarded as a trash and irrelevant.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Popel Joseph Ratzinger has deviated from the teaching of Jesus [peace be upon him], and he will be one day judged on it.

    Peace be with those peace-makers.

    Hold the fort Joe! God bless.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    Retired USAF Veteran

  9. You are right on target. I’ve been “enlightened” for almost 20yrs. I also am a Vietnam veteran. I am truly amazed at most people’s response when confronted with truth. Blind denial. Protocol #17 in the “Learned Elders of Zion” states the goal of infiltrating the church(all churches). They told us what they were doing a hundred years ago. Hence Christian Zionism. Keep the faith in the Lord…not the church

  10. These are the greatest crimes of history perpetrated by Christians and their proxies. The world must understand that the Gaza heinous crimes are sanctioned by the US using American money, American military hardware and American political support! Natural justice will ultimately be articulated as the crumbling US economy will take Israel down with it!

  11. The history of the subversion of the Catholic Church by the declared enemies of the Church: Judeo-Masonry is complete. They have the Holy See and the Vatican and the Catholic infastructure worldwide. They have the rabbi pope who works with the Sanhedrin to bring the whole world under ‘the Tradition of the Elders (Talmudic Law) condemned by our Lord, they have an ersatz Vatican II religion where the sacraments have been extinguished under the criteria set down by Pope Leo XIII for valid apostolic succession, orders and sacraments. By this criteria, Anglican Orders were pronounced invalid. By the same criteria the sacramental life of the post conciliar church has been extinguished by the antipapacy.

    The Catholics, however, have the faith. Rome – now the seat of the anti christ does not.

    Therefore, one side in this contest will claim victory, the other side will suffer defeat. So, if you have understood the story so far, you know that when this Decider is Decided, the Catholic Church will claim victory. You can read this story in Apoc 11 and 12 DRV.

    This is the hour when the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will yield the union of Their strength for the Church in Eclipse – to use Our Lady of La Salette’s phrase: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antiChrist.”

    This is the Decider when the faith given to the saints will be vindicated.

    If you are not up to tempo with story, you can read
    the documented history of the subversion of the Catholic Church, the Coup d’etat by the Cardinals of Bnei Tzion in the 1958 Conclave and the hostage pope of the 20th century on

    The Catholics,

  12. Dear Holy, Heavenly, HellFire Joe,

    Keep reading the “Riot Act” to God’s “Traditional,Eternal Enemies”!

    Snarl,Curl Your Lips,Bare Your Fangs,Growl
    Deeply, Lunge into their Evil Face and Rip off and Tear off and Chew-up and Devour their Evil Smile.

    In His Holy,Heavenly HellFire,

  13. Bravo, Mr. Cortina. I could not have said it any better. The only more succinct statement came from Michael Hoffmann.

    “In the End, all the Churches will serve Antichrist.” – Fr. Eugene Rose, Orthodox monk, writer, and convert

  14. Joe, the Judaizing of the church won’t last. They have tried this nonsence before, and its always failed. Read “The Plot Against The Church” by Marice Pinay and “Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements” by Louis I Newman. Both books tell of previous Jewish attempts to Judaize the church that have failed.

  15. For what it’s worth I wanted to also say that it’s possible my own rhetoric may appear to come from an uneducated red-neck
    viewpoint or the the like.

    But the truth is I am very well educated and have an Undergraduate degree in Mathematical Physics and a minor in
    Russian as a foreign language- graduated Summa Cum Laude.

    After years of suffering at the hands of the “silent” oppression of Zionist evil- it is now very difficult for me to articulate the feelings I have toward this Barbaric race of criminals- and thus it’s possible I’ll come across as an uneducated maniac- but my anger with this race grows greater every day!

    However, like you Joe – I’ve had much unfortunate contact with this race of vermin- and they refuse to be reasoned with.

    It took me many years to realize that Hitler was not a criminal- but he was right about these Jews- and I have in recent years met many people who are realizing the same truth. Jews are a race of violent, destrutive thugs. In fact,
    many Jews in the past publically admitted that they were a “race of destroyers.”

    Many Hebrews are born as “psychotic” but functional- and this is a dnagerous personality type.

    Several years ago I bought my first copy of Mein Kampf- and I’m not a Nazi- but I read this book without any preconceptions-what I discovered was a very “clear” voice of a man whose experience was much like that of my own- not foreign as I expected.

