A nation does not die over night. It must endure a process of sequential warnings to its people – each one more grave and ominous than the last or at least as detrimental as the preceding warning. My country is now in terminal death throes – all due to TOTALLY avoidable ‘red flags’ over a long period of time. It has been the same for millennia for other nations that have ended up on the ash heap of history.

Not unlike most diseases there are almost always warnings – symptoms that something is not right – matters which must be tended to IMMEDIATELY – before they get to a ‘point of no return’ – a condition of the body – OR the ‘body’ of a nation from which the result – a true miracle not withstanding- ‘DEATH’ is always the inevitable result. It is my belief that the late great United States of America is at that crisis.

I cannot believe that any adult citizen not having to share a brain (wearing a backwards baseball cap) would not know the causes of our demise – as they have been IN OUR FACE since day one – and the warnings of the wise have been legion and consistent. I personally believe that there are certain ‘qualities’ of a successful free society, which must be nurtured and fiercely protected.

I clearly remember a time when Americans would unhesitatingly show outrage at ANY and ALL threats to our most sacred beliefs institutions traditions and freedoms. The very notion of some Jew who had the blasphemous arrogance to “demand” the removal of a Christian tradition in our CHRISTIAN BASED nation would have elicited an outcry that would have made the consequences of any such future insult to the nation UNTHINKABLE! America came first to all patriotic Americans – but that was a long time ago – when there was sound reason for pride in country – and there was no IsraHELL.

When one of these attributes ‘dies’ – it is the signal to IMMEDIATELY regroup – restore that lost quality and ‘ double the guard’ as it were. The death of such a characteristic should be an alarm to every man woman and child to restore it IMMEDIATELY lest it start a trend. It has been said by great men -“the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. That – is the truism by which every nation that ever was – will live or die.

In my brief journey on earth – I have witnessed the death of not one – but several of these critical attributes – as well as the ‘final’ one which I will address last – for without it, all the rest are but hollow ranting of impotent sophists.

It seems as if all of these ‘deaths’ occurred somewhat simultaneously with some being stretched over a substantial length of time and progressing from bad to worse – essentially unchallenged. It didn’t begin yesterday and it could have been stopped over a generation ago. Now it is probably too late.

The death of propriety.

We used to guard the innocence of our children with a fierce determination. Anything that would be perceived as a threat to their innocence was dealt with swiftly and with almost universal solidarity. Then came the day that our people allowed the ‘invasion’ of ‘entertainers’ whose radical new ‘noise’ was intended to elicit violence, irrationality, and disrespect for anything and everything conventional and wise. It was called rock and roll – then heavy metal – then acid rock and finally today it has become pure demonic violence. It brought us the gifts of ‘free love’ – drugs – hippies – irresponsibility as our way of life and an entire new set of role models of perverted abysmally putrid filth. It has evolved into animalistic ‘street dancing’ and filthy ‘rap’ whose soul is non–stop profanity. Sadly an entire new generation of white youth are now imitating this Negroid primitive savage violence laden profane filth. Where was the outrage?

The death of wisdom.

It used to be that most movies had a ‘moral to the story’ – and wisdom was considered one of the loftiest attributes of humanity and all school children knew by heart many of the wise sayings of our Founding Fathers and great philosophers. When was the last time you heard ANY President or prominent speaker declare ANYTHING of real wisdom? The official mantra of the Democrat Party (half the entire population of America) under the reprobate degenerate Clinton – was: “Character doesn’t count” remember? What does that tell you about the ‘character’ of Democrats? We have dumbed down TWO entire generations of our young people in schools that are a mockery of learning today. I came from a family of educators and have watched this farce proceed unabated for decades. Where was the outrage?

The death of morality.

I clearly remember that to abort a child was considered to be what it actually was – MURDER! I also remember that homosexual perverts were where they belonged – under rocks and not corrupting our children! Pornography was virtually invisible in our society and we protected our children against it. Today we have legalized the murder of the unborn child to unimaginable proportions. We have murdered more innocent babies that ALL of the war related deaths of The Civil War – WWI – WWII – Korea and Vietnam combined! We have gone from a nation of Christian principle to the laughing stock of the remaining moral nations of the world. We now HONOR homosexual perverts and their freely chosen filthy rancid lifestyles We have mocked the sanctity of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the most putrid manner imaginable. Where was the outrage?

The death of Christianity.

If you are old enough – remember when virtually all churches taught the TRUE gospel of Christ and every merchant and every person on the street greeted you with a sincere Merry Christmas as the date approached? I defy ANY ONE to locate a TRUE Christian church of any size today in most of America that is not preaching blasphemy – hatred – dispensationalist heresy – material prosperity – killing – war and ANYTHING but what Christ taught us. We are now a nation of Synagogues Of Satan – hellholes of ‘Christian/Zionism’ – the ULTIMATE blasphemy and oxymoron. Even our Bibles are now perverted by Jew owned publishing houses. Christmas has now been perverted into a sordid amalgamation of materialistic shopping frenzies and Godless secular holiday mentality – with NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the celebration of the birth of Christ. Where was the outrage?

The death of Truth.

Remember when we could pretty much trust what our President said – or what newscaster said on the radio? Forget it! Politicians lie today with a repugnance that can only be termed dazzling! Many TV add claims are third world jokes. Lies told by corporation herds today are legion. Top ranking government officials in modern times have openly admitted that lying is Ok as long as you don’t get caught – remember?

We have a government which lies to us 24-7 – a news media which lies to us 24-7 and now a totally Jew owned television empire which has become the springboard for the destruction of ALL the teachings of Christ through a barrage of Jew lies so sordid and cruel as to be unconscionable. Night after night on the Jew NATGEO and the JEW History Channel and the JEW Discovery Channel we are told as FACT that we evolved from one-celled animals and apes. We are told that Christ was a bastard son. We are told that His blessed mother Mary – was a whore. EVERY night there is a new perversion of the truth in the Bible so as to discredit the Word OF our Lord and exonerate the demonic conduct of the Jew throughout the ages. Where was the outrage?

The death of personal responsibility.

Remember when we were taught by our parents and our church leaders and our schoolteachers and our national leaders that WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS? Not any more. Today – from the President to the judicial to the messages on TV – we are told that its is ALWAYS someone else’s fault that we murdered a classroom of students – or shot both our patents in cold blood – or committed armed robbery – or lost our life savings through our own foolishness – or if we are Negro – that it is the white man’s fault that are not driving a Cadillac or don’t have enough money for our crack cocaine habit – or that it is OK to murder our own child if he or she will be an ‘ inconvenience’ to take care of. Where was the outrage?

The death of honor.

I remember honor. It was something to be admired – and had been synonymous with American tradition in military and civilian enterprises. There was a feeling of pride in living amongst people of honor. Even the motto of my chosen military service – the Green Berets – spoke of the character of our time – “ Death Before Dishonor”. That is gone now. There is NO honor in this land. Corruption has become the only way to success. Lying – brutality – and deception have replaced truth – compassion – and sincerity. Want to succeed in business today? Cheat, lie, steal and deceive.

Our military has turned into murdering thugs – capable of any crime with war criminals for commanders responsible for the murders of over one million innocent helpless defenseless civilians. I trained many young warriors and they were NOT the evil sick demented sociopath killers of today’s military. One of these young killers raped an Iraqi child – murdered her 3 year old sister – shot the rest of the family and burned the bodies while partying and drunk with his comrades.

These are everyday occurrences in our modern improved army of rapists and child killers. His justice and punishment for these heinous barbaric sadistic crimes has yet to be carried out. It is years later and he has not been nor ever will be justly punished. Check this out for yourself. Multiply this true horror by a thousand fold and that is what the TRUE face of America’s military is today Where was the outrage?

