ANY Time ANY American is persecuted for speaking writing or otherwise disseminating the TRUTH – that is a SERIOUS crime against EVERY American and strikes at the heart of a significant part of the very ESSENCE of Americanism.  It should be considered the gravest of crimes – and violations of the basic American Freedom – ordained by God – legislated by the Founding Fathers -and secured by the blood of men who sacrificed all in times past to defend it – should be punished by the MOST HARSH MEANS applicable!  THE TRUTH IS IMMUTABLE!   EVERYTHING ELSE that Americans have traditionally treasured – emanates from the concept of TRUTH.  The essence of the Jew was – is and always will be – the antithesis of the truth.  The Jew lives by the lie.  What the light of day is to the fictional vampire – the TRUTH is to the Jew – his greatest fear and his ultimate undoing and eventual destruction.



Truth is not just one of the ‘ten suggestions’ – it is a MANDATE FROM GOD!  TRUTH is the keystone of every civilized legal code of every culture on earth since time in memoriam. Why – the beginning of every court justice procedure is an oath TO GOD TO SPEAK ONLY THE TRUTH – is it not?


The virtue of truth and the purity of it’s inviolate nature has been the subject of admiration and veneration by scholars statesmen world leaders authors Prophets Kings and Presidents noblemen and peasants for millennia. Don’t you find it odd, that all thorough recorded history with countless classic sayings regarding the immutability and Godly nature of TRUTH – in all of the wisdom of the ages – one will never if only seldom see a single such quote by a JEW! 

How paradoxical – the very culture that so arrogantly and vociferously pontificates to the whole world – their ‘superior’ “moral high ground” status – is the same foul cabal of thieves, murderers, cheats and liars who work tirelessly to censure truth where ever and whenever they encounter it, I – being but one of their countless un-avenged victims. I WILL have my day of justice despite your domestic terrorism and hatred of all that is true honest and noble.



You Jews violated my Constitutional rights when you destroyed my Webb site. I have ‘PAID MY DUES’ to exercise those rights. I will continue to speak the truth and expose you criminals. Neither I – nor any of the other patriots who have suffered at your hands will forget your crimes against our Constitutional rights. 
BTW – One of the best sources for accurate information on the conduct of the Jew throughout history, is a compendium of Jew conduct called ‘ JEW WATCH”.  It is a priceless collection of the evils of the ‘self-chosen’ that should be required reading for EVERY school child on earth – ESPECIALLY in the now Jew occupied United States Of IsraHELL.


I personally consider ‘Jew Watch’ to be one of the most valuable sites for reliable info in America today.  Every REAL American patriot should consider it a ‘NATIONAL TREASURE’. The revelations of the TRUTHS contained in this compendium of Jew crimes are what the pure sunlight does to cinema vampires.
There are many unique phenomena regarding the Jew. I say ‘unique’ in the sense that no other race on planet earth has historically been considered to have such evil traits to the extent that they are not only prevalent – but DOMINANT – EMBLEMATIC – a SYMBOL Of their cultural conduct as it were.
Lying and cheating (the first cousin of lying) have been Jew traits for millennia.  These criminal characteristics have distinguished their race from all others since Biblical times. Remember these ‘jokes’ as children? “ If you shake a Jew’s hand – you had better count your fingers later” – or ‘Q’  “ what is the smallest book ever printed?  ‘A’ The Jewish handbook of business ethics” or – ‘Q’ Why does the Jew have such a huge nose?  ‘A’ because air is free!”  Or – ‘Q’ what is the sweetest sound to the ear of the Jew?  ‘A’ The jingle of a cash register’.  They are classic and endless and unquestionably in character – so what is my point?


Point is – most of these classic jokes have survived for hundreds of years – unchanged – AND the Jew has been the ONLY ethnicity in history to deserve them because of his conduct.  No other culture on earth – in history – has been universally tagged as being such stingy cheap immoral lying frauds. Where there is smoke – there is fire.
By the same token – their sick twisted demonic egos ALSO habitually term all adverse TRUE comments regarding their disgusting natures as LIES!  So they in fact tell more and more lies to cover up their lies in an endless frenzy of falsehoods unparalled in human history. Their Talmudic worship of lies is a demonic trait unique to the Jew.


In fact – God – The Son, in the NT Bible CLEARLY STATES that the Jew is a liar of demonic (LITERALLY!) heritage and proportions.  Christ addressed the Jew in a lot of other unsavory terms as well – but my main concern in this document is their preoccupation with lies and their fear of the TRUTH!
In the past few months I have been censured slandered, libeled had my good name and character assassinated by the Jew – ALL for the simple reason that I had exposed his true foul lying nature and so the Jew predictably attacks me by more and more lies. 


It is the same old tired mantra that he so cowardly hides behind – of the criminal perpetrator being the victim and the poor hapless victim being the criminal.  This is of course EXACTLT the MO of the Jew in IsraHELL, in regards to his Murder – torture – starvation – slaughter genocide of the helpless women and children in Palestine – most of which I have witnessed firsthand. The Jew IDF terrorists murders a defenseless child – and presto-chango – it the fault of the child!
I have challenged these baby killing Jews time after time to TRUTHFULLY refute the FACTS of their brutal sadistic crimes against humanity – but the ONLY ‘defense’ the Jew has is his money and influence of intimidation to silence the voices of the TRUTH.  Their lies were used to silence and eventually murder Jesus Of Nazareth – for exactly the same basic reason – TO SILENCE TRUTH!  To keep their filthy conduct from being exposed.  Nothing has really changed in the past two millennia – only the names.
Lying against an adversary is not only always wrong – but it is a sign of weakness and desperation. The Jew knows full well – that if the moral populace of America ever learns the TRUTH of the lies of the Jew – all the money in the world will not save him from ultimate justice for his mega crimes against humanity for centuries!  The only mega-criminals entity to wreak havoc upon the innocent in such large numbers – other than the Jew has been of course the Satanic ‘religion’ of death – COMMUNISM.
OH – and of course – Communism – and all the other filial Jew incited –“isms” have been the creation of the Jew – so If I say that the Jew – has collectively been responsible for more death and suffering of the innocent than ALL of the wars and ALL of the plagues and ALL of the natural disasters on earth combined – THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT- HISTORICALLY TRUE – available for ALL who love the truth.


