(“History is written by the victors”)

Since I wrote this documented expose of some of the outright lies and deceptions surrounding the so-called Jew holocaust – better described as a ‘hollowhoax’– several distinguished learned patriots and seekers of truth have suffered every form of brutality and injustice for the crime of expressing their learned and FACT FOUNDED ‘opinions’ resulting from many years of professional investigations. These are scholars whose motivation were simply to bring the TRUTH to light.

These courageous men are termed ‘revisionists’. They seek to shed new light on purposeful false fabrications of certain historic events. They are simply seekers of truth and I admire those who are willing to sacrifice their freedoms fortunes and security for the sake of truth. In ancient times those same sacrifices for disseminating the truth were experienced by the Apostles and the Prophets. NOW – two thousand years later the Jews are STILL the cause of much suffering by those who dare to expose the lies of the Jew.

Although I do not purport to have the lofty credentials of these intellectuals (most have earned doctorates) – I PROUDLY ‘through my hat in the ring’ as an exposer of lies and those evil people who perpetuate these sinister lies to promote even more evil.  I AM A REVISIONIST – A CHAMPION OF THE TRUTH AND DEFENDER OF THE FREEDOMS GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I direct this document most specifically to pernicious despicable Jew scum like the criminal Abe Foxman the head of the most anti-American anti-Christian – pro-filth anti Constitutional nest of hate mongering Jews on earth. I also challenge EVERY other EVIL JEW ON EARTH OF Foxman’s ILK whose evil agenda is the silencing of truth and the strangling of justice by lies, violence, intimidation, threats and terror.

You Jews are experts at murdering helpless defenseless civilians – ESPECIALLY woman and children. I have witnessed these war crimes and sadistic cowardly atrocities in your concentration camps in your stolen land. Someday I and countless other persons of honor, will testify of your crimes and the whole world will learn what monsters you REALLY are. Your entire EXISTENCE is based on LIES! You cannot stifle the truth forever. God favors the truth and the TRUTH SAYER – and despises the lie and the LIAR!

I am not a wealthy and powerful or influential man – so I should be an easy target for Jew persecution – Jew lies and Jew mega-wealth. This is a TEST – by an American citizen – a veteran- a patriot and father, with a flawless civic and military record – a man who has never committed a crime nor ever even been accused of such – a TEST to see if in fact there is ANY justice or ANY  freedom of speech or ANY Constitutional validity left in my homeland.

You Jews have used this ‘mantra’ of the hollowhoax as a veil to destroy the goodness of my country and immunize your horrible crimes against humanity as you transform my beloved Christian nation into a putrid morally rotted corpse. You people have made MY beloved America a playground for your pathological Jew mentality to encourage the total perversion of EVERYTHING once good and decent and wholesome and innocent.

You have made my nation a platform for waging endless serial wars against innocent people whom YOU wish to have destroyed for YOUR greater glory – to more freely pursue your demonic agenda of world domination.

BUT first – our Lord Christ – and those who FAITHFULLY and TRULY follow His teachings must be destroyed and or discredited – as HE has exposed you in the Christian Bible, as: – “THE SONS OF THE DEVIL”

I am proudly one of those who stand in the way of your Godless degenerate filth hatred and destruction. Like the little 5 year old innocent child I witnessed in Gaza – one of thousands of murdered victims of your Jew brutality – standing defiant against guns and tanks of the “sons of the Devil” – I TOO defy the DEVIL – only I CAN FIGHT BACK!

SO – what Jew lies and deceit wills you use to destroy me – or will you simply use your ‘army’ of shabbus goyim useful idiots to do your dirty work?

“Good News From Auschwitz_”

The following is from Australia’s A.N.M. P.O.