AND FINALLY – the death of sanity.

When I was a child this country was moral and strong. We may have been a more naive and ‘innocent’ people but we had the good sense to NOT commit national moral suicide. If we were made aware of horrible injustice – here or abroad – ESPECIALLY if we were responsible – to get involved and make it right. We were intellectually honest enough to not be in constant denial of in- your- face evils and were disposed to ‘ do the right thing’. In other words – we were sane moral responsible people who loved the truth – our freedoms and our sovereignty.

Today we have forfeited TOTAL control of our OWN country to the most evil place on earth – the ‘summer’ home of the Devil – ISRAHELL! The Jews control EVERYTHING we see – do and ‘learn’ in our Zionist occupied nation. The Zionists control our Judiciary – our Legislative – and now TOTALLY – or Executive. Bush is a 100% IsraHELL loyal Zionist by his own admission. Our new Godless Marxist Negro President is also a Zionist – as is his VP – as was McCain and the airhead Palin – ALL SLAVISHLY LOYAL TO ISRAHELL FIRST BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS AND WORDS.

We have forfeited our economic future – our financial ruin – to Zionist bankers. Our military is run by IsraHELL loyal traitors (treason by definition – by the way – is placing the interests of a foreign power before those of your own nation). Our education system is run by IsraHELL loyal Zionists so as to insure that the next generation will be good little IsraHELL Zionists.

ALL of the news and ‘documentary’ specials are owned – operated and directed by Christ hating Zionist Jews. REAL Christian teaching in this occupied country is all but totally destroyed by the Jews. VERY soon anyone wishing another a Merry Christmas is at risk of being arrested for a hate crime. Such legislation has ALREADY been in the mill and with the event of the Obamanation – it will be facilitated.

The destruction sanctity of marriage is now a given and the total acceptance of homosexual perverts in AmeriKa is only months away. ANY speaking out against them will be of course punishable by fines and prison – hate crimes – you know. Our school children will be reeducated and given sensitivity training about homosexual perverts (erroneously called ‘gays’ by their Jew supporters and useful idiots) Business will no longer hire any one who is ‘not tolerant’ of homosexual perverts. You will either be forced to take ‘sensitivity reeducation training’ or be fired. The Jew AT&T is a leader and pioneer in this abomination and one need look no further than their rancid YV adds that brutally mock ALL traditional Christian family values.

We will become the moist hated nation on earth for our cruelty. We will find ourselves in endless serial wars with nations of people who never done us any wrong and have had the misfortune to stand in the way of IsraHELL’s agenda of Zionist world domination. We will tax our own people literally to death so that we may finance more deadly ways to snuff out innocent human life and be the cause of more human suffering and world wide misery than any despot in the history of mankind. After all – we are ALLREADY MORE than halfway to beating the Communist record of civilian murders. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

Problem is that one day we will bully someone who can fight back and may find ourselves with our own country destroyed – which we will have richly deserved for the misery we have caused. It will be called WWII –Armageddon or whatever you wish. There will only be one ‘winner’. That will of course be the Jew. He will finance BOTH sides of ALL conflicts as he has historically done for millennia – as his ‘god’ was- is and always will be money and power. The joke will be on us and the plea of our ‘temporary insanity’ will unfortunately not work in that final scenario of global justice.

Taxes will soar to pay for welfare scum and to bail out failed BIG businesses. Our sons will continue to go to foreign lands to murder and rape and pillage innocent people and devastate civilizations not approved by the Jew. Our churches have already been bastardized into the Biblical Synagogues OF Satan as Christ warned us. Everything we were taught will be twisted and perverted – freedom will be slavery – truth will become lies – perversions will become virtues – goodness and compassion will become weakness and cowardice.

In other words we will have lost all our sanity. After all – there can be no other rational explanation for the fact the we had VOLUNTARILY – KNOWINGLY – WILLINGLY – EAGERLY – FREELY decided to forfeit our Christian and pioneer heritage – our Constitution – our hard earned freedoms – our dreams for our children – our traditional ways of life – ALL for the greater glory of ISRAHELL! Where was the outrage?

The final cause? Why of course – by now you have connected the dots yourself and figured it out. It was the ‘final death’ – one death too many. It was the one from which there was no return. It was the final insult to our children – our dreams and everything that America meant to all of us – the ultimate indiscretion. It was a collective act of the ultimate irresponsibility. The absence of which created a silence which was deafening to those mortal men who had sacrificed their all for generations yet unborn – men of courage honor and wisdom. ALL of their sacrifices – from George Washington to countless unsung patriots who came later and laid down their lives – their fortunes – hearts and souls for the future well being of this once great nation – all for nothing – because of one collective cowardly act.

The cause is =


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

80 thoughts on “THE DEATH OF A NATION

  1. We have lost the family too Joe. That
    is the saddest of it all. Gone are the
    days that a father was king of his
    castle. Now he is king of nothing as
    the government puts its laws and rules
    in force. I ask myself time and time
    again. What has happened to a nation
    that won two World Wars just the way
    we were. What needed to be changed?
    Was it important to tear the family
    up? Did we need to kick God out of
    this nation? I leave you with this.

    “If my people who are called by my
    name will humble themselves and pray
    and turn from their wicked ways, then
    I will hear from heaven, and heal their
    land”. It is not too late America. Are
    Joe and I the only people that remember?
    Surely not.

  2. I just noticed that “Merry Christmas” is making a comeback. My daughter is learning the song “Feliz Navidad” and other Christmas songs in Public School. Maybe because it’s a majority Black school they are more into open Christianity than the more timid Whites?

    Scholastic Book Services is selling Bible verse books as well as Christmas and Hannukkah books via the Public School System. I was offended they didn’t have any Eid books. But I was surprised at the Christmas stuff.

    Also I want to point out that a lot of people you smear in a negative way, like many if not most hippies or rappers, actually agree with you about the fundamentals of what you say, and are also outraged about where this country is going. So you might try to let some of that Christ Love into your heart and look past apparent differences because labeling people is Satan’s way of preventing you from getting to know them and working with them to make the world a better place.

  3. Superb intellectual, spiritual and emotional analysis. We have become very apathetic and tolerant of evil but intolerant of Christian morality. This is the result of “tikkun olam”, the age-old rabbinic concept of destroying & rebuilding the world under their complete control. This is taught in the masonic lodges under the symbolic references to the “rebuilding of the temple of Solomon”& the allegory of the burned phoenix arising out of its ashes.

  4. Got to be careful we don’t lionise the past, and think today is terrible. It’s still a beautiful world, and people are still the same. Decades ago someone would blow a trumpet and huge shoals of men would eagerly go to war and massacre each other. Today, thank goodness they would say “no” . WW1 was a lie. WW2 was a lie. The ‘Nazi’s were mostly bakers, plumbers and schoolteachers. The Civil war was a lie as was the 1776 ‘Revolution’ where King George hung around for years, and came back in 1812 and burnt the White House. Don’t be so negative. There were plenty of perverts, crooks, wife beaters , drunks, druggies, corrupt cops, tyrants in the past. It’s what you make it , now.

  5. It is too late.

    The End Time is God’s way of winnowing out stupid, stubborn people. That is, people who refuse to LOOK.

  6. I am from the uk Joe also ex millitary I have seen the same decline of our great nation our moral base destroy,d by the same satanic corrupt cartel that has your great nation in its grasp lets hope people wake up before its to late and we end up in slavery robots for them.

  7. I suggest that the death of this nation began with the death of the Truth about the relationship between man and God–categorically denied by the atheists and humanists; but perverted in accordance with the doctrines (and the greed and the lust for power) of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim theologians.

    It is the death of this one Truth which has resulted in the death of morality, personal responsibility etc. and the creation of a fiat money system; and it begins with the denial that the Revelations of the monotheistic religion teach a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’ referred to as the Doctrine of the “resurrection”.

