For those of you who are not aware of the foundation – its purpose and goals – I will explain.

The organization (from here on called CMF) was formed “ to combat Communism with knowledge and facts”. I was raised in an anti-communist Christian home life and later in life had personal experiences with the horrors of Communism in Latin America. I watched the Communist takeover in Cuba from the streets of Havana and later I got VERY deeply involved during the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua and its spread to El Salvador.


It always seemed bizarre that any predominantly Christian nation would so successfully be infiltrated by Marxist ideologies and be totally ideologically metastasized as if by sorcery. It became obvious later that poverty ignorance and illiteracy were prime ingredients for the Marxist disease to flourish. The political situation in current Bolivia is a classic example. In ALL of these classic situations where Communism and related ‘isms’ took over there was a common denominator – NO LARGE MIDDLE CLASS.


Communist sentiment never really gained any real popularity in America because of our extensive stable middle class. The Christian nature of the churches was apparently assailable and corruptible because ALL of these countries were predominantly Catholic and you can’t get more Christian than that. REMEMBER –historically the Catholic Church WAS the church of Christ. ‘Protestant Christians’ were relative newcomers – ALL with Catholic roots. What happened was that the Marxists decided that burning churches and murdering priests just created martyrs – and martyr had the hearts and minds of the people –so they tried something more sinister. Infiltrate and corrupt the TRUE church – and rot it out from the INSIDE.


This worked pretty well in poor countries where Marxist perversion of Christianity – like Liberation Theology sprang up and made sense to the poor and intellectually challenged.


In America this tactic had not gone unnoticed by the Communists and we developed our own homegrown heresies. In the 60s through the 80s. This was the genesis of the AmeriKan useful idiot. He was called the hippie and was so brain-dead from drugs 24-7 that he had no idea he was destroying Christianity and the overall security of the country. As long as he had plenty of cannabis and free love – his putty brain was open for any ‘cool’ new ideas – even treason disguised as love and compassion (this was a VERY VERY dangerous distorted concept as it nearly destroyed the country)


Some of the more prominent anti-Christian ‘religious groups’ were Maryknolls – Peacemakers – Sojourners – Pax Christi – Religious Task Force – American Friends Service Committee – New Jewish Agenda – Unitarian Universalists – United Church Of Christ – Riverside Church and a whole bunch more – ALL supportive of Marxist agendas. Bizarre and disgusting to say the least. I witnessed things during that period that were best described as fit for Ripley’s book.


Later on – a lot of folks became educated as to what was going on and Marxists in Christian churches didn’t sit too well with true Christians. Too many chickens in the pot – too many cars in the garage – too many fat bellys – to many ‘bourgeoisie’ that didn’t want any part of the proletariat ‘comrades’ . Truth be known, there wasn’t any real money to be made by supporting Marxism in America and of course lest we forget – ALL of this Marxist stuff was spearheaded by the self-chosen. We all know how much Jews love money – so they had to come up with some other cunning scheme to corrupt America and those pesky hated Christians.


Years later I observed my own country swallowed up by the genesis of Marxism – Zionism. The methods that were used by the Jews were similar to the MO employed by the Marxists. I just didn’t get it yet. It took me years to finally logically make the ‘dots connected’ and realize that it was very similar to Communism (which was after all – the demonic brainchild of the Jews in the first place)


The Jews needed another method to infiltrate and destroy the Church – but wait! – they had a better idea! Why keep wasting time and effort to destroy it? Lets pervert it to OUR agendas and USE the church to obtain OUR GREEDY EVIL DEMONIC GOAL. We will call ourselves NeoCons – play the Hollowcost guilt card to the max and convince these redneck moron Baptists that we are the CHOSEN and if they want to be in good stead with God (we will avoid using the name of Jesus as much as possible) – these morons must help us protect our precious IsraHELL and assure that our version of Biblical Prophesy is fulfilled.


