PART ONE – for pre-schoolers

OK kids – here is a really scary one that we just can’t wait till next Halloween to tell. You will know why at the end of the story. You remember the scary story that Mr. Schwarz told you kids last week? It was a really good one wasn’t it kids- or maybe it was a bit hard to understand since you are just starting school? I’ll tell you what he had to say. He covered all of the really neat stuff about what was going to happen to us when ‘Uncle Barky’ takes over as our next President. Won’t that be exciting?

Now – I hate to tell you this – but a lot of you may never see your dads again, but that is not such a bad thing – because they will have been fighting for your freedom and mine too! There are lots of little kids on the other side of the world just waiting to kill you and your mom and dad. They have no souls like you ‘Merkan’ kids do and are not real people – so we have to kill them all – God told us to do that and the Jews told us that God loves them more than ALL of the people on the earth – so we should ALL be GLAD to die for the very special Jews like Pastor Hagee tell us. I know this is all a bit hard for you to understand – but I know if adults like Pastor Hagee and your redneck moron dad tells you it is true – it must be – right? I mean- they are adults and know everything – and would NEVER EVER tell a lie – would they?

Our brave soldier heroes have killed more than half a million of these bad little terrorists – but do not worry – there are always more and when you grow up ( if there is still a world) – and we will teach you how to kill these enemies of AmeriKa just like your dad did. Oh and speaking of your dad – if you ever hear him talking mean about President Barky – you must report this to President Barkey’s special secret police and they will take dad somewhere to make him well again in his mind – OK? But wait – kids – there’s more! Turn in just one of your playmate’s dads for being bad – and you will get the secret ‘Obamanation’ adjustable decoder ring to show all your friends at paramilitary youth school next year! Turn in TWO Or more and you can be eligible for membership in the BAD DADS CLUB and be a part of President Barky’s ‘Secret Inner Circle’ You will get special uniforms and other neat military stuff to scare people. How cool is that!

PART TWO – for teens who are beginning to think for themselves ( or – adults that still have a brain to think with!)

Ok really young kids – its lights out and beddy-bye for you. The rest of the story has some bigger words and only for your older brothers and they can understand better what Karl Schwarz’s story means to them. It is titled Predictions for 2009 – and I HIGHLY suggest ALL of you kids read it before it is ILLEGAL to have in Obama’s ‘AmeriKa for a change’ nightmare. The following part of the ‘bedtime story’ is for older kids who have read Uncle Karl’s blog and can understand some of it just cause they are past grade school. I just wanted to add something to his fine bedtime story that might bore you really young kids. You teens will be able to understand the rest of the story better – cause your younger kid brothers won’t – AND your parents? well – I’m sorry to say – but they just don’t ‘have the time to listen’. You ‘older’ kids might just want to listen for two good reasons.

#1 in a very short period of time – you will be able to do something about what I have told you – since you are the ‘next generation’ – and tomorrow’s hope.

#2 If you do NOT chose to listen to my bedtime story – AND Mr. Schwarz’s – you may also become the LAST generation – AND there may not be any ‘tomorrow’.

The REAL meaning of ‘Parental Warnings’ – should NOT be limited to a warning TO PARENTS about what their kids shouldn’t be reading or hearing.

It should – MORE IMPORTANTLY – be a WARNING to THEIR CHILDREN – about the TRUTHS of important matters which affect the FUTURE SECURITY of THE entire nation – which are NOT being read by their PARENTS – and therefore NOT being LEARNED by their children – hence GUARANTEEING yet ANOTHER ENTIRE generation of clueless ignorant useful idiots (unfortunately not in short supply today).

This monumental silent outrage is EXACTLY what has accelerated our demise in the last few decades

TRUTH THAT are purposefully hidden from you – my young people, is the most virulent and destructive manifestation of ‘CHILD ABUSE’ imaginable in America today. Think about that for a moment.

What I respect about Karl’s ‘lessons’ the most – is the fact that he always tells it like it is – and in an easy to understand manner that ‘sticks’ to the brain – like a good hearty meal – ‘ sticks to your ribs’. My 2 cents worth is that his predictions are pretty much what I would envision – and if anything – he is being optimistic. Fact is – nobody from my generation on down to my grandchildren have EVER had the most remote clue as to what REAL depravation misery and suffering is – except from stories we have heard and books we have read (not). We have been the most favored nation on earth and blessed beyond all comparison. Isn’t that wonderful- kids?