    Christian-Zionism, for example, is a *direct* consequence of such a theological error.

    Michael Cecil

  8. It is too late to repair. Gather those who are under your care and prepare. The fight is not to the strong, nor to the rich, but to those who put their faith in God (not G-d).

    It is an honor to die defending truth, and martyrs receive a martyr’s reward. I do not advocate any kind of violence, but I certainly do not advocate giving in to violence. Go ahead, put a gun to my head and kill me. With Christ, far better. We do not give in, we do not give up, we keep the faith, or rather, the faith keeps us.

    It is better to stand and lose everything than to run and lose one little piece at a time until there is no integrity left to give.

    Pray. Prepare. “And having done all, to Stand,” Ephesians 6:13.

  9. I’m afraid that the rot had set in long before the 1960s in America. The real poisoning began after the war against the South. Remember how the Unionists treated the defeated Confederacy. After the communist Rooseveldt’s coup the rot became almost irreversible. Remember, that the US made the ‘Russian’ Revolution possible and did everything in its power to help Uncle Joe take over half of Europe. American soldiers committed plenty of atrocities against the Germans and other Europeans long before Iraq. General Smedley Butler knew the score way back in the 1920s. Once the kikes had utterly corrupted the leadership they set to destroying the masses. Now, their work is almost complete. Only the most bloody ruthlessness can hope to undo it. If ever a race deserved a holocaust then it is the jew race: a real holocaust rather than the vile hoax they have been promoting and profiting from for the last sixty years.

  10. I agree with much of what you say,and much I don,t. Your talking about control and your upset because you lost it.Religions have killed more people on this earth then anyone.You didn,t say anything about the Indians we killed and are still killing in this so called christian nation. I,m 70 years old and I surely remember all the hell people like you have brought to this nation,you may want to go back to that hell but i don,t! What you see as truth is nothing but hate.And I don,t give a shit what you have done in your life because all you now represent is hate.WE are born animals with hope of becoming human and you didn,t make it. Your anger comes from living your whole life thinking it,s your way or the highway.well it,s not my way and you need to look in the mirror before it,s to late. Hate begets hate and only love begets love. PS are you aware your a bigot-[one intolerantly devoted to his or her own prejudices or opinions]. yesican

  11. While I agree with your sentiments of Christian moral values and the oganised destruction of same by a depraved elite, I am surprised by references to Green Berets and winning two world wars. It is quite obvious that this rot was well in place even in those times. The depravity that was Vietnam and the expansion of WW2 by Roosevelt, is no place to claim any moral high ground. You may have had all the best and noble intentions but surely now you must be realising that those killing fields were created by the same interests you allude to today. The direction was set. Nothing needed to be changed.

  12. Refuse brain rot TV shows created by demons. Most of them are programs that solicit the works and wants of the devil. Watching in the spirit of relativism or entertainment you become participants in the works of the devil. Let the wicked perish. Eternity is hot in hell. Stop watching the filth and lies that tarry the soul that dethread our holy garments.
    don’t buy, don’t watch, don’t concede. Waste no time turning back. Today is the time. “the road is far and wide that leads to destruction”
    Wake up! Return to thy former ways. Forsake the wicked, stand up for all that is good. Silence in the the face of evil is the exoneration of wickedness.

    St Peter will not care which channel it was on. You watch it.

  13. Mr. Boru is on target, but a little late with the timetable. Once our Constitution, and the unheard of freedom that it extends to the individual, became known to the Jews, the exodus to America began. They came, they were active participators in the slave trade – the Rothschild’s were into our banking system until Jackson ended their scheme. They subverted Lincoln’s efforts in the Civil War, charging high rates of interest in an attempt to recreate their banking system. President Wilson sold us out, in part because he was being blackmailed for adultery; gave us the Fed and the 16th Amendment.

    Our entire history as a nation is totally corrupt – as the author has written, more corrupt now than then, but undeniably sick long ago.

    As for the Jews, they do what they are driven to do. The danger they presented to America was heralded . . .and ignored. Slaves to a Constitution that was tailormade for the Jew and his machinations we permitted him to flourish among us. We let the vampires into our land. And now we pay the price of folly!

  14. Good article Joe. But Christmas never had anything to do with Jesus Christ. It was the ignorant Christian that put Jesus into a pagan holiday. So don’t fret the Merry Christmas stuff. Used to bother me until I understood.

  15. Dear Joe,

    Jews have been chased out of every country that have infested throughout history.

    This Maddoff scam for more than 50 billion dollars is bringing a smug smile to my face. It is good to see a jew that ran the “jewish bond” screw his on people in such a grand way.

    Even so, we now have a Jewish White House, through and through. I find for you, if an invasion ever came this way, I would be hard pressed to defend this cesspool we mow live in. I would probably aid and abet our invaders since there really is nothing left here to fight for, no matter what the jew propaganda would have you believe.

  16. Utterly brilliant article Mr Cortina, as usual.
    They have created entire nations of compliant, mindless, sheeple with the most God forsaken device ever conceived……Television
    A thousand social ills created, a million depravities glorified, and a non stop barrage of bald faced lies and vile propaganda spewed into the air in such great number it is surprising the suns light can penetrate it!
    Is it any wonder most, if not all, of the Islamic nations of the world are violently opposed to the introduction of the Jew tube into their societies when they are witnessing the sad spectacle of our completely obvious demise!?? I reckon they see very clearly that it is an insidious weapon of the Zionist and are fighting it at all cost.
    If there isnt a fag fest, reference to the unholycost, or human genitalia shown every hour, station owner Shlomo Scumstein is on the phone to the manager demanding answers and a 2 hour special on the joys of sodomy to pick up the slack.
    Nope, im afraid its all over Mr Cortina, we should have killed our TV’s when we had the chance many years ago.

  17. we have been Altered.

    by fluoride in our water, food-that-is-not-food in our bodies,’vaccinations’ in our bloodstream, cellphones in our brainwaves, chemtrails in our air…
    and what is ‘Morgellons’???
    the ‘BigBadList’ runs on and on

    it is not so much the sheeple’s ‘fault’ — their passivity is now biochemical in nature.

    (i’ll bet YOU have wellwater, Joe, and don’t use a cell phone much… so YOU are free-er to ‘see’…)

    biochemical changes are hard to fight against..
    even the SupremeCourt turns away from ‘presidential’ citizenship issues, and the nation breathes a seemingly collective sigh of relief…

    America = doomed…


  18. The article was pretty good, but that negroid comment kind of turned me off the article for a bit…I finished it anyway. My thoughts….well….I agree with most of your article and I understand you were raised christian, But lets not kid ourselves….not everyone is christian. Some People are “agnostic” Atheist Muslim. How do humans know which religion is correct. I am not a religious person why? the bible contradicts itselfs and any person can see this if they actually read the bible. I am more spiritual of a person I know something is out there….but how it works and what it is I don’t know. I all so believe in human potential. It says you were a scientist….well are there secrets being kept from humanity?

  19. Joe, your dislike of Black people is misplaced. The Zionist have directed rap music and drugs to Black communities since the beginning of both in American history. Rap music though not the genius work of Mozart was fairly innocent before Jewish money got involved.

    White America and White cops chose to ignore the drug problems and profitted on occasion. Blacks are responsible for correcting their situation as are Whites – to expect Black to do a better job of fending off Zionist power than Whites is foolish and unrealistic.

    Other than that I agree with you and wish you a Merry Christmas.