Box 40, Summer Hill, N.S.W. 2130:

Dear Respected Reader:
Since1945 there have been many conflicting claims concerning the numbers of  Jewish people(and others)who died at Auschwitz-Buchenwald concentration camp. However, it is only recent research and access to hitherto unavailable documents, that these numbers have drastically lowered, possibly indicating that more of our people survive. Perhaps the 6 millions so often publicized (though our best figure is 4.3 million) may also need to be revised lower,- we hope so. Dr. Nathan Nussbaum, Honorary Director, ‘Centre for Jewish Holocaust Studies. According to official documents in the French Republic (institute for the Examination of War-criminals) the number that died in Auschwitz, was:

:8,000,000 according to the French daily newspaper Le Monde_(20,April,1978)

:5,000,000 According to the memorial plaque on the gas-chamber monument at Auschwitz-Buchenwald. (later removed in 1990 by the Polish Government)

:4,000,000 According to the _confession_ of Rudolf Hoess, the last commandant of Auschwitz – interrogation record and written statement before his suicide_

:3,000,000 According to a statement by Yehuda Bauer, Director of the Institute for Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

:1,600,000 According to _La Monde_  (September 1989)

:1,433,000 According to Prof. Raul Hilberg (Professor for Holocaust Research, and author of the book,_The Annihilation of European Jewry,_2nd.ed.1988

:1,250,000 According to Polish historians, Reportof July, 1990 and corresponding public announcements

:1,100,000 According to Gerald Reitlinger – author of _Die Endlbsun

AND – In the autumn of 1989 the Soviet President  – Mikhail Gorbachev opened Soviet archives, and the public saw for the first time, the complete register of deaths at Auschwitz, which speaks as a key document of 74,000.


Quite by accident, I uncovered what has to be one of the biggest lies perpetrated on the public in modern times. I have traveled extensively and while in Germany several years ago, I made a side trip to Dachau out of historic curiosity. While there I not only took the official tour but also purchased a copy of the official book of the camp history as compiled by the very same unfortunates who had suffered there during the period leading up to and till the end of WWII in Europe in Summer of 1945.

Upon reading it after my return to the States,  something from the past jogged my memory. Something that did not seem right, and then I recalled what it was. I have an extensive Video library of WWII documentaries, which included Concentration camps. Upon reviewing the concentration camp film section on Dachau, I discovered the substantial following purposeful falsification of what was presented as SWORN historical fact.

In this well documented presentation, it will be shown that ranking members of the United States military conspired to deceive the American people and the rest of the world concerning a matter of international interest. In 1945, American troops occupied several of the German controlled prison camps. One of these – and perhaps one of the most familiar, was DACHAU.

The Video of the dated official Signal Corps film plainly indicated that Jewish ( and other) inmates of Dachau were gassed to death in Dachau ‘gas chambers’. It even goes so far as to show old films of piles of the victim’s clothing stacked outside the “lethal gas chambers”, ostensibly represented to the hapless victims as showers and de-lousing rooms. At the beginning of the film -titled-NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP, the official United States Signal Corps producers go to EXTREME length to authenticate the “factual” nature of the film and events to be viewed.

The great length at which the producers went can be illustrated by the length and complexity of the opening tirade of official credentials. The narrative begins with an ‘official’ bulletin that states the following in these exact words:

AUGUST 28 1945




(As if that were not proof enough, another detailed documentation reads as follows:)


Washington DC

Certification and Affidavit

“ I, George C. Stevens, Lt. Col. Army of the United States, hereby certify that:

From 1 March 1945 to 8 May 1945, I was on active duty with the United States Army Signal Corps attached to the Supreme Hqs..Allied Expeditionary Forces and among my official duties was the director of the photography of the NAZI concentration camps and prison camps as liberated by allied forces.

The motion pictures which will be shown following this affidavit were taken by official allied photographic teams in the course of their military duties, each team being composed of military personnel under the direction of a commissioned officer.

To the best of my knowledge and belief these motion pictures constitute a  true representation of the individuals and screen photographs. They have not been altered in any respect since the exposures were made.

The accompanying narration is a true statement of the facts and circumstances under which these pictures were made.”

George C. Stevens. Lt.Col. A.U.S.

Sworn to before me this 2nd day of October 1945

James B. Donavon, Commander, US Army Reserve

(And as if that STILL wasn’t proof enough that the contents were 100% truthful, consider this additional sworn testimony shown in the film.)


Washington D.C.

Certification and Affidavit

“I, E.R.Kellog, Lieutenant United States Navy, hereby certify that:

From 1929 ‑ 1941 I was employed at 20th Century Fox Studios in

Hollywood California as a director of photographic effects and am familiar with all photographic techniques.”