Lying and twisting the truth has been a Jew trait known to all people of the world for all history – but look for the predictable cloak of self-righteousness from Jews reading this indisputable truth – to squeal foul – to cry their worn out mantra of “anti-Semitism”


Let me inform the reader of another disgraceful fact about the Jew. Because of his incessant whining and the tremendous power he wields economically on our corrupt Judicial, Legislative and Executive, there have been hate law legislations enacted to criminalize anti-Semitic speech – BUT only for the Jew. The hypocrisy of this stinks to high Heaven.


The ONLY VERIFIABLE TRUE Semitic people on earth today are ARABS. This is a fact proven over and over by the world’s leading historians and anthropologists–PERIOD!  Yet – they are mercilessly slandered 24-7 by every ignorant Zionist in America from the President on down and NOTHING is EVER done about that!


We Americans are hypocrites of the worst type. We accuse other nations of racism and double standards –yet WE are the most glaringly prominent violators on earth! The Jews and the AmeriKan Zionists are the greatest perpetrators of REAL anti-Semitism on earth but that gigantic hypocrisy is OK?  Stop promoting the lie!
The ONLY entity that can and WILL defeat the Jew and his world domination ambitions is the exposure of his monumental crimes by the simple unvarnished truth. THIS is why ALL people like myself – who DARE to expose the truth of the Jew must be silenced by the Jew. 


Even King David was a liar, adulterer and murderer – and I can lead you to a modern Jew Webb site where he is ‘excused’ because these lying Jews had decided that his adulteress, Bath Sheba was technically “divorced” from the soldier that David had murdered. Just think on that outrage for a moment. Only the Jew would suggest that something so shocking immoral was “OK” since another Jew had committed such a serious sin.


 In my entire life I have NEVER witnessed any prominent Jew have the integrity to stand in public and admit to the slightest guilt concerning such outrageously repugnant conduct as illustrated above.  Instead the Jew remains predictably recalcitrant no matter how vulgar – how blasphemous – how cruel or absurdly rancid the conduct was – NEVER!
IF you allow the Jew to silence my voice of TRUTH – or ANY voice of TRUTH – you will have become the author of your own destruction and that of your children. Remember, the Jew did not stop with the destruction of Christmas as we knew it (which has already been accomplished in our former Christian nation) – but the Jew ‘s ultimate goal is the TOTAL final destruction of Christianity itself which is in the final stages of death today – being consumed from within by putrid Zionist hate mongers such as Hagee.


ALL you will find are sacrilegious loud screaming carnival barkers – hate merchants – racist Islamophobes – Judeo-Christians (oxymoron) – Christian –Zionists (oxymoron) – millionaire prosperity preachers stuffing their wallets, and a laundry list of other ‘Synagogues of Satan as prophesized by Christ – which do nothing other than MOCK Jesus and FULLY support the demonic evil State of IsraHELL in their endless frenzy of child murder and their ‘final solution’ for the demise of Christianity.
I am but one man – but I have tried my best to expose this evil – and now I cannot even protect myself against the criminality of the Jews. This is a violation of a right that I myself risked my life to defend many years ago in uniform. This was a uniform of a combat branch of the United States of America – A uniform in which incidentally, I seldom saw a Jew. YET – AND at the SAME time period, which I CLEARLY remember – virtually ALL of the screaming maggot infested drugged out ‘hippy’ type AmeriKan Communist demonstrators spitting in my face – were in fact JEWS!
The truth – per-se – may be considered as an inviolate entity – but it still must be defended by good courageous mortal men in the here an now at any price. Protect her – defend her – nurture her as the sacred ideal that she has been for all time.  Remember – the Jew is the greatest mortal threat to the survival of the truth on earth as so stated by our Lord in the Book of John.  Guard her well.  





My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM  as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.


I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.



  1. Joe
    Youre a treasure of Truth, which is a most powerful weapon in the foe we face.

    God bless you & continue to carry your ‘sword’ of truth, into these raging battles of information wars, often distorted by feeble attempts of distractions & disinformation agents.

  2. Joe,


    Joe, turn your spiritual eyes “eastward” to Constantinople.
    How about the second largest organized Church in the world that is 260 million believers strong? The Holy Orthodox Church. Don’t be fooled by the national names of the Local Churches such as Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, etc. We are all one united Holy Orthodox Church through the canonical communion and “college” of our bishops and dogmatic unity. There are about 7 million Orthodox Christian believers in America representing probably 15 different Patriarchates, which has made for an interesting situation in terms of canonical “jurisdiction” as immigrant churches arrived from the Old World, but overall, the Orthodox Church in America is growing as it is in the rest of the English speaking world.

    There would be a few hundred million more of us Orthodox today counting for population growth, but we were crucified rather heavily in Russia and the Eastern Bloc under the Bolshevik Red Terror and the Soviet Regime behind the Iron Curtain by Le Juif Communiste, and Stalin’s WW2 didn’t help.

    Although the Church of the Pope is called by one and all the “Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church” (Sancta Romana Catholica et Apostolica Ecclesia), and this is contrasted, not just with Protestant churches, but with the Orthodox Churches of the East, Greek, Coptic, Syriac, Armenian, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, etc., this has been no more than a very clever usurpation. The “Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church” was the Universal (katholikos) Church of the Roman Empire. The Pope was not the ruler of that Church, but one of the Patriarchs of the Ecclesiastical Pentarchy, along with the Patriarchs of Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, and Constantinople, and all are Apostolic Sees, meaning having foundation by an Apostle. These four ancient Patriarchates of the East still exist in unbroken succession, and with the rise of the Moscow Patriarchate before the fall of Constantinople, essentially formed a new Church Pentarchy of the Eastern Church.