We can then have someone ELSE fight OUR wars with THEIR sons – AND destroy their damned Christian religion all in one fell swoop! All the Churches will in effect become Synagogues and we will convince these gullible cattle to even CHANGE THE NAME OF THEIR FAITH – for the greater glory of IsraHELL! We will insist that they NOW call themselves CHRISTIAN-ZIONISTS. They will be fooled to believe that it is now God’s wish that they murder millions of innocent people (that are in our way of world domination). AND as a side benefit – we will have necessarily for the first time in history – taken TOTAL control of BOTH mainstream political parties!


Had this been suggested 50 years ago – before we had sold our Constitution – our children’s future – our security – our economy – our government – our Christian heritage – our world reputation and finally – our souls to the Jews – it would have been laughable as some idiocy proposed by lunatics! It has of course ALL become reality – or as the Jew Tube says- “ ACTUALITY” . All of this leads to the reason why I decided to send a letter to the President of CMF in the first place. The Jews are not called cunning rather than smart or clever for no reason. After infiltrating and virtually destroying TRUE Christian ‘identity’ in America – infiltrating and destroying BOTH political parties – infiltrating our executive – Judicial AND legislative – our schools – our TOTAL entertainment – child and adult – how difficult would it be to pervert and deceive the CMF?


They – the CMF – claimed to be on the cutting edge of anti-Communism and indeed I was inspired my many of their leaders – associates and advocates such as Dr. Fred Schwarz (no – not Jewish) of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade and Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum. About the same time I was privileged to meet other prominent anti-Communists such as Congressman Bob Dornan, General John Singlaub, prominent author Pat Buchanan, and Cuban freedom fighter ArmandoValladares – all supporters of CMF. But alas – even this lofty principled brain trust of anti-Communism has apparently succumbed to the deceptive ways of the ‘fathers of Communism’ – the Jews.


I have discovered that the pinnacle of Christian (especially Catholic) principle driven moral guardians of our people against the evils and horrors of Marxism are now not only tolerating those who have spent lifetimes of hypocrisy and support of Marxist ideology – but are actually embracing and FORMALLY honoring some of the sleaziest characters to disgrace America.


What apparently had made the Jew successful in the ideological takeover of America has some similarities to the old commie appeal. I believe the Judification of true Christian dogma as taught by Christ has been the most deadly of deceptions. There is one painful truth that has been pointed out by atheist Americans. Christian fundies – especially the Baptists are as a whole – are clueless putty brained imbeciles – i.e. – useful idiots for the Zionists.


I just KNOW that there will be a comment about that from one of these faux-Christian idiots. By all means – prove my point and make some sort of inane moronic rationalization for the continued murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent children in Iraq by our ‘brave’ soldiers ‘fighting to keep us safe’ (from the half million babies and children they have murdered in cold blood?.) Oh – and of course all of this grizzly bloodshed and innocent human carnage will greatly please ‘The Prince Of Peace’ – ESPECIALLY the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of children. I wonder if there will enough ‘millstone’ makers for ‘necklaces’ for all the guilty parties?


While the Marxists used Liberation Theology and similar heresies – the Zionist Jew has attacked the hated Christian American Church – but has also used the distortion and bastardization of the word of God – but in a more cunning and insidious manner.


The Jews – the Biblically historical murderers of Christ have schemed to not only use lies to deflect the truth of this undeniable crime – but to further twist lies into truth to be portrayed as ‘God’s chosen people’ who can do no wrong as they murder lie plunder steal and commit genocide – all in the name of God. Whereas the Jew created Marxists had used the ‘poor down trodden working proletariat masses’ (traditionally very ignorant, uneducated and illiterate) as their useful idiots to be incited into violence against the evil Bourgeoisie propertied class – the modern day Jew is using a ‘neo-useful idiot’ – an entirely different animal – but still a useful idiot to the cause of the Jew. The Jews have a catchy term for their ‘sock-puppets’= shabbus goy

Chimpanzee faced George Bush is the classic quintessential example.