“Since the 6th of Sept. 1941 to the present date of August 1945, I have been on active duty with the United States Navy.

I have carefully examined the motion picture to be shown following this affidavit and I certify that the exerpts of these images from the original negatives have not been retouched, distorted or otherwise altered in any respect and are true copies of the original held in the vaults of the United States Signal Corps.

These exerpts comprise 6,000 feet of film selected from 80,000 feet, all of which I have reviewed, and all of which is similar in character to the exerpts.”

E.R. Kellog., Lieutenant U.S.N.

Sworn to before me this 27th day of August 1945

Don Ford, Captain, United States Navy

(The film now has shown the ultimate in credibility by using not only the sworn testimony of FIVE United States Army AND Navy commissioned officers‑ BUT under the SPECIFIC DIRECT ORDERS OF THE SUPREME COMMANDER HIMSELF!)



However the whole matter was a huge fraud, apparently perpetrated by Jewish sympathizers whose obvious goals were to incense the immediate post-war American civilian viewers with the horrible notion that the ‘barbarous Germans’ in charge of the Dachau camp were committing wholesale murder on innocent unsuspecting (mostly Jewish)  victims, by gassing them to death and burning ‘the evidence’.

The absolute 100% verifiable truth that this was a vicious hoax is easily proven, as one the many sources of verification of the fact that no Jew or other human was ever gassed at this camp, —  is the society of Jewish survivors themselves.  Read the description of the official US Govt. video and narrations. The videos OFFICIAL SWORN, CERTIFIED, AFFADAVIT of the ‘true’ statements of facts begins as follows:


(Film shows the outside of a building with stacks of clothes outside)

[The exact following text appears on the screen]

‘Hanging in orderly rows were the clothes of the persons who had been suffocated in a lethal gas chamber. They had been persuaded to remove their clothing under the pretext of taking a shower for which towels and soap were provided.’

The ‘voice’ of the narrator then speaks:

“This is the brausbad – the shower bath. Inside the shower bath, the gas vents on the ceiling, the dummy shower heads”

(Shows film of inside of brausbad with close-up of ‘showerheads’)

“In the engineer’s room, the intake and outlet pipe”

[film shows the inside of the described room]

“Push buttons to control inflow and out take of gas -hand valve to regulate pressure”

[film exhibits these items]

“Cyanide powder was used to generate the lethal smoke”

(shows can of ‘ZYCLON B’)

“From the gas chamber, the bodies were removed to the crematory.”

[shows shots of bodies piled in ovens [not yet burned]

This, according to the FORMER PRISONERS/INMATES at Dachau, as presented in the official camp museum memorial book PUBLISHED BY THE INTERNATIONAL DACHAU COMMITTEE –——  IS A COMPLETE LIE.



My videos of the posters in the camp and the open admission of the Jewish guide himself, further confirm that GASSINGS NEVER OCCURRED AT DACHAU.

These irrefutable facts positively indicates without ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER that the official Dept. of Army film AND narration supported SUBSTANTAIL LIES.   I consider it shameful that Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower would permit his prominent name to be used in validation of such libelous slander.

It is common knowledge among WWII historians, That Gen. Eisenhower harbored an intense hatred of all Germans, EVEN after they were a defeated people, with their country in complete shambles for trusting the judgment of a lunatic’s evil ambitions.  It is well documented that Eisenhower was SOLEY responsible for the FORCED starvation of hundreds of thousands of German POWs – just average soldiers doing what they were told for their country.  As if these certifiable MEGA war crimes weren’t evil enough – he was also responsible of being an accomplice to perjury.

It was obviously a fabrication for gullible viewers to promote even more hatred for ALL German people – NOT just the long dead prison guards and camp commanders who had obviously carried out camp orders with more than just reluctance. Point is, where did these lies end and the truth begin?  Who would do such a hateful and despicable deed?

If I had caught this substantial lie by pure accident without even trying to discover something like this – just how many more big lies about the Jewish “holocaust” have we been spoon fed since 1945?  I specify the “holocaust” to be the one ‘against’ the Jews, to distinguish it from another well documented ‘holocaust’ in about the same time in history.