    When Constantinople fell, “the Crown of Orthodoxy” passed to Moscow, “the Third Rome” a title endowed by the Patriarch of Constantinople after the City fell who became the exarch of the Orthodox people in the millet system of the Turkish empire, but at the time with legitimate political claim as Constantinople’s successor. There had been dynastic intermarriages between Constantinople and Moscow for some time, so the title Caesar Augustus legitimately passed to the Russians, which then saw the establishment of the line of the August Tzars (Caesars) and the dynasty eventually became known as “Romanov”-of the Romans. By that time, other autocephalus Churches formed in the Balkans and other Slavic lands including Poland with their own patriarchs and became part of the Byzantine Commonwealth of Orthodox Churches.

    In terms of the Church Pentarchy and the college of bishops, the Pope was allowed to be primus inter pares, “first among equals,” but that was it, simply in honor of his patriarchy of Archaica Roma-Old Rome, as Constantine renamed it. It basically gave him the prestige of casting the first vote in an ecumenical Synod which could be influential. Governance of the Church was also shared with the Caesar Augustus, the “Equal of the Apostles,” and “Vicar of Christ” who had the authority to call Church Councils per his responsiblities as the Imperator for legislation and keeping civil peace and order as religious controversy broke, sometimes turning in bloody feuds, but had no authority over doctrinal, ecclesiastical and episcopal matters of the Church. Despite having a special place in the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, the Caesar was the first citizen of the Laity.

    Church and State were two distinct, overlapping spheres that worked in what Justinian called “Symphony”. The Bishops were the Teachers of the Faith, while the Caesar was the Defender of the Faith. Church submitted to State on civil, external, worldly matters, while State submitted to Church on episcopal, doctrinal and spiritual matters.

    After various disputes, the Latin and Greek Churches finally broke in 1054. Each thus claimed to be the proper “Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church,” but over time the Papal use of the terminology seems curiously to have been conceded by the East. “Eastern Orthodox” is not particularly insulting, but it is a surrender in a way, having resorted to the name to avoid confusion with the Papacy’s mischief and usurpations. Think of us as the spiritual ancient great Byzantine Roman Empire in stealth mode, in the world but no longer completely anchored to certain territories, quietly moving along in our war against Satan. Even the expression “Greek Catholic” is used for the Roman Catholic aggressive plan of counter-churches that was created to lure the Eastern Orthodox into allegiance to Rome as Uniate Churches.

    Orthodox means roughly “Right Worship, Way, Teaching.” Even the Pope after centuries of slanderous and hateful accusations about the heretical and schismatic “Greeks” [Eastern Orthodox Churches] and the numerous Crusades of the Latin Church into the Orthodox lands of Eastern Europe founded by the Patriarchate of Constantinople, has had to grudgingly admit that we have maintained our Apostolic Holy Tradition in purity and without error.

    Churches in doctrinal agreement with the Patriarch of Constantinople, are the actual direct descendants of the State Religion of the Roman Empire, founded under the authority of the Patriarch and the Emperor in Constantinople-Nea Roma (Byzantium), the imperial capital of the entire Roman Empire, starting with Constantine. Diocletian had dis-established Rome as the imperial capital about 290 CE. Modern Roman Catholicism, far from being Chrisitanity “fused with the Roman Empire,” is the religion of the Bishops of Rome who repudiated the authority of the Roman Emperor and excommunicated the Patriarch of Constantinople. The religion of the City of Rome detached itself from the religion of the Roman Empire, i.e. Mediaeval Romania, centered in Constantinople. Few people, indeed, remember that Mediaeval “Romans” meant the Greek, Albanian, Vlach, Armenian, and other inhabitants of the so-called “Byzantine” Empire.

    In the West, the impression is that a bastardized second-rate Byzantine Romania in the East sprang out of Rome like Athena springing out of Zeus’ head fully grown and armored, an erroneous historical assumption developed from Gibbon’s school that “the Roman Empire fell in 476 CE when Odoacer the Ostrogoth captured Rome.” Rome was neither the capital of the empire, nor did the empire fall, not as long as Constantinople stood for another 980 years.

    What the empire lost in territory she eventually gained in diplomacy, for starting with Constantine and the adoption of Christianity as the state religion, in keeping with the new self-understanding, the Byzantines commenced a policy of the Pax Christiana that did away with the Old Roman aggressive military expansionism, permanently settled her borders with her arch rival Persia, and formulated war policies of defensive war, or war to overcome injustice when all diplomacy failed. Constantinople was often betrayed in standing agreements by the fickleness of oriental kings and changes of eastern dynasties, or was constantly under pressure from new threats, but after Constantine the Roman Empire was to never engage in another expansionist war for the next 1,000 years.

    Technically, the Frankish Empire and the Papacy were apostates, schismatics, rebels and usurpers, and the Crusades were nothing more than a land and power-grab and semi-civil war meant to destroy the true Roman Empire. The vaunted Renaissance was launched from the plunder, desecration, betrayals and piracy of the material and spiritual wealth of the Christian Roman Empire centered at Constantinople, and that ancient culture carried by the refugees escaping from the Ottomans. In facing the Turkish migratory incursions in Anatolia, Caesar Alexi had been negotiating with Pope Urban II for several years for mercenary troops to augment the Roman Army and the Themata, the Macedonian system of well-trained citizen-soldier militias that had been instituted centuries earlier to cut down the costs of a standing army.

    The term “caesaro-papism” doesn’t apply to the Caesar Augustus, because he never ruled as an ordained bishop, or was part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy. The term applies to the Papacy itself, as the Pope had ambitiously acquired state power through his monarchial rule of the Papal States.

    The Byzantine Roman legacy formed the basis of the Slavic kingdoms of the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Russia that were missionized under the Patriarch of Constantinople and eventually recognized as independent kingdoms and autocephalus Churches of the Byzantine Commonwealth. The Slavic rulers were Tzars, which means Caesar, and their heraldry includes the Roman double-headed eagle which stood for the unity of the Orthodox Church and State. Properly, the national Churches were once known as “the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church of Serbia”, or Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Poland, etc.