These are for the most part – not the classic illiterate peasants – but might easily be your next-door neighbor with a nice car and good income. They are the TRULY uneducated but not illiterate – and somewhat prosperous MIDDLE CLASS. Remember – there was NO ‘middle class’ in Tsarist Russia or pre-Castro Cuba, and to a similar degree in Nicaragua and El Salvador. ‘Old guard’ Communism does not work easily where there is a huge middle class. Old guard Communism just never gained popularity here – too many full bellies and shiny toys.


So there had to be another approach in enslaving the American people. Destroy their Christian faith – teach them to enjoy violence – homosexual depravities – gratuitous sex and ALL things material – replace the worship of God with the worship of money. The Jew with his endless ill-gained wealth now had the power to control ALL of our entertainment from childhood (Jew owned homosexual dominated Disney World) to adulthood (rancid TV mocking any reference to Christ and always more and more sex and violence – vulgarity in every form from Profane Negro Ebonics rap to shock violence by police –in nature – in war – disasters – violent demonic kid’s games – crime specials with – did I mention? – more violence. Why do you suppose the Jews are gradually exposing us to more and more violence?


I’ll give you a hint. Look around you – our country – our entertainment – what our children are exposed to 24-7 – out foreign policies of mass murder ESPECIALLY OF CHILDRN – torture rape destruction murder of civilians (unpunished of course) destruction of entire civilizations – destabilization of governments – creation of refugees by the millions – forced starvation of civilians and finally genocide – get it?. For those of you that still don’t get it – not to worry – you are already their slaves – useful idiots – and have been the instruments of the destruction of not only foreign lands but of your own nation from the first day that you refused to get up and walk out of your ‘house of worship’ – so obviously bastardized into a tool of the Jew to control and destroy all remaining goodness.


Look about you. It is no longer a church of Christ – it is a SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN – an instrument of hate and lies – and it is NOW occupied by SATAN! The violence and killing yet to come will be part of the plan of the Jews. Like the proverbial frog in the pot – boiled to death without ever attempting to leap out – since he was conditioned very slowly – we will view horrors and violence as normal, and kill – a helpless child or entire families or entire cities – on command without ANY reservation or regret – because the Jew had taught us well.


These killers are already among us – ‘veterans’ of years of Jew-tube violence. Many are overseas murdering and raping and plundering at this moment. Interviews with these sadistic animals are commonplace today. Self-admitted socio-pathic killers who LOVE to kill. They are no longer an oddity – an aberration of social conduct when I was in uniform. We have ‘created’ an entire generation of these monsters – appearing in a neighborhood near you as soon as the first martial law is declared should any patriots DARE to stand up to the coming tyranny. If you want some chilling reality – read the record of the rape and killing spree. Punch in Spc Steven D. Green and learn what trash ‘Judified’ American soldiers ARE today!


And BTW – NO crap comments from the peanut gallery please. I trained almost a thousand young men for airborne AIT some 45 years ago and do not recall any of them being sociopath mad dogs who raped and murdered an entire family – some as young as six and then burned the bodies. Had I witnessed such a horrific crime – I would have taken out all five right on the spot. Not one of these sadists has been punished yet and it has been two years! Want to make book that their lawyers are not Jews?


A common profile on the type of sadistic human trash that support the kind of mass murderers would be a member of some ‘fundy’ church – usually Baptist – whose preacher has sold his soul long ago to the devil. He will be a prosperity Preacher or a Christian/Zionist or a dispensationalist – but ANYTHING but a house of God. His ‘convictions’ are strong – only so long as they do NOT endanger his comfy lifestyle – vacation home and tickets to the Super Bowl. His church attendees will predictably be of the same stripe of moron rednecks sharing brains under their backwards baseball hats with “Support Our child killer Troops” stickers on their SUVs. He has never traveled out of Podunk, Arkansas – can’t speak his own language properly but holds people of other cultures FAR MORE educated than he in contempt as “sand-niggers” and “camel-jockeys”. He is racist ignorant and an embarrassment to decent Americans. Thankfully – these current clueless morons did not exist in any significance in my childhood America.