  20. Joe,

    I routinely write on these matters and until I read your treatiise on the soon death of modern day Rome (Babylon of Revelation chapter 18), I thought I was “laying it on the line,”
    but like a few really good movies I have seen in my lifetime, your words of truth made me want to stand up and cheer. Amazing insight, Godly perception, and a wonderfully written expose’ of a nation at the door of death as well as a courageous depiction of the anti-Christ Jews. I pray that I will survive the madness until I witness God’s judgment on America, the Laodicean church, and Israel, I don’t believe I will have to wait too long.

    God bless and keep you,

    Jerry G.

  21. I second the first comment.

    Also I add that this entire article applies to the whole American Empire, which includes, my country Australia.

  22. Dang, I love a good rant. But this is not a rant – this is a cold statement of fact. For decades, we have been groomed by those who would steal our freedom to “go along to get along.” Joe’s reminder should be posted on every classroom wall. The problem is: if anyone posted it, hells afire, Morris Dees and his FBI proprietary “Southern Poverty Law Center,” the ACLU, the FBI and HomeBoy Security would be in your house planting bugs every time you slipped out to go to the grocery store.

    Notwithstanding the clearly pointed jabs in the well deserved faces of the Pharisees (contemporary zionists) and scribes, Joe’s shot was “dead center.” Nice shooting Joe. Now, calmly reload and keep shootin’. Shoot low, they may be crawlin’.

  23. I agree with the vast majority of what you say. But don’t label rap as ‘Negroid primitive savage violence laden profane filth’. As you have said yourself, the zionists control the media and they are the ones that broadcast that filth. Before they took it over, rap was not filth, but actually had a real message, actually somewhat of a rebel message. But once the zionists took it over & made it mainstream, that’s when it became ‘gangsta rap’ with all of the idiocy and vapid garbage that it is today.
    Hopefully, you are not a bigot concerning race issues. In fact, zionists are the ones who actually use the media as a tool to foment and intensify conflicts and problems with the perception of race and race relations. They are the ones that give create the images in the media of blacks that make most people think that they are inferior, all on welfare, all are irresponsible. They seek to amplify race conflict so that we all don’t begin to realize that they are the ones who are destroying freedom while implementing the NWO paradigm.

  24. In Rev. 17:17 God says it is his will that we turn our country over to the beast.

    He doesn’t say we have to like it.

    He does say, for lack knowledge his people are lost.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  25. Henry Ford knew the Zionist/Jewish evil for what it was, and tried to warn America. His life’s work, his business, his reputation; almost destroyed by the Zionist/Jewish vermin plauge that now has America by the throat, choking it to death. We were in a much better position in the 1920’s to crush and destroy Satan’s spawn. The time for being pro-active has long since passed us by. All we can do is hunker down and react.

  26. jehovah’s witness are far about from the rest the worlds religion…you have good reasoning try openly and seek the truth within. The don’t go to war or kill the neighbor they don’t use drugs,they are clean people all around,”but you may say this or that” give it a try and see for yourself what has been missing…after all Joe. Hitler was bend on killing this faithful christians but they refuse military service or pledge alligence to country following the foot step’s of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. If by this time we haven’t learn the meaning of this than allow divine intervention.

  27. I really believe the death blow to this country happened the minute Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations/Federal Reserve activities took place. Those actions, in my opinion, are the root causes to the demise we see today. The evil behind our country’s demise is the Rothchild empire. Little by little, step by step their agenda has proven to be ever so cunning and lucrative. This country’s morals have decayed little by little via implementation of many policies and laws which are forbidden in the Constitution. The Rothchilds know exactly what they are doing.

    The Christian Identity message (word study from the ORIGINAL Hebrew and Greek texts to help decipher true meaning of the Bible) has been very helpful to see the big picture. The Edomites have and always will be the bane of everything good. They are masters of deception, usury, literal and figurative murder. These Edomites, lead by the Rothchilds, are the 8th Beast as prophesized. True Israelites are actually the Caucasian peoples (the lost tribes) who passed through the Caucausus mountains and settled in Europe and various other places in the world. The Jews know this and have to work very hard to keep the true concealed. Truth and Godliness always wins…..

  28. “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever…..nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands.” Mr. Maurice Samuel.
    Quoted from chapter 17 of “The Controversy of Zion.” by Douglas Reed, a man who studied and really understand the Jews and their ambition to rule the World “with an iron fist.”

    Thank you Joe for your lucid writing.
    It really is the end time. It seems to me that either they will soon have absolute and total control of OUR world or we will have to find a way to be rid of them. To me it seems very strange that any Human Being would want to be jewish! It is so patently insane, so full of hate for all of Humanity and all of Life. It is not just !zionism” that is the problem, it is the childish and hateful and paranoid and plain arrogant and stupid idea of Judaism and the “chosen” idiocy. They are truly ignorant people – and they like to think they are intelligent.

    Intelligent they are most decidedly not – just clever and cunning and sly and devious and forever, forever, forever, thinking up ways to cheat and destroy whatever is good and wholesome and true and beautiful.

    Very sick people. If I was Jewish I would repudiate the vile philosophy instantly – our of shame and embarrassment to be so immoral, so low, so ignoble.

  29. Jews are responsible for 9-11 too.
    They have successfully instigated a clash between Christianity and Islam. And now seem hell-bent on getting the Hindus in the fray as well.
    God has repeatedly warned us of Satan and his minions (in both the Bible and the Quran), yet we are collectivley falling for their trap.
    Joe, all that you mentioned above is happening in just about every corner in the World where Israhell or U.S have an imprint.

  30. The Sheeple in this nation of MORONS are to blame.
    Idiots that are “graduating” from High Schools, Colleges, etc., are so DUMBED DOWN that when I hear them speak, it sends a chill down my spine.
    But, would it happen?
    A nation as GREAT as the USA has been toppled by the Zionist NWO, World Bank, Jews.
    If you cannot understand that statement, then YOU are part of the destruction!

  31. Gentlemen, I too feel this way. This nation deserves what is about to happen to it. We sat on our collective asses and believed that our govt. was above the corruption of others that George will do it and I don’t mean that bastard in the house. No there is no other way then that of our founding fathers but as I said we want George to do it.

  32. ps. I must add, I do NOT advocate violence in any shape or form. Much as I despise the Jews for what they are doing to the people of Gaza at this moment, and for what they have done to Western civilization, I believe that the Jews have to learn to be civilized people through education – hopeless as that seems at the moment.

    The trouble is that they actually contemplate destroying the entire World, even the Earth, according to the Lubavitch sect, the most powerful of all Jews at the present. According to Wayne Madsen it was a Lubavitch controlled even in Mumbai recently, and they are at the centre of the drug trade in Afghanistan. Their destructive and greedy tendencies are taking more and more control of the World. OUR World.

    Amazing, they hate and detest all of us – all six or seven billion of us! And they want ot be rid of us so that they can have it all entirely to themselves!!!

    Imagine what sort of a World they would have, all to themselves – obviously they would soon turn on each other, like the ravening raving madmen that they are.

    What they have done to children in the West is evil beyond description.

    Do you know that California, about a year or eighteen months ago, made it illegal, actually illegal, for the words Mom Dad, Mother Father, Husband Wife to be used in the public schools. Florida followed suit a few months later – and just about three months ago the Minister of Education sent a “directive” to the teachers of Britain to instruct them not to use the words Mum Dad Mother Father or Husband Wife – saying that it might be upsetting for children who have different family “arrangements.”

    What could be more evil? How ill people be able to think of what a Mother is or what a Father is if they do hnot have the words?

    Orwellian language – and the word “gay” was the most pernicious word of all.
    I can see NOTHING gay or happy or light and pure about homosexuality.

    We are living in a fetid, filthy wretched, atmosphere – and the coming depression is going to make it very difficult to keep our sanity and our dignity.