That ‘holocaust’, was the horrific cold-blooded murder of over 20,000,000 Russian Christians –  by the Jew dominated Cheka under Stalin.  Several of my former wife’s relatives were among the victims of those mindless murders. But of course – because they were gentile CHRISTIANS – their tragic ruthless mega-murders – are not NEARLY as important to warrant endless ‘guilt trips’ upon people who had nothing to do with it.

So where are the ‘Christian holocaust memorials?’  Where is the grief and repentance among Jewish leaders for this mass murder of innocent people ? People – whose only ‘guilt’ was that they professed their spiritual homage and reverence to the teachings of Christ? Where are the demands for tribunals to wreak justice upon these ‘world-class’ murderers ?  Where are the endless motion pictures depicting Jews as cold-blooded killers of Christians?  And – where are the documentary films – such as the ones I mentioned above – to so methodically site the ‘holocaust’ of Christians who worshiped God – at the hands of Jew dominated bloodthirsty mobs?

When people become so hateful that they resort to deception, intimidation, bribery, and outright lies to propagate and keep their legacy of hate alive, they discredit themselves.

Until I discovered – first hand – this shameful orchestrated deception, I tended to ignore stories that I had heard about the Jews exaggerating the facts about the so-called ‘holocaust ‘. I am not so sure anymore. Sadly – life and human nature often implies that one lie usually leads to another. I fully expect to see the future slowly reveal the WHOLE truth-sooner or later.  Lying, flies in the face of God’s Commandment, and should be exposed wherever and whenever it is discovered.

Apparently – our traditional Constitutionally given right to express ourselves has been deemed obsolete by the Orwellian ‘thought police’ – and I may end up in an  ‘American gulag’ – for my expression and concern for the truth. Others in this country and abroad have ALREADY paid a high price for their efforts to express what they sincerely believe to be true.

These Draconian ‘Jew Gestapo’ tactics have been imposed by a people who have labored tirelessly to conceal their own lies.  Ironically – these people have also tirelessly worked to destroy the Constitution of my country – a country that these people by and large – have NEVER been loyal to.

I have learned something from these new legislations in America.

IF – a CHRISTIAN  American  ‘goy’  expresses anger against the Jew who FACTUALLY  murdered countless of our relatives, friends, family members or our ‘brothers and sisters in faith’  THAT BECOMES A HATE CRIME – and a trip to prison!

Whereas – if it a Jew who has committed these horrendous crimes against humanity – he is exonerated because of his ‘chosen’ ‘victim’  ‘persecuted’ status  – so it is OK –  because his ‘religion’ not only allows – but encourages him to treat Christians like cattle ( goy) – fair game – to be cheated – robbed or even killed.

Isn’t it paradoxical – that the ‘chosen’ have accused us ‘goy’ of spreading hate against them by TELING LIES – when IN FACT, IF you BELIEVE that the words of the Holy Bible are truth and not fiction – the Son of God accused them of being the sons of Satan – whom HE deemed the father of all lies!  SINCE WHEN – in ANY decorous society – IS TELLING THE TRUTH A CRIME!

Who will be the NEXT to go to prison – for expression of thought.  In an earlier and more moral Constitutional America – we called it ==