    I recommend a book: ‘Orthodox Dogmatic Theology’ by Father Michael Pomazansky published by St. Herman of Alaska Press. It should be available on Amazon.

    I also recommend the Orthodox Study Bible, either the New Testament and Psalms version, or the most recent complete edition of OT and NT. It is packed with information, annotations, and tells the Gospel like it’s been told for 2,000 years, and I guarantee it does not promote the Zionist agenda.

    We have learned that although the Lord never promised he would preserve states, the gates of hell do not prevail against the Orthodox Church.

    There are hundreds of Orthodox websites and on-line bookstores that you might like to browse, my friend.

    Don’t let the title Dogmatic Theology throw you, Joe. It’s not like philosophy, Catholic Scholasticism, or the never-ending scads of Protestant polemics and apologia that are products of a cold, rationalistic age. It is a meaty book but very readable, concise, and sets down the major dogmatic teachings of the Orthodox Faith in clear black and white, entirely harmonious with Scripture AND as it was handed down through Apostolic Tradition.

    I’m willing to bet that as a military vet and a scientist that you will find this book quite acceptable for its conciseness. There is nothing “New Agey” about this book. As a Christian, you will find that this book was written with one purpose: to inspire, to warm the heart, to lift one above the petty preoccupations of earth in order to glimpse the divine beginning and end of all things. This has always been the purpose and intent of theology: to give one the energy and encouragement to struggle towards God and our heavenly homeland.

    Father Pomazansky was one of the last living graduates of a pre-Revolutionary Russian theological academy. In all his writings, he was not trying to discover anything “new” in Orthodox tradition, or to stand out for the sharpness of his criticisms–common faults in today’s academic theology. Theology is not primarily a matter of arguments, criticisms, proofs and disproofs; it is first of all men’s word about God, in accordance with the Divinely-revealed teaching of Orthodoxy. He attempts to give only his own humble, serene reflections on the wealth of Orthodox teaching which he accepts as already established and experienced by centuries of theologians and simple Christians before him.

    After completing his degree at the Kiev academy in 1912, he labored as a missionary priest in his homeland and abroad. From 1950, he taught at Holy Trinity Seminary, and wrote the original Russian version of his major work, Orthodox Dogmatic Theology. It was translated by an American convert and hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, Fr. Seraphim Rose, who himself reposed in 1982.

    This book, too, is a national treasure of Christian dogmatic thought because it was written with absolutely no Judaizing influences. Some of it may surprise you as to just how far into heresy and innovation the West has slipped over the past 1,000 years from where it should be.

    Do a google on ‘John Chrysostum Homilies against the Jews’ and you will find a kindred soul and his struggles as Patriarch of Constantinople with his Judaizing flock in the 6th century. He’s strong, obviously angry, but directed that anger into powerful homilies that are golden, smooth as butter and right on point calling his flock back from disaster with their mingling with the Jews.

    The Holy Orthodox Church can boldly claim that she has stood firm since Pentacost of 30 AD (or so) in living historical continuity from the very Apostles themselves, keeping the Apostles’ “Deposit of Faith” pure and undefiled as Holy Tradition, entirely free from Judaizing. Brother Nathanael and I both belong to her, as does PM Putin, and President and Mrs. Medyedev.

    To avoid confusion with the RCC, we’ve use Orthodox Church for a long time, but our most ancient title is Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as found on the Nicene Creed. We share the same historical and biblical Apostolic roots as the Roman Catholic Church when the Latin West and Greek East were unified. We use 1054 as a conventional date for the Great Schism between the East and West Church when the the Bishop of Rome “excommunicated” the Bishops of the East for not bending to his claims of papal supremacy and monarchy. The political separation of the Byzantine Roman Empire into the Latin Frankish Sphere and the Byzantine Roman sphere occured well before that as Europe broke up into the feudal kingdoms and duchies.

    We are the second largest organized Church next to the RCC, and we not only claim to be the only unchanged, true, ancient historical Church of the Apostles in unbroken succession, we know we are to the very marrow of our bones. We have no hesitation in stating on ancient canonical authority, politely of course, that every other Christian denomination is schismatic, heterodox and even heretical, which includes the RCC. We know “grace” or the gift of Holy Spirit is very active as a matter of course within the Orthodox Church for our consolation, and that other Churches are “out of grace”. It is not saying that the Holy Spirit does not also work in the individual believer’s life, but it becomes much harder to discern whether it is the Holy Spirit or the Imposter, especially with the modern charismatic movements.

    The Papacy and his Latin Church can claim apostolic roots and succession, but the RCC is schismatic and teaches heresy, and is out of communion with the Apostolic college of bishops. Even the Pope has been forced to say that the Orthodox Church is free from error and heresy.

    The gift of the Holy Spirit belongs to the whole Church and keeps her guided into all Truth. There can only be one true Church. Metaphorically speaking, the Orthodox Church works like a closed electrical circuit for the gift or grace of the Holy Spirit and for God’s Uncreated Light. As long as we stay true to our Divinely-inspired deposit of Apostolic Faith and guardianship over it, and in faith do “works” or the labor of living a spiritual life, which no one really understands in the West.

    The “works” or the labor of acquiring a more spiritual life is the effort to gain the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Everyone clamors after the “gifts” of the Holy Spirit especially among the Evangelical wing of charismatics who mistake a psychological and emotional response as something of the Holy Spirit. “Gifts” of the Holy Spirit come when it pleases God to do so; no “blab it and grab it” material faith is from God raining down like tapwater, and Jesus is not a pocket-god that can be manipulated and controlled or dictated to. So everyone in the [tele]Evangelical wing is a “prophet” or a “bishop” who has completely bypassed any biblical Trinitarian theology at all and inner spiritual discipline, and dives directly for the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” at an altar call because some fool decided this was now the “age of the Holy Spirit.”

    Our chief personal spiritual labor, or “works” is acquiring the FRUIT of the Holy Spirit, which probably few people have a clue, but they can be found at Galatians 5:22,23. Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, modesty, continence and chastity.

