I am weary of ‘preaching to the choir. This is a brief history lesson for Americans who have made our demise a reality. It has been wisely noted that the average life expectancy of a ‘democracy’ throughout history was about 200 years. We have been lucky – and beat the odds by a good 10%.


There are no longer any perceivable partisan differences. The reprobate Demoncraps have supported every form of evil Godless anti-Constitutional legislation imaginable to man – AND – the hypocrite spineless RINOS have been dragged into their ‘camp of concessions’ ( kicking and screaming – of course) The result of which is of course the slow agonizing death of the Nation – a goal for which BOTH parties have worked tirelessly – and effectively.


I have spent enough ACTIVE time in BOTH ‘sides of the aisle’ to know EXACTLY what both stand for – and it DAMN sure wasn’t the principles upon which this nation was founded. That’ foundation’ was built upon AUTHENTIC Christian principles and teachings– PERIOD!.


There has been circulated for decades – a brief synopsis of the stages of evolution which I believe accurately define our nation’s historic prognosis from ‘near death’ –to ‘miraculous recovery’ – to ‘near death again’ – and ultimately – FLATLINING! I have read it dozens of times and have decided to modify it slightly without changing any of the intended meaning – but perhaps enhancing it. It was originally 9 stages and I have added 3 more – making it a ‘deadly dozen’. It goes like this:



From bondage to spiritual faith;

From spiritual faith to great courage;

From courage to liberty;

From liberty to wisdom;

From Wisdom to abundance;

From abundance to ignorance;

From ignorance to complacency;

From complacency to greed;

From greed to Godlessness;

From Godlessness to dependency;

From dependency back into bondage;


So that there can be NO doubt WHATSOEVER as the FACT that this is EXACTLY what we have done to ourselves and our children and our nation. It is PARAMOUNT to remind the reader that ALL of this has happened without the ‘enemy’ firing of a shot on our shores – from #3 till present.


The ‘ENEMY’ – and the ‘SHOTS’ will now BOTH be from within. ANYONE reading this who is still puzzled because they see this as some sort of ‘riddle’ – and STILL does not ‘GET IT’ – is part of the problem. Solution? – take some more little purple pills and organize a tailgate party – cause the ‘party is gonna be over – real soon!


To those sharing a brain or otherwise intellectually challenged – here is briefly what it means==




Colonial times – taxation without representation – crushed under the oppressive heel of the British imperialists – subjects of King George ( not King George Bush – just yet).to be treated as property of the Crown. The colonists return to their Christian heritage and beseech the Almighty to strengthen them and give them resolve to cast off their bonds of tyranny.




Inspired by the leadership of Christian men like George Washington – our Forefathers braved torture imprisonment exile poverty and or death. They fought the world’s greatest superpower – without funds – proper weapons – warm clothing in bitter winters and an almost hopeless situation. Even skeptical historians today – consider the outcome of victory for the outclassed –outnumbered outgunned rebels and terrorists as they were called by the British – A MIRACLE!




Even in the face of horrible conditions – a loss of 25% of the army to sickness and freezing alone Washington never wavered and placed himself at the forefront of battle time after time – always placing his faith in God. Five long hard years later – British commander General Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown on Oct 19, 1781 – the war was won and a fledgling nation struggled to establish themselves as a free and sovereign country. The United States OF America – now a brave and free and God-fearing people.




Many problems had to be ironed out but wisdom prevailed. The Founders decided upon a nation of laws (REPUBLIC) – and NOT MOB RULE (Democracy) They had fought 5 long arduous years and many of the leaders paid a great price – poverty – bankruptcy – loss of families and even execution – but their faith and wisdom ( when was the last time ANY American has heard ONE sentence of REAL wisdom from any seated President – “I did not have sex with that woman” ?) The Holy Bible was deemed the Book by which all manner of conduct – civil – Governmental and business was guided. The family unit – the foundation of ALL societies for ALL of history was inviolate and protected.




In the following century the country underwent a few more bumps ( War of 1812) – then the horrific civil war ( 1851-1865) which threatened to divide the union. The true issues were States rights and not slavery- but the union prevailed and gradually would were healed and prosperity gradually became the main goal.


The west was explored and new horizons were discovered – gold – oil – vast treasures of natural resources and a new promising place called Alaska that we bought from the Russians for about the price of a used Lear Jet. The nation was learning all about prosperity. By the turn of the century – an amazing phenomenon called the Industrial Age took place.