His first allegiances are the stolen State of IsraHELL and he will believe that everything he sees and hears on the Jew run TV or Jew run printed news is gospel. If obese gluttonous hate mongers like Hagee tell him it is God’s will to murder every Arab child on earth he will scream for their death at a worship IsraHELL rally – and THEN preach the teachings of Christ against infanticide (abortion) a day later (unless of course they are Arab children). He is the classic hypocrite! If he is a loyal Republican he will support Bush if he wants to destroy the entire world for the security of IsraHELL. If he is a loyal Democrat – he will damn the Republicans for not approving the ‘right’ of a woman to murder her own child. They call it something cunning – like ‘pro-choice’ and will support the Jew to maintain Roe-V-Wade.


The Republican Christian/Zionist rallies against abortion – pornography – lewdness – homosexual perversion – white slavery – public profane conduct and the calculated destruction of Christmas – BUT will NEVER EVER rightfully identify the perpetrators of ALL of these blasphemous outrages against decency, God and family lest he offend the Jews. And so it goes. Which is the worst group morally? Hard to say today. The Jews OWN both. I believe it is safe to say that the Republicans have now become the greatest hypocrites of the lot.


There is a definite line – albeit narrow – between being ‘open minded’ and gullible. The line between being ‘gullible’ and criminally negligent is easily defined by the astute, wise and observant individual ESPECIALLY when the stakes are VERY high – as in a decision on allowing a stranger to take charge of your child – OR the reputation of an organization whose lofty ideals and unquestionably moral agenda may be sincerely questioned.


In the case of CMF – considering the brain trust of the directors – the Council – and the Advisory board – I would be hard pressed to believe that they have not sold out for personal gain – favoritism- lack of integrity – or just plain criminal ignorance – an UNFORGIVABLE sin – considering that these people collectively should have been informed of the CONDUCT and the VALUES and the HONESTY of ANY and ALL persons who wished to be brought into the fold.


I exposed three major deceivers – all highly honored ‘luminaries’ at CMF – one an outright Marxist – in less than 5 minutes – not a difficult task as I had spent over FIVE YEARS learning the true nature and despicable conduct of these deceivers. ALL of the information I have is pure and verifiable. NONE of this information is censured or difficult to obtain with one possible exception. The biggest disservice a patriot can do to his country – is to have knowledge of serious impropriety – crime or corruption and not expose the perpetrators even if it entails some sacrifice. No one said it would be easy. If TRUE patriotism were fun easy and popular – then there would be a dozen TV shows portraying these true life heroes instead of the Jew-Tube’s endless moronic display handsome brainless twits and beautiful sexy airheads on some island paradise complaining about their I- pod not working while they were bedded down by their lover du-jour.


The purpose is not to destroy the CMF – to which I had devoted much time and energy and money to over a period of decades. It is to expose an organization going bad – sleeping with the enemy – betraying those who believed in them and mocking the selfless dreams of the original founders by honoring the same type of deception and duplicity ostensibly put forward to be warned against – as the goals of the foundation. This was a terrible thing to do to the memory of Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty.


I pray God that the directors ‘clean their house’ for the sake of all who have labored and most especially for the martyrs who suffered so horribly at the hands of the sadistic Communist criminals so idolized by Marxist Jew traitor David Horowitz.


Text of my actual letter to Mrs. Eleanor Schlafly – President of CMF – follows;



Dear Mrs. Schlafly; Dec 31, 2008


Having witnessed the horrors of Communism abroad and the attempts in my own country to convert it to Communism (Socialism in a hurry – pretty much the same thing) – I enjoined as many anti-Communist organizations as I could effectively support and keep up with literature. In the military I served in several in several combat branches finally ending up in a Special Forces paratroop unit. This was in the mid 60s when our mortal enemies were Vietnam – China and the USSR. When we are young – we tend to use more testosterone than common sense – but at 70 – I still believe the ONLY ‘good’ Communist is a dead one. I have seen some pretty bad things.