    Faith without works (spiritual labor, prayer, fasting, penitance, a liturgical life) is dead. The inner invisible warfare is mastery over the works of the flesh (Gal 5:19-21) and our unregenerate sinful nature, of which the “seven grievious sins”-pride, greed, lust, *anger [unworthy irritation and lack of self-control], gluttony, envy, and sloth give rise as passions to the works of the flesh: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, licentiousness, and etc as found in Gal 5:19-21.

    *Note that I said after anger–“unworthy irritation and lack of self-control”. There is just and worthy anger. St. John Chrysostum writes “If you fail to master your anger on the first day, then on the next day and even sometimes for a whole year you will still be dragging it out…Anger will cause us to suspect that words spoken in one sense were meant in another. And we will even do the same with gestures and every little thing…BE ANGRY WITH THE DEVIL and not your own member. THIS IS WHY GOD HAS ARMED US WITH ANGER. Not that we should thrust the sword against our own bodies, but that WE SHOULD BAPTIZE THE WHOLE BLADE IN THE DEVIL’S BREAST.”

    So, there is a just and worthy anger (moral outrage) that God has armed us with that can be used like a masterful sword against the Devil. The first part John is speaking about unjust irritation and lack of self-mastery among one’s fellows. The second needs no explanation, except that it is primarily spiritual warfare.

    The Orthodox are united regardless of language by one “Patristic consciousness” and Holy Tradition: the Scriptures, a uniform standard of liturgical services; the Seven Holy Mysteries (Sacraments), one universal liturgical calendar; traditional canons of church “art” and architecture, the Lives of the Saints and Martyrs, the Church Fathers, and the historical Seven Ecumenical Councils. We are unified by the Symbol of Faith-the Nicene Creed–the concise basic definition of the Holy Apostolic Faith.

    Our bishops are in canonical communion with each other as the college of bishops and so the bishops retain the full gift of the Apostolic office. In canonical communion means that each patriarch and each bishop recognizes and affirms the Orthodoxy of the others and that the others are in doctrinal harmony and do not teach error or heresy.

    We are concillar, since no bishop is higher in order than another, all ecclesiastical matters are done in councils or synods. It is the Synod of Bishops that formulate the decrees but priests, deacons and laity also participate as non-voting members. Once a synodal decree is issued, it must be the entire Church including the laity that gives the final assent to any synodal changes. Since the Great Schism, the Orthodox Church has held no Ecumenical Synods in that the Latin Church is separated. On the other hand, the Latin has had a number of what they have called ecumenical synods, but that is not properly true.

    The Latin Church can make all the decrees and dogma they want to for themselves, but to the Orthodox such findings are in the realm of opinion and have no force within the Orthodox Church despite Papal pretensions. At some point, however, the teachings of the Latin Church wandered so wide that she became heretical as well as schismatic. Most of the changes began occuring around the 9th century CE as the reforming Pope Gregory accumulated worldly power for himself.

    No joke, Orthodox Christianity seems to be the only faith that can actually restore sanity to a Jew after conversion to Christ. Orthodoxy is compatible with no other Faith but itself, even that of heterodox Christianity. It is extremely resistant to syncretism, hence Judaizing influences have had virtually no impact on our Holy Tradition. About the only way for Judaism to get a foothold is for an Orthodox to actually apostize secretly to Judaism and begin spreading it among believers.

    It has happened in the past, most recently the 16th century in Russia when Sabbatarianism raised its ugly head and spawned a secret, corrupt, immoral, Judaizing movement based on the Judeo-gnostic teachings of Sabbatai Zvei. When it has arisen, the Church has stamped it out very quickly, simply by excommunication if the apostates refuse to repent and come back under Church discipline and spiritual guidance.

    We have a number of Orthodox “of the circumcision” who have become priests, theologians, monastics and parishioners through the ages who, of course, keep their family names, like Brother Nathanael Kapner, like any one would. Other than perhaps an occasional ethnic reference, Jewish converts naturally give up their racial identity as Jews, simply because in the Church “there is neither Greek nor Jew” for “God is no respecter of persons” [doesn’t play favorites.] At baptism, all converts are required to swear that they completely renounce “all works of the Devil” and then spit on him.

    We do not preach anti-Judaism per se, but inherent in Christian tradition is the teaching about the unrepentant, perfidous, and disobedient Jews, their regicide of Jesus “the King of the Jews” that He met willingly for the salvation of all, prophesying well ahead of time to Israel that they would do this to Him out of their own evil nature. New Israel was the primative Jerusalem Church of the Apostles [New Zion] which is still on Mt. Sion (not Mt. Zion. The Crusades created a lot of confusion. In the 19th century, it was finally figured out that Mt. Zion was the S/E mountain of Jerusalem) which grew to epic proportions. Old Israel despite having all of the privileges, lost her choseness, just as the Apostle Paul taught from his own experience and conversion.

    The Church refuses to change anything in our Holy Tradition pertaining to the Jews as found in the Gospels, their role in the Lord’s Passion or what is found in our ancient liturgies. You won’t find the hierarchy stooping so low as to actually agree to removing “anti-Semitic” material from our sacred liturgies and traditions, or even think about re-writing the Holy Gospels.

    “Israel” is a prophetic name that was to remind Jacob’s children of the promise of the Divine Messiah made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It meant “Prince of God” or “He will rule as God”. Jesus Christ is Israel.

    As Patriarch Jeremiah II once told the Lutheran Tubingen scholars in the 16th century “We have no communion with the Hebrews (Jews).” The Orthodox Church did not go through “the Enlightment Era” of Europe when Christian and Jewish intellectuals began translating and studying Greek and Hebrew texts and philosphies.

    On the other hand, the Orthodox Church sees herself as “timeless and changeless”, as such there is something in Orthodoxy that is relevant and timely to every age. There seems to be something for every someone.