We became mechanized and modernized. Many of the former household chores were now done by machines – from washboards to ‘washing machines’ – from iceboxes (literally) to refrigerators – from buggies to automobiles – from newspapers to radios and lots more to come. We fought a world war and lost over 116,000 sons for nothing. THIS should have been a wakeup call. What happened to wisdom? It was not in ANY REMOTE way – ‘our war’. We weren’t defending ANYTHING in the USA. Who talked us into this madness? Ignorance was beginning to replace wisdom.


Then – only a few years later – we were duped into yet ANOTHER world war. This time we killed a LOT of innocent people and lost well over 400,000 sons this time around. Who got us into this madness a SECOND time? Why did we call the world’s most horrible mass murderer an “ally”. And how could we be so stupid as to allow that same ideology to permeate every part of our society including the Presidency?


We had lost ALL wisdom and were blind to the coming rot from within. Soon an evil Godless man called Khrushchev predicted our downfall – would NOT be militarily – but from internal rot. A new deacde called the 60s was upon us and it was to bring more rotof our collective souls -an omen of things to come? Events will begin to move much faster now as the American people distance themselves from their roots and place the worship of money before the worship of God..




Our youth was in rebellion against their parents and the whole system – NOT against evil and corruption – but just plain discipline and authority- like authority of the law and discipline of our elders and parents. At all began with ‘rock and roll’ – Elvis who was the first to capitalize on sexuality as his calling card – the Beatles who were the first to openly blaspheme Christ and human sludge – too numerous to list – who ALL endorsed and LIVED for DRUGS SEX and perversions.


These creatures became the new role models for our children and we as parents hardly raised a whimper. As parents = we just easily submitted or even encouraged – as I PERSONALLY witnessed MANY times – the indulgence of our ‘lost boys’ as they drifted into the seductive maelstrom of evil unholy conduct – strange rituals – spineless aimless conduct disguise as ‘love’ ( READ; LOTS OF SEX) – and ‘peace’ ( READ: getting stoned tripped coked and avoiding ALL and ANY responsibilities.


A little matter called the Vietnam War was a major inconvenience to all these love children – so they took their drugs and drop-out mentality to war with them. They got SO annoyed with the idea of anything unpleasant that they were manipulated by ‘those people’ – the friends of the Communists – that they sabotaged the entire war effort. Notice how the same people that get us into wars that they want someone else to fight – also get us to lose wars where they favor the enemy?


The most disgraceful event in American history was about to happen during this period- yet only a handful of Americans have heard of it or have a clue as to it’s significance. It was the ultimate act of treason by the President himself and would seal our fate as a Christian soverign forvever. The date was June 1967 – the massacre of the crew of the USS LIBERTY. I am sure that the irony of the name of our ship was not lost on the murderers of our sons.


Parents were too satisfied with their two ‘Beemer’ abundant lifestyles in the ‘burbs’ to bother with outrage at this act of war against our nation. Also absent were ‘tough love’- or responsible meaningful thinking – or discipline or heaven forbid – anything as ‘far out man’ – as following the words of Christ. Christ WHO? I saw a LOT of that – personally! It was now the beginning of the 70s – moving faster now!




Now was the beginning of the baby boomers and the me me me generation. Lets have fun and forget the serious stuff and lets party out! Things are good- Life is good! The economy is soaring and there are to many new toys and not enough time. It isn’t enough to have anew car anymore. One has to out do his neighbor. It’s the 80s now and inflation has begun to show us its ugly head as it soars into oblivion.


Charge a lot for what we do – demand more money for what we don’t do – “ah’s entitled” – raise property taxes – raise insurance – lawsuits are at an all time high – more for water – more for electricity – your trash collector now makes 500% more than your schoolteacher father.Anybody notice that gas was going up?




Hey – it’s the 90s now and we are on a roll. The economy has gotten better and so what if we elected a President – The Conscience Of the Nation – who is a coke addict – a murderer – a coward – a draft dodger – an adulterer – a leftist and about everything evil foul and putrid that can be attributed to a human being – he plays a good sax! Sure his wife is a sadistic baby killing God-mocking lesbian bitch – but hey – are you some sort of homophobe. Clinton showed us his true colors the first 4 years and NOBODY had ANY doubt as what thoroughgoing bastard he was – so what do we do?