My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. Look if even one Jew was murdered simply because he was a Jew that was a horrible crime and all decent people should be outraged. Yet to link what happened to the Jews in the 2nd World War with the policies of Israel is mixing oranges and apples. The President of Iran is right when he claims that the murder of Jews by Europeans is irrelevant to the present day Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If Israel really wanted peace in the region it would agree to pull back to its 1948 borders or agree to a one state solution. Then it would offer 6 or 8 of its own nuclear weapons to Iran as a promise that it will not try to prevent Iranian Society from developing nuclear power. Let me think have I forgotten anything?
    Well perhaps just some friendly advice for both the Jews and the Muslims of the area. Drop the bitch and make the switch. When you understand the truth of your own traditions you will understand that God is Satan with just a different hat. If you really want to become enlightened the clearest path is to become a member of the Buddhist Communist Sufi Central Committee. Just think you would be the first members. That would make you important. Perhaps you could publicly call it something different.
    After all as someone once said to call yourself anything whether it be a Christian or Hindu or whatever is just to seek safety in numbers. For example I myself am not really a Buddhist I only consider myself a student of Buddhism as well as all other religions more or less. I chose the name BuddhalovesPaine because of its funny and true double meaning. And because it reflects my own view that people should be peaceful without being pacifists. Not that pacifists are bad people I just think that they have a blind spot in their brains. Just like Libertarians (Ron Paul supporters) have a blind spot about the end result of capitalism. By the way I am not a lesbian although I have friends that are. I also think that western society in general sends to many signals to young people that how they look is more important than how or what they think. But this problem is not as important as the problem of US imperialist ambitions. I hope that anyone insulted by my claim that God and Satan, who I do not believe literally exist by the way, smack their knee to prevent it from jerking and really think about that assurtion.
    I am still conflicted about whether or not to reveal this. On one hand some people may be offended by it. On the other hand sometimes people need to be offended to move forward. I can explain why I have come to that conclusion if anyone is interested. Some of you may not know this but the Wahabbi Muslims say that a person should always say what they believe the truth to be no matter how unpopular it is. Failure to do so would show that you lack faith in the idea that truth will in the end prevail. Your own fate for telling the truth should not be considered.
    Shias on the other hand say that one is allowed to say something different than what you really believe if saying what you really believe will cause you to be persecuted. I am very unsure about who is right in this debate as both points of view seem very reasonable. Even though I do not believe in a God of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition I do believe that human history, and probably the history of the whole dimension of this universe, is being
    manipulated by a non human force.
    Our existence is either some kind of psychological test with no absolutely right or wrong answers, or else it is a totally predetermined movie which we can not change only observe. So in either case, if you want to play your role properly drop the bitch and make the switch.

  2. The idea that if the Iranian government had nuclear weapons that they would use them against Israel in an unprovoked way is so stupid that it is incredible to even suggest it. The only reason the maggots in Washington DC do not want the Iranians to have nuclear weapons is that it makes an invasion of Iran much harder to pull off. The Israelis got pressured to pretend to be possible victims of Iranian aggression to create a cover story for the maggots that they could try to sell to their public. The Israelis had to gone along with it or else they would have suffered repercussions. Very little arm twisting may have actually been necessary but it would have been done if it had been necessary.
    Now it is necessary for the decent people of the world to join forces and defeat the rogue regime of the US and its international puppets. The decent people of the world have never before faced such an insidious enemy. Perhaps they are not quite as brutal as the Nazis but they are even more clever at public relations (deception) and they have a conventional warfare advantage. The decent people of the world can only succeed by using clever means and being supported by ET intelligence. Now you may start rolling your eyes at this point but you were not in a F-4 Phantom jet in the 1970s that tried to intercept a UFO near Tehran. Whenever the pilot tried to activate his Sparrow or Sidewinder missiles the avionics in his aircraft went dead. The really funny thing is the pilot was not an Iranian as has been reported but an American. So while victory for the decent people of the world may not be certain it is possible. The ingredients are there.
    That is an evil sounding hohohohoho.

  3. Joe Cortina, I love you for writing this passionate, well though out, informative piece. Your message is so important and how terribly sad it is that you have to be brave to say it. But the Rothschilds do control at least half the wealth of the world at present, and the Jewish mafia is determined to rule the world; the motto of the Mossad is, by deception, thou shall rule.

    We need more fine men like you, Joe. Time will tell.

  4. Where the hell are all of you people that left 70 comments on the last article? Does a cat(pussycat) have your tongue?
    Or a you just silenced by my serendipity or my stupidity? Quack Quack Woof Woof
    Eeeaw Eeeaw.

  5. Joe, great write up a usual !
    It’s funny or should I say sad, that people has gotten so brainwashed by public media AND education, that every time the issues that you raised in this posting, makes people silent.
    Any discussions about this matter is so “sensitive” that people feel shame just posting a reply.
    Except for the usual ADL undercovers…very scary to say the least….