We hit our zenith of goodness – peace – freedoms – prosperity – morality – international approval and TRUE Christian identity in the 50s. It just started to go downhill from there. The outward signs of our moral demise began to manifest themselves in our schools – or personal lives – our marriages – our entertainment – and our government. This moral metastasis that we allowed to slowly infect our souls as a nation – the slow degeneration and absorption of the garbage that we had – as Americans previously rejected – was slowly being absorbed into our collective being. IsraHELL was growing like a silent cancer and spreading her rot, filth and deceit. The Beetles with their Jew incited ‘gifts’ of free love, drugs, irresponsibility and ultra-liberalism said it best. “We are more popular than Jesus now” That was the beginning of the end of our innocence – resulting in our eventual expulsion of Christ from our Judaized nation – and our descent into hell. How could this happen in our beloved America?

SIMPLE! THERE WAS NO REAL OUTRAGE. The invitations for the sons of the Devil had all been mailed and we wallowed in the filth that we ourselves had created.

This ugly metamorphosis did not go unnoticed by the Jew —- AND – I think ALSO by He who had blessed us since the time that General Washington – on his knees in the bitter cold and snow in Valley Forge – prayed for a miracle for our struggling nation in its darkest hour (lest all the beautiful young people of today – “American Idols” forget the reasons we are today not a ‘ bloody’ slave colony of ‘another King George’.

The rest has been history – and we have been afforded EVERY manner of clue and warning of the impending consequences of what we had so foolishly frittered away. At first- we simply ALLOWED the abominations of homosexual perversions – mockery of education – mass abuse of credit as a false security – bastardization of our TRUE Christian heritage – reverse discrimination – infanticide – unearned and undeserved – multiculturalism – mockery of the most sacred of our institutions such as marriage – ‘entitlements’ – and the compromising of our Constitution – the compromising of our INTENDED identity as a REPUBLIC – under ‘the RULE OF LAW’ to a deadly lure of a dangerous idea that had never worked in the history of mankind – DEMOCRACY – or better termed – MOB-RULE! Some but not all of the OBVIOUSLY WRONG things we did to ourselves because of greed – laziness – lack of character – AND an ever growing national stupidity – a ‘dumbing -down of the entire nation.

But it did not end there. With a LOT Of ‘help’ from the ever present lurking Jew and his demonic agendas – we finally went from the folly of ‘allowing’ these degenerate practices – to actually DEMANDING THEM! We had become not unlike drugged insects in a laboratory – scurrying around in inane patterns with no ability to reason or even realize that we were doomed – nothing more than ‘tools’ for an experiment in ‘bug control’.

Our masters are here now – and like the roaches in the laboratory bottles – we must do their bidding. We are finally slaves of AND BY our own choice too frightened and paralyzed by the poisons we have volunteered to take for decades.- to even bother to resist. Once a brave and proud people – we are now Orwellian clones – a nation of sock-puppets with no souls or backbones – to be thrown an occasional ‘bone’ to keep us happy – Pavlovian lemmings, conditioned to react when the ‘bell’ rings to send our sons ‘over the cliffs’ to their deaths in some far away place to murder and rape children and enrage millions upon millions of human beings who had never hated us till we began murdering their families – burning their homes and mocking their most sacred beliefs – ALL FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF SATAN and His sons.

These criminals – these “sons of the Devil” -as our Lord identified them in the Gospels Of John – will – like all ‘vampires/parasites use us all up – suck out all of the wealth – goodness – wholesomeness – decency – wisdom – courage – innocence – and love of freedom to the last ounce. Once we are totally reduced to a hollow shell – a dried our morally rotted corpse – we will be of no further use and the parasites will move to another host – and begin the process all over again till no shard of goodness remains – just another rotted corpse to be cast on the trash heap of history.

OK Kids! that’s all the bedtime stories for tonight. Sorry – but there may be no stories for tomorrow if you didn’t learn the lessons of today’s stories

Because – if you did not listen – just like your irresponsible parents – There will be NO more Tomorrows End of game – Fade to black Get it?

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

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