WE HONOR HIS CRIMES WITH ANOTHER TERM. Can this be true.- 150 million AmeriKans really don’t give a flying rat’s ass about their country anymore? Can ANY of these Demoncrap scum be related in any way to the people of ” spiritual faith and great courage”. Look at the face of the average Demoncrap of the 90s – and you will see this ‘thought bubble’ –”you must be mistaking me for somebody who gives a crap” Am I right?




Now the ‘doom train’ is plunging down the ravine at breakneck speed. The point of no return is not far ahead and yet no one seems concerned. The world didn’t come to an end at the millennium – so maybe there isn’t a God after all. I mean – there are a lot of new emerging TV shows that tell us there is no God – right?


An event we have come to know a 9-11 – orchestrated by those same people who determine who we will go to war with – was the perfect pretext for the opening chapter to what has now been unveiled as endless serial wars against – threats to America? No! So who is doing all these horrible things to us. At one time I used to think it was the Jews.


Well that can’t be right – because ALL of the presidential candidates of the last (current) election were 100% in the open IsraHELL firsters – not to mention the current (deposed) imperialist King George. The Christian churches have almost all undergone a transformation to Judiasm and the worship of the physical IsraHELL itself. So we have thrown out our all time favored ‘savior’ for a more politically correct candidate who actually hates the ‘incumbent’ and had Him murdered at one time.


AmeriKa ‘the beautiful’ has now openly – passionately – and proudly mocked Christ by ordaining practicing sodomites in the highest positions in the Christian Church today. Amazingly – nobody cares as we all continue to despise and mock and ridicule the God of Gen. Washington. We are now a totally degenerate people.




We have so far – murdered in cold blood – WELL over ONE MILLION TOTALLY innocent CIVILIAN human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the murdered were children as the families are large there and UNLIKE our sick Godless AmeriKa where we murder children at record rates- and Godless IsraHELL where the Jews murder apx. 18% of all of their newborn every year.The REAL Christians AND the REAL Muslims do not murder their own chidren. The Palestinians don’t even have a word for ABORTION!


Well here we are – still in the late 2000s and have elected a black man with a black souls and a black Heart to match. He is a self admitted Marxist ideologue (admits his “driving influence” mother was a Marxist) He loves to see babies die ( he publicly said so).


He will break the last honest white working man’s back to level ‘the playing field’ for every lazy violent ignorant proud to be illiterate black trash in the nation (and that is a LOT of trash!) His most profound ‘words of wisdom’ were that he was going to “make changes”. Increase taxes – criminalize freedom of speech – negate the right to bear arms for ALL citizens – increase billions of dollars for the Jews to TRILLIONS of dollars – since he OWES them the election.


Look for increased Negro violence at every level – socialize medical care ( cancer victims will now have to wait till they are dead – LITERALLY – on Canada TV last week). But not to worry. We have become sheep and lemmings – spineless jellyfish eager to depend upon ‘Big Brother’ to provide from cradle to grave. We have lost ALL semblance of grit – courage – determination – responsibility and self-reliance that made us a great nation to begin with.


If he were not such a threat to our freedoms – I would just consider the whole affair a joke in bad taste – an ass kissing Negro sock puppet devoid of so much as one cell in his entire body having the slightest shard of integrity.


ALL – and I mean ALL of our entertainment comes courtesy of the self-chosen. We are 100% dependant upon the Jew for news – comedy – science – history – morality – and live entertainment at the Coliseum. Remaining TRUE Christians could entertain the Jew dependant masses – or more appropriate – public crucifixion.




This is where we are- full circle – right at the beginning of the end. When we all – most of the 300,000,000 Americans celebrated ‘the holidays’ – we aren’t allowed to call this blessed event CHRISTMAS any more – we ALL KNEW that the Jews were murdering children as fast as they could with mostly Geneva convention prohibited weapons Like WP and ‘bomblet’ mines. Ever seen what WP does to human flesh?.


We ALL saw the Jews celebrating each and every agonizing death of each and every innocent child on TV just before Christmas and didn’t want to be bothered while we were getting drunk at our tailgate parties and NFL games. Have you no shame or compassion for innocent children – murdered by THEIVES who STOLE their land?