    We don’t have much problem with “feminist theology” either. As a patriarchal community of deep tradition, women have always had an honored place as a mother and a wife, but women aren’t restricted to that role. The “great example” for all Orthodox people is the Virgin Mary, whom we don’t preach outside the Church in keeping with her modest life and royal dignity as the daughter of King David, and Mother of our Lord Jesus, but she is not an unreachable “plaster saint”, either. She was a contemplative, very modest, humble, and very spiritual woman who continued to live an active life until she reposed about 49 CE. Who needs feminism when there is a true understanding of the Virgin Mary as a wonderful, vital, contemplative and spiritual woman?

    She was the Apostle of Jerusalem in the company of Apostle John, her adopted son and male guardian, and the Apostle Mary Magdalene. James the Just “the brother of the Lord” was ordained the first Bishop of the Jerusalem Mother Church. St. Luke the Evangelist spent considerable time with the Virgin Mary, and by tradition the first Church icon of Mary was painted by Luke, who was Greek. She is the Abbess of all Orthodox monasteries dedicated to her life and vows of poverty, virginity and charity.

    In the ancient Greek East, aristocratic women led as intellectual a life as men, and The Byzantine Roman Empire had compulsory education, with upwards of 40% of girls being educated. Quite a number of Orthodox women now have ThD’s or PhD’s and are active inside the Church, and have generated anti-Feminist commentaries. Female priests? Nope. Occasionally the question comes up or a more moderate bishop might write something that raises some eyebrows, but that’s about it. The ancient office of deaconess has long been inactive, as the nuns had generally assumed the role.

    The issue of homosexuality is a none issue, we don’t even get into a debate about it. Christians are expected to be chaste and abstinent outside of Holy Matrimony which is between a man and a woman. Everything outside of marriage is sexual immorality and licentiousness which corrupts the very soul of a person. Should a practicing homosexual choose to convert to Orthodoxy, repentence would mean a celibate life. Otherwise, like anyone committing chronic sexual immorality, an adulterer, profligate, pedophile, they come under penitential Church discipline and run the risk of being excommunicated.

    Not too many homosexuals go to the Orthodox Church. It’s not liberal at all.

    Let’s see. I know of a convert that was a die-hard Nihilist philosopher with a PhD from Berkeley, another convert who was deep into Oriental mysticism especially Buddhism. There’s an Orthodox Church in California whose congregation of about 500 is “1/3 Serbian, 1/3 Russian, and 1/3 Southern Baptist converts” as they say half-jokingly, but everyone knows how glued to the Bible conservative Southern Baptists are.

    Martin Luther came to believe that the Greek Orthodox Church was the true “ancient, historical Church” in its Biblical and apostolic purity. Luther based all of his early desired reforms of the Roman Catholic Church on what he had discovered in the writings of the Greek Fathers and the Ecumenical Councils. At the time, the perception was that the Greek Orthodox Church had died when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks.

    The Jews have won no victories over Christ and the Cross, despite the fact that they hate it and have fought against it for generations, because deep in their souls they know their own ancient corporate and generational guilt as murderers and regicides. Nearly all assassinations of kings and nobility were done by Jews. It were Jews that murdered the Christian Tzar Nicholas II and his family, just as they had murdered Alexander II, Nicholas’ grandfather.

    God arranges things providentially to keep Biblical truths alive for Christians when Jews call Jesus a liar:

    “Therefore indeed, I send you prophets, wise men and scribes…that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah, son of Berechiah [Son of the Blessed], whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.” Matt. 23:34-35.

    The Israhell paper Haaretz reported on 7/22/2003 that the tomb of Priest Zacharias, father of John the Baptist had been located. For full article:


    “Jewish Yad Avshalom revealed as a Christian shrine from Byzantine era

    By Amiram Barkat

    “The historic Yad Avshalom monument in Jerusalem’s Kidron Valley, revered for centuries as a Jewish shrine, was also a Christian holy place in the fourth century, new evidence has revealed.”

    “A fourth-century inscription on one of the walls near the monument, recently uncovered by chance, marks the site as the burial place of the Temple priest Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist who baptized Jesus.”
    “Puech found 47 letters in the inscription, which is 1.2 meters long and 10 cms high. It reads:

    “This is the tomb of Zachariah, the martyr, the holy priest, the father of John.” The Gospel of Luke names Zachariah and Elisabeth as the parents of John the Baptist.”

    There has been long critical debate about which Biblical Zachariah Jesus was speaking about. It should have been fairly obvious that from how He spoke, that the murder was a matter of common knowledge at the time. The story was written in early literature called the Protoevangelon. Dismissed as pious fiction, the traditional story is that after John was born, the Jews slew the good Priest Zecharias between the altar and the temple, and that his blood continued to boil from that time on and could not be washed away. This murder is what made the Temple abominable in God’s eyes. They also dismissed as pious fiction, the rest of the story that the Jews chased Elizabeth and the babe John into the mountains with the intent to murder them, because they knew that John would be the prophetic forerunner of the Divine Messiah.

    So who are the liars now, oh Isrealhell?

    The Catholics have opened their Holy Sacraments to the Orthodox in the name of the heresy of “ecumenism” but the Orthodox Church will not reciprocate, to the Pope’s benign annoyance. Orthodox are forbidden to participate in other faiths and denominational worship services, for we are literally “tonsured” into the Orthodox Church at baptism when a lock of hair is snipped, from babies to adult converts. Orthodoxy is charged with keeping from false unions with heterodox Christianity which has followed thousands of paths of heresy, innovation, and deviance from Holy Apostolic Tradition of which the Bible is the first “Pillar” of five.

    On the other hand, while exclusive, traditional and conservative, we are not historically or particularly elitist, and have a wide range of freedom of association and study in a non-worship setting, and the Church welcomes all opinions. Anything that wasn’t set down in the Bible, taught by the Fathers of the Church (including the Apostles) and confirmed as Holy Tradition by the decrees of the bishops of the Seven Ecumenical Synods of the first millenium who struggled with a number of major heretical controversies, is an “opinion” having no binding dogmatic force.