  33. I could have not said it better!
    Thank You so very much for this article. The only problem is, will there be many who read it, if they can?
    I am so glad that I am at nearly the end of my hourney here on earth, that maybe with just a little luck, I will pass before this Great Nation of the United States of America s no more.
    God bless you and keep you.

  34. A “Christian based nation” deserves a “Christian based congress”!
    436 Christians were elected to the 109th congress in 2004.
    What did the Christian based congress do to bring an end to the immoral and unconstitutional wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?
    The christian based congress had no intention of stopping the immoral and unconstitutional wars.
    They fed it more faith based fiat dollars and called that righteousness and obedience to their god, Jesus.
    If all the Christians in the Christian based congress refused to support these hideous acts of evil, it would end in the blinking of an eye.
    However, this Christian based nation continues to vote for a Christian based congress because birds of a feather flock together.
    The Christians will not cease lusting after the blood of “heathens” and will therefore continue to make war on innocent people.
    If we want to see an end to this Christian crusade called the “war on terror”, pray all the Christians get raptured off the face of this earth.

    “…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

    Unfortunately, the “Rapture”, like most the doctrines and dogma brought to this world by the religion called Christianity, is not biblical and nothing more than deception.
    How will the Creator finally stop these and other Christian atrocities?
    We shall all see, soon enough.

  35. I agree with 99% of your article. The 1% change is your use of “God” — like you, He has a name (Hebrew)– it is Yehweh or Yahweh & Christ’s name is Yeshua or Yashua. In Hebrew, “God” means Baal.

    Plus, even in the toughest of times, Yehweh sends blessings — email lweston_cws@yahoo.com to learn more.

  36. I’ll have to second Brian’s point with a slice of Irony that reveals all…He whom we are taught to call the ‘father’ of the country is really the bastard corporate lawyer who sold our Constitutional Republic down the river so that the hideous Federal Government could deprive the states of their power and rights, and be easily manipulated by jew bankers and their goy agents. Repeal every law passed after about 1850 and we might have a shot at ridding ourselves of the scourge Joe recounts so painfully.

  37. good posted article ! this country is truely decadent and perverted from the masonic judges to the white/whore/house to local councils. but the constitution says; what constitution, it’s only effective if it’s followed.


  38. Stop playing the game they want you to play for them, Joe.
    This article is full of bigotry and hatred against minorities, go back to your own little “bubble of paradise” and leave your “preaching” to the biggest child abusers and molesters within the establishment. Then we can all get on by recognising who our REAL enemies are.

  39. i’m kind of amazed at their latest scam.And kind of feeling sorry for all these World citizens (especially Americans) falling for their monetary ‘jewish’ shell-game (i’m talking stock market crash,housing bubble etc.).It is by far the biggest swindle in World history, and make no mistake,this financial meltdown is jewish engineered.
    It’s like there’s a bank robbery, except the bank staff are the ones doing the robbing.
    And this whole 50 bil/bernie made-off affair is all a hoax to give the impression that jews are victims of meltdown too.I’ almost positive their accounts are in a bank in israhell ready to be withdrawn.

  40. Fine article, and every word true, except this:”When I was a child this country was moral and strong.”

    The country was corrupt right out of the box. It has been strong, but in spite of its corruption. It has never been moral.Never.

    Lincoln killed many of his own people,as well as the Indians to centralize the republic, and that was a major red flag. However, it started even before that schmuck.

  41. A piece of your lamentation that is missing is the fact that those you are calling Zionists are anything but. The counterfeiting and misnomering of the Hebrew people began with the Babylonian captivity, when several generations of captives were stripped of their knowledge of Yahweh and taught that His Name was too sacred to pronounce. It was replaced with the pagan titles “God” and “Lord.” Additionally the legitimate Hebrew scriptures were trashed and replaced with the Babylonian (written) Talmud. But not only were the captive’s cultural and moral foundation replaced, their former homeland was filled with heathens placed there by their captors. When the Hebrew people returned, brainwashed by their captors, the transformation was completed. Those you think of as Jews and Zionists are neither. The litmus test is simple: Do they call upon Yahweh and do they follow His 613 Laws? Professing Jews today, fail on both counts.

  42. I have not seen a Christian standing up against Jewish atrocities. Be it to Christians in the Arab world or to the Holy land in Jeruselum. No Christians even dared to stand and fight for the Holy land where Jesus was born.
    I salute those whose are brave enough to fight and face mutilations, hunger and death from the Jewish hands to defend their virtues.
    I say throw your shoes ( if you dare ) to your offenders and destroyers !

  43. Do let me share the best, most masterful essay on the subject of what ails America and, indeed, all of Western Civilization. This disease, this pestilence, is has actually been with us for centuries. Think of a four-letter word starting with “J” and ending with “s.”

    Shakespeare wrote of them in “The Merchant of Venice.” George Bernard Shaw dealt with them in “Man and Superman,” as did T.S. Eliot in “After Strange Gods.” The list is long (and now censored) of eminent minds who have discussed this pernicious parasitic force in every Western society.

    The very BEST four books on the subject, however, are:

    (1) THE DISPOSSESSED MAJORITY, by Wilmot Robertson, 3d revised, unabridged edition, 1996 (solely available now from The Occidental Press – http://www.occidentalpress.com/dispossessed.html);

    (2) WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN?, by William Gayley Simpson, revised, expanded edition, National Vanguard Books, 2002, http://www.natvanbooks.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=805; and

    (3) IMPERIUM: THE PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY AND POLITICS, by Ulick Varange (Francis Parker Yockey), 1948. The entire text is available electronically for free here:
    Or one can buy the hard copy of the book here, the latest edition of which was republished by The Noontide Press, and is available here:
    http://www.amazon.com/Imperium-F-Yockey/dp/0911038108 ;

    (4) MY AWAKENING, by David Duke, available here: http://www.DavidDuke.com

    The best ESSAY on this subject, however, is this:


    Find it at: http://www.NatAll.com/Who-Rules-America


  44. Ever notice the trends of TV commercials of recent years? If a manufacturer had to make someone look like an idiot to sell their product, it’s always a white male that fills the role. For goodness sake, don’t upset a white female or any minority member by having them play the part! I’ve always felt that there was an alterior motive for this strategy. If you are a white male in this country, your input dosen’t matter. You’re obviously an idiot or that toothpaste commercial would’nt have depicted you as such. White Men; pay attention to the manufacturers that do this and boycott their products.

  45. One of the most common statements from the “Religious Right” is that they want this country to “return to the Christian principles on which it was founded”. American history will show that this statement is a lie. The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States had little use for Christianity, and many were strongly opposed to it. They were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true.

  46. It’s nice to put on the spectacles of 20/20 vision looking back on the past. I too came through those years. But in truth, the generations that were in charge at the time did not lift a finger to stop the further encroachment of American life by Jews, who were thought brilliant.

    The rot goes back much further. No point trying to clean it up if only a portion has been discovered. It will just come back.

  47. Joe,
    You are on target 100% what you have lived threw in your life is a book that should be written.
    You are a papirot trying to save this once great land from the ZIONIST JEWISH hell on earth.
    I know far to well about the murdering bastards called the chosen ones, they MURDERED 34 of my crew mates and wounded 174 others aboard the USS Liberty June 8 1967 and got a free pass from this goverment from day one too todaY DECEMBER 15 2008.
    Our goverment cares more about Israel than there own! “THEY” are bought and paid for bumbs.
    Keep up your writing Joe you are one of the smartest men I know.

    USS LIBERTY Survivor
    CO Host with Mark Glen the Liberty Hour
    Saturdays 1100 o clock EST

  48. I have mixed emotions about Joe’s article: He is factual in much of what he says but rather intolerant, with broad brushed strokes, of specific groups of people.

    The one thing in which we totally agree upon is what has happened to our once great Constitution: We were once a Constitutional Republic but no longer are. In a Constitutional Republic near absolute freedom is given to the people. What does absolute freedom mean?