I joined the CMF more years ago that I can honestly remember. I also supported Dr Schwarz’s Crusade and some others. I was a contributing journalist to Reed Irvine’s AIM – also the Council For Inter-American Security, The Heritage Foundation, The American Security Council, Committee For a Free Afghanistan, The Cuban-American Foundation, The Valladares Foundation, and Council For The Defense OF Freedom. I did not just collect cards – I was active in ALL of these at one time.


My business was trashed by Government greed a few years ago and I can’t do as much monetary contribution as I once did. I still do a lot of journalism mostly on the Mid- East – where I had some interesting but really bad experiences. I spent some time in Tel Aviv with a former active duty comrade and experienced horrors and ugly truths no man should have to keep in his head. I also discovered who our REAL MORTAL enemy was – and it DAMN sure was not the Arab people.


In forty years of travel – some as a foreign diplomat to the Central American Republic of Costa Rica – in the Pacific – all over Europe including former Eastern Bloc countries and other Arab countries – I have never witnessed such cruel sadistic immoral people as in IsraHELL. BTW, I am one of LITERALLY only a handful of Americans who have been inside the occupied territories of Palestine Gaza and Hebron and witnessed the atrocities committed by the IDF – which as a seasoned analyst – I consider to be the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization. I thought that I had witnessed real terrorism by the FSLN and the FMLN in Nicaragua and El Salvador. They were amateurs compared to the barbarity of the Jews. By the time it has taken you to read my letter several innocent helpless starving children – many Christian – have been murdered in cold-blood thanks to monsters like Horowitz.


Fast forward to today. I recently received your 50th anniversary publication and read it completely. I was shocked and saddened at the same time to learn of the insane things you have done to this fine organization. In the book – you HONOR what I KNOW FROM YEARS OF GRIEF AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE – one of the vilest pieces of human filth I have encountered in my entire life. David Horowitz was a ‘red diaper baby’ and trained to love Marxism and hate Christ form the day he was born. I can still remember my men being spit on by Communist Jews scum like Horowitz Hoffman and Rubin. I had personally witnessed rallies where Horowitz had been the organizer. He was charged with high treason when he ran his Communist rag ‘Ramparts’ – but wasn’t convicted for fear of embarrassing Clinton and compromising ongoing investigations. I have the whole story.


This super scumbag Even mourned his fellow Jew traitor – Julius Rosenberg – a greedy piece of human garbage whose apostasy had cost an IMMEASURABLE amount of human suffering – torture – religious repression – innocent people murdered – perhaps millions – imprisoned people lives shattered – ALL BECAUSE THIS GREEDY TREASONOUS JEW SOLD ‘THE BOMB’ TO THE DEVIL! HOROWITZ CRIED AT HIS FUNERAL!


A leopard DOES NOT change his spots, nor a zebra – his stripes. I know this scumbag’s back ground in detail. When he finally realized that preaching to ‘comrades’ wasn’t in vogue any more – AND wasn’t profitable – Horowitz had an epiphany – he simply went from being a foaming at the mouth Marxist ideologue for half his life to a pious conservative – protector of family values and such. The Republicans were now in the driver’s seat and THERE WAS WHERE THE MONEY WAS. This 2 faced Jew gets more money in ONE Donation from country selling idiots like Mellon than I earned by honest hard effort my entire life.


COUNTLESS TOTALLY innocent children have been murdered abroad because of his hate diatribes. Have you ever witnessed a grown soldier use a helpless 5-year-old trembling child for target practice Mrs. Schlafly? An innocent helpless child of God who had just witnessed his mother and sisters raped – his father murdered – his home bulldozed and the olive trees burnt? Of course not! WELL – I HAVE – and THIS is what Horowitz screams for in his hateful lying racist diatribes. Horowitz – like most Jews – is a LIAR does not just lie for money – he gets off by knowing that his lies KILL INNOCENT (non- Jewish – OF COURSE!) CHILDREN.


