Congratulations from the ‘FATHER OF ALL LIES’ as your false god has called me. Together we have just won a great victory !


YOU have succeeded where all other have failed for ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN YEARS! I have sent you one of my most beloved sons – the one you now worship who is called ‘OBAMA’. He was the chosen one and I endowed him with special gifts – deceit – perfidy – a cruel heart – and a dead soul deserving of my favor. He will lead you to me, and I will lead you to the place that you mortal fools called Democrats – will find your dreams come true. This then – is my covenant with you – my children.


The evil godless black people of this land will now become powerful and you will have your long sought revenge over those taskmasters who have enslaved you for so long. Those fools who work and struggle for their own families will now pay homage to your powerful legions by giving even more of their possessions to you – the rightful inheritors of this land. We will give our hollow mantras like ‘AFFIRMATIVE ACTION’ new power. You will be taken care of from cradle to grave in the manner in which you have long desired. I t will give you great solace to know that you have now – in the truest sense of the word – ‘ become the white man’s burden’. Should the whites dare to protect their wives, daughters and their homes – their freedoms and their livelihoods from your black marauding hordes – my son Obama will bring them to their knees with brute force! None of your ilk will ever have to work for your daily bread ever again.


No longer – as is the conduct of the oppressive white man – will you have to toil daily to put food upon the table and secure a future for you and the children you breed. ALL will be provided for you by the State. We will rob the rich (those arrogant whites who have more than they need) and distribute the wealth fairly –so that you may enjoy the ‘good life’ without labor. Your people will now dominate the entertainment business so that your rightful language of your forbearers – Ebonics – will be secured with the other entire ‘tribal’ gestures and foul language.


If you are still unhappy – you will be empowered to rape, rob and plunder the whites as you please. I encourage you to spread your violent rage and primitive culture throughout the land. The white ‘patriots’ must be taught that you are now the dominant power and that your violent nature – crude language and behavior – lazy Hottentots work ethnic – and criminal minds will now be respected by racist whites – OR ELSE! Rappers and gang – bangers will become as gods.


This – my beloved hordes of followers of the dark side – is just the beginning. That awful racist document the ‘Constitution’ – must be destroyed and all remaining vestige of your false god removed and forgotten for all time. We have done much headway in this arena. We – my brothers – have brought Christianity to its knees by our false teachers and false ‘Synagogues of Satan’- throughout the land today. My archenemy – Jesus must be in agony with the progress we have made together in his outmoded churches – of the so-called TRUE – ‘faith of our fathers’.


Rubbish! Look at what we have now as a substitute for the reverence in churches of yore. Lots of screaming and yelling – demonic activities – false prophets faith healers prosperity preachers – the sheeple falling down and writhing on the floor babbling in tongues – OH WHAT JOY it brings my heart to see such CHANGE. We must keep on telling the ‘sheep’ that CHANGE is good! CHANGE from the old traditional faith to the new – CHANGE from the old antiquated Commandments to new secular one which make us feel good –CHANGE from the old family values to the modern values of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘ tolerance of everything’ – CHANGE from the cruel restraints of individual responsibility to doing what ‘feels good’ – CHANGE – from the capitalistic chains of self determination to my most coveted of all manners of human degradation and servility – COMMUNISM! YOU ARE NOW ENTITLED!


Yes – my children – CHANGE is good – and my faithful servant Obama has kept his covenant to betray the false teachings of those old fools who forged this poorly devised nation – and I will reward him with power beyond his wildest ambitions. The country is yours to pluck like a ripe fruit. Do with it what you will. Teach your children in the TRUE Democrat fashion that promiscuity is to be enjoyed by all – marriage is bondage – truth is for losers – freedom is the for the strong to take from the weak – wisdom is the folly of fools – kindness is weakness – morality is what make you feel good about yourself – labor is for the unwise – religion is the opiate of the masses – honor, sobriety, courage, integrity, modesty, prudence and education are not virtues but a bondage for all blacks – and are to be avoided at all costs if you wish to keep my covenant.


FINALLY – this nation is OURS to do MY bidding and I gained the victory by FREE WILL of the people. I forced NO ONE to support my evil as I did in China Cuba USSR and other nations that have wisely rejected God through militant brutalforce. I forced no one here to reject that false god Jesus. I forced no one here to turn away from goodness compassion and wisdom. My ‘weapons’ were not supernatural power – intimidation – coercion – threat of death – fear or any other violence. I simply relied on the weak nature of today’s Americans – especially the ones called Democrats – to serve my cause. Your high regard for greed – low regard for hard work – lack of self-discipline – love of sin and near universal inability to accept truth and wisdom in the governance of your lives has made my task easy beyond all previous efforts.