    Absolute freedom means absolute responsibility for our actions. Some would say absolute freedom means absolute license to do anything we wish regardless of the consequences to others: this is total falsity; license is for the elite and not for the majority.

    With absolute freedom we need to be a nation governed by just laws and not a nation ruled by the whims of powerful men who have taken upon themselves absolute license to do as they please without regard for the well being of it’s citizens.

    Jew or Gentile — Christian or Atheist — freedom means absolute responsibility; no ethnic, religious, political, racial or medical group of people have ownership of absolute freedom/responsibility — it belongs to all of us. –jws

  49. i agree with joe a lot on the perversion of the jewish race, they have rejected all prophets of god from moses onwards. a cursed and devilish race as is born out by their deeds.

    i think the jews have used their economic power to gain political power and to use your country to be engaged in endless wars so that you people do not realise who is ruling over you and perverting you.
    this is an age old trick of these satans followers to further their evil ends.in europe it is the same people,the russian commies were jews too!

    americans must remove all jews and christian fundamentalists from their government and erase a lot of these balloney laws they have passed to fool you people into submission. I as a muslim want america to be christianity centred and not follow blindly these devilish people and they antigod ways.

    why have you christians not noticed that culture you follow and being promoted is against the laws of god in your bible in every way?

    everything devilish is ok, godly law is not ok according to your laws passed by the jews.

    we muslims are being made a scapegoat by these satans followers and i am sure one day our people will pay them back with interest for the evil deeds they have done to us. it is foretold by the prophet mohammed 1400 years ago plus that this will happen.

  50. i dont believe it is that simple. i believe some good people have tried to warn us and change the course and paid for it every time with their life. this is clearly communism undermining our culture, and it is my opinion that zionists are only some of the players. i also believe something in addition to flouride is being put in our bodies causing the mental synapses to work ineffectively, and so consequently the apathy. also, unless you go to a esoteric web site like rense.com, you will never be given a chance to begin a public debate on anything. it is easier to buy a dish and listen to oreilly lie. also, woodrow wilson and edward mandell house were communists. roosevelt was. congress has committed treason several times for money. this snowball has been rolling down this embankment a long time. if they took away the internet tomorrow, we wouldnt even know how to communicate with one another. soon they will confiscate your guns so you cant even think about fighting back. henry ford (who was also part of the plan to destroy america) wrote a book in the old days and talked then about the 18 or 20 things the jewish lobbyists were doing to undermine christian principles. look also at knights of malta, the vatican, freemasons and zionists. also, dont forget the scum bag fifth column that wxcepted the bribes and sold us out.

  51. They’re smart at getting our money aren’t they. They’ve been in charge of everything in this country for decades. Are people just waking up to that fact? Of course they want world domination. They’d be happy to commit genocide not only on the Palestinians but the rest of the world, too, and just have themselves left. I’ve disconnected cable TV and only watch select DVDs not more than once a week on weekends now. I’m tired of lies, commercials, and garbage from the boob tube.

  52. To the first comment. Ron, You,ve got it wrong! We didn’t
    win two World Wars. We were fighting for our enemies. And now
    the chickens have come home to roost.

  53. Joe,

    I enjoyed your post as an English guy who lived many years in the States; Detroit & Dallas. I think you misssed one important element:


    No-one is accountable any more. If I gave Henry Ford II bad advice It cost me; money and reputation. Same with Lee Iacocoa. Same with Nasa, TRW, Caterpillar et al, all my clients building American Wealth. Two things; it mattered to me that I gave good advice to my clients and it mattered that I was accountable to my friends, my peer group and my family and that I did the best I could in all things. If I failed I admitted it and learned from that mistake.
    Where is accountability now? Madoff, Rehman, Bernanke, Greenspan, Fuld, and all the other Red Sea Pedestrians; who are they accountable to? Follow the money – America’s biggest creditor is a corrupt pariah Nazi state festering in the Middle East which has brought a great nation to its knees and is still not satified.
    Good luck my friends, the solution lies within your shores.

  54. I could have written what you just did. In fact, I have and still do in various internet forums, and speak out in public coffee houses and bars. Internet forums will try to shout me down and have ultimately succeeded in having me banned for my anti-Zionist opinions, but funny that nobody will confront me face to face in public.

    I’m proud to have served with the United States Marine Corps in Viet Nam AGAINST communism. It appears our military today serves the commie/zionist global conspiracy.

  55. 100 years ago a book appeared out of thin air that outlined exactly how they were going to accomplish this act of defiance. “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Everything from flooding our nations full of non-white immigrants, the complete take over of our media, government, education and judiciary. The plots of feminism, gay rights and the corruption our youth with pornography. How they were going to destroy our religions…everything down to a T. Yet they insist this book is a fraud and the sheeple believe them. Henry Ford spent a considerable amount of his own personal wealth to try and warn people of these parasites. They are the lowest form of scum.

    Some of you still mention how it was important to fight Hitler in WW2 but you are deluded morons. Hitler was fighting for exactly what people on this forum yearn for today and he knew exactly where the roots of our problems lay. Constant History channel propaganda still has many people believing this man to be a monster but he will be hailed a hero by the few whites that walk this earth in a 100 years time (if there are any).

    The time for political activism is over, these parasites must be exterminated on a scale never before seen in human history. They have been booted out of everywhere they have tried to settle in the past and they come back with even more loathing for the host population. They need to be wiped out once and for all if we are to survive as a race.

    As for the people talking about bigotry I suggest you go and celebrate the African culture as a white man and see what bigotry really is all about. We do not owe the Negro or any other race a place in our society. Perhaps the 34,000 black on white rapes reported in the US a few years back (yes – potentially your wife, sister or daughter) is not enough to convince you but go and ask one of South Africa’s white refugees about the benefits of living alongside people of colour and the list will be short.

    Wake up whiteman. YOUR race, YOUR history, YOUR heritage and YOUR culture is being destroyed. This talk of racism and bigotry are nothing but jewish invented guilt words to blind you into not taking action against the complete and total annihilation of your race!

  56. the problem started with 12th century when the black nobility started intermarrying with the european royalty….Brits had control of 25% of the world population they will control the world with the jews. this is their birth right…so the story goes. they will create crisis’s all over the world using the bankers, as they are doing now, and when everybody has lost his job and is ready to work for three meals a day, they will solve the problems(they created), and will have a world of slaves for free. Australia has lost 60 % of its manufacturing industry in the last 12 years, in the 1970’s an australian had to work 150 days per year to live well for the rest of the year…now it takes him that time to pay his taxes and the rest of the yer to pay his house and eat….a house by the way he doesn’t own…its the bankers!

  57. The days of the locusts that will pick the bones of America is at hand.This how the powers that be want it .Americans must suffer the humiliation to bring about the final solution for America.
    It will be quartered and drawn.
    the agony will last well past 2009.
    the solution will fit the problem that has been foisted onto the American people .In fact the solution was thought of before the problems were.America will list a little longer,but by the spring of 2009 it will be clear to the American people they have been defeated by a few elites that did to them more damage than a standing army could of done in 1000 years.the blow is so devastating
    that Americans will cheer for the solution.Americans will stagger into 2010 as North American Unionists and succumb to Canadian laws so as to harmonize North American law .
    the coup d’etat so expertly done that still most Americans do not understand whats going on.
    but when silver coinage is dangled in front of a starving American populace
    they will trample their flag ,the constitution and the few patriots left holding the bag to sign up for the North American Union.
    So much for American loyalties.
    during good times all Americans are patriots,but the truth of the matter is there is and has always been a mere nucleus of Americans that are true patriots.The days of thunder are over in America,Now North America will rise to the challenge.