There on page34 – you allow this lying Jew abysmal filth to be heralded as “ accurate” – “dynamic” – “factual”. Horowitz’s only areas of “expertise” and “authority” are lies and racism and hatred. Remember – at the SAME TIME that I was fighting Communism and donating to the CMF – this human filth was cheering for the death of anti – Communists – ESPECIALLY heroic icons like Joseph Mindszenty. Don’t EVER forget that. You have NO idea what kind of gut wrenching emotional grief I experienced to see him (Horowitz) showered with accolades along with the REAL anti-Communist heroes – men of God – on pages 62 and 63 This son of Satan is – as you read this – celebrating in joy – the cowardly cold-blooded murders in Gaza.


Then on page 56 you showcase a man who has PUBLICALLY befriended of the most evil monsters to ever blaspheme the words and teachings of Christ. A creature that has more blood on his hands than ALL of the serial killers of all times! That piece of abysmal racist blasphemous filth is the fat bloated criminally ignorant moron – John Hagee. To call him ANY KIND OR ‘REVEREND’ would be a compliment to the Devil himself. I have followed this man and his baseless inane hate filled speeches long enough to know the kind of person he is. He is a master of hate and lies and does NOT preach the words and lessons of our Lord – or have you bothered to listen?


Hagee has slandered the Catholic church with every slur imaginable – compared the Church of Christ to an ally of Hitler and worse – BUT -. Bill Donahue has openly told the world that he loves and admired Hagee and considers him a good friend. A good friend.? A man who slandered the Church of Christ in a vitriolic manner I have never heard read or even heard of in my 70 years. Apparently their common ground was that they both share the endless serial wars for the greater glory of IsraHELL and support the endless murder and total genocide of the Gazan civilians. So IF the hate mongering and lust for the blood of innocent children IS IN FACT the official doctrine of the current Catholic church that I have known since the nuns educated me beginning in 1943 – I want NO Part of this ‘church’ today. Donahue is a DISGRACE to the teachings of our Lord and YOU KNOW IT! He is a 2 faced false deceiver and hypocrite of monumental proportion!


And finally you honor yet another despicable demon – Rick Santorum – a spineless worm who turned his back on a desperate mother of a sexually abused child. I spent hundreds of hours and a lot of my personal savings to see justice done. I have enough documentation that if every American parent read it – Rick Santorum would be clubbed unconscious in the street for his turning his back on this helpless mother. I won’t waste you time with all the ugly details – but In Lebanon PA. There is s pedophile club of wealthy influential perverts. A mother there that is a friend of mine discovered that her son was being sexually molested by the pervert father – a lazy worthless drug dealer whose father was very powerful locally and even controlled the judges.


The mother risked prison to save her child and although she saved the child – she was imprisoned by corrupt judges and a corrupt DA. I was there – at the trials – I saw it all. The mother pleaded with Santorum to intervene to see justice done after the poor besieged mother had exhausted her life savings and her energies to fight an evil out of control corrupt local legal system. He just blew her off. Probably interfered with his golf game. The child has been traumatized for life – his mother now has a prison record for having the courage to save him – and now living in Puerto Rico by the skin of her teeth as refugees. YEARS LATER she still live in fear of returning to HER OWN COUNTRY because of moral cowards like Santorum.


Her father died years ago from the shock of the ordeal of his daughter and her mother is in bad health if nor also dead from the stress – but of course old people are disposable to big shots like Santorum aren’t they. The criminals are STILL FREE and the woman and her son – now a teenager are still living as refugees in fear of returning to a country that sides with Pedophiles AGAINST children and mothers. BTW – I have ALL of the details – including statement by a top ranking now retired FBI agent who stated in writing that this case was the most terrible violation of justice he had witnessed in his entire career. Is this the kind of person you want associated with CMF?