    Hitler was not perfect- but he well knew that that even long before WWI the Rothchild Jews had already infiltrated the European Government. And he realized if left unchecked they would soon engulf all of Europe- which is what has now happened.

    It’s a sad time for this world!

  16. Hi Joe Cortina,

    I read your forceful article with real interest. I entirely agree to everything you wrote there. It could not be written any better.

    Keep the good work God Bless,
    Nadir Martello

  17. ADMIN COMMENT: Thank you all for your candor. I see the same concerns from sensitive REAL people over and over. Disappointments one after another – betrayals – lies – deception – false prophets – criminal ignorance – rot corruption and hypocrisy invirtualy ALL Christian Churches in America. Like some of you – I have come to the reality after being a super patriot – and a classic Catholic Christian – I find myself a man without a country or even a church to share my desire for formal worship. So- I have taken refuge in Scripture – ONLY that part we know as the NT.

    The lying Jews WILL eventually change and distort ALL Scriptural NT truths. It is not a matter of IF – but WHEN. I am sure I will live to see this blasphemous apostacy horror in my lifetime. Ratsinger – the demonic jew servant of Satan who was personally responsible for much of the betrayal of Christianity to the demonic jew at Vatican II has already laid the foundation for the ultimate destruction of the Roman Catholic Christian dogma. The jew has already destroyed virtually ALL true Christian Protestant tradition.

    The jew traitor ( mother is jewess) and quizzling most PERSONALLY responsible in this country for over 50 thousand dead Americansons and over two MILLION inocent civilians – is of course John Hagee – who has corrupted virtually ALL of the 50 million Southern ‘BaptDuhs’ – and strongly influences another fifty million Protestant ‘Talmudvision’ viewers. Hagee WILL have his war – his Armageddon – and take America to the trash heap of history for his jew friends. I and a handful of truthers are all that stands in his way.- as our courts -our Congress – our military and police have long since made thier decision to stand up for the Devil ( IsraHELL)

    ( HINT: Hagee supports his IsraHELL before America – jew loyal friend – Romney – who if elected – has PROMISED he will take us into World War III, to defend the Christ hating Satanists in IsraHELL.)

    I have come to a few inescapable conclusions from a lifetime of varied experiences – some intellectual some emotional but all have left me a wiser albeit sader person. ” from much wisdom comes much sorrow” it took me over a half century of adult life to fiully understand that Biblical statement. Mankind has ONE major enemy on earth in this mortal life. That universal evil is the eternal collective jew whose father and patron is the universal supernatural evil – we know as Satan.

    Our greatest enemy is OURSELVES in that we ( Americans) are abysmally ignorant and unfortunately hopelessy stupid ( the always terminal incurable part) We have had red flags and warnings for two thousand years! . These sincere concerns have been delivered by the most famous figures in all history – starting with the Prophets and the Christ Himself. Ironicly – people like Hitler and Bin Laden have given America sincere wise warnings regarding what will become of us for ‘sleeping with Satan’ ( the jews) I defy you to find (outside of possibly yourselves) any one who had read them.

    Educated persons – TRUE patriots – KNOW this fact as well as other important historic warnings. John F. Kennedy was murdered for his patriotic stance against the treasonous jew reptiles who seek to enslave and control us. We have by our OWN volition thrown Christ out of this nation to serve Satan’s children and hardly a whimper is heard. Go to your OWN neighbors – especially if you are Christian – and they are Christian and ask them if they are the least bit ouraged that the jews have thrown our OUR Christmas Nativity scene – out of the White House, and replaced our 240 year old tradition to honor Christ and His Blessed Mother – with some filthy Satanic jew symbol of violence and war and killing – I call the Devil’s Pitchfork!

    Stand back and see the reaction you get. DUHHHH ” gotta run – wife’s waiting – NFL game is on – gotta pick up the kids from school – got supper in the oven – or a hundred other inane shallow BS responses.. BUT – you can be assured that you will NOT experience ONE show of outrage and righteous anger that the most evil satanical filth on earth – the murdereers of Christ – the destroyers and looters of nations – the corrupters of our children – Your jew neighbors who mock you behind your backs – the creators and beneficiaries of 9-11 – the authors of endless serial wars for their ‘functional psychotic’ tribe of demons in IsraHELL – have NOW made a total mockery of Christmas – as they laugh their assess off at our collective spineless impotence to stand up to their parasite vampire wickedness and do ANYTHING about it!

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