  58. Joe:

    Yes, the world as you knew it, or believed it to be, is dead.

    Do you mourn the actual passing of such a world, or simply the death of your illusions of what it was supposed to have been, and the differences as you see it now as the scales fall from your eyes.

    Andy Hardy, The Bradys, Hometown, USA, and Mainstreet were all fictional cratons, Joe. Only the blood, bullet holes and body parts of John Wayne and Sly Stalone movies were real, Joe.

    Rewind hour life Joe; rerun the film one more time, and pay attentionn!

    Ask youself, “Was that the way it really was? Or has it all been a dream?”

    Or is what you see today the way it is, and are we merely awakening from a dream to a nightmare of reality?

    Whatever you discover, Joe, teach the granddaughters the Truth!


    Earl, also a commander who pulled zippers ovr the faces of men he had known and who had trusted him.

  59. One poster wrote that most Americans did not comprehend the plans of the elite to merge Canada and Mexico with the U.S. and put us under Canadian law. To this I say, “give me a break”, give me a very large break”. Most Americans have their butts so far up their heads they cannot even comprehend simple political issues, let alone complex things like the SPP. Proof: 96% of all incumbents were re-elected. That’s right. Despite all of the corruption going on, Americans dutifully re-elected 96 percent of the crooks. Why is Joe so surprised that we have come so low with this type of citizenry? Time to look in the mirror folks. To paraphrase the great French Mathematician, Philospher and sage, Blaise Pascal ,We hate those who point out how wrong we are and force us to think about changing. Why have we allowed so much corruption to go on in our nation, regardless of who is responsible? Huh?

  60. Joe pretty much touched all the bases in his analyzing of what is wrong with this country – hell, the WORLD, for that matter. Of all those who have posted comments, I agre most with Phil tourney and with Alex – especially Alex. He knows that those whom the Jewish media and their kept non-Jewish Judas goats demonize, are those to whom we owe a debt of gratitude and service. Those they lionize, however, are the ones who have served them most faithfully and helped them toward their spirit-destroying goals. That is why in history books and on TV, the ones who are presented as the most evil are the ones who dared fight them tooth and nail to the death. That would be Adolf hitler and his National Socialist Germans. Conversely, those praised include Alexander Hamilton, Lincoln, Wilson, Churchill, FDR, LBJ, and so on. That crew right there has done more to ensure the death of the white race than any Jew. Keep in mind, no Jewish goals could have been met without the efforts of the “Christian Zionists” and other manure-for-brains non Jews. One of the most telling traits of any THINKERS today is the ability to think RACIALLY. And that means knowing that the races are indeed different, and that separation is the only sane way to maintain civilization and harmony. And that separation certainly includes the Jews. Joe’s article prompted THINKING – and is valuable for that alone, even without his correct observations that a few have hammered. Hang in there; it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

  61. I think a depression and the “death” of the nation we have NOW are actually blessings in disguise. There is now no way to resurrect the republic as it now stands, so I think there will be an unavoidable process of “death and rebirth”, building the new society on the ashes of the old. Nations come and go; that’s the way it is and always has been. I think there will be a new nation coming soon, and perhaps sooner than we think.

  62. Wow–I have not read so much truth in a very long time! Because most of us are decent folks who don’t want to risk prison time for violence, I have a suggestion to help put some serious pain down on the jew world order. It would take a huge following to get there attention but I suggest–STOP PAYING YOUR CREDIT CARD BILLS!!!!!—it is unsecured debt, you can change your home phone to stop the calls and it is not against the law. The money you will save is amazing !!Who cares if your “credit rating” is hurt? We are going into the depression from hell, you need to put all your money in storable food, weapons, generators, etc. The best thing you can do other than kill the evil bastards is starve them of there life blood, money. Save America, stop paying unfair debt !!

  63. Read “Wee Blind Mice” by James Arthur. Also “Babylon is Falling! Is Falling” by the same author. They not only define the problems our country and the world are facing but more importantly they provide the only answer to correct them.

  64. I have noticed one thing in this country. I live in a poor neighborhood. By poor I mean that the average person doesn’t have the highest education or a highly paid occupation. I noticed that the people in my neighborhood go to church on Sundays and I see boys and girls of all races playing together. I see young men in love with young women. I hardly see the the violence or crime mentioned on the news. When I see amoral people in public such as men with men holding hands it’s in the neighborhoods filled with white men and white women that have totally lost their minds and have no morals. I’ve seen white men kissing each other in public. I’ve never seen two black men in the neighborhood that I live in doing this. I propose to any sane and moral people that want to live in a good place to move into a neighborhood where the people are ethnic and poor. They seem to have their heads on right. The homes are old and cheap, but bigger and you actually have a yard to grow a garden. You can experience life as it should be. With normal people that still love others and respect each other. These people are truly the future of this country. These people start business with there own money. Contrary to what the racists say about minority’s having all the help from the government. Look at wall street who got bailed out. White people. Madoff the Jew also is going to get away with it. George Bush is about to help his friends at the big three. Experiment with this idea. The country will go down and the people at the top will tumble along with everyone else who follows them. Those that still bow the knee on Sundays and worship the son of God. Those will be the children of God and they will overcome. This is a promise from God. Take it from the daughter of two corrupt and utterly evil jews that were selfish and horrid their entire lives. I know what I say is true.

  65. Intersting reading, and it appears that the design for the world is about to take place and it appears that Obama is the helmsman with the approval of the Supreme Court who are more concerned with their own safety than honoring their oath to uphold and defend the constitution. Who is Obama? We have depended on the Supreme Court to enforce the laws of our once great country, and they have failed us. They are trampling the constitution, wadding it up and throwing it in the trash. Where is the justification for our allegence to America, which Obama refuses. Will he honor his oath of office or will he trash that also? It remains to be seen. I regret my years of defending this country as a veteram, as I took a similar oath to that of the Supreme Court and Congress that is to serve the people and not their own interests.


  66. Joe, I can understand your anguish and your grief and I believe that is what many of us are doing, and there is no question that the Jews are a problem but like many have already mentioned, personal responsibility is where its at if we are ever going to restore this republic. We could gain alot from AAs 12 steps, Come to believe that a power greater then us can restore us to sanity then turn our wills and our lives over to his care. Its called humility and America needs to humble herself once again, not to greedy banksters but to God Almighty. Take back the institutions they have stolen from us and be real people with real principles again instead of worshiping the almighty dollar. As the saying goes, you can’t cheat an honest man.

  67. The lack of outrage in American society is very important. I recently read that just before Iraq was invaded a commander got up in front of his men and said,
    WE are going in to Iraq for its oil and YOU are going in to Iraq to protect your buddies. MY God, figuratively speaking,
    if I had been there with a loaded gun in my hand I would have shot that commander in the head. First of all his use of the word WE I guess was meant to refer to the officer corp. To say such a thing as WE are going in after oil is to admit right in front of the faces of his unit that they (WE)
    are NAZI war criminals who will commit any crime that one can think of in order to maintain our standard of living. Second of all in the country in which I was raised which is north of Mexico and south of Canada, but now apparently occupied by the US military,
    we learned that if the people that you think of as your friends are murders and thieves you owe them absolutely no respect of loyalty what so ever.
    Lack of wisdom is also a problem. The enemies of the truth are able to use lack of wisdom by dividing their potential opponents with irrelevant controversies such as homosexuality.
    Also they have manipulated public opinion to believe that zionists are the ultimate manipulators rather than the generals of the military industrial complex. The zionists are collaborators but they are not in charge. If uncontrollable revolutionary pressures build up then the leaders of the military industrial complex will jump out in front of the revolution to say that they are rescuing us from the zionist traitors.
    They believe that this will allow them to stay right where they always have been, in charge of fleecing the country.
    Hey but what do I know I am only an 11 year old girl.