Everything I have spoken is the truth and I will stake my reputation and if need be – my fortune on it. I implore you – do NOT let these serious matters ‘rot in the barrel’. I took an oath a long time ago to fight evil wherever and whenever I encountered it and I find this TOO disturbing to just ignore. I take it as a betrayal and although I have battled Communism ALL my life – I will be no part of Zionist influence – NOR will I allow friends to do so without this shocking disgraceful knowledge.


What you have done – wittingly or unwittingly – has deeply disturbed me – as I have kept the faith with CMF longer that my youngest son has been born. Your strange conduct has demoralized not only myself – but countless other patriots – mostly Catholic like myself. We look for strong moral leadership at a time when insanity rules over reason and those we have trusted most are ‘killing our own wounded’ in this gravest of all moral battles in our history as a once Christian nation – now nothing more than a playground for the Devil and his Zionist sons. As President of this prestigious and significant organization it is your responsibility to keep it pure of spirit – steadfast in purpose and cleanse it of evil hearted people as I have truthfully and sincerely brought to your attention. You owe it to all who have entrusted you with this solemn task.


While there is ONE Jew in your organization or one useful idiot for the Jews who support IN ANY WAY the stinking, Godless, lying, Christian hating, child murdering filth in IsraHELL whose abominations I have clearly and soberly witnessed with these two eyes – I will continue to expose that unconscionable hypocrisy with every talent at my disposal – so help me God.


I’m not sure if you fully grasp the magnitude of the abominations you have allowed.

Please make it right – there will be NO ‘second chance’.


“America is great because she is good- and if America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great”


Alexis de Tocqueville French historian and political scientist 1805-1859



With sincerest of emotional pain,

Joe Cortina


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. Yes Joe – the novus ordo (post Vatican II) r.c. church fully supports the Marxist agenda because the new world order (which is by definition Communist / global) was mandated by Gaudium et Spes. And the entire Christian East was betrayed in deepest consequence by the Ostpolitik of the antipapacy (1958 – ).

    And there is worse in the dregs. Antipope Benedict is in cahoots with the Sanhedrin to promote the Noachida as the basis of the jurisprudence of the new world order. They collaborate at the highest international levels to get the Noachide laws mandated for the Gentiles by the Talmud passed in all Western nations.

    For the story of the B’nei B’rith coup that usurped the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church and instrumentalized it for the Judeo-Masonic agenda of the emergent Communist world order please see

  2. Joe, most of what you say is true. However. you need to renew your faith in God’s promise that the gates of Hell will never prevail against the church. I know things look bad now, but remember, God has not abicated his throne. So, believe Jesus Christ our Saviour, and don’t despair.

  3. You should try reading.’.On the Jewish Question’ by Karl Marx..this is the most vile anti-semitic trash ever written..penned by little Karl himself..his father was a great and good man,a Rabbi,but made the mistake of sending his worthless son to college,he became an athiest and joined this rich mans organization. Adolph copied much of Karls hateful words later as he also felt like you…6 million died for a belief in a God of the spirit and soul..not of a one world government,of money and in the CFR etc. Your diatribe is ole soup,mixed in with a truth or so (donohue etc) to make it palatable.FDR,Harry,Ike,LBJ,Carter,Bush 1 and 2,Clinton,Obama.are they the dreaded ‘jews’ of course not you then refer to them as useful idiots..only you are the wise one..mmm.the league of wise men..seems to fit..sorry no knows one is over the target when enemy fire results!!!!! Nino

  4. A good deal of what you say is true. Malachi Martin would echo everything that you say. However, we are all “butterflies” in the hands of the Almighty. He has already made statements through Fatima (not a Muslim name by accident) that He is in charge and yet allows what is happening until it reaches the “crescendo point”. The apostacy of the American hierarchy is “mindboggling”. Bread must be leavened. Semper Fi.

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