Remember – WE ALL KNEW WHAT THE JEW was doing to helpless innocent human beings – many of them TRUE Christians. They were shot in cold blood – baby’s heads squashed by the boots of the Jew soldiers – women raped – holy placed bombed and defecated in – mutilated bodies of children fed to Israeli attack dogs – the bereaved parents murdered as they attempted to retrieve the bodies of their children – a million prisoners starved to death and tortured – pregnant women forced to give birth in the mud and streets by those s brave baby killing IDF thugs – civilian mercy boats with emergency medical humanitarian supplies, shelled and rammed by our US supplied Jew Navy.- schools and hospitals PURPOSELY targeted by the brave Jew soldiers.


And THAT is only the tip of the iceberg of their war crimes!


I have witnessed some of these horrors myself – but since it would not be a FUN conversation. Apathy-dependency-Godlessness – ignorance and complacency leave little room for courage – compassion- wisdom – and spiritual faith.


All of this inhuman savage sadistic monstrous cruelty by these deranged demons is but a glimpse of things to come in our Jew occupied former proud nation. Martial law – home intrusions – murder of civilians – slavery – all of your worst nightmares come true – all because you sold your country to the Jew – for ’30 pieces of silver’.


YOU – will be the authors of the last entries of this prediction


Quite a contrast to the early colonials who would not only NOT sell out their country for ALL of the silver on earth – but who would and did give their lives – so that YOUR heritage could be Freedom and goodness and courage


We have gone from greatness to garbage – from deliverance to demonic – from authentic Christianity to CRAP!



My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.



  1. I have a total different view of America than you do. In my studies of the Bible and especially of Daniel the prophet, America is Rome revived. America is found in revelation 13.
    America will be judged for its great and mighty sins against God.
    From Rome to America the gospel has not been preached to the world as Jesus commanded.
    This is why so many nations are without Christ.
    This is why America will suffer judgment even as Daniel said it would be when the stone smites the image on its feet of iron and clay.
    Every empire since Babylon will come down soon and then will begin the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth.
    America had the gospel but preached it to no one but itself.

  2. America is the cause of the hell on this earth.
    Jesus said that a man’s life consists not in his possessions, yet America has prided itself on being great while slaughtering the Native Americans and enslaving the Black,and oppressing the Hispanics.
    Not because I am Hispanic do I say this, but the Bible is clear that sin is a reproach to any nation.
    Christ died for ALL men and all nations, yet America has taken the gospel and preached it to itself while destroying other nations and peoples.
    I post blogs as God gives them to me to warn of the judgment coming on this country. It is because of the evil racism and for the arrogant attitude of America against other peoples form whom Christ died.
    David Wilkerson and Billy Graham and many other ministers know that God will judge America.
    Will America repent?
    No not as a nation.
    America took the gospel from Rome, revised it with Luther then took it to Plymouth Rock then began killing anyone that wasn’t “white”
    The rest is a history that God must judge.

  3. Anyone who follows the Bible from Genesis one to its end in Revelation 22 and study history it will find that America alone is the sole reason for the evil that is in the world.
    America had the gospel after they got it in Rome, but what did they do with it?
    Preached it to themselves while making war with anyone who wasn’t white.
    I am sure God is not impressed with this country regardless of what they say on TBN or elsewhere claiming the founding fathers were men of God.
    Stephen Gould in his book the Mismeasure of Man gave proof that the founders of this country were racists of the first order.
    Of course America is going down because God is holy and he isn’t going to bless what is unclean.
    God honors His Word, he doesn’t honor the founding fathers who somehow, by his great mercy and grace, had the sense to know that the US Constitution must be founded on the Mosaic Code.
    Thank God for that or no one have survived but the whites.
    Let’s just tell it like it is.

  4. One more thing; God honors his Word and God honors his Name. He doesn’t honor America and he doesn’t honor Jews and he doesn’t honor Christians. He doesn’t honor Muslims. He doesn’t honor presidents or kings. He doesn’t honor popes or preachers.
    He honors one thing and one thing alone and that is his WORD.
    Yes America is going down because this country thought from its beginning that God is a bigot and a racist.
    The founding fathers of this nation projected onto God their own filth and for this Hell is enlarging its mouth to swallow all and anyone who does or says anything that doesn’t honor God’s Word.
    His Word as we know is the Holy Bible.
    It is all about what God said.
    May God help those who think God is like they are; evil.

  5. Here Here…. God Bless America!!! Forgivness is golden but only granted to those who ask. In all places of the earth there is Good and evil… no one is perfect but may good always win…

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