  68. With all that is going on in the world now and right here at home, how many would go to Washington to defind our Constitution, against a Supreme Court who will not, by requiring a president elect to provide conclusive evidence that he is qualified as a citizen to be sworn into that office. He has tumbed his nose to the courts,when all he had to do was present a legal birth certificate. Where is our country headed to. The Supreme Court will rule on the legality of those affected to sue the tobacco companies for misrepresenting the consumers as to the level of tar, but won’t rule on the right of the people to know that a person is qualified to be president or the United States. The worst fraud in the history of our nation is about to take place without our Constitution being enforced. We go to war for oil, will we defend our Constitution? I doubt it.

  69. I’m in total agreement with you, about the fall and decline of America…but, on the issue of hating the Jews…you are so wrong! There are many “ungodly” Jews out there(just as there are many who say Lord, Lord, but do not do what he says, ie, disobedience to His word, making themselves false professing Christians, 1 Thess.1:8,9 & John 3:36 NASB)..but, God still has a covenant with his people(the Jews)..and that covenant will be fulfilled during the tribulation. Read the Scriptures, before its too late for you Joe..and some of “your followers”. Genesis 12:3
    You are cursing God’s people. Repent before its too late.

  70. I learned so much from this eloquent article penned by Joe Cortina, and from the commentators here. This present-day USA, a/k/a United States of Sociopathic Israel, USSI, is not at all what the founding fathers intended, or could have imagined. We are long overdue for another revolution, as suggested, in fact recommended occur every twenty years, by Thomas Jefferson.

    Happy Yuletide. We the people were meant to be the sovereigns of our own destiny, but that natural right has been taken from us by our federal government.

  71. In succinct terms the goal of the “Jew” is to manufacture his raceless, aimless, amorphous, cud chewing, consumerist “Goyim” by destroying all races through mixing. The “Jew” will confiscate the racial look and identity of the European for himself, because most look that way anyway. There will be only a bipolarity of races, the Jew, “White” and “pure” just as he might choose the psychotic name “GoldMan” which implies elemantal purity and intrinsic value, and the raceless identity free “Goyim” who will, or so the Jew might wish, hang on every pious utterance of the self manufactured and self Chosen.

    The Jew is collectively insane and needs to be straight-jacketed in all senses so that his frenzied, malevolent madness is not able to damage innocents. The Jew whines “racist” when he fears that his outing might deny him that which it covets. It covetsssssssssssssssss……..

    Hi Ruth !

  72. wow what articles so right on but There is one point that has not been discussed and that is where in the bible it says: they call themselves Jews, but are not Jews, they are liars and thieves and murderers from the beginning. they are children of their father, the devil.
    Could that not possibly mean that those who call themselves Jews, but are not Jews , are putting the blame on the Jews, who God says are his chosen?
    Does that not sound like the New World Order Jews? They call themselves Jews but are they truly Jews? I do not know if I believe correctly but I believe that these Jews who call themselves Jews but are not are in reality Khazans and Bolsheviks, a ruthless barbarous people.
    Anyone have any knowledge on that?

  73. Thank you so much, Joe.

    That article really lays it all out. This should be required reading everywhere. I’d like to run it on my blog too, if you would allow me.


  74. An extraordinary piece of work by an extraordinary man that I have had the pleasure of personally knowing for many years! Joe has been around short of three-quarters of a century and has gathered much wisdom in his life’s travels. As I am four years his junior, I can clearly relate to those great, wholesome past days when people had more respect for others and most of all for themselves! Yes, we had bad times but we picked ourselves up and helped each other “voluntarily” of our own good will. We have watched, through the years, as Karl Marx’s advocation of “Gradualism” ever so slowly crept into the sole and infrastructure of our once great land called America! We have allowed this to happen out of FEAR to speak out and stand up to evil forces! Those that turned their backs on Joe and myself over the years, dismissing us as conspiracy “theory”nuts, are slowly waking up to the reality that we were not “nuts”at all! But,alas, even at this late stage the majority, being the sheep they are, are fearful of standing up to the demonic forces confronting them! Many call themselves Christians and have faithfully attended their selected churches all their lives, BUT don’t have enough faith in God to look Satan straight in the face and defy him in the name of Jesus! Joe and I are now in the Autumn of our lives and God has blessed us both with the oportunity to have lived through the BEST days of this country, blessed so fruitful! We have declined because the majority has estranged themselves from the Christian God of our forefathers and openly opened the White House door to the Devil himself and his emissaries! Will people wake up in time and evict this demonic hoarde or suffer their wrath! ONLY an EDUCATED majority will influence the future of this great land we call America, but sadly the educated are the minority! God HELP America!

  75. You can boycott, protest, write letters, when the Jews all of them should be in Israel. You have fought in their wars and they have poisoned you with fluoride, MSG and trans fat and vaccines and you talk about boycotting companies. We represent less than 1%. We are the original 1%.

    You got one choice and only one choice. You have got to anger the whites. In the past you had to murder and drain the blood of a small child in order to piss them off and then he would kill a few Jews and they would leave. I mean it took that event for the whites to wake up and do anything.

    If you have thousands of children vanishing you know they will slip up and get caught. Now in the USA thousands of children vanish and you have to wonder are Jews taking them? You can bet unlike in Europe if a child goes missing you can bet the Jews know if they are got here it’s all over. So if they are discovered that someone saw them with a child you can bet any witnesses and investigators would be gone.

    In Baltimore a few years back workers doing construction work in the basement found a human skeleton. The bones were thrown in a dumpster and the whole worek crew might have been killed. Because in Europe 500 years ago with the different languages and the primitive forms of media and travel they could get away with stuff just like cowboys did in the USA 150 years ago.

    But if trhey got caught with a small child they had killed you can bet they could not go to another state. So you can believe they are still doing it here,. but they are way on more vigilante and tie up all loose ends.

    If you were to wtiness a Jew with a small Christian child and they turned up missing you can believe you would be in dsnger.

  76. Joe, Everyone knows they could not have put this stuff on tv 50 years ago and only because your Grand parents would not have allowed it. There is no other reason. It’s not that Jews were more decent then. Now if we keep the family in check, but we let the Jews tell our politicians what to do and we allow them to control the media, education and banks, then this is what you get. Your country decays.

    If we lose just one percent of our people to drugs, and filth, then you can just take one percent and you know it will surely increase from there. You can do the math and it’s just a matter of time, before we are done. Now it might be left to your grand children, but either way.

    I mean we got to face it we can’t get at the Jews. They live in high rises and gated communities. If they lived in rural America, but they don’t. We know the cops will protect them. So we’ll have to deal with them. If they can’t beat us, then the military and then U.N. troops.

    I think we would be better off to decide we can’t defeat them. We don’t have bazookas and we bombs like they have in the Middle East. If we decided we can’t beat them and many decide to leave here, then they can fight from Europe. I mean we got to decide we can not defeat the military. We got to admit the truth. I would love to encourage people and say we can defeat them, but if we could defeat them now. How did they get this much control to begin with?

  77. The people will wake up when the tv goes off and no food or beer is delivered. Then when the thugs arrive at the front door they will really wake up.

    They’ll say when they came for the Eastern Europeans who had painted the gates at the camps. I wasn’t Eastern European, so I did nothing. When they came for the the people to take their guns and put them in FEMA camps I had no guns, so I did nothing. But then they came for me, but there was nobody to help me.

    If the thugs come for your guns tomorrow and there is food, and beer at the store and the tv works you can be assured the sheeple will do nothing. This will come down to family and good friends helping each other, but there will be 1,000 standoffs and shoot outs and everyone will have their own problems and won’t have time to fool with you.

    So you better have a porch clearing device and an escape plan if you hold on to your guns.

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