    Measuring the canonical status of the Papacy by either the Bible or the canons of the Seven Ecumenical Synods, of which the Pope of Rome and the Latin bishops were in attendence and so were signatories and part of the ecumenical consensus and final episcopal dogmatic and canonical decrees of the Seven Synods, there is no Apostolic justification for the later claims of Papal Supremacy or the “Throne of Peter”. Canonical law forbids the meddling by a bishop into the diocese of another.

    It runs completely contrary to the collegial, communal, and concillar traditions set by the Apostles themselves and the pattern for future local and ecumenical councils of the bishops that the Jerusalem Synod set as recorded in Acts. The Apostles were a special category of bishops (overseers) of the primitive Church, not a separate office. The chief Twelve Apostles were the first to hold this office, which in Acts 1:20 “office” is literally “bishopric.” There can be no office higher than that of bishop. Authority is resident in all four apostolic “orders” of the Church-bishop, priest, deacon, and laity. The bishop’s authority is not over the Church but within the Church, and each bishop provides the center of unity as “the icon of Jesus Christ”.

    Titles such as Patriarch, Metropolitan, and Archbishop are not separate offices but are descriptive of the bishop’s higher responsibilities and dignity within the flock.

    The Orthodox bishops and representatives that attend the WCC see their role primarily as a teaching role, and are very careful about signing joint statements and such.
    Being fundamentally opposed to all liberalism, the Orthodox clergy will refrain from attending any “dialog” whatsoever seeking to accomodate homosexual priests and same-sex unions, pro-abortion, ordination of women, and the rest of the mess.

    We are actually lightly bound in terms of ecclesiastical law, dogmatics, and canonical law, as only what was decreed by the historical Seven Ecumenical Synods are universally binding on the Orthodox conscience. Everything else is a matter belonging to the bishops of Local Churches in terms of internal ecclesiastical discipline and order.

    Orthodox theology follows the pattern of the “spiritual Gospel” of St. John the Evangelist which was entirely interpreted in the OT or “Scripture” as Jesus called it, because the New Testament was still being written in the primitive Church. The Gospel of St. John the Theologian puzzles western biblical scholars and critics for being different from the “Synoptic Gospels.”

    It was specifically written this way by John for two purposes: one was to theologically knit the revealed Life of Christ as the Son of God and one of the Divine Persons of the Holy Triune God partially revealed in Old Testament. The very first verse of John directly links to the very first verses of Genesis. “In the beginning was the Word…” The second purpose for the Gospel of John was to specifically combat the Judaizers, including the Nazarenes, Ebionites, Ebionite-Gnostics, as well as the Gnostics that had early crept into the primitive Church and were a constant challenge to the Apostles themselves.

    Orthodoxy through the Holy Tradition of the Apostles and Fathers, carried forward everything needful from Old Israel, and in the light of Christ, harmonized many Biblical and liturgical forms of both the ancient Synagogue and the Temple, as they theologically reflected the reality of Christ as the Lamb of God ending the necessity of the sacrificing of animals for atonement, and as the fulfillment of the ancient Covenant of Faith made with Abraham the Hebrew.

    Our liturgical “day” actually starts at 6 pm the day before the civil calendar day and ends twenty-four hours later at 6 p.m. Properly, the weekly calendar is “First Day”, “Second Day”, “Third Day”, etc. with “Seventh Day” starting at 6 p.m. Friday evening, and ending 6 p.m. Saturday evening. Our feast day cycles emphasize the prophetic Messianic importance of the ancient Passover, Pentacost and Festival of Booths as ancient festivals of the various “first fruits” of the harvests: barley, wheat and then fruit. The beginning of the Orthodox liturgical year is the 1st of September, corresponding to the old Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement.

    Beginning with the primitive Mother Church of Jerusalem there were the Twelve Chief Apostles, but on Pentacost Day there were actually about 120 Apostles who received the Holy Spirit in tongues of flame, a number of whom were women. “The Seventy Apostles” are listed as men and traditionally known by name, but it is presumed that some were married couples, and any single women of virtue would become a co-laborer with another Apostle. St. John and the Magdalena labored together in Asia Minor after the Virgin Mary died about 49 CE in Jerusalem. Altogether then there were 82 known Apostles, and 38 female Apostles, and then Paul as the Apostle to the Gentiles.

    The Apostles were a unique category: they had received the baptism of John and been his disciples, became loyal disciples of Jesus, were witnesses to His resurrection, and finally had received the initial gift of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost day. Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles was the exception but he was an important witness to the Resurrection of Jesus.

    In the Bible “four royal orders” are found, bishops, priests, deacons and the laity. The Apostles were also the first bishops (overseers) and within a decade or two established the offices of deacon (servant) and presbyter (elder) which became “prest” then “priest”.

    With the tendency to Judaize everything to the point of calling Adam a Jew, such is not correct. Because of the tribal land inheritences, Judah, or Judea was almost exclusively Jewish, or the “house of Judah” with Benjamin and part of the Levite tribe. Outside of Judah, the “house of Israel” or the 10 northern tribes continued to live (the lost tribes is a myth) on their ancestral lands and are the Israelites, with the Assyrian conquests their territories became the administrative provinces of Samaria and Galilee, and were not to rise to political prominence again. They remained under some form of foreign occupation until the Maccabee revolt and independence from Seleucus and the later establishment of the Kingdom of Judah when John Hyrcanus conquered Galilee, Samaria, and Idumea, and converted by the sword any of the uncircumcised pagans.

    With the return of the Babylonian Jews to Judah, the first racists-Ezra pulled a few blunders and it is with him are planted the seeds of the future Oral Torah-“the traditions of men”-the house of Israel becomes obscured, to become known as the despised Galileans and Samaritans, even though they continued to worship at the Temple in Jerusalem. The poor indigenous Judahites were pushed aside and the first to become colonized by their own tribesmen the Babylonian Jews and their pride of pedigree. In general, everyone becomes ‘am haretz’ or ‘people of the land’ unless they were a despised Samarian or Galilean who had intermarried with foreign wives. It was never against the Written Law to marry a foreign wife as long as she converted to Yahwism, like Righteous Ruth the Moabitess. Righteous Nehemiah as the Persian governor of Judah constantly struggles with the evils of the Babylonian Jews who returned as exceptionally wealthy, exploiting their own kinsmen.