  6. Elie Wiesel vs Encyclopaedia Britannica

    Wiesel has been a prominent spokesman for the very sizeable group of people known as Holocaust survivors. [According to Norman Finkelstein of the City University of New York in his book The Holocaust Industry published in 2000, ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million’ (p.83)]. Wiesel has chaired the US Holocaust Memorial Council and has been the recipient of a Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Peace Prize(!)

    Time Magazine, March 18 1985:

    ‘How had he survived two of the most notorious killing fields [Auschwitz and Buchenwald] of the century? “I will never know” he says. “I was always weak. I never ate. The slightest wind would turn me over. In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 to their deaths every day. I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?”

    Compare this with Encyclopaedia Britannica (1993), under ‘Buchenwald’:

    “In World War II it held about 20,000 prisoners.. Although there were no gas chambers, hundreds perished monthly through disease, malnutrition, exhaustion, beatings and executions.”



    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs | January/February 1999

    “A Terrible Fraud” :
    Wiesel Ignores Palestinians
    To the Jerusalem Post, Oct. 9, 1998 (as submitted).

    (from Prof. Daniel McGowan, Professor of Economics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY)

    In your Oct. 9 article on Elie Wiesel, the American icon of Holocaust survivors, he is paid a special tribute as a “speaker of truth.” This is the same Elie Wiesel who is continually referred to by Noam Chomsky and others as “a terrible fraud.” What can explain such disparity of opinion?

    Perhaps it is because Wiesel, who has written literally volumes Against Silence, remains silent when it comes to such issues involving Palestinians as land expropriation, torture and abrogation of basic human rights.

    Perhaps it is because Elie Wiesel proclaims with great piety that “the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference,” while he remains totally indifferent to the inequality and suffering of the Palestinians. Perhaps it is because he enjoys recognition as “one of the first opponents of apartheid” in South Africa, while he remains totally silent and indifferent to the apartheid being practiced today in Israel.

    Perhaps it is because he decries terrorism, yet never apologizes for the terrorism perpetrated by the Irgun at Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948. He refuses even to comment on it. He dismisses this act of terrorism in eight short words in his memoirs, All Rivers Run to the Sea. He remembers the Jewish victims at Kielce, Poland (July 1946) with great anguish, but ignores twice as many Palestinian victims of his own employer at Deir Yassin. The irony is breathtaking.

    It is even more shocking that the world’s best known Holocaust survivor can repeatedly visit Yad Vashem and yet keep silent about the victims of Deir Yassin who lie within his sight 1,400 meters to the north. He bitterly protests when Jewish graves are defaced, but has nothing to say when the cemetery of Deir Yassin is bulldozed. He refuses even to acknowledge repeated requests that he join a group of Jews and non-Jews who wish to build a memorial at Deir Yassin.

    Elie Wiesel may profess modesty and claim he is “not a symbol of anything” but, unfortunately, he has become a symbol of hypocrisy.

    Daniel A. McGowan, Director, Deir Yassin Remembered, Geneva, NY


    Holocaust mathematics is different. It requires a very specialised mind-set, both on the production side and the consumer side.

    Have a look at a typical account by one of the seemingly endless number of survivors: Olga Lengyel’s Five Chimneys: a woman survivor’s true story of Auschwitz (Granada/ Ziff-Davis, 1947, 1972).

    The blurb on the cover of the book quotes the New York Herald-Tribune: “Passionate, tormenting”. Albert Einstein, the promoter of the US construction of the bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is quoted as offering “You have done a real service by letting the ones who are now silent and most forgotten (sic) speak.”

    Lengyel says

    ‘After June, 1943, the gas chamber was reserved exclusively for Jews and Gypsies.. Three hundred and sixty corpses every half-hour, which was all the time it took to reduce human flesh to ashes, made 720 per hour, or 17,280 corpses per twenty-four hour shift. And the ovens, with murderous efficiency, functioned day and night. However, one must also reckon the death pits, which could destroy another 8,000 cadavers a day. In round numbers, about 24,000 corpses were handled each day. An admirable production record, one that speaks well for German industry.’ (Paperback edition, pp80-81). [No trace of any remains of or in ‘death pits’ has been found.]

    This implies almost 100,000 corpses per four working days, or a million in 40 days, or six million in 240 days (eight months).

    Could this claim be a misprint?