There will be a gathering of lost souls to my growing legions as never before. The murder of the unborn child will now be unstoppable in this new acquisition called America. In the US organization called the Democrat Party – I have legions of new allies – the most valuable and loyal of which are the Zionist Jews. These are indeed as Jesus declared them to be MY SONS! They have been my strongest allies in manipulating the mindless ignorant Negroids into my camp. These Jews have done immeasurable work for me in their control of all that the sheep see and hear on their ‘JEW-TUBES’ – all with my ‘blessings’..


Thanks to my Jew friends – problematic matters like Creationism – the sanctity of marriage – the the family as the keystone of society – modesty – integrity – truthfulness – wholesomeness – character and many other traits of the ‘old ways’ have been destroyed and the ‘enlightened’ ways of abortion – homosexual perversion – adultery – demon worship – pornography – prositution – lies – deceit and other favorite sins are now a commonplace part of the American culture thanks to your group’s cooperation. Actually –I was concerned that the Communist Party had officially endorsed my son Obama – but fortunately for my agenda, those predictable traits of irresponsibility – ignorance -and disregard for the truth that have rotted the minds of you ‘Democrats’, came through for me – your true god. The ‘blind’ would NOT see – and the ‘deaf’ would not hear – so I am well pleased..


As a matter of pride – I also endorsed my son Obama and endowed him with that special quality that can be used for both good and evil – charisma. He has been a faithful servant – not once wavering from his evil agenda of lies, treason cruelty and deceit and never betraying his father in hell by using these skills for goodness.


OH – and BTW – please don’t hate me – for as it has been said – I am only the messenger. I must go now and finish my final destruction of that other corrupt organization in America – once my greatest obstacle – the Republican Party. As you may imagine – my hand has been ever present in the serial wars against innocent helpless people in the name of IsraHELL – my most favored nation of all – truly where my ‘heart resides’. I have been successful beyond my dreams. I have accomplished what was said long ago to be impossible. I have perverted the major part of the Christian church here to do MY bidding. Can you immagine that? I LOVE irony – and to witness these fools with their bleating mantras of pro-life nonsense to supposedly protect the lives of children here in America while being THE SPECIFIC cause of the murder over a half MILLION children across the world recently – brings as much joy to my heart as it brings sadness to that accursed Jesus.


It has come to my attention that an enemy of mine – an American patriot once stated (as much as I HATE the truth) – something worth mentioning ==


He stated that: “The morals and values of any elected official in a free democratic society – are indeed a mirror reflection of the morals and values of the electorate.” His astute statement is the vindication of my efforts to influence the votors in this country without violence.


Apparently this is the case with the Democrat party in the country called America – my beloved children.

The day is ours – show no mercy – no goodness, and destroy this cursed Christian nation for good!

It is better to reign in hell – than to serve in heaven.

Your souls are MINE! Today America – tomorrow – the world!





  1. Brilliant. Truthful as it is very sad. You should post more often.

    Dear Satan –

    You have already been defeated. your time is growing short.


    (I dont know how to do a trackback but I will post a link to this on my blog)

  2. While I don’t totally disagree with some of the claims being made in the above fashion. I do disagree with your passive agressive way of saying that “negroids” are inherently ignorant and lazy. There are some “negroids” who were brought up with values, morals, and a backbone. That being said, I don’t think there should be a blame game but rather a call to many to open their eyes to what is going on in the world. I am what the census recognizes as “african american” and proud of who I am. EVERY race has undesirables; People who are an embarrassment to the rest of the population. And as an extra tidbit, it is not right to assume that all african americans voted for obama. I voted constitutional party all the way and am damn proud of it too. Ron Paul was the best chance we had at “REAL CHANGE”.

  3. Great post Joe. I first read this letter at, and I’ve posted it over on my newly created blog at
    because it thought it was thoroughly authentic and provided deep insight into what the Jews were doing to subvert America.

    If Americans want the Jews out of their country, why don’t they push for making the bloody rite of male circumcision a federal offence?

    Legislators are looking into the proposition that male circumcision should be banned in Denmark because it’s usually done without the ‘victims’ consent; and the Jews themselves say it’s a way to force Jews out of a country they’ve long occupied.

    See this article …

  4. Deceit, perfidy, a cruel heart, and a dead soul — that too is the way I perceive Barack Obama.
    May we be proven wrong, Joe.

    So appeciate your site. Happy New Year.

  5. We live in the world but not of the world so you mess does not effect us! We are KINGS KIDS! WE already have the VICTORY in every case! All we have to do is praise or way out and give GOD praise in all things. Prayer still changes things. As Well as the word still works!

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