    Outside of Judah in which was concentrated Rabbinism and the Pharisees, the people of the house of Israel–the Israelites, and the people of the hill country of Judah, most of the Levites and ordinary Aaronic priesthood, as well as the later Sadducees, remained true to the ancient Hebrew faith traditions of Written Torah, Priesthood and Temple.

    It was the Galileans, Samarians, the marginalized Judahites, Acts records many of the old priesthood becoming believers, that became the New Israel in Christ or the Church. We first called ourselves followers of the Way, others called us Galileans.

    The Jewish Pharisees stood for Oral Torah, Sages and Synagogue, despised the Sadducees and the ordinary priesthood which held the ancient prophetic and teaching authority, whom the Rabbis generally sneered at as “rustic priests” as they adhered only to the Written Torah which was considered by the Rabbis to be virtually illiterate. While the Temple stood, it remained the central place of liturgical, sacrificial worship for all of national Israel.

    Sorting through the Judaizing mess and propaganda now of the modern Pharisees is a bit tedious in picking out the true lines of history, but as things stood in our Lord’s day, the Sadducees were religiously conservative in that they adhered to Written Torah only as divinely inspired, the priesthood was the ordained prophetic and Scriptural authority, and hence binding on the conscience; but politically liberal in that they tended to be cosmopolitan and saw no problem with a moderate amount of Hellenic material and artistic culture, while rejecting the baser pagan immorality of some of the Greeks. The Ten Commandments don’t outlaw all images, only idolatrous image depicting deity. If it outlawed all images, then the Cherubim would never have been embroidered on the tabernacle veils and be sculptured as part of the Ark of the Covenant.

    The Pharisees, on the other hand, were religiously liberal and politically conservative. They insisted that their Oral Law developed by the Sages was equally divinely inspired if not more so, and equally binding on the conscience, and handed down as separate secret oral tradition from Moses. They believed that Judaism was a constantly evolving religion, democratic and belonging to every man to interpret for themselves (as long as it was the Sage’s interpretation), that the Rabbis inherited the “mantle of the Holy Spirit when prophecy died with the last of the prophets”. As political conservatives, the Pharisees hated anybody but their own secret fraternity of descendents of Babylonian Jewry, despised anything Hellenic, forbade all images, and refused to honor any higher authority but their own, including their own kings and, of course, any foreign rulers.

    They exercised political power through the academies and the Synagogue, and were extremely influential with the common population and could be counted on to instigate a riot to get their own way. They were the wealthy merchant and banking class with pride in their own Babylonian branch of Davidic princes as being the purist, and had become a serious force to reckon with even in the royal court of the Hasmonean (Maccabee) kings, most of whom were Sadducees, to whom the Pharisees even refused to swear loyalty oaths.

    By 35 BCE, the Pharisee school was divided between two influential academies: Hillel the Babylonian claiming Davidic ancestry, who did study the Greek philosphers and his school was ‘liberal’, and Shammai an extreme Pharisee conservative, nationalistic, and which was to give rise to the Zionist Zealot party.

    After AD 70, only the Pharisees of the School of Hillel survived, and it fled to Jamnia. In AD 90, the Roman authorities recognized the Rabbinate as the new national government, with the ethnarch being called the Patriarch. It is at this point that marks the beginning of everything “Jewish” and the Pharisees were in complete control. It is also about this time that the Rabbis changed the order of the books of Holy Scripture, forming the Jewish canon. The Talmud itself states that the Rabbinate of Jamnia were the same as and continued the traditions of the Pharisees.

    With the exception of Judas of Iscariot who was probably a priest, all of the closest disciples of Jesus were Galileans, and of course, some were his kinsmen by adoption. Joseph by tradition was an 80 year old widower when he betrothed the 14 year old Virgin Mary as her guardian, who was a consecrated temple virgin by her elderly parents’ Nazarite vows, nor were her vows ever annulled per the Written Law by her spouse, Joseph. There were no distinctions like ‘cousin’, or ‘half-brother’, kinship was all reckoned by one’s father and mother, and ancestors, and a ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ could be anyone in the extended family system. An adopted son was legally a full son. Joseph is always titled the Betrothed in the Orthodox Church to preserve his unique spiritual relationship to Jesus and the guardianship of the Virgin Mary.

    The Apostles labored mightily in their lives spreading out over the entire inhabited earth at that time and and planted a considerable number of early Churches beyond the bounds of the Old Roman Empire, more than is read about in the New Testament. A year or two ago I read that a mid-first century Christian grave had been found deep into China, which means it was virtually true that the Gospel would be preached to the ends of the world before “the end” came, which meant at that time, the destruction of Jerusalem. Joseph of Aramithea founded the first community in Britain about 36 CE.

    Peter was the first bishop of Antioch, a mixed Israelite/gentile community and remained with Antioch
    The most peripatetic Apostle was St. Andrew who founded a community at Byzantium and then missionized throughout the Caucasus mountains and the future Slavic lands.

    By the fourth century, the seeds of the Church of the Apostles from Britain to the far east had grown, despite many persecutions of Christians. As St. Clement said, “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” In 315, Constantine declared Christianity the new State religion.

    And we are still here, despite much history and adversary.

  3. Well, Joe.

    Brother Nathanael just got slammed again by the ADL who shut down his web server. BN has found another server and is starting all over again. As you may, or may not know, BN is a genuine monastic who felt the call to come out from his monastery to take Christ’s war on the streets to the Jews, which he could do having not taken tonsure, and so he lives ascetically and is a poor monk. The webserver costs are mounting up, as this is his second change in a month because of the ADL persecution.

    If anyone would be so kind as to help him with a donation his website is ‘Real Jew News’.

    Thank you Joe,

    Yours in Christ,

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