    Kitty Hart, in spite of her name a Jewish survivor born in Poland, fully confirms these figures:

    ‘Working around the clock, the four units together could dispose of about 18,000 bodies every twenty-four hours, while the open pits coped with a further 8,000 in the same period.’ (p 118; Return to Auschwitz – paperback edition by Granada (1981, 1983).

    According to the cover blurb, ‘The subject of the award-winning Yorkshire television documentary of the same name.’ ‘Both engaging and harrowing…an important addition to the growing holocaust literature, very little of which conveys so courageously both the daily torment and the will to survive’ – Martin Gilbert, The Times.

    Martin Gilbert, indefatigable Jewish campaigner on behalf of the ‘Holocaust’ and biographer of Winston Churchill, adds to the rich flavour and makes his own numerical claims, certainly not without chutzpah:

    In his book Auschwitz and the Allies (1981) he states

    ‘The deliberate attempt to destroy systematically all of Europe’s Jews was unsuspected in the spring and early summer of 1942: the very period during which it was at its most intense, and during which hundreds of thousands of Jews were being gassed every day at Belzec, Chelmo, Sobibor and Treblinka.’ (p.26).

    If we assume a minimum figure of 200,000 per day, this amounts to say a million a five-day working week, or 6 million in six weeks, and this does not include the truly awe-inspiring claims for Auschwitz put forward by Hart and Lengyel with Gilbert’s blessing.

  8. Statement by Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus
    University of Ulster, December 5, 2005:

    “I’ve checked out Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

    It’s official – there’s no actual shortage of Holocaust survivors…

    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million’ (extract from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso, London and New York, 2000, p.83).

  9. For a nation long regarded as the epitome of industrial efficiency, the massive number of “survivors” from these camps can only be viewed as an abject failure on the part of the Germans……or someone is lying.

  10. joe – i liked where you were going with this and I kept reading and reading and waiting and waiting for the punch line. where is it? i heard all about the supposedly fake ww2 films. i’m more than open to believe it’s all a big lie. i seem to remember a jew being in charge of patton during this period. and of course there was the morgentau plan. and we know it is typical jew behavior to waive the persecution flag. so it all fits. but i’m still waiting to hear your evidence. i heard all about your opinion. but the big lead up to the irrefutable proof of the holahoax led to well nothing. is this just a lot of blather or do you have something you’d like to share?

  11. I was recently in the British National Archives
    at Kew researching the PWE (Political Warfare Executive), specifically the miscellaneous correspondence of Sir Bruce Lockhart. I discovered that both William C. Paley (future president of CBS TV/Radio) and C.D. Jackson (future editor of Life) were in this exclusive (less than 15 persons) top secret British propaganda unit. There was an official notice in the folder to the effect that eight documents had recently been deemed forgeries and removed. So the psychological warefare continues to this day.

  12. Questioning certain details about the Holocaust is not denying that it happened, but in the interests of balance IT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT THAT WE DO NOT LEAVE ROOM FOR HOLOCAUST LIARS, such as Elie Wiesel, the most notorious “Holocaust survivor” who boasted of his concentration camp tattoo, yet in at least one photograph I have seen exposing that part of his forearms which would have had such a tattoo, there was nothing but bare skin.

    The figure of 6 million had been around a long time before WWII.

    On June 11, 1900, Rabbi Wise stated (New York Times page 7): “There are six million living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism”.

    In the 1902 tenth edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica under “anti-Semitism” it states: ” Six million of Roumania and Russia
    were “systematically degraded”.

    In 1905, the New york Times stated: “If (Jewish-led) Communist uprising in Russia succeeds in overthrowing the czarist government, Zionism would no longer be needed by a free and happy Russia and its six million Jews”.

    There were continuous Jewish attempts at floating out Holocaust propaganda before, during and after WWI, often invoking the magical 6 million figure and using the term “holocaust”. Immediately AFTER WWI, long before any counts could be recorded, Jews proclaimed that 6 million Jews had perished, and that did not fly.

    Fourteen years before Hitler rose to power and twenty years before WWII began, “The American Hebrew” published in Oct 31, 1919, stated “The six million Jewish crucifixion must stop”.

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